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Catapulting Couples for the Kingdom

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8

Married (Entrepreneurial) Couples Reinvesting & Reinvigorating their foundation of love & fire for life


a tropical oasis

LUXE Accommodations

4 nights, 5 days
(Exact International Location TBD)

First Ministry then Business:

Rekindle, Realign, Receive, Replenish, Restore, Rediscover & Reinvent


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As parents, visionaries, leaders, supporters, money managers, ministers, and entrepreneurs, we can easily become goal and action-oriented focused on "spirituality" and financial security, rather than being relationally, emotionally, or physically present for our spouses.

And if you're in a season with young kiddos, we know they often attention trump your spouse too.

questions to consider

When is the last time you didn't plan something, but just paused together?

When is the last time you vision casted and dreamed together?

When is the last time you prayed over each other and worshipped freely in the presence of God together?

When is the last time you have played, explored, adventured together (without the kids)?

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We don't want to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. This IS NOT your typical couples vacation. This immersive experience is intentionally designed to put you back in "honeymoon" phase, with a whole lot more wisdom, weapons, and wins under your belt as a married couple.

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What does it include?


Cultural Immersion
Adventures in Locale 
Water Excursions
In-home Chef & Cultural Dining
Meditation & Couples Journaling
Connected Prayer
Worship Sessions
Round-Table Mastermind

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Financial Planning
Vision Casting


retreat hosts

God has been shaping this moment for 15+ years. Debuting Tamra and Gary Andress TOGETHER for their first annual Couples for the Kingdom Retreat.


Gary Andress

Gary's been referred to as Yoda. A man of many mic-drops, but never on the mic. A man of intentionality when it comes to relationship building, deep conversation and fueling someones soul from the inside out. He's the chef in the kitchen, the monkey on the monkey bars, and the endless coffee baristo. He's a sold out MMA fan, serving as their son's brazilian jiu jitsu mat-side coach - they've got a few golds to prove their commitment and passion. He's the biggest advocate for present parenting, eye-to-eye contact, and living life adventurously. He's an enneagram 7, so he's always on the brighter side of life and ready to take flight on a whim no matter what or where. You'll always find Gary with an underground worship album on, a latte in one hand and a gallon of water in the other (literally). He's operated in the HVAC world for 20+ years, owning his own multi-7 figure operation for 10+ years. His passion is in energy efficiency second to his passion for people. He plays in multiple revenue streams with real estate, stocks, and investments and is committed to retiring at 45 so he can be a full-time dada and hubby traveling the world.

Tamra Andress

Tamra's a bit of a self-help meets spiritual junkie JOY-BOMB. She loves to write poetry and has taught her kiddos to bust a rhyme. She's an enneagram 3 - focused on leadership and growth since way back when in elementary student government. The mic is an extension of her arm. With a top 1% podcast, coaching, and peloton preaching, she's been called an Entrepreneurial Rabbi - stewarding business ministry start-ups. She's a tried and true book worm (multi-best-selling author) - and loves blending business books with Biblical Truth; their coffee tables, end caps, night stands, and bookshelves prove it. She's a fitness-lover and water-walker, adventure-seeker and cliff jumper (sometimes pusher-offer too! Beware!) As an ordained minister Tamra preaches and practices rooted-family foundations and her faith is the cornerstone to her life's mission to obliterate shame and activate purpose. Her entrepreneurial endeavors started in business school and never stopped. 11 Startups later, she's been fully activated in all things F.I.T. in Faith for 5+ years and her limitless ideas are just getting started. She plans to be a support in retiring her hubby soon, but not so secretly has a CEO position waiting for him.


You may know one or the other...but you don't fully know them until you know them



Finding motivation in and through play is how they structure their life, business and relationships. Music fuels their souls and home consistently - even if they aren't musicians - they are worshippers! Their children have been the greatest learning lesson of emotional intelligence, resilience, and invention. They coach their kiddos in their own entrepreneurial adventures too (Cooper 9, Waverly 7). Travel is a root family value, not only because of Gary's Mexican heritage, but also to infuse their passion of cultural immersion and missions into their kiddos under the mantra "we are blessed to be a blessing". "Healthy" doesn't just define their marriage and home, it's a whole mind, body, soul experience from their meals to their movement. They love hosting people and have big dreams of having a waterfront home internationally to welcome couples and families to come play throughout the year - with soul-filling food to compliment the wild excursions. All of these pieces of "self" and "togetherness", weren't fully recognized or integrated as spiritual assets until they experienced their own marriage struggles. God's supernatural, redeeming love, have been the source of their bond and plentiful fruit that they eagerly love to share. Their story has been shared in the #1 Best Selling Book - Always Becoming.

Discovering intimacy should be SAFE and EXCLUSIVE. So we will only be hosting 8 couples.

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