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Time Management for Entrepreneurs : The DREAM Schedule Strategy

I want to share with you the DREAM schedule strategy to help you use your time purposefully and intentionally.

We stand in a place of dreaming as entrepreneurs. Yet we forget about the details when we think about the BIG dreams.

God is guiding us, but we hesitate.

In the deployment of a massive dream, there has to be strategy. The dream has a process. You are called to stand and to step into your dream.

Here is the DREAM Strategy, which starts with your schedule.

D - Design

R- Record

E- Evaluate

A- Activate

M- Manipulate or Maneuver


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Show Notes: Time Management for Entrepreneurs : The DREAM Schedule Strategy

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit as base for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leader. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories, talents and tips as a purpose activator and brand builder.

I believe our successes and failures are derived from who. We are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith. So I know often we stayed in this place of dreaming we're entrepreneurs. We're thought leaders we're experts, or want to be experts were growing and always becoming we're.

Teachers are motivators we're influencers, and there's this massive idea for it. And yet we forget about the granular, when we're thinking about the big dreams. We also, sometimes don't activate because the dream seems so big. And I think when we think about our perspective of faith and how faith and fear can collide and fear can keep us trapped in the boat.

And we know it's just a mustard seed that gets us to. The activation happens with the one thing after the other thing after the other step, after the next step, after the next open door and the next open door, and God is guiding us. And yet we hesitate and I believe in the preparation of declaring and developing, designing, and actually deploying a massive dream, there has to be a strict.

And, you know, you hear people and you see these Facebook ads over and over YouTube videos about the tools and the tactics to achieve your dream, to live out your God given purpose. And while I have similar phraseologies and I might be very passionate about the equal thing, the thing that I really want to get into you is that the dream has a problem.

And I mean that in the most seamless way, but also the most encouraging way, because process feels hard. Process feels granular, process requires self-control and patience. And we talk about the fruit of the spirit a lot here, but I want you to think about the process just from a dream perspective that Joseph went through to actually see that dream come to fruition.

It was decades in the making and he didn't always know why, but in faith he said, yes, in faith, he kept going in faith. He kept standing in integrity with the man or the woman that he was called to be. And so you two are called to stand, but you're also called to step into your dream. And so I'm going to teach you the dream straps.

I can gear it up. I can tee it up as much as I can keep teeing it up. But the dream strategy starts with your schedule. It starts with you being able to day by day by day, activate week by week by week, month by month by month, year by year by year, decade by decade, the dreams are deposited, but the toiling, the soiling, the harvesting process takes time.

So here's what dream stands for D design R record E evaluate a activate him manipulate in the best way. Cause manipulation can have negative triggers when you think about them, depending on your past trauma, but we're talking about manipulate and maybe I should change that into maneuver, but manipulates the word we're going to go with today because that's what I had been.

My spirit just told me. Okay. That might strike in a bad negative way. So let's think of it positively. Let's prepare and let's dream together. So when you think about dreams specifically, and you think about the D is for designing and designing your dream, this is something that I like to say is so critical from Sunday through Saturday, from day one, till the day of rec.

Every single day he created something and he said it was good. Are you designing your day? Are you designing your week? Are you designing your dream so that every single day you can celebrate so that every single day you can look back and say, I did. Good. And you can be proud of yourself and you can be equipped for the next day's work.

And you can go to bed early and you can wake up early and you can say, I'll do it again. Anything for you, God, anything for this dream to manifest, no matter how long it takes. So here we go. Sundays rhythms lead to Mondays. Lead to Tuesday's transformation leads to Wednesdays wins, Thursdays testimonies and Fridays failures.

Saturday is the day of rest, the Sabbath day, the recognition that there's going to be failures in the midst of that. Cause sometimes Holtzople. What you're telling me that one is good and two is good and three is good and four is hard. Yes, I am. In fact, and if you're an entrepreneur of any sort for any period of time, even if, just for a day, you get a taste of it.

This thing is hard. This dream building this alignment zone, head, heart, home health, and then handbag. It's a lot to carry. Joseph carried a lot into every single scenario, but ultimately he held true to the dream. He relied and put his face first, even when fear was combating him, even when people didn't agree with them, even when people wanted to steal the dream that he had and they wanted to negate what was deposited D design well and realize that you have to next record.

It was recorded in the gospels, obviously in the story line of everything that we have, but the ultimate story and the record keeping for you. It might be for the one person who's just 10% behind you. Brendon Burchard says this all the time, and I love it so much from a coaching perspective, a training and teaching influence all of that.

You only have to be 10% ahead on a hundred, not a thousand, not decades, just 10% in order to encourage someone. But if you're not recording it, you're not penciling it in first because we know as entrepreneurs when you're thinking about schedule. And you're thinking about your day. If you write it in candidate, You write your dream down in pen, it will change.

It will evolve. Guess why? Because the point that God has given us, the only the component that God has given us only the lens in which we are able to dream right now is only this big in comparison to his grandiose eternal plan in your dream, the puzzle piece might feel small, but he's taking that 50,000 foot lens on your.

And so today, while my dream might be this big tomorrow, it grows. And each time I have an impact in each time there's a conversation of gratitude or there are tears that flow are there stages that are acquired and I'm able to deposit on larger scales than I know globally is going to happen. Not just nationally.

And I believe the same for you. My dream gets bigger. And so I take note of that. I record it and I do so in pencil, and then it becomes more concrete when it happens. And I highlight the things that are noteworthy so that you too can grasp hold of them and activate them in your life. When I'm thinking specifically about my daily routine or my weekly routine or any of those things, I record it in a planner, huh?

It's right in front of me. Thankfully, all my stuff is falling apart. I recorded in a planner for. And that way I know from a pencil perspective, I can keep track of it. I can go next to it and analyze it. And it stays staring at me all day long. But then I have my electronic version that my entire team connects with every single day we accept, we decline we maneuver.

Right. So make sure you're recording your dream. Make sure you're recording your days, your weeks, your months or years. Cause guess what? That likely eventually it's going to turn into a book because it's your testimony. And so you can record the highs and you can record the lows equally. They're both important because you will take those pain points, those struggle points, and you're going to change agent them into the next person that you're only 10% ahead of you're going to give them the better stress.

So that when you fail forward, you now get to give it to them in a nice ribbon, pass it on, pass on the learning lessons, pass on the wisdom, do it. So they don't have to struggle. Think if you could catapult somebody even ahead of you so that they can make their impact so that they can have their dream.

What do you do that? This is not a selfish process, has to be selfless or else you will get stagnant. And you will realize that the fruit of your labor of your hard work of your endurance is not as plentiful. So the next one E and the dream strategy is to evaluate, look at your day, look at your week, look at your month.

Look at your year. That evaluation process is so critical. We have to do it on a consistent basis. Where are the gaps? What do I need support in? Where can I be more intentional? Evaluation self analysis. You have to do this, or there will be paralysis who I just kind of Ryan, did you like that? The next one in dream strategy is to activate.

So you've just done this record, keeping this evaluation of, and so you have to shift and you have to pivot and you have to do the things. And we've heard these words all the time, but. Saying yes to that dream activating the idea, taking that initial design, implementing it, employing it so that you can actually do the things, do the hardest.

I do this inactivation on a continual basis with a mid list of most important task lists. I don't know who attributes that name, but it's a good one. Most important tasks. I choose three. My to-do list is never ending your to-do list in this realm will never, ever end. However, if you have three things, you know, today you can accomplish that celebration point.

That evaluation point will feel that much more attainable. Because you won't be inundated by all of those little granular pieces. You just add to it. My list, I have sticky notes. I do have sticky notes everywhere because they never go away and that's okay if it goes away. That means my dream has ended.

There's always something to be done, but we get to do it. And sometimes we have to do it on the days that feel hard because what happens in that transformation for somebody else, or maybe that transformation for you? It's kingdom. It's eternal when we say yes, it's also eternal when we say no and we sit, so what kind of impact, what kind of boat are you willing to shake?

What kind of ripple effect are you intended to make? I believe something magnificent and I can't wait to see it, but you've got to activate your mint list. Your daily log, the way that you do follow-ups with people. This is granular conversation, but it is so critical. It's gotta be in some sort of system.

Your SOP standard operating procedures. I've heard it said by my friend, bill and clubhouse, he says EOP has excellent operating procedures because he believes standard is subpar. And we're called higher into this place of excellence. Like you. You've got to know that. Excellent. Follow-ups excellent strategies.

Excellent systems. Excellent. Operating procedures are foundational. So what if excellence was your bar? None. What if excellence was the thing is you showed up for everyday, not in hustle, not in the do, do strive. The do, do, how did you get that? Not the doing or the striving or the perfectionism. But in the being coupled with the activation, when you look at it from that lens, it allows you to show up because you're already gifted.

You're already talented. You already have excellence within you. He created you as good. And if you think about the inner workings of your brain and how your body functions, it's with excellence that you're breathing right now own that excellence it confident in this calling. Be confident in this dream just as Joseph was.

He kept going, despite what everything else was saying, who everyone else was saying, he should be is. Is not don't let them determine your dream. He determines your dream. And so the last one, the M of dream is to manipulate in the best sense of the word. I mean, this to maneuver, I mean, this to evaluate, like we just did earlier.

Activated. And now you're going to shift again, adjustments based on the inventory adjustments, based on the outcome adjustments, based on the next opportunity or the next doorway that opens. And I love this understanding that it's not just mindset. It's actually, armoring your mind. It's Ephesians six through 10.

It's getting geared up with that armor in order to activate. If you're manipulating the frailty of what you use to stand within an under now, you get to stand on top strong, fierce force to be reckoned with in. Right. Attacking on the defense. The thing that God has given you, instead of running away in fear of what the enemy is saying about the very thing that you've been called to do say no.

In the manipulation of your schedule, of your time, of your energy, of your mind, of your heart, of your home. This is a war zone we live in sadly but surely. And so you have to know how to set back. Boundaries of your time, create that margin in your life margin is when God whispers in the moments between all of the other things, not in the mundane, not in the messy, not in the badness, but in the miracle.

Thank you, Tim story for that book, the miracle mentality, these ends are critical. Which one are you standing? I am willing to hope and I am willing to stand alongside you. And I am willing to activate you into this manipulation of where you're at right now, manipulate it for him. Like God, get the glory.

And lastly, it's this habit tracking and the accountability. And that's where I love to come in. As your coach bringing together, people like hearted, like my. To hold true to the dream that they see within you to the greatness, to that level of excellence that you're called to iron sharpening iron. So we talked about the dream strategy and you think that it just has to do with your schedule or your day, but it has to do with your head and your heart and all of these other pieces of the puzzle.

It's about all of who you are. The dream starts when you wake up, the dream never ends because it keeps coming even in your. This is not a stagnant process that God is working on. You, even in your subconscious, when you're sleeping, he has a plan. Are you listening? Are you activating? Are you willing to schedule it in and to say, yes, this is a process of greatness.

The dream strategy will serve you rather than allowing your day to take away from you and you being a servant to your time. But your time be the servant. You use it wisely. It's a gift I'm encouraging you right now. Just to go follow me on other social media subscribe, ring, the bell, do the thing. Tamra.

Andrea is on your frame of your business date. I am your encourager. I am your motivator. I will keep you updated. I love you and let's pray. God, we just thank you so much for the incredible opportunity to use our time as a beautiful resource gifted from you. God, you multiply time. You multiply schedules, you multiply energy.

You multiply everyone around us. When we are looking and serving and showing up for you, you get the glory every single time. And so Gabby just want you to be the priority. Of the train because that's ultimately where we got it in the first place. Thank you for the gift that it is in your sweet name. We pray.

Amen. I think I still find it wild to say out loud that I'm a two time bestselling author and have three published books and more to come in the next year feels surreal. And yet exactly where I thought I'd be when I started this podcasting journey fit and faith was a way to share my story, but I knew it had to be documented.

In the process of my writing, the entire story I shared just one aspect in a women's devotional book called she writes for him stories of resilient faith. I talked about my shame story and the testimonies that came from that one chapter was the affirmation I needed to keep pursuing the whole story.

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And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that we are speaking at or hosting. And I say. The fit and bake team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is a fit faith way. .

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