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You Are Not Alone In Your Mission with True Seven

So I saw this guy across the room while talking with my handsome hot hubby, and I saw his presence, his aura, but I also saw his brand and it was plastered all over his shirt. So in the middle of Podfest where we were both speaking, we had an opportunity to deeply connect and I couldn't wait to have him on the show so you could hear his story and his fire and that you too could be impacted by what his mission is in the marketplace. There are lots of us out there, and the more I open my eyes, the more God reveals. I hope that this encourages you to know that you're not alone on your mission.

You're uniquely showing up in the world on purpose. No doubt about it. There are specific people that God's gonna put in your path for you to amplify one another to sharpen one another, to be those iron swords, iron sharpens iron.

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Show Notes: You Are Not Alone In Your Mission

So I saw this guy across the room while talking with my handsome hot hubby. So don't get any thoughts in your mind. And I saw his presence. I saw his aura, but I also saw his brand and it was plastered all over his shirt. And I just had to have a conversation. So in the middle of pod Fest where we were both speaking, we had an opportunity to deeply connect and I couldn't wait to have him on the show.

So you could learn his story. So you could hear. Fire and that you too could be impacted by what his mission is in the marketplace. Yeah. I know. There's lots of us out there and the more I open my eyes, the more God reveals. And so I hope that that encourages you for you to know that you're not alone on your mission.

And even though you're uniquely showing up in the world to do it, you are on purpose. No doubt about it. There are specific people that God's gonna put in your. For you to amplify one another to sharpen one another, to be those iron swords, iron sharpens iron. Right. So I'm so pumped to introduce to you, to my brother.

True. Yeah. True. That's his name? You'll hear more about it on the show, but Trevon's incredible. And we are. So honored to have him on the show, please share tag and be sure to drop a review. If you haven't done that yet for the fit and faith podcast, we're four years running. Y'all this is such a passion of mine.

It's such a quality time investment of mine, but it's also massive value for free all the time for you to get inside the heads and the hearts of other entre. Founders innovators and trailblazers. And if you would just take that extra 30 seconds for every hour episode that I've done, we're almost reaching 300 it's 300 hours.

Not to mention all of the back work that my team does on a consistent basis, which I could not do without them. Please drop them some love too. I don't know where wherever, whatever you wanna say in the reviews section stars matter. All right. I love you. Thank you.

Hey, Hey, Hey, we are in the house and I am so excited to be here. I can't even use the name that's on display. So if you're looking at it, you're gonna get to know him by my name. True seven, which is the name that truly connected us out the gate seven. That's it. That's that completion right there, brother.

Thank you so much for being here. Thanks for having me, you know, we had a great divine meeting in Orlando and, uh, I knew big things were going to come and listen. These are only the green shoots from, for, you know, from what's to come. So thanks for having me here. I'm honored. I love that so much. Let me give you guys some context.

So we were at podcast in Orlando, both, obviously having a podcasting background and just growing that community and networking. And I was at dinner with my handsome hot hubby. Y'all. Scary hot hubby. And, uh, I, I could see out of the corner of my eye, this, this steadily man walk into the room and yes, I'm married happily.

Thank you. But he's got this presence about him and I keep looking at him at the corner of a ni his, my eye, cuz he is standing by himself and I'm like, babe, I am so sorry. I'm gonna, I interrupt you. But I have to find out what this guy's shirt is. Cuz it's talking, it's like true seven I'm like he's gotta know Jesus.

It's gotta be about God. And if it's not, I gotta tell him about God. I gotta tell him about Jesus. So either way it was about to be, to be a divine, uh, experience. And he came over and we ended up talking for hours. I think we all ended up realizing like, what is happening. We need to go do what we're doing.

Um, but true. You, you have such an aura about Yos, even praying into it before we went live. And I know it's because of how God and who God is to you. And I wanna hear about that backstory. Yeah, it's it's crazy. Um, I, I say I don't have the conventional story, but I don't think anybody does. There is no cookie cutter method.

And that's the, the beautiful thing about Jesus. Like he has his own unique way of touching every individual. And your experience is your experience. No one else can really tell you how to do this thing. You have to have your own individual relationship. And I just praise God that he chose me. To have that relationship with, I grew up going to church, you know, fortunately, you know, my parents saw the importance of that.

The importance of that, you know, raised up a child. I was that child that was raised up. But even those years of consistently going to church and being in the church and just sitting there being present, I never had a relat. I never even knew you could have a relationship. I thought anything that I needed, I had to go to a man of God.

I had to go to a Bishop, a preacher, a priest. I had to have someone else pray for me. And this is years of being sent to church years of going to church on my own years of, of prayer counsel, all of that yet instill, never having a relationship, having given my life to. Yet, and still never been told the importance of having a relationship with God.

Fast forward, 2011, I was living in Tampa and just corporately everything wasn't there that I needed it. And, and I was just, just disappointed with some things that were going on in the world and in my life and everything. And I was getting ready to leave the country all together. Uh, a job opportunity presented itself and it moved me to Jacksonville.

And there was even lessons with that. But when I got to Jacksonville, I was able to get planted at a church in the Bishop there, Bishop VA McLaughlin. Um, all he talked about was having a relationship with God. Like I can't get you there. Grand mama, can't get you there. Mama, can't get you there. You have to have a relationship with God if you really want to enjoy these things that everybody talks about.

And just through being there and being pressed and being moved and being uncomfortable and all of that. I knew that in order to, to achieve this greatness and, and happiness and joy that life has, and the abundance that people talk about, I knew I had to have a relationship with it and, and, and I can't even really tell you how it happened, but it just happened.

I stopped relying on man. Actually, I'll, I'll give you a great story and we'll transit. So my wife and I, we were living together. Uh, everybody has their opinion on that, but I don't, we were living together. We weren't married, uh, and had it not been for that experience, we wouldn't be married, but being a male alpha male, somewhat old school.

I felt like the responsibility and the responsibility of the relationship still, you know, starts and ends with me next to God. But I was doing everything I could to make the relationship work. She was doing everything she could to make the relationship work and it just wasn't working. And there was a point in our life where our relationship was so bad.

We were living together, but we were literally waking up on Sunday mornings and going to church separat. And not that that's a bad thing, but our custom was to, to wake up, go to church together, drive together. Right. We, to, to, to go separately was unheard of right now. I'm a youth minister when I have those duties and, and I go earlier, that's one thing.

Sure. But. We would wake up, not speak to each other, be in the same bed, not speak to each other, be roommates, so to speak. She would go sit next to each other and, and not even necessarily play the game cuz we weren't trying to put on for anybody. Sure. It's just where we were. Yeah. But what both of us realized through that experience is she couldn't make it work.

I couldn't make it work when we stopped trying to make it work and we put God first that's when everything blossom. Well, and there's, I mean, there's so many things to unpack there. Right? All the way from the, the Genesis of it was to train them up in the way they should go and they will not depart from it.

So kudos to mama and grandmama and all those mamas out there doing that hard work. And speaking about speaking about mamas, I, I hate to interject, but I have to say this. Yeah, let's go. So we talk about entrepreneurial lifestyle and all that. Mamas are the ultimate entrepreneurs hands down. yes. They're literally lives wouldn't happen even around a kid, right.

Who who's going to school and doing all the things like we are so multifaceted. Um, and also at the same time, knowing that. We're surrendered. And when there's not the surrendered in that experience, we become super overwhelmed. I've been a stay-at-home mom in the midst of my transition and relationship with the Lord.

And he had me in that place with such intention to realize the, the work that so many other women are doing on a consistent basis that I had ran from. I just said, I'm a, I'm a really good mom, but I could never be that kind of mom. Right. And so that, that is the same thing when it comes to being a spouse.

And you you're like in this relationship even prior to marriage, right. At this point, or you're married at this point or not yet, we were not. Right. So it's like thinking through, like, what is this gonna look like in the transformation zone of getting married? Because that's the. Step is that the next check marks and we're not even happier content.

We can't even have a conversation and we're laying in the same bed. And I am sure there are people listening who experience that right now today in their marriage. And I have such a heart for people to understand how fruitful their relationship can be based on the intimacy of knowing God first and putting him in that space like you all did.

So humbly, cuz that's what you have to do. You have to humble yourself in order to do that. Um, we can't figure it out on our own and every time that I've ever tried, especially in my marriage, I've gotten it. a absolutely. And, and yeah, our marriage is indebted to that and I don't even want to give myself the credit to say, I humbly did it.

like we, we were forced and had we not surrendered to your point. We, we wouldn't be here. And yeah, that's beautiful for me because, you know, as an entrepreneur and a leader in all of that, I get in my way quite often and realize, listen, it doesn't matter how hard I work. If it's not part of his will, it's not going to.

So that allows me to, you know, relieve some of that stress and strain of trying to do it myself and just continue to put it in it hands. Well, and I think that there's that element, especially as you were talking about that alpha male, uh, role or that provider role, that. We even as women are, I wouldn't say guilty, but indoctrinated into the belief system, that that has to be the case.

And then you have this ulterior perspective of the femininity or the feminist movement of girl power, and you are strong and you can have anything that the man can have. And honestly, both are in conflict with where God wants us to be in connection as equal partner. And help mates to one another. And him being at that top role of provider, cuz he's your provider.

And then you, by conduit of loving him and you leaning into the purpose and power that has been gifted to you get to take care of. Yes, but she also gets to nurture you. And that's where that symmetry comes into play. So you don't know this, but Gary and I just a couple of weeks ago renewed our vows at 10.

Congratulations. It was so it was so incredible. I highly, highly recommend anybody who's had. Um, honestly it doesn't even matter if you've had like the depths and sorrows that Gary have ha and I have had in our first decade or not. I can't tell you, um, that I even knew what love was when I first got married.

I'd yet to have a relationship with the Lord at that point. So I didn't know, even the full love of the father. I knew that there was a heavenly God and that he loved me, but I didn't have that relationship like you're talking about. So to exchange vows and to have them. So premised on who God has created us to be together.

Um, and the, the separateness that we bring to the wholeness of our marriage is just unbelievable. And it all goes back to what you're speaking to that I wanna get into next is our roles in society, in the marketplace. As ministers and that's really who we believe in what we're called to is being ministers in the marketplace through entrepreneurship.

Talk to us through about like the endeavor that you have been on in multiple different facets. Cause I know there's more than just one and how those were kind of revealed to you after you were revealed for God being that like main provider. Yeah. So it's interesting. The, the ministry that I was a part of, I remember as clear as day and I love the fact that when you join the church, there's not a formal.

Process of the Bishop getting up every Sunday and saying, Hey, if you want to join the church, it's kind of one of those things. If, if you're there, some of the elders, they pick you out and, and, and not that it's a system of that. We just don't have that practice of pushing people. Not every once a, every once in a while, he will give an invitation and he's gotten better about.

Because he understands that sometimes some people need that they need to be asked. Um, but for me, there were a couple years and I've just always been drawn to youth. There were a couple years where, well, when I first joined the church and I went through the, uh, the intake process, if you will, you sign up for a ministry and just because you sign up for a ministry, doesn't mean you're gonna be a part of it.

But I like the fact that they have that option. So there was one. It had to be in the spring, it was a graduation ceremony and about 18 kids gave their life on that day, 18 graduating high school. Wow. Uh, seniors, and it just touched my heart. And I was like, you know what? This is the point that is most crucial.

I can't sit by here and see this type of response and not do everything I can to help these people stay on that. So the, the youth minister at the time, he knew I had signed up for the ministry, but again, he wasn't gonna push me until I was ready. And whenever after those 18 kids walked up, I walked up behind them.

And then whenever they went to the back to talk to him, I told the youth leader, I was like, listen, Whatever y'all need me to do, however you need me to do it. I travel a lot. I'm not in town in town that often, but if I have 30 minutes, you've got 30 minutes. If I have two days, you've got two days, whatever kind of time I have.

I'm gonna give it to you because the, the, the game that the enemy was playing with me, he was telling me I didn't have enough time. And interestingly enough, when I made myself available, more time became available. So good. So, so that's what it was so good. And he works in that way. And I think people have a hard time if they don't have that relationship with the Lord to understand how.

Present. He is in maneuvering our lives in every minute. And like, it's been orchestrated, it's been written, but a lot of times it will take our effort. It'll take that leap of faith, no different than every miracle that's ever been made biblically that you can read. He asks for faith in action, instead of just asking for.

Uh, and there's two things that go hand in hand. And so for you to like ask for more time or to say here, I'm gonna put at your feet, the offering of this little time, and then he multiplies it. because you already sacrificed saying the little time that I have here it is, it's all yours. And he is like, oh, but I do son.

I do want you to have that time for yourself. I do want you to have that time for your family. I do want you to have that time for rest and to do the things that I've called you to as well as what you've just now stepped foot into. And so it's. It's honorable again, you're, you're, you're fine ever gonna take these words on yourself of humble and honorable, but they're, they are of that dissent.

And that's where integrity stems from is when you are close to God, the things that you want are in symmetry to the things that he wants, and we get to stand in a more noble space. Not because of us be because of. A absolutely. I take the Bible and I know there's metaphors, there's Sims, there's all kinds of things.

And, and there there's literal, uh, terminology in the Bible. Also. I try to bring it down to its simplest forms. Yeah. And everything is literal for me before we have to dig into it and, and, and get intervention and, and all of that. Yeah. Have it illuminated . But, but when he says, well done, you've been faithful over a little.

I take that literally. So. Anytime I have something small. I try to be faithful of it because I've seen him multiply again and again and again. So I knew if I only had five minutes to spend with these kids and I was faithful over those five minutes, he would give me many more. So I literally. Take that scripture and try to put it into play.

It's so good. And, and I can definitely attest to the fact that I had gone through at that time. I do believe is so pivotal. Um, I had gone through church hurt with a, a youth organization and yeah, I was basically ostracized because I was being promiscuous in high school. And they found out it was revealed like this secret element of myself was revealed after being a leader in that space.

And instead of taking me in and, and critiquing in a, in a healthy way, that constructive development, it was a push out. And I'm sure if I'd gone back even now, and to speak to those leaders, they might have looked at it, perceived it a totally different way, but that's how I felt. I felt completely abandoned and rejected.

And so even though I had been established in the church, I now am at this pivotal point where I'm about to step out of my parents' home and go to college where the choices are all. So what I think the choices are all mine and I'm making my path and I'm doing what, you know, I wanna do. That seed, that good seed was planted within me.

And so, um, I really believe that had I had someone who was willing to, you know, play that role, even if it was just every time I came home that you were in that church. Right. That if somebody was there just like pouring into me in that regard, I know there were people praying for me, but I, I definitely went wayward in that season cuz I didn't have a mentor.

Yeah. And, and, and that's the importance of it. And the thing is like, it's, it's not a competition by any means, but I have my fair share of waywardness. Yeah, that's true. the, the, the reason I go so hard is because people feel like they have to clean themselves up to present themselves and you're never gonna clean yourself up.

There's always gonna be something there. There's always gonna be some. And I just try to be the purest person that I can be, because I know God wants a hundred percent of me. However, I am. It doesn't matter if I. Happy sad, whatever. It doesn't matter if I have the best clothes on it. Doesn't doesn't matter if I ha have had the greatest day, my upbringing doesn't matter.

Nothing matters. All he wants is me. And so I try to be as authentic as I can. I try not to bite into the bureaucracy and the look and how it should sound and all of that. And I just try to help people be themselves because that's what God wants. Like he wants you. He doesn't want all the pump and circumstance.

All he wants is you wherever you. Yeah. And honestly, the days that I am in that state of feels like the mess, like he's actually so much more present and prevalent in those spaces where I'm not enough. And I think that that's that knowing of like, my worthiness is not contingent on an accolade, a title, a place or any position it's literally just in that state of surrender.

And as I remain surrendered, I always say that I even come to these. Um, with a, a desired state of conviction, just like, God just meet me where I need to be to, to be more like you. And luckily I have amazing people like you on the show who I get to learn from. Um, but I want, I want people to hear some tangibility of even, even what I was first attracted to is this idea of true seven and how it has become a part of who you are even.

Point of your name and your logos and your brands. And it's, it's that, that marker that you want people to remember you by even above the name that your mama gave you. Yeah. And so that's a question that I've been thinking about lately. I don't even know what the marker is that I want people to remember me by because I even get, I get caught up on little things sometime.

I, I, I say I care about people. They're, they're the most important thing. But I don't care about people and that's not the ones we're talking about. I'm I'm, I'm not so concerned. With, with the memory and all of that. But, but people that I impact it's at the end of the day, at the end of the day, God wants us all.

So at some point, if I can expose them to that truth and bring them closer to that. That's all I desire to do now. Listen, there are a bunch of different ways that I can do it from leadership talks, from consulting, people from podcasts and all of that. Those are those awards and accolades and things that God gives us in order to help pull those sheep.

Yeah, sure. So good. So a, a little bit about the brand and the transitioning and all of that. I, I went through what I went through in the corporate space in 2011, um, joined a new company and things were great. Like things were amazing. Things were, I was, I was supporting sales for two countries, traveling all over the us and Canada.

I was probably one of the, I was certainly one of the most high profile faces in the company. Everybody knew me. I, I had come outta. I was onboarding all the new, uh, all the new hires and all of that. And one night I was working, I got done working. I went upstairs and God was like, as clear as day by this time, next year, I need you to leave this job.

And it, it, I was okay with it because I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to do all of that. So I started putting plans in place to, uh, figure out what this next theme was. The job wasn't going so great. I wasn't reporting to the best person. So I was like, listen, I'm ready to do it. Um, about a month before that time, I met with the GM to kind of tell him, you know, where my head was and all of that.

And he was like, listen, there are about to be some changes. I need you to trust me. I just need you to stay. And so for me, that right there was my Abraham and Isaac, which is my favorite story in the Bible. Oh good. But I had a mentor that told me it's great that you heard what God said, but it's more important for you to hear what God is saying, because I heard what God said and I was ready to go.

Like he could have told me anything from then on now I wouldn't have heard him because I heard what I needed to hear. Right. And, and if Abraham wouldn't have continued to listen, he would've slay Isaac. So that's one of the reasons I love that story, but there's so, that's so good. I mean, we can talk about that's really good.

We could talk about 12 different podcasts about, I think those 22 scriptures, so true. But at any rate I stayed on. Started reporting to somebody else. That's when I got all of my podcast experience, which has been instrumental in this transition and part of the reason our podcast is just to be a conduit for other people's voices to amplify people's voices and let their voice be heard, send other people's voices to the nations.

So. Left that job, because I just couldn't deal with the corporate bureaucracy. I felt like there was a lot of racism going on. There was nobody that looked like me above a management position. I had been there nine years. I felt like I was getting overlooked and all of that. And I just, I, I wasn't gonna do it anymore.

The guy that I was reporting to, he was silencing me. And that's when I started growing my hair out because I didn't have a voice. So I started expressing myself. I love that my hair, like, if, if we, if, if I, I gotta send you, uh, one of my wedding pictures, I was clean cut. I was a crook guy. I could imagine that listen, told the company line all of that, but I was like, you know what?

They don't appreciate that. I was I, I was wearing, I was wearing a mask, unfortunately. Yep. And, and, and 10 years later, I mean, 10 years prior, I'm jumping around, but, but be patient with me 10 years prior, I was 25 years old. Um, and I've heard I've got this brain doctor that I do some stuff with. He said the male brain or actually human brain isn't fully developed until around 25 to 28 years.

So when you talk about the, the promiscuity or our behaviors, when we're 18, 19 21, we're not even operating with a full deck. Oh, right. You're so true. But, but, but we're being judged and, and just to add something about judgment, we're judging something. That's not even a complete project. Like, let me, let me get to the end and, and, and then judge me if you want to judge so good.

And it's so interesting many times on this show, as I hear people sharing about their stories and unpacking the timeline, uh, I have even personally called. My like 29 to 33, which is the Jesus years. Right. I, I, those years being instrumental and foundational to not only my faith, but really getting my life in the rhythm that I really believe God wanted me to go.

And it was like that launch pad for where I am now, but it took effort. It wasn't something that happened overnight. It wasn't a, a, a click of a button, like so many people want just like his ministry. And there was a lot of hardship in the midst of that. And that training ground was really the premise for all of those disciples to then be able to go out and tell nations.

But until those disciples went through that experience as learners of the Lord, as learners and recipients of that, um, that work that he did when he was here, it wasn't until the very end of the days that they even. Stood the miracles that were being like taking place and the power that was being gifted to them.

And so I think that there's just, it's so interesting and knowing that the prefrontal cortex doesn't close till you're 25, that's essentially the soft spot that everybody talks about when you're a baby. And that's, it's fundamental to the knowledge that we have. So much more work to do with our children between those ages of 18 and 25.

They are not ready to just go out of the nest yet. And so I love that that's been laid on your heart. It's something that I'm really passionate about too. So here you are. You're in this space. You're growing your hair out. You're getting a little, a little shaggy on us and what are they saying? So it's interesting.

Again, I'm one of the most recognizable individuals at the company. The first time I started growing out and, and, and it, an additional reason I started growing out, there was this phase that some of our youth were, were going through where they started coloring their hair and different things like that.

And I wanted them to see a picture of success that looks similar to them. Ooh. You know, we paint this picture of success with, with nice hair and a suit and tie and all of that. And it's, it's a lie. It's, it's not the truth. We're doing it for other people. So I just wanted them to see a, a different model of success.

So I'm, I'm doing all of this. We go to a national sales meeting, mind you at these national sales meetings, listen by the grace of, of God. I'm never alone. Like, I, I, I always have people that have to engage with catch up with the whole nine. I just, I give out tons and tons of love. So I get it back in spades.

We go to this national sales meeting. I'm literally sitting on a role by myself. Nobody sits by me, which is unheard of. Oh my gosh. Mind you I'm, I'm, I'm supporting sales for the us and Canada. I've probably onboarded 200 plus people, but they're like, I don't know what's going on with him. Who, who is he?

What, what is he going through in the back row? Yeah. And, and, and I was like in the middle of the row, I wasn't even in the back row. Like I, I was in the middle, which made it even crazy. Because this whole road was, was, was empty. And so there's this thing called a lock journey. When you grow in locks, there's the journey that you have to grow through.

And like, a lot of that happens. Like people don't see it, but you recognize how people treat you different, how they look at you, different all of that. Now, eventually they came around once they realized, you know, I, I was who I was, but I will say this, the CEO of the company at that time, we were in New York and I was at one of these trainings.

He came by and listen, my hair was in bad shape if, if you know the process of going. Yeah. And, uh, so it was the top was blonde. The roots were black. They hadn't quite locked. Uh, and he was like, cool hair. And I think that gave everybody else permission. To be cool with me, but it's just, it's, it's so ridiculous how people would treat you.

It really based on, you know, aesthetics, aesthetics and all of that. Yeah. Yep. And, and also too, from interior, like, even from sin, right? Like they compare sin so much about like, oh, that's your vice. Oh, that's what your trauma was. Oh, that's what? And like they put people on this hierarchy. Scale. And it always just brings me back to that moment when Jesus just drew the line in the sand and he said, anybody who can cast the first stone.

Right. And so it's the same thing and it might seem silly to connect outward appearance to sin, but it's very similar in the way that it's treated. I mean, my. Son who's nine has really long hair and it was a, such a journey for him in that phase. And he got called a girl all the time and he would run off the playground over to me when he was smaller.

And they're calling me a girl and I told him I'm a boy five times. And I'm like, you want mama to get involved? And I'm like, just tell me you have a penis. It'll. Fine. Like, it's the only thing. And so meanwhile, he is like, I don't understand why people are so mean and I'm like, it's just, there's preconceived and, and conceptions of what's.

Right. And what's wrong and what's healthy and what's not, and what's successful and what's not. And I stopped wearing what everyone. Respected me to wear, um, in business settings and anything because I'm like, I, I don't need to wear nobody's dictating my wardrobe. And so I don't need to wear a suit. When I go to this business, formal meeting with these people.

I don't care if I'm the only female in the room and I choose not to wear that. Like I wanna show up in me. So I'm in my sparkles and my glitz and my glam. Fun. And I think it's so critical for people to realize like that whole SIM like simple concept don't judge a book by its cover. It's the same thing.

When it comes to sin connected to anything about our identity. Ooh, that's really good. . And, and so the journey, which is crazy, it was as much for me as it was for anybody else. Like I don't, yeah, I don't, I don't want to act like I'm so noble that I was just doing this for, for everybody unbeknownst to me, I needed to do it, to take my confidence to another level, because I do give off a certain aura and all of.

But what I give off internally, hasn't always measured up to it. That's good. But there, there, there were times where had I not grown my hair out and stood in and took those bullets and all of that. There are some doors that I wouldn't confidently walk through now just being my true self. And, and now I'm just a hundred percent authentic.

I'm a hundred percent me. Take take me or leave me, like I know who my father is, so I'm not concerned. Yeah. It's so good. And as you were, you mentioned, like not being alone ever by yourself, and then you had that moment of solace. When I first met you and I'm like, Hey, let's chat. You're like, Oh, heaven's sake.

I've been talking to people all day long, but it's such a gift to have that aura to have that presence. It's literally why Jesus had to like, literally flee and be in, in complete wilderness mode for people not to bother him. So he could do his work, um, internally and with the, with the Lord. And so I just think it's such a presence that you carry.

Being connected to the brand. True seven. I mean, I've only seen you a handful of times, but every time you're representative of the brand. And so I know that there's businesses behind this brand. I want you to be able to share that with the audience and, um, wherever you feel led to help have us know, uh, even some, some information based on all the testimonial pieces, like is there business insight connected to that brand that we should know.

Yeah. So the name came about when I was in college, I was a true freshman. I played when I was a true freshman and there's this thing called a true freshman and a red shirt freshman. Again, I played when I was a true freshman and my number was seven. So I got the nickname true seven when I was in college and probably about seven, eight years ago, I was like, you know what?

I'm getting too old for that. I had friends that would still call me. And I was like, nah, I'm, I'm Tavares Hogans, which is fine, but I'm, I'm not true anymore. That was, that was my, my early twenties. Yeah. But when I wanted to start my company, I was looking for something corporate and something, you know, that you, that you could put on the fortune 500 list and all of that, and nothing was really resonating and, and true.

True. Seven was always in the back of my mind. and I said, you know what? I'm, I'm just gonna go with it. And since I went with it, it just, it just it's felt real. It's felt authentic. It's it's felt me like it's, it's who I am. And I know God gave me this name. I mean, and when I break it down, I, I can break it down further, but I'm gonna give you the quick on it.

I mean, as you know, for, for me true, it's something that is real it's it's not fake. It's real. It's true. It's a. And seven, you know, wholeness completion. So it's the truth. It's whole, and it's complete. That's true. Seven it's so good. It's so funny. Even when I was getting prepped for the show and I saw your actual name, I was like, who is this?

Oh, oh, wait, what? that's not real. But then I even saw, I'm shocked that even your book, your book has your name on it versus true. And so now I'm like, gosh, I don't know what to call him. I'm like, I, I think. Just true. That's what I'm gonna have to say. And I'll be one of your new friends in this new era of life who calls you true rather than in your young twenties.

And I think that this just there's power to that. Even like we could go way deep into the prophetic of what those people were calling, like, whether it was coaches, whether it's teammates, right. They had no idea what they were speaking into your life in the completion. Right? Like, it's so good. Yeah, that, that, that's amazing.

I mean, say that Jesus, I, I never even thought about that. Oh lot. That's so good. That was the first thing I'm like, whoa, were they, were you at a Christian school? And didn't even know. So here's a crazy thing to, to that point. I mean, and like words are so powerful and people always say, oh, you're so positive.

And all of that, like I'm positive because I get my win from God every morning. And, and. I get so much, I have to share it. I, I just can't be in a negative space and all that. And listen, I have my bad days for sure. Right? Yeah. Out of 365, I have less than five bad, bad days by the grace of God. Uh, and I try to be transparent when I do, but if it's not bad, I'm not gonna say it's bad.

I'm not, I'm not gonna dim my light. Like, I'm gonna try to give you everything that I have, because I feel like if I share. If, if your candle isn't lit and I've got my candle, I feel like when we put both of 'em together, that Flame's gonna get bigger. So, oh yeah. Do you not know in my bio that literally the first line says, because somebody called it to me once and I'm like, I'm taking that and running.

It says, Tamara, Andre is a human sparkler. Let's go,

know I'm ready. I'm like everyone needs light and it's. One of those things that once you find it, like really find it, it's hard for the enemy to blow out and simultaneous to that while he might think it's easy. When I meet people like yourself and I, I meet that, those, that core group that can literally protect.

Right. They can protect from every angle. And I know Jim Roan says like, you're the sum of the five people you surround yourself with. And I believe there's a lot of truth to that, but I definitely think that there are people in my life that might not know every single thing going on in my life. They, I might not ever see you or talk to you for another six months, but I know if I was to call you, you would.

Someone or something that's trying to, to burn that light out because we know that there is a force against us just as much as God is here for us and fighting with us. And his angel army is always stronger. We have to be okay with the fact that there's going to be hard times and we're gonna come into situations that make us feel weak.

Um, so I'm grateful already that I feel like I have you in that army, like that nurturing of like, it's not going out. E ever. And I'll be that for you, your husband, your kids. And everything, and I know you'll be that for, for myself and my wife also. So thank you. Absolutely. So talk to us, do you wanna share about, um, true seven in the C realm?

Because I think that it's important for people. And I wanna break the mindset because I can only tell the religious that now, like what, where she just went way. Right? Let's go. I love that this is important for me and for you who are listening to know. Just like I was ostracized when I was hosting my first women's retreat because I was having yoga there and they were like, yoga is of the devil.

This is not a conversation of the devil. Okay. First off let's for, for, for minutely, put that here. We've already just talked about being the light and being connected to truth and wholeness. I wanna talk about how CBD is an asset and a resource and God made not man. Yeah. And I, I don't get into the, you know, some people try to justify by saying it's natural and from the earth and all that, and oh yeah.

And, and that's cool. I've been what I would. So C D is literally a restricted industry. It's not federally legalized yet, but I've been into fringe type industries. And so I was in the wine and spirits industry for 17 years. I still do consulting in that space. . And for some of that time, I actually struggled with being in that industry, understanding the impact that it, that it has on people and the negative impact that it could have.

But once I accepted my right role and in that industry, which was to bring light to that industry, I was able to flourish and I made sure that I brought that light wherever I went. So I was comfortable with doing that. It was, it was a legal, honest living, and I was good with it. So when I transitioned my parent, my mom was happy.

You know, my pops, he, he doesn't really care yeah. But, but you know, we, we want what sounds good and what's comfortable. Right. We don't always want the truth. You know, we, we, we want the happy ending. We don't want to go through what it takes. We don't, we don't want to go to, and, and everybody has the north side.

We want, we don't wanna go to the north side and pull those people out. We want to go to the good part of the city where, where it doesn't take a whole lot. And, and we wanna save people at church, you know, true. So I knew when I was brought C B, D I knew. What part of it was, it was, it was part of, it was to be a light in this industry because I had experienced it in another industry, but there had to be some knowledge behind it.

I couldn't just be, you know, a, a flag told. So there were truly two stories that I heard when I went to a conference that impacted me. And I knew this was a type of industry. I was gonna be a part of because of the impact that it had on people. I heard a story about a lady who. Her daughter was having over a hundred seizures a day, C was legal in Canada.

She was risking her freedom to go across country borders, to get CBD for her daughter, bringing across state lines, give it to her daughter. Her seizures were, her seizures were reduced from like a hundred a day to one a day. Wow, that story impacted me. There was another guy, a military veteran. He was over fighting some war and, um, it was himself and a friend of his, a little girl, like a little eight or nine year old girl got hit by some friendly fire.

And so he had to go over close the girl's eyes and pull her out of the. And his partner was just toing pieces and he had to shake him and say, Hey man, you, you gotta get it together. We are literally in a war zone and I, I can't lose you out here fast forward seven to eight years. And the, the story is crazy.

But fast forward seven to eight years, he's at the dentist office with his daughter. And, um, you know, he had been suffering from a little PTSD and all of that. The dentist laid his daughter on the table in the same manner that girl was there. And it, it, it just tore him to pieces. And, and C B D was the only thing that could calm his brain because he started having nightmares and all kinds of stuff.

And after I heard that story, I was like, I have to be in this industry to help change and impact people's lives for the. And so in addition to that, you know, aids and recovery, it, it helps with sleep. It, it helps with other things, but listen, I will leave the 99 to find one. If I only help one person, it's, it's worth it to me.

But after hearing those stories about how it's impacted people, listen, one thing I don't do is serve people and if God wants me somewhere else, I'm gone. Yeah. When he wanted, when he wanted me to leave that job, I was gone. I don't, I don't want to be anywhere one day more than he wants me to be there. So I know I'm here to serve him and do his.

So good. And this is like the thing that I hear so often in no matter what position you're in, no matter what way, when you're stepping on purpose, you might step on purpose into a space or a room or a relationship that you are. So confused by that you're like, why here? Why now? Why do I have to be this person's light?

Right? Like, I wanna be that person's light. I wanna get closer to that flame. That's already burning so bright and it causes you to be uncomfortable. It causes you to question your faith. It causes you to get closer to God, which is ultimately what he's looking for anyway, is that relationship that she he's speaking about at the beginning.

And so I just want people to know that. So many levels to CBD. I only know a little bit about it. Um, but I know that they make stuff for pets. I know that they make stuff that children can have. I know that the sleep element is huge. I know that it can help your joints. Like there's just so much about it.

Um, that is still such a new industry, especially here in Virginia, that people are just now getting exposed to. And the industry's just gonna continue to expand. And so you are literally on the forefront, like. First territory lines of, of getting into that industry and finding out how it can be of service to people with PTSD traumas, sexual traumas.

I mean, I could think of so many that it would help in the church. And so there's and outside obviously, but this there's this knowing that if the church could open their eyes and the scales could truly be removed, that there is access that God is literally giving. And sometimes out of a place that looks really dirty in grimy, cuz we know that there's the essence of marijuana that everybody says is a gateway drug and all that.

I mean, I've got tons of friends who I've literally lost because of overdose. And so I've never even spoke to cigarette, but that doesn't mean I've tried CBD. and I don't even put them in the same category because I see the health benefits. Right. And so I just encourage people if they're listening and they're curious, and they're in need of something, um, that helps them.

And any of these things that we've spoken to, and there's obviously a bajillion more, I don't know about like seizures and cancers. I know people have used it for. Um, and so I just encourage you to stop rejecting and start getting. Because that's the same reason why there are so many atheists and people who have not chosen to be with the Lord.

And it's just because they've rejected and they've never been curious. And a learner is the one who is growing, not those who are stagnant. Yeah. And, and two things, anybody that has any questions I'll have as long of a conversation as I need, I've got a contact form on I'm sure my contact information will be somewhere after this, this podcast.

So feel free to reach out. I'm all about CBD education. When I was in, uh, the corporate space, I ended my career in learning and development and that's the space that I'll be in for the rest of my life. It's all about education for me. And I want to add another point because please there's so much going on today where we feel like we're forced to make a decision one way or another.

It's not, it's not a yes or no. It's not, it's not about picking sides. It's not about red or blue. It's not about a elephant or a donkey. Come on. Educate yourself. And get the information for you and you make the best decision for you. Not, not because somebody, you know, is on one side or, or on another side, and don't feel like you have to justify your decision to anybody, do your research, stand behind your research and, and, and, and be strong in who you are.

So good. And it literally goes back to the concept of truth, right? True to yourself, because you are connected to God and that seven, that completion that you can only find that completion in the knowing and the being of who he's created you to be. And in that right relationship with the Lord. All things are possible, and you're gonna have an opportunity to step into freedom that you might otherwise not have.

And I believe that's a part of entrepreneurship too, is that you get to be free in a way that you don't have the opportunity to be free in a lot of other. Systemized experiences. Now I am a full advocate of people in the corporate setting and the education system, all of those places of that's where you feel on purpose and that's where you feel and find that passion.

Um, and it's enough for you. It's fulfillment. But if it's not, that's the curiosity. That's the conversation that I love to have with people. It's like, what are you missing and why are you not going after it? Cuz generally it's being boxed and limited by something. That's not what God would want from you.

And for you. Um, so I would love for you to just any last minute, you know, thoughts as we, we pop off here, but you guys, all of his information is in the show links, you know where to find it and you know where to find him. Um, but if you have any further questions, you can get in touch with me and I'll put you in direct contact.

Yeah. A couple big events. I wanna plug briefly. Yeah. I do a vision cast and retreat at the end of every year. It's always the second weekend in December. It's gonna be in Jacksonville. You talked about some of the entities up under true seven. I do confirmation and accountability coaching because as entrepreneurs, a lot of times we're missing that accountability piece.

And with new entrepreneurs, we're not quite comfortable and confident in who we are are. So I like to confirm some of those beliefs that we always, that, that, that we have and just pull those out. From the retreat. I do a, a 12 month mastermind that, that we can talk about later. And I am making my bid for one of your stages.

I saw you have this big, big coming up. So next time I need, I need the, the application. I need to be vetted. We need to figure this thing out. Yes, sir. No doubt. I would love to have you on what it'd be amazing. I'm super. That he's speaking to grow for God and a business scaling experience. And there's lots going on in our neck of the woods when it comes to conferences.

But I can tell you of the two things that you just mentioned. I was literally on the phone with a friend who, um, is a, a coach himself, and we were talking about. The power of accountability and that sometimes as coaches, especially in the industry that we're in most coaches are offering a new blueprint, a new thing that you need to apply to your business, like a concept, or, um, they're training you up in some methodology that they might use, or they might have constructed.

But confirmation and accountability are very few and far between. And so I want people who might have a coach, maybe they already have a coach. Who's teaching them something else, but they don't feel like there's that direct confirmation or accountability element. You want someone who's connected to the same God you believe in to be there to help confirm those things that you're questioning to help pray alongside you, help keep you accountable.

Cuz I know there are definitely days where like I need the wind at my back, even though I am running fast often there are definitely the moments where I'm like, whew, I could use some confirmation on this one because when you're a leader, as I know, so many of you guys are as fit stands for founders, innovators and trailblazers as a leader.

You often don't have those people that are fast enough to keep you accountable and you don't have someone ahead of you to confirm you. And so I highly encourage you to get involved in his coaching experiences, his mastermind, follow his podcast, get your hands on his book for podcasting and know that he's a resource because we need more than one.

True. I love you. Thank you brother for your time. Hey, I love you too. Your family, Gary, the kids, everybody. This has been a pleasure, so good. All right, y'all see you later. Talk to you soon.

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