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Unleash the Humble Alpha

Today's guest Steven Kuhn is the co-author of Unleash Your Humble Alpha, and it is an incredible book about cultivating leaders. Alpha makes you think it is just for males, but it's for women, too. I've been incredibly blessed by this book and its story, but more so about the impactful teaching and training that it provides. It's a way of life. It's the humble alpha lifestyle. And it talks about the HIT identity, the HIT training - honesty, integrity, and transparency.

I know that you are going to feel this new level of expectation over how you can show up in your life, in this humble, alpha way. I'm excited for you to feel like the scales are being removed as you listen to see truly what God has in store for you when it comes to your self-awareness to your ego or lack thereof and to your humble alpha.

Unleash Your Humble Alpha

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About Steven:

Steven Kuhn is a decorated United States army combat veteran, speaker, author, and business turnaround consultant who helps leaders dramatically improve their quality life through the consistent, conscious application of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. (H.I.T.) Steven and his team help leaders increase and scale their existing influence through mastering the art of relational capital through HIT- Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency. The HIT philosophy unleashes your inner authenticity, increases revenue, and supercharges your mindset to wield influence. Many leaders only feel powerful in their own area of responsibility with a title or position, we focus on “amplifying” your Humble Alpha to dominate all areas of life. All rooted in H.I.T., Creating Space & Investing in Relational Capital in your life enterprise that then leads to massive quality of Life #QOL. Steven and his co-author Lane Belone, a Special Forces Green Beret veteran released their critically acclaimed book “Unleash Your Humble Alpha” in September. The college accredited certificate program is set to be released in February in Colleges and Universities over the year in 2021. Steven says he is ever surprised and astonished at the things he can accomplish in life, not because they are hard to do but because they are actually almost effortless now. He will talk about this and to give a hint, this is a big part of the book!

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Unleash the Humble Alpha with Steven Kuhn

So you hear the word humble a lot and humility, and we probably don't parallel exactly the depths or the layer or the foundation in which that is established well today's guest Steven Koon is the co author of unleash your humble alpha, and it is an incredible book about cultivating leaders and not just humble.

Alpha makes you think of a male it's women too. I've been incredibly blessed by this. Storyline, but more so about this impactful teaching and training that it provides. And it's so much more than that. It's a way of life. It's the humble alpha lifestyle. And it talks about the hit identity, the hits, training, honesty, integrity, and transparency.

And so I know that this is gonna. I know that you are going to feel this new level of expectation. See over how you can show up in your life, in this humble, alpha way. I'm excited for you to feel like the scales are being removed. As you listen to see truly what God has in store for you when it comes to your self-awareness to your ego or lack thereof and to your humble.

Which is ultimately a reflection of who he is, the humble God that we serve. And so, Steven, I am honored to have you here. I love you in lane, the other fellow author of this book and the mission that you're on truly to inspire the world into their greatest sense of self. And so you all please tag Steven tag, Elaine, even this is the humble, alpha just unpacking and ultimately where that derived from.

And so I know it's going to bless you. Please leave a review for the fit and face. Fast and share it everywhere you can, because I want you to have access to the same truths that are in this show right here today for you individually, uniquely tune in all the way to.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

Talents. As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

All right. Live and in action. The one and only humble alpha, actually there's two of you actually working that there's millions of you before you have a chance to get done with this mission. Stephen King. Thank you so much for being here. Thanks for having me. It's just a real quick.

Yeah. I don't know if it's streaming or not. It says it's no longer available. Maybe that happened with a stream yard before, too. It's saying live on my end. My team will be working in the bathroom to make recruits going. No, no, no, I totally get it. I'm excited to have you. Thank you for being here. Awesome.

We know, we know how a glitch and tech can actually get in the way of. Humble alpha spirit yesterday with all the downs. How's crazy that I was interesting to jump in the clubhouse later in the afternoon and hear how it actually affected people. Um, I didn't have that same experience as a lot of people.

Uh, and I, I, I'm curious as to why you would think that is. Oh, well, some, some people, their entire businesses online, you know, their entire businesses, Facebook or Instagram, I mean, look at the influencers, you know, what do they it's they have a funnel, they have a page and suddenly it's down. It's just stopped.

You know what I mean? If you're running ads on Facebook, uh, you know, I had a buddy that was launching his campaign yesterday and it couldn't launch it terrible. That's terrible. Yeah. I mean, I, I guess what I was thinking of, and obviously I noticed it in book sales and I'm sure you could probably track the same.

In my spirit. I didn't have a movie. Yeah. Like I literally said out loud, I was like, all right, have your way, God do what you will do. Right. Because at the end of the day, that might happen. And what does that do? What does that do to your relationships? What does that do to your. Quote unquote influence.

Right. So I would, I would be curious how you would parallel your humble, alpha, um, exploration and also identity and, and let's get into what that actually means, um, for the listeners who don't yet know. Right. Okay. So you mean in relation to that, You know, I think it's in relation to in general, but I feel like because there wasn't a shift in our spirit, it lends itself to understanding the hit strategy, a hundred standing, what humble alpha means.

Well, basically in the end, everything comes from the inside out. We, we talk about, you know, changing the paradigm of, of paradigm of leadership. And that means that everyone's a leader within. Right. And it's a little bit more complicated than that. Uh, but we base everything on our core principles called hit honesty, integrity, transparency, um, honesty with yourself.

And while you do say and think like you do, uh, transparency is how you step into the world with that identity. Or also with that artist on that honesty. And it's your ongoing reputation as well. By-product is integrity. And we talk about creating space, which is one of the techniques we use in there and that this is.

We're going to come to the point is when I lived my life, focusing on my intention and not an outcome, the outcome doesn't matter. The how doesn't matter. Right. It only matters that I know that I'm going to make it happen. So when something like that happens, it's just like, okay, all right. Well, I guess that's not supposed to happen.

What's what's where are we going now? We used to just roll with it. Right? You just roll with it because you're not fixated on like, it has to be. And when you, when you work like that and live like that, whether it's in your personal life and your professional life, you end up, um, literally, uh, with a wider view of life, your, your, your, your view of your intention is macro.

But your view of life is sorry is micro, but your view of life is macro. Meaning you're going to see the magic that appears, and that. New connections, opportunities, doors, opening, um, you know, communication, uh, connections, all these things that happen on the outside of your peripheral, in your peripheral, outside of that laser focus that everyone says we have to have, which I don't think.

Yeah, no, I, I, I agree so much in a conversation that we were having just a couple of days ago and an event that I was hosting was this idea of being attached to the outcome versus what we should be, which is committed to the. Because we're attached that the outcome is only going to work via social media or via that narrowed focus versus the opportunity experience.

The commitment of whatever comes in is going to lead me to that next space allows way more freedom, I think, which is a component of being in that humble office spirit. Amen to that. I mean, you know, there's, there's been, uh, I don't know where I read this study. It was like 30% of all. Successful people, um, uh, attribute, sorry, 30% of successful people.

Success comes from coincidence and luck. And so if you're, if you're a heads down to the grindstone, you're going to miss all that, you know, you're just not going to see it. And people say you gotta be laser focused, focused on one thing. Yes. You set the goal on one thing, but your intention is, um, like you said, be committed to that intention of getting to the goal, but.

It doesn't even matter because the, how is going to, you're going to create as you go, we always say taking perfect action, create as you go, you know? Cause we're in a co-creation, um, relationship with the world with God, with whoever of like you and I are co-creating right. Right. And then there's a third entity, you know, that we could call the higher one.

Uh, you know, and, and this, this is so it's never your idea alone. It's never your power alone. It's there's no, self-made millionaires billionaires. Trillionaires there's no, there's no self-made anybody, right? It doesn't exist. So anyone who thinks like that is very egotistical. And so we're always like, look back down.

It isn't about anything on the outside. It's about you being solid and being happy with who you are through finding your true identity, your purpose, and creating that certainty. So you can let go of the, how you're going to get to where you are. It's so many Mike jobs in one sentence or one section I'm like, wait, hold on, let us catch up what I want to know as I'm hearing all of that, because it, it, it all sounds beautiful and because I've experienced it, I know that it is beautiful as have you.

Can you take us back to a time where you had yet to uncover this inside out experience? So that we can go along the journey with you rather than where you are now. Oh my goodness. Um, I, you know, there's, there's Jesus, so many, I don't even know where to start. Uh, you know, I was in the military and I was in the military.

I left high school. 10 days after high school went into the army, went to Fort Knox, Kentucky, five months later, I was in. So it was 19 year olds, 18 year, nine, 19 years old in Germany, I think, or 18, um, stationed in a foreign country. It was a cold war. The wall was up. The Russians were the bad guys, you know, and, um, they are again, I guess.

And, uh, and you know, I was just moving along in life and I had a very structured lifestyle because the army tells you what to do when to do it. When you're going to get paid, how are you going to eat when you're going to eat? When you gonna get up fitness, everything, everything was planned for you. So you didn't really, when you were off, you were just.

Right. So there was no goal that the issue is, and this is with, with most veterans, if not all, is when you leave that structure, not only do you lose that structure, do you lose a family of everybody who's pulling on one string? Uh, but you lose that bigger purpose, that larger purpose. So something that's bigger than yourself, the contribution you're making to the planet, to the universe, to whatever it is when you're in a, when you're in the military, you write a blank.

You know, for whatever it's going to cost. Right. And I went to war, I went to Iraq, you know, 19 90, 19 91. And I wrote that check and I actually, uh, I was, you know, we were the front line. We were the first one. So, um, we knew we weren't coming back. So I dealt with that and said, okay, I'm not coming back. And, um, when I did come back, I didn't know how to act, you know, cause I had, I had basically.

Anything to do with my life at that point. I know when I did come back, I ended up not being able to deal with the military anymore because of my experiences in Iraq and with a little girl that I met there. And some other people that had some other things, I lost a friend of my arms there. Um, and after that experience, I couldn't align my person, my, the person who I was with the military anymore.

So I got out and I stayed in Germany where I was staying in. And, uh, that's when it really hit me hard because I had nothing, nothing, you know? And when you're in the military, you wearing a uniform, I can see what, what, what battles you're in, how long you've been in, how long you served, what units you're.

I can see everything I don't need. I don't even need to say one word to you. So it's clear like your Sergeant, his first Sergeant or Colonel or whatever it is, I can see it. And then, then, then you get out. I'm S I get out, I'm standing at a door of a door of a club in Berlin, and some kid comes up and says, get a real job.

You lose her, you know? And you're just like, I just got back from the war.

And so it's tough. And I think that was the first time where I realized. Who the hell am I, I can't run around saying I'm a veteran. I can't run around saying I'm an ex-army guy. I did that for like two years, you know, and I, then that's when the journey started. And so I started, uh, what most people do is adopting titles and positions.

Like I would fight for a title fight for a position, fight for ownership, I own bars and clubs. And that was my identity. Stephen, the club owner of the bar owner. Right then I was a corporate guy, Steven, the director, Steven, the whatever general manager. And after a while, it's like, man, I don't have any fulfillment from these things.

I crushed it in the job. I really made it. It's there's, there's nothing to it. There's no bigger calling purpose. And so all these years on to the point where, uh, 2008, I had a complete crash where, um, toxic relationship we got in an argument, the police stopped us. I pulled the gun out of the police or tried to pull the gun out of the police officer's holster to shoot myself.

And, um, yeah, that all went downhill from there. And, uh, I. I ended up in a monastery in Austria. So I love that shift. It's like, hold on, wait. Well, when you, when you're at the end, it's either you're going to go all the way to the end or you're going to start over from zero. I was there Steven in my own personal journey, and I remember ideating all through the night.

How am I going to do this? How's this going to work full body shakes, full body sweats, trying to be engulfed by my husband who was trying to do anything he could just to keep me present in my brain so that I wouldn't ideate to those spaces. And I remember going to the computer in the morning with my one, my not even one-year-old, let's be specific zero.

She was nine months old and two year old in the other room. And. Where do I go? How do I get, well, how do I find my sense of self and my sense of purpose? And either there was two things that were available either I was going to be removed from my household and my children and my family at a very expensive cost, like 40 K for, you know, 30 days, 60 day experience in a place that I couldn't pinpoint.

That even was my identity. I was like, I'm not a drug addict. I'm not an alcoholic. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am broken and, or, uh, there was nowhere to go other than a one time a week, like experience in theory. There had to be more. And so it had, I had the ability to go to a monastery. I would've checked right in, but I ended up having to do it in the comfort of my home, in the comfort of my community.

And so I want, tell me, like, what was that experience like? Well, you know, the way I got there, it was, I called a friend and I said, look, man, Michael, his name is Michael Wagner. And from Austria said, look, if you don't come get me, I'm not going to be here no more. I won't make it through the night. I can tell you that right now.

And so he sent me, um, uh, Uh, E ticket and I jumped on a plane, went to Austria and he dropped me. He didn't tell me I was going to a monastery. He just said, he just, he didn't even pick me up. One of his friends picked me up and they dropped my hair. Michael said, wait here.

And I went in and then the monks all knew that was coming. And they knew about me and they took care of me. And I was, it was a Benedictine monastery. So it's, it's they're Christian, which is great, but they also have. And they chant. So when they were chanting and this little chapel built in the year, 920 or something ridiculous, it's, it would verbally reverberate through your whole body.

So you could feel the chance. And sometimes they do it in Latin, French, German, English, whatever. And it was just, it was this magical, magical place. Uh, yeah, the vibration went through your entire body and sorta changed you, you don't realize it right away. You know? I mean, it was the first two weeks where like, man, no phone, no cell phone, no TV, no laptop, no nothing to the outside world in a very, very small village.

There was one restaurant cafe kind of place, um, where I would go. Yeah. Um, sometimes during the day going to that restaurant and like polishing silverware forum and stuff. Cause I just, I was just, he needed a job

and, uh, it was just, it was magical because after awhile I realized I don't actually need anything. I don't need anything. It's it's all inside of me. And I just started peeling back the onion and man, that was a, was a big ass onion. And. I, I walked out of there. I don't know, eight months later, six months, eight months later, I'm a person that knew who he was.

Right. And I couldn't go back to society cause I was like, I don't want to go back. So I went to the mountains by myself into a little hut. And there, I started just going off the deep end. I think, you know, I was like, I don't need food. I can just drink water. I was like that completely. Yeah. And people just started coming up to visit me because they heard about this crazy American and, uh, they would bring me food and bread and that kind of stuff.

And I ended up, you know, being this kind of person that would sit with them in a semi-circle. To answer questions that I had no idea what it was. It was just, I was channeling something. And so I was just sitting there and they're asking questions and I was just getting the answers and just spitting them out.

And that's how I was almost basically levitating is what it felt like you were in like utter flow. Yeah. Complete 100%. I had zero distractions. So when you're with yourself for that long. You see things that you don't see in everyday life and you feel things you don't feel in every life. Cause you're not numb.

You're not distracted. Right. Wow. And that brought me back down to who it was. And once I had that power, that source of power, I never lost it right now. Of course, I came back and, you know, hung out for a year and tried not to work and do, uh, do just what I wanted to do. And, and I got called up and they said a corporation that had been working for and left four times.

Cause they drove me. Um, overworked me said, Hey, we need you, um, for another contract. And I was like, no, man, I never, again, I'm like going down that path. And they said, it's in Budapest. And something said, go, you know? And so I said, all right, well, I went triple the money and, uh, you guys pay for everything, flights, hotels, restaurant, whatever, everything.

And they said, okay, showed up. Um, first day in Budapest, first day of business opened the door and there was a woman standing there and I was like, oh my. And it is to this day, 13 years later, my wife and so, and it was so amazing because before that I had just, I had a divorce behind me. I had toxic relationships.

I had bad really shifts and the whole time was, um, what I realized was that you only can ever receive love, acceptance, and embracing, embracing to the degree that you love and accept, embrace yourself and okay. Okay, right. I was self-loathing and until I clear that up, no one could love me the way I needed to be left or wanted to be loved or could be loved.

And I also realized that no, one's responsible for our happiness besides us. They can make us happier, but our baseline happiness is. Absolutely amazing. But you guys don't know about Steven is him and I get to almost every single morning of the week, which is amazing on clubhouse. And, uh, we actually did, um, Mike, Michael , who's been on the podcast before and I hosted a book club and we were just really engulfed in wanting to learn everything about this humble.

Experience one, because I think Sorello, and I have both been on that journey that humble, alpha experience before having language to it and understanding what this hit concept means. And we were so honored that both him and lane actually came in to the book club experience and enjoy joined us. And we just had a couple of weeks.

It was about eight or nine weeks where we just unpacked what this meant. And through that entire time, Stephen, I didn't get to hear these couple of stories. And so I love that. Um, an evolution of, of experience. And every time I get to share with you, there's another layer of the onion that you uncover.

And so I'm grateful that that's how everyone is as a human. And it's more just, are we willing to take the time to actually allow that person to sit and uncover with you and trust you in that experience? Uh, you know, it's probably the most important thing I've ever done is to articulate my experiences.

You know, when, when we looked at the book, um, You know, this, this is not, not just a book. This is, uh, my life articulated right with lane as well. And once you articulate your operating system is what we call it. Then you can launch from there. And I mean, really launch since we wrote the book and we realized all the things that we were doing, we put a name to it and we can teach it.

Um, and we are teaching it and also at Ford school of business and technology, it's now a part of their university curriculum before. And a few other universities. Um, once you do that, you're, you're a different person because now, you know, you have a place from where you speak, right? You have a baseline from where you speak, where you teach, where you, where you even learn.

And every conversation, when, when we create space, we show up wholly and fully for the person in front of us, no preconceived notions or cookie cutter solutions, focusing on the intention and not the outcome because we don't control the outcome anyway. But when you do that and you co-create like. And every time I have, uh, you know, a call like this or an interview like this or lane, and I are talking, we always record it because since we're creating space, it's always new.

So everything we talk about, even the way I'm, I'm discussing this right now is different than I've discussed before, because we're creating something different. And so we take this down and we'll, we'll use this recording to write the next. Right. So as we discuss the, as we articulate our baseline, plus the new things that were coming that are coming to us through experiences and, and articulation, we're writing the next books.

And so thank you so welcome. I am happy to be a subject in the process. You know, I think that that's, what's so important though, is the recognition that every experience outside of. Label outside of a fixed idea. So we're going to have an hour meeting and the outcome is supposed to be, we're going to grow our business by X number of dollars.

That's actually not it at all. That is a component and that is something we can speak to, but there is this energy, there's this frequency there is going back to that experience in that church, that, that vibration that is going to happen. And ultimately the goal. Is that we become higher versions of self.

By the time we leave that situation. And I just got to experience that this morning with someone who was thinking, she was just coming to coffee with me. Right. And she just wanted to know what I do. And I'm like, well, I don't, what do I do? Doesn't really matter, but what I be matters a lot. And so who ID is this?

Right? And so I love that component of who you are and how you show up in the. Yeah, your rap sheet is amazing. And the things that you've been able to accomplish because of this understanding has been grandiose. But I believe that's for everyone. That's not in a silo for Steven Coon. It's not in a silo for Tamra Angeles.

Right. And, and that's the sad thing sometimes is when you talk to people, they just, they, they, even when you are as powerful as you can be with them, you can't force them to do it. Right. So they get there. There are so many people look on the outside for the answers and they're there and the answers aren't on the outside, there'll be tips and tricks and maybe a little.

Peak, but the true answers on, on the inside and when you're willing to face it, look, I have PTSD from Iraq. I have to face that, you know, once a, once a week minimum, usually every morning. Right. And I deal with it. I just deal with it. I don't make it a crutch or an excuse or a reason or whatever. That's just part of who I am.

It's not my identity. Right. It doesn't define who I am, but it's a part of who I am. So I deal with that. And there's there's everyone has a reason to give up. You do I do everyone has a reason to give up the question is, do you want to live a life on purpose or do you want to live a life guided by outside influences?

That's what it comes down to. And me and lane and my family, we want to live on purpose and living on purpose means you determine what you get out of. So like right now, right? My, my wrist is like really bad and it's like, I don't know that my, I have dropped foot. All of a sudden my foot just dropped. So I can't walk like fishing and on my foot, you know, it doesn't bother me.

I'm working on it. It's not a big deal. I don't get depressed. I don't worry about it. I don't get nervous. I don't get scared. Why? Because I'm dictating the frequency that I want to live. And that's what you're talking about. When you said you went with this one, when you went for coffee, you, you elevated her frequency and people are like, whoa, that, that feels amazing.

What's going on here? Oh, Gemma was great. Yeah. But you're great because you allowed yourself to reach that frequency and vibe, frequency, whatever you wanna call it. Yeah. And, uh, and so that's, that's sort of where we are. We were all about that frequency all about that vibe and with our coaching program, humble off a paradigm upgrade program.

We're just, they're just flying at us, you know, it's incredible. We have no website, no marketing or anything. It's just, and then people just showing up. We have a group of a group of five starting today from the UK. Uh, we have a guy starting next week and you know, we have some really, really amazing clients and they all become friends and they all become business partners or better, you know, because of the frequency we're on.

Once you meet people that frequency, you want to stay around them. That's, that's your tribe. That's your vibe, right? It's so incredible. And, and ultimately it's the concept of Napoleon sales mastermind, right? Like it's the same thing. It's, it's creating this when we come together, this higher level of being, and it's the God within all of us that is showing up in that omnipresent experience based on the frequency.

And it's so funny because. I've been drawn to this concept and I've been drawn to you. And what lane have been doing since the first time that I met you, because I don't feel like anyone that I know here has, even though they've tapped into the concept, they haven't tapped into the language because even when I read the Bible or I learned from somebody who I really believe has a divine alignment from as a pastoral realm or an evangelical or a PA Epistolic, whatever that be.

They haven't understood it from a similar concept. And I don't know if it's because of experience or lack thereof. Um, can you tap into, why do you think? Sure. Um, you know, a lot of it is learned, you know, if you look at a professor or a theologist, you know, they, they experienced to a certain degree, but when you're out there, Shucking and jiving, as we used to say, you know, um, and you're living it every single day.

Uh it's you can't beat that. You can't be talking to someone who's lived it. They've been there and done that. You know what I mean? And also being aware of what's going on in your life. A lot of people are. They don't see that person next to them. They don't see that when they turn away that the person's eyes change or they look down or whatever, they don't see these things.

And when you're aware of the world around you, you see your effect on the world, around you, and then you can adjust it accordingly by looking within and saying, why am I having this effect on people? I thought. Good person or I thought it was a great person or whatever it is. And then you realize, well, my frequency is low when I'm with this person on my frequency is low after this, or I don't feel good after that.

So, um, I have to do it for me first and then automatically the outside is elevated and like being aware, consciously aware of where you are in life at all times. And, and, and sounds exhausting. And in the beginning, it's, it takes discipline. But after awhile, it's just a constant conscious. Yeah, you just, you just know I'm walking in the grocery store, I'm making contact with people around me being friendly, smiling, bombed, doing this, spun it out, helping people to carry the dah, dah, dah it's just years constant like that.

And that's, that's, that's literally, what's your finger on the knob, keeping it at that, at that frequency, as you're saying that, especially with the, the, uh, grocery store example. I've been told a long time, like you're such a light, like when you walk into the room, you're such a light, right. And for a long time, that actually was a, uh, almost a negative thing because I wasn't in that hit understanding that integrity wasn't there for that light.

And I was almost manipulating the usage of it. And when I got into integrity, when I understood the purpose of the light, when I understood where the light was derived from, which is ultimately the source of God, and I would go into new experiences, I would allow. To be what came into the room before me, the body before me, the human before me, the idea of me or whatever, a gift and talent I brought into the space.

And because I allowed my power, which is his power to precede me, I then was off the hook for the expectation of what those people. For me Tamra. And it became so freeing where that subconscious didn't have to work as hard. And I really truly got to sit and be present in that moment. Yeah, that's a, that's something.

And, um, it's relinquishing, um, the bigger picture. I mean like, like you said, focusing on your intention and not the outcome, like what what's going to happen is going to happen. Um, we can only, um, to a certain degree control how we're gonna accept. So I would say receive, right? So we're going to receive what's going to happen.

But if my intention is whole, if my intention is good, if my intention is aligned, then it's going to happen the way it's supposed to happen. But which is, which is a benefit or a positive for myself and everyone else involved. And just the fact that you believe that. Right. Just the fact that you, I always say there's beliefs of faith and certainty.

Like, you know, we believe that's active. Like I believe, I believe. And then you have faith, which is, I have faith in God. I have faith in things that'll happen, but then you pray for the same thing every day. So do you really have faith? Because if you did, you'd say at one time that's enough. Right. So, you know, it's like, how do we get there?

Right. And then we get to certainty and that's where you just. They just know. And then you have the knowing where you don't have to think about it anymore. It's just a part of who you are. And that's where laying and I am. And a lot of humble offers are to this point. Like we have clients that finish our three three-month program and they're just like, guys, I just know this is like, I know I'm getting here.

I know him, this is going to happen. I know that's going to happen. I'm not even worried about how I just know what's going to happen. And yeah. And, and that's what I mean, they alternate. Business partners with friends. And literally I wrote a mail just earlier today, starting a new company in the states with a business partner that was, was one of our clients and said, look, I have to work with you guys.

And it's powerful. It's just, it's not, uh, you know, special like techniques and data that literally it's, it's very, very small adjustments in, in. Clients that make a massive difference. For instance, if you fly from New York to LA and you change one degree at the beginning, you're gonna end up in Hawaii.

Same thing. You know, it's the same thing we do with our clients. Like this little adjustment, that little adjustment adjustment, one of our clients is a special assistant to Eric Adams. Who's going to be the new mayor. And she's, you know, she's a Latino and she's fire and, you know, and the strides that she's making just from little small changes or adjustments is incredible.

And so we're not saying, you know, we're Tony Robbins or this out of the other, because we don't go and we don't change you. We don't want. We don't have to change you. You just simply need to change what you think. You need to be, just change, change your view and say like, I'm I already am who I'm supposed to be.

Right. And just embrace that and love it and enjoy it and let it out, man, and amplify your true identity. Once you figure out what that is, which is again, in the book and in the. That's so good. And recently this like revelation of the, I am Tamra, right? I am Stephen. It's the, no different than the light example I just gave you.

You're already allowing there to be a proceeding of thy self by saying I am. And if you know, biblically that he calls himself, God calls himself the great. I am. I am precedes me. I am Tamra. My name is Tamra and it has nothing to do with. Okay. I am the vessel by which I get to exist to bring to life. What is purpose and purpose is a collective.

It's not the individual entity. It's why when you get into spaces like this or conversations like this, there's this higher level of excellence and this explosive nature to become. And to give you said the word receive and we cannot receive until we. And that I think is what prevents so many people from being able to access this point is because they're controlling, they're holding onto something, this sense of identity, this sense of this is who I am, because it's a label because it's on my chest and I wear these medallions proudly.

This is who I am. But when that is stripped, like it was from you, you had to release that identity in order to receive the truest nature of that. Yeah. And they say, what w what you resist will persist. So when you, when you resisting that, letting go, you know, it was a book, David R Hawkings letting go. It's like a 14 hour audio book, amazing book about letting go of all these things.

I can let go of diseases, hucking, how you can let go of past fear and all this kind of, or fear and all these kinds of things. Um, and I, I have, I give great credence to that book because it's really powerful. It's long, like I said, but it's very, very powerful. And you nailed it when you said letting go, you know, you have to let go to.

You know, and, and it's the same thing for money, you know, when it comes to wealth, people, hang on, hang on, hang on. And that's that scarcity mindset, scarcity mindset is going to dictate scarcity. You know, so I would say we're sort of a conduit, you know, y'all let it flow. We got, let some out to get to, to let some back in, you know, quick commercial break.

I know I hate these things too, but it's so critical that you grow your business for God's sake. And I mean, that pun intended with all the love in my heart to get you from a place. Ideation to activation, stop dreaming, start doing stand ups, start saying yes to the call that God has on your life. We are going to be joining in Lexington, Kentucky with none other than the beautiful rise and grind community with Glen Lundy, who will be co-hosting this incredible conference.

This is the second annual, and he has taken me under his wing to be able to share the stage to motivate and inspire. And I cannot wait to see you there November 5th through the seventh. If you want to. For the VIP experience or two doesn't want to come along for VIP, that's all access passes to the speakers and the artists.

And you'll be able to dine with us in the private rooms with your own special bathrooms. So of course, come one day, two day, three day passes available as well, and we can not wait as good. And I say to hack your neck, see you there. So what's interesting. And, and a part of your consistent access of flow, because you were in this space of like seclusion in order to flow, then you come back into the realm of culture and, uh, corporate settings and all of these people who can and will penetrate you.

If you don't allow the boundaries and the safe people to be around you. You do these things, which is no different than when Jesus was like, I'm out, I'm going to go for 40 days. Right. I'm going to go to the space where I can get quiet for yourself and you and lane. And sometimes just you go on these retreats and it's, I love for you to unpack the power of those retreats and what's actually happening in that exploration.

Sure. So. Sacred plant medicine now for less 16 years. And the last five years I've been doing it in Peru. Um, we used to go by myself and then I met lane and he came to one and then we ended up doing them together. So, um, that's just Peru. We do. We go to other places as well. Sometimes we were in Mexico just recently, actually last month.

And we worked with some more plant medicine or actually animal medicine. Uh, and what, what this does is it allows us to, um, expand past our human limitation. So we, as humans have a certain understanding we can let go, and we can believe in the higher power that will take us. But sometimes you. Uh, I want to know how to get there, or you want to know not how to get there, but you want to know that there's more and that, you know, there's more, but you just can't consciously in this world that we live in, like all of it, because there's so many limitations and ideals and humans are this or humans are that.

So when you work with plant medicine and we do it in a way that's facilitated, we work with the Kesha tribe, which is the last surviving incomes. Um, uh, you know, we, we do it at the temple of the moon up there at the top of Cusco, uh, or in, we did it in Tulum, in Mexico. And we facilitate unlocking of those blockages of those human blockages that we have, if you will, or the societal blockages that we have, and we expand our consciousness so massive that you then can literally see your future or at least plan and have intentions for your future, where you come back.

And then it actually happens because you let go of any results. So as an example, I went to Peru for years. Well, four years ago I stopped traveling. I was a turnaround consultant, turned businesses around nine countries. I was on the road four days a week for 20 years. Right. I came home and said, my wife, we have two kids, three and four years old at the time, or two and three, I'm staying home.

She says, what are you gonna do? I said, I have no idea. Um, so I went to Peru to figure it out and I went to Peru and I said, okay, let me, let me, what do I want? So I said, okay, my intention is. To make a hundred K in the next three months, buy a house, start an online business, make a hundred came by house.

Right. So I was so certain of that when I left that I totally forgot about it, but I came back and I started and within three months at a hundred K and I'm sitting there, um, I started online business, which wasn't even a business. It was just me doing lives. And I made a hundred K through, do show me lives and I'm sitting there.

Um, we had a hundred K a hundred K in house cost more, but you know, and, uh, I'm sitting there signing the paperwork of the house and my wife's like, what are you doing? We don't have the money. I'm like, if the house is here, the money's here. Cause it dawned on me. Holy crap. I got the business. I got the a hundred K here's the house also, obviously it's working.

So I'm just going to sign it because the money over here. Two days later, my podcast came out with John Lee Dumas, my interview, and I just, from that one podcast, I made 65 K you know, it was like, oh wow, check that out. See, I told you baby, it's happening. And so that's where the, when certain, when you're that certain you want to go back and you want to do it again, you want to go back to Prue.

You want to go to Mexico because what you find out about yourself and the ability I can tell you. Every human being has powers. They have no idea exists and I'm not even close to mine, but I still, um, you know, I'm surprised at times what, what is possible. I mean, I literally will things to happen. Things that could never happen and they happen because I just get so certain of it, like, look reality, doesn't exist unless we're looking at it.

That's scientifically proven. So everything we, everything we're looking at right now, even the screen, everything is programmed into us because this is what it's, this is how it's always been. This is what we've been taught. Right. But if I look away, it doesn't exist. This is what science is. Right. Real science.

Right. And so when you realize that you're like, huh, well, if that's the case, then why can't I create what I want? Right. Why can't I create what I want or what I need? And I truly believe that. And of course you don't do. It's process of letting go and receiving and intentions. So at no time, am I grabbing, pulling, pushing, shoving?

I'd let it go receiving through, through, through, through my intense. So I, I have to say this disclaimer, and also help my community who is probably holding on with barely a gripping understanding what's happening right here. And they're like, oh gosh, Tamra's gone off the deep end because I serve a Christian community.

Right. And in Christianity, or I believe in, in any sort of religion, there are. Religious beliefs that are structured, that create a box, right? And this box feels really safe. And I, I have been able to, in the last five years, in the exploration of pursuing God, not pursuing religion, pursuing relationship versus religion, been able to unlock a deeper sense of spirituality that puts me into a space of that certainty and that no.

So if someone was to come through and be like question my belief system, I do not know every scripture, even as an ordained minister. Right. But there's that deep sense of knowing of self and the maker of self. And so when I got in twined with understanding humble, alpha and understanding you and lane more, and then knowing there's still becoming in that relationship.

I had always been curious in this idea that there is a higher level of consciousness and I've watched things like goop with Gwyneth Paltrow or Zach Efron as he went around and explored what was going on around the world and this idea of icky guy and this reason for being in the Japanese realm. Right.

And so I know that there is more, and I think that it's important that in a religious spirit, We break down the constructs of a belief system in order to know. Yeah, because belief is only one layer and there's that sense of knowing and certainty and becoming. And so knowing that even you, even in all of this expression of self and understanding there's still becoming to be had, oh my goodness.

It's never ending. I hope it never ends. I mean, honestly, if it ends, then we are dead here. We are here because if you stop learning, you're dying. Yeah, exactly. And so help, help, help my community understand this. And they're not going to understand that. Grasp grasp, grasp. Okay. So it was like this, I grew up very, very religious.

We were, you know, my mom was married a few times, so we were like, well, we Presbyterian Catholic Baptist. I was even Mormon. Um, you know, so I went through it all very structured. Can't do this, can't do that. Can't do this. Can't do that. Can't do this. Can't do that. Well, this is the deal. Um, when you realize that the spirituality and religion used to be.

Right. It used to be one thing then you're like, well, okay. I can see how that could work. You know, there's just no boundaries, you know, when you're, when you base your values on Christian values and I don't mean rules, I mean, values right. Then you're not going to do anything wrong anyway. So what do you need rules?

You see what I'm saying? Like once you realize that I'm a good person inside, I have a moral foundation by which I live as a human being, which I would never betray. Then I don't need rules because I'm not going to do anything wrong anyway. Right. So that's, that's sort of what I'm talking about, then you realized, okay, now that I have no more constraints, because you feel like I can't do this because that could look like that.

It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Right. You know, what's right. You know, what's wrong. It's just like, if you're in a meeting and you don't know the answer, you're not going to lie. Right. You just going to say, let me get back to you. It's the same thing with your, with your honesty, integrity, transparency plays a big role in that because hit, because honesty, when you're honest with yourself like that, you don't have to worry about being honest with anyone.

Because as soon as you are, boom, that inner compass goes, I'd be like, well, what's going on? Okay. I need to, I need to readjust reevaluate, recalibrate. And, and so that's basically what I'm saying. And so then when we go into these places, there's no limits and I can tell you, um, we go there with business leaders.

We go there with very successful people and. I mean, look, will Smith just came out. He did six Iowasca sessions in Peru, you know, and he said it changed his life forever. I just talked to a guy yesterday, uh, yesterday that was in Mexico and did what we did. We did Bufo and he said it was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced in my life.

And for me, after 16 years of plant medicine, I went to Mexico last month or two months ago did Bufo. And it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen, uh, or that I've ever experienced before. After 16 years of plant medicine, this was animal animal. It's a toad. And so, oh, the extract from a toad. And that literally shot me into the cost most into the ether.

Uh, and my consciousness was so open that I could, I could create, speak to see change anything I wanted in a second. And it was real. You're not like, you know, it was real, you could actually do. And then you come back and your mind closes up or your consciousness comes back to where it's supposed to be, because it's like a rubber band.

Right. And you're like, wait a second. Why can't I do that now? And the more you do, the more you work with it like that, the more you see that you can do it now. Yeah. Right. It's just letting go of the block of blockages and the limitations that we have put on ourselves through all these years through.

What you're not allowed to look Francesco from is easy. Right? He was one of the last Catholics that was both spiritual and, um, religious matter of fact, they had to chain him to his pulse because he would levitate when he would, when he would preach. Right. And they said, if you keep levitate and we're going to excommunicate you, so they had to chain him to his pole.

So if you go to, if you go to , which is a city. And you go to his grift or would you call it his tomb, which is under the chapel or under the church, above the church, on the bottom, on the floor of the church underneath it is sorry, here's this tomb and above it is the floor. And then there's a, there's a geometric sign there on the floor.

And when you stand over it, I, you know, you can like feel that he's down there, that you can feel that energy, you know, it's just, it's incredible. And whether or not it comes from him or from the it's always been there, who knows what, but we all know church. Are all big cathedrals and churches are all built on PowerPoints, right on huge points of power across the planet, you know?

So the shocker points or do you wanna call them? Um, and so, you know, all this stuff is connected and, and we're, I can just say. Whoever's watching this right now. If there's anything you ever wanted to do, that's not even close to what you're capable of. And I don't even care if it's going to the moon, you know, it's like, whatever it is that you want to do, and that's not even close to what you're capable of.

It's so good. And it's so true. And you have to break down the barriers bit by bit for that, to be the understanding. And in it, I feel like it's going to always be right. Like I'm never going to get to a point where. I've made it, you've made it, we get it. We've unlocked it. Like, that's just simply not the case because then we would be God.

And that was not God's intent. Yeah. Well it's, I it's true. And honestly, you know, when I talk like this, people are like, well, your, your LA sound like a dream life. I'm like, no, first of all, I'm living on purpose, but that doesn't mean my wife is aligned with how I think. And she's not exactly align is how I think we have our issues too.

Right. I'm not, I'm not a perfect father. I try to be, but I'm not, you know, And there's there's, I'm not a perfect businessman. I try to be, but I'm not on that. I'm not a perfect business partner. I try to be, but I'm not, it's a constant, that's the journey, right. If we're all perfect, what's, what's the point.

Totally. And there's that constant state of surrender, right? Because when you receive information and you can hold it as truth and knowing like we're talking about, you have a tendency in the flesh to want to hold it. Right. I, I believe this to be true. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna hold it right here so that I don't forget.

But that then inhibits you from the next stage of growth that inhibits you from the next stage of alignment and becoming. And so it constantly is in this free space of posture of, I am willing to surrender and submit to the fact that I am human and I mess up and I don't have perfect mindset and I don't have perfect habits and I don't have perfect relationships, but I am willing to step into the next opportunity.

With the belief and the knowing that it is possible and build the tools, right? You fill up your toolbox with the tools we have and always be creating space. So going to every situation without the, without a preconceived notion of what is supposed to end up, like, just focus on the attention. Like, you know, if I, if my wife's not happy or something's going on, I have to create space with her space with her.

Cause if I'm emotional, if I try to push or try to pull. It's not going to get us anywhere. It'll be this back and forth. And so I have to like take my husband hat off, take my dad hat off and just be the guy who's there. Listening and with no preconceived notions, whenever it comes out, we, we, we, we deal with, and when you live like that life is so much easier, but when you're trying to control the outcome, you're just, like you said, you're, you're not letting go.

You're not allowing the flow of. Yeah, what an interesting, I mean, I could talk to you all day long and I'm excited. I'm going to get to talk to you and do the same thing in Kentucky with the grow your business for God's sake conference coming up in November, he'll be flying all the way from Hungary to be in Lexington.

And then you have a conference right after that in California. Is that right? No, no. It's in Houston, Texas Houston. Okay. Tell us about. We're doing, it's a, it's a veteran. Um, it's called a humble, alpha veteran empowerment, which has have, which is another organization that we founded, which took the humble alpha and the veteran empowerment.

We're very big in the veteran space. And we brought together humble off of veteran empowerment, half. Right. And it's a three-day event first days only for women and that's with the synergy learning Institute. And then the second day is all about business. So we have mark Rockefeller from the street Sheriff's foundation, donating $50,000 to winners of a pitch competition for entrepreneurs.

And then we're donating 34,000 in scholarships. Different different schools that we, that we work with at universities that we work with as synergy learning Institute. And then we have speed coaching, six sessions of 20 minutes of speed coaching with some very, very high end coaches and people like, you know, Ron Lynch who did 4.2 billion in sales online, I mean on TV.

And this is ridiculous people they're showing up. We have some very, very high end VIP's that we've written up to have blocked the day, but haven't confirmed yet. So it can be very exciting the third day. Is free for everyone. And that's a healing, um, symposium. So we talked about trauma, PTSD, and depression from, with veterans and families, right?

So their families, the wives, and the husbands, um, and that's free. And we're going to talk about some people. We use ketamine or they use breath, breath, work, or religion, or plant medicine or all these different things where we would just there'll be discussions, short discussions, and then breakouts where you can go to the people and I get more help.

So it's a pretty big deal for us. Um, it, their first time doing something like this, no, this is not, this is not the first time we usually piggyback on the military influencers conference, but they did not have an event the last two years. So we're doing this on our own. And we ended up picking up some of the big players and also sponsored by Samuel Adams.

Uh, beer brewing the American dream, they call it, uh, you know, foundation and they're sponsoring the beer for the VIP event. I don't drink, but Hey, you know, who does? And so it was, it was, and again, how that happened. I have no idea. We just set the intention. Yeah. And then even more doors opened in that intention, as I've seen, like the venue being gifted and all these actions, the expansion of the conference size, it's just.

It's because you're willing to put yourself out there. And I just experienced that in a different, in an event that I had this past weekend, where I had to get out of sense of self in control in order to release what could become. And the outcome was greater than I could have asked hoped or imagined.

And it's simply because of the word release that literally is what it is. We try to control it. Like even though people are like, well, what if only these 200 people. Well then truly, it's going to be amazing conferences, a hundred people, right? And it's the ripple effect thereafter because what we see in the natural is that there's only 200 chairs filled, but there's 500 chairs available, but how many people does that?

One human being speak to touch go by on a consistent basis. If their energy field is expanded to the fact that they're in a grocery store and that person doesn't ever even speak to you or make eye contact that they say. Yeah, the confidence of that person, the, the light of that person and the love of that person.

And that's a seed that's planted that then becomes another harvest for somebody else. Amen to that. Right. It's so good. Stephen. You're such a treasure. Every time I talk to, I am enamored. I want to come to Peru with husband and have a grand old time. So we'll have to do that and get that on the books for Glenn said he's coming in March.

So I would love to see if Leslie comes. All right. Thank you again for being here. And of course, everybody go and get your unleash, your humble alpha book off of Amazon right now. Uh, well, might have to kick out a book club again because there's so much to unpack. And like we said, in my book states, we are always becoming, and so we're not made it to anywhere we are on routes and on mission and committed to where we want to be.

And so I appreciate you. I appreciate you too.

Hey, y'all it's me again. I hope in today's episode, you sent an ignite to an Ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go let solidify the flame. I'd love for you to take a step right now and declaring your takeaway by snapping a pick of the episode.

You tended to share your sparked moment and tag me at underscore podcast or me personally. And dress on. Instead. I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the fit and faith podcast listeners. We're totally in this together community over competition is the motto, right?

I'd also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I'd love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project, a big shout out. You know, I'm a writer. So I love words. And I can't wait to read that you.

I'm ready to fuel the blame with you together. And until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness tune in next time.

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