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Who are you called to influence? with Jackie Minsky, The Conscious Publicist

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Jackie Minsky, who is a conscious publicist. We talk all about personal branding associated with abundance. Jackie truly has a way of allowing you to explore and to expand who it is that you're called to be right now, but also who it is you're called to influence. We had an awesome conversation and I know it's going to bless you.

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About Jackie:

Jackie Minsky is a mindful leader who encourages others to follow their passions. Best known as 'The Conscious Publicist' and the founder of The Divine PR Agency. Jackie is the publicist and marketing strategist behind 6-7 figure companies. Also the host of her own podcast show ‘The Jackie Minsky Show’ and I-heart Radio host to the Money Frequency show Fridays and Sundays.

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Show Notes: Who are you called to influence?

All right. Never read the last chapter first, but my husband does it all the time, but I want you to know the context and the context with the golden nugget at the end of this show is going to be so good for you. We talk about being conscious. We talk about loving ourselves. We talk about knowing thyself and actually spending dedicated time in that knowing process.

We talk about the evolution of PR personal branding associated to abundance. And today's guest the conscious publicist. Her name is Jackie Mitski. She's a friend of mine who owns the divine PR agency and she's worked alongside six and seven figure companies and entrepreneurs, and she truly has a way of allowing.

Explore and to expand who it is that you're called to be right now, but also who it is that you're called the influence. We had an awesome conversation. I'm grateful for it. I know it's going to bless you. Be sure to tag us both follow along, get to know Jackie, she's such a gift. And if you're looking for a conscious PR person, media marketing, all of the words.

She's your go-to. I love her dearly. You guys are going to fall in love very quickly and make sure to, oh yeah. Go to the Jackie Minsky show instead of podcast too. I love it. Y'all have a good one Chad soon.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit as space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leader. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith. Alive and in action, we are on a fit and faith podcast today with my friend, Jackie Minsky, who I am so honored and grateful to introduce you all to she's someone that I learned from on a consistent basis.

She is someone who's come in and chatted to my mastermind and. Many many golden nuggets that I know are not free of her time or free of the energy that it took to understand, but you guys can call her not only by her name, but also by the conscious publicist. And so Jackie, we're grateful to have you, and I'm excited for you to share with the audience who you are and how you became who you are.

Thank you so much. And by the way, your intro is beautiful. I was like watching it. That's beautiful. Thank you so welcome. You're so welcome you guys. This is one of those shows. You know, you can't always see what people are doing behind the scenes, but I've been on the receiving end of Jackie as just a really, um, again goes back to that concept of conscious.

And I don't want to say the same word again, but she is intentional. She's intentional in how she shows up for relationship she's intentional and how she shows up on social media, how she shows up in media as a whole, because she has a. And she's a publicist for people. So media is like her tool. She, she gets it, she understands it, but she does it in a different way.

And so Jackie, will you share with us like the evolution of that, and maybe even the evolution of self associated. Yeah, so great question by the way. So it started, I want to say five years ago when, um, I don't know if some people know the story, some don't, but I'll share it again. When at the time my husband, my son's father, he abandoned my son and I, and I I've been a manifestor my whole life.

I've been studying energy my whole life. And I remember being mad at God. I have a relationship with God source universe, and I remember just waking up and thinking. How did I. You know, being someone who's intentional and conscious, how did I, what did I do to get here? And from that moment, I would listen to podcasts.

Like that's all I had was back then was podcasts. And I remember laying in bed and I didn't know what I was going to do next, because again, I was abandoned. I had no money to my name. Unfortunately he wiped even our son's bank accounts clean. Um, he had a double life. He was a gambler and. I pretty much was laying in bed at my sister's house.

Cause I had to move in with family and something was like, start a podcast. Now the interesting thing is when you, when you get the voice of inspiration, the voice that follows is fear. Right? So, and right away, it was like, well, who's going to listen to your podcasts. Like who are, who, who are you? And I remember, um, luckily at the time I remember that I purchased, like I still have it.

A hundred dollar, little microphone. I would record either in the bathroom. That's where my podcasts started in the bathroom of my sisters or in my car when I would just get away from the noise of everything that was toxic in my sister's house at the time. And I remember sitting in the car one day and it was raining.

My son was at daycare and I was taking this very seriously. Like my car was my studio at the time. Okay. And I remember thinking again, that fear who's going to listen to. And that little voice said, even if one person, just one, just one here's your podcast. You did something. So I started my podcast. I took it very seriously.

Intentionally would show up week after week after week with the energy of, I have the number one podcast in the world, even though I did it right. It was just my energy within. Um, and let me just rewind for a second. I always write down my goals, right? Like what I want to accomplish in the year, in the next few months.

And I wrote down entrepreneur matters. And I, for some reason when I wrote that down, it kind of really stuck in my mind, which I think planted a seed into the universe. And within, I want to say eight months. One of my other friends was getting featured in this article and he had asked me, you know, you know, if you send in your podcasts, maybe you'll get on the list too.

Now, mind you, this is entrepreneur magazine, you know, you're up against probably hundreds of other podcasts. And I remember sending it in. I didn't hear anything for. Weeks. And in those weeks I had, this is the freewill that we'll get into. I had the free will to decide, am I going to not believe in myself and think I lost the chance, or am I going to still have that same energy of, I got it.

Right. I got it. And I don't need to think about it. So I really believe that I got it. And then I finally got the email that I got it. And from there, the branding, the marketing, everything to cough, and then people started contacting me on social media. How did you do it? This, and I started coaching people.

It went from coaching to starting helping them brand themselves. And one thing after another, then those same people needed PR. So I, you know, I dove into PR. So for me it was an organic, you know, branding, marketing PR was step-by-step. I learned everything, you know, step-by-step I didn't jump into anything without learning the thing.

Yeah, and I think that's a, one of the critical pieces that you speak to often, whether it's on clubhouse or your show. And you all, she also has a show on iHeartRadio. Uh, we call the money frequency on Fridays and Sunday. So she's definitely vocal about everything that she's learned. And I think it's interesting.

Cause a lot of times people will learn things and then they just keep them in like their own reservoir of information. And like you must pay in order to get this right. Like there's a portal, there's an access point. And it takes a dollar to extract where you have always been so giving of the information, because one.

And this is what I've learned is that you can give every single thing that, you know, but it's the activation of that information that often puts people in that stagnation point where you were talking about, they can take on the world and then they get all the information in front of them and we do it ourselves and we're like, wait, this.

I can't do this by myself. I need help. I need support. And you are that agent to help support and, and create that accountability associated to this is the roadmap to get there, but that it looks different for every single person. Talk to us through like how it's been different for you in the way of approaching it.

Versus I think how a mass majority approach PR and media and branding even. Yeah. And I love this because the truth is. I've learned being in the space and learning it myself and trying to go through other people is people hold on to information, to get paid for their information, which I can understand.

Right. But if I think of abundance because I, I operate from energy and faith before I operate on money and anything. Let's start, let's start there. So, so if, if I'm just a vessel for this information and this skill, and someone comes to me and I have the information, why not give it to them? It's not like they're taking anything away from me.

It's not like we all can't shine. You know, I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and I said, abundance is believing that everybody wins. Not if you win. So if you get the information and you do something different with it, great. I, I can't be like, if you get the information and I do something different, I'm going to lose and you're going to, you know, get the upper hand.

If I sink like that, I need to check my own school. I need to ask myself where that fear comes from within me. Why I have scarcity? Why I'm I, I doubt myself worth, so that all stems from me. So I learned the more I give the more I'm actually confronting my own fears.

I think the word that I was like ruminating on as you were talking about is the creativity piece that comes after you get new information, right? It's like here is all the things. And because we have our own lens because we have our own ability because we perceive things differently based on our own stories and journeys.

It's pretty impossible for someone to take the exact same information and do the exact same thing, because we're all created so differently. And that's the part of abundance that I think is beautiful. It's like if we, you know, threw a bunch of seeds into a garden, are we anticipating that they're all going to be in the exact same way, shape, form.

They're all going to face the sun the exact same way. Like, no. So boring. There's so much beauty in the differentiating qualities of every single person. And yet we can all thrive and survive with the resources that we're given, whether it's money, whether it's light, whether it's love, whether it's patience, whatever fruit of the spirit you want to speak to.

Natural or not natural. Um, but ultimately it's all, it's all meant for us to have that space of prosperity. I think it's so powerful even when it comes to attention or quote unquote influence. Right. And that's a part where people have been talking even about web three. I don't know how much conversations you've had in like what that's supposed to look like as it evolves.

But to know that we, the creators are meant to own the things that we're creating. And how everyone is going to have access, but not everyone can be a social media influencer. Eventually if everyone has a millions and millions or billions of followers, like who do we believe at that point? And what does that actually look like from a branding perspective?

So I'd love, do you have any insight or thought patterns toward what's to become of the media realm? You know, I have to say that. People assume that organic media is dying because of all these things that are coming out. And I have to tell you, that's far from the truth. Authenticity is always going to win.

Authenticity is timeless, it's classic, right. Things that are classic, never die. That's just what I'm seeing. Um, you know, and I have some friends who are in the pay-to-play space and I'm like, guys, you've got to get out of this space. Like we gotta get out. We gotta get out of the ground in there. Get out.

In terms of web three and all this stuff. Um, I've had some conversations, actually. My, my previous podcast episode, um, Matt Gottesman had a conversation with me about it. So I'm not like too familiar with it, but I am familiar with the concept of having something that's completely yours, that your audience can be a part of, which I love.

Um, and I love it even more so because it's, it's the long game that web three is more of the long game than the. You know, like let's just make a quick buck on this thing. So I love that even more because you grow as a community. So now your community, your influence is actually potentially helping others to maybe even financially or events or, you know, so there's so much that's going on.

Um, and it's interesting because I have a children's book that I never put out. Um, I went through like three different artists and nobody stuck like one, my lawyer just didn't want the other one. She drew something and it was just a whole mess. But, and now that there's this web three, I'm thinking, well, was it divine timing, like where it's going to go because it's a spiritual children's book and it means a lot to me because this is a very interesting story.

The day I was finished. Well, the night, the night I was finishing this book, my mother was calling and I was like, I'll call her back. Um, I'm editing like a slurry editor, like I'm editing. Um, and, and I hate to say this, but, um, my mother passed away that night, so that was her last phone call to me. So I held onto this book, um, and I've always believed in divine timing.

So I, I have this feeling that maybe web three would be the perfect place for. Wow. Well, thank you for sharing. And now I can't wait to have my hands on and just to be a part of that journey, whether the book is meant for me or not. But I think this is where that connectivity piece. And also that phrase, ology that I've heard you say before, it's like that media, that attention, that growth, all of these things, um, even associated to this conscience conscious idea of media.

Or public relations. It is a long game and you've spoken a lot into like the relational building, the relational capital associated to, um, putting out something into the world. That's worthwhile something that's meaningful rather than that quick flip or that quick fix, even, um, talk me through about like what that's look like for you.

That's different than a majority of the people in your industry. Well, first of all, let's start with the word influence. Right? You have to ask yourself, what's your intention for your influence, right? Like I've never been fame driven and that could come from the fact that I've been around a lot of money my whole life.

So I didn't need that. I didn't need those things. I grew up with them and they, you know, um, so that's what keeps me grounded and humble is I've already experienced the finances and I've experienced the cars and the house, you know? So for me, I was like, This is just my life. Like I don't, what's the point, you know?

So I decided to just honestly ask myself my intention, you know, because I study energy, the number one thing, you know, and I'm just going to give your audience a quick little, uh, um, so you know how they say, like when something great happens and before it happens, you announce it and then it goes wrong.

Yep. Okay. Well, when you announce it, what's your intention you're bragging or your ego's announcing it, right? So that's how intentional we have to be when we check our energy. Like, why are you saying these things? Why, why, why do you want your influence? And even those of influence, if their influence has a hidden agenda or, um, something's off eventually we've seen.

It catches up to people. So I just always want it. And there's this quote that sounds silly. And I hope I don't butcher it, but there's a quote that says live your life as though if your parrot went to town. And he, you know, like started telling me, run your life. You wouldn't be ashamed

saying no. So I, I want to make sure that I'm the same online, offline when you meet me when you know, and if someone else hears about me, like, you know, so that's, that's your influence. Your influence is not just on social media. Like that's, that's the thing was the industry. It's like, well, I'll put on this mask.

It's like we have a, before you, when you go home, Yeah. So I think. And why that's good energies, because then you attract the right people. You attract the right opportunities. You attract what's meant for you when you are yourself. And I think that's the best kind of influence because you're kind of influencing yourself to be authentic in a sense too.

So yeah, the word I was thinking of like influence associated to integrity and that if there's not that alignment, if there's misalignment. What you influence is coming to you? I found out recently through Sarah Jakes Roberts, who is a TD Jakes daughter, very world renowned pastor. And inherited his daughter had like pretty wild, um, testimony.

I think we all do in some way, shape or form. Right. And it was just abnormal to what you would anticipate a world renowned pastor having as a child journey. Um, and yet at the same time it's been used for such greatness and she was talking about this idea of influence and that the root word actually means.

The flow. And so if the root word of influences to flow, what we're projecting out of there is likely going to flow back to us, which is why I think when the influence doesn't have that good intention, ultimately, whatever is flowing back to you, you will. And destroy the hope of what that harvest could look like.

If what you're putting out into the world is exactly what you want to receive back. Right? We know that like age old saying of like treat others how you want to be treated. And yet people are trying to wear these masks. And I think they're there. I innately think that people have goodness inside of them that they're.

Trying to do what is right. Um, but yet they're, maybe they're not even goals. Their aspirations are muddied because of what it appears to be success is right. Or influence is, and they don't know that what's going to come to them on the other side of that mask is not so great. Not so good, not so fulfilling.

It's why you see people in Hollywood or in any realm of, um, financial success. I see most. There's still that sense of void of not really living a life of full integrity and not really living a life filled with true joy. Have you, in your experience, especially, even in the writing realm, because I know you also still contribute to entrepreneur magazine, you still contribute to these other pieces when you're writing and you're teaching from your lens and knowing you've been associated to so many different genres of people of influence and perhaps whether earned or not.

Talk to us about, like, what is that navigation look like for you to remain rooted? How can we remain rooted in the ways of the world being so influential, good or bad? The lens with the lenses? Are you living? Are you surviving? So let's talk about that for a second. Um, there was a point where I was in survival, you know, being a single mom, I was like, oh my God, I need to, I need to pay rent or I need to pay for food.

And, um, and, and. Scary lens to be in, and I could have easily wound up on the wrong side of influence to, you know, having a podcast and having that influence. When entrepreneur magazine came out, I was like, oh my God, I can make so much money. Um, you know, it was like,

I was like, here we go. Um, and I have a friend who keeps me very grounded. Well, not just one. I think it's good to have. Grounded people around you. So when you ask them these questions, like, Hey, this opportunity came up and they're like, oh wait, what lens is this? Right? Is it the long game or is it Bible?

So for me, I just got to the point where I had to stop being afraid to live. If you're afraid to live, you're afraid to surrender, like. When you're in survival mode, you're constantly trying to make a quick buck or you're, you're, you're doing something for the wrong reasons because you're still in survival.

And while you may get ahead sometimes, and you may get far your soul, you're robbing your soul and your spirit ultimately. So it doesn't matter what you have in the bank, your Spirit's robbed completely. Right? So for me, it was really. That lens, like, is this survival or living and, you know, it got to the point where I just had to live like scary moments.

Great. Here they come, but I'm living, I'm not going backwards. And, um, it's really about the lens and I think that's why. People like working with me. I, I, you know, and I think it's because I'm living and aligning truly aligning. I really think it's the lens of how you view your, your life of survival or living.

It's so good. And I have like two different things, one because of life photography background. Um, but also even from. The highlight reels or the filters, right? There's the lens of like, even what you're experiencing with my video right now, there's like a focal point. The focal point. It's trying to be me.

Sometimes it's trying to be my earrings. I haven't really figured it out, but like the back is blurry and so I'm not afraid to like show my blemishes, but what's behind me. Still coming into being, because it's either behind me or it's not meant for you to really see fully. And then there's this variable of the filters, right?

Where everything behind you is crystal clear and like your face isn't fully who you intend to be. Or when I see that person then in real life, Oh, I always thought your cheekbones did this interesting thing, or like, that's not really how I imagine your makeup would look because it's not real. And so like focal point versus like filters.

I think that there's a whole conversation that could unravel as far as metaphors go to how we live our life. Like what are you wanting people to be so fixated on? That's actually. Perhaps not, uh, or it's a false reality, right? Or are you really allowing people to see all of you blemishes included that then create that sense of authenticity, integrity.

And really, like I said, back to flow, it includes instant. When I think that we can be all of who we are sharing the hard moments, just as much as we do the celebration and having people around us that are willing to say the hard things and put us in check is, is pretty valuable. Um, you know, you're here, the Jim Rowan.

You're the sum of the five people that you surround yourself with. And I believe in that full fledged Dudley, I'm curious when you're looking for clients or in the process of that, I've, I've learned that I don't have to say yes to everyone, right. Because they influence me as much as I influenced them.

How have you navigated who you're working with, who you also want to put your name behind as a conscious media, you know, My energy will tell me my energy will tell me, um, you know, again, survival or living. Like if I'm like, oh my God, this person's going to pay me so much money. If that's the thought I'm having, I'm probably not aligned.

If I'm having the thought of wow, we can serve and do so much together, then I'm probably a little. So again, I have to check my lens and I have to check my scarcity and my intention and why I'm working with the people I'm working with if I ever can. And you know, it's funny because I am human. I'm not perfect.

So anyone listening don't don't think for a second. I know I'm great at preaching, but I have moments. Okay. Pop the bubble. This is real life. So, you know, if I'm offered a big deal, which I have been, you know, just the past month, two people, um, two really big clients and. It didn't fall through and it didn't fall through because again, I had to check my lens and I had that thought of, wow, that's a lot of money now.

Here's the thing. When you're offered these things and you go back into survival, the universe will kind of smack you on the wrist and say, catch yourself. Like you did it again. Like, are you living or surviving? Right. So those two clients actually didn't fall through. Because again, I went back into a little bit of scarcity on, oh my God, these are really big clients.

Right. And it happens. And, and I think the more we get, and this is why I have the money frequency show coming from being a single mom who had no money and had to learn how to make money, even though I'm comfortable financially. Now my nervous system will sometimes go back into. You need money, right. Even though I'm perfectly fine, it's our nervous system.

We're humans. Right? So you have to catch yourself all the time when you operate like that. And if not the universe and God will always be there to be like, Yes, I will remind you, talk to me like through that, are there like specific, um, road signs or bumpers that you put into your life to keep you into that zone?

Or is it more so like that intuition that prompts you and you're like convicted in that moment of like, ah, I did it again. Like what, what do you do to keep yourself in that space of alignment? You know, honestly, I learned for me. Like, I've always meditated, but now I'm doing it much more. And people think meditation is just like sitting in kumbaya.

My Lord. And the answers come far from actually you start to feel like what thoughts are coming, what thoughts are behind the thoughts that are coming? Like you start taking the layers apart to figure out what's going on. And ultimately that's how I find the root of what's happening when I peeled back each layer of each situation.

Um, and that's been, honestly, the best thing that I could do for myself is, you know, especially being a mom and having my own agency and, and, and people constantly calling me, um, I have to take time for myself. So anyone, you know, Don't go into the hustle and over exhaust yourself, like we're in a hustle culture.

Um, it's good to see we're transitioning from hustle culture back into like faith and Zen and woundedness, I guess you can say, but for a long time, we've become this hustle culture. And it's almost like we want to out hustle the next person or the, you know, so it's like, Again, it's going to catch up cause that's survival.

So definitely gets still have disciplined sit with yourself. A lot of people don't like to sit with themselves, like, let's be honest people. Don't, you know, I have friends who, and I'm a single girl, but I like being by myself, you know, I had some homies just the other day and they're like, you're single.

Right. I'm like, yeah. And they're like, well, what do you think about being single? I'm enjoying it. Like I get to fall in love with life. Like I get to do what I want and, um, You know, I think for the first time being that I was married before and, you know, having a kid and everything, I think for the first time I'm getting to know myself, like actually knowing myself, like before I get to know someone else, don't I get to know who I'm spending the rest of my life with, which is me so good.

So, you know, just sit with yourself, meditate, feel your energy process things. And this may sound weird, but. Even though I have good people around me. Sometimes don't always ask for advice. When you seek external advice, you're not trusting yourself. Like even, you know, whether it's relationships or work, everyone's like, well, what do you think I should do?

Well, why do you feel the need to constantly ask an external force? What your road is? It's really good. It's really good. And I think it's that knowing of self to be able to discern what is of me and what is of culture or what is of me and what is of expectation or what is of me and what is of hustle, right.

And it's, I've, I've always really enjoyed going and doing retreats by myself. Mainly writing retreats. But even before I was writing, I would do it and like go out to eat by myself and go to a movie by myself and like date myself and people always thought it was so weird even today. Like you're going to a hotel by yourself.

That sounds so boring. I'm like, it is the best. And I. So much because I find when I do get into that space where, and it's hard not to step into the fast lane. I mean, it's, it's easy to step into the fast lane. I'll say that the other way. It's easy. Um, I'm good at it, honestly. And, and I can quote unquote win if I try really hard.

And so to understand that I don't have to be in that place, but to recognize in myself, oh, Tamra you're, you're straddling the line here. You're you're not in congruency with what you want. Tell and share with other people. One can call out and other people pretty easily. And to like what makes you most abundant?

Because scarcity is in the fast lane, I think, regardless of your achievement ability or not. And so there's a lot of depth to that. And I think if people could understand the joy of loving yourself allows you to. The one that will love you in entirety versus they're loving you because to get something from you, right?

Cause you're like glowing when you're loving yourself. Yeah. And, um, to that point, I actually told someone one of my best friends. So let me take it back. And of course, as soon as I sit down to record, they're gonna, they're gonna mow the grass outside my house. I don't know. I can't hear it. I can't, because it always happens every time I sit down, it's like my development she's recording.

Go mow the grass. Um, Um, but one of my best friends, she studied manifestation, faith, energy. Um, and let's talk about, you know, the native Americans, they used to do the rain dance. Right. And when they would dance, they didn't dance and think it's going to rain. They dance as though it's. It's happening now, right?

The power of now. Right. So my friend did the same thing. She started taking herself out on dates, like what you just said. And she would imagine on, on those dates that he's there with her. What does she feel like in his energy? Within weeks. She met a guy now they're married for years and at her wedding, the biggest manifestation story.

And I recently just cause I help people with manifestation and energy and I have manifested, manifesting clients too. I literally told someone just that I said, take yourself out on a date. And they were like, no, I'm like, okay. Let's I was like, okay, let's make this easier. Do you go get coffee in the morning?

Sit at the table by yourself. And just imagine that person sitting across from you and just create the container of what do you. In that container, just so what do you feel? Are you at peace? Are you guys laughing? Is it funny? Is it silly? Right. So just create the energy and then reality catches up, you know, call it faith manifesting, but it's really important to do.

And it starts with you and it's true. You know, people always are seeking external validation advice, you know, and I also want to bring awareness to your audience. Like when your friends call you, what kind of, what kinds of conversations are you having? Are you complaining? Like, are you talking about others?

Like, what are the conversations you're participating? Because that will tell you exactly what web you're weaving of your life,

the most powerful thing you can do to unlock your greatness and step into your next level of abundance is to get in the room with others who have been where you want to be, and perhaps are going where you want to go. But oftentimes we can put ourselves in the wrong room based on exterior vantage points, what they were, where they go and what they.

Do you know, in our heart of hearts, that we should be following people and standing along people who are aligned in true wealth, stop feeling alone in the journey of growth as a business leader and an entrepreneur who loves God, stop struggling to find the right answer. When it's already been written, stop giving up on the desires of your heart when God placed them there with intention, stop standing in this lack mentality.

When your prosperity is critical for all of us in the future. Kind of seat at the table at the most impactful faith driven business conference, you will ever experience alongside ministry driven marketplace leaders. You will evolve, unlock and activate your next level. That just sounded like a video game.

This is not the Metta. Okay. This is your I R L you're in real life chance to be in the room with some of the greatest kingdom entrepreneurs of our time. Founders, innovators, trailblazers, who are God centered. Together to grow their business for God's sake. And that's an inside out job. You will leave this three-day intensive with action plans, new income strategies, fresh mentalities towards business and life integration, and a sense of freedom that will have others magnetised to what you are selling by the way you freshly and uniquely serve it's happening on November 4th for this 6 20 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

With a highlight VIP event on November 3rd, there are seats. Table for you, but they will go fast. It's a limited reservation. So get your tickets Again, that's grow for I cannot wait to hug your neck. I cannot wait to see you there in person. I cannot wait for this energetic room to just light up the world because that's what we're going to do when we leave this conference.

But you've got to be in the room. I already let's go.

That's a conviction point right there for someone, for sure, because it's, again, it gets so easy to fall in line with what other people are doing, saying feeling. And if we're not in the space of knowing, it's really easy to just yep. I'll I'll position myself here really quick because this is what they're asking of me, but it's calling ourselves higher when you love the entirety of who you are.

You stand in a different sense of authority. You stand in a different sense of influence to go back to the word that we said it goes back to consciousness, right? Otherwise we're just another tree in the wind. And I think this morning I was talking to like the ideas of herd mentality when it comes to, you know, what, uh, whatever agenda the world wants us to be alongside.

And we don't have to talk politics here. It's this knowing that it could be about our health, it could be about our education. It could be about our religion. It could be about our ability to vote or not ability to vote. I mean, it's not a Republican versus Democrat. It's just a, a world experience. That's transpiring.

It could be about social justice or lack thereof or inequality. It's when we fall prey to a herd mentality, it's because we are not conscious enough towards who we are and who we're called to be, which is a higher version of self right now. So I always say we're always becoming. Just like you said, we're not perfect.

We don't have it figured out. We have it figured out to where we are today and praise God for that, because they know that there's going to be more trials and tribulations to come. But I also know that there's going to be more triumphs than I want to be really present for those triumphs. Just as much as I need to be really present for the trials or it will consume us, it will continue.

Yeah. And if, even if you think about the word conscious, like, this is interesting because I am, I'm someone I can get really woo. And for sure, for me, like conscious, used to be like, I am the spiritual guru, like, by the way, there is such thing as toxic positivity. And I have been that someone and I was like, I'm so conscious.

Hear me roar. Um, and then like, you would look at my office and like, my paperwork was like disheveled and it looked like. Okay. You're floating in the clouds, but like, are you con like, are you conscious in the present moment that your desk is completely disorganized? So that's the balance that I learned, like consciousness means.

Yes, you can be conscious and aware, but also aware of like the present moment or what's happening around you. Everything. So I had to learn that balance. Um, and I think that's what people struggle with. Some people get to, in reality, some people get too into spirituality and you have to do the balance.

You have to, you have to do the balance of both. Otherwise you're going to get lost in one realm or the other. You have to have. Yeah, that's really good. And I think that, that's why when people speak to like faith is just a component of self. Like, I don't really believe in that because I think that it's like the supporting system to self, whether you're standing in one consciousness or another it's what supports you in that space, in that place?

Um, and without it, I felt like I was wayward without it. I felt like I was allowing other people's belief systems. To prove me into a position that I needed to be or to direct my path. And so I think faith associated to knowing is the fundamental of existence. Um, and, and yet it's not something that people are exposed to, especially when it comes to religion, right.

And religion can be where it gets muddy. Religion can be aware like the rules keep you confined, but spirituality has an element of freedom to it that. Religion doesn't and that's been an exploration, even for me, is to understand. And, you know, I follow Christianity. I followed the way of Jesus and reading the Bible and being like, is there freedom in this?

And ultimately what's about to transpire for Easter. And a lot of people around the world are celebrating. That's what they believe their freedom is associated to is that identity. Um, so I just find it really interesting that no matter what religion people are following, there's, there's more to it than just what a scroll would say, if you will.

Well, it's all about identity. And if you think about identity, Even the word identity has been programmed by someone else's identity. So this goes back so many years, like, you know, people just would find their identity and, you know, tell someone else about it and, um, influenced them. Person and those people and over time, this is how we've built our society, our communities.

And I feel like now the world is doing the opposite. We're unlearning. And we're going back into our freedom to understand no two people are going to have the same experience. They're just. You can grow up in the same household as someone siblings or not, or just family and you're completely different individuals.

Like the word individual is, you know, just talk about that. Like, so it all comes down to who you are, not who someone else told you to be or like society. And, and that's the thing I had to. You know, I'll tell you a story. When I was eight months pregnant, um, I was laying in bed with my son's father, my ex-husband, and that intuition was like this, your first husband.

And I was like, this is not a good time. This is not a good time to tell me this information. And we were watching television and he saw my face changed because I was like, you know, like I got to download. He's like, is everything okay? And I'm like, yeah. Um, so I had to get radically honest with myself because when that voice came, I was like, why did you come to me?

Like, okay, I heard you, but. And it was the truth. Society pressured me. It was time for me to get married. Um, I, I had known him for 10 years. We were best friends growing up. We'd always, mom was my piano teacher. Like, so. Society box it with a nice little bro. And I was like, you know, um, but to the core of who I, who Jackie, or not even Jackie, because Jackie is my name, my soul, my soul is, I was never, I could never find myself in that relationship.

So I, I realized in that moment, after coming out of that experience and which, by the way, God derailed me in that experience, imagine like, um, He was like, you are meant for more,

you know, if you're not on an Oprah talks about this, if you're not honest about who you are and you don't hear the whispers, they're going to get louder and they're not going to be fun to hear, not going to be fun if you're not listening to who you really are to the core of you and I work with a spiritual mentor now, and she always makes me write down.

She's like, Throughout your day in meditation, or like, let's say I'm going somewhere. And I see something that really inspires me to like, write that down. That's your reference point of what the, to the core of exactly what kind of life you want. So for anyone listening, like really write down the things that really like lift you up and, and really truly inspire you.

Uh, that's how you'll find out who you are, not how not, who your family or anyone else wants you to be. You don't want to wind up in bed eight months pregnant being by your intuition. This is your first husband. But my intuition for me, the second husband is my forever. Cause my question was like, well, how many has been, who am I going to that the second one's forever.

I was like, But I think, I think, um, I think that the divine, God source really wanted me to do it the right way by finding Jackie for. I love that. And that's honestly, because I didn't find myself until I was married with several kids. And I tell, you know, youth all the time now, like learn to love yourself, learn to be with yourself and be comfortable with that person.

Cause that actually evokes the energy of attracting the right person, right. Speaking to manifestation because if you're living in the identity of a false reality, again, going back to. Filters, you will attract someone. It's just not going to be the right person. And so I'm so grateful that I am, I am married to the man that I married originally a baby's daddies, but boy, did it take work?

I mean, having to unlearn who I thought that I was. Re-introduce myself to the person I'm sleeping next to and be like, Hey, remember how I said, I like all those things. I don't really like all those things. And I'm not really passionate about any of the things that we spend, all of our 401k and finances on instead.

I mean, it was real therapy. Y'all. I mean, I am so grateful. We'll be 10 years married this year. And 14 or so together. And it's just, it's a lot, it was a lot more work than I think I imagined it ever would be. And I'm grateful that I put it in, but I want other people to recognize that before they have to spend the tens of thousands of dollars in therapy to figure it out.

I think even, I think all relationships are going to be work. Sure, sure. All of them. And I think that's the beauty of. The consciousness, right. It doesn't matter if it's it's your partner now, or a partner you want to attract it's what do you do in the now together? How do you solve the problems together?

How do you what's your vision together? Right. So I think, um, either way it's beautiful that you guys worked it out and congratulations. Um, It's like, he's bringing you a cheese pizza and you're like, now I actually don't like that. What are you talking about? I'm the pizza eater. Furnisher cauliflower perhaps these days.

But one thing I wanted to take note of before we, we wrap this amazing combo up is when you were talking about the writing down to also write down the whispers of like the agitation. And write down, not just the things that light you up and bring you joy, but also like why did that irritate you? What is it about that scenario that ruffled your feathers?

Because there might be a part of your life purpose aligned in that place to. And so there's like that combination of passion, but also agitation. That should be the place that you show up for every day. Um, that's how I kind of, uh, figured out what it was that I was like meant to do in this season and meant to become in this moment.

I think I'm still an everyday. I hope God continues to reveal that to me, but I'm taking note of what agitates me. What's agitating other people that have. And what lights me up on the inside too, because there's no there's that unpeeling. It goes back to what you were saying of spending time with yourself, like on, on revealing what it is that's at the deepest layer to yourself allows you to really thrive and be again what you have harnessed so beautifully and who you are and how you show up for other people in that consciousness mentality.

And so I'm grateful for that and thankful for this conversation. It was awesome. Thank you so much for having. Are there any final ways that you want to just leave nugget for the audience, or even just making sure that we get connected with you. I know you hang out on Instagram. That's where I follow you most.

And then I see you in all the clubhouse rooms, but any other spaces other than the shows that we mentioned, I do have LinkedIn, Jackie Nancy, LinkedIn, also on Instagram, a clubhouse, but if there's one nugget I will leave to add onto what you just beautifully said was don't be afraid of your shack. Um, I think everyone, um, you know, like when I used to get stressed, I used to get more angry that I was stressed instead of sitting with the beast and being like, why is the beast stressed right now?

Like what just happened? And I started internally having that conversation. With myself, like what just happened for this reaction? And then what I started to notice was the next time I saw that trigger and I, I had an option. I was either going to react to that. Old self and again, getting re or I would sit and just, I started just breathing.

Breathing practices are really important for these reasons. And eventually I changed my behavior my life just by acknowledging my shadow, um, what we resist persists. So if you see yourself getting angry and you get more angry that you're getting angry, you're not, you're not addressing your shadow. So don't be afraid to address your shadows, that you can tame the beast if you want.

That is good. You actually just brought together like four different conversations that I've had today in one finale. And so I, I'm excited to play with it and play with it for a keynote that I'm working on. Uh, it really it's really, really good. Like got moment for me for real. I'm like, that's a mic drop moment.

I, I really, I was come to these experiences and these conversations and like, oh God, what are you going to teach me through this person today? And I've learned so much from you already, and now there's a dumpster outside. Getting all of the

trials and tribulations to this specific sound quality. But I know ultimately, like this was meant for that moment for me, my spirit leaped when you were sharing that. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Absolutely. All right. Y'all stay fit and faith and get in touch with Jackie Minsky. Stay conscious.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories.

And you can tag me and the guest and we will surely feature you on our end, says, Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the. Come on and give you that extra size and leave a review on iTunes for the podcast listening app that is of your choice.

I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this will be so fun and upcoming episodes. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to. And I can't wait to read what you have to say.

Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that. Speaking out or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and bake team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness. This is a fit faith way. .

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