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Time to Press Play on your Passion Project Even in the Dark – with Kaitlin Chappell Rodgers

Do you ever see someone and think “we’d be good friends?” I felt that way when I first saw today’s guest at a conference…not to mention the entire purpose of the conference allowed me to instantly know we had a shared heart and similar alignments in purpose.

Then you start to talk and you’re like…YASSS Jesus.

Well, this fellow dreamer was that kind of connection. And when you listen to her talk you’ll instantly know my partial obsession with her is her sweet southern twang. But more importantly, it’s her story, her depth, her drive, and her activation.

She shares how God gave her the “Not From God” book and how she brought it to fruition and how you can do the same for your own message. We speak business, coaching, passion, and personal growth.

This episode I pray will bring you life…it did for me!

passion project

Enjoy Kaitlin Chappell Rodgers and go follow along with her journey too.




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Show Notes: Time to Press Play on Your Passion Project

Hello. Thanks to world. We are so excited to be here today. It has been a mission, and we will explain that as we go, but we’ve had times San trips, anything that Satan wanted to do to get in our way, even using our little a sense.

So to try and sit in total, they up to Dad, we are maybe was happened and we were so excited about it. I’m so pumped to introduce you to kalin, she is a retouche… You were gonna obsess over her accent like I do, and the first time that I met her was that the she season to conference with his earnest, and as you can see, her smile is addictive, and so I wanted to know all the things about her and has since become a raging fan, everything from her book, she’s an author with in loving.

It’s more than just a book though, and we’ll talk about it, But kalan, I wanna give you the opportunity to take the floor, say He and kinda introduce yourself, and I have not to say any of the titles, just tells her he came from this jump in… Hi, can you hear me?


Okay, awesome. I wanted to make sure all of our tech coding earlier. Yeah, she said my name is Kaitlyn chaperones. I am originally from a place called Cullman, Alabama, which is actually where I am right now, that Kim Bui, my parents… That I live in Huntsville, Alabama, which my husband, Caleb, he’s a baseball coach, and my passion is really just to help women see the life that lives inside them, I think that it’s easy to… For about that I oftentimes, with all the darkness that tries to overcome us, but the darkness cannot win because she is already over coming out the victory, we fight not for the victory, but from a place of victory, and I’m so grateful for that, and I love to coach women and their passions and help, when I say that light come alive and start them and see their eyes light up when they’re talking about their passions and what Jesus has put inside them.

That is like my true joy in life, so that’s really what I try to do through the in-word or spoken word, through coaching and teaching. I love the Bible, I am learning more more about it every single day, and I love to teach other people… How do you speed? Bold and studying the Bible at can be overwhelming. That’s a big book, but when we take it piece by piece and senses in it, and when we look for Jesus from the Old Testament through Revelation, it makes all that so much better because he changes everything to a lot I thought were done getting to later… The last count is penitent.

I love that you said just with authenticity and truth, that’s a big book. And one of my fans, but not your book, is that it’s at all a small look emanate with so much goodness, and the fatality factor is my favorite part about what you’ve put together here at the end, not only is there some really sweet… I’m a huge fan of scripted words, so we were talking about that before, but she takes her own experience, but she just packs the word inside of these little tiny chapters. My favorite part is that at the end, there’s a part that says Remember, replace and reflect, whether it’s a problem that you’re walking through, maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s overwhelm, maybe it stress being that with what God says about it, and then reflecting and to just have that moment to yourself, it’s a perfect morning or evening devotional, and the awesome to walk through with the group of girls, honestly, but overall, a club that you took what ads on your heart and instead of waiting, which I feel like I’ve been in this season of waiting on my book… That feels like forever.

It’s also 265 pages, and so I like every time I come to that place, and I have a lot of friends who are authors that follow and writing their own first books, how did you decide like…

This isn’t a… Oh yeah.

Okay, so the whole time you were talking, I’ve thought of seven things we gotta say, How we gonna say that you touch on so many things that I love to share about this book, so first of all, it is all which made me feel like I… Or get enough, it’s not 26 pages, it’s not a hole, but I Otomo whose to say what a… What a book even in like typical Lo is 500 wars and that’s maybe 10 or 12000. but my husband always says to me, he’s like, Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not my me, but it has good stuff in it, but of course when I go back and read it, I’m like, Oh, that’s so simple and boring, but every single person who reads it, these are the two things they saying, Thank you for making it so short, it did never… Well, me, and thank you for making it so simple, it penetrates on heart riband, I need it, and I’m like, Okay, then it wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about showing… I can write this elaborate… Wordy, huge 500-page book. It was no writing the words to is giving me for someone else to use, and that’s what it did then, Hollen… So they reflect the remember, replace reflect at the end.

So that was not originally gonna be… I didn’t have that in there. I’m super, super impatient and I want things done like a month policies, I’m an anagram 3.

He sanitation, you get it, you get it.

So I hadn’t had that America and I was waiting on… It’s a crazy story, but I met Jessica homage, who’s the CEO New Day collection, author of imperfect courage, she Stele.

So I met her at her book launch party, and it was like we had been separated at birth that we were like best… I was like, I love you. And she was like, Oh no. And I was like, Okay, well, here’s my book, I gave her like a staple together, a copy of my book. I’m so embarrassed, but I just did it. So to brief… She follow on Instagram. And I’m like, I got yelled. Oh my God.

So she read it on a plane, which that’s how short it is that… She read it on the plane. And she messaged me and was like, kalin, this is what I needed. And I was like, What? So I just sucked it up and asked her, I was like, Would you please just write a little blurb about it so I can do my… Yeah, A… We do on here for a while, and she’s a pure woman who run in a company and write your own book and doing all the things, so time and time again, I was like, I’m just gonna relate it without her knowledge men, I’m just gonna relate it… And in my free, like you are not into your waiting on her, so while I was waiting on her, that remember replace reflect, can to me and the Lord was like, This is why I had to a… This is a really important part of the book.

So she finally sent it to me and I had that in there, and that’s when I decided, Okay, this is enough… This is it, it’s 10 chapters. It is, I wrote it during a really dark depression, it was the worst year of my life, it was my first year of marriage, which should have been the most beautiful year of my life, and it wasn’t anything that was my husband, it was just an extreme attack of enemy, but from that garners a the book and really brought me back to the line, Wow, I so cool. Like a man to moments and all of that.

That one I saw thing. But she speaks… You already had an her book?

Yes, it tests.

It had only been out for a little while.

Okay, help comes or I have an agent.

Yeah, so I do have an agent, and I actually, I guess, signed with her right after I had still published, so I sat public through Amazon, and which is actually a really cool experience, I don’t know what path year taking for your book, but that’s actually what I’m writing another book right now, not titling to do, it’d be amazing for a publisher to pick it up, but I really have enjoyed the self-publishing and Amazon, I’d say really easy, I… And it’s cool that I’ve gotten to kind of control all of it, and as a white, they do the back-end work that I don’t want to do the pricing in the shipping, but it’s been cool to be able to take copies to different book sings and speaking events. So I’ve heard a lot of different self-publishing stories of people who pay to have a self-publish that’s at what Amazon does, they make it make it really, really fun and easy, so… Yeah, that’s awesome. I think nowadays, I hear of everyone being an author, and again, just like the struggle of the side who can feel like, Gosh, what do I have to say that… But that’s the whole heart of why you coach and why you teach these moments, the whole on that I do, what I do for the perron in my coaching experience, is that every Segal person has their own identity and they’re in print in the kingdom, and it is our job, like I feel call would feel called into the space of helping to ignite and illuminate that and for allowing women to say yes to the calling that God has the coin and not let worldly factors such as everyone’s an author or you need an agent and I feel like so many people think that if you’re self-published, it’s like, Oh, she just did it herself.

Right, I am. Oates, her.

And all the the… You gave a they do, which is a… But beyond all of that, God validates it. Named, walk through out hard season with such purpose. And this morning, I was listening to Brandon Richard, and one of the things that he was teaching was around the value of your story, which we know Bailey is sharing our testimony with other… And so the reliability factor of the fact that you’ve walked through depression, that you did it when you are in… You’re married.

I similarly walked through a huge state of depression and it was an own self-reflection and things that I was chosen to do and let… Take control of my life and my identity.

I was not only a wife of at the time for a year is… I think it was three years.

I had… You may be, I had was not one at the time, and you did two-year-olds, two-year-old, and it was tragic, it was so hard to do, and so walking it out and knowing at that time was when I was saved again, three birdies.

I’m in Dave, me, the concept of a book, so I love… We have that parallel, that time that we like wiping now, the dark hole, and there was scaly moments where I was because in that space, it was also writing something incredibly beautiful as…

I love that it really does just give purpose to the pain, and I try to see that in every ounce of pain that I ever experienced it at… Or my people, that they can do the same thing, and God works all things together for our good. That’s not just say, That’s a… His word, it’s loving, it’s true. And to really believe that is when, like you said, of like, Okay, I am wing this sign, getting through this and Tring through this, and I look back and I honestly don’t know how…

I literally sent a Hasan there, I was like, How do I have time to write and how did I muster it up when I could barely get out of it to live, but I was rough and I really like… It makes an emotional… But that’s what it… Save me, riding through my pain and writing down and having God was from her the whole town. Please keep holding on. It’s worth it.

I, I don’t… What is it about it? But it’s like… And I knew it. That help one person. I mean, actually, Jose, yesterday, the past couple of weeks, I have really… I felt like the word really killed me from depression, and I felt like I was totally passed it, but it still sees up every once in while, and I think the devil just tries to like, Oh, she’s gonna let me get back in there. So the past actually, when we try to record this the first time and I had the flu, that really set me back and go be really depressed, just being like… So I take it like staying at home and not being able to do the things I wanted to do. And since then, it has been hard, and I sat across the table from a friend yesterday and he just… We mean, she was like, Have you just maybe a bit depressed, and I just start solving because no one really ever asks how I am, they’re just like, Hey, oh, you… But she asked How much all was, and I got on Instagram and shared and I was like, I just want people to know I’ve been alight, and it’s still hard and God not mad at me for it, and he’s just mad in you for it.

And I got message after message of Me too, me too, there’s a heaviness, and I have felt the spirit of heaviness over a lot of people around me for a live and until we just been praying against it, but to speak it out loud and then use it to help someone else then lies every time, it loses its hour and God gets the glory every single time when we speak up and confess what’s going on in our souls, and then let people speak tractor is that always sort… Yeah, that’s a huge thing, I think where his valuable and stuff or because even as you’re pursuing your individual passions through the individual testament, an imprint, and what feels like I credited alone sometimes there are other people who understand it, and we can limit ourselves by believing a lie that we are alone or that we are the only ones, or that that we are not good enough, or that if we say it, we are putting ourself in this vulnerable space that we’re gonna get knocked down again or somebody’s gonna take advantage of us because we had had something that is low and real, and I have found in my experience, not only from my personal validity as a just saying the thing, but also allowing other people de-grace to experience that, where when she said, Have you been oppressed? Or is your soul hurting and she actually gave you the space to speak, and I think that that’s such a valuable friend to have, have people around here who are wearing to ask the hard questions, are willing to take the caitly, go there.

And allowing you to go there to…

Jesus would want nothing in a lot, he… He asked that it is the problem is, and why we’re stuck in the state of analysis paralysis or anxiety or or long, it is because we are allowing the play of NME in our mind versus the freedom of what God would have us pay or what already has said in the Bible about our problem or our issue or what we’re walking through, now it’s a… It’s a definitely a no.

We need to race.

And a take away from this entire conversation, you know what, on the 10 minutes is that giving yourself the space to actually speak up, and I do it in a vulnerable way.

Yeah, I absolutely. And I think that that is a struggle for a lot of people, is just having the space to actually speak up and feeling like other people are getting in the space, and so A… When we do that for each other… Gosh, I mean, that really does. Great change.

It really does, it really does allow us to open up to each other and talk about what’s really going on, and it is so important and it’s really not done enough, it really isn’t… We can really do a better job with that… Right.

Yeah, I think we’re on auto-pilot, I think we’re on supersonic, the auto-pilot, and it doesn’t allow anybody… How are you? Good, great. Okay, good. Let’s go on. How are you? Are going good? Okay, so that’s it.

Where there are so many more questions. Rebecca, as you can see, just bite message, and that is nice, it’s her first day to the…

I haven’t Renaissance the spending time with us.

And she had the rule remotely lately, and to take the power, saying people come together and grave for us and ultimately… And two or more are gathered. And we can say no to say in an yeses, that’s when transformation happens.

So thanks for sharing that, amine. So good.

So I wanna know more about you. I wonder more to share more, so this… This is the book journey, this is where you are now, since launching the book, doing the speaking event experiences, engaging in coaching women, what else, start… How do this get birds in your life or… Yeah, also, I just have to do until everybody, this just really makes sense for the day, but computers on 5% and my charter is no wherein sight, so if we cut off, then that’s why… And I feel like there’s a lot to not… Come on, Lord. Come all for.

So he is this 5% were itiner.

That’s right. So yeah, I have been… I have been writing literally since I was to read years old, reading and writing and just telling stories, and I used to… The same de talked about earlier, she used to submit my stories to highlight other kids… I don’t know if you don’t remember this time, things are like Andy diminis.

So she was submitting it to the adult side, so I never got accepted because it was for 30 year or anyway, in Tecate with a writing career when I was little and here we are, seriously, she re-was mini… Was always a storyteller, I was always kinda like Romy brothers and jot brothers. A super close to a Christian in keen, and Christian are only a couple of years of mares to…

I was like, Come on, play along. I rode this trip, we’re doing the same… So always loved stories, I’ve always loved to read and write and share, and so it really is just developed over time, I got a degree in Communications and broadcast journalism from the University of North Alabama or long.

And I started working in news R out of college, I came a news reporter, My ultimate dream was to be on Good Morning America. That’s where I thought I was headed. I quickly grew up that the environment, which is not we’re supposed to be in to work, it was just got really shifted my dreams in, he was like, this got you to until where you will find your church home and find your husband and find your people. But this is not your career, so is… I have worked at NASA, I’ve done several different marketing jobs, and none of that was everyone was really supposed to do, and it was always… It always went back to writing to words, and I started speaking at different women’s events, which I’ve always loved public speaking, when people say they’d rather die in public speak. I’m like, No, it is what brings me to life, I’m most alive when I’m sharing God’s word, whether it’s to two women or 200, and he like, I don’t really care.

I just love to talk about the board. I’ll let to write about him, to speak about him, I love to… Like I said earlier, just coach other women in their own passion, so that’s really…

I’m in the process of really watching that coaching program, and I know you’re such an amazing coach and you’ve done such a great job with that, and so I’m following a lot of people’s footsteps who already do this thing, but getting to sit down either on a computer or one-on-one across from a woman, her what she thinks got his sword, and then really, like you said earlier, a Herman permission. Yeah, let’s do the thing, your three practical steps to do it and now you’re doing it like, Fear is not from God, not to chapter mother, look, fearsome, God.

And just again, seeing them wide up and be like, Oh my gosh, I was nice for this, I really can, this… And explaining to them that I think that the big fear with women is if it doesn’t reach thousands, no issues, I… Oh my goodness. Okay, we’re gonna try and call her in before she gets on, I just have to continue to say that what she’s speaking about in this very moment is totally been on my heart lately, and so I’m gonna go with it and just share. And so what that means, and she was saying that she feels like people don’t press go and they don’t say yes, and they don’t press play because they are fearful of the fact that they’re only meeting, you know, in a poll or not that their most valued listener is their mom or their cream as, or there’s this sir, or whatever it is.

And I want you to say yes, because of them, I want you to say Yes and press play because they’re waiting for you, because if they need you… And had Caitlyn just passed over the packet with the staple to the gal from noon day, her name is Jessica, by the way, if she just pass it over to her, and that was the only person that responded saying, I needed this today, then that was enough, and she fulfilled her purpose, and I believe that we have so much more other ripple effect in the kingdom, and while you may only hear or see the one flash from the Pebble that you put into the lake or the river… For me, it’s the ocean, then you don’t get to opportunity to see all of the other ripple effects that have been made in the kingdom, you don’t get to meet the person that that person told about your story, you don’t get to meet the life that has changed or the bondage that is broken, or the depression that is healed, or the heart that is mended, but you are putting out information and you’re putting out energy, and you’re putting out love into the world. And that is what God has called us to do and to live outside of ourselves, to live outside of the dream that keeps you awake at night, so that you can literally have impact, impact in the world. And some of us still dream on the level that in A… And probably do, I was not alive or earlier… And I was saying, I’m going to meet Oprah, I’m gonna be sitting at a dinner table with Rachel Hollis in no time.

Oh, she is back in.

It’s turned desperate. How are you on on your phone on a different computer, and it might be a little bit louder ’cause I don’t have my head funds on, but until it… Good for me, back then, I’m kept going with what you’re not thinking about, and so Tarantino, you’re promising. Is this in an isotta?

Just go to A…

I was a… It’s so important for women to still say, yes, that the one person that had Jessica been the only person that read the script, netbook, she was enough, and that we don’t have the power or the ability or the accent that… That’s what I got is who God says he is. That’s gonna be a transformation for generations to cover in one or at that one person has the lifetime effect of years and years of change.

It is one, a ownership and that… And it’s just a day… Yes, to the call.

In that Robert… And I know that people have that fear is the number one fear of public speaking is the other thing, and yeah, when I encourage women that I coach to press play on the life, but in… What comes from it?

Even if it’s two minutes, even if it’s five minutes, if they end up talking for an hour, being so raw, a motion that is shared is absolutely transformational, you don’t have to always have a script, actually speaking off script, is we like…

Yeah, I… It’s nice to have an outline, but that’s the whole reason that I do these podcasts unscripted without question, is for people to have the ability to just can do live here, so I don’t know if you are in the frame of mind to keep going, but keep sharing I love what we’re to…

I totally agree. I think that just taking that step and just taking your next right step, I think that in parents a podcast, I love to listen to the next right thing, and she does an amazing job of just coaching… It’s all through, I just take the next right step. And you mentioned earlier, analysis promises… Oh my goodness, that gets me every time. It’s like, Marsh has 600 things to do. I’m not gonna do any of them, I’m just gonna sit on my column Alex, but we… You just pick the one thing and say, I’m gonna do this one, next thing, and you do the next thing, and then the next thing, and if that next thing is writing a sentence, I just listen to… I’m like a pocket to I, I, I, I, I Loco in three big hugs, all of it, and he was beyond the old off who also the love her and she’s like a areas like A… And in my real methods, the… And he said, If you feel like you can’t write a book then… Right, a chapter, if you feel like you can’t run a check… Got a paragraph right in.

Right to Work.

You’re so overwhelmed. Right down, one word. And that can be applied to anything in life. If you are launching a business, I do just one little thing like those, purchase the website to a note, so like the LLC, so then you can have your name or your business take the steps, and if it takes you three years to do it, and so be it just to do it like worry about all of it and let it everywhere you… Just like I said earlier, if the Bible is a big book, but when you break it down in the little things, my husband always, to me, when I get over me, he’s had met in eleven one bit at a time.Like you can a tetanus.

And why not? Look at that. Good husband.

Because there’s a baseball coach and teacher, so he uses little things like that all the time, you tell the holdings of…

This is on me too. I’m like, I’m not your student. And he’s like, Oh, sometimes I have to to.

So yeah, I think that it really is one step at a time, one bit at a time, and like you said, Yeah, I just go for it. And if a lot of times I like to say that if it ministers to one person and that one person is you, it’s ministering back to yourself, sometimes God used to things like he’s like a WAN, I’m giving you this word, share it, and I’m like, Well, no, one really connected with that. And he’s like, Right, it was for you.

On the heat.

Yeah, if that’s the case, then it’s a win. You matter to, you’re a soul to have networks and sometimes you just have to speak the truth back to yourself, so…

I love that, I love that. Good. Were saying, Do it for the one. Maybe you’re the one I think that can… The wise.

That’s really cool.

So I feel like from the coaching perspective in the entrepreneurial journey, there’s gonna be a lot of people who are really intrigued by this podcast to say, with you doing in just the one thing, like there is… The momentum effect, right? And my husband and I were just talking about this, if you start a snowball and you start rolling the snowball, and then you start another sample and you start rolling that snowball, eventually E going down to hell, something’s gonna take traction, I… You got to that, you should splatter paint and expect do all the things and expect something to stick, you don’t know where God’s gonna intervene in that process, and so if you say still and you stay stuck in those specific areas, I can’t move in your lack of action. Faith is an action word. It is a belief is… So the belief system of speaking life, and it doesn’t have to be in front of a tin 220000 people, it doesn’t even have to be a podcast or a Facebook live, but if you’re not actually declaring what it is that God says about you and about the situation or the scenario or the dream that he’s in plain to you, what’s the use of dream in… Right, right.

Now, I love that, I just imagined a snowball literally going down a hill, and then at some point take something up, it makes it bigger and better, and that’s… Got it. You do have to start a love thing, just satin action work because you have to start somewhere.

I sat on a who she and be like, Okay, good.

Like you have to go down the hill and he will Jack in, I think that is trusting that you take the first step and He will step in with the… It’s not about waiting for him to walk in front of you, or he’s already there, so if you know he’s already there, then you took the first step and he’s going to step in with you, he’s gonna make it, but you’re better… That you could do on your own.

So you start to go, Oh, and… Sure, easier said than done. Like to just go, but that I sat like just trusting and making the move and how… He’s always got your back.

It’s so good. And I think along that you’re still living real life like, Yeah, I don’t want buddy to ever view… And I had this awesome conversation with a guy friend couple of months ago, I call it just like, I feel like you just always out there, you’re doing it all, you’re doing the thing, and I’m like, I… Like before, I’m not doing anything.

Yeah, the moments where I do feel stuff and I still have all the same problems.

I know Rachel Tallis probably build the impact on May, so I was a work…

I was like, I got that.

There is a… There are moments, no matter how small or starting our hall brand, the appearance of beer, all real, I… Nothing in life is always hunky to worry 247, and so if you said it’s just about taking that one thing for me, I always say I moved to the very… Will be like What?

It’s like, How was your day today? You’ll have to… Not that the kids are on the spring break, they are today, and all one sick ones doing going to Office of direction, and we really… Bootha, and I of the day, if I know that I moved to a S, if I have moved the needle a little bit towards what that has in store for the America as a…

I started my life in.

So I, I love that, I’m gonna have to borrow that, and I do love the EL any today.

And then, so small things, like you said, like Lisa Tucker didn’t wake up, and she wasn’t Lister with two books written and a million call We and with small thing at a time, and it all added up to her big letters. So she’s driving me crazy. Scottish was there dingos in my last… But yeah, you’re right, and I think the one… That is life. It’s cool because I’m gonna go to coach, I see women who are 24 outages, like Go. And then I also get to coach the woman who’s 50 to file, I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for a long…

I’m gonna say yes today, and so I… It’s never… You’re never too late.

One is always on time, and I got it moving and stirring for thing in your life and your 12 years old or like you… Five years old, bovey like to play. Or if you’re 50 or you’re 70. it’s literally never too late. And it’s never too early.

I try to, even as a mom now, engaging that kids in that concept, allowing them to drain, Lou is a really like Ho-in on what are you passionate about, what brings you joy?

And not like, not imparting what breaks me, you the… That is the… We also wanna do like the… You want… You notate you?

I ottonia, not really… No, not at… So is the of the Lord, but allowing them to be the cells because there’s…

I love that. That’s a word not to work for me because I’m not a mom, and I just carry about when I am a mom and I wanna always on or my kids in painting their plane, but not making it my flame, the…

I think that’s super powerful. And I love that you do that with your kids at that means you’re a good moment, its debate in a one to Armani. Love it. It definitely teaches you a lot when you get there… I think I imagined my whole life I was gonna be a mom, I knew that that would be a part of my story, and when it happens, and then also coming into a dead end after it happened, I think my questions or my question myself a lot in that regard.

And I know at the same time, you can then at A… We just sat arenabow, I’ll live with… To be a parent, and yet so many people do it, and yet we also see the impact of our generation and the mini-generations before us, the hurt and the pain that has come from parenting, and it makes me like, Oh my gosh, I’m so fearful of every single little thing, but I can’t live in that fear, just like We can’t live in the fear of if only one person listens or one person reads the book, that God is doing this thing with me and His power and His might and his word, his ability will trump, any situation, any word that I might speak over my son or daughter, that isn’t the right thing, in the right moment, like if I can just not live in fear and allow him to take rain in their lives, then I can live at peace with that.

Yes, and I think that’s something we can use in every single area of our lives, fear, again, it’s not from God, and if we live with it, even just locking into a room and fear that someone’s not gonna like us, so we’re gonna say their own thing, or do the wrong thing, or not be good enough, or be too, man.

So all of them are wideband fear, and I’ve been there and I still have to find that off, it’s an out and saying yes to the Lord and his pace and history. I can’t do it on my own. I just posted this yesterday, like, I’m not good at not… But he was getting up in me so that I can do the things He’s called me to do.

Yeah, that’s so good.

I love that the next… Is in part for me. Great, what’s ahead for you? What are you hoping for?

So yeah, I mentioned earlier that I’m writing another book, so actually in to weeks for an hour going away to a cabin, and I kinda… Or just get to… Right, and that is like… In an era.

Yeah, so I’m gonna be doing that and then just dreaming ahead in the future, and actually the beginning of the year went away with some friends, kind of like my… To just plan for the future, and we talked about that book and then we talked about coaching and some courses I’m gonna be doing, and I would love to do more speaking events, more churches and women’s events, like I said, that’s a true passion of mine. So I’m praying about that and I’m asking God just to kind of send me here, he was to send me… I love to travel, so I’m like, I’ll go anywhere, Lorrie, the anti-tank.

So yeah, I also have something really, really cool coming out to you… A orchids book. I just win on the illustrations to come together, so you’re on… I think it’s gonna be so, so cool, and it’s something that the word definitely gave to me and I’ve gotten a lot of confirmation from it, and…

I’m sorry. Well, and I love that. What a fun niche. It’s so crazy, the very last podcast that I did, you’ll have to connect with… Her name was Amy Henderson.

Children’s book, I too, a trivia, it’s called stretcher and from a long time ago. So it is. So to you… Well, I mean, taught a lot of people the name…

I’ll sit here. What I love is all, Hey, little flower girl, and it’s a… We’re doing a wedding.

But once you read it, it’s like for everybody who’s ever been a little girl and for everything, I care the teeth, I already see this imagery developed, my sweet little girl was a forger just a few months ago for the first… It is, I will be on her bookshelf, that is so cool to… Now you’re thinking you’re gonna sell Tolkien do?

Yes, I’m playing on the same route, the last one, it’ll be different because I don’t know how to really do things to the children to be better, actually had a friend, he’s a lawyer and he published two colenso, the great… The Lord, you can help coach me through that, but I’m panties Amazon again, that is so… I’m so excited for you. One of the project, the in a, being in that be of thinking of yourself as a little girl again, and reminding that tie, you’re at a to you are…

I know going through my art, he’s in and learning from therapy, like one medmen as a woman now, sitting myself in a mirror or in a room with that little girl was incredibly, incredibly impactful for me, and not just on like how I decided to live my life out there after, but nurturing that person in me all the time, which is… It’s a huge call in and of itself, and I think if women could comprehend that a bit more and really just take a look at themselves in the mirror with that little girl and be alongside her and let Jesus love on her, just like Jesus is loving on you now in this season, it allows you to blossom utilizing your flower analogy and such intention in a one… It is A… That work the… You get it is, I can’t wait, if you read this book and I give it as a gift of flower girls for weddings, but it… It’s really so much more than I… It’s so much the out what you just said, like knowing that, Oh yeah, all and you more than what you think you are, and to connect back with that little girl and tell her that that is a therapeutic… And so in… That’s so cool. I love the alignment. So amazing. So are you going to do there in…

I don’t think I know, and I’m so set up in… So I think in my first year to not be there, yeah, I… And I just really feel like the time I would normally take off to go to die is what the Lord asked community used to go to the Haven and write the book has so… And then I’m having a… For sure at the… Are you going…

No, I’m not either. And I’ve just today, I’ve had two different people reach out to me to see if I was going and say, You should go, and I thought that we already discussed this uses I… The one I errata was gonna look like fear and it’s so I, I, I, I would say I like, it’s Saiful experience of sisterhood. And women and Overman and hoping and dreaming. But I personally have really press Play on the green this year that God has put inside of me, and I feel like if I go there, I’m going to with all the co-batters and I don’t necessarily… I need to… In that with as I worm that experience, I can now what or… And the ownership of fraternities, those specific relationships, that what would happen to more… And I think it was an infection point an… For a lot of things. And he did, because… And I had a funder of meeting… Yes, I am going to just copy and paste what you just said when people ask me what, I’m not going… That’s it. But a real being, it’s a great place if you’re trying to figure out your dreams and make them come on, I think you are about the as far where it’s like God is saying, you can go, but you really just need to do the thing. I know it’s time to do it, so I’m like… Is they don’t wanna go and I go with it, do.

So we’ll just have to shut up our social meant, we will have I’m major then and be super, super sad.

It’s totally dry. Water is like a meter on… It was for dinner on Friday night, and I was like, I’ll come down from a dinner, the team you’re… Cause last year… Do you remember leading Star Johnson who want… So she launched her book Now wait and just to come in, then he sat and that she didn’t go last year because she already had her book, so… And he it that the estate…

I did a podcast with a person and it was so cool to have her there and just connect again, so I… Little devils and been put a long way for us to still re-to like that you… In one, I feel like I feel like it is understanding other such a just from materially agree. And I am for all the connections and staying in touch with everyone, I think that that’s… That’s the point. I mean, that’s like was just making connections and keeping them up and how can you people who really get your passions of the adult at like your plan. So you’re gonna get one or someone that… I was so MIRANDO.

So I’m like more of a beach girls, so I love the ocean, I… So I will take the cat and the camera actually make me work more the eyes, there’s nothing I can do to thoughts that they’re in one or good strategy.

Right and right.

If you can do a…

Okay, we… I so encouraged by kalin, I love your energy, I love your passion, I love that they’re shared with mine, but I really believe that what God is doing in your life and through women and through the message of not from God, and through your feeling, process that of course is a continued journey that you’re going to make such a beautiful impact in the world.

I to welcome… I can’t wait to get my hands on another book with your name on it, I love your name. It’s a Paleogene.

So I landscape rotary one, say shape, but chapel is my main name, and actually it’s the time that we… My husband, I went in in our first toll, so more girls, we don’t wanna sit down in a…

Yeah, I… Obviously, it’s way more sensing, it’s here to my heart because of the reference to vinyl and church and all the things, all the things, tag it.

That is a… Okay, any final words of encouragement for our listeners?

I think I just really want to leave you guys with its first Peter 2-9, it tells us that we are a royal priesthood, and the thought is asking us to come out of the darkness into His wondrous light, different versions to different things, but it also says into his light. So whatever is your facing or whatever value you’re walking through, who is beckoning is out of that into his life and I… The light really is always at the end of the tunnel, so cheap walking, key moving, even if it’s one small step at a time, cause you will get back to the light and then you’ll wanna tell everyone about… And that’s the whole point.

Yeah, I… That’s alright, we’re gonna point you obviously all link to the book, tell them where they can get in as common Instagram at kalan chapel Rogers, same place on Facebook. Twitter is a Rogers Pinterest, and then my website is taken colors do Comm usually on Instagram, Instagram and Facebook, more than anything. So definitely out there and connect with me.

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