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"Tired" Isn’t Success

I recently received a shirt as a gift and I know it was totally unintentional in the thought process, but I was so thankful it was 2 sizes too small. It read “super wife, super mom, super tired.” I dropped it and I had to control myself not to cry. Not out of humility but out of sadness.

I had to check myself immediately. I got in a bad habitof declaring being tired. Sure, it’s the stage of motherhood. Sure, it’s life situations that we’re leaving me crying or with nightmares. Sure, it’s working for someone and creating for me and others on the side. Sure, it’s trying to invest in the relationships and people that matter to me often. Sure, I have horrible sleep problems due to my back pain. Sure, I appear to #doallthethings, but believe it or not, I often don’t accomplish everything I set out to on a given day. Sure, my calendar is full.

But what kind of life is it to be living tired all of the time?! So I set out to fix it. I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t mention my new goal of not using that word to describe my state of being. I also didn’t set any expectations on myself other than the hope to let my words start matching my heart state.

I changed some big things in order to seemingly not change anything from an on lookers perspective, but I am refreshed and not tired, even doing #allthethings. Because quite frankly, that part is in my blood!

So if you find yourself in a similar state of exhaustion on the regular…check yourself and check this list! Let’s stop owning this tagline of “tired” and start living life fully awake and fully alive in our health and happiness.

We bought a sleep number bed! (This is not an ad – just literally life changing for me!) I was tired of having back pain. It’s been persistent for 10 years. The last several I was waking up 2-4 times a night (on top of an infant and toddler sleep schedule) just to put on icy hot for the pain. This isn’t a cheap investment, but we spend more time here than in our car or office chair! And this isn’t just a physical adjustment for your body, it’s a mind and soul enhancement too! Trust me! I routinely woke up at 430am for the gym 3 times a week! This would seemingly deplete your energy level – but endorphins won’t disappoint! I always feel like super woman on these days – though with an early rise comes an bed time that you must meet or you’re way out of whack! I’m asleep between 9-930 usually.The days I could sleep in, my body was anticipating a 430 alarm, so I’d give myself an extra hour but I would still rise early giving myself ample alone time, before morning babes needed me, for gratitude and mindfulness practices. This put me in an amazing heart space for whatever full schedule was ahead. Coffee – well this has always been a must, but I started taking out my normal sugar additives, which I noticed would often leave me craving more sugar or in a crashing state a few hours later. My stronger coffee is delightful and I’m liking tasting the actual coffee verse the same sugar taste.Switch my words! This is the mental game that made the biggest change. I stopped saying “I’m tired” – though I’m surely not super human, so after 7pm it’s acceptable! But I was littering my lingo with this unfortunate word from the moment my feet would hit the floor. I asked my hubby to stop asking “how did you sleep” and just embrace me and say good morning. It seems silly, but my answer I found was always subpar – why would I want the first words out of my mouth to be negative…and that’s surely not a well received comment someone makes. “Oh I’m tired…” my mental response “well, go rest!”Built in schedule time for “no phone”. Put it down. Put it away. The time we’re supposed to be relaxing and storing up energy, we’re depleting it on these handheld devices that suck us dry verse fill us up – even if you’re doing something positive on it! These studies don’t lie! Even our eyes are tired. My time is when my kiddos and hubby are all together in the evening!Worship showers! These have been so releasing at the end of the day. 10 minutes of solitude. Worship music on high. Just reflecting on my day and soaking in His goodness! I always feel relaxed and refreshed afterward. I started taking holy basil extract and melatonin again. I don’t like to take medicine or alter my body. And I know the studies of decreasing your melatonin levels by providing it, but with a life trial I was in the midst of, I needed something as natural as possible to allow my body and my mind to say “let go”. My mental list making would quiet down. My running circles around how to fix a problem or begin a new creative project subside. This won’t be a forever change – but it was a necessary one to get in the recommended 7-8 hours. I also just got CBD oil, but have only tried it once – so I can’t really speak to its effects yet! Stay tuned for that review. Oh and I guess I should add wine here too! This is obviously not nightly, but a glass of wine here and there settles me – of course only clean crafted! And my most important switch was in my soul. I prayed for replenishment to my core. I asked for God’s energy. I requested peace and alertness. I prayed to be present and content. “Come to me all who are weary” He says. He is rest! He is all good things. And there’s not much more enjoyable than a restful nap 🙂 Come in Jesus! Let’s nap together! If you’re not in your faith, you may find this practice absurd. But I encourage you to practice meditation enhancement requests…you may be shocked by the revived response.

Other things I’d like to start to help continue on my wholeness journey towards abundant energy:

Yoga 1x a weekJournaling (I basically do this when I’m writing, but I’d like to do it with pen and paper instead of my phone) Nature winter walks!

These tricks may seem insignificant or maybe their novel to you. Either way, I encourage you to pick one or two up as a way to invest in yourself! Being #allthethings, even super mom and super wife, can’t be done unless you’re super you!! Tired isn’t a state of success. Rest, both literally and figuratively will get you closer to that best version of who you are.

Matthew 11:28-30

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

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