I'm Tamra Andress

Entrepreneur, Christian Business Coach, Podcaster, IlluminatorActivator 

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A certified ordained minister, VOD-caster, author, international retreat host, mama to 2 and blessed wife to 1.


I’m a born and raised beach babe, lifetime fitness lover and travel enthusiast; living life one God wink to the next.


My heart and vision is  to illuminate purpose and light within men and women, as they establish their God-dreamed, wealth generating businesses with intention to create a beautiful Kingdom ripple effect for their families, communities and the nations.


Hit the TOP 150 in the global spiritual and religious podcasts category and TOP 500 in business podcasts globally too. That's the top 2.5% out of millions of podcasts!

C.O.R.E. (Community of Rooted Entrepreneurs) Talk with Tamra is all about understanding and unlocking abundance and wealth that God has promised! 


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