• Morgan Hart

We Try

We try desperately to make the grime go away. With a rag, with a lie, With a mask in a play. Yet we’re still grimy.

we try

We try desperately to rid the waste from the outside in. With what is white instead of right. With clearer, hipper, and more thin. Yet we are still wasteful.

We cannot try by our own might. We cannot seek within our own vacant souls. With a light. With a razor. With a laser or an eraser. We are still weak & hollow.

But there is one who can recreate the undone. With light. With peace. With grace. Not in hiding invisible, but face to face. Yet we run from what is unknown.

we try

Always prodigal, accepting the dark fate. Wondering if the glimmer of hope is the inevitable forcefield state. With the current instead of against, I ride. Tired of the battle, tired trying to hide.

We try, yet I am still not enough. The end of me is the beginning of Him. The place I lay my filth from within. He knows me and sees me and still sings my name. With open arms & a grace-filled heart, He proclaims. And my “yets” become “gets”.

Because I get a second chance. Because I get to experience true love. Because I get to own my beauty. Because I get to see my life from above. And yet even when I falter and my dress becomes unclean, He lifts up my head and reminds me I am seen.

we try

Stop hiding in the shadows. Stop using tools to declare your self worth or being. Stop thinking you are unknown or unloved. Stop resting in abandonment & fleeing.

Find rest in the not doing. Find joy in the undoing. Find grace in the stop doing. And find you in the Kings wooing.

With a brush, He is the great artist. With a needle, He knits the womb. With a filter, He sifts through to find you as gold. With a hush, He settles your soul. 

With a rag, He washes your feet clean. With a lie, He uncovers the Truth. With a mask, He awaits the unveiling. With a light, He illuminates your inner Ruth. 

With a razor, He sharpens your strengths.  With a laser, He mends your weaknesses.  With an eraser, He wipes all wrongs. With all things, He transforms! Claim your new song!

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