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You Are Set Apart as a Daughter of the King with Nash Amber

Hopefully, you already know this, but you are set apart. You are set apart for such a time as this and this conversation with Nash Amber, who is a fashion and lifestyle content creator based in the UK is going to wreck you. I really think it is. I think it's going to call you higher and that is going to perplex you and it's going to perplex others. There's going to be an attraction quality, a magnetism quality because you are going to rise to the occasion of being in entirety from the inside out.

This is a conversation about fashion, but it's also about being fashioned - always becoming. I know that it was an anointed time and it's going to be a time for you to say, yeah, I am set apart as a daughter of the King.

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About Nash:

Nash Amber is a UK based fashion and lifestyle content creator, with a passion for modest fashion and natural hair hacks.She is the founder of Set Apart Style; which coaches women on how to dress with style and elegance, starting with an inward change in self-perception.Through group styling sessions, online live sessions and Bible studies, Set Apart Style teaches the heart of living set apart through biblical principles, while sharing useful modest styling tips.Nash Amber teaches that fashion and hair go far beyond just looking good on the surface. Identity and self-worth are both at the heart of it all. Nash Amber and Set Apart Style tackle these underlying issues, encouraging women to present their true self, in a society that seeks to suffocate individuality and produce carbon copies.

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Show Notes: You Are Set Apart

I need you to know this thing, this thing, which is the title of this podcast. So hopefully you already know this thing since you press play, but you are set apart. You are set apart for such a time as this and this conversation with Nash, Amber, who is a fashion and lifestyle content creator based in the UK.

It's going to run. It's going to wreck you. I really think it is. I think it's going to call you higher. I think it's going to bring you to a level of attention, uh, in the kingdom and in culture that is going to perplex you and it's going to perplex others. There's going to be an attraction quality, a magnetism quality, because you are going to rise to the occasion of being in entirety from the inside.

And the outside in a daughter of the king, this is a conversation about fashion. Yes, but it's also about being fashioned, always becoming right. You guys know my book. I hope you have it already. Becoming sex, shame and love. It's literally premised in this concept. Every part of the story that she was sharing, I'm like, yes, yes, that was me.

Yes. And so there was a break, free opportunity in this conversation, and I know that it was an anointed time and it's going to be a time for you to say, yeah, I am set up.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit as space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

Talents. As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Hello. Hello, welcome Nashi Amber to the fin faith podcast. I am so honored to have you here today, all the way from the UK. Hey guys, thank you so much for having to wind down tomorrow. I'm really excited for this conversation. It's going to fold out beautifully. You guys have to know that when there's tech involved life involves motherhood involved, entrepreneurship, involved, sister, wife, mom, friend, all these things involved.

It doesn't always go according to plan. So this is our first podcast together that was supposed to happen yesterday. But I know for such a time as this, God has it ordained for this. Experience. And so I can't wait to just unpack it and to also recognize that there is grace abounding in situations that unfold in life.

And I think oftentimes we feel that sense of shame or worry, uh, when we miss out on an opportunity and in fact this door opens beautifully because somebody else canceled and changed and we got to still have the exciting conversation that I know this is going to be. So thank you for being. No, thank you for having me, honestly, it's an honor.

And also just for all the different changes that happen. Thank you for just being so gracious. I'm really grateful. Absolutely. So I am so excited because you're an influencer, a content creator, a marketer of all sorts, but one of the things that I was really drawn to by you is this idea of being set apart within the stylizing world, right.

And style and fashion. So important. And so I immediately was like, yes, we're having this conversation, but I want to hear like the backstory, cause I could create my own storyline to this entire idea, but I wanna hear the backstory of how you got to do what it is you're doing and even how your faith is intertwined.

Of course, I think this is the question that everybody asks, like, how did you get started? I feel like it was a little bit by accident, but it was also that discovery journey in my faith with Christ. Um, it started for me years ago, like 11 years ago. With the world of Facebook before Instagram was what it was and YouTube and tick-tock and all the rest of it.

It was Facebook. And I used to constantly change my profile picture on Facebook to the latest look that I'd put together. When I went out, you know, when I went to church or what I went to my friend's birthday, I was, you know, like a lot younger in my twenties and stuff. So it was kind of like, oh, let me just share my expression of fashion and coming from, um, coming to Christ, of course my dress chain and my dress sense changed.

And, um, I guess I didn't actively look into modesty, but it was a part or something that just happened. I just wanted to wear things that are a little bit longer or a little bit, a little bit looser, but still look classy and edgy and still showed my personality, but in a new way. And, um, yeah, it kind of just started from there really.

And then I had people constantly asking me, where do you. Where do you get your stuff wrong? And people saying this is needed, like fashion for Christian women is needed. We need to discuss this topic. And I was thinking, why would anybody want to hear from me? Like why? Because I was thinking I'm not always shopping, you know, designer goods.

And I don't think at that time I saw it as a gift. And I think that's what I said. It was at this as a discovery journey. I never realized that styling. Could be a gift that could you be used to grow find God, because in the church we're so used to the conventional gifts, are you a teacher? Are you an evangelist?

You know, um, are you into like worship and singing? Are you an usher? Those types of offices or positions were very common, but to say, Hey, I style for the glory of God. Like he was doing that. So I was very, it was a very like challenging discovery to realize that I'm a creative and that's how I bring glory to God.

But I've always had it in my heart of hearts. And so it just kept shining more and more. And the more I did it, more people would be like that outfit. It just ministered to me, you look so good. Wow. I didn't know. Christian women could look this good. I was just like, oh wait, gosh, I'm so embarrassed. And yeah, it's been a journey, but that's kind of how I got started.

And I just, one thing led to another blogging led to YouTube being usually being led to Instagramming. Let's see where they are. Right. This is so cool. I think what a lot of people are going to gather from this is that it's often two things. One what you naturally and organically evolve to, right? Like there was not really this, uh, huge trying.

It was more of like, it fell into your lap. Now. I don't think that you didn't associate that to work or you didn't associate that to doing or serving, or how do I show up in this? Because it still takes time entrepreneurship shortly. But also the recognition that in that is gifts are not necessarily, um, gifts and talents associated to the church have been limited.

And while I think that there are still the five fold ministry of what you were speaking to prophetic and all vision and all of those pieces, pastoring, evangelizing, but it's this knowing that. Our gifts and talents are intertwined into those ultimate. So that's the top tier segment. And then you're right below it in the, I evangelize through style.

I evangelize through whatever that be, right. Coaching or administering or helping businesses launch. And so I think it's really powerful. And if people could unlock that for themselves, they would probably be doing something drastically different than what their. Yes. And I definitely agree with Dan, I think has been a discovery journey for me, but I think God has used so many people within the body of Christ and some even not like he's used my work colleagues to be like Nash.

Like how do you do all these hairstyles? Like, you need to be showing me how you do this. And I'm just thinking, I don't think it was a such a big deal. But then the more questions I've had, the more I realized, no, these are genuine questions from people that honestly want to know. So, you know, just realizing that mash don't downplay what you have, just because there's not the norm.

And I think when people are consistently asking you. That's like a white flag, not a red flag. It's a green flag saying like, you need to lean into this. This is something that you're valued for. And fashion is, is literally a part of every single person's life. If there's not anybody, whether they say they're fashionable or not, or stylish or not, maybe, maybe not.

But that doesn't mean that they're not capable of. It's like being, when people say they're uneducated, like, are you an educated, maybe your streets. Yeah, in a way that I'm not street smart. Right. And so I think that there is just a lens in a ways that oftentimes our language towards even our fashion can inhibit us from what God is calling us to do.

Absolutely. So talk to me about this conversation of modesty in the church, because I have pastors who grew up in a Pentecostal church in the middle of Arkansas, and they had, like, you had to have long sleeves on, if you were a guy you had to have no genes allowed in church, no way the dresses had to be ankle length.

The hair could never be cut. How did you go from, from what your traditions were or what the church you thought suppressed women, especially women. I think I'm into this idea of fashion. How did you step into that without even really recognizing it? You said you came to know Christ and then modesty just kind of became, I would love to know that cause it's a similar journey for myself.

Yeah. So for me, it came from actually being absolutely fascinated. With this idea and the part of God's nature of him being holy and, you know, verses that. Talk about be holier as I am holy and just all of the holy priesthood. I was like, holy nation. And we are a Royal priesthood. These words sound so amazing.

So poetic, but what do they mean? You know, and sometimes in the church there were words are thrown around, you know, the holiness of God. And I was just like, what does it mean that I know what it means? And so I went on a journey of looking at what does holiness mean and understanding, you know, purity and how Christ wants me to be pure from the inside out.

And he doesn't just want purity for me, but he wants it for my brothers and my sisters alike. And some of the things with. Kind of culture and popular culture as well, that can sometimes come directly against that kind of purity that Christ desires for us to have. Um, so then it kind of compromises our identity in being holy.

So it's not that we do things to become holy, but it's that, that is your new identity in Christ anyway. So there's more, are you walking? In accordance to what you've been called to this new life in Christ. So for me, that journey of, wow, I'm set apart. So I'm different. I'm not better, but I'm different.

Okay. What am I different from, what am I set apart for? Why am I set apart? What does it mean to him? And that will, these were the questions I had and the more I questioned the most things in my life with. I was being convicted on different things. We might attitude, whether it be my clothing, how I speak to people, how I respond to situations.

So it wasn't just one area. It was across the board I was being challenged on. Are you responding according to your new nature? Are you living accordingly a new nature? And so from that, the fashion element is like output a top on and I would just feel it. I wouldn't know. I would just know this is not appropriate.

Nobody told me, nobody told me off. Nobody was like, what are you wearing? Nash myself. Well, not myself, but the holy spirit really spoke to me and showed to me, does this align with your new nature? And just those questions are gentle questions caused me to be able to answer myself, but no, it doesn't align because this is who I am now.

This is who I was and I've always been into fashion. So just seeing that. Fashion is, is in Christ. Like he fashioned us as the Bible says. And I think about how the first fashion started stylist that ever was after. Who clothed Adam and Eve after they tried to make their own clothing. And it wasn't obviously covering and working

really. I've never heard that either have a good, you know, and he's closed them on a practical level. So it was just these little nuances through the scriptures. You see it? We've did you see how. Even in the old Testament, he wasn't the priests. They had to wait a particular linen. And there was all of these things where, how you dressed, really spoke volumes for who you are.

I think in our culture now is not always the same anymore, unless you're like a police officer or, you know, working as a paramedic, then we can see what you do. But most times our clothing doesn't speak as much as it used to. But in my journey, just the more I, I kind of was leaning into my new identity.

The old man was dying. And so then those desires started to die. And I was like, I know how I want to look like, I know what I want to say through my clothing. And that's not what I'm trying to say. You know? So I started picking clothing that showed what I'm trying to say, which is, this is the new version of mash.

This is who I am. And so that's why I just started doing things. So other people said to me, you're so modest with your clothing. I never studied medicine. I started Jesus and he made me motorists. So for me, that's been my journey into it. So whenever I talk about fashion and modesty, I can't not talk about Christ's transforming power in me because he never taught me about clothes.

He taught me about himself. You see what I mean? So I totally see what you mean. And it's a new perspective that I have never heard. And I've also been super empowered by. Fashion in this way, but since I was little of like, almost like dress, how you want to feel. And I encourage people to do that all the time, because a lot of times we are, especially in mom life, you know how this is in the midst of having a two year old toddler.

Mine are a little bit older now, but I remember like, it was just way more easy to put on the yoga pants and the, and the Mamba. And, and by the end of the day, mid day, I would feel. More tired. I would feel I'm I haven't even showered yet. I felt messy. I felt run down. And then as I started to transition into supporting their school and doing my entrepreneurial endeavors, I would just get dressed up.

And I did this since I was little. I mean, my mom actually instilled growing up that every week we had to choose two days to work. It didn't matter. That was like the rule we had to wear dresses two times a week. My brother had to wear something other than jeans or sweatpants two times a week. So he would wear like know slacks or something like that.

And, and when the rule kind of simmered away, when we got to high school, I still did it because. People it wasn't because of what people said, but it was how I felt based on what they said. Right. And based on how I showed up in that identity. And so I really love the comparison of understanding that when you become more Christlike, he makes you more Christ-like and it's in that becoming journey that you step in and empower every realm of self and the inside out.

Rather than the outside in, which is the way cultural norms have made it. Right. It's about body image. It's about, if you're not wearing this, then you're not stylish or you're not cool. You're not pretty, or you're not sexy or you're not any of these things. I think the biggest thing with that is the sexuality piece, the purity piece and the body image piece, because sexuality, purity and body image, while there's that association to what's happening from the outside in a lot of it is just stemmed in insecurity.

Yeah. So talk to me through how, as you've become more modest or more Christlike, whether modesty is probably not the word that you're like, I'm not becoming more modest because we can afford to get a turtleneck up to your face. Like me. Do you feel like you've created or have a more empathetic lens to people who are choosing to wear pop cultural norms, clothes based on their lack of connection to God?

I definitely think yes, yes, definitely. For those that don't know the Lord, definitely because I think you don't know what you don't know. And so all the time I've had to, again, that sort of spoke about earlier, when I said more becoming more Christ, like wasn't just a closing issue. It was even a. Perceive all the people who are not on that journey or faith and having to not be judgmental and be like, why is she wearing that and distance, the other that I've had to also outgrow and learn the approach and the heart posture I'm supposed to have towards those that don't know any differently.

And I think a lot of, um, my kind of sharing and my. I kind of learned quite quickly that it wasn't for the world. I wasn't speaking to the wall and I, wasn't speaking about a standard that the world knows about, and it's not really a standard for them. It was more a standard for the body of Christ. It was more of a standard and a call for those that haven't already said yes to Christ have already surrendered have already said, my life is not my own.

And so this topic of dressing for his glory is for us believers, Providence saying it to the world. For the world. I have compassion for them in a different way that I have compassion for women who are within the body of Christ. I still choose to dress more towards pop to the culture and not because there's different reasons.

Some people it's budget, some people it's just lack of knowledge on their body shape, what works, et cetera, et cetera. Some people it's, you know, it's the fact that they need healing from this conversation of modesty. They've been bashed and bashed and bashed so much. They don't want to hear any more about it.

So I understand that the trauma and the hurt behind the conversation puts them off from the conversation. And then you have those systems that are just like a, Hey, I'm going to wear what I want to wear. I don't want to hear it. And that's the whole different hobbies. God loves me. Love me anyway. And that's sort of different heart posture that still needs to be addressed through the lens of scripture.

So for me, it's like, it reminds me of the, of. Of the SOA, you know how it speaks about a solar we're sowing some seeds, some fell on the wasteland, some fell on good soil, et cetera, et cetera. And it's like the different hearts revealed a different places. People were within their journey of faith. So for me, Within our journey of faith, our heart posture, like our heart, the soil of our heart will be shown in the way we respond to these different life choices.

And this fashion one just seems to get people very upset. I love it. Well it's, I don't think it's, um, it's a conversation that's easy to have in my opinion. And it's a conversation that is also not. Right. It's easy to have, and yet nobody talks about it. They just kind of pass it off as a part of normal.

Oh, they're just young. Oh, it's just cultural norm. Oh, that's the new trend. Oh, that's the new fad. And recognizing that, as you said, and I hadn't actually thought about it from this perspective, from like a lens of who's your target audience, right? You said, I, I really realized that this was really a call to the Christian woman.

The one who has already been postured to receive this idea, this conviction, and a similar conversations around people who have chosen not to drink alcohol, right. Or, um, chosen not to be on social media. And there's so many lenses in conversations with people and their conviction is based in their experience with the whole.


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I love that a lot. So I'm curious, because you said, when I came to know Jesus and that there is this pre Nash and post Nash, now I only know the post Jesus you're Nash. So I want to, I want you to take us back to kind of the conversation of how did you come into faith where you did you raise in the church or tell us about.

Yes, a little bit raised into a bit of a Christian household, but I think a lot of us who come from African backgrounds, we have a sense of there is somebody out there, you know, and for us it was Christianity that was sort of taught to us from young, but God is real. Jesus is real. This. But it didn't mean that I had the right foundations in terms of the right doctrine or really having a personal relationship.

So I only did that. It's a personal relationship when I was like 18, 19. That's when I made a conscious decision that I want to know him for myself, not through my mom, not through this press. And, but for myself. And before that again, 18 is still relatively young when I'm thinking about it now. But at that time I felt like I was a grown person and.

Up until that point. I had already been very conscious of how my body came across in different, in different looks. Oh, if I wear a crop top, it makes my boobs look bigger. If I wear this, that makes my bum look bigger. If I had with this and I need, these are some of the things I will get guys' attention.

So. Aim for doing it was very intentional. Like, I know this is going to get me to get looks. This is going to get with, to have guys approach me and things like that. So although there was a younger, I still had that kind of as the Bible per seat, a perversion of the mind where you were already looking at, what can I do to allow myself to get what I want, which is again, a bit of manipulation.

If you want to call, you know, what it is called, the space. Yeah. I had already had that notion even in a younger age. So though. Necessarily always, I don't know. I didn't maybe go to pick up and every bit to clubbing. I was too young and looked way too young to even be in a club, but I still knew my heart was not pure because my intentions and the things that I wanted to achieve when not to, they were not good, you know, they were not kind to me or to other people.

Um, so in terms of my fashion, that's how I was before. Other than that, in terms of HeartWise, I was just a very timid, very shy and fearful younger. Who didn't know her identity. She didn't know her sense of self worth. I didn't know that I was fully known and deeply loved. I didn't know what it meant to have somebody.

Like truly believe the best for me the way Christ does. And so there were so many nuances and things within the culture that I was just following, just to see who could this make me feel appreciated? Maybe this will make me feel loved and so important. Maybe if I'm a bit more like this, like I wasn't super silly.

Am I still am still am now, but I remember being obsessive about putting weight on because all my friends had Cubs that I didn't know. I said it was an insecurity that I don't feel like a woman because I don't look like how women tend to look. If only I had, if only then I feel like I would feel more like a real woman and having to unlearn that and stuff after Christ.

But before Christ, this is my mindset. I just thought beauty was one way and it wasn't me. Um, so having two. Learn unlearn that and stuff. So, yeah, for me, I feel like a lot of my issues before Christ were very internal issues that showed up in different things in my life. But if you had seen me, you wouldn't have known because you don't always see the issues that people are going through, but I know that I was very broken, um, very lost, um, to sort of shame embarrassment and just regrets and stuff like that, which only got taken away after I came to Christ.

I feel like you. Your reflective self of your little child, of your little Nash of your little daughter, right. Um, it's really interesting how much wisdom you bring to that lens, uh, and you do it with such love. And I think when I went through therapy for several years and we. Parented. And reparented that child from the lens of the father, rather than through the lens of our earthly parents who do the best that they can, but they are only doing with what they know how, um, it, as you were talking, it just like took me back to that version of myself.

And I think that there's a powerful component to. People having that experience to be able to go back and sit and why did I choose to do this? That then became habit. What was I being influenced by that then became habit and then became okay. Right. Because at some point there's a shift from, I don't really feel good about this or this.

Isn't the thing that I know I should be doing too well. I've been doing it for so long. So I might as well, because it seems to be working, but the ultimate thing that you were speaking of, even as you were talking through all of this, we'll get that look, this will get that, that affirmation was only, uh, rooted in the fact of desiring.

Right. It's not necessarily the other pieces that come along with what happens when you date or get recognition or have those words of affirmation or lust or any of that. It's really about our root desire, which is a root desire given to us by our father is to be seen. To be known and to be loved. And so I think that if we, as a society and its movement of being set apart in our style, like you're essentially making, and I want to shift to that in a minute because this is more than a business.

It's truly a movement, uh, for such a time as this is understanding that no matter what age bracket you're in. No matter what your weight looks like, no matter what your ethnicity is, no matter what your styled culture looks like. This is a conversation that I think stems way back to that young daughter, that young child that has to be repositioned in our mind in order for our insecurities to be released.

And for, like you said, before, our posture to change and for us to take authority in that space. It would be pretty wild to see who I believe is fully committed to the church to make these shifts. Yeah. It's definitely a big, big cool. Sometimes it's very, it's very, I feel the weight of it to a point because I'm like, okay.

And how I started this. Definitely as a ministry, as a safe place for women to learn about beauty and fashion and sense of how do you now package this new woman when she comes to Christ, how do you rebrand her for language that we're all used to? Not so much that kind of personal branding piece, because that's what it is.

It's the case of what story are you telling? And do you want to tell who a unit. Um, and how does that come through in how you package yourself? And so I'm really passionate about that has been for years. Although now I feel like of quieting down a bit in terms of taking on clients and stuff like that, but it's something that's always dear to my heart.

I love seeing women. How they can become and how they can look there's that doubt. And they're like, I don't think I could look like that Nash. I'm like, just hold on this just total. Let me get my hands on you. I love it. And then seeing them in front of the mirror, I've seen women just crying. They can't believe they look like that.

And they had this image that if they're going to go lovely, if they're going to look cute, if they're going to look sexy for that part of that, you know, they need to. Do what the culture is doing and say for them to see themselves. I'm covered, but I look so good. How is this happening? Um, that mind renews, like I'm seeing it happening right in front of my eyes and it just, I love it.

I know that makes me so excited and I want to do it for as many women as I can do to give them that sense.

Yeah, I love it. And even as you're talking and thinking about that, I was thinking through even like bride fashion that has transformed what essentially the bride and the bridegroom are supposed to look like and what God has intended for that kind of. And that you'll see, you know, slinky dresses or more skin than white.

And it's like, wait, like there's a, there has to be a reshift and what this actually means and what exchange is actually happening. And so people are being the trolls to one another. In the sexual immorality that has been constructed as decent and okay. And normalized. And it's sad. And I think about it specifically, um, is your child a son or daughter?

I haven't asked you a daughter. See, like, I think about her and I'm sure it's no different than, than my child and my nieces and all of that. And I'm like, How do you shift this? How do you take this huge idea and impart it as a movement and through YouTube and Instagram and all of these places that you show up?

What is, what's the like one action call that you can tell people? Okay. One call to action. You mean just in terms of like the style and the fashion and everything. Yeah. Or like, if you want to be set apart in your style, or if you want to be a set apart woman, even that identity piece, what could you encourage them to do to feel confident enough in order to do it?

Because I think it's a bold move because it's counter cold. Yeah, it is a boat moving and it is counterculture. I think if you want to go on a journey to be like, Hey, how can I really be the set of caught women for me, it will start with the word of God, because the word is what will give you the identity?

And the word is what can really help. To see yourself through his lens. And as you see yourself through his lens, you begin to get confident. So the confidence never comes in what you put on. Like, I always say that the people, our style, if not the dress that makes you look beautiful, you are beautiful. The dress is this coming to confirm what we're ready?

Ones. You see what I mean? So it's about a hundred percent that piece of understanding yourself through God's lens. So it has to be a word thing first. And then after that on a practical level, you have to date yourself.

What do I like? What don't I like, why don't I like it? Stoke Pinterest, look at looks that you like, who inspires you? Who doesn't inspire you? What do you like about them? What do they have in common? You know, you start peaking, you might realize like, oh my gosh, they always wear hats. I love hats. I'm going to go into, you know, I'm going to have hats in my wardrobe or I love big earrings.

I love color. Oh. I seem to always. Dark tones, but they always have this kind of shape. And, you know, you start to see a trend and a theme when you start to collect albums of things you like. And then even if you don't have the budget, take yourself window shopping, go into a store that you like, and just go to the change room and try on a load, the different clothes, take pictures of yourself in the same items.

You still in Pinterest and see how you feel. Um, and then when you can invest in the pieces that you like, I liked how those jeans made me feel. I'd like to know that jumper, like, you know, a sweater as you guys see in the states, we see jumper in the UK, you know, I like how it looked on me. Oh, I liked the one that had the v-neck rather than the round neck play with shape play.

So then the more you do that, you start to see. Well, God has put in youth like your personality shine. And that's what I think really helps in terms of finding your set apart style and being counterculture in this culture. Um, and then one of the things that I always get is like national try that and the shops don't have modest clothing.

I have that all the time, then I'll say kind of. Come and watch my YouTube channel and I'll show you where I show up, you know? Um, but I think that is true that some of the stores don't have closed cater to us cause we are not their target market, but there are some brands arising. And I do think sometimes it's how you look at it.

They may, it. Uh, top I would call, they may call it a skirt, but I would call it a top with skinny jeans telling me what the item is. Cause

that would not work the rest of this dress. This looks like a belt weight as a belt.

It's changing things up, you know, that's a button up shirt, open over skinny jeans and a tank top. Like it's about what can it become? Not just, what did they say it is. And that I think is something that comes from my father. You know, he looks at us as the clay broken and it was nothing. And he says, well, who could you become?

And he gives us food. So for me, I lean into that side of God. This dress is not where I can. I need a dress for a wedding. What can I do? And he'll literally be like, add this, add that I'll be inspired. Like, I didn't try this jacket. You have, do you remember this? Let me try it. And I'm like, Ooh,

so fun. And I loved the three applicable ways of doing that. Getting in the word, what does he say? Date yourself. I mean, come on. I don't know that I've ever heard that, honestly, unless people are talking about self-love, which is, this is not that this is not that. And then also to go in shop and window shop set that list.

I love the Pinterest idea. I do Pinterest boards and when people are starting to create their ideal avatar or create their brand, because that visual piece is so critical, um, I adore the component of him looking at us as clay. What can this become? And the understanding that like we are. Not our body, right.

Or we are our soul. We are the holy spirit within us. We are being not our body. And if we're able to activate from that being, when you walk into the room, as a matter what you're wearing, you can be wearing a trash bag in someone.

Just shining. Right. And you can feel so confident, but it's the inner confidence that you are so focused on that I adore that is the confidence that God restores and literally sharpens every single day. So this has just been such an anointed conversation. I know it's literally for. So many more women than you might think, even women who are outside of the depth of faith that you have.

Um, but there's an exploring process and a conviction and a sanctification process that has to happen for our becoming and, uh, I'm prayerful for all of them. Do you have any final words? And I know they can get on all your social media. Your links are all added already below, but where do you hang out most?

Where can we come, hang out and shop. Instagram I'm more than the stories sharing something daily. Pretty much. So. Yeah. Instagram is my main hangout, um, followed by YouTube, um, and every single I podcast, but we're working on that. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. It's got to keep it up. It's consistency. Well, Nash, it's been such a pleasure.

I am honored to know you and excited to see how your movement continues to expand to glorify God. It's such a good one. No, thank you for having me. This show is awesome and I love this conversation. I just love the authenticity of your show and just how Christ is so central. So thank you for, um, helping us sharpen our faith and with this platform.

I'm really grateful. So thank you. Love you, Nash. Thank you so much. It's enjoy.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories.

And you can tag me and the guest and we will surely feature you on our end, says, Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the. Come on and give you that extra size and leave a review on iTunes for the podcast listening app that is of your choice.

I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this will be so fun and upcoming episodes. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to. And I can't wait to read what you have to say.

Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that we are speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and vape team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness. This is a bit faith way. .

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