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Words Matter – Copywriting Guru Dives Deep – Kaitlyn Parker with Copy Uncorked

So you know the age-old saying “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.” Well, I don’t really know how much truth there is to that concept because to me words REALLY matter. And today’s guest is kind of in the same boat in a huge way because she is a copywriting guru!

What does that mean?

  1. Words do matter. And she’s going to tell us all about why.

  2. I know from a love language perspective words can carry a ton of weight, whether or not we want them to effect us or not is a choice we get to choose as people.

But ultimately words do carry so much importance and emphasis. Whether its filling your love tank or depleting your love tank. Or perhaps its triggers something from your past or enhancing something in your future. I am so thrilled to unpack this concept and dive deep into the strategy of it and find out more about who Kaitlyn Parker is.

She is also a wine enthusiast – so if you understand the “uncorked” part of Copy Uncorked you will pop over to her website and truly feel like you are impressed in a vineyard. And I just love it, even though I’ve been on the alcohol free train for almost a year now, I still value the ambiance that comes along with it and the concept of what it is when it’s done in a healthy way. And Kaitlyn is absolutely a woman of class and I am so thrilled to have her in our community. So if you’re an entrepreneur, a dog mama, or a wine enthusiast, or anyone looking to enhance the way they write or speak this is a girl you’re going to want to get to know.


Kaitlyn Parker with Copy Uncorked

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Show Notes: Words Matter

I am so pond to bring to you a local, which I really wish was in person with me, but where we haven’t made it to that part of our relationship yet where we can Duane and be in the same room, so I… Soon enough, we will. And so I’m excited to explore, just getting to know you a little bit more and sharing what it is that you do and how we’re so lined in a lot of what it is that we do, so… Y’all, this is Kaitlyn with copy on court.

And if you don’t know her, you’re in for a treat, and if you do, I hope that this gives us an opportunity to go a little bit deeper and share or something new about who she is and what she’s passionate about, and I wanna give you a chance to just introduce yourself and then we can kinda dive in.

Awesome. Hi everyone, I’m excited to be here. Thanks so much for having me run for the nice words. My name is Kaitlyn, I’m a copywriter in a brand strategist, the name Waco pan is copy and Cork, and we provide brand messaging, website copywriting, email marketing sequences or modern brands and creative entrepreneurs, so… So we sing to do it with words or the most in… And I am such a theme for words, I’ve been writing poetry since I was in ninth grade, brought on by an email boyfriend at the time, but I am so grateful because now it’s like an expression of how I share and whenever there is a family, family celebrations or birthdays or things like that. I get to go into that creative zone of words, and then writing writing books is a whole another thing, then copy, and I know you’re talking about that before, I have a lot of authors who are listeners because I go to conferences for book writing around our stories and our testimonies and how we bring those to the world and serve, so I’d love for you to share what the difference is and why it’s really important to know the difference between book writing in Covina.

Okay, awesome, so copywriting is really… It’s like the art and science of words and copywriting. The difference between constant writing or both writing is every… Is essentially intended to help produce some sort of an action, so the goal of everyone a copy is to get to to read the next line of copy, so that’s why people put a lot of emphasis on headlines because the headline is what gets you to actually open the piece of writing and be interested in reading it. And then we have call-to-action buttons throughout a piece of copywriting to actually get people to take an action and move forward, ultimately make a purchase, so it’s really like the marketing and sales version of words, and it sometimes gets a bad rap, and I think as entrepreneurs and women, sometimes it’s, it’s hard for us to think about really putting yourself out there and selling, and we feel clingy and we don’t wanna sell, but really good copywriting is… It’s so empathetic, it really is a testament to showing how much and how well you know their audience, your audience, and how you’re able to meet their needs and provide a solution that maybe they wouldn’t have thought of or not about before.

Yeah, I love them. So yeah, really the biggest difference is that it’s not necessarily eloquent, long-winded pros or a fiction novel, or even the type of writing that you did recently on the book that you just collaborated in, so… Yeah, really me, I think it’s so necessary because it feels like when you’re writing something long-winded such as a blog post, for instance, ’cause not everybody is a book writer, but even micro-blogging now through Instagram or Facebook, people are writing a good amount of content, literally you could plug and play that into a blog is like those words matter that on the scroll with the scroll stopper, and I feel like your website, and I’m gonna lean people over into it right now, you guys… Her website is so gorgeous, it’s so pretty. Yeah, I absolutely love it. So just paying attention to the words that she uses, and I wanna dive in and I take a little bit of a change over because you can notice that there are a lot of lingo around wine, and I love this, and I don’t know if a lot of my listeners know, but I used to sell for scout and seller. And so I love wine, I stop drinking last May, so there’s components of that. That’s like bitter, sweet. But tell me, tell me the blend of that and I wanna hear your heart.

Yeah, so I actually started my business shortly after I had finished a Master’s Program, and I was working at Regent University at the time in a department called the Center for Entrepreneurship, and we were responsible for helping set up business development centers around the world, and it was all focused on entrepreneurship, so I feel like that’s where my love of writing started taking this entrepreneurial shape, and I learned about copywriting, so I started a side business and it was just based off of my mate name, initials, and it was called KS creative, and it was great for a while, but the more that I got into copy, I realized as a copywriter, I wasn’t doing a good job of allowing people to understand what I did, the term creative is so broad, and TVs were my initials, and then I was married, so no longer fit. So I started trying to think about ways to differentiate myself as a copywriter and come up with a fun concept brand that other entrepreneurs and women in joy, which is wine. So the name comyn courts came to me after a trip that my husband and I had gone on, and so I worked really hard to essentially take that concept and make it consistent throughout the website, and I wanted it to have a very refined feel that allows people to feel relaxed when they come through a website instead of that Luchador and NEON marketing that we sometimes get where you almost feel that media pressure to purchase, and I wanted it to be more of that, just inviting a way of showing how…

I’ve been able to articulate myself and how my business is essentially helping others do the same things. Yeah, I think it’s… Obviously, in order for people to understand the value of it, they have to be able to see how it works, and I immediately felt that way when I went to your site, I felt like we were sitting at a vineyard on a Sunday afternoon, relaxing in the Sun was so red that I should be eating just enjoying. So I love that you say that before I even had the words to express it, I felt that way, so that’s really cool, and that’s what we wanna do as entrepreneurs who are entering into this flooded market where words are everywhere, and what sets you apart? What makes you different?

This is an interesting business tool, and I don’t intend for these to really go business, but sometimes it’s fun because there are a lot of people interested in it, especially during this time as they’re emerging into their passions, but I was on a call yesterday. We were talking about SEO development for ads, and we’re talking about keyword search, and I’ve done that before in other companies, but it was… They were big corporate settings, and so I never really thought, how does that apply to me? So we went in the back end and we researched my immersive retreats… He was 10 searches for a Versace retreats, and I’m like, Whoa, what’s going on?

Now, wellness retreats, wholeness retreats. All inclusive retreats.

These things are were 300300000. and so it’s really important that when we choose our words, we’re choosing them wisely, and it’s not done just because it’s floral language, which is what I like to do, but it’s done with purpose, and I think that’s cool.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think when it comes to copy writing, clarity is by far the most important thing, and I think so many of us can get hung up on wanting it to be super clever, and it’s hard to come up with concept brands or creative language because sometimes we can only do so at the expense of clarity, so it’s totally a balance and sometimes just landing on something where your message comes across clearly and is the language that your audience is actually using, coming back to the retreats example, you just use… If they’re obviously not using those words to search for your event… Yeah, it’s not gonna pass.

That’s kind of the science part of copywriting is figuring out what are people already talking about and how can we jump into that conversation and use the words and phrases that they’re using so that they understand it better versus speaking in jargon or coming up with our own terms that people don’t really like to.


Yeah, it’s so cool. So I wanna jump into your example of the quiz that people can take that parallels the varietals of wine to how their message and brand messaging is, to jump into that a bit, I think it’s so cool and clever.

Yeah, so there’s this company called Interact and they make quizzes, and it’s a really fun way of having a lead generator that also provides value, so rather than a PDF downloadable, even though we have one of those two across, just a fun way where you can provide people information that helps kind of point them in the right direction, have them join your email list if they want to, but just… It’s just, This is our fund a… They are gonna think I tested to one.

Yeah, so yeah, we came up with the one quiz one, there’s four or five varietals as a result, and it just kind of explains how each varietal can match a particular… The tone of voice that you use, the way that your message comes across, so… There He cool.

I love it. This morning, I was watching somebody who I work with was sending me like a YouTube video of quarantine stereotypes… Have you seen this video yet?

Oh my gosh, I was dying laughing with these guys this morning, and there was the guy who was working and he has this business it on and his kids are like down here talking at him and he stands up, he’s in his underwear. And so thinking about the fact that really anything that you do or pursue in a passion, there are really all of these different segments of people, because we’re all different, our personality types suit those things differently. So if anyone’s looking for a cool lead in or any of that, that would… A quiz is really awesome, it makes it fun, it makes it relatable, and it makes it feel like before they even meet you, that there is a relate ability like, Oh, this person really knows me, even though you didn’t really create the fullness of the quiz, what it is that you’re doing and already puts them into this mindset, so really cool. Really cool, tactic.

Alright, so let’s jump a little deeper, you share how you got interested in copywriting, where that started… Take us back to before you got to working for region, what was your journey like, what led you there in the first place, and where you are in now in your life?

Yeah, totally, like you mention a local to Virginia Beach, so I went to high school here and everything, and I was fielding player and I went to school at UVA, I played flanker, which was an incredible experience in a really trying experience. And I went through some really, really hard times in college that… Just a lot of depression, an anxiety, a little bit of disordered eating for a while, and it just was like one of those things that was such a struggle in the thick of it, and I’d grown up Christian, and it was hard being away at school and juggling the demands. So a Division One in Division One athlete, your school load, all of that. So I stuck it out through college and came home for a little bit, and then moved up to Baltimore, and while I was at Baltimore, I started out in a sales job, and then later started working for Le lemon and… Well, I was at Le lion, I was doing yoga and running again, and all of those things, I started writing a lot more, I had a personal goal on the side, and he was like… That was the season in my life that God was just really working on my heart and bringing so much healing and hoop and clarity, and I was enjoying when I was doing it little bit, and it’s kinda when I just spell them up with branding, I was able to help manage our store, social media and open a few other stores, it was just a great season of discovery for me, and so I eventually moved back home to go to grad school at region and then… Because of just the work that God been doing on my heart while I was a Baltimore, I was home, I was like, I’ve gotta find the church, so I got plugged in at a church locally, and then that’s when I ended up meeting my husband, which was great, so we dated it for like two years, got married July of 2017, and now we live in Virginia Beach in our first home with our little mini-cold dude, no kids yet.

My husband’s an entrepreneur too, so yeah, that’s kind of like my life story and to… I don’t there.

Yeah, yeah, again, was always raised Christian, and God’s been a big part of my life, and at the same time, I think we all go through seasons of challenges and trials where our face has tested a little bit more, and that was definitely my college time frame for me, so yeah.

Yeah, I feel like that’s for a lot of people is just because that’s such a season of discovery and trial and error, a lot of error and… And I think that’s honestly just because we’re so young and were thrust into something brand new and we often don’t know, and I’ve talked about this before, we’re not even actually ready for any of that stuff when it happens, it’s just what the next season of life is said to need or demand, and at the exact same time, I really want something different for my kids because I don’t think that that should be the next expectation, not to say that college wasn’t vital for me, I learned a lot, I did a lot of self-developing as well, but I think I get the same from traveling, I get the same from really developed e-courses or online programs that I’m really invested in, interested in, and so I’m happy to see that that’s now becoming an option, but I still feel like it’s the trajectory of the traditional American home is, Okay, now you go to college. And it’s the first question I naturally asked the Senior or Junior, were you gonna go to school? And then I’m like, I wish I didn’t say that ’cause it shouldn’t be the pressure of society, but it is a… So it’s interesting now to speak on that, I’m sure this is constantly a question that you get, ’cause it was literally at my wedding day when you guys gonna have babies, how is that question plagued you guys… Is it so annoying ’cause that’s the next step kind of or… Yeah, it’s funny, I feel like family and friends that know me, they don’t ask that much because they could just know I’m like, I’ve just always been a very driven, I’m a type three on the Ingram, I’m… My top Stringer strength is achiever, I just am a goer, and so it’s been hard for me to slow down and think about the… It’s on, I know that I want that and then I see other moms who are doing all that I’m doing and more with three kids, women like yourself, and then I’m just like, This is incredible what women are able to do, and I think that that’s the beautiful thing about how God uses each one of our experiences to come alongside us and strengthen our capacity in every season that we’re in, I think every year of my life, it’s like even when I was in grade school, fifth grade could have gone great, but then you’re scared to go to sixth grade, but then God gives you everything that you need to handle that season of your life, so I kind of just look at having kids that way, that he’s going to just strengthen that desire of my heart over time and… My husband, I are excited and focused on our businesses right now, but I know that within a short period of time, that will slow down and we’ll start family planning a lot more series. Great, that’s a great perspective to have though, and it will give you so much freedom in that experience when it does happen, or it is time…

I just remember people asking me to come on and we were together for four years prior, so there was this anticipation, all of it’s gonna happen at once, and it did, and there’s definitely the moments… I’m a three as well. And it is very hard, it’s really hard to manage those points, like yesterday morning, I was up at 4, 45 before the kids woke up, so I could start… Start because my brain and my heart and my energy levels are ready set go, and yet I still have the responsibility of being a mom, so my kiddos… I wasn’t really expecting they wouldn’t wake up for at least two and a half hours, and of course I had the little bitter potters upstairs and I’m like, Dang it, I haven’t been finished my first cup of coffee, I have so much to do, so they can down stairs, and then my HumBio downstairs. And he’s like, How are you… And I’m like, You know, I’m wrestling, I’m really wrestling right now because this is my time and I feel like it’s being stolen and it’s like big creep into the next hour, every minute, every day.

And then also knowing this is the season that I’m gonna want that, it’s a season that I… I can’t, I can’t say that it always has all the highs, but it’s not something I ever want to reflect on, just missing… You know?

Yeah, absolutely, I had put me to post this morning because a couple of people this week had mentioned to me how busy I am, they’re like, Oh, you’re so busy, I see all the things you’re doing, you’re so busy. And that word similar to perfectionism, just like Lai in me, because I used to live a life where busy was my normal because one tendency of a three, but also I was achieving out of… Jesus was not a part of that scenario, a… Not that he wasn’t in my heart, I just wasn’t focused on that, I just thought he loved me and I’ll do what I’ll do right.

Yeah, and I… And ended up being huge burn out, and I had to completely re-focus and realign my entire life, and this was while I have babies, so I’m really grateful that four years later, I’ve been able to refocus and realign and the time that I spend doing all the times, koala really purpose and really intentional, and I just don’t want people to think that I choose to do all the things that I do because I’m not putting energy. And all the things that I love, ’cause I do really love it.

And it really doesn’t matter what they think. Right.

But it’s hard, it’s a hard road to walk. And I would very much encourage you to just keep pressing into the things that you love now, they’re gonna flow over into the time when you are a mom to… Yeah, thank you. I appreciate that, and I think that is kind of that misinterpretation and challenge of being a three is, so much of it is intrinsic and the things that you truly love to do, and I’m an introvert on top of it, so it’s like I was having that… Yeah, and I think people who maybe have a harder time with understanding that it just can be negatively misinterpreted it, like, Oh, she’s so busy all the time, or she only cares about that, and like that’s really crushing to a three because so much of your work too is tied into helping people and wanting to… You know what I mean? So I think that’s where I’ve really loved at any grand and my sister and I talk about it all the time because we’re close in age or two years apart, and it was like finding out each others in diagram was like, Oh my gosh, I was just eye opening, because we were able to communicate and understand each other so much better, and those things that seem like stereotypes just became more of like, This is just one characteristic of this person, and here’s a little bit more of an explanation as to why that’s so funny that you bring that up because me and my sister just traded any o-grams last weekend.

Oh, really? And we’ve never really lived a life of seeing Dave… She, almost four years older than me. I’ve always felt like the nagging little sister, I’ve never… I just never felt like we could see one, and so we’ve gone through a lot of trials and tribulations just to sisters and family, and trying to navigate our faith through that, and our mother mothering styles through that, the way we live again, all… Any grant-related things.

So folding laundry the other day, and I’m like, How can I get through to her, how can I learn who she is more without it being a judgemental thing, or her feeling like I’m encroaching on who she is or trying to change her or vice versa to me.

So I both loving Jesus. I’m like, Your tether has to be… It has to be something here. So I was listening to your Indian grand coach. Have you ever heard of her?

A lot, maybe. Okay, so she’s a faith-based in diagram follower and researcher, she has an Instagram, so check her out, and I was listening to my girl Rebecca, she’s gonna in the podcast in a couple… Maybe next week, I think. I was interviewing her and it just ring a bell, I’m folding long, I should have my sister do the Any grain with me because I’ve done it before, I’ve researched it, my husband do it. I’m such a die hard because I think it’s so helpful for communication strategies and relationships, so I sent it or return, it’s just really funny that you said that I’m looking forward to getting to the next step ’cause we shared or any grams and then it’s been crickets.

I don’t know. That’s like a good thing.

Oh, the bad thing, I don’t know, she hates me more or… So I… Yeah, there’s a digesting period a little bit where suddenly you’re just more attuned to the way that somebody is, and then you start to appreciate it. I think at first it’s like, Oh yeah, you’re so that way it’s like the finger pointing and then I release…

I understand there are positives, today is A… And that’s the cool thing about the India Criteo is just the expression of a healthy… So is it a healthy… And how there’s kind of like that swing, and so it is… It’s really great for personal development time, that’s what you’re talking about with burnout, and that is something that I have to think about a lot. I think it’s different for everyone, regardless of what you’re eating, frame type is your mom, you’re not a mom. And the motivations behind why we’re doing what we’re doing, and is it that God is leading our business, is God leading our mother and our parenting, or are we kind of charging full team ahead and we’re just shoving everything down in terms of how we’re feeling about it, or we’re not really asking ourselves what the purpose or the intent is behind it, so… Yeah, that’s so good. And so it’s so true, and conjunction with that experience that I had yesterday morning, the night before was doing washing the dishes and I was just in worship, my kids were upstairs showering, it was my only alone time of the afternoon evening, and I had the song and I’m not gonna sing though, for some reason, I always find myself singing, I think ’cause I just play worship as all the time, but the song, you were worthy of it all, not a… Okay, I’m not gonna go into the tomb, but I was just singing it, and I just felt it so much in my presence in the following morning, that’s when that happened, and prior to me jumping into my work, which is a tendency that I have to do…

I opened my Jesus always, which is like the Jesus.

So it’s the sequel to The Jesus calling, but I… Yeah, it’s a SQL. And so I was reading it and the very first words where I am worthy of it all, and it made me realize a… Just a God moment. He’s so good in that way. He’ll give us winks along the way, and I realize he’s worthy even of my time that I’m investing in what the passion is seated so deep inside of me to others that might seem like overboard or overkill or busy, but so it’s like the pursuit of him in the things that I feel called to do.

Yes, I love that. It reminds me of the Marian is quote that I’m sure we’ve all heard a million times, but the one about, you’re playing small doesn’t serve the world, and I think so many of us, we either feel too much or too little at any point, sometimes we don’t feel enough, and then other times we feel like too much, and I feel like I try to keep that line in the back of my head of just me buying into either one of those or a… My sense ambition is somehow offending someone else, or sin just causes me to play small and literally create and take up… It causes me to take up less space, and when we take up more space, we allow other people into that space with us, so by us moving forward or not… Yeah, making less of anyone else, if anything, it’s clearing a space for other people to rise to, it’s so beautiful. And I feel like that’s such a timely conversation and timely topic right now, even in the concept of wealth for women, and then understanding that that also is inclusive of your finances, so for us to desire more in that realm is not a necessity of selfishness or greed, it’s that if I can get here, you can come here with me, if I can get her, you can come here with me, because I’m all about community, bringing people along, I realize I cannot succeed or exceed anything without people helping me, without me saying I can’t do this perfectly, I’m not good at it, bring them into their zone of genius and see how we rise together, so I’m so grateful for the people that are in community with me, and I just think it’s so necessary as women at… We know that there is blessing and also the ability to want more out of life, and wealth is way more than just money, in my opinion… Yeah, I completely agree. I was reading something on our day, it was talking about how money is just like a neutral… It’s not good, it’s not bad.

I read that are humans, we are simple beings, we assign meaning to things, we make it negative because we take our goals and ambitions that God’s given us the desires of our heart to go out and bring into the world, and we make it this selfish thing or we lose sight of what really matters the most, or we rush through our work or we… Yeah, we just make it into something that it necessarily isn’t, so I think money is sometimes a good indicator in just a good tack to ask ourselves how we’re feeling about it, and if it’s… If we don’t like what we hear or so saying to kinda reevaluate, why is that may be whether it’s feeling like we’re undeserving of a lot of wealth or money, and we’re living in a scarcity mindset, that was something for a long time, I feel like God had to work on my heart about was just leading into that abundance mindset because you were saying it just allows you to be more joyful and create more community with other people because you know, there’s enough to go around, and it’s like if we really looked at our lives in our work and we tried to serve everyone and everything, we could never ever… Or do it so it’s just to… So is prove that. There’s more than enough to go around.

I totally agree, and I think the more that women specifically… ’cause I found that most men don’t have that problem, they’re like, Oh, one more money is loving deal, like to you, it’s just… Whatever, right?

So I’ve been trying to kinda dissect what that is because it’s like every coaching client that I have, I have to go in into that space with them, and it generally is from how they were raised or what they had or didn’t have as they were raised, and then of course, what society has deemed right or wrong in that room, and what a power figure power woman looks like in discrepancy to the star, the homeschool mom. And I, right now, there’s so many of us where both of those things, and it’s awesome, and you are awesome, and you read and you’re strong, and you’re independent, and you’re beautiful, and you’re all of those things, but you’re also really worthy of being just you in those spaces.

And so I would encourage even as you continue it down your life’s past, when you’re bringing yourself to the table, whatever version of that is, just like you blended another passion into your copywriting experience, you should always do that, you should always bring all of you and not segment yourself into, I can only be this way for this one idea or this one passion… You get to be all of those things all the time. I would not be the type of empathetic woman that I am for the coaching clients that I had, if I wasn’t a mom, it wouldn’t be a part of me yet, and it’s just because I had to go in such a dark hole while I was mothering and so I had a new understanding and a new appreciation for what those little beings have done for my life and what I want to serve them in their life.

Yeah, yeah, I feel it. I think for a long time after I’d come out of what I was dealing with in college, that empathy was such a huge part of my writing, it was just like… That was everything I was writing about it just like, I felt like that was gonna be my ultimate purpose, I thought I was gonna be creating this organization to help women my age kind of come out of that, and… It still is a big part of my life, but I think sometimes it’s almost like when God brings us healing in one area of our life, we all gotta start to lose, so on that empathy because we find strength in our own accord, and so it’s like… Even though praise God, I don’t necessarily struggle with those things at all any more, sometimes there are those little, those down days or those reminders, you know what I mean? That just cause you to have more of that reliance, and it’s just like… It’s just a reminder, it’s like, Oh okay, that is a real thing, and a lot of women around me struggle with, and that’s something that God entrusted me with that experience and he brought me through that to be able to help other women in different seasons of life, and so sometimes it’s a… I still feel that responsibility, but it’s easy to let it go because we can become narrow-sided on what we’re doing in our own lives, so… It’s so true, it’s so true.

I’m curious from your business experience with women or just in general, do serve men clients as well… Yeah, I take on the feel.

Okay, where in that experience have you… Because going into branding and copywriting, there’s a lot of explanation of what your storyline is, Tell me your was… How many… Your value statement explains experiences you’ve had going down that path with people… Yeah, so much my work does start with Brent messaging before I go to write a client’s website copy or all of the words on their website, we sit down and we kind of really figure out what their message is, so we kinda go through those story lines and we figure out what their Y is, and thankfully, so much of the work that I’m doing is about taking their story in their experience and creating a story that we can invite their customers into, so I’m always telling my clients that their audience is the hero of the story and they’re just the guide.

But with that, I think tons of women that I talk to, and one in particular that I worked with recently, she sent me a review at the end of the project, and it was one of my favorite ones so far, because she just talked about that experience on the front end of a… The personal discovery, and she was just talking about how she felt like it was so much more than copywriting because she really… She wanted to be led through the process of kind of uncovering while that was dusting it all off a little bit because we get so close to things in our own business and in our own lives and we forget kind of what that… See yourself, so to speak, is… Yeah, so I, I love going deep on calls with clients to help them figure that out and to just see it plainly, because sometimes when we’re asked the question like, Oh, what’s your differentiator? What makes you different?

You just see people go into this show and they’re like, I have no idea, but then when you just…

I’ll just start writing bullets down on a piece of paper and they’re like, Oh, I didn’t even realize that… I didn’t even think about that. So it’s like I love watching people come into it, sure, they’re a little bit stressed or a little bit overwhelmed with the technicalities of writing for their business or a marketing, but coming in just not feeling confident and what they have to say or what they have to talk about and then leaving it, and if I see it in their Instagram captions and they’re just like, they’re empowered and they’re excited, and I love that.

So it does happen a lot with women, but even with my mail clients too, for sure. So that’s really cool, it’s a ministry in and of itself, honestly, because you’re like, You almost giving somebody a voice for the first time in a way that is clear to other people.

Right, because I think oftentimes, even when we self-talk, we’re telling ourselves stories or thought lines that aren’t true, and so bringing that out into the light is what copywriting is. It’s like saying, Okay, here’s the story line. And then for it to be hustings enough that somebody else can grab hold of it and be like, Man, Me Too, I now wanna come along for the ride with you… Right, yeah, and you’re gonna… Again, like you said before, there’s enough for everyone to go around, I’m like, You’re gonna meet the perfect people that are for you and for your business and… And it’s okay that you’re not for everyone, and I had to walk through that at first, especially with my coaching clients. ’cause I’m like, well, any entrepreneur, right? And I have a web designer friend and a braiding friend as well, who she’s like, Oh, my client is everyone, and I’m like, Oh no, it’s technically not everyone… You feel like you want to serve everyone, but not everyone wants, which you have… So trying to figure out what that was was hard for me, and when I was re-doing my website just recently, I had… It was such an emotional journey, I had no idea. I was like, I’ve been working along side my designer for two years, and we constantly just go in and tweak and add and do all the things, but when you actually hand over that baby to somebody else and say, Hey, you take care of this, and you watch them cut their hair for the first time is what it felt like, and I was like, Oh, this is more of a… What happened they do?

That’s part of the whole thing. So I really like it was a trying experience, and I’m also really used to working with people in person, and it was something that was done remotely even before the quarantine existed, that was hard to navigate ’cause you’re trying to understand people’s email tones, which is a whole another, people need to work on that for their copy writing process, and is like, This is… It’s hard. So I want people to realize, no matter what stage of business you’re in, or even it has nothing to do with business, and it’s just you writing to your neighbor or your family member, the more Sesto can get in that message is really just a proof of self-discovery, it’s a proof of self-identity and self-awareness, the deeper you can go within, the better you can communicate it out.

Yeah, absolutely, I try to tell clients who used the language that it’s not necessarily… I was about them finding their voice because everyone has one, but really about cultivating it, so I really try to help coach my clients in terms of how they can see it for themselves and they can start to identify what it looks like, what it sounds like, what it feels like to be speaking in their voice, and I’ll say a lot of times, figure out what you’re trying to say and figure out how you wanna say it, because so many of us when we’re writing, we skip right to the how… And that’s why we get frustrated and we’re staring at a line paper because we’re like, This doesn’t sound good, it’s not catchy and clever, but the reason is because we haven’t even figured out what the heck we’re trying to communicate, so the message is getting completely lost in translation versus coming to the table knowing, Okay, this is the heart, this is the crux of what I’m trying to communicate here, getting that on paper and then editing it to make it sound You… Eleanora, that’s a really good…

I was just thinking through all the things that I’m like, What copy do I need to critique what… To go back only, it’s really interesting, and like I said, when you’re immersed in words and I love words so much, it’s like something that you do have to take a step back from and be like, Hey, what do you think about this and how do you receive it, which is really necessary and honestly, the storyline ever live. So again, how people are receiving are busy or our brand…

’cause honestly, and this is a cool conversation to go into is, it doesn’t matter, again, if you’re a business better or not, everyone has a personal brand, every single person is their brand, so I went from branding fit and faith, which was… Is the podcast, but was what I thought my business was gonna go into, and everyone being like, It doesn’t make sense, you’re doing all of things, but really it’s just you who is doing them.

So if you took away Tama from them, would they still exist? And I’m like, Well, no. And they’re like, Okay, you’re actually branding yourself, you just have different names for the things that you’re doing.

Yeah, and so I think it’s cool to see this rise of people having a Parker dot com, it’s about you because you would put your wine and store in there and all the things… This is my favorite go-to minor or any of the things, this is my golden doodle, and if it’s really pose to see how people are emerging in their self-identity… Yeah, I completely agree, and I think I’m so interested in the culture of social media and online world and how it affects all of us, I feel like if I can go back to school, or I don’t think this is a program exists, but I would love to just study more of that. And sometimes I think it’s easy for a lot of us to just get caught up in that distraction and in that comparison, in that frustration of it just like never being enough, but I think when we kinda tie it back into gratitude is the fact that being able to do all of this is so incredible and would have never been possible even like 15 years ago for the ability for what’s happening right now, even with Cobain, the quarantine for people to have opportunities to still have a lively hood online and to express their passions and to get paid for it or to not get paid ogres.

Yeah, that’s a US in it is… It’s really cool, and I think the more that we can all just support and honor when you see the effort that people are making rather than looking at it with curiosity or I wonder how long that’s gonna last, that he like… She didn’t wake up like that.

You’re like, No, I… Again, it’s coming to the meeting thing, why do we assign so much meaning and judgment to things and everyone’s figuring it out, and everyone has a different expression of, like you said, their personal brand in their lifestyle and who they are, and it’s interesting ’cause in that concept of reflecting about busy and what that meant when they said that and how it triggered me, and it’s not them, has nothing to do with them. It’s literally just a personal trigger, is that I’m like, Why does that affect me so bad and I… What I am, I living out that life again, and so I was like… It was within 48 hours ago that it all happened, and so last night I was working and my son comes up and he’s like, a man, can you just play with me? And I was like, Yeah, two seconds, and I’m like, Hold on a second.

Yes, I’m gonna come by reviews, I’m laying with them on a trampoline and we’re looking at the sky in the clouds and figuring out what they look like, and our dogs are with us and we’re laughing and just enjoying cuddling, and my husband comes over with dinner and he was like this, so this is just one of those moments. And I’m like, see, nobody sees these moments, I don’t just share these intimate experiences because that’s a part of my life too, and I think people need to understand that, and I also need to be okay with the fact that there’s gonna be perspectives and people are gonna have their own opinions and their own places of judgment as things emerged from my life and your life and every life, just for people to be mindful of the fact that they’re putting a lot out there just to even get ready and put on that outfit… That’s a lot of ever… So I commend them for the fact that they have five kids and they’re all matching… That’s awesome.

Yeah, absolutely, I was talking to someone recently too about some of what we’re talking about is also vulnerability, honoring other people’s ability and desire to be vulnerable online and even… Sure. Their life, again, 15 years ago, we didn’t have such a window into each other’s life, and now we’re almost bringing expectations into it, where it’s like, I expect you to show me the good, bad and the ugly, and I expect you to show me all of those things how dare you only share the good or How dare you only shot… Good. Yeah, now versus it’s okay, people have choice to decide what they show and what they don’t show, because some things are private or some things are in the moment, or… My Is and I were on our couch last night and it was still red willing all over the lifestyle, all over it in a… And I was completely lost. I just wanted to just start bawling and I was already just a tough week, you know what I mean? And we’re scrubbing and scrubbing and it’s not coming up, and eventually we got it up and it was so funny shortly after that, it was just the emotion of it. I sat down and then I just started crying ’cause I had been such a tough week, and then my husband came over and he was talking to me and he ends up praying for me, and it was like God used this moment of spilling red wine all over our couch for us to really come together and share a little bit more about how we’re feeling during all of this, how is affecting us, the pressures of our businesses or whatever, and so it was like one of those really healing moments, and it’s like… I didn’t take the time to go on Instagram to share the in a mess.

I need you.

Yeah, it’s not 100%.

Yeah, so it’s just, it’s just giving people grace, yeah.

And realizing that there is so much behind the scenes that all of us don’t see and don’t know… And everyone goes through it. Yeah, it’s so true. And I think that’s why I like releasing the book last week, there was a lot of emotions that went into that, but I didn’t necessarily share, and I’ve shared a little bit here and there with people one-on-one, but it was releasing a book that every agenda ions, I’m so proud of you. Again, words mean a lot to me, so I try not to… It’s nothing about the person, I just… It’s how I receive them, and I’m like, Tell me how… And I’m like… And I was saying, Congratulations, and I’m so proud of you, and I like, I don’t feel that even 1%. I feel like I’m trying to rid myself of the shame that I already rid myself of it, God already freed me up because I feel like the world is gonna put it back on me based on perspectives and what are they gonna think when they read this story.

Even know God’s getting the victory and he’s getting the end of the story.

I’m like, The congratulations part, I’m like, Oh, I’ll know all that went into that one chapter, which is only one tiny speck in my life, all the things that I’ve had to work through to get that one chapter, and it has… And everyone has that, everyone has those stories, it’s just a matter of how they reveal, how they choose not to reveal them, so that point of empathy should be to every human, whether it looks like they have all of it together or not, you likely… We’re all the same and we are only trying to do the best that we can, and some days it looks good and yesterday is it it the… And later it will on again, ’cause they’re gonna spill red wine, if they were gonna have to figure it out, and it’s hard in life is so hard, business is so hard, and it’s not all glamor or pictures that get put up.

Yeah, and so I love the analogies of life, which is such a play to what you do, because that becomes then the words that we share about those analogies.

Yeah, yeah, is the stories and story telling and being able to… You see things in your life and reflect and ask deeper about what it means and how you can use it as a metaphor, or whether you’re using it to educate and inspire other people or just to relate to other people, but yeah, I… That’s how we’re all connected, is through stories, so it is a big part of writing, whether you’re writing an email or social media caption or crafting wards for website. Yeah. Wow, do you do full package where you’re with somebody all the time?

I do mainly project as versus… I do have some clients that I’ll continue working with, just depending on their businesses, if they’re kind of constantly launching something or that you had a lot of content needs, but for the most part, I get clients coming in who are maybe they’re paging through a rebrand, maybe they’ve been in business for about two years or so, and then we’ll sit down, we’ll re-evaluate their brand messaging because their buses just got started and took off, and they never got the time to sit down and really figure out and how they wanna set themselves apart being forward, so we’ll do that, we’ll do website copy, we’ll do some email marketing sequences or something like that, and then usually they kind of go on, execute the rest of it on their own until they kinda have a new project need come up again.

Really cool.

So when I first started that in face podcast, a lot of it was about this MINDBODY and soul development, which we’ve talked a lot about, but I’d love to know from the point of dealing with the eating emotionally or whatnot, and then how the going… You said you got back and you were running and you’re done at how old is fitness and your body and mental health play a role in what it is that you do and just living life daily.

Oh man, I think that is something I’m almost still processing in a way, because after I got healthy from everything that I was dealing with, it was early… After the time that I moved back home, I was living with my parents again, I was in church as dating my husband in Grad, things were just going really well, and I always knew that once I just was in a good nurturing environment and I was happy that the healthy weight would come back on and all of that, but then I ended up suffering a really bad hip injury just from… Over time, I had a legal car, I had some bone events, all the stuff, so I had to get a big surgery, and the recovery was a lot longer than I thought it was gonna be, and so I went from being in half marathon shape all the time and rock bottom, struggling to do anything, and that was such new territory for me, having been an athlete my whole life, and it was the opposite of new in saloon and an object in motion stays in motion and optic to rest as a Rest, so then I suddenly found myself just unable to be motivated and to get out there, and now I’ll be at home working from home and wanting to finish projects and work through stuff, and so thankfully with this quarantine, we have a gym in our garage, I’ve made more of an effort to work out more, but I know and I’m so Cantonal believe in the mind-body connection. And just how fitness and proves are Seaside. Yeah, so that’s one of the things, or husband I were talking about last night, is just how it can sometimes be hard to actually make the things that we say our priorities, like actually our priorities. So I think that’s something that’s very much still in progress for me in terms of wanting to make fitness more and more of a priority, but at the same time, it’s cool to see how I’ve evolved so much over the years where it was like… I wouldn’t let myself go a day without working out, you know what I mean, and now I don’t have anxiety in that area because I’ve just surrendered on, but I think that doesn’t affect me in the same way, so it’s hard, it’s… It’s about Nicaea thing to do, but I still love fitness and trying to do the best I can to cars, of course, than even the word balance. I just wrote an article that will come out in a couple of months for a Bible in pop culture magazine, and it was talking about balance and the lack of balance that I think exists in truth, and how it’s more about that alignment or that centering and knowing that you’re never gonna have fitness and mental health right here, or spiritual health and mental health right here.

It’s always gonna be a given tape where you have to come back to center, okay, let’s focus on this. And knowing that that scale actually has three components to it, just like fathers on Holy spirit, mind, body, soul, spirit, it’s all of those things, and realizing that, again, grace is always the ultimate conversation with that, but also knowing that when you’re skewed completely out in one area doesn’t matter which one.

Everything else takes a whole… Even if that one area you feel… And for you, you might have felt like, oh my gosh, I’m in the best shape of my life on… This is in… Is that I could be, I’m wearing the deer or whatever it be, there was a crash that came alongside that because the other components of yourself were not being nurtured, and so I definitely experienced that from a spiritual realm, a physical realm and a mental realm, and I think that’s how I’m able to find that purpose-driven life, that concept of alignment, not always getting it right by any means, but being really aware of it, and also having someone to use the analogy the other day of the rumble strip on the side of the highway, you’re driving down the car, that’s your alignment, you’re feeling good, and the rumble strip is like, we’ll get back in your lane, you’re gonna run off track it, right.

And so being aware of the rumble strip and putting those rumble strips in your life to recognize, Oh man, I am sensing myself, and I was the same way I was fitness during this Quran team, ’cause I was waking up at 5 o’clock going to the gym, I 530, I’ve almost every morning, I’d say three to four times a week during the school week, and give or take some weeks, ’cause you know that there’s the…

I’m also, this week, I’ll start to get on Monday Coretta, and then when this happened, I had to completely shift my schedule, I wasn’t doing that, and there was about a two-week time frame where I worked out maybe once in 14 days, and that’s totally unlike me and every part was completely not good, like my relationship with my husband wasn’t going so well, my business was feeling completely overwhelming, my mothering skills were taking until my sleep was actually not as good, ’cause I wasn’t eating and drinking the way that I was supposed to be so it’s just, it’s not work. It’s hard work, and it’s not supposed to be so hard, I don’t think, but at the same time, it’s what gets us that state of empathy, that state of constant grace and constantly handing it over to Jesus to say, I can’t do it like I need you today, more than anything. And I also think that there is the component of Spiller spirit, man being the only thing that you feel and you forgetting about the mental and physical realm, and knowing that God’s grace us with that mental and physical body for a reason, and that we have to also steward that. Well, yeah, absolutely it didn’t agree more.

Yeah, so much goodness, which information in it, but I wanna ask, final, close out here from a in-body soul perspective, where would you like to see yourself in three to five years in everything that you’ve got going on now… Yeah, I think three to five years, ’cause I’m… I’m 30, so that is probably about that time that I don’t… Not that strong. I desired of kids, that was not where I was going with that part is like, I relate, get it. printo also learn that’s not even what I was thinking. You isolate, I know, but that’s already kind of on my mind in serious wanting to nurture, it’s not about what size I am, or it’s wanting to be strong and wanting to be able to get up and go run a few miles, and knowing that when I do get pregnant that bouncing that or being a son shape, but that my body can handle the potential emotional toll that’s happening, and you know what I mean? It’s just about putting yourself in the best position that you can be to process the things that life is inevitably…

I’m gonna throw out you to a percent, I want to make fitness more of a priority and get my business in a really great place, it’s been extremely successful, and I give so much glory to God for that, and I think he’s still working out. In my heart, just of finding the right boundaries and right, the right balance. And I’ve been able to go full force with it, and I know that that needs to have an expiration date to an extent, but I’m already working on diversifying parts of my business, and I’m working on a course in group coaching program and things that will allow me to continue loving my business and not get to that point where I’m like, I can… You look at it. Yeah, yeah, I wanna show that as you’re talking about him a little bit more, you guys check and I’ll tell us a bit about the new resources that you’re providing and how you’re doing it. I thought that that was so cool.

Yeah, I hated… So I said about a friend resource or Tai, just share as much all of the tools that I use my business, and I got going, all of those harnesses to begin a much all of my clients that… The one that… In all of the tools.

So those have work really well on me, and then I do a second, I just just you… Tacitly one were right in email, blah bounce. So you started a list, maybe you have to start looking at generator, whether it’s a clue, I… Ethanol are Saint, your email that is essentially in a series or emanates the screen…

I understand your guys guys and I tossed a fort of a sale, and so we’re working on continuing to develop additional templates, and then a group coaching program, the… The launch on that is still TBD, but very excited about it, to just be able to serve more people and to create community within the copy and Cork audience too, so… Yeah, really cool.

So how can people get directly in touch with you besides just your website?

Yeah, I’m reason Instagram for that act. We post at least a few times a week on there, so Copart on Instagram, they can join our email list, which is called The Copy cure by signing up for anything taking the line quiz, we send emails out regularly or they can feel free to… Gemma Kalina. Copy and for doom to… But I’ll definitely tag the quiz for all the listeners that they can take, and I haven’t taken it yet either, so I’m excited, I’ll have to post, but my varietal is as I post to the podcast Malibu.

I’m so curious. Yeah, and I’m sure you are. I’m sure that’s always what you’re thinking of when you meet new people, you like see… Analyzing their India Graham, my therapist did tell me she was like, Don’t try to pigeon-hole somebody into their Nigam and don’t tell them what they are, make sure they tell you, so I so desperately wanted to tell my sister, this is what I think you are, and it actually came back different than what I thought, and I had never met somebody with that anagram, which is probably why we live the life that we live, but we are bottled in a turn to come into alignment, because we could have protection everywhere, but surely it is fun Tegus drive for with people that are close to me, so I’m grateful to be in community with you now, and I look forward to hanging out at one of those vineyards here soon and I’ll get the spread. Serene. Great, yeah, I’ll cord in to it.

Are also touch base with Kalyan copy on cork. It was so great to have you and connect even the next time it’s gonna be a person… Yes.

Alright, go, friend has so much, Tamara.

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