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Time to Chat with Tiffany from Gals that Brunch

It is Tiffany and my first time hanging out, but I knew from the moment I met her through the great interweb of clubhouse and Instagram that we were connected. Then we found out that we both had roots in Virginia Beach, and she started what is now known as Gals that Brunch, which is a world renowned organization, which is so rad because who doesn't want to be a gal that brunches? I mean, all of us all the time, no matter the season.

Tiffany Alyssa is a community maker. She's a movement maker. She's a lover of Jesus. She's a freedom influencer. And ultimately she just has a heart to love on people and her story is inspiring. Enjoy!

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About Tiffany:

Tiffany Alysa AccardiAn Entrepreneur, Community Champion, and Brunch Aficionado. Based in Southern California with her Chocolate Lab, Milo Pup.Lover of all things sparkly, creative, and community-minded, she enjoys pool floating, soulful conversations + fabulous dinner parties. Her passion is creating family, community, and deep impacts. She consults with businesses and churches raising up people, thoughts, ideas and brands.

She is also the founder of the global organization "Gals That Brunch" which exists now in over 110+ cities around the world dedicated to creating spaces for community while its heartbeat is to see women walk in greater levels of freedom. Her passion and love is Jesus, and her heart is to release the Father’s heart for people through creating family and community, worship, and the prophetic. Through her own journey of pursuing freedom it has been her hope and purpose to raise up people, ideas, and empower individuals to develop their dreams and visions into the highest callings on their lives. Her dedication is to see people walk in complete freedom, fullness, and wholeness as we are all so perfectly designed to be.

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Show Notes: Time to Chat with Tiffany from Gals that Brunch

Ooh itself, sisters on the show today? Yes, it's our first time hanging out. But I knew from the moment I met her through the great interweb of clubhouse and Instagram that we were connected. And then we found out that we both had roots in Virginia Beach. She lived. And she started what is now known as gals, that brunch, which is a world renowned organization, which is so rad who doesn't want to be a gal that brunches, I mean, all of us all the time, no matter the season.

Right. And so Tiffany Alyssa is a community maker. She is the Olivia. Uh, dabbled with a super soul Sunday. She's an inspire, she's a community builder. She's a movement maker. She's a lover of Jesus. She's a freedom influencer. And ultimately she just has a heart to love on people. Well, because of her story and inspiring.

The story, right? We have those good things and those bad things, and those things can cause friction. And yet, at the end of the day, it's just about splashing all the color on the canvas and seeing what God's going to do with it. And it will be miraculous. And she has done that time and time again through ministries, through entrepreneurs.

I mean, it's just, it's so incredible to hear her story. And I sure, without a shadow of a doubt that there's going to be something that prompts in your spirit to say I can't too. And we Tiffany and I both, we just want to see you say that rise to the occasion for such a time as this and to actually act.

So you got to tag us. If you decided to do something after those podcasts, I think that prompts in your spirit. When you hear about it, tag us, share this episode, we'd both be honored and if you're on the east coast or the west coast, let us know, give us some info and we'll get together and we'll branch.

It'll be fun. All right, love you. Thank you, Tiffany, for so much light and love today. And you guys enjoy the show. Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit as space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leader.

I'm your host, Tamra and dress. And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

Talents. As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Oh, welcome to the VIN Bates podcast. You guys, this is a long time in our waking and I am so excited though. I really wish we were officially brunching it right now. Can we just pretend this is with Tiffany Elisa, who is literally the gal that brunches she created it. Thanks for being. I'm so excited. It's been so fun.

Y'all we've connected through clubhouse and Instagram. And yet we were both like have roots in Virginia Beach, which is so cool though. She is on the west coast with all my west coast, DNS, all my San Diego wins. How are you? How's the weather over there? Cause it's got snow. Oh, my gosh. It's so great.

Although I am so jealous of that cold weather, like that's what I, over in Virginia, I'm like four seasons. Like this is amazing, you know, like that's true. That's true. All my California friends, I'm like there's snow on the beach. Like. I've seen this before, like true approximated by it. Like it was when we were talking about perspective the other day, because we have friends that live in Puente today, meta, where I'm about to take a retreat to a retreat of women.

And they are on the beach all day. Every day. They have like one of those beach huts that you can come down and rent the kayaks and the surf boards and all that from, and when we were talking about living in the state, she was just like, I want to just. No, she had never seen inquire life. And here I am, like fleeing the snow and yet I've seen it and tasted it literally with snow cream and all that with the kiddos.

So I get it. There is some and some joy to having all four seasons, but I am a beach girl through and through. So I want you have all the best of the world there. It's true. Well, I'm so excited. With the community we were talking right before we jumped offline that if you love the color and the life that I bring, y'all this woman's been doing it before me in all the best ways.

And I just love your social media. I love your energy. I love the way that you even just bring light through your. Um, and so I just wanted to unpack, like, where did that come from and your story associated to this and all of the fun language that you put into play on all your social sites. Like literally every single time I'm like, yes, yes.

I'm just cheering you on. I love it. Yeah. So it's, it's interesting because sometimes, you know, when you look back at life and you're like, man, I've lived a thousand lives, but I feel like I have, um, Maria, amazing, you know, in your formation of like who you are and how the seasons shape you and make you.

Tara mentioned. I lived in Virginia Beach for a couple of years and I lived in Colorado for five years and I was a nomad working in higher education. So I was moving all across this country and I'd plopped down to a new city. And then I'm like, okay, how do I make friends? You know, like never imagining, like you'd have like, you'd be in that boat and how that shapes you and how that shapes your identity.

And also. In that place, it forms a place where you get to create that space for others and what that looks like. But I always kind of start out my formation story, if you will like that. I was raised by a single grandmother because once I feel like I add that in. Oh, you know, like by a whole different generation and you know, like that's probably a component of that nomad, you know?

Cause I, I want to instill that in my children, but they're being raised by me. So I wonder if that. Free spirit is cultivated. Or if, because there's like, mom, dad, home roots, if that changes things. Yeah. You know, and it totally doesn't. And my grandma was an entrepreneur, so like, so

we own like a surfboard shop and a cute, like women's boutique and downtown San Diego. Gosh, grandma is killer. She's like the most hip. Like people never were like, wait, that's your grandma. And I'm like, ah, you know, um, just like an absolutely incredible woman. And I feel like so much of that shaped my experience.

And also at the same time, oftentimes what I tend to find myself talking to a lot of people is like, I have this. Where I was raised by all these different generations of people. Like people that picked me up from school, like church ladies, and like families that adopted me that were like all colors and shapes and sizes and ages and demographics like that, makeup me.

Like I get to carry each and every one of those people. Everything that I do. And also at the same time, it came from some of my deepest hurt and pain as well. Um, as a child, like wanting that like traditional like family unit and what that looks like by the world standards. And so out of the greatest pink, he, my greatest gifting.

In that I get to adopt people into a global family and teach people like what family means, which, you know, I often talk a lot about like family, like is revival, you know, like that's what I like really like, yes. I feel like if people really understood this like spirit of adoption and knowing who you are in your identity and who you've been made to be like, that's what we get to see like heaven here on earth.

Oh, yes. And this is like, I've known like facets about you and have been drawn into, but like, yo, she loves Jesus and she just exudes that on so many levels. But it's like in this open understanding of invitation, which is something I love so much about you and people will say like, you know, God gives you a seat at the table.

Jesus gives you a seat at the table, but you act. Physically give people these seats in these placements, in the things that you do on a consistent basis, whether it's through girls that are gals that brunch or it's through the other methodologies of loving people. Well, um, so talk us through like that evolution, as you continued into like exploring this understanding of spirit of adoption.

Did you get this from church from when you were young or was it something you came into knowing more later in your. Yeah. I feel like I probably maybe eight or nine years old, I audibly heard God be like, I'm going to be your father. And like that shaped my experience, like, and knowing like, okay, Heavenly father.

All right. You know, like I know who I get to be as a daughter of the king. And from, from that place, like, I've always been able to like, extend that invitation of like what it looks like, because you know, unbeknownst to a lot of. You know, like we have a being, we have like a presence, you know, like, regardless of we're trying to or not.

And my entire life people have always been like, there's just something about you. Like either like from a place of like, you feel really safe or a place of, you know, like whatever the case may be. And I know that's because of. Who God is in me, then I'm able to approach and look at things in a different way.

And even how I approach business and pulling down, having to like, hear, you know, like, okay, like, God, like, what does this look like? And what do I need to do? It's like, I've always had that confidence and confidence instilled in me and being able to approach that. Even from like high school, I was the person that was like, you brought that, like your softball team and your theater group to like the same party.

And I'm like, yo, like it's possible. Like, we don't have to like separate ourselves into these like, like silos. Like we can actually like all commune together and like find out like what. Common ground is. And I think like life or the world will like, be like, okay, you need to hang out with someone that looks like you or someone that needs to have the same needs as you or whatever.

And that is the case, you know, in a lot of things, but also at the end of the day, like you and I are hardwired for connection and like in humanity. And it's like, we get to figure out what that looks like and how we get to invite people into it. And that's always my invitation to everyone that I work with.

Um, whether it's like helping them learn how to build community or whatever the case may be is like, we get to invite people into what we're doing because alone, we all live individual stories, but then collectively it's like, we get to live this beautiful and amazing story together. And how much greater, you know, that gets to be.

Yeah. And I think, you know, we talk about celebrating differences and it's not really showcased well or done well, even in the church, to be honest, like even in the religious spirit of the understanding of church, it's like you have to adopt this strategic religious belief or practice in order for you to be invited into this space or else you're rejected at a client the other day.

Really somber over the fact that when she got married, um, she was already had been divorced and had two children. And when she got married or her spouse who had been an ordained minister in a specific genre or denomination of church, had them come in and actually denounced the ordination and said, you no longer can be a part of the church because you are married.

Somebody who is. Wow. So imagine like the church are associated to this opportunity where she could have been adopted into a family. She could have been brought into this new understanding. Who she is disassociated from the religious nature, but associated to God, the father, as you are doing an exampling in so many ways.

Now I know you work with, um, churches and things like that, but you also work with, I will say nondenominational because I think. There's God in everything, but in free expression of spirituality organizations as well, talk us through like the evolution of being at the state where you're like working for higher education.

And then you're like, I'm out, I'm done with this. Cause I know that's a cool like component of your. Yeah. So, as I mentioned, I was moving all across the country, working for higher education institutions. And when I started in the industry, it was kind of like, there was a lot of excitement and ground up because the job economy just started going down.

So people are going back to school and continuing their education. And so it was super exciting. Like one of the universities. I started out with, we were like on Costco tables, like going from that to like a publicly traded institution and like getting to experience all the ebbs and flows of like ground up to going in, going into a publicly traded company.

And the neighbor's dog wants to hop into that too. And that's okay. And. So, and I moved all across the country as a young professional throughout my twenties, early thirties, I was like, people are like, Hey, you know, like, we need you to come work at this institution. They need help with their retention. So I would do it.

And then at a certain point, It just got to be like, what am I building here? Like one of my, like working my life away, it's, you know, like working 50, 60 hours, you know, like of that. And just feeling like I've hit my ceiling, like there's nowhere else to go. Like, what does this look like? And I had moved to Virginia Beach because I was working for a university there at the time.

And that's actually when Gauss at brunch started. And I was just like this girl that like rolled into town and didn't know anyone. And then. I had just moved from Colorado where it took me close to two years to feel like I had any form of community. And that wasn't for like, lack of like plugging myself into a church, joining softball teams, going to young professional happy hours.

And I was like, that can't happen again. So if that means that I get to be like the extension of like community and inviting people in. And that's what I did. And so even the week before I moved to Virginia Beach, I put out an invitation on Facebook in a couple of groups and said, Hey, I'm a young professional and move into the area.

Like, would anyone want to go like, get brunch? We can try different places around the Hampton roads. We went to citrus as our first place, you know, so it was really. Yeah. And like 30 women showed up and everyone's like laughing and crying around the table. And it was one of those like just God moments of like, oh my gosh, it's not just me, because I think throughout the last couple of years, he was like, you start to think about like, okay, like, is this a me problem?

Like, you know, I've never had this

know, like, am I the only person here? That this happens too. And so gals at brunch started to grow exponentially and I was still working in higher education. And, um, I ended up moving back to San Diego to help a friend's startup company, which kind of gave me the space and capacity to start to build on two gals at brunch.

And again, it just kind of like hit this point and it's like, we can go into so many like rabbit trails, but my grandma was entrepreneurs. She was amazing entrepreneur. She hit mountain tops and she also hit valleys where she lost everything. So I was like, Well life, but I want safety. So like, what does that look like?

And so I was just, at that point, I'd gone to ministry school and I was just like, all right, like I've kind of dove into corporate America if you will. And this has always been an expansion of my heart, like to be able to. Serve people in a ministry capacity. And so I just decided to dream with God of like, what would it look like to kind of come alongside and serve the church in an experience of using some of my corporate experience to help like streamline some things and Lord help churches.

Actually, some things struggled the most with what it looks. For community and the do family, like, you know, really good, real true, you know? And so that kind of led my experience into like working with faith-based institutions, um, and then entrepreneurs from there on out. And then now. It's kind of this like, wow,

like what is it going to be today? Which is so fun though, because, and that's what a lot of people don't understand even about entrepreneurship and the fact that we might work, you know, a lot more hours than that 50 or 60 hour work week that you did before. And yet there's so much component of, of excitement.

Of unknown and people can look at that as a fear-based thing, but we're looking at it as a faith-based thing, to be able to say, God, I see the vision. I see what's coming to fruition. I see you at the hard work and yet the joy aspects of what you provide in sustenance every single day, by showing up in our calling, showing up on purpose, showing up with purpose and on mission.

And I love that. Unlock that, and then that's also what you do for other people. It's very synonymous to me. So talk through the evolution of working for entrepreneurs in, uh, in conjunction with the churches. Yeah, definitely. I mean, at the end of the day, I feel like my God-given mission and vision is to partner with people to see the full manifestation of who they've been called to be here on earth.

And I feel like. In the church world, they struggle with that just as much because there's either elements of like false humility or there's elements of working yourself to death and like for the glory, for the church or whatever the case may be. And so it's like, I have this like bleeding heart and compassion to partner with church leaders so that they can operate in a healthy capacity of like mind, body, soul, and spirit, because.

Tired of seeing so many dead bodies of people that have been hurt by the church to the left and to the right, because at the end of the day, people are human and you know, it's like, man, it's like in the one human moment, like I always talk to people. It's like, what about if we were just trusted to be in that one human moment with someone like, and that's okay, because then we get to accept that we're all.

Human again, you know, and like that's the common ground and that leaders aren't perfect. And pastors aren't perfect and ministries. Aren't perfect. But what would it look like? Like the more that we talk about this and the more that we give grace and space to it, and then it's the same thing as I'm working with seven, eight figure entrepreneurs in the mouth of.

Pressure that is, you know, to get to the next level and what that looks like. And to prove, you know, that you can continue to do it in some way, shape or form and to never. And I know that you and I have probably experienced this at some point as leaders in your pioneering, a trail and not totally feeling like someone truly understands the call that you have in your heart.

And so. There are times that you don't feel safe to actually be able to just let, go and sit in that because it's like, well, nobody else really understands, like what I'm pioneering. And so I just have to go this alone and it's like, what would it look like if we had like all these people that would like come alongside of us and support us and knowing that you have that God mission and vision on your own.

And so it's like, if I can provide spaces to do that, if I can be that person to do that, regardless of what it looks like, sometimes it looks very like untraditional in that like I'm coming in to help an entrepreneur grow and nurture their community. But at the end of the day, like I see myself as a God assignment to be able to be like, Hey, you're saying.

And you can expand and you can grow into like all the capacity and the mission and vision that God's put on your heart. But I'm also here to like, let you know, like it's okay to like sit out for a second and just real and worship and get a download from God. And that the pressure's off. And if I can help shoulder some of that, you know, so that you can run at your full capacity, then I know you're going to do the same for me at some point, you know, as I'm doing the scene, you know, I like, I feel peace.

Even just hearing you say all of those things, one to know that. Uh, heart set out there and a, and a headset out there that God has given you something so unique and divine, because I ha I get the opportunity to kind of Teeter between that pastoral realm and that business realm a lot. And I see full fledged Dudley.

What you're saying about the pastor. Stuck in that identity. And then I see the entrepreneurs who were stuck in that identity. And it's like this bridging that God wants us to be able to do and bring to life that you can live in purpose. You can live with this massive vision and call and you can actually create prosperity and abundance through it.

But in that pursuit surely comes what feels like the mantle and the weight of the world and every community member associated to it. And you do feel like you're treading. The stream and like carrying all these feeble behind you. And at some point. When do I breathe? Like when do I take a beat? When does this happen?

And yet, because we feel like we're in the forefront of the vision, who's going to carry that mantle. When we go take a nap, who's going to carry that, man. So when we decide I'm going to take a little bit of a space on this concept for a little bit and see what happens. And that's where we need to surrender and understand that we're not carrying anything, God's carrying everything, but sometimes it can feel hard when you feel that sense of.

It can feel so challenging. And then that's the other crux of it is like, who are you raising up? And who are you empowering? And what voices are you championing so that they can help kind of start to come alongside of you, which is like, what we talk a lot about in the principles of building community is starting to empower your community because we're not meant to do this alone.

And it's so easy to like, oh my God, like my nerd is like, I don't want to burden anyone, you know? Like, and so. Oh, well, I don't want to bring with someone with the amount of pressure that I put on myself or my worth or whatever the case may be, but it's like our invitation is that we get to invite others into what we're building in, what we're doing.

To relieve that some of that pressure and also to empower them into what the God vision and mission is on their life too, you know? Yeah. And I think a lot of times people assume that the entrepreneur or the leader or that like head visionary is the only person that is supposed to take that torch.

Right. And it's like, I always give people this understanding of like red Rover, like linked arms and the flying V if you watch. And they're flying deformation at some point, that bird goes to the back and the next person takes position as the front. Right. And so if we have to empower the people around us who were holding arms with to be like, Hey, that's you on taking a step back?

I hear I've got something. That has to take my precedents or my priority. Maybe it's your children. Maybe it's your spouse. Maybe it's just, you need a drink of water, right? Like you need to get refueled and rehydrated, and that doesn't happen as much as it should. And I think that's why, when you're talking about this concept and how we were even sharing from the church, like it's the humanness, it's the flesh component of self that's actually pointing fingers rather than.

The, the component of spirit, soul, and body that God intends for us to be, which is in unity and connection. And it's that like Trinity living versus segmentation or silo, like you said at the beginning. Yeah, no, we get, we get to experience that here on earth and we're all saying God. Yeah, yeah. Which is fine.

It can be fun. It feels like there's so much pressure. And I wonder when you were in that experience of working, you know, institution, institution, or even those 50, 60 hour weeks where you weren't in full, um, component of feeling like, oh, this is the unlock. This is the purpose, because I felt like I did that in my twenties as well.

And it was very achievement driven. It was very success oriented. It was very people pleasing and expectation driven all of that. When you hit that. No more. What was God talking to you about at that point? Was it a transition in just space? Was it just being at that brunch with all those women and having this aha moment?

What was that shift? Yeah, I feel like as I, as I moved around the country, Uh, I try to explain this phenomenon to people, but I got to experience God in different ways. So when I lived in Colorado, it was like, you can't help, but feel the nature of God and the nature, like you see these majestic mountains and rivers and things like that that are just like so beautiful.

And so there's moments. And then Virginia Beach, but I, what I loved about it is how much history that that's shared there. Like the first cross was like planted, like on the path. They're like type of stuff like that. And so I love like, thinking about like what that all means and just like digging deep into like, God, what are you doing in this season?

Cause I have no idea. I ended up here in Virginia Beach, like a little town, you know, that's like not a big study, but it's like really special and what not. I, you know, I was gal brunch started like building. And I think within the first year we had over 1200 women that joined and it was, and we weren't even on social media.

At that point, it was literally fighting depletion. So every time we had a brunch, it was like, bring someone with you next time. Like if you know a girlfriend that's like recently moved to the area and in Virginia Beach, you have lots of people that either moved because their husbands or boyfriends or partners.

Engineering. And so, you know, they ended up in Virginia Beach where you have people that are in theory type thing. So there's a lot of people that are transient and transplants. And I would find myself at this, at these tables and I meet all these beautiful women from all these different walks of life.

And people would just be sharing their story of like, oh, I'm just a stay at home mom. Or I just do this or whatever the case is. And I like, there's nothing. In this world that lights me up as like being able to stake, like ground for people's identity. Like I'm like, you're not just a mom. Like you're a man, just like somebody that does this.

Like just really being able to like light people up, like with what they do. And I found as I did that, like I came alive in that and I did that in higher education for so many years, but there was a new capacity that I felt like God was inviting me into through this whole community movement. And. You know, like, it's just like the irony of like being part of like church plants or things like that in the past.

And I'm like, how is this growing faster than even the like hallmark door for this? And just like a new grid for being able to love people and like a different capacity for what that looked like. And so I just felt like, and it was interesting because my career in higher education, like nobody knew somebody more aggressive, more like.

Like powerful. Like I getting calls of like coming to different universities to teach them like retention practices. Like, I was like hungry, like I'm like, cool. Yeah. Like I was at the top of my game and then it just slowly started to drip away. And it was almost like this, like, like you mentioned, like it was like a survival mechanism.

It was like the ex, like the safety of like finding myself in that. And it was like, almost like just being able to soften up and like, understand like, oh, like this was one vehicle, but like, this is actually what, like I meant to do. And over the last, like, I guess it's, it's like been six years now. It's just been this like continuation of like digging even deeper of like the parallels of what this looks like from building a business and also ministry.

And. All the different components for it. Yeah. And I think that's like, what is my heartbeat? Right? Is this understanding of like mission in the marketplace, marketplace, ministry, business meets ministry. It's all like one in the same. And it's just been so segmented that it doesn't really make sense to people.

Um, but I love that it has. So organically without friction and not to say there wasn't growing pains or any of the other elements of growing something that is associated to a business or a church. But to understand that it didn't have to happen in the confines of the box or of the traditional church plan or the check 1, 2, 3 for a nonprofit or whatever it be.

It's like, God will do his way, have his way. When we in a line. And we're listening and I love that you were just listening to people and you were hearing their need, and then you were propelling into the next thing. And I've realized that even in the business coaching. That at the beginning, I felt like I had to validate my understanding of business because I was young, even though I had been in business for a decade at that point.

And now the more that I'm in momentum, and I know that it works and I'm like, this is how it happens because we're in tandem with God. I have found that. Almost put the, systemization put the automation, put the like actual strategy of business to the wayside and prioritize God over everything, biblical foundation, over everything, his word, his spirit, his truth over everything.

And it's magnetised and propelled my business in such a crazy. I still find it wild to say out loud that I'm a two time bestselling author and have three published books and more to come in the next year. You'll surreal. And yet exactly where I thought I'd be when I started this podcast and journey fit, and faith was a way to share my story, but I knew it had to be documented.

In the process of my writing, the entire story I shared just one aspect in a women's devotional book called she writes for him stories of resilient faith. I talked about my shame story and the testimonies that came from that one chapter was the affirmation I needed to keep pursuing the whole story.

The bear, all book that released last fall called always becoming. Sex Shane and love Gracie. I know. And not what you think you probably hear on a Christian podcast, but y'all, we have to start talking about the real things, the real conversations. It's no different than this podcast where we talk about the real things.

It's the deep stuff. It's the true stuff that matters. And while talking about business is awesome. And what I show up to do on a daily, as a kingdom entrepreneur and business coach, it's only a fraction of the story. My second best seller was released right after this personal development book. As a business resource, it's called the female entrepreneurs, playbook and features 20 plus women gifting you, their bloopers.

All three of these books make up the most perfect bundle for the fellow female faith-driven world changer and see you at that. So you can go to my site right now and get signed copies of all three Tamra and Make sure you spelled the camera right. T a. RA it's boring and exciting all at the same time.

Cause I stand out Tamra,, click on the book and get yours today. Three, all in one bundle. It's going to change your life because it is mine. So let's be world changers together. One of the most common conversations I find that I have with people is like, it's like we have all these inklings and we have all these thoughts and things like that.

And it's just like, oh, you know, like pushed to the side or whatever the case is, but it's like literally in the Bible, he gives an entire. Business strategy and plan. That's why he talks so much about like taking your thoughts captive. And it's like, the more that we actually do that, it's like, if you're driving in your car and you pull out like a voice note and you just like, say it, whatever you thought of, whatever that fleeting thing is, it's like, he's literally giving us down.

And plans have to be able to pursue the things that we've been thinking about that we think, oh, that's just us, or that's a crazy thought, or I don't know why I thought about that or whatever the case is. It's like, literally he's like giving you every single tidbit tool and resource that you would need to build it.

And it's like, we just have to like hone in to being able to listen to what he's downloading in that, you know, to build that out. And I think that's probably one of the key components of all realms that we've been talking about. Business church, community, even way back to elementary, middle high school experiences that you're having is that people are so honed in and blocked in and have like their headphones on and are walking through life, listening to the one thing.

The only one thing, only genre of music, if you will. Missing that there's an entire other playlist, right? There's an entire other way that you can show up. And even without that is to recognize that our own spirits have a playlist that God wants to play. And if we turn that off and silence it, what then could he say, what then?

Could he speak what then could be created when we sit in that stillness to just hear from our S it's ourselves, but it's him, it's intuition, right? It's like all connected. Um, but there is no coincidence to them, which is what I love so much. Yeah. And I, and I think something that God's really have, like that's been convicting me lately in that is that I think that so many times it's like, we want to build something that looks like this way or whatever the case is, or like this part of my life or not this part of my life.

Like, I don't want to be known as this. I want to be known as that, but it's like the more that we can accept, like our full stories of like who we are, like that only continues to shape the consciousness of what. As, even on your heart or your mind to do. And it's like, it's almost like it's just full surrender.

Cause it's almost, it's like, you can't just be like, oh, you can have this part of my life. God, but not this part of my life. Like for like, for me personally, like weight is something that I've struggled with my entire life and it's like that I don't want to be known as that person. Like, so I've worked my whole life to not be known as that person I'm going to be faster and better and stronger or whatever the case is.

So that's not the thing that's like identified, but again, it's. Coming together, this like full blend of like, no, this is part of who I am. And this is part of my story. And this is part of the, the things I've been able to get breakthrough in. And the more that I can accept the good, the bad, the ugly, the messiness, like as one beautiful package that it's me, that gets presented to the world.

Like that gets to be my voice. My sound and that's for all of us, you know, that's the encouragement that we're all walking through is like, is the process of surrender and, you know, what are you willing? Um, are you willing to get messy too, so good and who you're meant to be and what that looks like? When I think about like, I think about messy, right?

And I think about people having fear towards like, To have it all together, whether it doesn't matter what role of life that you're in, you feel like you're trying to have it together, whether it's for other people, maybe it's even for yourself, you're like, I just want this to work. I just want it to work out.

Right. Whatever it be. And I think back to like my kiddos, who I was just like scrolling through my phone this past week and on the snow day, when they were outside looking at all of their videos, when they're infants and toddlers and, and how much they still are captured in that, those messages. Sweet moments, but I think about color, cause that's what we started our conversation off.

And I think about when the kids finger paint, right. And they're using every color of the rainbow and you're so excited to see what they're going to make. And by the end of it, they've smeared it all together. And they've got this, a brown poop blob on their picture and you're like, Oh, maybe you can add some color there.

You can add some color over there, but to them, all they see is all the colors on their hands that they've already put into play. And then if we just allow God to mold us as he does the clay like that. So what I'm thinking of the parallel between the two, it's not clean when a Potter is creating something, but it's the outcome.

It's the outcome and the process in which he did. And so even if your picture doesn't turn out exactly, as you thought that every component of color that was added into that brought life into that moment, that you added that blue or the purple or that pink shade. And that is the messy. That is the fun.

That is every. And I think for so long, I tried to keep color in the lines if you will. And that's just not what God wants. That's all he wants us to do. And so that's why I, like I bleed color everywhere in perfectly and doesn't match or rhyme, or is there a rhythm to it? Not always, but it's just lounging people to experience.

And just as you were experiencing nature in the great outdoors, like nothing really makes sense there either. And yet it's beautiful. Yeah, no, I love that. And I think I've always been someone that's like able to compartmentalize of like, okay, like color, a color B color scene. And it's really like, again, like even showing up online, you know, it's like figuring out okay, like, Um, over the last six months, I I've transitioned to moving back down to San Diego.

I was living in LA and I, um, I'm just coming off of season of working in ministry in church and I've been healing and also like get getting re-invigorated and new vision for like this season that I'm really excited about. And at the same time, it's like, oh, I don't know how to show up in some ways, you know, like, cause you're just like figuring it out and like, Letting some of that being okay.

But also like letting like the mess and the embrace of like the process. Cause it's what draws people into connecting with you. It's what people, you know, like it's the story that they have. It's, you know, it's like when they start to see themselves in you and it's like, how many times. Someone said something and you're automatically just been able to give yourself so much grace, cause you're like, oh, someone else is going through this, you know, um, Lee, Lee, and we're always the first to give grace to other people and not always giving grace to ourself.

If you haven't noticed that. Might get it wrong, a lot as humanity. But I have noticed that, that I am surely harder on myself through my own expectations that I am on other people, but the more that I released that sense of perfectionism and I allow myself to color outside of the lines and I allow grace to come in the more at peace I am with myself.

And the more that freedom that I experienced, where it's almost like that magnetism of growth or met that magnetism of, I can just be me next to you. Other people that seat at the table where it's like, no rules apply here. Like just show up what you can eat. You can not eat, you can have dinner for breakfast.

You can do, you know, to have the brunch analogy. It's, it's all you want to do. But all we're saying is to come fully, as you are, and allow other people to speak into those parts that you might still feel human in. And that's ultimately what we all are, right? Like nobody is super human. Yeah. That's the magic of the table of like, come as you are.

And I, I love Shauna Nyquist. She writes this epilogue in her book, bread and wine, and it talks about how like we're like in the coming and the going like constantly. And it's true. The textable soundbites in the 250. Character word updates. And so then all of a sudden you feel like you've isolated yourself into this little box because you're seeing other people online doing this and they're killing it in their business or whatever the case may be like, who am I to show up?

And it's like, she talks about the embrace of like meeting each other and all the in between moments and just sharing a meal together. And like, she like has the most beautiful like chapter. The garlic and just like invite people into your mess, like invite people with the laundry piled up on your bed and the little shoe and like invite people into the miscarriage that you're walking through or the trouble in your marriage or whatever the case may be.

There's like no greater healing that takes place. The more that we're able to come together. In the inevitable mess that we all try to hide from each other or that we all try to box from it. And it's just, where can we invite healing into our lives? The more that we're able to. Start to really, you know, walk in, walk in that.

And I think the word that came to me that as I was like, learning about you and just like going through the different, you know, sites that you have in the social media is that you have in the bios and all of those things was this word freedom, right? Old separately for, to take down and bear down and strip down this entire conversation.

It really is about freedom and being able to stand in that place and not have judgments, like a no judgment zone. And I think of the woman at the, well, like how broken she might've felt on the inside, but I can assure you, she was all probably put together really beautifully because she's on. Dude number five, right?

She'd been married multiple times before she was going out in the day because she was actually not invited any other time of day. So she was by herself, but she wanted to look good when she went back because I bet you all, the people were staring at her with all of the hatred. All of the, he said, she said, you know, gossip and she.

The bill, right? She wanted it to be as good as, or disliked or seen or known. And yet she was putting on all the makeup and all the dress, just to see and stand in the identity that somebody else was cultivating for her. Meanwhile, when Jesus saw her, he didn't see any of that. He noted it. He knew it. He knew of the trash.

He knew of the mess. He knew of the mundane, and yet he's still just called her in her identity, which was. Nothing else. No other stone was thrown. And in that she was able to embrace like some dignity and that's what humanity needs to do for one another is to let others embrace the dignity of being human and dignity exists in your mass right in the middle of it.

And so I love that you're saying that more than anything because of the division that's occurred in our society. So many different points. We've talked about the religion division, but you know, that's just a hair to everything else that we experience on a consistent basis. And so to just create a space, that's like, open-handed, I want to hear, like, if you were to give people the opportunity to learn from you from a coaching methodology or a community building methodology, like what are some of the things to build community open-handed like that in a state of freedom in a state of service?

Yeah, I think again, it's, it's being willing to be seen. It's willing, like I used to call myself the biggest chicken and like the biggest like scaredy cat. And I honestly tell people that's the journey that I've been on the last few years, even with personal branding is I built this huge organization, um, gals at brunch, and I just made it about everyone else.

But. I was like, I didn't never show myself on it. I was like, oh, but it's show you, there are Hawaii people in San Diego people and never shared about myself and part of, and part of that was like the false humility. I'm like, I don't want anyone to ever think that I'm trying to make this about me. So I'm just going to make it about everyone else to make that really clear.

Um, but I actually didn't give people. The chance or the opportunity to experience me and my fullness and who I am, and it wouldn't exist if it weren't for my story and the things that have shaped me informed me and have made me who I am today. And so now it's like continuing to get through that so that I can show up.

In that way. And that's always like my encouragement to everyone else is like, we try to hide behind the brands or the personas or the things that we're putting out there. But again, it's like out of your greatest pain comes your greatest gifting. Like the things that shape you inform you, the things that you feel like are odd or increasing the, of.

Does anyone else feel like that they do this? You know, or whatever the case may be, here are the things that make you different and that's the things that you need to infuse. And so whatever you're building or whatever you're doing, and what makes you, you, and that's the fingerprint, you know, God like, yes, he's made you to be here, you know, on, on this planet.

And again, it just it's like knowing that you're enough. And that I think the biggest lie is that we try to tell ourselves it's too noisy out there, or someone else is doing this, or someone's doing that, or who am I, or whatever the case may be. And it just knowing like that literally scientifically proven, like there's no one that is you.

Like, we all have 1% of DNA. That's like, Everyone else in this entire world. And so the way that you think and the way that you speak and your voice and things like that, those are all unique things that you get to allow people to experience you in your fullness. And I always like applaud people when they show up at brunch because brunch during the week sounds like the greatest idea in the world.

They're like that. Right? Saturday morning. It does not feel like a good idea anymore. You're like, I don't want to go meet 20 strangers. Like who am I? Like whatever the case is. And then when people show up and they realize like, oh my gosh, there's 20 people that are just like me. Like someone else spilled coffee on their shirt this week.

And we can like, if I hadn't shown up, like I would be like hiding under the covers being like, oh my gosh, like I'm a hot mess. And I spilled coffee on myself. The meet me. And it's like that most courageous act that you can ever do is show. With who you've been created to be, and allow people to experience you and your fullness.

And when you don't like, it's a straight act of disobedience and so good. So it's making sure that we do that, like throw off. The things that try and hold us down and lean into like, okay, like how can I show up? And in my inner, most being of knowing like, this is who I've been created to be for such a time as this, because make no mistake, the reason why you're alive in this hour and this chaotic time of COVID and figuring out the bystanders and the pros and the cons and the wide spectrum that exists out there.

It's because we need your voice. We need who. And this very hour, you could have been born 20 years from now or 20 years ago or whatever the case may be, but there's a reason why you're alive in this hour. And the more that we get people awakened and who they've been created to be, and like charged up and ready to run.

We need you like, so stop waiting for someone else.

it's amazing though. And it's like such a shared heartbeat and there's so many people on the chat right now. They're just like, yes, yes, yes. Our fullness and showing up because the freedom that's associated to that, again, that word it's just so ignited and ultimately where if we could do it more often.

As often as possible every single day, every minute of every single day, it's just parallel to our surrender connected to that freedom that he wants us to have. And that's the knowing that like every flaw is just as perfect as just as perfect as every intended masterpiece. Right? Like that's what makes it character, that's what makes it unique?

That's what makes it qualified is that it has. The standalone feature that nobody else has. And so I think sometimes in the mirror we can get to the place where like, that's not true because we've seen something else. And yet everyone, I don't care who you are, what you've been through, what you currently look like, what you will look like, what you were born to look like, who you are made to be.

There's going to be that those moments of insignia. And that insignificance is the moment that connects and qualifies us to the most significant thing ever, which is our creator. And because of that life, because of that breath, because you were born for such a time as this. And so I'm so connected to your heart message.

I'm so connected to the work that you do. Celebrate that on a consistent basis. I want to have a gals that brunch, no doubt. I gotta have it. Bring it into Virginia Beach. I'm sure there's still girls here. They were here when you were doing it, but more importantly, I want to come to yours in San Diego. So how can people get connected to you?

Where is like the best? Our Instagram's the biggest hangout. They can create a gals that brunch too, right? Yes, exactly. Yeah. So, um, we have a gas at brunch in 110 different cities. And if there isn't a gals at brunch in your city, you're not an active chapter in your city can reach out to us about us starting them.

And. Very very simple process of just somebody wanting to extend the invitation of inviting people into community. And so, um, we are slowly picking back up things in the new years. Like, as you know, like it's just kind of. Throw it to the wind. Like, let's just go, like, I'm tired of this. What are we going to do?

Should we move forward when we're not where we're finally moving forward? So I'm super excited about that. And then online Instagram, my personal Instagram is Tiffany Alyssa, um, or gals that brunch and. I have two different websites. I know that are like notated and kind of the, the two or three ways. I guess people work with me as one, like either through gals at brunch too.

Um, I have a community builders mentorship that's starting up next month, which is going to be an eight week program of helping people learn how to build scale and nurture community. And then three is like, I actually work with, um, entrepreneurs or churches where I actually come in for 90 days. And I just come alongside and meet with the team.

And like, I, I kind of call it like the Olivia Pope of like,

you know, type of thing of just like being able to provide like some streamlined services of helping get kind of everyone in strategic motion for whatever they want to build or whatever they want to accomplish or, um, things like that. And, um, just encourage people important to their staff and just love on people.

Like at the end of the day, like, The bottom line of it is I just brilliant love people. So, and doesn't that ultimately curate the best community, right? Read that they feel loves a community. They can also love other people because we all are naturally born with that gift, the gift to love and the gift to affirm other people.

And so to be able to be in that space, when you might feel completely isolated, especially in a new place where you're like, who's going to love me here. Right? The city, or who's gonna love me in this mess that I'm in. And that it was definitely a part of my sir. I'm like, who's going to love me so much so that I rejected everyone.

And I just came into this place of complete isolation. And the only person that I let love me was not even my husband was my kid. Because they were one and two and they didn't know any better. It's like the puppy who you're like, oh, the puppy loves to be in my mask, keeps me, and I'm a shit show over here.

And so I am so grateful that this is your heart said, this is your mission. And that you're doing it right. Sitting on the idea and you're doing it even when you don't know where all the puzzle pieces are gonna align or how it's going to happen. But 110 cities and 1200 people Justin first year, which was years ago, y'all is just, it's amazing to see how it's just grown and it's all a God thing and gives a testimony in glory, the glory to him as he's.

Yes. It's been so fun to get to know you. You guys got to get in touch with Tiffany Alisa again, check out her on Instagram, her site and gals that brunch as well. And I want to run to you soon and actually have real coffee. Actually in LA for the podcast evolutions conference I'm speaking at, in March. So I'll send you a deal.

So that'll be all right. I love you. Thanks for being on the podcast. Thank you. Love you guys.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories.

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And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events. Speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and bake team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is a fit faith way. .

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