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Trash Man to Cash Man with Myron Golden

Myron Golden is so full of wonderful "golden" gems. He is a biblical scholar and will blow your mind with his thoughts and exposure of the Word. He is a firm believer in the idea of how the quality of your life is directly linked to the quality of your skill mastery. Grab a pen and paper - this is an episode you will definitely want to take notes from!

Key Takeaways:

All about how the Kingdom mindset in business

What does the Bible say about business and having money?

Lots of engaging questions for us to think about

About Myron:

Myron is the author of the international best selling book “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man, How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere.” He is also the author of the new book “Click And Order For Brick And Mortar, Online Strategies For Offline Market Domination.”

He is an integrated marketing consultant who can help any business use technology to generate leads and then optimizing the conversion process of those leads offline.

"Myron spoke on stage at Funnel Hacking Live in 2018 for 30 minutes and did over 3 million dollars in sales by himself! He is the man and one fo the best sales people on planet earth. I could listen to Myron for days at a time. He's one of my favorite people. You should listen to every word he says." - Russell Brunson

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Show Notes: Trash Man to Cash Man with Myron Golden

Tamra Andress

Good morning, good morning. Good morning. I totally stole that from Glenn Lundy, and it feels so good to say it so freshly. Myron Golden, I am so grateful to have you here this morning. That music just amplified this conversation. And I'm so glad that it was like the prequel to this this depth of a story that you have. You guys, he has been somebody who has been dropping golden nuggets, no pun intended with his name, in my life and in my spirit over the course of the last few months on Clubhouse, which right now is happening. If you are on Breakfast with Champions and you know that I am simultaneously existing in multiple spaces. I did get off the app just to spend time with you.

So thank you so much for your time. I know that's such a big thing. No, it's I am so honored, so humbled. And I was so excited because I know that you're just going to bring an energy and a spirit that I think I think of all times, it's such a time for this. Like it's so needed for people to hear a story like yours, but more importantly, for you to activate them. And that is what you are good at.

You're an activator. You've activated me. And so thank you for being here. And there's so many parts of your testimony. I want to jump into your storyline, but if you want to give yourself just an overview bio info so people know who you are, I know you're many things, but where would you like to share today?

Myron Golden

Yeah, my name is Myron Golden and I am a business owner, a father, husband, grandfather - hallelujah. Right? So I love being a grandfather. And we've we've got a family business. My wife, my son, my daughter and I, we own the family business that we've owned since 2003. And we teach entrepreneurs how to build successful businesses based on biblical principles. And we do that from a very Kingdom perspective, which I'll be happy to go into what that means, because a lot of people use that as a buzzword.

I'm actually talking about actual Kingdom governmental principles versus a religious perspective, which I don't even believe the Bible is a religious book or that God is a religious figure, that Jesus is a religious figure. And that's an interesting conversation also.

Tamra Andress

That is.

Myron Golden

I like to share with people principles that work. If a principle works, it's because God created it and it's in the word if it's in the world and it works, it's in the Word. And if it doesn't work, it's not in the Word. It's not in the word. And if it's not in the Word, it won't work. So at least that's what I believe. And that's how we operate and we show people. We've built a very, very successful business. Our business did over a million dollars in revenue last month. So we did we've got a very, very successful home-based business from and I say home based because I work from my house and my son works from his house and my daughter works from her house.

Right? And and our business did over a million dollars in revenue last month. And, well, it looks like we're going to do somewhere between two and three million in revenue this month. And it's all based on biblical principles. And so that's pretty cool.

Tamra Andress

It's amazing and really, really, really a shared heartbeat of mine. I am all about leading the mission in the marketplace. That's like literally what I love to do. And I think the world has taken it. They've they've said marketplace and then. Sure. Mission maybe over here, half of the people don't even believe in the heart centered, mission driven leadership that we need so desperately in the marketplace. And so I have a thousand questions for you, because one of the big holdups I feel like and you kind of led the conversation with it, is that understanding of money and that God is a prosperous God and that he is an abundant father.

And it is not something that we have to have and store up. Right. We know this biblically that if we store those treasures, they will be taken from us. And that happened in my own storyline, in my own testimony. And so I say the affirmation all the time that money flows to me and it flows through me and that it's just a resource. It's just a byproduct of the thing that we need and do in order to grow.

But you don't have to have money to be a mission led like anybody, right? Like just love people. Well, that's our commandment. That's what he's calling us to every single day. So talk us through like the where did that start in your storyline? How did that even happen? Because I'm pretty sure you have an incredible story based on your international best selling book, From the Trashman to the Cash Man, How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting from Anywhere.

And so you've got to jump into that testimony. Yeah.

So the first job that I got after I got married, the first job that I had after I got married was driving a garbage truck for six dollars and twenty five cents an hour.

Now that was back in nineteen eighty seven. So that was 30 something years ago. But that was the first job I had. And I drove a garbage truck for six dollars. Twenty five cents an hour. That's what I did during the day. But as the scripture tells Ecclesiastes in the evening, I used my time to build my business. And so I sold insurance and investments at night. And it's really interesting. If I can add something to what you said about not storing up money, the scripture is very clear that we should not store treasure for ourselves on the Earth, but I don't believe necessarily that's.

The same is not storing up treasure, I believe that we should store treasures for future generations because the scripture says a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children. Right. And so so the wealth that I'm building, I'm not building just so I can have I mean, I could live in a house that's ten times bigger than the house I live in.

But for what? I could drive a car that's like five times more expensive than the cars I drive. But for what? I mean, I could do that. But why would I take I am definitely not spending my children's inheritance inheritance. I'm investing my children's inheritance and my grandchildren's inheritance so that my children don't have to start from scratch because that's not God's plan. If you look at the kingdom of heaven, you look at the kingdom of God as a family business.

When Christ came, he didn't start from scratch and he was born in a manger, but he didn't start from scratch because magic came from all over the world and brought him the gifts that you would bring to a king. So it's just it's understanding the purpose of money. It's understanding the purpose of ministry. It's understanding the meaning of life. So if I can start with and I'll come back to the cash trashman the Kashmir story, because I think it's important.

But if I can start with an understanding of what Christ said is our primary objective. Right. So if you look at what you said in Matthew, chapter six, verse number three, he said Bosky first told us a bunch of stuff not to do. He said, basically, Matthew, chapter six is don't do this, do this. Don't pray like this. Pray like this. Right. Don't focus on this, but focus on that. And so it culminated the entire chapter down and verse number thirty three where he says, but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

And all these things shall be added to you all what things. Food, things, clothes, things, housing, housing, things. You don't have to worry about anything but focus on the kingdom of God. So I submit that the problem or the challenge that exist in our modern day church culture is that people don't have any idea what the Kingdom of God is because we've gotten away from the concept of kingdom. And so if you don't know what the Kingdom of God is and you find it and you don't know what it is, you won't even recognize it.

So you'll keep looking for it. Right. So. So what is the kingdom of God? I think we have to define it before we can seek it. And so what is the Kingdom of God? I believe according to everything that I've read and studied in Scripture, the kingdom of God is the the dominion over which God rules, which means I seek to yield my life to God as the sovereign king of my life. He owned my head, my heart, my hands, my mouth.

He owns everything. And I yield myself to God as the sovereign king of my life. And when I do that, I get to rule over an assignment as the sovereign king of that assignment. And then I use that assignment that I rule over to serve every human being that I come in contact with. I use the assignment that I rule over to serve my wife and to serve my children, to serve my grandchild, my siblings, my parents, my in-laws.

When I go to a restaurant, the servers at the restaurant, if I see somebody on the street, a person on the street, I use this.

I was I was at a restaurant yesterday morning and there was this young black man who was there. And it's the same restaurant I go to for breakfast almost every day. And so I saw him there. This is like the third test. I mean, you getting it done, aren't you? He said, yeah. And so one of the servers there told me, hey, studying for his real estate exam. And so I said, wow, that's really awesome.

So I said, cool, I know you're going to go get it, rather, you know, do your thing. And then I said, hey, I heard you're studying for your real estate exam. When I was leaving, I said, if it's OK, I have a gift for you. And because I love to see young people doing positive things, if it's OK, I have a gift for you said. Sure. And so I said I I'll give you a copy of my books.

I've got wrote a book on financial literacy call from the trashmen to the cash grant. I wrote a book on business called Click in order for brick and Mortar. I'm going to give you a copy of both of those books. And he said, So do you have a business card? I said, I don't own a business card, but my name is my website and I'm the easiest person in the world to get in touch with. You can like, slide into my DMS on Instagram.

And so I just so want because I wanted to encourage him on a positive path. Right. So that's what I believe, that I was sent to that restaurant yesterday for the purpose of encouraging that young man. And so wherever we show up, if we are looking for opportunities to serve people as we are yielded to God and ruling over our assignment, then we are operating a king in a kingdom lifestyle.

So anyway, that was that was that's so good. And I love the very tail end of what you said, because it's been something I've been like just simmering on all week is is this question what if instead of looking for opportunities like we always are. Right. We are the opportunity. What are the opportunity and therefore we walk into every situation with that kind of mindset, with that heart set to serve other people, and it flows through us at that point naturally, organically, without effort, without a need for coffee.

Right. Like the energy just comes because you are a source. You are a mechanism, a conduit from our heavenly father, who we are so intimately connected with. And it just it's like fire all the time. So when you hear people talking about they spit fire, they don't spit fire, the Holy Spirit spits fire through them. And so show up to your life as if you're the opportunity, as if the person you're going to connect with right now on this very moment, if you're on a run and you see somebody who needs help getting their groceries inside, if you're in the grocery store and you're holding the door open for someone like if you're at a restaurant and is doing something more with their life than just serving tables, that is just a pathway for them.

Find out their dreams, find out where they're going. Right. Like this is this is the heart set of the father. It's not for us to just like so quickly live this rat. We'll write live this race where we're speeding through to, again, go after a treasure when the treasure is right here. Right now, it's the connections. It's the overflow of the fruits of spirit.

The treasure is the opportunity to show up and shine the light. It says in the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God. And the same was in the beginning with God. And all things were made with by him and without him was not anything made that was made. And in him was the light of men and the light shined in darkness. But the darkness received it not. So you go down a little bit further and it says and the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory.

Is the glory the only begotten of the father. So we'll think about that.

So the word became flesh. What is it about Christ that makes him so unique besides the fact that you, son of God, his word became his flesh? If we are going to be like Christ, our words must become our flesh. Can't be just be words. A sound that comes out of our mouth. But it has to be actions that pour out of our lives. And what does it tell us? And Matthew, it tells us that we should let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works and what glorify our father, which is in heaven.

So the like. My purpose in being here is not to draw attention to myself, it's to point attention to the one who every gift I have in my life, I've received it from him.

So and what an honor, what an honor it is to do that every single day, and if you have a hard time like getting out of bed or practicing a morning routine or are doing these things, your your mindset, your heart set is just is just muddied. It's just in the wrong perspective. You're living in the marketplace instead of for the mission. And that doesn't matter whether you're in the corporate setting or you're a teacher or your home mom.

That's for every single mission. We're all on a mission. We're all we all have purpose. We all have worth. We all have. We all absolutely.

If we are if we are redeemed by the blood of Christ. Then in Faith in Christ Jesus, then we are a we are a nation of kings and queens on a on the mission for the King of Kings period.

That's how it works. And so it's people I don't know what my purposes are. You got to do to know your purpose. Go back to Genesis Chapter one. Right. And I'm not going to go into the long dissertation. I'll just give you I just give you this.

I'm not going to show my work, as they say in math class and tell me so.

So. So the purpose of my life is to live in my creative space and make the world a better place. Make a bit. When I'm making the world a better place for you, then it automatically becomes a better place for me. I don't have to be focused on me. I'm the giver is the greatest receiver. So good. Right?

So so I know if I can be aware, like Christ was aware that I am here by myself, but not for myself, then my life will just ooze with purpose.

Yeah. That's so incredibly amazing and so tangible and so necessary for us to activate into that belief system. So I'm so curious because I also coach people into that place of purpose and helping them understand. And I always start from a place of alignment. I always start from a place of being, because if you don't know your identity, then you can never serve. You're serving from a place of brokenness. And we know like hurt people, hurt people.

Right. Like we don't need to be serving out of greed. We don't need to be serving out of a broken place. We need to be serving out of a whole place. And he establishes our heavenly father establishes that wholeness. And so it's a byproduct of intimacy with God is to be whole. And so alignment mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I want to know, like, what did that storyline look like for you? Were you born into a house that just like Spitfire like this?

Like, I want to know your mom and I want to know that's that's really interesting.

So so my dad my dad was a plumber. My mom was a beautician. And but I have six brothers. I'm the second of seven brothers. Right. So my parents were very hard working, but they didn't understand how money work. They're very hard working. They taught us to work hard. And and one of the things, as I think about my childhood, like my parents spoke to us in a lot of sayings and riddles, like when they would talk to us so that we'd have to figure it out.

Right. So they did give us the answer. They'd ask us a question. They would say things like, if you walked in and you saw somebody that you hadn't seen that day, time of day is due to a dog. Like, what does that mean? Time of day is due to a dog. That means if you see a dog, a dog is worth saying good morning to. What about a human being? Right and so right.

And so so in like so many things that my parents and so for me, it like it is almost impossible for me. It like like you walk past them when you're ready to say hello and they won't even look at you, but oftentimes I'll say hello anyway. It's like it's it brings literally anguish to my soul to see another human being and not greet them because even God created human beings. That's the first thing it tells us about God and God bless them and said to them, be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and subdue and have dominion.

Right. So it's like I don't I can't process walking past another human being and not acknowledging them.

I don't understand. I don't have a place to put that right because my parents just beat it into us. You say hello, you say good morning. You say good afternoon. You speak to people. You don't ignore people. Right. And so so my parents took us to church and they weren't really they weren't like when we were growing up, we didn't live in a Christian home by any stretch of the imagination, but we did live in a God-Fearing home.

Right. So they took us to church and we were taught to fear, God, you don't play with God. You go to church and you put your money in Sunday school, you know, all of that stuff. And I came to Christ when I was sixteen, but I learned how to work hard. But one of the things that was very confusing to me about church was the preachers.

I often heard preachers talk about how bad money was. And I was thinking and I thought, you know, it's not it's bad to have a lot of money. And then but then I when I went to the pastor's house, I'm like, wow, he lives in a mansion. It wasn't it wasn't a mansion, but it was like nicer than any house we had ever lived in. Right. He had a brand new car I had never been in.

No, you got to understand, I'm a teenager. I had never been in a brand new car of anybody. Yeah, right. I'm thinking, well, how much money is a lot of money? I'm confused. Right. And so, like like apparently like you're living the life, bro.

You have this really cool MGB convertible that your wife drives around. You've got a brand new nineteen eighty Chrysler Cordoba and we're driving around in cars we bought from the junkyard for.

Five dollars, you know, and so I just didn't understand the concept. And then when I began to read the Bible for myself, I saw that a lot of it just had a lot of practical stuff in it. I'm thinking to myself, why is nobody talking about this stuff like stuff that can show you how to get. I've got six brothers and we didn't always get along back then, but I read in Proverbs said a soft answer. Turfway Rapert Grevious WordStar of anger.

I said, Next time one of my brothers comes in screaming at me, I'm going to try this. And I tried it and just like de-escalate the whole situation.

Like this is mind blowing stuff is so practical.

And every time I found a practical thing in scripture, when I applied it to my life at work, just like the Bible said it worked, I'm like, this is amazing, right?

And then I started studying the concept of money as I being after I became a businessman.

And because there was there was a lot of incongruence coming from the perspective of the church, which I believe and I know I'm probably going to upset somebody when I say this, but it is what it is.

If they'll study history, they'll come to the same conclusions that I've come to, I'm pretty sure. But there's a lot of confusion in what I call church unity around the concept of money because Protestantism. Right, the Protestant church, which is any church, is pretty much any church that believes in God. Jesus, that's not a Catholic church for the most part, are Protestant churches, right? Protestant the Protestant church movement came out of the Catholic movement.

Right. And so Catholics, they have a lot of idols. And, you know, they have statues and stuff in the saint. This person they pray to and see that person they pray to. And I'm not I'm not hating on. I'm not hating on. I'm not hating on. Yes. I'm just I'm acknowledging what is right.

And so one of the things that Catholics believe is that poverty is like is is holy, like poverty is poverty and wealth is wickedness.

But Jews don't believe that. And the foundation of the Christian faith is Hebrew. It's it's Jewish. It's not Roman. It's not it's not Catholic. Right. And so I didn't understand the history of all of that. Like, I had not read any books on church history and on the history of of the faith before. And I'm like, OK. But when I started to discover. Wait a minute.

The Bible clearly teaches and I can show anybody this, like the Bible clearly teaches, and this is going to be a bold statement. The Bible clearly teaches that the reason God put wealth on the Earth is for his people. I can show anybody that in scripture without taking anything out of context because of a text, without a context is a pretext. Now you're making up doctrine, right?

So I can show people like so many way from so many different directions, the purpose of wealth being on this earth is for God's people. And and it's really interesting. So I'm studying the Bible. I'm like, well, this doesn't match up. But what happened when the reformers came out of the Catholic Church because they saw that salvation was by grace, through faith, and it wasn't of works and it wasn't of doing all these good deeds was of grace through faith and that not of yourselves.

That faith is not even of yourself. That is the gift of God. It's not of works less than any man should boast when they realized that they came out of the Catholic Church and they preach salvation, but they had a whole bunch of other Catholic doctrine that they held on to. And that's part of the reason why.

Modern day church unity still kind of holds on to this idea that there's something wrong with having wealth, but then when you ask, when you look at the definition of wealth from the perspective of most churches, it's basically more than we have right now.

It doesn't make any sense. So so it's really. So can I show you something of mine? What can I say to my wife?

OK, can you turn your your camera just a tiny bit? Because I only see half of the screen I can do. I was going to say I can actually make you predominantly.

Now you can have my whole. Oh. Oh fabulous. OK. Right.

So so you can hear me. And I just made my whiteboard the whole screen. So it's really interesting is I was, I was, I was, I was doing a study, I was I was thinking I was meditating on scripture one day and I thought, if you want to understand, I'm going to go back to me for a hot second, because if you want to understand proper biblical interpretation, you have to do is you have to you have to apply some laws.

Right. Some principles that will guide you. Number one, you have to have a life context. What is what is it saying before? What is it saying after? Who's talking? Who are they talking to? All of those things right then. So a lot of context and in the passage that I am interpreting has to be in alignment with the verses that come before it in the verse to come after it and all the other verses in Scripture.

If my understanding of a passage of scripture contradicts any other passage of scripture, then I have misunderstood it. It's not that the Bible is contradicting itself, is that my misunderstanding of the Bible has contradicted the Bible. OK, that's number one. Love context number two, the law of definitions. If I'm going to understand any passage, I must understand all the definitions of all the words in the passage or I cannot understand the passage. Right. If I don't know what the words mean, I can't know what the word means.

Right. OK, so that's the law of definitions. And then the third one is the law. First mentioned in the law. First mention is, however, God mentioned something first in scripture. That's his marriage is original design for the thing. Right.

In fact, the Hebrew rabbis and scholars will tell you that the first time, like Hebrew letters, have meaning the first time we see a letter used as the root of a word in the Torah. That is the meaning of that letter. That's how we know the letter Aleph represents God because it's the root of the word Elohim bombsite, Baraa Elohim. Elohim is the word for God. And we see that letter also. So is the is the main word letter in that word.

So so all of that. So I'm going to talk about the law of first mentioned. That's what I'm going to cover. So I'm going to go in the back of my full screen now. OK, so the law first mention. So I was thinking about gold because gold is the physical substance that represents wealth and always has represented wealth since the beginning of time. And if you've ever wondered, I've wondered I just wonder why is gold deemed so valuable?

It's the same color of copper, same color as brass, but gold more valuable, more valuable than both of mine. What because gold doesn't rust are corrupt and it doesn't corrode. Right. So so gold is a picture of eternity, which is why the street in heaven is paved with gold. It's why God told the people when they made the furniture in the temple to overlay everything with gold. OK, so I was thinking how many times? Is gold.

Mentioned in the Book of Genesis, I'm thinking to myself, this is a good question and I thought it's got to be 100 times 500 times what what's not in there 100 times or 500 times? It's in there. Exactly. Eight times now, this is important because every number has significance, one is the number of unity. Two is the number of separation. Three is the number of God, four is the number of the earth. Therefore, directions on the earth, four seasons on the earth.

They call the four winds of the earth. Right. They can say the four corners of the earth. OK, so force number five is the number of grace. We have five fingers on our hand with which we give a gift, five fingers on hand with which we receive a gift. Five is the number of grace, six is the number of man, but also the number of falsehood, probably because man was deceived by Satan's falsehood. Seven is the number of completion there.

Seven days and weeks of notes of musical scale. Seven colors of the rainbow. Seven is the number of completion. Eight is the number of abundance. It's the number of infinity. It's the number of eternity. It's the number of the new beginning. So seven days and week and then a new week begins. Right. So eight is the number of the new beginning, but it's also the number of eternity, infinity and abundance. And so if you take an eight turn on side, it is the symbol for infinity.

Well, what's fascinating about that is that gold, the substance that represents wealth, is mentioned in the first book in the Bible exactly eight times. That's pretty mind blowing.

But what's more, mind blowing is the fact that the eighth the eighth time, OK, before I can get into eight, nine, seven, seven times. God used the adjective good to describe what he made in Genesis Chapter one. Seven times in Genesis Chapter one, God used the adjective good to describe what he had made the eighth time, the eighth time that God used the adjective good was in Genesis chapter two, verse 11 and 12.

And he said, there's gold in that land and the gold of that land is good. So one thing that I know or I'm sorry, I meant the right gold. The gold of that land is good. That's Genesis Chapter two verses 11 and 12. Now, that's what that tells me, is that gold wealth is not inherently evil, nor is it inherently neutral. It is inherently good. And the first time God ever said something about it, he said it was good.

Now, let me ask you a question. So so God saying gold is good. I want to ask you a question. Tamra How many people lived in the Garden of Eden to two? OK, so you've got two people. What is their relationship to each other?

They are one man and one their man and woman, husband and wife.

They are one. Right. OK, how many stores. So there are two people. They are married. Yeah, we call it. All right. They are. How many how many stores are in the Garden of Eden stores.

Stores to sell stuff. Zero zero stores. No stores. OK, what is wrong? This is like what's for sale, nothing in the Garden of Eden. I mean, nothing's for sale.

Nothing's for sale. Nothing's for sale. How much does food cost, nothing. It's free, it's free food free, even though it's free. Free. OK. But OK, so they there are two people, they're married to each other, there's nothing to buy, there's nothing for sale. But God puts gold in the Garden of Eden and tells us it's their. Why, why, why is there gold here? Another question, why and you did great on the test.

No worries. I love it. So, so, so, so there's nothing for sale, nothing to buy, but yet puts gold there. But he didn't go there. He tells us it's there. Why is he telling us there's gold in the Garden of Eden? Well, the word garden word garden in the word garden means enclosure. That's what the word means and the word edan. Means pleasure. And we know there was food there, so we know that the Garden of Eden was God's protected place of provision and pleasure for his people.

That's what the Garden of Eden was, it was God's place of protection and provision for his people. OK, so great. So so we covered that. It's in the Garden of Eden. Here's what's amazing. I'm going to go back to my screen now every time. Every time gold is mentioned in the Garden of Eden, every time, without exception, every time, it is always mentioned in conjunction with God's people, I said in the Garden of Eden, every time gold is mentioned in Genesis, gold is always mentioned in Genesis.

In conjunction with God's people, you know what that tells me? God put gold on the earth, wealth, abundance on the Earth for his people. So that's why it's here for his people. Now, the first time gold is mentioned, Genesis, chapter two, verse 11 and 12, first time it's mentioned it's mentioned as providence for God's people. Providence means to provide in advance, so God's God put Adam and Eve's abundance in the Garden of Eden before he put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but they didn't they didn't need it for anything.

That's right. But God wanted us to understand as we went back and read it later, according to according to Romans, Chapter 14, where it says the things that were written four time. Were written for our learning that we threw patients and cover to the scripture might have hope so we can go back. God put it in there in Genesis chapters, we go back and find it and we discover that gold wealth abundance is natural. It's a natural part of the environment for the children of the king.

So providence for God's people. Number two, we see that it's the second time it's mentioned. So this is in Genesis. This is in Genesis two. I let you read the whole Chapter 11 and 12. I let you read the whole chapter. So the second time it's mentioned, it's mentioned as a possession. By God's people, this is in Genesis, Chapter 13. And that's verse two, here's what it says, Abram was very rich in cattle and silver and gold.

We're talking about the law first mentioned the first time the word rich is mentioned in the Bible. Genesis, chapter 13, verse number two, this is a two.

Its Genesis, chapter 13, verse number two, it says, and Abraham was very rich and Carol and silver and gold Evan was God's man, Abraham was the God's chosen man to bring his seed, to bring the Messiah into the world. So we could talk about Abraham for the rest of the day. Don't have time, but it would be great and it would be fun. But the first person the scripture tells was rich was Abraham. And a lot of people say, yeah, that just means he had a rich and godly heritage.

That sounds great. Except for one thing, God didn't just tell us how rich he was. He was very rich. He also told us how he was rich. He was rich in cattle and silver and in gold. So he wasn't just rich. Right. It tells how he's rich. I like the word rich. I like the word wealthy. I like the word prosperity. You know why I like them? Because they're God's words. I didn't make them up.

I don't need to change them to make other people feel comfortable because they feel uncomfortable with the idea that I'm I'm rich and Myron. Are you rich? I'm rich. Are you wealthy? Yep. That's who I am. I apologize for it. Not in this lifetime. It is the blessing of the Lord. It make it rich. And he had no sorrow with it.

So what's that? I said, preach brother. This is OK.

So so the second time. So the second time. The second time. The third time rather God mentions gold. It's mentioned in, it's mentioned as proof.

Of God's. Blaesing. Blessing on his people. Isn't that interesting, and that's in Genesis chapter twenty five, when Eleazar goes to find a wife for Isaac and he finds this woman and he says, Lord just blessed, my master blessed me, give me good speed. I'm going to ask somebody by this well, for some water, if they offer to feed the camels, let that be the woman. And sure enough, that's exactly what happened. Right.

He goes back, he tells the story to Rebecca's parents and he says, hey, here's some gold bracelets for you, Rebecca. Here's some gifts for your mom and your brothers. He said, here's the deal. He said, God has blessed my master greatly with great wealth and my master has given all of that wealth to his son. And that son is the one I'm looking for, a wife for Rebecca's family, said Rebecca, don't you want to hang out for a little while?

And Rebecca said, No, I'm I'm I got a rich groom waiting for me. I got to go. Right. And so, so, so proof of God's blessing. One of the last times is not the last time because I mentioned eight times. I don't I'm not going to go into all but one of the last times it's mentioned in the Book of Genesis, it's mentioned as a provision for God's provision for God's people. And that's in Genesis chapter forty one, verse forty two.

And it tells us that this is the only time, by the way, you will find in the book of Genesis this the only time you'll find in the book of Genesis a a time when somebody who's not a child of God is even possessing gold, which is fascinating.

Just forty to forty one point, which says Pharaoh took the chain off his neck, put it on his neck, took a gold ring off his finger, put it on Joseph's finger. So the only time it shows a person who's not a child of God having gold, they're handing it over to somebody who is a child of God. So God put wealth on the earth for his people. Wow, that's powerful, that's powerful, but it gets better because if we can find something one time in scripture, we know it doesn't just exist there.

It existed more than just there. Right. So what's interesting, interestingly enough, is, is that in Ecclesiastes, in Ecclesiastes, chapter two, verse twenty six years, which says.

For God, give it to the man. That is good insight, both wisdom and knowledge and joy. Right, wisdom, knowledge and joy. Now, if you go read Proverbs Chapter eight, you will see what happens when wisdom comes. It doesn't come by itself, but it also says when you get wisdom, you also get riches, durable riches and righteousness and kings reign and princess rule and decree justice. OK, so anyway, so wisdom, knowledge and joy.

And then it says but to the center. So I want you to notice this. Check this out. This is this is like this is like this is showing you like firsthand, OK.

God's people, I'm going to put God's peeps, OK, and this is sinner. So it says to God, God, give it to a man is good insight, wisdom. And knowledge. And Joyce. OK, but to the center, give travail, that's hard labor. Can you tell dyslexia travaille right now? Oh, good, this is so good. And to keep up.

So he gives to the sinner travaille hard labor so he can gather and keep up, why, here's what it says that he may give to him that is good before God. So the reason God even gives the sinner the ability to do hard labor and to gather and to keep up is to hand it over. Bible, I didn't put it in her and then it says this also is vanity and vexation of spirit and a lot of people say, but that's very vexatious.

It is because the whole theme of the book of Ecclesiastes, the whole theme of the book of Ecclesiastes is if you live your life for the life under heaven, you've wasted your life. It's vanity and it's literally empty torture if all you live for is this life. Right. So live our lives, so and then you get down to the end of the book of Ecclesiastes, the last two verses, Chapter 12 verses, I think it's 13 and 14, 12 and 13.

It says, let us hear the conclusion, the whole matter, fear God and keep his commandments. For this is the whole duty of man. Right. So so if you if all you do is live your life for what you can gain on this earth, you have lived a life of empty. Emptiness and torture. And I know I didn't spell that right, but you know what I meant. OK, emptiness and torture. So that's mind blowing.

Hey, hey. All I'm saying is Gompert wealth on the earth for his people. I don't have to back in the door that I don't have to apologize for that. Now, understand this. He put the wealth on the earth for his people so that we would have the ability to finance expanding his heavenly kingdom on the earth.

I want to run up and down this hallway right now. I'm not kidding you guys. This is this is literally the unlock. This is what people are missing. Both save people and not save people. Because I know when I was not saved, I felt like I was being tortured. I felt like everything was against me. I felt like I was living in empty promises because I was right.


And there was this like me. It was fun. It ends. Oh, my gosh.

I was just talking to my dad this morning about that dash. Right, like that, knowing that people you have to live in the dash. You have to be present for that because you are born and you will be gone at some point. And yet. So what to do with that? Yeah. What does that look like? And people have like three things on their tombstone. And there's our noble things. They can be noble things, but oftentimes people are pursuing the thing that they would never want on their grave.

They would never want on their tombstone. And I called them out. To be frank, I was literally in tears five minutes before I got on this podcast because I had to be the person I had to show up as the person, not the daughter, not the friend, but the person who was willing to help and just press in to something I had already walked through. And that's our call. Our Testoni is not for us. I had to live and I had to be saved and know the joy of this lifetime so I could deposit into somebody who is 30 plus my senior mom.

That's good. That's great. This is what we're paying for.

It flows and it flows to us with purpose. Exactly. We're here by ourselves, but we're not here for ourselves.

I mean, this is crazy. You guys. I want to learn everything you are. You know, I want to get inside your brain right now. Somebody said that they love seeing someone so excited about biblical principles. And I don't know if they're talking about you or they're talking about me because I'm like, let's go. Let's have a party.

I'm like, you're probably talking about both of us. I should be and they should be, because this is this is where it's at. And I love, love, love how you taught us and you taught me specifically today. I mean, so much so that I was like scrounging for a piece of paper. And I just wrote all over my planner for the day that I was taking all the notes. I am going to rewrite them. I'm going to pass them to all of the people who are listening and you as a note option for next time.

But I mean, I, I don't even know where to go with the rest of my day other than run up and down the hall. Myron you are.

Hey, run sister run. It's so it's so interesting how one of these days I'm going to write a book on success principles from Genesis Chapter one, just chapter one's my favorite chapter in the Bible.

It's my favorite Genesis is my favorite book in the Bible because everything is there and God put so many like principles in Genesis Chapter one.

It's almost like he's like got a wry grin on his face and said, well, in case you don't get the Chapter two, you're going to be OK. Right?

It's so anyway, people need that. They won't they don't get past chapter one. It's so sad so that I was thinking as you were talking and even just the example that you're living in your life with your family, with your with your children, with their children, is when I first started my my membership, my community of rooted entrepreneurs, I opened the Book of Proverbs thirty one and I started reading and I wasn't at that point even sure how my faith was going to align with my business.

And you guys, I need you to know your faith is your business. If you don't have that self identity, you don't have that. Being that knowing who you are, you shouldn't be going out into the world. You should close yourself up with the word of God and figure this stuff out, because everywhere you go, you're depositing your planting a seed. Is it a weed? Is it milkweed that nobody can pull out with their bare hands?

Or are you depositing fruit of the spirit that they then can harvest for themselves and replant and grow better and have more generational love and legacy? All right. This is the opportunity. But it's so scary how often we're living outside of alignment in that space.

And I know Tamra I've already gone longer probably than you want me. It doesn't matter. You can keep going all day. I'm here actually. I'm here till ten because I'm on somebody else's podcast.

You're hilarious. OK, so can I share with your listeners the most amazing. Principle I've ever discovered in my life. I mean, yes, absolutely, there's no question, and obviously it's in Genesis chapter one, right? So if I say God is, I want everybody who's watching to type something into the chat box. Right. Or comments box. Right. So I'm going to I'm going to click on the comment because I want to see God is I want you to finish that statement.

Right? God is. And then and what would you say, Tamra, if I say to you, God is you would say I was going to say love and then I say all things. All things very good. God is all things, God is love. And we could say God is holy and we say God is good and all the time. Right. And we have all these things we say.

But have you ever wondered what is the first thing that God tells us about God? What is the first thing that God ever tells us about God? Is that a good question? It's an amazing question. And I'm sure he tells us in his word he does. Are you ready? Yes. In the beginning, God created the heaven of the earth. Why would he do that? He didn't need anything. He self existent, self-sufficient and self-satisfied. He doesn't need anything.

So why would God create the heaven on earth? The only answer I've been able to come up with is because he is. Creative, and therefore it is his nature to create. So the first thing God tells us about himself is that he is creative, but how often do we think about God is creative? Now, that's fascinating. What's the first thing that God tells us about man when I say man the word atom, which means man and woman, he made us in his image.

OK, go ahead, Tamra.

What is it? He created us in his image. He created this image.

That's right. Which means he created the first thing God tells about God as he created the first thing God tells about us. He created us in his image, which means he made us to be like him, which means he created us to create and he made us to make stuff.

That's why I'm here. That's why I said our purpose is to live in our creative space and make the world a better place. Your creative space is not the same as mine. Mine's not the same as yours. My son's here. His creative space is not the same as mine. My wife's is not the same. But we all have a creative space. We all have different attributes of God's creativity that complete the rest of us. OK, you're with me.

OK, so he created. The first thing God ever says to us about himself is that he's creative and the first thing he ever says to us about us is he created us in his image. Now when in Genesis, Chapter one, Genesis, chapter one, verse one, God established the platform. Like. The platform that governs the platform that governs our experience of life, what is the platform in the beginning? OK, that's time. God created the heavens that space.

And the earth, that's matter. So God set up the platform in Genesis, chapter one, verse one, the platform, he literally established the laws of physics in a sentence sheet, mirror him at your mind. But he in the beginning, God created the heavens and Earth.

OK, wish I had time to go into that, but I don't. So maybe. Yeah, I don't think I do. So round two.

I'm in round two. Round two. So that's the platform. Secondly, he said secondly he set up the parameters. So the first thing God ever said to man it, God bless them and of them, be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and so do it and have dominion over the works in my hands. So I understand that God said the first thing that I ever said to man was, first of all, he blessed us and then gave the command.

So God always gives the capacity before he gives the command. Always gives the ability before he gives the assignment. So if God tells me to do something, I know I can do something just because he told me to do it. Right, OK, so watch this, so God set up the parameters. This is going to this blew my mind, like, what are the parameters? Well, the parameters are, he said, be fruitful, be for you can say do fruitful.

Right? You have to say be fruitful. Be fruitful. But you couldn't say be multiply because that would make any sense, so multiply is not a be multiply is a do do multiply. Do some do. And I mean, do multiply. Be fruitful, multiply, replenish, replenish, do subdue and then C have dominion over what? Over everything on the earth. OK, so the platform is as time, space and matter, the parameters are B do have B speaks to our identity.

And do speaks to our activity. And have speaks to our property. So if you understand that you're you're being produced as you're doing and you're doing producers, you're having and what we do have are the parameters for the platform of time, space and matter. And here's what this means. Don't be do have. Which means don't be. Can't do. Can't do. Can have. Right, so here's where it starts to make you dizzy, right, because like this, I mean, this is OK, but it's about it's about to make your head spin if you can handle it.

OK, here we go. Each one of these parameters. Is for a different part of the platform. The purpose of time. Is being. Anything I'm going to become that I'm not right now, it's going to take time, it takes time to become. So here's what I'm going to say. If you're seeking to become something, give yourself some time, OK? Do require space.

If I was all wrapped up in cellophane, taped up with duct tape, what would I be able to do? I would be able to do anything. Why? I don't have any space around me. Space is required for doing so. The purpose of time is being the purpose of space is doing. What's this now? The purpose of matter is having. That's why matter exists. B do have. Now here's what's really interesting. God put it inside of us.

A desire to have more.

Because his desire for us is to be more right and so what happens, we attempt to have more. And we bump our head on our inability and our limitations until finally we yield and we and we try to have more and then we try to do more, which we can't do until we become more. And then once we become more, we can do more. And when we do more, we can have more. And then everything is complete. So God put the desire to have a nice house and a nice car and a better vacation inside of you.

So you would be willing to do more and bump your head on your lack of ability to do so.

You'd finally yield to becoming what, more like him, love him, more like him, more creative, more like him right. Now, here's what's interesting. The question then is if God is most concerned with our being, how do you be I'm going to give it to you just in a sentence.

I'm not going to write it on the board because that's that's the last thing. That's the last part of this picture is three is the process, the process of becoming what is the process of becoming over time? The process is one or a is imagination. How do I know that? Because God said let us make man in our image, which means the image existed before the words came out of his mouth. Right, imagination. And then God said communication.

Let us make man in our image, not, not, not let me make man in my image, let us make man in our image. So unification, congruency. And then the last thing that happened was the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground in Genesis, Chapter two of our seven. So the last part is implementation. So its imagination, communication, unification, implementation, that is the process of being.

You do that over time. So anyway, I just thought I'd share that with you. I literally can't even I can't even explain to you what actually I could because I could show you my notebook. The revelations that you're sharing right now are on a much deeper level than what God has gifted me at this season in my life. However, my token phrase is the process of becoming, always becoming. We are always becoming. There is no data that I have made it.

There is no day that Myron and his family, no matter how much wealth accumulates, has made it. Made it. There is no error being exist in him. And his being is infinite. There's becoming.

And there's being. But there is no there's no I've become. There's only one. I am right.

Come on. So I say this all the time, always becoming. And I was trying to come up with my own coach. His name is Mike Zeller. He's amazing. He's connected with him before a Christian God. I love him. And he was trying to help me cultivate like Tamra. You're so good at what you do, but you don't really have a framework by what you do it like. What does that look like? What is it exactly?

And how can you take what God has taught you and teach it very simply bring it down to the basics. Right. And so I came up with this idea of the blueprint, the thumbprint. It's called the business thumbprint. Literally all uniquely made. All designed. Right. CORE Creatives is the name of my entrepreneurship group because we are all creators no matter what you do. And so the three start, three step process is being before brand, before business.

And if you put them in any other format, which is exactly what you're saying, it is the be you have to be before you can do before you can execute any idea, any message, any service. Right. Any thing any brand doesn't exist until you be the brand. So be first and then the last thing is to do like build, build the business. So you're like I'm sitting over here like Jesus. Thank you Lord, for this timing, for this affirmation, for this further conviction to go into the Bible, literally to get inside Genesis and just Genesis and just eat just eat it like I am so excited about it.

I am so grateful to you. My community over here is like shouting from the rooftops, mind blown. They too are running. We have to do a Myron marathon. That should be a thing.

And I can send you if you like me, if you'll if you will send me your email, I can send you all the notes that I did on this board. I can see.

It's amazing. Please do. Please do. You are a treasure, a gift. You are an unlock to the life and the legacy of so many people around you. And I'm just honored to have this time with you.

This morning was truly my pleasure. Truly my pleasure. So, so good. Can be close out in prayer. OK, let's let's say that I mean, I'm going to let you take the lead on that. Brother.

Father, thank you for your word. Thank you. That is truth and that it is the key that unlocks all of the doors to kingdom building for your people. May we walk as the kings and queens on the earth that you created us to be reflecting your light to the world in the name of your shoe? Amisha Amen.

Amen. Amen. Amen. Such a gift. Are there any last things that you want to share with the audience places you said that you're in your DBMS Myron Golden you've got to check them out?

Yeah, I'm at Myron Golden on Instagram and anything like I've got a Bible study like just yesterday. Yes, yes. So I've been doing a Bible study since 2013. It's a Facebook group. It's free and you can find a link to it in my link to you on Instagram. And yesterday, just yesterday, I taught on I've been teaching a series on who do you believe because who you believe, what you believe is based on who you believe.

Right? So, yes. Who do you believe about abundance in life? That was just yesterday and it was absolute.

Wow. Yeah. So anyway, so yeah, follow me on Instagram and you can follow me on Facebook or you can not follow me for most of all. Follow Christ, right.

Yeah, always. Always, always. But if you are seeking and we seek right where we're called to seek, if you are seeking and you don't know where to turn, turn to Myron. Because denominations like you talked about before, denominations can be a church. I love church unity. I'm totally going to steal that. We talk about the little C versus the big C, which is like the church, right. That God wants you. He just wants you.

He wants your relationship, your being. He wants that intimacy. He already knows you, but get to know him.

Absolutely what to get. Myron thank you for the opportunity to share. It was a gift. All right. Love you, brother. Have a great day.

Listen to my.

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