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Your Identity is Not Your Title or Label

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

If you are trying to find how to become a successful entrepreneur, one thing you need to know for sure is that you are not your title or label. In fact, people want to know who we are, as a person, before they purchase our goods or services.

When we get caught up in titles or labels, entrepreneurship can seem unfulfilling, because the only person who evaluates our performance is us. Being a Kingdom Entrepreneur adds even more difficulty, as we want to serve others, but we also want to make an income, which seems opposite of being Christ-like.

God wants to have a relationship with us and He wants to give us a title of daughter, son, child, love. He offers more than a title or label - He calls us to a higher level. Quit depending upon a label or title to give you your worth. God has already done it. #entrepreneurship#tamraandress#entrepreneurtips

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Show Notes: Your Identity is Not Your Title or Label

So it looks really different to be a kingdom entrepreneur, right? And, uh, for awhile, I've struggled with the title and the comparison, and even the rejection of this concept of Christian business coach. And I recently went to a mastermind with my incredible coach and incredible people that he's gathered together.

And he, and many other, uh, they combated this identity that I had claimed as my own. And this identity was underneath. Christian business coach title. And I had been struggling with it honestly for the last two and a half, three years. And a pastor previously had told me that God will give me grace for my space.

And he told me this because I was struggling between the concept. And then knowing that I wanted to lean into this entrepreneurial gifting, I wanted to lean into this entrepreneurial journey that I'd been on to be able to help unlock other people and help testify to the things that I had gotten wrong.

And those fail forward opportunities that I had been seeing. With, and also the calling out of entrepreneurs, the calling out of those places of comfort, those complacencies those boat experiences where you're not jumping into the water. Right. And at the same exact time, knowing that there was this deep deep message.

This deep conviction that had been cultivating for decades, but ultimately in the last three years, while I was getting my ordination and ministers licensing, while I was going to a worship school, uh, for a year and just learning about what it meant to be intimate. Yeah. Were exchange of worship with Jesus.

And I say exchange because he loves you because they exchange because he, um, he created you and he said that you are good and he speaks life over you just as you do when you worship him. And so giving me grace for my space, what did that mean? Claiming myself as a Christian business coach, what did that mean?

How did I put myself in a box? And I had this experience at the mastermind where they told me that's not what you are. That's not who you are. And initially my gut instinct was a bit offended. I am flesh and bone after war after all. And I thought, what do you mean? Like, am I not exuding the fact that I love God or that the God that I know to be true and the Jesus that existed and walked here on earth lives in, in me.

And therefore I went to a night that and other people and they're like, no, no, no, no, no. There's more. And so I, I couldn't really grasp hold of that as I was chewing with the concept that I am more than a Christian, but it was exposed to me today in an incredibly intimate conversation with a dear friend and brother in Christ, who said that Christian simply means Christ like, and I said simply because we're actually called into further greatness in our identity that we were actually called sons, daughters, priests Kings.

And there's greater identity in that than even what the church has blanketed. And honestly, the church has distorted. And so I'm speaking to a pastor perhaps right now, or a ministry leader or an entrepreneur, or a lot to be entrepreneur who is desiring deeply to build their business from a rooted foundation.

It's exactly what core is, right? Community of rooted entrepreneurs rooted on the rock. And yet at this very time, you're thinking. How, if she's not in Christian business coach and how does she detach herself from this Christian identity? It's because Christian has been muddied because the church, the little C concept of the church has been tainted because in our imperfectness in our humanness, in our flesh, we try to put people in boxes and putting myself in my own Christian business coach.

Kept me away from people that I was hoping to connect with. It also kept me away from the people who wanted to come, but didn't know how or who wanted to stay away from because of this title. And so I really have unpacked titles a lot over the course of the last couple months in this con, since this conversation has been continually emerging and it's not just with me, it's with many of my clients, what am I calling.

Am I a coach? Am I a life coach? Am I wholeness? Coach, am I a wellness coach? Am I a health coach? Because the premise of so many people that I get the pleasure of helping is established in this mind, body, soul, holy spirit alignment zone, pastors, looking to help unlock identity leadership coaches, looking to ignite people into their purpose.

From a place of identity, worship leaders, looking to propel corporate leaders. How do you corporately get people into a place of worship, into a place of postured experience and exchange with the holy space? So many different types of clients, financial coach, who was like, I don't want to talk about money.

It's about wealth. It's about all the fruits of the spirit. I want to talk about teaching people how to cook or get skinny. I want to teach them about how to be whole within and claim their identity, right? The mirror. So many desires people well who want to help coach mothers, single moms, perhaps. Moms who are divorced or women who are at home alone while their spouses are out to see military spouses, we wear all these different hats and we put all of these different titles on who we are.

And even though the world may see that you're. Like you're more, you are his, you are chosen, you are called, you are worthy. You are beautiful, you are anointed, but if your heart is not postured in the belief of that, if you can not look in the mirror in your own experience with self and with him, how in the world do you expect to serve?

How in the world do you expect to go out into the world? With confidence. If you don't know who you are, this exchange and they talked about purpose and ultimately that's what I want to see happen. Been in you in everything. The one that I meet, I want to see them activated. I say, light a fire under their Heiny.

I say, push them off the cliff. They say, I can push them out of airplanes and cliffs, but I never do so without the equipment. We are all still becoming. We are all in need of equipping. That's why I had my own coach, many coaches, in fact, in different realms, right? Mentors, sidekicks, army leaders, family, spiritual warfare, mental health, all of these things come into play.

And the reason I armed myself with them is because my identity is precious. So is yours. If you're looking from a state of comparison, if you're looking from a state of, of ability, we will always seemingly fall short and any title that we put ourselves beneath, even as a purpose activator. It doesn't seem like enough.

It doesn't seem right. Cause it's only one lens. And so he gifted me this precious title in this conversation and this friend of mine, I treasure and I don't want to reveal what that title is necessarily, but it was. A deep knowing that in that representation again, it was only a component of myself. He explained it this way.

Any analogy that's on track with the onions, right? So many layers. We have so many layers, all purposed, all positioned, all placed in the wholeness of who he wants to be in. And yet there are some layers that might need to be plucked. That aren't good. That are rotting. And that's okay, too. Those weren't placed by him.

They were replaced by the world. And that is a part of darkness for so long. And you're sitting here still listening to me and I'm grateful. And you're wondering where she going. It's about title. It's about identity. It's about branding. It's not showing up in the fullness of who you are, despite what the world may call you.

Despite what you may call yourself and recognize that there is greatness, even beyond a couple of words or a tagline. Even beyond the header of your website, even beyond the bio and your Instagram, there's more to who you are. And if you don't start activating in the more people can't receive you in that place.

And so as you position yourself in the box, others will do the same. But until you break free into this conversation of what do you do that I despise so much. Don't ask people that, okay, it's awful. What do you do it? Doesn't define you. Who do you be? Who are you in? Definitely. We get to say I am. I am, I am what I am, because he is, I'm a lot of things.

So is he, he's made you all of those beautiful things with purpose. And so tapping in to those places, both passion and in pain. Create ultimate purpose. Create your identity in him, empathetic towards your sister and your brother, desiring for greatness and more seeing and seeking purpose. Linking arms with the family of Christ, father, son, holy spirit, mind, body, soul.

Holy spirit, brother, sister. No divide, no condemnation in that unit, he's calling you higher. He's calling you to greatness. He's calling you to claim your ultimate name, your priesthood, your kingship, perhaps you still feel like David in the past year. Overlooked. Your father, not even seeing the fullness of your identity or perhaps you're in the zone of creating this people around you of cultivating the people that would one day and will one day link arms with you.

As you become clean as David did in the cave, I'm using these analogies that were gifted from a precious friend, a precious friend, that's called to greatness. And when you have the confidence of the greatness within you, you get to call out the greatness and others because you recognize it as another character.

Another face from Jesus himself that you've never truly been exposed to, or if you have you're fragmented until it's together. It's another puzzle piece. So don't do any of these things. Don't stand up. Isolated in the, I am realized that the I am is not just I it's, he and he is within all. And therefore start to partner with people, start to come into community with people, get vulnerable enough to say, it's not about what I do.

It's about who I am, and this is who I am. This is the God dream within me. How can we partner together? To ultimately expand the kingdom. That's what being a kingdom entrepreneur is all about. And if you think it's anything else I'd love to chat, if you feel like I've forgotten something, I love to do. If you feel like, oh, this is spot on.

I'd also love to chat. I'm not going anywhere. You guys I'm just getting started. And I hope right now, after this video, you realize you've got to do the same thing. I need you. They need you. We need you. He created you for such a time as this let's get going.

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