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Our tests become our testimonies. Our trials become our triumphs!

From an early age society fits or figure into fruit categories like pear or apple or elementary shapes like a rectangle or hour glass. We are shapes and et we are being shaped. We are complex being - comprised of a mind, body and booming. And yet we miss the critical element of spirit filled with grace that helps fill the in between as or voids. 

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The #alwaysbecoming movement can only happen when we all join forces in vulnerability to obliterate shame and stand in purpose as a united humanity. 

Rooted Truths To Overcome in Order to Become:

Releasing hustle culture

Marriage miracles

Addiction and coping mechanism removal

Relationship vs. religion development

Mind, body, soul, spirit alignment

Identity discovery

Obliterating shame

Reclaiming your body image 

Setting boundaries

Mental health breakthroughs

Sexual trauma overcome

Krystelle Lorraine Cino

“YES!!!! Standing over here cheering and doing my best version of a high kick for this book!!! Tamra has walked through the storms of life but that’s the whole point: she walked through them! Sometimes limping, other times crawling but with grit and determination she got through the storms and this book will encourage you to do the same thing! It’s real, raw, you’ll identify, cry, lol, have questions but ultimately get answers! Go girl! Keep smiling, dreaming and pushing others to know that we are purposed and that our pain nor our past can hold us captive IF we’re willing to press through it!” ​

Hope Carpenter Ministries


"Tamra Andress is a world-changing leader who's mission is to uplift and activate women. She shares what matters most to lean into your purpose and bring joy into your life. Her story will inspire and empower you to embrace your blessed life."

Founder of WoosterMedia Books


This book is a testimony to all of those who find themselves stuck in a “what has been done to me” mindset. Tamra’s tears, confessed moments of shame, and ultimate breakthrough presents such a beautiful path to restoring the identity you were created with. Stealing lyrics straight out of 80’s hip-hop, this book is “about to ruin the image and the style that ya used to”.

The Pioneer Pastor

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This is the mind, body, soul comeback experience you've been waiting for. 

About the Author


Tamra Andress is a rising thought leader in spiritual entrepreneurship and a 2x best selling author.  She is an ordained minister, serving as a personal and professional development coach, on mission to free and propel people globally by obliterating shame and activating purpose through internal and external entrepreneurship.


Her F.I.T. in Faith Podcast is globally ranked in the top 1%, and speaks to thousands weekly across platforms. Her most treasured role in developing the Kingdom is as a wife and mama of 2 traveling the world to spread the good news

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