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We Get to Choose: A Coaches Perspective on the Role of Women – With Elizabeth Henson

Today we will learn more about the role of women from a coaching perspective. Today’s guest is a fellow passionista in all forms of the word. We both have a mastermind, collaboration women’s groups, we both coach, we both have podcasts and memberships.

Most would assume there would be a big red X over our relationship status or in the social media world it’d be “it’s complicated”. I mean, How can 2 people doing seemingly similar things be working together to share ideas and conversation and even money?!

The over arching easy answer: We are co-creators! We know that there are plenty of pieces to the pie. We know that our end goal collectively and indidvidually is to help and grow and serve our communities whole-heartedly and well. We know that despite mental roadblocks that we all face, really on the daily, we just want to see you thrive in your passion and purpose and get out of your own way.

And so we both bring to the table our own flavors and in this podcast you truly get a sense of our uniqueness yet so many beautiful overlaps that help to serve our community at large well.

And so if you’re a woman looking to feel empowered, a woman looking to break chains off of self hindering mindsets, a woman raising babies and putting them first, a woman who is a visionary and yet has no means of action, a woman who has a dream but is scared to take the risk, if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a 9 to 5 employee or a jump all in WAM – this podcast is for you! And if you don’t know what WAM is – this podcast is for you…

Excited to introduce you to my friend and fellow guru in #allthethings – Elizabeth Henson. Oh and she has a podcast go listen to the Messy Success Podcast. You’ll love it too!

role of women

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Show Notes: A Coaches Perspective on the Role of Women

Okay, my name is Tamar Andres, I’m your fit and big podcast, so I was gonna come to me here, just me… No words, no scripts, no interest, no Astros. I love authenticity, I hope to breath vulnerability, and I usually do this alongside another dream or mover shaker entrepreneur has… Anita is what I love to call them, if you’re a dude, then a dude, but I am loving just coming together in community with other people to share their high and those stories, to share their journeys to come back, because I believe ultimately that’s where God would have us, you would have us on the mountain top, and even though we learn as Hun in the pit and in the valley, Godavari now, especially in this season of life, in this type of our culture to shine. And so here I am, I want to teach you how to shine, I wanna be alongside you when you get your glow, I wanna catapult you into your calling, whatever that is. So this isn’t a fitness podcast, this is not a religious banter that we thesis all day long, and this is not just about nutrition or health or wealth, so I like some green…

0:01:12 S1: And I know you do too, it’s not okay for us to not be okay with talking about all of these things, and he said, You guys, we don’t Nina a mental health Paphos, we don’t just need a fitness podcast who don’t just need a religious spiritual contest. It needs to Git, this is what fit and things all about, it’s all about preeminent connectivity, it’s about suing your wholeness and blaming it over your life and over the lives of the loved one that you have around you in your community, so… Thank you pursuing in. I would love to get to know you more. You can like or you subscribe, whatever it is, send me an email, defeat an amazing team alongside me, but you guys are gonna beat for now, so enjoy, I’m so Tom, to have a funky conversation with you is what I love to call up. Don’t have my copy right now, but I have it in my system, as you can see, all the H, let’s do this together and I keep going from your group, but welcome on to the studio. This is Elizabeth first time in house, and so it’s pretty fun because I am visiting you in all of your little spaces, and it’s been really fun, just evolution of getting to know one another.

0:02:32 S1: We got introduced and I’ve just been seeing her from afar for a long time online, because I know her husband from high school, and so seeing the type of person that he married, it’s so cool because we ran in the same social circles and kind of all… Jive was like that, not necessarily that we should be claiming ourselves as high achievers, but in that God mentality… Positive for sure. And just really jovial people, I felt like we always had fun, but we were always doing something around leadership, and so to see that he fell into that in a marriage setting… I love that you’re a Math met a good match with you, a vice for you, for him, but to see what you’ve been doing has been really amazing, I actually came alongside you last year and that development helped me personally grow… Think outside of the box, but really, I came to you for rest because I feel like what we do is very similar in how we coach, but then at the same time, where are we getting filled, whereas our cup in full and last year, you were that for me, so I am excited for you to kinda overflow to my audience and see what it is that you do, and we have a lot of connections, so just…

0:03:47 S1: Let’s dig in. I’m excited that

0:03:49 S2: I feel like we’ve collaborated in so many different ways over the years, I’m like, How is he not sat down and done anything like this one online, ’cause even way back when I did pictures for your modern maternity stuff like… That’s a trend then. Our connection with passionate, I love it, so I’m really excited to be here. And we love having you in creative network and all that good stuff.

0:04:12 S1: It was really fun, and I think… Gosh, I know that, but I just forgot about it. But your photography skills are a whole another part, and at that you are, which is so amazing, but knowing that there’s other people, other women in our community, like advocating for such… Just overall well-rounded, ness, I just thrive off of that. And so it always just makes me so happy to know that there’s other groups that are like doing four good things, not only for themselves before their community outlets. So yeah, I’m excited, I’m later in person and to just as I initially passionate…

0:04:47 S2: Right. To photography was amazing and allowed me to quit working for corporate America, but I needed the helping people part, like I needed the teaching part, that kind of one.

0:04:58 S1: So cool. So kinda walk us down that path, what was that like for you, because I know you were a part of corporate America, where did evolution…

0:05:05 S2: Oh my gosh, my evolution is super messy, setter ally, that gift or that mean that you see where it’s like real life and it’s like Mississippi destination. That is me. But the quick and dirty version, I graduated from OU with a degree in Graphic Design, did that for two years and really missed field hockey ’cause I played field hockey there too… Cool. And started coaching at Ocean Lakes High School. That’s what led me to teaching art at Ocean Lakes High School, where I’m at my husband… I’ve always loved photography. But everyone’s like, You won’t be able to make a living doing that. Everyone pushed me to do graphic design, right, that attend… I didn’t really know any better. So after Mark and I got married, I kind of fixed the camera back up, funny story, how my mom gave it to me at my bridal shower, and I’m thinking I’m gonna open up a dish or underwear, and there’s this really nice DSLR camera, and I just know who cried in front of everybody, I’m not a big crier, but it’s like I just knew I was gonna do something with the car, it gives me chill.

0:06:08 S2: Yeah, it’s… And I did, I never put it down. And I built my business and I quit teaching. And then photography very early on, I wasn’t ever good yet, and I was like, Who wants to learn how to be a photographer? That’s just who I am. I let it all hang out, I won’t see you. And that kind of evolved into the actual entrepreneur coaching and community building, and all the things that I’m doing now, which basically now I still photograph weddings, so I’ve been doing that for seven years, which is crazy, but I’m taking a lot less… ’cause I’m three kids at home, so I’m looking to take five weddings a year versus 25 on, and then I have the two memberships, so the anthers creative network, and then I have a virtual membership, Chinese Masterminds, I just a total nervous…

0:07:02 S1: I’m the same way my husband comes in in the morning and I’ll be the drinking my coffee and getting ready. And I’m listening to a podcast about SEO, and he’s like, What are you doing? And I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is so interesting. So did you know… And he’s just like, Why? He loves me, just kisses, my forehead is like, You’re cute. I don’t walk away where he comes to me though with outlandish things, he’s telling me about this guy who hiked is hiking like a 4000 miles, a larger than the width of the United States and China along this almost like a rock samples, and he’s going historically learning about what happened in that area to see settlement or were to be on your own weirdness. And that’s okay, I love the blending of all the different types of people, and that’s where that multi-passionate space comes into play because you can wear all of those hats and actually pursue them and have it under this concept of an umbrella of This is who I entity, I have to explain to segregate yourself in those ways, and I think you did a really beautiful job of like the evolution of that for people to not feel comedian, It’s okay also a test because that’s like…

0:08:11 S2: Yeah, totally. I know my husband’s like, there was always a drop of the photography, I kind of got it, I understand what you were doing. And then all this other stuff started happening. And he’s like, I don’t even know what you do anymore, but that’s 2020, that’s multi, multi-passionate and then multiple revenue streams and personal brands, lifestyle brands, we actually have this amazing… Were all that we live in where we can just make money being ourselves, like the more authentic in yourself that you are online, you build these tribes and we got to make money just doing whatever the heck we want it…

0:08:48 S1: I’ve never thought of it in that regard. We obviously castries, especially this whole concept of personal branding and not even… And I have it in at as high Instagram, I struggle with us so much ’cause I go back and forth on what that means, but it would… Boateng for that, I feel like that’s a head. And things to say that you should do what you love, you should be affluent in what you love, because that’s who you are, instead of the opposite, which we were really taught to like… I went to the workforce, the did your marketing person. Because that’s what’s gonna make you money, do you create a designer, but that’s not the purpose, like the purpose beyond money, and anything that we do to create a fluency for our family is like the passion point to get to bring that home and that energy on to your kids on a daily basis.

0:09:37 S2: Exactly. One of my biggest overarching missions is just to show my kids, you get to do what you want to make a living, it doesn’t have to be… You have to be this or you have to be that. But you can truly do anything you want, like the sky is the limit, so I hope that I’m showing them… Through all the crazy things that I do, we get to choose, yeah. That’s okay as long as you follow your gifts and your passions and the rest will take care of it, or… What is Mark do? We actually were for the government now for BA Systems intend. He loves it. It’s like it contracting. So all of a sudden, he’s kind of a bad ass away to let… Be serious. So that’s really cool. Yeah, the transition for him from coaching, he’s such a leader, he’s such a mentor, he always falls into that role to target to Dollar Tree, and I feel like he’s finally landed somewhere where there’s so much room for growth, so you still do any coaching or anything like that… So I keep trying to get them to know. But he’s like, you know, I would never be home.

0:10:41 S1: Yeah, that’s true. Especially with the kids. Well, maybe when they start doing stores, you go into that dad coach role, I think my brother just started doing that, I think it’s so cute because they’re naturally… When you especially been a part of the ocean to the whole team, which my brother was as well as its Coach Priest incidents like left is more people on a cow… What is that called? Branding, and then this is more than just going and learning about the pollinator component that I think is so cool, speaking up, we were talking about internships and mentoring programs for our own businesses, and when you start creating a personal brand, there’s so many legs to that, the ODU program, and I didn’t realize that you were necessarily an alumni from there, they have a mentoring opportunity where you can literally just mentor somebody or it’s kind of like your community service to that being an alumni, but you can do it as a non-alumni to Ohio. Should look into ’cause you actually do it for everyone anyway… Yeah.

0:11:38 S2: Mark would be good at that. Yeah.

0:11:39 S1: Really, I don’t wanna make an Otis good at it. To have a little brother is what it makes me think of, because I remember being in college and being like, I have been no idea what I’m doing, but at the same time, you put on this front… Like I know exactly what I’m doing with my life. Yeah.

0:11:54 S2: It… Something a weird feeling. I don’t know if I was really ready for the real world, I mean I did. Okay, right, yeah. I got a little entry-level job after college, like I said.

0:12:06 S1: I feel the same way about my own kids, and we’ve talked about the journey of weather college is even the right thing, and having this PG or this post-grad year where you get to go explore what are you really, really passionate about, and I hope as multi-passionate people, we help them explore that a lot sooner and let them know that art, if that is your genre or sports or whatever, that’s not just like a… That’s not just like a feel or extra arm that you have, that’s actually a part of your gifting, and so walking into that… How can you use that? I think is a really beautiful thing. Yeah.

0:12:40 S2: Definitely, I know. I feel very strongly that college is important as far as maturity and being that stepping stone from adolescent to adult hood, but college is a business, and something that I’ve realized now being an entrepreneur is like when I went back to take teaching classes, like the lesson plans and the way that I was learning to be a teacher didn’t actually fit the mold that the Virginia Beach City school system wanted us to use, so you were telling me I paid thousands of dollars for a class, I’m trainees on plans that I can’t be used because they’re not in the correct format, and they taught me amazing skill. Sure, but looking back on it now as a business owner, I’m like, they are making so much money, and college and universities, it’s a business in itself, just like the NFL as a business, truly

0:13:31 S1: Thought of it like that, so it always just seemed like the next step you’re

0:13:34 S2: Just posting it is important. I would not change my experience here in the world, but as far as my kids, I just want to encourage them to do whatever they want in some of these photographers out there, I didn’t even go to college and they make it crazy good money, but

0:13:49 S1: It’s almost more like that vocational or vote type concept were like, what are you passionate about? Let’s explore that in growing there versus having to go and take two years, you’re just doing Gen Eds, and I was probably not doing genetics more than I was doing genetic because I was really in the life… In the college experience. Right. So it’s very interesting, I hadn’t thought about it from that perspective, ’cause I was in business school, and I actually took my actual business plan that cultivated and put it into work after school, and that was where a mount of fraternity was born. And at the same time, nothing they taught me from a fundamental standpoint of business applied, right, because that project was based on a 11 million budget, and we wouldn’t probably be here sitting in this little podcast room if that was the case of what my start-up was like right, that was not the experience of opening a retail, don’t recommend retail at all, like you use that as your Siri, you like fashion. That’s cool, but it was really hard. It’s still really hard to seal with the online retailers coming into play with that, but I agree, I think that that’s a really interesting thing to look at and there were kids go, we don’t know, but

0:14:57 S2: We… Of course, I want them to go to college, but I want them to feel good about it and passionate about it, and not because they have to do it as is the next step for me, it was not academic, it was all the hockey… A, just majored in Art ’cause that’s all I knew was art. I feel how I love it.

0:15:11 S1: But you still, even in what you do today, do so much art…

0:15:14 S2: Oh yeah, and I definitely use a lot of the skills that I learned. I just don’t necessarily think it’s the only way, I think when we were raised, it was like, You go to college, that’s what you do

0:15:25 S1: Early. And if you don’t, you’re like, Oh yeah. Oh yeah, what are you gonna do? Gonna work, McDonald’s.

0:15:30 S2: Totally, but now you see people that don’t go to college that are doing extremely well because of technology and all the doors that social media has on…

0:15:38 S1: Yeah, my husband didn’t go, so that’s a huge… Why, it’s such a huge conversation in our home, because he’s got a great successful business, success being what it is to everybody is a little bit different, but I say it works and it’s enough, and so it just… It makes me happy to know that there are options for our children versus feeling like there’s a direct path, so speaking of the kiddos, you just introduced to number three to the plan two months ago in December… Right on three and a half months. Gosh, was that long guns to October, 30.

0:16:09 S2: October baby. To an external wee baby.

0:16:13 S1: That’s so fun. I love October birthday parties, they’re the best get ready for all the dress-up, I have some really cool ideas for you, I will talk about that offline, but… Yeah, so you have been a part of it. So what has that transition of being an entrepreneur, ’cause I just was with a bunch of women last in a core, and the main piece is like this concept of balance, that’s really what they want, and I am all about this mind-body, soul balance in alignment and in your personal self, but also in your life, how have you started creating… That is

0:16:48 S2: Funny in a transition, when I had gray, my oldest, she’s 60, I was still teaching, so I had a traditional job, a traditional maternity leave. Then I started growing my business, and then I found out I was pregnant with Maddie right after I left teaching. Okay, so I kinda got thrown into the entrepreneur, mom Milan, I remember being really hard, I really wanted to work and I knew I needed to work, and this was my first opportunity being my own boss and trying to balance that with having two kids, and that was really hard, and I feel like I became very much a workaholic and work was first and… Not really first, I’m not one of those… My kids come first, or it comes to a… It’s all about balance, but I’m in a different place now, because I feel like I learned how to be in control of my business, I learned how to be more of a CEO and not an employee within my own business. And when we get to that point where we’re overworking and we’re doing everything, we’re actually being an employee more than we are being the CEO… That’s good.

0:17:49 S2: And now with Anthony, right before he came and mastered this whole concept of my 15-hour work week, so I really only work about 15 hours a week while my other kids are in daycare, the transition has looked a little bit different. I have my mother-in-law who helps me two to three days a week, and then I have him home with me, but I don’t mind putting in an hour or two at night when my husband’s home, but it’s just different now. I’m not ready to go to go to day care, I wanna keep him home with me… Totally. I’m poor medicine, middle child situation.

0:18:24 S1: Like, here you go, just go… I have some to do.

0:18:26 S2: Yeah, a different… So totally different season.

0:18:28 S1: And also that just speaks to wisdom, right, and it takes time to cultivate and evolve into the type of person that we… The best self… Best version of ourselves. And I know even thinking about moms who start their motherhood journey at 20 years old, I’m like, Oh my gosh, that sounds like… I don’t even know who I was, I still… I still learning who I am now with two children, and so seeing that evolution for you, I think is a beautiful thing because it speaks to how you can provide other moms that I see a rest and knowing you have to put in all of the grind all the hustle, you get to enjoy the heart of… Part of that journey, and not every mother desires to have their… Not desires, it’s alligator word, but every mom wants to be to stay home on… Right, and so I know quite a few women. I was partially that way after I was home with the kids for like a year and a half, to work on it, you did to go to school so that I can be fueled in communication and just like adult interaction beyond…

0:19:30 S1: At the Green meanie, I wanna actually have a valuable conversation, and it was a good placement for me because I was able to release knowing that eventually they were gonna be in school and they’re gonna grow and have their own experiences, but then when we come together, I could be fully present and not feel like that mom…

0:19:54 S2: I definitely feel like I like to keep the containers separate and talk about that a lot, I like to either be intentional and having time with my kids, or I’m working, and there are some women out there that can do an amazing job of multi-tasking, but I really prefer it to be all in on one or the other, so whatever that ends up looking like, but it’s just in a different season is realizing you don’t have to work hard. I do think when you launch a business, there is a muscle, there it… All the hard work that I put into my photography business, I wouldn’t have been able to grow it, it’s the way that I did if I hadn’t had a little bit of that possible in a drawing. But now looking back, it’s like, No, we don’t have to push so hard.

0:20:35 S1: I think that makes you more relatable, and so you’re going after to what we were talking about before, like personal branding, and a part of your brand is the path that you have to the children is the fact that you get to just wear a mom hat, just wear a white hat, just were the friendship at… So much of what we do takes place outside of what our company title or company name is, so I just… I love that we can still make money and still be happy in that passion pursuit knowing that we’re not necessarily working at that hour

0:21:10 S2: At… Sometimes when I do like, Oh man, I wish I could work a little bit longer. Is my work days are like I say two is 50 hours that I get to work money through radio, even not sure, but I look at my length and I’m like, I get to drop my kid off and take care… I get to pick her up from daycare, I get to have Anthony home permit and pieces right now, and it’s like, I wouldn’t trade that. Even on the hard days, I wouldn’t go back to being in to five. It’s hard enough having one parent works nine to five every day. Right, so I just feel like I would never see them. But I answered the full stay home mom thing either, I not get enough Cook, I’m not a good… A natural.

0:21:51 S1: It’s like, I need to have a medium. Okay, and nothing about that is… And I think that this is a mess for somebody, anybody out there who’s feeling overwhelmed by that or feeling like societal pressure to be one or the other, you don’t have to choose, you get to be… You made a post about being both and, and I think that that is so valuable for people to know that you don’t have to be segmented, it was all the way back to saying the multi-passionate concept. You can be all of those things, and you can be good at all of them. Are you gonna be perfected? All of them not, but nobody’s perfect. So give yourself casinos spaces, and obviously, at the end of the day, being present… I think it’s so good. So I love the conversation, like the journey of this because it’s that they can…

0:22:34 S2: We work at home moms, so it’s like we’re not quite… We don’t quite fit in the state home mom, but then we teahouse, he wins.

0:22:41 S1: That’s what they call so good. I always like it was the mom Peter, really like him, cause it’s so true, and that was all of the different passion places that people can do is, ’cause you actually picked up really getting into oil business. Was that last year or the year before? It

0:22:56 S2: Was about a year ago.

0:22:56 S1: Yeah, yeah, so explain like, you’ve got your own business going, you’ve got your other photography business going, you’ve got your wife had your mom hat, what made you introduce an entirely new thing, We…

0:23:11 S2: Soothe people are like, What do you do? I’m like, I have… This photography is like my main thing, I have my two memberships and then I have the podcast, I don’t really consider oils like a Bismuth, but I think I was in this position where because I do have a little bit of a tribe, I was able to bring on maybe 10 women on my oil team and it’s enough to pay for my kind of oil habit. My addiction. Yeah, yeah, and I kinda dabbled with putting it out there and really doing the marketing for it, but to do really well, I need to be all in, and I’m like, I’m kinda happy just having enough that it kind of pays for itself. That’s perfect. Yes, but I’m in such a Young Living guru, my husband laughed so hard things of video magic, and I’m like, No, Pantone just went to sleep and you know, ever up to me some calming stuff right on my wrist when I wrote on this like…

0:24:07 S1: I think it’s amazing, and it is all natural, and that’s where at the end of the day, I want everybody to go into that, and it’s not about the sales marketing, a validate, really just by being holistically living and not utilizing and remember my Grandpa always being with so have a little whiskey on his… Steve, you’ll wanna write to… But I’m like, Really? No.

0:24:28 S2: That’s a good idea. My mom did that to the…

0:24:31 S1: Not the binaries, give them some orally, only give us banter, not sick, I need to put it to sleep, so really tapping into this new age, whatever you wanna call it, but if you do the research, like the organic piece of that, it’s amazing, really what people need to be focusing on more, I think.

0:24:52 S2: Yeah, and that’s such an interesting topic, especially for my household because we’ve never really been into the whole organic or plant-based or whatever, but I do remember when I started using the themes cleaner, which is all play base, and I can give gray the entire bottle and a racer paper towel and let her do the cleaning, and I’m not worried about her getting bleach and chemicals on her hands or in her eyes because it’s all plant-based, so close. Little moments like that, and when I clean out their lunch boxes, I don’t feel weird about their food being in the same place as like a cleaning product, like that all co-habitat is so much nicer.

0:25:28 S1: Yeah, how did you… So I haven’t even thought about it from that perspective, is all the thieves products too, and be there, soak their hand, so just brings me life after washed and their truth space, not that this is a plug for young abuse, I don’t sell it or anything, but I really enjoy all of their products, they’re toothpaste in their mouth washer, amazing. My kids don’t like it yet, but…

0:25:50 S2: I mean, I just love all of it. Even I was talking to someone the other day about their make-up, ’cause I’ve started using a lot of their makeup and stuff, and I’m like, I just… I just want all in line, everything

0:26:02 S1: Is just to speak to that ’cause I am about the whole space of your body as well as using that and having that kind of like a ha with the plant-based and it being a… Have you started transitioning your food habits? No. Okay, I love

0:26:18 S2: Okay. No, I wish though. I am in the season where I’m constantly telling my friends and I know it’s a season will come out of it, but with three kids running around, it’s literally like Oatmeal cream pie over the kitchen sink of life right now in a day pretty… It is not pretty, but I do. Before kids, I was pretty clean either… I enjoyed the alternate reset program that beach body does. The 21-Day Fix is a really good one. I’ve never done the whole 30… That seems a little extreme. Screw talked about the interment fasting, a little scared of that. While I’m breastfeeding. Yeah. But I do, I have such an appreciation for it. But it’s super expensive. Much, I’m sure it’s like, everybody’s excuse, I can segment. But yeah, it’s not my season right now, but it’s there.

0:27:09 S1: And that’s a thing, and luckily as you continue to go through the season, like the availability of it, because people are becoming more aware of it is so much more tangible, but it is… It takes effort to do, especially our teacher was talking about how our kiddos lunch box is the only lunch box that looks like that in his classroom. Now, mind you, half the time he comes back and half of his lunch as an eating, and I’m gonna do if you wanna snap, you gotta eat the rest of this… I don’t want that what… That’s a right thing. But exposing, I think is the biggest thing. At the end of the day, it’s like the exposure piece of like, Try this, it might not be what you’re used to and you might think it’s gross, but if I give it to you enough times, eventually you’re gonna be like, Alright, this is all I got to eat right. So it’s interesting and something that we are really advocates for, but my husband is really good at it, and I’m at the place of like, I’m halfway my half, but it’s halfway into the book, and then I have the 30% of the time romanus runs for Shipley but we’ll make this a assent.

0:28:14 S2: It’s like a little at the time, right. You guys didn’t get better at it over night… Yeah, I feel like Young Living has been just kind of dipping my toes and cleaner and the ditches switch and doing things a little bit better, and I will say before I was cohabiting with a super picky eater, like I did the kale chips, I did all this stuff, I was super into it. I swear, I scratch, but he won’t touch any of it, and then there’s that battle of like, Well, we want a cool this for myself.

0:28:43 S1: And then you have three meals ’cause I be yours, marks and the kids… It’s a lot of work. Is what about… I used hellish for a while, and just from the fact that I’m not really good Cooke’s, my husband shtick is I was like, I really enjoy the art and the act of cooking. I just am not good at it, so why am I gonna put all this time into it that it’s gonna come out like a basilan… You can do it. And you would enjoy doing it. And then it’s so yummy at the end, so I wanted… I wanted, when I was a state hominid to just provide that to my husband, and I don’t know if I was trying to wear the hat of just like, Let me be really good at this mom thing, this life thing, because this is where God has me right now, and so I order hellish, and it was amazing. I did learn a whole lot about cooking, but as soon as the box didn’t come, I was out…

0:29:32 S2: Yeah, Eggman decision, and we’ve talked about decision potato.

0:29:39 S1: True. So I guess I wanna go backwards because this is a really cool rabbit hole, but we could stay here forever, is where you are in your life right now versus where you thought it would be… Like you’re talking about leverage word in concept. What does that look like for you? And are you not happy? Of course, you’re happy. But is it what you thought it would be?

0:30:05 S2: Oh my gosh. So healthy and I always thought it would be like the Fit mom. Yeah, like, Oh yeah, I’m gonna post on these babies in a… I totally, but no, that is not. But I totally thought that I’m also in a place of amazing females, I never, ever, ever do any type of body shading on myself in front of my girls, my mom never really did either, but I do remember a lot of exercising in the baseman and talking about diets. And talking about losing weight, I was very aware as a child. Yeah, but I am just in a place in my life or like I’m okay with being cure, I want to be healthy, and I’ve got my little eight-minute mile thing I’m doing on the treadmill, being healthy is super important, but I definitely never pictured a… I don’t wanna say struggling, I’ve had thyroid issues, and so I don’t really struggle with how I view myself… Yeah, that’s just super important to me, but reading girls able, ’cause I was a total athlete or come to a one… Now I see the day moms and I’m like, Do I… That’s like overseas.

0:31:17 S2: Great, right, yeah. And then on the business side, and like, Oh my gosh, I have two voices right now, they’re like the coaching myself, like, You’re on your own pace, on your own time. But of course, I envision myself being way farther along in a lot of areas… Yeah, I do take so much pride in my photography business and how well that has done and it’s awkward to say, but that he came so easily, maybe it was my background or just the way that I showed up, but the coaching piece is a lot more difficult it’s not tangible, like taking pictures and serving people in that way, it’s such a tangible skill… There is coaching. It’s like, No, I kinda tell people, why didn’t need it? I’m sure it’s a different day or yeah, it’s a totally different thing to sell, a totally different thing to do, and that has been so much more difficult

0:32:09 S1: To figure out the… We’ll do that. Why would I invest my money in that versus I can… The tangibly getting a photo, Oblate The End is like I get that.

0:32:18 S2: It was like such a clear path, I know a lot of wedding photographer as I knew where I was going and how to get there, it’s a clear roadmap or all this other stuff, it’s like I’m kind of inventing it out of thin… Creative network didn’t exist it. I went to all these little networking things and I didn’t feel like how many of them? So I’m like, Okay, I’ll just make it.

0:32:38 S1: Right, right, right. Yeah, we were talking about that last night, how I used to go to in things and the awnings to be a try create a network or core for that one meeting we really 30 minutes and be like, This is a really different… It is a really different experience. And I always felt like Studer talking about elevator pitches and elevator, which was so long ago, I just stop with the elevator pitch and let’s like Just learn and build relationships and connect with people versus pitching yourself nerdy wants to be sold anything anymore. So I think that’s a huge thing that we’re combating as entrepreneurs and doing a lot of the stuff we’re crafting it, No, it’s not nothing new. They say, you’re giving the world something that’s already been to do and something you said has already been said by somebody else, but you’re doing it in your own unique, and so you’re pulling from all these different sources that we’re learning from podcast books, events, conferences, webinars, or assets coming at the time, and then you make your own out of it. What did I pull from that year with an roosters offers the world.

0:33:41 S1: So I have a lot of people who follow along that our life coaches or business coaches or fitness coaches or health coaches for that from your perspective, what has worked for you, what

0:33:55 S2: Has the networking and the relationships hands down, just having that mentality that everyone knows someone right, so when I was offering my Masterminds, there was a lot of questions about like, Well, how do I know that everyone in there is a lead as I am, and I’m like, You need to come in with an attitude that everyone knows someone, and no matter what level they’re at, they may have a sister or a brother or a cousin or someone that needs the services that you’re offering, and if we can meet every single human and just know that they have an entire social ecosystem, and that one relationship, like my relationship with you is more valuable than 50 surface level one, because you actually getting to know me and I verse tapping into each other, just social ecosystem is really cool. Yeah, so that’s just what always has work for me, I am a little bit extroverted, so I like to hang out with people, but hanging out in that space of the serving and they actually giving a hot about people and creating that atmosphere where they feel seen and heard, hands down. You’re gonna be memorable.

0:34:57 S2: Is people feel like they can talk. Right. Everyone wants to be heard. We’re all out there for the same rate… Absolutely, so if we can provide that. People will continue to come back to us.

0:35:07 S1: I think the biggest thing that I’ve seen you do, which is something I like to emulate is just that piece of consistency, so regardless, if you were coming to the table with photography, I feel like from day one, you are in personal branding, maybe even without knowing or having lingo to what that was, which is a really amazing leg up for you in comparison to other people who are all constantly selling their products, engineered UCT, you’re like, Oh, I have to involve… Or I don’t wanna see that anymore. I wanna see about you, I wanna see maybe how that product plays in a role in your life or how that coaching strategy has played a role in your life, the outcome… We wanna know those things. I love that you mentioned the extrovert because you made a really good post about introverts, and I really loved it because I think that… That’s so necessary. So my last year’s core creative group was so there was so many extroverts, maybe maybe one or two introverts, and I just had a meeting last night with the second group, and only one of the other women in the group where I was an extrovert…

0:36:04 S1: Everyone was introverts, and so the meeting… And in 30 minutes earlier, I tensile to talk. I never had a meeting in Derby and always a 15 minutes, so it’s like two hour, two and a half hours, and so I look at the time, I’m like… I looked through my notes, I did, I do everything that I did last week. I’m so confused. What’s happening right now? And I was saying it out loud ’cause I’m super authentic. Like that, I’m like, Well, guys, we’re done. Do you have any questions? Do you feel boiling with an inch first, so different than we’re seeing with an extrovert, and I feel like in our online space where everything is about, how do you create a relationship with people one through the screen, and two, with an intro.

0:36:47 S2: Yeah, and skill that I’m really working on, ’cause I don’t come by it naturally, is being patient and waiting for people to process, so you ask a question, and I don’t like a silence, so I’ll ask a question and I’ll just keep talking like thinking, I’m giving them time to think, but I’m gonna talk to while they’re thinking so that they can come back with the answer, what my coach does is so phenomenal, he will just wait, it does not matter how many people are sweating or waiting for their turn to talk, we will sit in silence until that person has crosses their answer, and I’m like, I’ve really gotta get better at that scale ’cause the introverts need it, they need to be able to process and think about what they’re gonna say before they say it. So if I catch myself, I’m like, Sorry guys, I’m just talking. But is

0:37:31 S1: Returned… Think that’s a really good thing my husband, you hear that you have two years for a reason and get better, and everybody says like, you will be a better business person if you learn to listen, listening is such a powerful skill, I think for me and like you were just saying, it’s almost like the introvert process is inwardly, and the extrovert process is outwardly, and so the same thing, we’re around the table… I asked a question, I’m trying to explain the project that we’re working on, and I see they’re like eyebrows for… Or I see them biting their lower life, or I see them tapping their pencil and looking super confused, and instead of just letting them like process, I’m like, Okay, I see it your confuse. What else can I help you with? Let me elaborate on this. Let me give you an example, let me help you in your area, and I’m horrible at it, but at the end, I felt like we got the result out of it, but I think the processing, I’m allowing them to process way later where we should love them process in that time, because it would be so much more valuable to them.

0:38:28 S1: Yeah, so we can work on that together.

0:38:29 S2: Yeah, and attention the right questions, Einstein away from the You Shand trying to always ask people the right question and it’s so cool, I feel like I can’t recognize now when people do that for me, share a tent Hunley. Who’s a big part of my life? I had some struggling with something the other day, and she’s like, No, you just need to ask yourself X, Y, and Z A. I was like, Oh, you just coach the honeybees exactly what I needed. Right.

0:38:59 S1: That’s so good. Yeah, I think that’s another thing about the coaching piece, about what we do is sharing with people from a selling perspective of like, What exactly is coaching and why do people need it? I think it’s really synonymous to therapy pool, maybe even the same thing, but it’s in a different mindset of what therapy is versus coaching, coaching is not scary, therapy can be scary, but they’re both have a really amazing outcomes, so for coaching for what you’re doing, what would you say is like your why? Why do people need it?

0:39:33 S2: I just like to help women get where they want to get and overcome their road blocks, their personal… Whatever is keeping them from achieving their dreams, Nothing breaks my heart more than when people are like, Oh, I really don’t like my job, but it provides insurance, so I guess I’ll stay there and I’m like, Okay. So you’re telling me for the next 30 years, you’re gonna do something that you don’t like, and come home to your kids every day doing something that you don’t like, and that’s when I knew I did to leave teaching… Not because of the kids, I love the work I did, but walking down those halls, I remember one day specifically seeing five people in a row though is a Friday yet, is a Friday yet, and that’s just how you talk to each other as I’m like, I cannot live my life counting down to Friday, that is not how I wanna live, so I just really, really love that moment when women realize, Wait, I don’t have to live like that. Do you mean that’s not the only options, So… And all of a sudden these doors start opening for them and I start seeing opportunity in other places, and I don’t really look at myself in the mirror and say I’m a coach, I was a field hockey coach, and I do think…

0:40:39 S2: I bring all of those skills to the table, but I really just like the community piece and that I’d like to provide a safe container for women to really overcome a lot of those hurdles and… They do the work, right? Yeah, absolutely.

0:40:54 S1: Yeah, yeah, you’re just kind of like guiding the conversation and guiding the mindset and pushing them into that right direction, which I think is so powerful, and it’s similar like you can read probably what it is that we do if we packaged everything that we would teach everything that you taught me and creative network last year, and we put it into a book. Right, I can read the book, I can go through it, however long it takes me with two children and dogs, all that stuff, but you want to take me out was I would get all the same information that took me a year to get last year at the variation in that is the applicability piece, and I think having a coach where you’re like, How is it beneficial for me to talk to you for an hour when I can get everything that you sell in this book? Well, the relationship on the knowing and the feeling of that community piece of like, I’m not alone in my thought process, so when I read a really good book, I’m thinking, Oh my gosh, she totally gets me, but there’s no conversation about like, I love that you feel that way, let’s connect on that, and how can I press pass that conversation in my brain, ’cause it is all about the story that we tell her, Selassie roadblock, we create the road block, they’re not there, they’re not physically in your way, you might feel that way, but it’s because of the mindset that you have towards it…

0:42:07 S1: You’re speaking about the Friday thing, this is something that I… May happen when my kids started going to school, and so they were like two and a half and three and a half, and I was making it that Tuesday, I was like, Hi, day that I got to do all things could be all things. Passion, all things individual, even my own doctor’s office and my workouts and stuff, and so I started saying all the time like Tuesdays are my favorite day, and it was insane how it changed my perspective of my week, Monday was always exciting, ’cause I mean to say was but that start of the week, I’m like, Okay, today I did like to do all of the UK tomorrow, this is gonna be awesome. So it’s not a matter of living for one day, but it’s a matter of scheduling and creating margin in your life so that every day you have something look forward to and you get to be passionate about that something, whatever it is, whether it is just our kids whether it is just at night, like two days in a tattoo, I always look forward to that, but creating that in your life…

0:43:08 S1: Yesterday, Tina and I were talking about plan fun, also adding that piece. Because we have to have the balance. Yeah, I would totally be a world I didn’t like… Oh yeah, if I wasn’t married or children, you… I would never do this office.

0:43:22 S2: We work feels like play for us to do… We just create different things, I put different things, I totally feel like I look to my work and fun or all bundled up together. Of course, there’s things we don’t like about work, but… Yeah, now I look forward to it every single day.

0:43:37 S1: Yeah, with koper going hiking this weekend, I really wanted to go with him, you always have that double-edged sword when you’re a mom, I really wanna be there for that practice, but I also have this meeting… Right, and so also walking that fine line, but it would be… He was like, I’m really sorry that you can’t find hiking with us, and I’m like, Oh, I can autonomous. She’s really pumped about, this is really fun. He’s like, Have you have to work? I’m like, Yeah, but I can deploy. It’s gonna be so fun and I get to help other people. And so kids hear it everywhere, so if we can create that conversation and actually talk through it, so it goes back to what we’re talking being, giving them the availability to know that they don’t have to just go to work

0:44:20 S2: And not talking about work like it’s a negative thing, it lets our excitement about it.

0:44:26 S1: Yeah, I think for a while I was really good about saying, instead of saying, Here it was great, going on is going to create… I’m just going to create it. He’s going to create… And I got away from it because I was started working at their school, so they saw me going to a job, and so I need to bring that back ’cause it was such a fun thing to like, Oh, what are you creating today versus where they’re not really interested, they’re like, Oh, she’s going to work. She’s not gonna be with me, but if I tell them about a project like in a Samrat something in our class, you’re immediately intrigued. Well, I’ll tell you about it. So creating conversation, I think is so important with our kids around work… Yeah.

0:45:05 S2: Definitely, when Grace was really little, I used to tell her, you do is gonna go photograph the Princess today, is

0:45:12 S1: This picture for them of like happiness and… It’s really cool.

0:45:16 S2: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

0:45:18 S1: So what’s next? What do you got going on? Or

0:45:21 S2: I’m really trying to hone in on my one-to-one coaching or a higher level mastermind. Cool, so I’ve got my memberships which are lower to your ways to work with me, so I’m working on the extension model of being able to continue elevating and working with some of the same women or some women that come in, they’re like, I don’t really wanna be put in a pot with 50 other women, I just want the one-on-one coaching, so yeah, really just working on that and trying to think of fun things to call it other than just one-on-one coaching, right? I’ve been tossing around being a visionary strategist or like the one-on-one visionary strategy sessions like… It’s funny because my target market for my podcast and everything is to create a type B woman, and it’s like the messy success, but I’ve had so many people coming to me recently that are the opposite of that, and they’re like, I just need to call you every time, I need a creative conversation, so I’m like, How can I help out some of the CEOS that are not the visionary for their business, as a lot of us are, especially in the creative space, like the visionary is the CEO, but then think about like a bank or a big, large real estate company, they’re very kind of like Core, Rite may need a creative person who understands personal brand to help them get out of the box…

0:46:42 S2: Get out of the box. Totally, so I’m like, Well, kind of tossing around that idea that I say other thing, interesting, like consulting almost a creative consulting for companies that don’t have a visionary.

0:46:54 S1: That’s really cool, but

0:46:55 S2: Again, people don’t know they need this, right to… Exactly, exactly. But yeah, I feel like that’s something that’s kind of been put in front of me a couple of times, so just trying to switch my baseline, so photography has been my baseline salary, and then coaching has been the side arm, like you said, so trying to flip flop is cool. So it’ll be like, Yes, I’ll shoot your wedding. I’d love to remodel my bathroom to… We’re out there yet, but that’s not on the end goal. Yeah, I love that. I

0:47:24 S1: Think that’s really cool, and just to see that how it’s changed is that I just think so neat. But knowing and giving yourself the ability to do that and the freedom to do that, and I think that piece is so necessary, but something we’re all missing ’cause in your standard nine to five, and I don’t mean to shoot it to five ’cause you can be super passionate about what you do nine to five that… That man, I need to get out of my mind. But a job that you’re doing just for the financial gratitude and then you live in the other hours of your life, which is only half of your life, by the way, is creating that freedom Lally. You can do that if you just put your mind to the fact that it exists. We have a hold of it and walk into it, and I think the biggest piece for so many people is walking out of a corporate job where is, where do you get the fear, how do you take the fear away from that experience? Because I think that’s the one of the biggest road blocks is just all of the what-ifs, What if I don’t make the money, what if I lose my 401K, what if I don’t have insurance anymore, and these are real questions and real issues.

0:48:34 S1: So how do you help somebody walk through that part of the process, because I know that we both coach people who are passion Estes on the side, and talk about switching the baseline, okay. You’re about to get out of your full-time career to make that happen…

0:48:49 S2: Yeah, I think first of all, women need to understand, if you love doing both, that’s totally okay, there’s so many side hustlers out there that feel like less than or mistreated or… I’ve had people telling you, I’m too ambitious, I can’t talk business with you all the time, whatever that might be, it is okay, whatever space you’re in a 90 to 5 side hustle, both, it’s totally fine. But when people are unhappy in the 90 to 50, and they literally want to get out and they want to live this entrepreneur life, that is the biggest stoppers, are being afraid of the finances, the health insurance, the 401… Totally, and I’ve always been a risk taker, so I’m just… I don’t wanna live 30 years of my life when happy, that’s a no-brainer to me. But for some people, it’s so hard that security blanket, and I totally get it, and I think it’s just a matter of like, what do you see your life like five years from now, 10 years from now, if you could design your life in any way possible, what would that look like… And does that include this day job because of all these security things, like what if you allow yourself to envision your life the way you want it, like as if we do that visualization work and start being that person, like If we already act as if we are that person will become that person.

0:50:11 S2: And it’s really just getting them to be able to see outside of that safety box and the insurance, the… It’s all just money at the end of the day.

0:50:21 S1: It’s a money and so is… And I hate that that is the main driving force and the main inhibitor, there’s so much more and at that like joy, just find your hands, find your passion.

0:50:33 S2: If we don’t live another 30 years, what if you don’t get to touch the 401 anyway because we die in a week, like Do you wanna go down and a job you near

0:50:44 S1: Our kids, I think that they’re a huge part of our why, and I think every mom has them as a part, but they aren’t the why there should be more to your wide and just your children, they’re a huge part of the legacy I get all of those things. I love my babies, but I was a person before they came along, and I’m gonna be a person when they go off to college and make their own lives, and I’m watching that from my mom’s perspective in her experience now as a Grammy, now she lives through those babies, and so her life has transition, I want to have that experience of knowing who I am and knowing that I am pursuing my passion with my kids alongside me versus waiting to discover what that is until later. So I think it’s a huge piece, but I forget where I was going with how we started that part.

0:51:25 S2: Like we don’t wanna put that on that… Yeah, and that’s like, we’ve had this conversation before about when I’ve had some women that I’m coaching and I’m pushing them and they say, Well, my kids come first, so… Yes, and it’s like, Okay, but why I put that on them. I would have been 10 years from now, all the women that are writing that on their social media, my kids can first… My kids can first like, Yes, I have this dream, but my kids are First… Their kids are gonna be 18 and they’re gonna read that and they’re gonna do that. Sucks, they held me on backup that. Interesting. Yeah, so I always am like, No, no, there’s no this or that, kids and our passions. What makes us who we are, they’re apples and oranges, and the biggest thing we can do for our children is to do what we truly wanna do, what we’re really passionate about, and they may not understand it… Yeah, six, right. But I watched my mom go from not enjoying her job as an emergency room nurse to quitting to being a full-time artist, I was, I think in middle school, so I was like super, like a vital age to say, she would sit me down and she would say, You have to do what you love and figure out a way to make money doing it other than the other way around, and I know that that’s like a special little gift, and I had a…

0:52:39 S2: Odissi don’t have this. I grew up for like, No, I had a mom and a fricking believed in me, and she didn’t want me to follow in his steps of just doing what I was supposed to do. Yeah, so I did, I was so blessed to have that. But so just always onto what you love her and that anger out how to make a living to

0:53:01 S1: A… Interesting, my story is similar in the Net, my mom from the time we were born, she did have that perspective of her kids with did it in such a way that she created her business out of it, because she loved that so much, so she started an in home day care once I was born, so she had my sister before me and then I came along and she’s been in business for over 30 years, he had 12 kids in her home that entire time, so watching her do that and truly love what she does, and has a waiting list for two years, and people play in having their children around when they can get into my moss facility, but she was actually like the gift Haber of my business plan in college, I call her because we would always dream together, and I was like, I have to do a business plan with six other people, half of them are us. Let’s come up with a plan. What is this gonna look like? So pitching diapers and babies to three guys who are 19, 20 years old, it was really interesting, but that they got behind it, and now when we planted that business, she was alongside me that entire journey because she was able to be passionate about it, so it’s been really cool to see her passions evolve as she’s become older, and I think often you get to 50 and you’re thinking, Okay, I’m so close to retirement, my mom is like…

0:54:17 S1: He’s like, I am just starting out like this is in a fancy pass and I wanna see it grow, and she has all these huge dreams, so to be like a legacy of hers and watching those dreams on hold is so neat and like I wanna be that for my kids, I want them to know that it doesn’t matter how old I am, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, I’m gonna keep draining and I’m gonna keep pursuing that passion…

0:54:39 S2: Yeah, absolutely. Let’s saying these entrepreneurs that are like a… They’re older.

0:54:44 S1: Yeah, yeah, well, and a lot of times they are in the state where they’ve worked in retired in a professional because of the financial piece of providing security to their kids, so they’re just… For the first time in their lives, may 50 saying, I wanna do something I love, and I love that they’re doing it now versus never doing it, and just being complacent in that, it’s also starting… I don’t know how old you are, how you are who listening? But just start a little…

0:55:11 S2: Just like our kids always come first, we don’t have to say that what a successful person out there is like, I’m not where I am because my kids aren’t first, it’s not a thing, so it’s just a road block. So when we look at ourselves in the mirror, I wanna go to explain it, but I can’t because I have kids, that’s just one of those stories that we’re telling ourselves another season, right? These four months old, this isn’t the best time for me to like you do something, or are traveling this week, there’s an absolute season, but I just… I want my kids to be able to see it. We were able to do mom and followers.

0:55:47 S1: That’s good, right? I’m gonna maybe challenge you, ’cause I think a big part of that is our health, right. And you already had the wheels of motion for that, and so like adding that piece into your life and knowing that… I really am specifically thinking about high burnout camp instructor, and part of his journey was that his mom had never put her health curse because they were first, and when he got older, he actually had the joy of personal training her in helping her lose 70 pounds and I know you and Mark already have it innately in you from all of your sports stuff, so like watching that transition and allowing yourself to see… Let your kids see the importance of that, you’re already doing it, so just keep doing it and challenge yourself with the next thing, you’ve done the inter-minute fasting, you’ve done all these things like put them back into play.

0:56:36 S2: Yeah, I love that conversation, ’cause I talk about goal setting and the gym, I don’t know if you listened to one of my early podcast episodes where I’m like, if you want something in your life, right? You have to make a wish list, so I knew this was probably a year and a half ago, it was like July before I got pregnant. And I was like, okay with the time is now for me to get back on this fitness journey, what do I need to make that happen? And this is how I tell people to set their goals, so I wrote down exactly what I needed, I need something out of the house, I need something with community cool, short workouts. I was super interested in not quite cross-fit, something like that, and location, it needs to be super close to my house, so crazy, I just got on Google and started looking for stuff and I found study Boot Camp, which is a 25-minute workout school… Seven minutes from my house. Community, they go like, it fam, the whole nine yards. And it was amazing. And that was before you got pregnant yet.

0:57:36 S1: And I worked out

0:57:37 S2: Through my first trimester… Okay, and they let me freeze my account to have the baby, so now I’m just on that… What am I gonna go back to?

0:57:45 S1: Like we have to elevate and all that love, that’s my…

0:57:49 S2: Yes, but it’s funny because even health goals are all treated the same as our business goals or life goals, once you learn what you need to do as a person that you would like in general to accomplish something, it’s like it now becomes this system, because even when I bought my camera, I’m like, Okay, what does that mean? It needs to shoot fascinates have Leica abilities and had long battery life full, and then you go out and you buy that thing, and it’s all clarity, right, so getting really… That’s all I Craig really clear on what I needed to be able to work on my fitness journey, that is just in our head, and we’re not really clear on what’s gonna help us get to that point, and we’ll never really get that… That’s

0:58:33 S1: Really good, yeah, that’s really good, yeah. ’cause especially… And we’re in a perfect time talking about like the news resolutions, people setting all of these wish list or goals or resolutions, and it’s like, Oh, I wanna be healthier this year, what meeting… Let’s go into that conversation and unpack it a bit, or I want to clear my debt, I think that that’s a huge… Finances are a huge thing, and I think our age bracket right now… And so learning about that, well, how are you gonna do that? And what does that mean to you? And being financially free means something really different to me than it might to you… Totally, and so setting that, I think that clarity in that I like Lewis list concept of like, I wish with this at the end and work your way backwards on

0:59:15 S2: What would help us get there… I know in community, I show up better when I show up for other people, so that accountability piece to… That needs to be a piece of the puzzle. Is to take here. No, but grace could come with me. So she was old enough, they have little waiting area, so the older kids, as long as they’re like, Well, they… Yeah, and she loved it. She’s like, Oh, my close, the baby comes out, you can go back to your gym… Right, so that is totally in the work, I’m trying to do my eight-minute mile first… Yeah, what about it? So we have had a treadmill for a long time, I actually bought the treadmill, so I was pregnant before Anthony had a miscarriage. Early mission, I bought the treadmill right at the beginning of the pregnancy casino, I needed to take care of myself while I was pregnant, and then we lost the baby, but Christmas came, so we had to move the treadmill into the garage and… Grain on my wishlist, I was like, Mark, I’m so happy that I have to treaties. It sat in the garage for a while, and I also had this weird kind of like, did I lose the baby because they lived on the treadmill at a new…

1:00:21 S2: And you know that stuff isn’t true, I know. But anyway, so I finally got over that hump and he just now, a couple of weeks ago, I guess early December, moved the treadmill into my office, which makes me so happy because it’s like in my domain… So the first night I got on the treadmill, and this is like I’m totally in the now kind of person, I’m sharing on Instagram per night on the treadmill after my baby, but a… But I’m like My ODI, you feel tacky stuff is in my office. My marathon stuff is down the hall, so I’m like… I’m feeling myself as I was like an 11 receive mile, but I’m feeling myself. So I set the goal, I was like, I will run every day until I had eight minutes, so every day is like a treasure, but as like If I tell myself every day, I might hit four or five… Right, right, ’cause that’s how the goal set… We always send her… So you’re gonna try to get my mile emails, I’m under 10, I’m at 9, 49 to the mesas, like a whole note that back, ’cause now I’m scared of the sports bras, so I was like, No, but yeah, so my goal is, once I hit the 8-minute mile, then I’ll go back to the

1:01:25 S1: One that’s amazing that that’s your…

1:01:28 S2: But I had that like I have to work towards something or it will just be all willy-nilly… Definitely.

1:01:34 S1: So I love it. I think that’s awesome, ’cause I know, I know that you’re good at the goal setting thing, so it’s like, Okay, how are you getting here? What’s that look like these that we talk…

1:01:42 S2: And I really think this is for the four months after having a baby, like the… What do they call it? The fourth trimester is a donut like I’m kind of re-emerging and the 21-Day Fix is totally on my room… You’ve done that one too. What is that? The containers. So yes, yes, yes. Okay, cool, so it helps you with the portion control and it pushes towards clean eating, but it’s mostly just helping you with the portion of… All the different things I use that I did that after grayed. Well, with structure, but not too much structure.

1:02:17 S1: Whole 30, that’s…

1:02:19 S2: That’s really intense. I could honestly probably eat the stuff though, it’s just like the shopping and the preparing

1:02:26 S1: In the planning, and I am not somebody and I need to be better at it with looking at ingredients, because I do shop at Whole Foods and Trader does I think… Oh, it’s all good for you. It’s not always the case. And so that’s a whole another thing. I just wanna get it done, so I’ll let my husband the grocery shops a bit because they’ll look at every single little thing

1:02:45 S2: For grocery shops too, but then if I add in… Now we gotta add in my healthy stuff, I want… You know, I feel like I’m kind of being a burden, and you’re like, Oh, I need to get this right. Right. Yeah, it’s coming that I really like… It’s interesting when you have your third kid, you’re like, Okay, I know that I will turn a corner getting dress, a big one, so I’m taking my kids to daycare and I’m like a hot mess, I got no make-up on sweatpants on. I’m like, Oh, I’ve done this before. And there will be a morning where I wake up and I just re-emerged into society, it never happened.

1:03:19 S1: You watch you walk into that, I’m like, oh, she was beautiful. So well rested, I do think that he was born in the end of November, so I didn’t get that part wrong, but still to know that you are here.

1:03:30 S2: You have a little bit of thick upon… I did not put curls in my hair, but… That’s so

1:03:35 S1: Good. I’m excited to excited just for this year, I feel like there’s just so much positive energy towards this year on a year that I really seeing especially from an entrepreneurial space, so this decade concept, it is a part of it, it’s not really the new year. It’s a paying… And that’s really hitting home for people, and

1:03:53 S2: I just like to be… Feel like I’m slowing down to speed up. I just, I know that everything I’m desiring is right on the horizon, and I been trying to think a lot about how can I show about social media as a T feels it. And easy… To me, this is so easy to have a conversation, I’d have to prepare any content or passed up the perfect response, but just to have a real conversation that’s easy to be so nice is the right… And

1:04:19 S1: That’s what people want. At the end of the day, that’s what’s gonna be that No, I trust. Right, and they were gonna see, they’re gonna have this experience with it, like I totally, really are really like her. Now they have the entry, what is the mathematics? You telling them this is what it is that I do, and they’re like, she’s another person. Just all the other POs instead of trying to do that and you don’t even have that peak, so I love that you… Like I said, I feel like you’ve been authentic and venerable before. That was a tagline. So thank you for that.

1:04:52 S2: Ottery. I feel like that’s really what separated me is that I wasn’t trying to be really good, I was like, Hey look, I got a blue background on this picture hovering, so people just got really invested in the journey is really… And I’ve tried to do that with the coaching, it’s a little harder to have visual or an articulate it, I coach my… Is a little different than getting a word background for the first time a true. I really do try to share the space that I’m in, and it’s totally fine if we’re not all there yet.

1:05:28 S1: And I feel like that’s a huge thing is I have somebody… I was on a cotswold you call the other day, it was actually a man, which I was totally outside of my comfort zone, but he showed up for an AR and then he was like, Hey, can I take advantage of the free Montana coaching call? Like, yes, let’s just do it here within New him from back in the day for high school, and so I had this cover level ’cause I’m not there yet, that’s not… I go call to women right now as we’re having a conversation, he’s like, so I really love how you put everything else to the world, I feel like it’s a Kristen’s clean and it meets me, and you have so many different areas that you tap into your Instagram or Facebook or podcasts, all those different stuff. He’s like, how… And I was like, Oh, that’s a big question. How it was, and he’s like, How do you manage it all? How do you do it all? Like, How often today are you working… And I probably gave them a shock factor of that 15-hour concept, because I work a whole nother job, this is my passion area right now, that I wanna flip the script too and saying, This is what I get to do all the time, but I’m not there again, so he was blown away.

1:06:35 S1: And the fact that this whole concept of like a schedule, and I know in advance what I want is what’s happening, so I know what I’m gonna post and I write on the fly because I feel like I have to be in my emotion within in order to post I… Not somebody who can schedule out a post and do that, I want to able to know what I’m feeling right now, aether there, but I know content that I need to have prepared that’s gonna go alongside that. I say it was an interesting conversation. He’s like, Oh, I’m like, Yeah, give you some grim. Not showing up the way that you think, I’m glad appears that I’m showing up. That’s what I need to do as a business person, but when we are coaching and we have these people coming alongside us, we are not… And I don’t wanna negate where we’ve come from, or the experience that we have had that we’re bringing to the table, I’m not any further along than you… Yeah, I just have resources that I’ve learned that I can now give you and teach you as a sister in this journey, because I want to be further along and eventually I will be, but that’s where that mastermind concept really comes into play, is I’m only bring to the table, the amount that I can…

1:07:47 S1: You bring to the table all of the things that you’ve experienced, so being able to lean on one another and have that community piece, that sisterhood, and not being a solar peer, but being an entrepreneur with a kickass community, I want that for people. And I feel like that’s what we’re cultivating, and I think that’s really just ultimately what a lot of people want, they don’t wanna feel alone, they don’t wanna jump and take the risk of losing their 401k and not having any idea what to do with it. They wouldn’t have a conversation with someone, how did you do it?

1:08:14 S2: Yeah, I tell people and I’m like, Oh, how special. I just feel like I have these tools to recognize my limited when they happen, when I really want something and I wanna go after it, What are my limited beliefs around it… Right, even the health journey like Li, well, what are your limited beliefs… Okay. Well, not cooking for myself. For my husband, those are a limited beliefs, what do I need to accomplish? So it’s like I feel like I’ve just adapted this skill to have these conversations with myself that help me get from point A to point B, and it’s not that I know everything or not, I’m not teaching women email marketing to… We’ll talk about flow desk, anything, I’m not teaching X and as a notation, just helping people have better conversations with themselves…

1:09:01 S1: Yeah, I think that’s so good, that’s such a good way of like… But again, how do you sell that? I, I have conversations with myself, it was a means, you get it when you’re another entrepreneur, you understand what that can be, so I hope that this podcast meets all of those people I already know an entire group that I wanna share it with, but it’ll really just be a resource, ’cause I think at the end of the day, that’s what you are in such an abundant way and you do it with such… Again, authenticity and I love that about you.

1:09:30 S2: So thank you. So Eesti, feel like we could just keep going. I know too

1:09:35 S1: Well, I’m excited. We can… That’s out of time. Part two coming your way as Elizabeth Ann, tell people how they can find you.

1:09:42 S2: Yeah, so I have a podcast called The Messy Success Podcast, and we were talking about leveraging, so we will do a part two on my end and then Instagram, an Elizabeth Henson, and then my coaching website is Elizabeth Hansen. Deco photography is just Elizabethan and photos, but

1:09:58 S1: All the tarsal branded on there, I love it, and I love her success podcast, I put it on your plan to listen to experience. It’s awesome, and she really does just come to the table and just like, This is me, and I love that, but also super resourceful as long either I like the shortness of

1:10:19 S2: Short little bite-sized episodes, just ’cause I’m trying to show up and talk about what I’m really, in me, there’s a lot of talks about the pivots in there, and I have a lot of unpopular beliefs about social media that’s on there.

1:10:31 S1: I told him too the other yesterday, I was like, You guys, I think the internet is gonna go away, and they were like, What? And I’m like, I just want… Social media is just gonna blow up, you’re not gonna have Facebook and Instagram, what’s pretend what I prophesied that that’s gonna happen, ’cause it’s a fictitious dream that I have. What do you have? Totally. What’s left? And so I think that’s gonna happen. Let’s just call it out, but it doesn’t… If people could focus in on the relational concept of what it is that you’re building, it’s not about your bank account, it’s about what are you giving society, what are you giving your end user, your customer, your friend, your fan, that they’re gonna then grow from…

1:11:12 S2: Yeah, and it’s not about us. That’s the first thing I teach people is if you can show up and realize that it’s not about you at all, it’s about everybody else, then people are gonna start finding it more interesting, so I go to…

1:11:25 S1: I’m so calm to guys, thank you for being a AAA. You have questions, you can totally drop them up on comments and we’ll go back and chat that way, but yeah, we’ll be sending this to the podcast studio and it’ll be on all of your listening platforms in two weeks, so thana at a member Andres, I’m your fitting paid post, and I am so excited to just get her to share with you other movers, dreamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, whatever, if you go ahead and you got a hard… I’m so excited to explore who that is, who you are, and discover your wholeness or how your wealth all and your joy. I love to DOE happiness. I want people to know that this is not… This came at trial, you guys, this came with a lot of efforts, came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together, this is a real community of dreamers, and I’m excited to help catapulting your kingdom experience the purpose of your imprint on the girls. Wherever, however that is so human for the ride, I’m excited to chat with you. Like comment, review, Sinead, send you an email.

1:12:46 S1: It’s me responding. Youth, an incredible team. And so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect, Let’s create community and let’s walk in our collages

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