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Wake Up Joyful with Alana Palm

How can we wake up joyful - in overflow? We all want to feel joy and tend to look outwardly, instead of to Jesus. The world is overwhelming us with its lies, but we can stand on God's joy - no matter what is going on. Enjoy this interview with Alana Palm. It will surely bless you!

Key Takeways:

God is above, before, and in all things

All about the Rooted in God's Love Masterclass (Tamra is speaking in it)

Alana's testimony

About Alana:

Alana Palm became a Christian at age 30 and it completely transformed her life.

Her journey of experiencing years of trauma, to watching God use it all for His greater purpose, has opened the door for Alana to help other women build a firm foundation of their identity and worth in Christ, as well as live into their Kingdom calling.

Through her ministry, Wake Up Joyful, she helps women be transformed by the renewing of their mind and hold every thought captive to Christ so they can experience freedom and a deeper relationship with the Lord, themselves and others (Romans 12:2, 2 Cor. 2:10)

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Show Notes: Wake Up Joyful with Alana Palm

Tamra Andress

That music is so amazing, it's so you actually feel like it's so calming and joyful at the same time, and that's exactly what we're here to do, even though it is not morning, even though it might be on the West Coast or somewhere else in the world, we are waking up joyful today with the beautiful Alana Palm. And I'm so excited for it.

You guys have yet to be introduced to her and now is the time. Stay tuned in. Her story is incredible, just like everyone's is. And I think that there's power to the fact that we are open enough to connect in the different facets of our stories. And obviously, she's a sister and I am excited for you guys to get to know her in a way that I know how and so Alana, I'd love for you to just jump in, introduce yourself.

I could share all the things from your bio and the places that I hang out with you on social media. But we'd love to hear firsthand from you.

Alana Palm

Well, first of all, hi, everyone, and thank you so much for having me here today. This is so exciting and basically a little bit about me. My name's Alana Palm. I have a bachelor's in education. I'm a school teacher, and I decided to use my education degree to actually start to teach Christian women more about God, more about really experiencing his love, loving who he created them to be, and courageously pursuing and living out their God given purpose and assignment.

And I realized that in order to do this in a way that I thought would be really effective, I decided to get certified in cognitive behavioral therapy and neurolinguistic programing and life coaching as well. So I just love sharing more of God with women around the world and helping them grow closer to him in a tangible way.

Tamra Andress

I think there's so much to go into it, that one thing, you guys, which angle should I jump in? I mean, I think the empowerment piece for women is obviously critical.

This morning I was on a call, so this is kind of in my spirit already, around this idea of imposter syndrome and not being able to really stand up to the voice that we're actually created to share. And so I'd love for you to jump in to that conversation and then we can talk more about your specific story as well and how it kind of parallels to what you're being called into now.

Alana Palm

Sure. Yeah. So as far as imposter syndrome goes and the women, I think, you know, what it really comes down to is a lot of us have spent most of our lives looking for validation, affirmation in what other people think of us, in what the world says about us.

And we know at a head level what God says. But when it comes to bringing it down to our heart and feeling it, I think we struggle a lot. I think many women struggle with that just to get our mind off the physical realm that we live in and focus on the spiritual realm of God. And a lot of times our soul gets wounded along the way. Write our mind in our heart, get wounded, and we're living out these things.

And I mean, just like we do the things we don't want to do, the things we do want to do, we don't do. Right, just like Paul. So it's just I think when it comes to imposter syndrome, I think a lot of times we're putting on a bit of a facade or a bit of an act because we want to be liked. We want to be loved. We want to do all the things. And we think that that's going to bring us happiness.

It's going to bring peace and fulfillment. But it doesn't because really it all goes back to God. And that's what I love to teach about, because I think once we have our identity and worth in Christ, we stop looking outside of ourselves for all of that affirmation and so good and so true.

So when you're working with clients, how how do you do that? Was that something you walk through yourself first to come to that recognition or something that you've just studied?

It was absolutely something I walked through. I've always had a passion. I didn't know what to call it before, but I always had a passion for teaching kids about self-esteem. So when I grew up, I wanted to be a teacher because I thought I could just implement that at all times, teach them how to be confident in who they were. When I was 30 years old, I became a Christian. So a little bit later in life and when I became a Christian and started understanding the healing power of Jesus and how everything I had done, all the things to try to earn love and feel good about myself and be confident.

And I none of them worked. I mean, all of them worked maybe for a little bit temporarily. But it wasn't until I found Jesus at age 30 that I really started to understand his power, his healing, that he was the one who gave me confidence in who I was, in my identity in him. So I think when it goes down, when it comes down to self-esteem, confidence, that kind of thing, I think what became my passion out of all of it and why I work with Christian women now is because I realized how many of us struggle with that.

And I was one of them. I was that kid who really felt torn down as a child. In many ways. I had almost no self-esteem. I would say I had believed a lot of lies from the enemy. And when I was 12, I started planning my suicide. I realized that I could end my life. I don't know where I got the idea from, but when I was 12, I realized that was an option. And so I kind of planned it out.

I wrote letters. I thought about how I would do it. I kind of hoped at some point I would get my hands on a gun and I would be able to make it pretty quick. But it wasn't until I was age 16 that I had gone through all the planning. And I just thought, well, I've had enough. I might not ever get my hand in a gun. So I went and swallowed a lot of pills and ended up in the hospital for three days.

And then they sent me out with the counselor who helped me understand what was going on in my mind that was really bringing these lies into my life, into my heart, into everything I did. And when I realized that my thoughts were lies and I didn't know anything about the enemy or God at this point, but when I realized that they were lies that were fed into me, this is this is amazing. This is freedom. Right now. I have a choice.

I don't have to tell these things about me aren't actually true. Like it was it was an epiphany for sure. And I love helping women get those epiphanies to see, you know, almost all of our pain is rooted somewhere in childhood. All of our programing is pretty much developed by the time a teenager. And so a lot of times we we're still I always say to my clients, a lot of us are children just living in adult bodies.

We're all functioning as five, seven, 10 year olds. And when we heal those areas, we can free ourselves because we're uprooting those things that we don't need to carry anymore. A lot of lives, a lot of limiting beliefs. We uproot them and then we have freedom in him to really listen to his voice and get our own thoughts and feelings out of the way and really focus on his spirit. So in credit. And we have that parallel in our stories, because I was twenty nine when when I came to know Jesus in the way that I know him now, and it it truly is about an uprooting process.

It's this understanding that what was is no longer all things made new in Christ Jesus. And yet I had this season where I'm like, how is this possible? Like how do I feel like this in the midst of such pain? How can the dark have so much light? And it was through counseling that I was actually able to finally unlock that for myself. And so knowing that it was paralleled obviously with church, with my pastoral guidance at the time, with going to every worship concert, everything that was Jesus, I was like, I'm there because really I had nowhere else to go but into that dark place.

In my mind, that was where I wanted to not be here. And so I see you in that. And I think that it resonates with so many people. Yesterday we were talking all about our stories and how our stories are really the critical component of our why. And if we don't have that papel, if we don't have that, there's kind of like a lack of of knowing like you're just living on autopilot. And and I don't want to live on autopilot.

Even even my husband who drives a test, I'm like, I don't I want to hold my hands on the steering wheel and have control. I want there to be like a knowing of where I'm going rather than just like let it all go. But at the same time, like, we know that God is in control. He's the ultimate driver of all of these things. And it was in submission that the victory of my life actually existed, which was the victory of Jesus.

So I want to know when you're talking about these people that you're working with, these women who are so blessed by it and understanding this uprooting process is painful. Is there, I'm sure, a question of how long is this going to take? What is that conversation like?

Well, it was interesting when I first started my program called the Set Free Academy, which is a combination of biblical principles, cognitive behavioral therapy and personal character development, that kind of thing. I created a three month program because I thought, OK, like, let's get her done. Let's get these results fast. Let's do coaching once a week. Let's have it really intense. Right. And just just get the understanding and move forward. Then I realized, yeah, three months is not enough time as much as it would be nice.

And I think we can actually do a lot of shifting in three months. Like a lot of my clients still get a lot of shifts and changes and transformation in the first three months. But now the program is twelve months because all of my clients, after the three months they wanted more coaching, they wanted to work together for a longer period of time. So that's when I realized I want to support them for a longer period of time, because even when we know, even when we understand, even when we've actually brought it down to our heart and we're showing up differently in life and people are starting to notice and we feel closer to God than we ever have, there's still those things that pop up where we go, oh, what about the situation?

Oh, I don't know how to deal with this relationship. And we get to put them into practice. We learn all of these things and then we have lots of opportunities to put them into practice. And we never know what's around the corner. Right. I mean, this whole pandemic has really shown us that we have very little control over anything except the free will that God has given us with our mind and our heart, our soul, our thoughts and feelings and those kind of things and what we choose to do with that, our actions, the way we show up in life.

So if that's the only thing we actually have control over, we would want to work on that. Right. We'd want to we want to honor him with all of those things that we can control. And even the circumstances around us can actually appear so different because we have an internal locus of control that is very strong, because it's rooted and grounded in our identity in him. So it was just interesting because they they want the results fast. But as long as they're having shifts along the way and they're seeing those gains and seeing how they're changing and growing, they're really excited about the process.

But it's like I like to give them some quick wins right at the beginning so they can go, OK, I can grab onto this smart.

Very smart. I think it's no different in business coaching. And they're like, oh, I want to see the return on investment right now and whether that's a financial return on investment or it's their submission. Right. It's like saying, OK, I'm waving my white flag, I do need help. I'm coming to you for help. And I want this to get easier, faster, easier, faster. We want this we live in a microwave society.

Everything is right at our convenience. It's right at our fingertips. We have this ability to get anything we want pretty quickly. And when it comes to an upgrading process and it comes to this idea of harvest, which we all are so eager to have, we know that there is a planting process. A lot of what happens before that sprout ever comes above the soil line is happening below the surface. And so it's actually spending the time to process and toil and and reemerge this person who is been there all along.

And I think that's a part of the misconception. Just like you said, when you when you first learn when you were 16, and I have nieces that age, so I have just like my heart is with them, as it was with you in that storyline, is to think through the processing of these are lies. This isn't reality. And yet I've been living in this false reality. So who am I? And you are no different than who you were conceived in your mother's womb.

You just have been suppressed. This, the saying of life will take the shell out of you has been presented to me recently and I'm like, gosh, it's so true. Like you can get kicked down, but the shell is still there. You didn't. You were in voice training. Right. But you go through this season of starting to slowly whisper, slowly start sharing your story, slowly start sharing the revelations before you're like, OK, I'm free.

Like, this is true. So talk us through that experience for your own life. So you're thirty what what happened between 16 and realizing that this person probably wasn't a Christian counselor at the time, so they were just speaking secular healing. OK, so what was what was that transition like from sixteen to thirty. Was there a rock bottom. How are you at this place of like I won't say all knowing because we're always becoming but I feel so much wisdom from you and you share.

Oh, you're so sweet. Well, it's interesting because I understood those things were lies, but because I hadn't taken it out by the roots, I was trying to do all the things to kind of in a surface way believe I was different. So I started learning how to look better. I mean, when I was 16, I was quite overweight. I had really short kind of reddish hair and was very pale and just didn't really know how to dress myself, didn't know how to makeup on.

And so I didn't really feel great about myself. So I thought, OK, well, I'll do the things to feel good. I'll lose weight. So I went to this. Jenny Craig, I don't know if you've heard of Jenny.

Jenny has also lost or lost about 40 pounds, which was great. And then I figured out how to do my makeup and my hair. And it grew out and I just started learning how to dress. I had a job, so I was making money. I could buy my own clothes. And I just thought, wow, OK, if I look a certain way and I act a certain way, then I'll feel a certain way. Right. And I know there is a lot to be said about taking action and changing your feelings, but I was really covering up the problem.

And instead of really going down to the roots of it, what was going on inside me, that pain, I would just pretend in a lot of ways that everything was OK. And if I looked good on the outside, then everything was OK on the inside. And so as I grew up, I tried. I mean, you name it, I tried it to feel good. I wanted to find happiness, find joy. So I thought, well, I could find it in a partner.

So I chased after lots of people trying to feel good, chased after somebody would come into my life. And if I held them on a pedestal, I'd go, OK, this is the person who's going to help me feel happy. I'm going to feel good about myself if I'm associated with this person. So I would often get into these relationships that were very destructive, abusive, not healthy for me. And I did a lot of drugs. I went and lived in England for three years.

Actually, I have dual citizenship. So I went and lived over there and worked and went to teachers college. And the drug scene was big when I was there and I got into a lot of drugs and again, it was temporary. I feel good. I'd feel the high, but then you always feel the low. And so but I didn't know. Right. And then sex, lots of sex, lots of sleeping with the wrong people. And it was one night stands and just everything you could imagine.

And I was always left feeling empty, but I didn't know what else there was. I didn't know about Jesus. I didn't know about this personal relationship. So then I got into the new AIDS belief system because I found out from the secret that if you wanted something, all you have to do is think about it and it'll happen. And I was like, well, that's that's cool. I'm all for that. So I practiced this for about three or four years and life is going really well.

I felt like, you know, things that were positive were happening because I was putting positive thoughts out there and I thought I had it all under control. Right. And this whole idea that we have control, I was great in that. I loved having control. And I felt like I could do a lot more in life because I was you know, if all I had to do was control my emotions, then I was set. So what happened at that point was I was teaching at my first job in Canada.

I just come back to Canada, which is where I live now, and I have this beautiful teaching partner who was my mentor, and she was just this amazing person in my life. And we shared a Grade six class and I just loved her to pieces. And one day her ex-boyfriend just got he just basically snapped. And long story short, he ended up shooting another teacher at the school and then killing her and himself in a murder suicide. And it was it was devastating.

Like, I can't I can talk about it now because it was twelve years ago, but it was absolutely devastating to me. Not only because I'd lost my close friend and mentor, but I'd also lost this other teacher who we were like a threesome at the school, we always hung out and he wasn't working for a while. He survived, which was so we were so thankful. But, yeah, he just it just ended up shattering my world view, completely shattered it.

Because if I was right that you put up positive and I was doing all that, then why did this happen? It didn't make any sense. So it shattered my world view. I missed my friends and I also had to cancel this Grade six class, which I was not prepared for. It was it was a mess. These kids were devastated. You know, why? Why did our teacher get murdered like these? Things don't happen where I live.

It's just so weird for that to happen. And people didn't know how to deal with that. So I ended up knowing another teacher at the school and I didn't know much about her, but I knew she went to church. So I said, can you just bring me to church? I don't care where. I just need something. I don't know what I need. I didn't believe in God. I believed in the universe. I didn't know anything about God.

But I said, I don't know what it's going to help me right now. So the next Sunday after this happened, one week later, I was in the church that I still go to today and I just sat there and it was still such a blessing because this church specifically works with speakers like they they present to speakers. They want to bring in speakers or people who haven't been to church in a while, that kind of thing. And so it's like this is amazing.

The music, the drama, the talk, everything was so cool. And I kept going back. And it was about eleven months after I started going there that I actually gave my life to the Lord. And it was a beautiful experience. And it's so funny, the things that we're not ready to hear sometimes because I joke with my pastor about this before I the day God opened my heart. That day before that I never remember my pastor talking about Jesus, and he did every Sunday.

But I wasn't hearing it. I was hearing the life application stuff like I was here.

I hear you're manifesting your positivity. I know.

So funny. And so after going to church for a while and becoming a Christian and continuing on, I started seeing a lot of healing. I still have a lot of residual stuff from the past. But again, I pushed down pretty far. So I went to counseling, had some amazing Christian coaches and mentors that helped walk me through that season where I was really struggling to understand Christianity. God, why I was still suffering because now I'm a Christian.

Shouldn't I be healed? Right. So all these things were coming to my mind and. And that's where. Yeah. So that's pretty much filling in the gap between 16 and 30. It's incredible. And it it really resonates because I feel like I went through this season of going to church hearing and just really sitting in that. And then it was one of those like prepared on Sunday. We were going into Wednesday night services and then gone to get fed just enough to feel like, OK, I'm not totally an F up, right.

I'm not totally a loser. My life is going somewhere. I just don't know where. I got like an inkling of hope. And I had this this gal who I consider a mentor now more so not directly, but indirectly. And she was saying that we're all hopped up on drugs like ninety nine percent of the world has some sort of drug. And it's this drug of hope. And we're in opium or addicted to opium. And we're all like, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, hope.

And we're OK with living life just in that state without the activation piece. And that's the piece that I was stuck in for a decade. I knew what was happening was wrong. I knew that I wasn't feeling fulfilled. I knew that I wanted something different. I just didn't know how to habitually change something that was a cycle of my life. And so to finally break free from that and then actually know the truth beyond what this complacency, mundane life was like, that was putting me into this cycle of madness.

And we know insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different to come from it. I was doing that. I was hoping away the ability for my life to become instead of acting into submission, into the knowing that God had more for us, yet more for you is more for every single one of us. And yet none of those things are done in vain because he makes them all new and he makes us actually be able to have further empathy for other people in that process based on the things they walk through.

So do you feel like with everything that you've come through, that there is a specific type of need when people come to you? Or is it kind of all over the map and the uprooting of what you're helping with and the rediscovery and knowing that it's all through a Christian lens at this point, even with the spiritual side of things that you used to lean into? Yeah, and it's interesting because I feel like I attract a lot of women who were me five.

15, 20 years ago, some version of me, right, because I know I can help the older versions of me, right. And so they usually have a combination of codependency struggles in their marriage, gone through abuse, gone through trauma, low self-esteem. They are caught up in a lot of anxiety, frustration and a lot of circumstantial based feelings. And they don't really know. Well, actually, a lot of them have gone to therapy, too, for many years.

And they come to me because, well, they say this is this is a hands on how to stop. This is tools that I didn't maybe get when I was in therapy. So a lot of them have been to therapy and just realize they want that something that they can apply to their life right away and tangible things. So I would say it's a combination of that women who just struggle in life to even have healthy relationships based on the fact that they were raised maybe with unhealthy relationships or models in that way.

And so they've repeated patterns and a lot of their relationships and they don't know how to break the patterns. But really, it all comes back to what's the root of this. So, as you know, in your celebrated asking questions and a lot of coaching comes down to asking questions and helping them, they have everyone has their answers inside, but it's just helping them to reveal them. We reveal them together. So that's yeah. That's basically the women that come to me basically kind of fit into that mold in some way.

And you do that in group format and one on one. Yeah, it's a hybrid program. So they get some one on one time with me and some group time with me. I love that.

I think it's really critical. And I've seen this Jessica even business coaching is the one on one is amazing. And obviously that is that that quick transformation, it happens faster and that we can really dove directly into the need and really establish from there. But it's that connectivity of the human spirit to see yourself in the mirror of someone else to understand and then maybe even depending on what level that they're at, they're able to speak in from a place of healing that they've been healed in this area.

They're still working on some hard things, but it gives them further affirmation. It gives them further belief in the knowing and the faith that, like this is working and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And instead of just Alana telling me that this is what is the next thing, she's been doing it for years, it's like, OK, there's something else I get to link arms with. There's nobody else that I get to walk through this process with.

And so that mirroring is, I think is really important in the group setting. And there also becomes a lot of emotions in the group setting that you cannot emulate. In the one on one, I feel like I feel like boundaries and blocks are actually like walls are actually let down in the group environment. And and what I witnessed more so than built, because even when I went to therapy for the first time when I wasn't in my faith yet, I was literally like I was still lying.

Like, let's just put it this way. I was still lying because I had lied. White lied so many times that it was actually what I believed in. As I was saying it out loud, thinking of myself is I I'm being honest with you. She was actually emulating what I was saying and giving me further authority in the lie because she couldn't read past me and even in her faith. And I remember leaving empowered, I was feeling empowered even though I was completely broken.

And so it wasn't until a few weeks later when I actually found Jesus, when Jesus actually found me, I should say, because I was the one that he went after in that moment and he lifted my eyes to his face. I remember specifically realizing everything that I was just working on was establishing the same broken cycle, was actually putting further weeds in the soil. And so it was interesting that my husband actually could see that he knew what was happening in that room wasn't what we had been told, what happened in a therapy session.

And so when you get to a place where you're in a place where other people are with you in that group environment, I've just found that you get to become more raw because you see the raw fragility of other people. And that humanness is what we need ultimately. Right? Absolutely.

And the really cool thing about the group is that, like we do slightly different activities in the one on one versus the group and the group gives them a chance to see someone else being coached because sometimes we can't see it in ourselves. But as soon as we watch someone else, we're like, oh, oh, wow, I do that too. But sometimes we when we're on the hot seat, we don't always see it. We can't access it, but we can almost always see it in someone else.

Right. So that's part of it. And the other part of it is I love creating a community of women who love each other, support each other. They're all on a similar journey. I mean, they reach out to each other outside of these group coaching calls in the. Created friendships and relationships that have gone so deep because of it, and I absolutely love creating a community for women that sometimes feel very alone.

Yeah, yeah. I think isolation is definitely like one of the biggest pieces, one of the biggest hardships in anything that we do. And honestly, the things that happen in private, the seasons where the sex addictions or just sex seeking, it's probably less of an addiction, but more of just a seeking of love seeking of connection is that it's it creates further breakage and further bondage because it is in the dark. And that's why we're called to put everything in the light, and that's why we are the light and allowing people inside of our testimonies beyond what we feel shame or guilt over.

The healing is established in the speaking out of. And so it's been such a journey, I think, for both of us in that and also allowing other people to flourish in the process. And I want to know if I know you're planning and you've been you've been creating something incredible for all of us to have access to, just this training, this knowledge, this community concept that you're talking to.

So let's talk about what you've been doing up line a little bit, sir, and I got to interview you, which is so fun, because part of this is I got to meet these amazing Christian experts and leaders in order to interview them for a master class series called Rooted in God's Love. And this master class series is all about helping Christian women grow closer to God, see themselves more through his eyes, see that their pain, that they're the struggles that they've had in life, that God will use them for a purpose, that they're not alone and that they can courageously live out their purpose given to them by God in a whole new way.

So each speaker was chosen because they bring so much light, so much insight and wisdom and experience into their talks and can help you just grow in that deeper relationship with God, become more rooted and grounded in his love, in your identity and worth than him, and really love yourself for who he created you to be and live from that place and love it and into the living from that truth beyond the lies.

Because I think that's what the world is trying at every given point. And it's the enemy tactic. It's also a choice. I've had some interesting conversations with people who are newly stepping into their faith and they're like, I hear people talk about this idea of the devil. I hear people talking about this idea of the enemy in the spiritual warfare that's taking place. And she is like, but I kind of did some of it. So is the enemy inside of me, like the spirit is inside of me.

And I'm like, no, it doesn't work like that. And so understanding the this idea of free will. Right. And that we had a choice, just like Adam and Eve in the garden. Right. It was a choice. He has gifted us this idea of free will with this ultimate ultimate desire, intimacy, and he wants every single time for us to choose him. He chooses us every single time. But in our free will, we have a choice.

And sometimes our actions or our missteps are actually out of unknowing or out of manipulation. But it's an exterior force that's coming inward that then we take as ownership of truth rather than God, the spirit, Jesus's spirit like being within us, and that Holy Spirit guiding our light and guiding our choices where you know that that element of conviction, right, where you're like, I got convicted, I shouldn't do that thing. It's because the Holy Spirit is within you and able to help you.

So I want to hear when somebody is having that conversation with you and maybe you can speak into the specific life of the person, I'm thinking and I'm going to think that she's going to listen to this. What what does that conversation look like for you? Is it the devil? Is it a spirit? Is it a spiritual warfare? Is it a choice? Like what does that look like? Man, that's such a big question. And I think, you know, to simplify a massive topic, I would say it's really about what you choose to come into agreement with or who you choose to come into agreement with.

Right. So are you agreeing with God in every moment? Are you choosing him? Are you really choosing to put your trust and faith in him and follow what he's asking you to do, even if it's hard? Are you coming into agreement that he's your protection and your provision that he is going to give you everything you need, that he has a beautiful purpose for your life, that everything he says about you is true? Are you believing everything?

Are you choosing God in everything that every word in his Bible is actually true? Because I think we like to cherry pick right. And so we get to come into agreement with him or we come into agreement with another force. And if we want to say the enemy right or evil, we will. And it's sin, right. We we will often give in to our sin nature because it's our flesh, right? It's our soul, our mind and our heart.

We give in to those things, but we talk about being transformed by the renewing of our mind. Right, and and really being able to test it to prove what God's will is, is good, pleasing and perfect will, and I think we can do that by really consciously choosing to come into agreement with him in every moment as much as humanly possible, but being conscious of it. So one way I talk a lot about holding every captive to Christ, and I teach systems that help women to really look at their thoughts, to think about what they're thinking about and stepping outside of themselves and noticing, wow, why did I choose that playing detective with themselves?

Why did I choose that? That's interesting. And what was I hoping to gain from that? And what's what's an alternative? What scripture could I stand on here? What am how much am I believing that scripture on a scale of one to 10? I mean, there are so many ways to look at it. And really in every moment, I would say for women to play detective, if you're the woman listening right now who's going, yes, I can definitely resonate with that.

I would encourage you to play detective with yourself. And it's a fun process of discovery to understand why you are the way you are, why you think the way you do, why you make the choices you do and how you unpack those things. And it is always nice to have a coach or a mentor who can help you with those blind spots, because, I mean, I have a coach, I have a few coaches, right. Because I still have blind spots.

And when we have someone else to help reveal them with us, I think it gives us an amazing opportunity to really put ourselves under the magnifying glass and be the best women we can be for God, for his kingdom.

I mean, if you guys aren't sold, I am not here to sell. That's not her at all. But, I mean, it's just it's incredible. She has an incredible Facebook group. She has an incredible resource just in her Facebook and that incredible information that she delivers that this is going to be an incredible conference. It's a virtual conference. It's coming to us at the end of May. Correct. You want to give exact dates? Yeah, it is from May 17th to 30th and each day there will be two speaker interviews released.

So you get to watch those. And obviously we've got yours truly and Tamra and both of these. So it's very exciting. And I was so excited to get to meet you through that, through reaching out to you, through finding all the amazing things that you're doing. I have to say, I followed you now for a little while and seeing what you do for your community and for women, it's just it's just amazing. I love it. And I was so blessed to have met you, gotten to know you your authenticity and vulnerability is such a gift.

And your interview definitely had an impact on me. So I am so excited to share your interview and all the others. There are a little more than twenty five speakers. So we've got we've got some amazing, powerful stories that will just encourage you. And every speaker is giving away a gift as well. And there will be prizes in the Facebook group and fun and fellowship and, you know, live calls to unpack the interview. So it's going to be quite the event.

I'm so excited for it. I think it's going to be incredible. I'm excited to meet all the fellow speakers as well. Thank you for allowing me space to do that. And it's just I think this is where Kingdom impact actually happens, right? It's bringing together and it doesn't have to necessarily be that our storylines align. You might see something like, wow, my husband always says he's like, would you want their story? And I'm always like, I don't know how I feel about that.

And at the end of the day, every single time, we often choose our own, no matter the hardship, no matter what it look like, because we are capable of and we know based on standing today whether we're in still trapped in certain areas, whether we're still hurting in certain areas, whether we still need healing in certain areas because we're always becoming it's the knowing that I'd still choose what we have. And and that's a gift in and of itself and a reason for breathing.

It's a reason for being here beyond the pain. We push into our purpose and we link arms with other people who are willing to see positive change and good in the earth. And I believe that there is a beautiful revival happening not only in the kingdom and the United States, but also within specifically God's women. And so I think that resources like you Alana are everything. And knowing that we have access to that, we don't have state in isolation in the process.

And I don't know about you. I am a believer of all things, all promises that he has for us, that we could stand in the authority of who he calls us to be. And I want to Wake Up Joyful every single day. And it's exactly like the brand of your business. It's the emulation of everything that you put out into the world. Where did Wake Up Joyful actually come from?

Such a good question. Well, I had gone through after I became a Christian and was going through the healing process, I still didn't feel one hundred percent healed. And I had a baby girl, beautiful baby girl, so perfect in every way. But I struggled with postpartum and I didn't know what postpartum anxiety was. That's what I ended up having. But I thought, well, I'm not depressed. So they don't have postpartum depression, but I didn't know there was something called postpartum anxiety and I was so stressed like I had no joy that first year of her life, because I was just stressed all the time trying to do all the things and a lot of old stuff came up for me.

So then I decided to get involved with a company that a friend of mine was involved in that was teaching you a lot of. I didn't realize at the time how humanistic it was that they were teaching you a lot of the human potential movement and you've got potential. You can do this on your own. You're the God of your own life. So a lot of new age belief systems, except the people who ran up were Christian. So I thought it was a Christian group.

I thought they were pointing me to God. But what I didn't realize was that there was severe mind control involved. It ended up being more of a cult than a really good group to be a part of. I learned some great skills. I you know, I was brought to the depths of despair in it when I when I lost my identity due to the mind control. And I actually found out finally what I was involved in because two of my friends came.

My angel friends from my church came to this company on my recommendation. And as soon as they came, they went, this is a cult. And we were away for a week together up in the mountains. And I was like, this isn't a cult like this is not what it looks like at all. And I just had this vision of a cult being you live on a compound and you're all wearing robes and chanting and you hear about these stories and all these things.

Right. And then I, I ended up just listening to them because I believed in them, because of their faith, because I knew they were very tied in to God. And I thought, how could they see it so differently than me? There's got to be something here. And they were very traumatized. They were away for a week. And when they got home, they were both in therapy. They were extremely traumatized. They couldn't stop crying.

They can hardly function. One of them didn't go to work for two weeks because she was crying every day. She's a teacher. And she they were they had one had acute stress syndrome. It was it was a mess. And they ended up kind of bringing this to the surface for me and helping me. And this is why I think it's so important to play detective, because I at first kind of shunned their ideas. Right. Because you shun whoever is going against what the group believes.

Right. So I shunned their ideas, but then it was like God's spirit was still in me, even though I'd been taken quite far from him because I was focusing on me being the God of my life, trying to incorporate God in, but kind of pushing him to the side because I got it figured out. And so I listen to them. I explored it and I realized that there was something off. But they've been there a week. I've been involved for about a year and a half at this point.

And I've gotten very close to a lot of people, a lot of people who are in charge. There was one specific person who was in charge who was very narcissistic and I've heard potentially sociopathic, but I had no idea. And so I got very close to this leader and I basically left this group finally went no contact, realized how damaging it was to was seeking wise counsel around it. My pastor, different people at my church, and they could all see the abuse and the trauma psychologist could see the abuse and trauma.

I started seeing a deprogramming therapist. I was seeing three therapists at the same time because I was stripped down to nothing. I left that group and didn't know who I was anymore. I had virtually no identity. There was like this member of God in me still, right, because he never completely goes away. But I had covered him up with all the stuff and he was still in there. And I just thought, you know what? I just need to let him start growing in me again because I had done everything I could to bury him, not even realizing it's like, you know, for one degree off course, eventually we end up way out in left field.

And yes, that's where I was. So for that for that time after I got out, it was about six months when I could not Wake Up Joyful at all. I was in such a state. I went through suicidal thoughts. I knew I had a lot to live for. So I was like, OK, I need to keep this up Bay. But I had ten friends on speed dial who all knew what had happened and they were available to pray or encourage or talk or whatever.

And it got me through the six months until I found out that two other leaders from the group who were actually healthy were also undermines control for 15 to 20 years. And they quit. So when they quit, I realized because I had convinced myself that maybe I was wrong, maybe I just saw these things, but I was wrong. I couldn't actually even discern whether I was correct or not. I went through a huge crisis of faith and really it was bad.

It was bad. And I am so glad I have so much to live for and I'm so glad God, like I just poured into his word. I poured into understanding what had happened and really just asking for his spirit to come and cover all of those things and heal me. So after I. Got in touch, you introduced amazing people into my life, mentors, coaches who were able to help me through that time. And when I was going through it, I was learning all the things about finding your identity and worth in Christ.

And as I started learning all of these things, how to experience his love, how to love myself, and how to share that love with others in a healthy way, not in a codependent way, not in a needy or manipulative way, but just because I'm overflowing with love. Right. And how do I navigate life now? How do I navigate relationships and circumstances? What's my purpose? So all of this ended up being born into this program called the Century Academy.

And when I thought about what I wanted this ministry to be called, I just remember for so long, I just thought I just want to Wake Up Joyful again. And that was where it came from.

That is incredible. And the perspective of Timeline 30, you come to know, Jesus, this happened afterwards. Wow. Wow. I mean, I think this is an enemy tactic, right? He he doesn't he doesn't have any new ideas. And so what he did in positioning you into that place by manipulation was essentially utilizing all of the new agey language you were already comfortable with, that you already knew and put you into a place where you're like, oh, now I can parallel what I was practicing to, what is the truth?

Right. And this is why all of that stuff existed. This is why those positive affirmations actually work. This is why manifestation is what it is. And I have found in the last few years, just in my own study and phraseology, is that people of new agey are utilizing as well as being in apps like Clubhouse. There are a lot of components of people who are seeking out these things, like the universe and energy and vibrations and all of this stuff.

And it really I, I took an interest to it, not an interest through the lens of manipulation, but an then why do so many people believe in this thing? And this is a universal these are universal phraseology and understandings that are across not just Kristina are not just secular world or in the Arab world, it's in Buddhism and so many religions. And I was really curious about it and I'm still curious about it. So going back to the word, because we know that that's the truth, the only thing alive standing and that we can actually lean into as a trusting source, even pastors, even leaders, even people are human.

And there's a flesh component to it. The word like manifestation, the words like energy. And these ideas of universe, they're God's words. They're God's ideas. They're his they've always been is and it's just been manipulated, manipulated to a point of control, where now people have the belief system that the universe is in control when God is the maker of the universe or that manifestation are positive, affirmations are going to bring about the idea, no, God put good in your heart and in your spirit and in your nature, because he wants good things to emerge.

He's in control of the good things that take place. And so when we look back at that stopped dead in our tracks point, where that transition happens, where that surrender happens, where that infusing of the Holy Spirit happens, whether it's at a baptism, whether acceptance of Jesus in your spirit, in a prayer and a knock you on the floor, whatever your experiences with him is, he takes the alignment of every piece, pain, passion, and brings them into a place of purpose, allowing you to see he was there all along.

And even in the good things that happened, that was him. It wasn't not him. You didn't do it. Alana didn't make that happen. Right. And so being able to recognize that, but also to know when you're in this battle versus Holy Spirit and there's no verses, he wins every single time, just to remind you. But the recognition that this exists in our human flesh is constantly like, is this real? Is this right? Can I control can manipulate?

Those are things that we are able to let down. I love you said to utilize that spirit. Why do I feel this way? Because we have agreed there is lust in our nature. There is a generational bondage that's occurred beyond our question of the things that we need or want to have. And in fact, God wants something more for you. And I think ultimately that's what your set free experience is. That's what Wake Up Joyful is to wake up in a place of surrender and freedom.

And I want that for people. I don't care what their entrepreneurial passions are, their life's passion is if it's centered on him. All of these other things go to the wayside in understanding because he gets the glory in every single person's interest. Now, absolutely no, I agree with everything you said and yeah, I mean, really, that piece of surrender and letting go, I mean, that's the last module in the set free academy is all about letting go, surrendering, being at rest and him choosing God.

And how do we do that? What are practical tools that we can use to shift out of the the belief system that we have or whatever is going on in us, that that desire to maybe sin that our flesh has? How do we shift into his spirit and shift into a place of peace? And him? I think we hear about these things and we read verses about them, but it's like, how do you how do you bring it down into you so that it's just ingested and you just are that way?

It's just part of who we be and who we are in him. And I think that part of it is really what it all comes down to. We can learn all the tools. We can have strategies which I still use, all the tools I teach. I still use them every day. Right. And I think we always have a choice. So I always think I have a choice. Right now. I can get upset with my sweet little five year old girl, which is going to do nothing good for the situation.

Or I can choose to have grace for her and just be at peace with what she's doing and surrender to God's plan, even if I don't agree with it. And I think that can apply in all areas of our lives with kids, with partners, with I mean, we all probably see people in our lives making choices and we think we just want to do something. We just want to control. We just want to get them to stop. Right.

But what are we doing within ourselves? Because sometimes we can be distracted by other people. But what are we doing in ourselves? Are we practicing surrender to believe that God will cure that person in our life of whatever it may be? Right. Or are we not trusting God or are we not being addressed in him? Are we trying to do it all ourselves? And I think that's such a huge part of really being set free in him. I so agree.

And I think the beauty of being a Christian and a beauty of still like existing here right now in this present moment is like no perfectionism, like not my aspiration, no achievement, no realm of success, like just Jesus. And when he's at the forefront of all of those other things, all of our relationships have an element of overflow. All of our relationships have an element of truth and peace and that joy that we're speaking of. But I am always every single day catching myself in the moment of wanting to control or wanting to fix or problem solve or change.

And it's a really hard thing to do, especially when there's external forces. And so if it was just me and Jesus and we were like on the beach, I'm like, get you. I see you. Oh, my lights just came on is here. Holy Spirit. Thank you. Is like just this knowing that like it's it's a lot easier to be in that place, but that's not real life. And so knowing that everything stems from this place of centering this place of identity in him, just like you said, and then identity starts with self.

And when we are more self aware, when we are more affirmed and who we are through his eyes, we are able to take on the world in such a different way. And that is when people are starting to turn their heads towards the recognition of what does that person have that I need, that I want. They are they're going after it with this like bait and switch experience. They're throwing you the fishing line. They want you to come in.

They want to catch you. But the cool thing about that is, is that we are fishers of men and we have an opportunity to give them Jesus in that exchange. And that's exactly what you've literally done for your entire ministry. And I'm so excited to just see how this conference as well is going to be another component of just just going fishing. Just going fishing. I love it. Thank you. So encouraging. Thank you so much for your.

You're so welcome, you guys. If you are not following Alana Palm, you must do this now. She's incredible. You can see the links right now and all the things that are alive. And if you're tuning into the podcast, you can get everything there. Be sure to sign up for this conference when the conference stuff goes live in May for us to sign up. Right. Actually, people can sign up now, sign up for it now.

They might not get as much info until the first week or two of May, but go ahead and get signed up and then I'll keep in touch with you and let you know what's going on and what to expect. And it'll be super fun and then come and join the Facebook group as well. And we can start the conversation there, too. I'd love to connect with you. So if you want to go to the link, sign up for the master class series.

You can go to Wake Up Joyful dot com slash Fit in Faith. Yeah, that says, all right, I had it in all of the different places, so be sure to tune in for that and I'll be seeing you again. You'll be seeing us collectively together again in May. So thank you so much for your investment of time. Thank you for being vulnerable in your story and for just allowing people to see and experience that mirroring time in you.

You're a beautiful woman of God, and I'm so grateful to know you well. Thank you, Tamra. This has been such a blessing. It's been such a blessing getting to know you. Thank you so much for having me. And yeah. Thanks, ladies, for tuning in to see you guys.

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