MAY 26-29, 2022

Podfest EXPO
Orlando, Florida

Podfest Expo is a community of people who are interested in and passionate about sharing their voice and message with the world through the powerful mediums of audio and video. We’re proud to unite as many people as possible to learn, get inspired, and grow better together. 

JUNE 8-12, 2022

Girlfriends Getaway
Dominican Republic

Join us in Punta Cana this June for an amazing girlfriends getaway with Pastor Hope Carpenter and Pastor Kelley Steele.


JUNE 16-18, 2022

Embrace Your Ambition
Denver, Colorado

It’s time for your breakthrough!! God + Business = Success! Join us for 4 days as we unblock the walls trapping you, free the mind limiting you, & activate the God that is within you as we empower you to reach all your wildest dreams!! It’s TIME to EMBRACE YOUR GOD-GIVEN AMBITION!!! Because YOU CAN!!

September 8-11, 2022

book writing retreat.png

F.I.T. in Faith Media
Book Writing Retreat
New Orleans


SEPT 23-24

Business Scaling Exp
Va Beach, Virginia

More details coming soon!


September 28


Faith Driven Entrepreneur
Virginia Beach, VA

Think of the one-day virtual conference as a family reunion for the Faith Driven movement spanning over 140 different countries. The last few years we streamed the conference from Dallas. This year we’ll be coming to you from Nairobi, Kenya!

Entrepreneurs are gathering in more than 300 cities and over 50 different countries across the globe, and you’re invited to join others who are on your same journey. Whether this conference serves as your first step as an entrepreneur or merely a rest stop, you are a part of a movement...and it’s growing.


NOVEMBER 3-5, 2022

Grow for God
Nashville, Tennessee

Grow Your Business for God's Sake! - also known as Grow for God, is a faith & business conference helping business people, creatives, and professionals take their businesses to new heights, while doing it for Him and with a missional mindset to give back and make an impact.

December 8-11

Music Festival Facebook Event Cover.png

Amplify Your Voice
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Leave with a ready to PLAY Podcast and/or Youtube Channel! This 3-day action packed, deep-dive experience is intended to help you clarify, create and cultivate your unique God-gifted voice.​ Your limiting beliefs have kept you hindered from pressing play.