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The Virtually Limitless Justine Mader

This interview is with Justine Mader from the Virtually Limitless podcast. We talk all things motherhood, purpose, entrepreneur lifestyle, and commitment to both marriage and profession. We talk about how taking imperfect action, even in the midst of health crises like Justine went through, is still moving forward. If you are looking to enhance your life and stay purposed to The Great Commission, this podcast is for you!

Key Takeaways

Imperfect action is better than no action.

How God wants us to be "real", transparent.

Time is precious

About Justine:

Justine is a faith-driven wife and momma from the frozen tundra of Minnesota! She serves as a life and business coach, supporting entrepreneurs in achieving their definition of success and owning their purpose unapologetically. She also is the cohost of the Virtually Limitless Podcast and LOVES moderating on Clubhouse!

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Show Notes: The Virtually Limitless Justine Mader

Tamra Andress

This is Season three, I'm recording episodes into the hundreds now, so that's pretty rad. And this is the first time that we are going dually live. Well, actually, tripley live. Is that a thing? Triple live? Facebook, YouTube and clubhouse.

Tamra Andress

If you are in Clubhouse right now, we need all the song raised hands just to show us your love. We're so grateful for you guys.

Tamra Andress

And I can't wait to introduce you to today's amazing guest, Justine. And I had the opportunity of sharing on her podcast called the Virtually Limitless podcast just a couple of weeks ago. It's not live yet, right, Justine?

Justine Mader

No, I think it's coming shortly, so I can't wait to tag it and make sure that everybody knows when it's coming live because it's so soon. I'm so stoked for you guys to hear from Tamra.

Tamra Andress

It was powerful and I know that you're going to bring the heat today, too, so we're excited to have you. And just to give her a mini intro. First off, if you hear a baby, that's because her real life baby, this is not a Roadcaster gimmick, though I should totally add a baby like a crying baby in the background. This is mompreneur viewership at its finest.

Justine Mader

Baby laughter, right? For all those moments, we need to laugh in life, right?

Tamra Andress

Laugh, cry like all the emotions of motherhood. Right. Like there's no emotion. So we're welcoming you. You're not only a mama. I love to say and know when someone is a mom for newer, but you're so much more than that. Beyond just being the co-host of that podcast, you are an entrepreneur and a fellow coach. And so that's where we connect how we connect serving people through the things that we have learned and right. Our tests become our testimonies.

And that's exactly who you are.

So I just want you to think that that's our test is our testimony. And you guys, if you're not following Tamra and you're seeing this through my feet or anything like that, please follow Tamra, because when you find a kindred soul that's actually doing the things that you're trying to do and is even a little further up the mountain, you're just so inspired. You're so grateful.

And I'm just so humbled to be here today with Tamra in season three, I brought all the different platforms, like the three is such a blessed number and I'm just so excited to dig into all the goodness today. It's going to be so much fun.

Likewise. Likewise. So let's just give you a bit of like tell us who you are.

Like, where do you come from, where you have a loaded question. Question is if I'm done. Yeah, yeah. I'll take your shot. We only get one life right. But take it well take it well daughter. But for me, the biggest thing that I love sharing with people is that I am a Minnesota mama. I have been born and raised in this state. I'm definitely the definition of Minnesota. Nice unless you mess with my people.

But I definitely love all things competitive in sports, like off screen, like I think it's so important to bring a little bit of us to the table that isn't usually seen. I play volleyball with my husband. That's one of the ways that we met and really got to know each other besides church. And I'm super competitive. I will forever love the game. But there are moments. But a lot of what I do and what I do now has been a transformation of my journey.

Kind of like Tamra said, with the test being your testimony, I am not from the entrepreneur space. None of my family is. It's just not really in my family. I was actually a dental career person and I was like, there's no way I can raise my kids the way that I want to while showing up in this way for my job. I love my job. I was good at it. I worked for different positions and thrived.

But it's just not what I saw in my future for my family. And so I really had to offer that prayer of Lord, show me I don't know what is next. And so I fell into a huge state of depression as I was fulfilling my next level of success of motherhood and happy marriage and healthy child. Like I was still entering a phase of just darkness being like, OK, now what? Now what and I think the biggest part of my journey has gone from taking that mess into a message and just being able to connect with amazing people like Tamra every day as a coach, as a fellow human being, I love I love bringing that to the table like there is no more human than Tamra.

She is so human, you guys. And that's one of the things that we have to make sure we're being the difference. That's why she stands out on line. You guys, she's she's human. She's real. And we're so thirsting for that. God didn't make us to be smoke and mirrors. God didn't make us to challenge each other. He made us to complement each other and use our strengths as a support for someone else's weakness. And I think that that's just something really amazing about Tamra.

And that's why I'm just so grateful that I'm putting myself in circles like this, because there was a time of darkness when I didn't have that inspiration or that power of proximity. And for people even through 20, 20, if you're listening to this, you're like, oh, my gosh, I was there. You've got to check in on who your circle is because you're going to be either getting power contributed or taken away from you depending on who you're surround yourself with.

So that is so true. All I need I don't have my broadcaster set up for, like a preach, but I got to write all these things that I was literally making a list of things that I wanted to be my things for from my pastor to. And I was like, OK, I want this one. I want this one.

I want this stivic people in my mind who have to come in and actually record their voice because I won't be able to find it on YouTube because I just love that specific person. I wouldn't be so cool. Oh my gosh.

Yes, you have to do that on clubhouse right now on Facebook. We are so excited about this. And I think what's so proud, like like a moment of proud, right. Is that we both are OK with doing it imperfectly. We both like we're like, yeah, let's do it. I literally cave Justine the heads up. About two minutes ago you guys came forward with me today because we got to step outside of our box. She already has road ordered.

So this is awesome for her is the learning lesson for me and learning lesson for her. And I think that's a part of life. Right? You're talking about the power of proximity. Like we both are calling each other higher. We're both saying, so what if your baby is with you? In fact, bring the baby like that's precious. And that is how we activate. Earlier, I was on the coaching call and she was talking about how she's exhausted.

And there's all these other things that are happening and she's got she's moving and she's establishing new foundations for her own home front. And at the same time, she feels less than when she's not activated in the business part. And I was just encouraging them that your whisper, the energy, just the whisper that you have is enough. And it just moved me when that was a received message. But more so importantly, imagine if God was whispering to you right now.

How much would you tune in? You would drop everything.

You would drop the headphones out, you would stop the Tamra. I got to go.

Wow, I'm all right. It's not a gift that's such a gift. You can hear his whisper so we don't activate because we feel like the only way to activate is with a roar. And that's a lie from the enemy. We actually have the capability and the opportunity right now to show up imperfectly to take off that mask and say, this is me today.

This is my family right now in this season, and I'm in the business of moving. And my four children, which she has, are are all over the place.

And guess what? You're still showing up in the whispering God sees you in that moment. So in the middle of your mess, let's get into that mess with you so that we can just understand the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of the transition. Right. The testimony is really the transition to where you are today. Talk to us about that.

Well, and I think it's so important to realize that every person that made a difference had a messy start. Every person I mean, people didn't even think that Jesus was king because they were like, oh, yeah, you from Nazareth? Yeah, not happening. Nice try. Like, I mean, anyone that started it had a messy start. If it was worth finishing, they made it through. And so I guess for me, the biggest thing was I didn't even know what entrepreneur meant.

I quit my job the day before I had my son because I knew that I knew the priority, but I didn't know the path. If that makes sense, you guys, I knew what I wanted, but I didn't know how I was going to get there. So I was like, you know what? Husband and I jumped in both feet together, committed. You know, you can't do it with one foot out the door. A lot of people talk about that.

They're not actually committed to what they're embarking on. Yeah, that doesn't work. Make sure especially between you and your spouse, the communication is clear, honest and straightforward, because otherwise there's no way that you can pull together.

You're tied to the same yoke you want to pull as a team. If you're going forwards and he's going backwards, there's just no reason. There's no reason. So when we talk about a lot of movement, are you actually making progress? That's kind of a side trail. But just so good know I'm sorry that one just came.

I'm just like a lot of it. I haven't got a job. Where's that? Where's the mic drop? We got to get that one. We got to get that Evan Carmichael. I'm going to take more notes I got to take care of. But no, we got we got to do that.

But analyze what it is we're trying to do so it you know, the vision. What are you actually committing to? And I was committing to being a stay at home mom and raising our kids. And the reason that I chose that, too, was because my husband was making the bulk of the income. It was a very easy answer. It wasn't that I was greater than or less than and I had to do that. It wasn't that at all.

It was like, how can we make this work and what is this going to look like for our future? And so that that being started, we did it. And in my time of darkness or in my time of temptation, the biggest thing for me that I kept asking myself was what made me happy. Of course, God gives us the opportunity for joy and happiness throughout our every single day what I was like, what really sets my soul on fire.

And it took me back to when I was working as a dental professional and I went to a community opportunity where we did dental work for free. Everyone was there giving their specific talent or license or knowledge, and we were basically setting people free from pain, giving them smiles back and like it was incredible. So I was like, OK, I need more of that. But how do I get that feeling, that emotion, that fulfillment that vocations?

While honoring my priorities and so I turn the online space, I didn't know what the word entrepreneur meant, I was like, everyone has entrepreneur in their bio. What does that mean? Are we all doing the same thing like I was for you? Is you guys? Because I was the I was the honor student in college. I got like normal education. I was like I got this. I was like, this is a whole new language Chinese.

So I, I started on the journey of discovery.

And so I just prayed I was like that. And my favorite prayer, if you ask me what my favorite prayer is besides the our father, it's the same Prince of Assisi. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. I don't know what it is that you want me to do. I don't know where you want me to go, but just show me what to do and I'm here for it. And when you when you just mentioned that earlier, Tamra, I got to go back to this showing up, not because you feel like a strong lioness or a strong leading male like showing up because you know that there's something for you.

You just don't know what it is. And even if you're feeling broken, even if you're covered in scars like I was, I was just like, I don't know what it's going to be, but I know it's going to be something. So I better show up.

And so it was just really embracing that part of being like, Lord, use me, show me and help me do it, because I know there's going to be mountains I can't climb. But if I put my hand up, you'll reach down like I know there are in this goes back to just to take the story a little deeper with you guys. February of twenty twenty, I laid in the hospital with a fever of one hundred and nine point three.

I did not look out. I did not have seizures. I heard the nurse say that no twice. And I said, Lord, I'm not done. That number is too high. That number is too high. Lay in there like a worse than a like a wet pig on a summer's day. Like I was just drained with being dehydrated. God bless all the people that were working with me, but they still hadn't figured out what it was and ended up being an infection.

Not my fault. One of those flukes.

But it was a really. A really big moment for me as a young person.

Guys, I'm young, I want to tell you how young I am, but I'm young and the good Lord knows that level level twenty three for me was really hard and I wasn't even sure what level twenty three was going to hold, but I was put to the test. I said Lord put me back in, I'm not done. I felt like I could see the pearly gates and I was like carrying a whole bunch of packages, like I had so much stuff in my arms and like I'm not done yet.

Like wait, I'm not ready. I'm not ready.

Not because I wanted more life, but because I had so much more to give. And it's so funny because people are like, that's silly. I'm like, you go to the death bed and you think about what actually really matters. At that point, you'll realize that everything you thought mattered doesn't have any any surface at all. It doesn't matter. And so it just really helped me reset things in my business, reset how I move forward with my people, the message that I'm sharing.

It's not one of urgency because speed is life and all that kind of stuff. It's because you don't always tomorrow is guaranteed. So live your message, message every single day at every single level because you want your level. Twenty eight. Forty eight, sixty eight. I don't care to be the best level that you've ever experienced because you don't know if you'll make it to level sixty seven.

That's so true. That's so true. And the other day I was having a conversation with my husband. I was in the middle of the kids playing around me. I had gotten home from a long day at work and I was drinking a soda water and I was like my beer crack, right?

I was like, it was just water. Don't worry.

Evan alcohol free room was two years. But I'm I'm sitting there and he he just I don't know why I decided that now's a great time to deposit this nugget that's going to make my wife cry.

And he did he did intend to and I wasn't hormonal at the time. So. Well, I guess we're always hormonal, but sorry dudes that are the mouse. I think I love you. This is me.

So you as he says Tamra. When is the last time that you saw your grandpa? My gosh, it's been too long and I already always think about him. Right. And so I already was like, gosh, covid all the things have gotten in the way of this using excuses to say why I haven't seen him. He said, how much longer realistically do you think he's going to live like Hidell? Oh gosh. That's like a thing to put a stamp on.

My grandpa, who's in his nineties, by the way. Ninety two years old. And so I realistically threw out a number and I'm not going to say that out loud because I'm not going to let the enemy take hold of it. And I said the no and he said, OK, so if in the last year you've seen him once and likely, how many more times do you think you'll see him this year? I'm like, oh, maybe once, maybe twice.

And he said, OK, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You're going to see him six more times ever in your life. And I just started weeping, tears started going down my face, my son got real defensive and was like, Dad, why are you making Momma cry right now? And I was like, It's OK, buddy, it's all right. Mom is not sad. Mom is just eager. Yes. And that's where you were.

You were sitting on your deathbed. Yes. Because there's work for you and there's more for everyone listening here right now. Absolutely. And yet we don't want to take advantage of those six more times.

We know that every minute is precious. We know that every day could be our last. We hear these things all the time. But I think we take advantage.

I think we take advantage.

Well, and for me, too, it's one of those things where whether it's Kobe that we compare it to or the fact that you could be in a car accident tomorrow, like there's no life is full of Carol life is a risk. And the number one thing, like I told Tamra to like we got one shot. I want to take my shot every day, not save it for when. Not save it for if they. For me now, because we're human beings, God didn't create us to live in the future, he created us to live in the present.

Like when you think about that for me, I'm still inspired by the words of Queen Esther. You know, if we were made four times as these, like God knew that we would be the ones to survive. Korona A global pandemic like your grandpa would live to survive that. Like how incredible and inspiring is that? But what do we do with that? Do we just let that energy die at us? Like, do we become the energy stop or are we going to let that flow and ripple into other people?

And that's where I just committed to showing up. I did. I was on social media when I was sick. I would post whenever I felt like my phone was 10 pounds because I was so weak.

So I was like, oh, the phone is so heavy.

And my husband is like, it's just your phone. It's just your phone you don't have. Did you want me to call your mom? Did you. I can use that like it was hilarious. I was like, wow, it's heavy. My hands are tired. Oh my gosh, it was so bad.

But it's not that I'm actually thinking about it.

Like, really how heavy is our phone? You know that I've never thought of actually wait in what's happening right here in this very moment, and I've heard there is an access point in the heaviness of this thing. Right. In listening to us at every given point, we've got Syria on like AutoZone autopilot, whatever. I passed an auto zone earlier and my son said on the radio, terrible that I actually did do this.

And he was like like auto pilot in the Tesla, like, oh, boy, you're privileged.

OK, let's keep going. So is the understanding that our phone does carry weight and in your weakest moment, you still saw it as a lifeline?

I did. And it's not a bad thing.

I believe that the wait that's happening right here in this room clubhouse, on Facebook, on YouTube, this is not necessarily a weight that should feel like a burden. What if we utilized it as the connection point to all of the nations like we were supposed to do with everything? That's our energy every single day.

And that's so powerful because at every moment we're given the choice Tamra. I think people ask me, what's the defining lesson that you teach people as a coach? My number one thing is that you always have the choice. Every single day, every hour, every moment to give honor and glory back to God, if you do, great. If you don't, that's your deal. But if there is a way that I can help you magnify your gifts and talents, fulfilling your purpose and enjoy the one shot that you get at life.

Why wouldn't I do that, like I would be stupid not to do that, because guess what? When I give, I receive and it's a hundred fold, to say the very least. And I mean, to have people in your inbox saying, hey, I cried off after your live video on Facebook, I, I totally changed my mastermind. I'm a mastery coach for democracy. You know, it's one of those things where it's like people coming back and being like this mastery coach course was all I needed and your people were exactly what I needed.

That's us fulfilling our piece of the puzzle. That's us becoming that piece for someone else. And so in that moment for me, you guys, as I lay there being like, should I get on my phone and post that I'm OK, should I get on my phone and say, hey, keep the prayers coming because I'm not done fighting yet. I'm here for more. I've just got to take a time out. You benched for a little bit.

It was one of those things where I did think about that. But at the same time, I was like, it's worth it. It's worth it. So I took a picture. My husband was right there next to me and we took a picture of the hospital just as a memento in time, not as a marketing. Right. You know, to be like, oh, I was in the hospital and now I'm cured. Now it's more of just a to remember that low point where it's like even in the lowest of the low.

How do you show up to praise the Lord? Is it praying the sun and in the rain or is it just is it just in the sunshine? You praise him in the rain, too. And I just wanted to make sure that I was doing that because I only get one shot. And for everyone listening, I don't know what shot you're going through right now in this day, in the moments and distractions and things that are trying to pull you away from your purpose.

But I guarantee you it's getting harder because you're getting closer and someone else doesn't want you to get there.

Let's go. That's so good. So this past weekend, out of the blue, I decided I was going to start this challenge called #75Hard. And I got to tell you how, because this story is hilarious. So I'm on clubhouse in the morning. Breakfast champions go, go. And they are talking about their biggest takeaway from the week and their favorite ice cream. So I was thinking of like a creative way that I was going to be able to, like, honor them in their favorite ice cream.

As we're talking about a rocky road and the chocolate chip, peanut butter and the chocolate chip at my palate is wet at this point at six a.m. and I started to hear my kids wrestle upstairs and they're playing with data. And I'm like, oh, man, you'd be super fun to, like, take this moment to be like a really cool mom and go take them for ice cream for breakfast. I was so excited about this going to be so fun.

So I go upstairs, I'm still in club clubhouse listening to everyone, like in the background. Right. And there's a probably a a word to that. We'll talk about that another time. But I like guys.

Mama has this idea. It's going to be an epic morning and I tell them this is what we're going to do. And both of them, like there was no cheers. There was hardly a smile coming from my daughter. And my husband's looking at me kind of like a deer in headlights. And I'm like, well, well, that was it. What I was anticipating what just happened.

And he says, Oh, gosh, babe, I cued this up totally wrong. Like, what do you mean? So there's this movie out called Yesterday with Jennifer Garner. Absolutely love her. And it's talking about this magical day that you choose as a family.

And every single thing that the kids ask the mom and dad have to say, yes, OK, everything that you said about the boundaries, like there's only this amount of money we can spend one hundred mile radius, you know, like healthy, well, semi healthy boundaries, what was food?

And so they had gone to this ice cream place and they got this massive ice cream thing. One of those challenges, if the whole family can eat this, you get forty dollars back. That's how much the ice cream costs. So by the end in the movie, you see them like at the beginning, like this and so on, and then halfway through the leg.

And this is not so fun. And at the end somebody is going to the bathroom. Right, because they just couldn't keep it down. So I have for thirty minutes the day before had talked to them about the lesson that was in that like eating bad things isn't good for you. You shouldn't do this thing. And we're very health conscious about the things that we feel our kids, because we were going to get milk, ice cream, I mean, come on.

But they literally took it so much to heart that they were like, no, I'm not we're not going to do that. And in that moment, I'm thinking, OK, well, that's kind of lame, but that's fine. I guess I'll go for a run. What is the next thing in my brain? I'm going to I'll I'll go move. And they're talking about this concept of #75Hard. This is what it is, you guys. There's actually several people in the room right now and listening that are participating with me.

So go hard. It's two times a day. Forty, forty five minute workouts, ten to 15 pages of extracurricular learning.

Right. It could be the Bible, it could be self-help. It could be entrepreneurial. Take a photo of yourself every day as a progression in a proof that you did the thing. And you can choose any sort of diet that you want. No regulations on the food intake, but you have to remove forty five minutes. The cool thing about one of the. Is it has to be outside, OK? This is a long story, so hold with me.

It's going to be here. I'm telling you, we've got me enthralled. I'm invested. Let's go. I'm going. I'm gone. And I decide to invite my kids with me and my husband and to have a break so the other kids in the neighborhood can come.

And we're on this bike ride and I'm starting to run. I need you to know something. I hate running. And I'm going to say this. I love running so that I'm affirming myself as I say this, because I generally I used to despise running to the point where every time that I've ever ran, I've only ever made it three miles. If I did make it three miles, I generally always walked. I've peed myself at finish lines. I've not finished the bike because I was like, I'm going to throw up.

And I've also stopped and thrown up. So lots of things. I'm a sprinter, OK? I was a gymnast. We run to the vault and that's it. And so I'm thinking to myself already, I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm going to go out here. And I had no expectation for myself other than Tamra you're going to move and had been talking about this challenge all morning. I had not committed to it at this point, other than the fact that my husband said, why don't you start today?

And earlier I said, not maybe I'll start tomorrow. And I cannot stand when people say this.

I'll start tomorrow. You don't know what that one shot is, you don't know what the duration of that one shot is, and you're not promised that tomorrow, so why wait till tomorrow? So I'm running. My son has no shoes on, which is no surprise to anybody who knows him.

He's like a little Mowgli, long hair and all. And I've got your balance on cold outside.

And he's like, well, I think I'm getting frostbite. And I'm like, boy, it's 50 degrees out here. You need to go home. You're distracting me. Like, this isn't going to work. You're going to complain the whole time. And then as I said that, I said, you know what? No, you need to keep going, Cooper.

If you're not going, you're not growing. If you're not if you're sitting, you're missing. You're not going, you're not going. If you're sitting, you're missing. I started doing a dance and a rhythm. And I'm like, say what we say, Wendy.

He's like, what is wrong with my mom? Something's happening to her right now. She's running. She doesn't like to run. Second off, she's running and she's dancing and she's digging with a rhyme and she's asking me to do it. And I really am cold.

So we're moving along and I stay. I keep going this and I said I have to change the goal for him. And that's a whole nother conversation. But when I change the goal of what he was doing because I already knew what I was set out to do, he got really fired up, changed what you're going for and it might actually get you there another. No, here we go.

Thirty minutes into the longest run I've ever done in my life. And all the pain is hitting, right. I'm I am mentally struggling. My hip flexors are screaming and I'm like, I have a choice right here talking about choices.

I was at the t bone of either I turn right and I go back home where the kids were all going. They were all leaving me. They're like, peace out, mom, this is this is enough. We're done. Thirty minutes in or you take a left and you go further away from your comfort zone further away. Because if I go further away from my comfort zone, it takes me longer to get back there. And I might actually hit the goal, but I get uncomfortable.

You have to get uncomfortable. You have to take the one shot that you have and realize that comfort is not what you come to. Justine and I thought, we love you. We'll cradle, you will hug, you will wipe your tears. But we are convertors of the energy. We are not a couch. We're not a comfort zone. We're here to transition you into that place of purpose. Absolutely.

And so I. I hear you one chance, one shot, one choice, one death bed. Maybe we're on it right now. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Maybe you feel depleted. And so Justine, that's all the messages that you just said wrapped into one life long example, I hit 60 Minutes, the longest run I've ever ran in my entire life, eight miles, five miles past my longest distance. I am sitting right now and my feet, my legs hurt. And but I have done #75Hard before I committed to #75Hard I started. And if that's really a movement in the going that I said, holy cow, move the goal Tamra you can do this thing.

It's so incredible.

And I love that you use the story to bring it to real life because everybody everyone can be like, oh, well, my life isn't that extreme.

I'm not on a deathbed picture or D'Andre #75Hard. And that too is OK.

Yes, but I think the biggest thing is to realize what and how can you apply this to who you are now, where you want to go and what you're willing to give up during that time, because everyone wants to be the top one percent. Well, what are you willing to give up in order to get there? Everyone's got a different level as a parent, as parents, we have different priorities than someone that's flying solo. That's OK. I love that.

One of my best friends, she's another great podcast or a spirit of work. She's phenomenal on here. Like, she's got different stuff than I do and I got different stuff than she does. But to support the vision and the mission is what everything is about. And if you're looking to become the greatest version of yourself. My first thing I'm going to say is prove it. What are you willing to do? Where are you willing to go?

Not that you can't achieve it.

Like I'm not trying to shut you down and be like, hey, I got totally you can't do that like Jesus of Nazareth or God, but genuinely be like, what are you willing to do in order to become? Because I think if we're not becoming. We're not anything what are we? We're dead, we're dead to self, we're dead to everything. And I don't think God created us to do that. I believe he created us to be human beings, to be all about becoming and really supporting not only our own growth, but the growth of others, which is why as a coach and it's funny because I didn't realize I was a coach until someone called me out and was like, why are you just doing I was doing virtual assistant, like being a collaborator.

They're like, you're basically running the show from behind the scenes. I need you to be my coach. And so I actually was asked to coach because I didn't know that was a real thing. Some people will ask that story.

How did you find coaching? What made you want to do this?

I didn't know was a thing, but God opened that door to me through another person because I just showed up. I didn't know what I could do, but I knew I could help people. So I started in that area. And so regardless of what level to get back to the discussion, you guys, regardless of what level you are on, this applies to you. It doesn't matter what area of your life this applies to you. The choices and decisions that you're making as you're becoming will dictate the person that you become on your last shot.

But when is that shot taken? Only God knows. So if you decide on your side what you're willing to do, and that's where things get amazing and that's why I let people like Tamra because she's shown up every single day.

Likewise and likewise in the midst of motherhood and the missing man, wife and all the other things. And so there is this, the final layer to that run. Right. And it labors so beautifully to what you're saying in this one shot concept. In this you have the time, right, for such a time as this. Right from Esther. This is so critical.

I was coming in on the last lap, last two laps, actually, and I. I lost connection to clubhouse, which oh, it was my full motivation. It was what's getting me through. I was listening to an NBA coach tell me that everyone is born an athlete. Right. That's how I got past and decided to take a left instead of a right towards my house. She said everything. Everyone with breath is an athlete. Right? What you do with that movement is up to you.

Laura Wylde is her name. She's amazing. She's an NBA health and wellness coach to NBA gals. And so I was like, this is amazing. And I kept going, but I lost connection. I was trying to reconnect. I turned it off. I got back into it. It was like connecting. And it was this moment where I was like, holy cow, this is going to happen. This is going to happen. It's happened to me before in my testimony where everyone was gone, right.

Where the people that I thought were my support system, the people that I thought were going to speak positive and affirmation and say, you've got this, you can do this. I believe in you, too. I see where you're going.

And I say, yes, they weren't there anymore.

And that inner circle that ties this all together so beautifully, they matter. Yes, they do. And yet the people who you might have had in that previous version of Self might not be the right people in that inner circle. So their voices matter. Choose them. Well, lift yourself up.

You want to be a six figure entrepreneur. Are you hanging out with any six figure entrepreneurs?

You're a seven figure entrepreneur, seven figure. Are you hanging out, are you the smartest person in the room? Because if you are, you need to raise the bar because you're going to stay there. You're going to stay complacent. You're going to stay in your comfort zone. So move beyond. Move past. So I'm making these final loops and I'm just like, oh, I need affirmation.

So I was saying the same thing that I was telling to my seven year old son. I love it. Right? It's not the same thing. And then all of a sudden I was like, oh, I should get on it. Like, share this with people. Right. Barely moving at this point. I don't even know how my legs were going, literally, but I was at a runner's high. I knew that I was going to hit 60 Minutes and I was not stopping now.

So I've given them this energy. I'm telling them what was deposited in. The last thing that came to me was, let's go. Cameras on, let's go cameras on. And it wasn't my phone, though, and my husband had his phone.

He was so proud of me coming through. And there's a whole story to that. God, it was the camera lens from heaven he promised to record on your life before you were conceived in your mother's womb. He pressed record and he's watching. He's present. He's omnipresent in your life, whether you recognize him or not. Absolutely. He's watching the screen of your life unfold and he's hopeful and he's got purpose over why he's watching, because if he wasn't watching it, you wouldn't be here.

Right. But he's looking out for you. He's got a plane for you. He knows the climax of your story. He knows the twists and turns. He knows the message. He knows the transformation points does. And so I'm like, holy cow.

It changed my whole thought pattern on camera. On the phone.

Yes, right. He's got cameras on. Well, I think that just goes to the point to the power lives in our perspective. You know, we we have the power to choose which and I like to parallel this with putting on a pair of sunglasses.

Right. Right now in Minnesota, it's kind of cloudy, but usually we need them in the summer.

So anyways, but if you put on a pair of glasses or my blue like glasses, what perspective am I looking to choose to see this through? Right. Is this the moment of opportunity? Is this a moment of grace? This is a moment a blessing, or is this a time of pain, of curse, of this or that? Like we always have that ability to choose. And I love your testimony of how that changed your perspective of hate recordings on like game on.

Like he's watching. He knows. Well, he knows. So I got to figure out what he knows so I can do the thing I like. And there's so many moments where I ask for something like that was not a funny plot twist. That was not cool. But at the same time, he's writing the book with us.

He's recording the movie with us. However, you want to realize that truth in your life, there is no terror that goes unnoticed. There is no pain that doesn't go on. Felt he is there a thousand percent of the way with you. And, you know, as he carried his cross, we carry ours. And he doesn't ask us to carve the way. He's just asking us to follow.

And no one said it was going to be easy.

But if you go there and so that's like a whole nother level of like the script is already written.

Yeah. And we stand all the time striving, trying to control the outcome of a movie that's already written.

Yeah, we're trying to change the script. That's really true. And so funny to think of in that light. Right. Guys like laugh with yourself, laugh at your own missteps. But these are the bloopers behind the scenes. This is part of the movie. But at the same time, why are we focusing on the script and we just have to show up? Yes. Yes. And he's the director, so he's just like, go do the thing and say the words, speak my language, speak the words I've already given you.

Talk about your line to the Bible. We don't have to speak from anything other than the knowing.

And if you're not connected to the knowing, then you are going to be saying all the words that you shouldn't be saying, speaking death instead of life.

I do not hate running. I love running. Never loves to run as many does.

She does now.

But if true, it can be simple and can be slowly like this. But it can also be really, really deep. Yes, you have.

And you may have to start at a different level. Maybe you have to cut straight to the chase, no chocolate on top and be like, you know what, I love running. I'm going to run my butt off, I'm going to run. And for someone else, they might need to joke around. That's OK. We all have been given beautiful God given personalities that are all very different and unique. But his message and his support doesn't change.

He's the one that shows up consistently. All we have to do is meet him there. That's the biggest thing for me to like. People talk about stuff being so hard. Yeah, life is hard. It is. It's always going to be hard, but it's always going to be worth it. We don't have to worry about that. Life is going to give you a lot of mountains and valleys. That's great. I think of a roller coaster.

I put my hands up and scream. Away, what did you why what did you and so I know for so many of you listening, maybe you've been through other trials and tribulations, too. I'm not saying I don't feel that. And I know that if anyone feels that, our board does. But at the same time, having joy in the time of pain, in the time of sorrow, in the of growth and transformation, that's that's what makes this journey worthwhile.

And that's why even in our position as coaches, we're there to remind you that there's more to the pain, there's more to that pain can be your power. Pain can be the transformation point by which you actually become all that you were created to be. It's not a destination. It's just a part of the journey.

Yeah, it's so, so powerful. And it's this is the thing like it might sound like we're just like health and wellness coaches are not. And that's not our business coaches. Right. This is this is the priority. You talked about priorities at the beginning, your home front, your first ministry being that priority in your body and mind and spiritual self and well-being are not aligned. This is the entire premise of the Fit in Faith Podcast. And I never have to play in these conversations.

You all know, I don't plan them. I don't ask them questions before they come. The prep is, hey, come and have coffee with me even though I'm drinking soda water and you're nursing a water nursing life.

Sorry, just I'm like I, I go by gallons #75Hard. I forgot to tell you that one gallon of water a day. That's right.

That's going to be you. You're going to be one of those big jugs. So it's just it's this knowing.

Right, that like these plans, this deposit, I didn't create it. And I'm not the only one who stumbled upon it. Right. Justine stumbled upon it. The hundreds of people who have been on this podcast before have stumbled upon the same knowing and we didn't know each other. This wasn't like a hey, let me tell you the secret.

Now we're telling you this secret, which is why you're here listening. And we love that. Yes, but we coach in business coaching because first is the being. When you know yourself through the lens of the Lord, we are rooted on a firm foundation. We can build a brand and a business from a place of foundation that is strong versus building on the sand. We are building on the rock and he is the one who creates the plans. Absolutely.

You just he does.

And so many times people have asked me that too, because they're like life ambitions. Coach. Well, coach, whatever you want to call me, I love and care.

If I don't, I'm Justine. So it's one of those things are just like, yeah, or made or some people call me by my last name mater. But whatever is one of those things where at the end of the day, every business problem is really just a example of our personal flaws and the personal growth that we need, because every business is built by an amazing human being that usually has impacts that they want to create, has a service that the world needs, or has a way that they can change the lives of other people.

And so it's one of those things that we can't always do it on our own because what we were meant to do it alone. That's why God put us on the world with seven point seven other billion amazing people. And so it's one of those things where a lot of people get worried, too, about their nature, like not serving enough people. It's one of those things where you don't have to focus on anything. You have to focus on showing up as you and the right people will be magnetized to you because you were showing up as a thousand percent, the hardest and most amazing version of yourself.

You're putting yourself through those growth opportunities. You're building that foundation. You're not building and stand your building with things that will stand the test of time because that's who you are. That's who you were created to be. And so I think I think the biggest thing for people to realize, too, is that if you're struggling in your business. Maybe take an inside look if you're struggling and you're in yourself and you want the business to be born, I actually started my business working with other people to heal myself.

That's how I became depressed. I wanted to serve. I wanted to love. And so I started by serving other people until I got to a place that I could do that for myself. So regardless of where you find yourself, I just want to give you that grace that it's OK. There is ness in the message. The first four letters is literally right there. Don't be ashamed by that is just part of your journey, and if there's anything that Tamra and I would want you to walk away with today, it's knowing that there's so much help.

There's so much for you right now because you are here. And if there's not only any way that we could support you, but if we could just give you like a candle, like just light your flame right now and just be like, hey, baby, you're glowing. Get back to it. That's what we would want for you today.

So, so good. I always use that analogy of, like, the fire. Right. And if you catch clothes, if you come close, you're going to get an ember and your ember is out.

You're about to catch flame. If you're ready for that, you can do it. But I was thinking as you were talking, how everyone wants to be the shepherd of the flock and they want their flock to be massive. Right. They want millions in the flock.

I want to impact millions in the globe as a noble, noble desire. And I believe that it's specifically heavenly deposited. However, if you have not yet trained to be a shepherd, nobody can call you a shepherd.

You can't even see in yourself in the mirror that you're a shepherd and yet you're running and you're trying to gather all these sheep together and they're like, who are you?

I don't trust you. I don't know you. I don't know your voice right now. I've got to know that. I've got to know the voice of the person, the pastor that is my shepherd.

And that's knowing the voice of God, who establishes your identity, who allows you, and then comes into the knowing and trusting you enough to send you one person, one sheep.

One to start the flock, right, and when you get OK with serving one abundantly well and you get all the business structure and all that stuff in play, he'll send another, he'll send another and they'll send another and they'll send him in masses at that point.

But he can't do that until you're trained to do that, until you are able. And he could do it. You can do whatever he wants, but he will do it.

On the contrary, if you're not ready and he'll send them all to you and watch you fall in order for you to get that test. That is your testimony, right?

It's like giving the people who aren't ready and millions of dollars because they won the lottery. They're not ready for it or giving it to the twenty three year old athlete who is now just signed into the NFL. They are ready for it. They haven't yet earned the right to be trusted with that amount of money and therefore they splurge and now they're in debt and they have to start all over. Yeah, right.

And with that saying that to whom much is given, much is expected. So we promised so much. But how much are we fulfilling on it in business? What's your fulfillment look like, what's your satisfaction rate look like? Because maybe you're not fulfilling on what you're doing. Are you over delivering, are you under delivering test, test, test every time? What are those surveys saying? And are we willing to look at that feedback and realize in the end we're not actually where we need to be, whether it's aligned or not?

And I think this goes back to the point to someone wiser than me said this at one point, our lord himself chose twelve followers.

I cannot tell you how many times I look with imposter syndrome at Tamra Instagram. And I'm like, day, y'all are going to have an Instagram.

Like, I don't I have a very small following, but two, to my credit and glory to God, I it's not the following that I have that got me to where I'm at. You guys, I'm grateful for the relationship that I have with Tamra because it was based in a relationship. It was based on showing up and genuinely asking her to share her light with our show. And just so it's just one of those things, I hope that serves as a message to you guys.

It's not about the followers. Yes, there is power. Yes. That is warranted. And yes, there is so much that good you can do with that. But coming from almost the opposite, right. Like one eighty where it's like I don't have that. But then again, our Lord only had 12 that went on. To impact the world like that should be the most empowering thing for you in this space right now. No, no, no.

Is too small to start making a difference in someone's life. And if it's one person, it's worth it.

Yeah, because you guys have to remember that one touches nine. Who touches sixteen? So if you show up for the one today, you're actually showing up for 16, so I have another gal on the coaching call earlier who was talking about her workshop only has a certain amount of people. And she's like, oh, it's only three. And I'm like three times 16 is a big number and I can't do math on the spot, so I can't tell you.

But that's a lot of people. So it's the recognition. Flip the script on what the secular world, what the marketplace has told you matters because ministry says it's for the one. And you as a business owner are a ministry owner. You you are leading a front. Absolutely right. And so bring that heart, bring the heart of the Bible into the marketplace and watch what he does with it.

You guys, that's so incredible. I just would love to add to that really quick, because when you take the focus from what I don't have to what you have, you go from being powerless to being so powerful because you have it already.

Have haven't you already are the person that you're waiting for. God isn't making you wait on anyone else. You say, are you willing to show up? I've paved this way for you. Are you going to do it?

Yeah. He didn't tell Peter like, hey, go and run a it's really special shoes that somebody else made like a life jacket. And I need to know, he said, get out of the boat right now in faith, faith over fear.

Get out of the boat with who you are and watch what I'll do.

Yeah. So that's why when I say activation, I mean, we're not couches, we're convertors.

Right. That is going to be a new tagline. Humans do it all the time.

You totally need to have that as part of it. Oh, it's so good. So go like the big like activation, I'm sure.

But again, it all goes back to him because I can convert something on my own. Conversion is is an outlet. I need something to make a convert or there is a tool. Right. And the tool is my alignment to God to point you to the direction of the actual truest source of my energy. Right. I'm just the I'm just the conduit. Yes. In order for you to say, oh, wow, there's this electric thing that keeps me alive.

Yes. And that's your breath. Find your breath, find your being and you'll discover your brand and your business will thrive. Oh, I could just like drop your man.

I need these guys. Guys, thank you for being along for the first ever club house meets Facebook needs you to live of the Fit in Faith Podcast mean, you are a treasure.

You're a wise beyond your years and you're a good, good mama.

I'm so happy that he got to be on the debut. I mean, like how many other kids get to say that, right?

It's the sound that sweet, sweet sound relish in it. It goes fast.

It just inspires either even other women that are listening and following you. Tamra, you know, there's just so much to be said about the power of motherhood and what it makes you do. It makes you fight even that much harder as a lioness, as a queen, as the one ruling your kingdom like that. You have we have the power over the next generation. How are we going to use that? How are we going to show up? And I'm just so humbled that I get to do this in my very own home with my kids at my side, because I think they need to realize the power that they have to show up as well.

And it starts with us. And so however you're listening, whatever that means to you, I just hope that that's encouraging. And yes, we have little grumpy pants in the background here as well.

So we dance. We love you. That's not his name. What's his name?

We will call him by Elliot Elliott, which means strength and bravery. He was my child in miracle. So God is always working miracles. You never know when. You never know how. But Elliot is definitely one of mine. Well, let's pray about God. We just pray right now for Alana. We pray for the legacy that his mama is leaving over his house, over his home, over his character, over his being God, you say to train them up in the way they will go and shall go and they will not depart from it.

And so, God, we just thank you for her heart and for her testimony. We thank you that those trials are just going to be the way that she serves and out of abundance and love and empathy. God, that she is able to help transform the lives of the many that you are going to send her, that she is a strong shepherd and she continues to train herself so that she can train other people. We love you. We give you all the praise for this time and we just submit it to you to do with it as you will, and to get it to the ears and the hearts of those who need it.

And your sweet breath in a man, a man and man, is that going to be one to we need. Yes. Justine Mader you guys can find her with virtually limitless podcast. And Instagram at your name, though, right, not virtually limitless. Yeah, yeah, definitely. They'll see me at Justine Mader.

I keep it pretty simple and straightforward conversation. There's people on live with us right now. If you're on clubhouse, come over and say we're going to have a couple minutes of Q&A with Justine and it's just an honor.

Thank you.

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