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The Power of Speaking, Believing, and Being with Leah Mason-Virgin

The Holy Spirit exists in all things, even through a mike, even through a Webcam, even through all the interweb. or whatever you want to call it. He is present. He’s present with you right now.

In this episode, I talked with Leah Mason-Virgin from She talked about the power of speaking it and believing it and then being it. Imagine if we did that every single day. Imagine if you made the choice every single day. That He was your soul desire. I want to be in a place of submission.

Key Takeaways

– God wants us to be united with Him in a way that brings change and empowerment to others

– God is our mirror to look into for self-worth

– Setting healthy boundaries and cultivating a healthy mindset

– God is in control of all the pieces of our lives

power of speaking

About Leah:

Leah Mason-Virgin empowers women to achieve the miracles they are asking God for by connecting them into His word, insights, Kingdom principles, and an empowered faith-filled mindset. Leah’s years in corporate, non-profits, healthcare, and other industries, in combination with her Faith Community Nursing and Life Coaching certifications, enable her to serve women in all areas of life.

Her passion is to empower women so that they cultivate healthy mindsets, habits, relationships, businesses, spirituality, and overall life. Leah’s programs are Biblically based, empowering, insightful, and transformative. Her clients often remark that their sessions produce amazing insights and mindset shifts that create an amazing faith-filled calm, joy, and strength to walk confidently and boldly in their gifts and calling.

Leah has a group coaching program, individualized and customized programs, courses, prayer workbooks, ebooks, and more to serve every single woman no matter where they are in life. Leah is married to her soul-mate for over twenty years and they have three amazing and wonderful children.

Connect with Leah:

Show Notes: The Power of Speaking, Believing and Being

Holy fire, this is so good! How can they always just? I don’t know that they get better and better because have had some crazy good podcasts. But I am telling you, the Holy Spirit exists in all things, even through a mike, even through a Webcam, even through all the interweb that you want to call it. He is present. He’s present with you right now. And Leah Mason,-Virgin today, she just blew my mind.

She talked about the power of speaking and believing it and then being it. Imagine if we did that every single day. Imagine if you made the choice every single day. That He was your soul desire. That he was the one thing. I know I’m guilty of, not always doing that – as much as I pray, as much as I put Him in front. I surely take the driver’s seat, because I’m a control freak and I don’t want to do that. I want to be in a place of submission.

I want to be able to just fuel conversations with the word like Leah did today. And I just know this is going to bless you. You must stay tuned for the entire show. It is so worth it. And follow Leah in all the places. She has eight books available to you on Amazon. Leah Mason-Virgin Girl, I know you’re listening to this. It was a gift, so I just so appreciate you.

Thank you so, so much. Y’all have fun on this ride. This is your God wink, the moment that heaven says for such a time as this, it’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth and exude your wholeness. It’s time to become truly fit. However, this isn’t a Fit in Faith Podcast, though. I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist. This isn’t business jargon or tips and tricks to landing your successful passion project, though that’s totally why I’m a business coach.

This isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy, though. I’m all for therapy and I love Whole Foods. I do have a Eulo side sweet tooth though. This isn’t confusing religious banter, though. I’m an ordained minister still figuring out the many things and facets and faces that Jesus. It’s really none of that, so I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this? Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate seekers.

The Fit in Faith movement was first for my own trial and error, discovery of mind, body and soul alignment. And to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences. I’ve learned firsthand that being fat isn’t about our physique at all. It’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles. It’s not about our potential. It’s truly about our God gifted passions, meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you want to call it.

And I want to be there for the moment that you say yes in freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit and do and whose you were made to be. Welcome to the Fit in Faith Podcast with me Tamra Andress. There is no better time than now to get fit. Well, hello. Hello. That was a really empowering song.

I was like, Oh, I like that. This is making that me feel like “wooo.”

I know, I know, that’s amazing.

I am so grateful for our creative designer who puts all of that together and the people who are listening on the podcast later. Don’t get to hear all the amazing tunes. You’ve got to tune into YouTube or Facebook at some point to see us live in an action. So welcome to the Fit in Faith Podcast and I am so honored to have you here. We were just talking right before we jumped on about how we got connected. And sometimes you forget in the major amounts of networking that we’re doing in this COVID world, how you meet people.

And so I love that we both knew it was in a Facebook group. I think it was one of the women empowering women or Christian groups. And so I’m excited to introduce you. And your bio is extensive, which I absolutely love and am admiring of and want to go into all the places. But the part that I really stood out to me was the fact that you empower women to achieve the miracles they’re asking God for. And that’s like such a heartbeat of my own.

So this is going to be such a cool, connected conversation. So, Leah, thank you. And just introduce yourself.

Tamra. Thank you. Oh, my gosh. You made me sound like super awesome. Like, who is this person I want to know them?

No imposter syndrome here – devil be gone.

See, that’s the really cool thing, is that like, you know, you start to go on this journey and God builds you in the way in which He wants you to go. And like you get to a point where you kind of look back and you’re like, oh, so that was why I did all those things. So that’s why I experienced all those things. So hey, guys, my name is Leah Mason-Virgin, and I am a life coach.

I’m an R.N. I’m an FCM. That means I’m a faith community nurse and I also have a business coaching certification. And it is my calling to empower women into the gifts and the calling that God has put on their life. And I truly believe, like Judges says, that the women are a mighty army. OK? And our churches don’t talk enough about that. It’s that God is that his heart is for the women to be a mighty army for him.

Preach free are not out of the gate today. I am ready for this conversation. I am all about, you know, the here the women empowering women. You hear girl power, but a lot of people just will call us into a corner of feminism. And that’s surely not what it is. It’s the heart of the heavens. And I love literally last night I was having this conversation with my daughter because she was talking about I was taking a bath.

So there’s a whole conversation, but we’re not going there.

She was like water boys different than girls. Right? We’re talking about all the things. And so I started talking to her and I literally got to just talk to her about the creation and how God saw Adam and saw that he was lonely and that he needed something, someone somehow and he created him. Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone into. And I explained, whoa, man, woman.

And she her eyes were just like there is purpose, like she understood as a six year old that women have a rightful place, a purpose place, and without them, men wouldn’t be men. So we use that word. That’s true. And, you know, here’s the interesting part about that. I’m glad you brought that up about Adam and Eve.

You know, God took Adam and Eve and said rule over the works of my hands.

He did not just say, hey, you stand over there while I talk to Adam. He brought them together because they’re supposed to be one flesh together. We’re supposed to be united in a way that we create lasting positive change and empowerment. Right at the heart of the father is for bold justice and love like we don’t we don’t see often. Right? Yeah, it’s so true.

And I think that there is a power in that connectivity no matter what age you are. So it’s something that we need to come in to. And I believe that there is a revolution in the hearts of women happening, especially during this season, as a lot of them have been called back into the home front end. And whether it’s to be a homemaker or it’s to home school or it’s to continue to activate in the passion and purpose that God has for you, which is what I’ve seen.

I’ve seen these women who are also manning the home front and also activating for the first time as entrepreneurs, despite a generational break, despite ministry hurt, despite anything that has been told or blanketed on them as a little. I believe and they’re saying, yes, right now is the time and no one’s probing them other than God, and so unlike looking up to the heavens like what’s happening right now, this is such a fun time to be in.


And I feel that, too. And it was so it was so impressed upon me last summer just walking into a time period of God, really growing my confidence and my courage and showing me that I had holes in my self-worth. I had done a lot of work on me because I grew up in an extremely toxic environment, very broken home.

And so I’d done some work over the years. And then, of course, I went into somebody else’s coaching program, really did some more deep work and got so beautiful that and careful with this that he grows us up carefully and works on those pieces that are broken in a in a in a very methodical, perfect, loving way. Right.

Sometimes it feels a little heavy in this season. Ladies tag real and raw. I’m not going to play. I do not like growth.

When he draws us to that place, you know, he he is trying to really take that Jesus glue.

I love talking about Jesus and Jesus. Glew takes all those pieces and makes the most beautiful mosaic, you know, ever.

And he just was working on me and he was saying, I’m making the women ready. You need to make the women confident, courageous, bold, and you need to get them to a place where they speak.

With full confidence that they are unshaken by other people’s opinions of them and their work and that their self-worth is so ingrained in our father’s love that they don’t hesitate to say, yes, Lord, here I am.

Send me.

Girl, you’re on fire right now, and it’s so parallel to all of the people that I am in connection with, in a community with, and there is this filter before them of not believing in themselves, of not having that self-worth, of needing external validation, of of needing this understanding of valuation and valuation. When I’m talking to them. It isn’t just business. And though that’s an important factor because I’m not going to let them into the marketplace and charge once they’re not worth.

But simultaneously, I am absolutely wanting them to see their heart filled father in everything that they do. And when they stand before that near to to own the recognition of who has created them, to be sure. Is there a shedding process that happens? Is there a shedding process that’s always happening? I always say always be coming with such intention. We are getting a fresh anointing all the time if and only if we stay pressed in to the father who is helping us become more like him, who is shaping us.

And if you think about that pottery like you’re saying, he has to have his hands on us at all time or what happens on a potter’s wheel when you let go, it literally flies.

It goes to a mashed up nastiness.

You have to add living water. You have to add his hands back to the process. You have to get into motion because also a potter’s wheel doesn’t work when it’s at a standstill. And I am all for the beast concept. We are not a human doing. We are a human being. I preach, preach, preach.

But activation is so critical and completely my heart for what I’ve seen God do in my life. Yes, absolutely.

You know, and he’s just he wants us to use his word over us. And thank you, Shane. And this are being here.

I hope I said maybe it is Donna.

You got it right. OK, I’m sorry.

And I am just like, you know, when God was like, you need to speak the word and proclaim it and be it. And he told me, here is like this. This is my thing for my for my my mission is speak it, believe it, be it. Right. And one of my favorite proclamations is from Ephesians three sixteen through seventeen. I am empowered with inner strength by his spirit, from the treasures of his glory. I am rooted and founded in love.

Right, and it is the most important thing that we, especially as women who are building a business and a family and actually everyone, period, end of story, everyone needs to be reclaiming the word over themselves every single day. I mean, because what is living is God’s word, what is active, God’s word. Right? He wants us to be it. What does he ask us to be? Well, if we don’t know the word of God, then we don’t know.

We don’t know our self-worth. If we haven’t dug into the Bible and read that God said, I love you with my whole being and heart.

It’s so true and it’s so interesting at the same exact moment is some people are so pressed into the word in a blanket, an understanding because there’s not that that Janosch loving that deep understanding and therefore they’re being told who they are, even through scripture. And it is through, again, a filtered lens.

And so I know a lot of people who have Chirchir who are and I say church and I and I don’t even like to say it that way because it’s not church that hurt them. It’s people who hurt them inside of a building that is a church. So please understand that it’s just people hurting people and we are imperfect beings and that that’s the process of becoming that has us understanding boundaries and relationships and our own self-worth and our own emotional intelligence and all of that.

At the end of the day, to understand that his word is alive. When we press into it intimately, we have to seek we cannot be told what to seek, how to seek. It is important to follow pastors. It is important to be in community with people like Leah who just have that fire. You can hear it when she talks and speaking over you. But I even got a text last night from some of the I love so dear.

And it said, Will you pray for me? Today was a hard day. And I thought immediately as a response, like, absolutely sure, I’ll pray for you. But the very second thing that came to me was, I wish you would pray for yourself.

I wish you would get into conversation with God in such a way that he can answer your prayer because he will do it on an instant, but if we don’t practice opening our own mouth, how do we ever expect for him to respond? If you’re having a conversation and you’re just staring at someone waiting for them to do something, they likely aren’t or they’re going to turn around and walk away now, God, we know doesn’t do that. Our Heavenly Father is intimately waiting for us to act, but oftentimes out of boredom because we feel like we, quote unquote, don’t hear him speaking or see doing.

We’re the ones who turn away. Yeah.

So I want to know because I can just sense that there is a big ol back story to all of this fire.

I want to know, when did the embers burn out? What was that season of your life like? How do you have this much ignite? I mean, you talked about your childhood very briefly. Did you know where you raised in a Christian home at all? When did you come to know God?

Oh, girl. No one there. You know, interestingly enough, I. I was 13 years old when I was eight. And my biological parents are they are children of alcoholics. So there is a generational curse that my brother and I and subsequently my sisters are much younger than me.

They were born when I was 16 and 19, but my brother and I are four and a half years apart and we are breaking the chains of and the generational curses of that. And so, you know. While I have grease and wish nothing but blessings on on the people who are called my parents, they’re actually in permanent time out until they can get two years of therapy. So whenever that happens or doesn’t is up to them. They’re adults, they can choose.

And so I like to talk a lot about healthy boundaries and cultivating healthy mindset, especially when you do have some hurt from people who are from churches or a broken childhood or toxic family members. And so, you know, I I definitely had a really long journey. I’ll be forty four next month. I’ve been married for twenty one years. I have three teenagers, 17, 14 and 13. And so the journey for me was long and arduous because I did not know how to get healing through the word, you know, church ever taught me that if I sat down and I looked at the word of God and I made it in I statements and I and I started transforming my mindset, which is what coaching does know.

I didn’t know about coaching. I had no idea what that was. I knew about counseling, but I did some of that. And I lived with fear and anxiety and depression for decades, you know, and God was preparing me, interestingly enough, through my first degree is public relations communications. My second degree is as an R.N. and I was getting to the point where I was burnt out working in the health care, very broken health care field.

And one day I had to really come to Jesus broken moment, a really embarrassed myself badly. And this was about seven and a half years ago. And and interestingly enough, I won an iPad from work for complaining about it.

Oh, my gosh. It’s one of those like email staff survey things. And God knew he wanted me to win, that he made sure I won it because when it came into my hands, I had I had been walking around a store and a friend of mine called and she’s like, you won the iPad? And I was like, what? She’s like, you won the mini iPad. That’s what we’re talking about. And I have been talking to God.

I was like, I just can’t believe I did this. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me, why I didn’t know that my self-worth and my my idea of who I was was so broken. That I had embarrassed myself very badly and, you know, I was just like, where am I going to find healing? God help me, help me. I mean, here I get this call. Next thing I know, I have this iPad.

And the next thing I know, I’m I’m literally listening to God’s word, doing dishes, folding laundry, running on the treadmill. Like, I just started eating it literally. Like God said, eat this scroll. Right. I was eating it up. I couldn’t get enough of it, but it still wasn’t yet applicable yet. I hadn’t yet gotten to that point.

And so fast forward a couple of years. I now moved from just listening to it, to devouring my Bible, to writing out prayers, to putting scripture around my house. You know, we were dealing with things with my daughter. My daughter was adopted and she’s the most beautiful, black, precious baby girl. And I was being open. My eyes were being open to the brokenness and the racism of this world for so many things going on. And I’m just digging into the word of God and I’m just writing it out now.

And I’m like, you know, what do I need to do? And I’m trying to put my life into order. Right. Making healthy habit started doing Dave Ramsey, getting out of debt and then the flood of my home.

This is one wall in the basement and the rest of the walls are like insulation, which from no debt. To tens of thousands of dollars of debt that I was on the floor screaming and crying like screaming and crying. Did anybody see me do something like that? My father in law was in the basement ripping down walls. I’m screaming and crying. The insurance company is saying we don’t pay for any flood damage. We live on a hill. We had no idea, like we’re not in a flood plain.

We didn’t need flood insurance, which you can only get from the government.

And and I’m screaming and crying. I’m like, how could this happen, Lord? How how could I end up?

And he was like, well, how much worse would it be if you had still been in debt, you know, and my on that iron sharpening iron, it comes from the Lord sometimes and it doesn’t feel good, but it’s like, oh, there’s a revelation in that. So I’m going to stick. So my friend had sort of introduced me to this Christian coach and I was just like, you know, like now, you know, I’m telling you, I like two or three days later of getting up off that floor, just broken.

I’m just depressed and crying and everything.

I I saw her thing pop up that was like mom, mom, intensive mindset, boot camp, and I was like, what’s a little more debt?

By eight weeks later, I come out of this and I was like, Jesus, I am not living by fear anymore. I will go wherever you want. I will do whatever you want is on.

And he was like, Yeah. So, you know, that that writing thing that I kept telling you to do for the last two decades that you like. No, you’re not good enough. Do it. And I was like. The guy was like, I’m not I’m yes, lived, we’re saying I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough, I’m not a good enough mom, I’m not a good enough woman. I’m not a good enough anything.

And God was like, no more. I call you. I qualify. You go.

And that was the beginning of me coming into the online space. I think he was just like kept bringing me kept teaching me speak at. Believe it, teach these women how to speak the word, teach them how to change their life, teach them how to change their minds that, teach them to stop being a victim and become a victor in Jesus name.

So empowering, guys, if you are not like running a marathon right now, I’m sweating over here, I need to undress of my jacket.

It’s so good. This is insane. So I am such a like a vision or like a vision caster. God speaks to me and vision. It’s how I process things is with pictures. And so I’m so curious through this flood, which there is a lot of scripture about flood. I know. What did you learn?

Like what’s the takeaway from that? How do you like I mean, obviously you pressed into him based on these actions that you did, but is there a hindsight perspective on it?

Oh, God, so many. One very strong one girl, you had me crying on this thing, I’ve done it many times and you were very new to tears.

That he can take all things. And he can work them for our good and his glory and. You know, he gives us. A calling and a message based on our life and death, don’t worry, we’ll cry together, girl.

You know, I I’ve had so many things happen to me in my life that I’ve experienced that, you know, I really wish I’ll be very honest, selfishly, humanly, I wish that I had not. But the sheer fact that women can pop up in my dreams and say I desperately need prayer over X, what scripture should I lean into? And that I get the privilege and honor of pointing that to that. I am beyond honored. To do what I do and I often say he should not have picked me.

And I say that because I want women to know that no matter what your past is, when he calls, he qualifies. And I proclaim this over my mouth, over my over myself every day, Lord, be with my mouth and teach me what to say, teach my hand what to write so that I can bring women into a greater, more dynamic relationship with you so that they can be empowered to stop praying for miracles and become the miracle that you want them to be.

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So thanks, Mom. Anyway, look, your call and simply email me coaching at Tamra Andress Dotcom. Either way, I cannot wait to see you activated. And this is going to be an incredible opportunity and a beautiful season to see you design the God dream that God has planted in you since your mother’s womb. It’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to it. Let’s get started. So, wow, so intense, so good, it’s like that deep desire to have him utilize us, to have him steward us, to have him infuse everything that we do.

It was something that took a flood in my own life, if you will, by analogy for me to recognize, to understand, to learn to trust him. And I have actually gone into a hurricane and a storm. I was a lifeguard down at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, which you have roots here. So cool that we were connected in that way. But I was called as a lifeguard to go out as a training day and it was a red flag.

Nobody was allowed in the ocean. No one was allowed at the beach. But we still had to train. So they told us to go in and I was 17. At this point, I had accepted the Lord in my heart at 14 was pursuing him, but still definitely on my own path and not really understanding who he was doing it more out of perfection and striving and being a good Christian than it was out of ever having a heart for truly understanding or knowing the Lord.

So I jump into the ocean. I’m with all these other lifeguards at this point, and within seconds I’m alone, completely isolated. I feel like I’m in a massive washing machine. You can’t hear anything because the waves are crashing so loud. I did have my whistle and I did have my boogie. So if anything did go wrong, they weren’t liable because I was trained. Right. And so I’m out there and I’m just sensing the power of God.

I’m sensing the grandiose depths before me and understanding for the first time that I am not in control, that this is not something I can handle. And by my own might, I was not going to be able to swim out of this situation, thank goodness, for flotation devices. And it was just a moment that God was like, use me. And I don’t really talk about this scenario. I don’t really even think about it often because it’s been something that’s just propelled me into a place of needing to be next to the ocean.

And so often when I’m there, I just I’m like, this is the place that you get me. This is the place that I am solely yours, that I fully have no control, that I am allowing you to do what you will. And I need to go there often to be reminded of that strength, to be reminded of of that need to rely on him for him to use me in that way. And I’ve heard it said before that people are like, God doesn’t use you like he is.

He is the he is the cultivator of all things. He doesn’t even need you to do the thing that you have to do. He wants to and he put you on Earth with that purpose. But mind you, he can do all things through any one. It’s the people who say, yes, it’s the people who wave the white flag, which I talk about here often. It’s the people who submit and say even amidst a flood, even a a hurricane, I’m going to give my life to you because you took it all already anyway.

And it wasn’t the God that took it. It was my actions that took it. It was my lack of action that took it. And that’s why I’m so passionate about activating women into the knowing of their identity, into the knowing of their purpose. There’s women we got as women. We’ve got passions. We got hobbies. We’ve got all these things that we do. Twenty four, seven.

But have you ever stripped them away to find out just the who, just the who, who are you?

And take away the name tags. Take away the hats that you have to wear, take away the titles of all of those things, because as much as boundaries are important, as much as relational understanding is important, if you can’t qualify yourself as a daughter of the king, you can’t qualify yourself as even worth living, which I’ve been there.

So I get it. Let someone partner with you in that belief, let somebody speak words of life into you, and that’s what coaches like Leah, like myself, get the absolute privilege of doing, because until that person on that side of the beach started blowing their whistle, I had no clue where I was going. I didn’t know which way was in. I didn’t know which one was way was land. And it took somebody standing there and blowing a whistle for me to gain my bearings.

And so while I never call myself a whistleblower, I in this very moment, I’m like, oh my goodness, I often hear my coaching clients say, like, I want you. I feel like I’m going to be pushed out of a plane when I’m with you. I’ve had multiple people on multiple different situations say that I just pushed me out of a plane.

Go ahead, Tamra. You’re going to push me out of the plane. And I never want somebody to be in fear. I never want to tell somebody to go into the ocean and swim.

But I will bet you a bazillion dollars that if I was a hurricane and my kids were on the beach, I’d tell them to go out and swim because we have to experience that release of control and we have to understand his strength or we will never submit. I never did. Mm.

You know, we often are brought to our knees by whether or not it’s our own sin and shame and you know that that is the beauty of God.

You know, he calls us forgiven and free, beloved, valuable, qualified. And if we say yes, he will walk us into our promised land of blessings. But if we say no, then we’ll keep circling in the desert. And, you know, he very well might give those blessings to somebody else. You know, I heard somebody else say that and I so I can’t claim it for myself. But I will repeat it because I do believe that I believe that I could have had blessings two decades ago had I said yes and stop saying I wasn’t good enough.

Yeah. But. Guy was like and was going to be like this, you know, this is going to work on her a little bit, but little bits and then eventually she’s going to get their ass with a draw.

Ladies, talk about the draw. But it’s true. You know, he he really wants to grow us into that promised land just as he did the Israelites. And we have to be OK with failure. We have to be OK with being embarrassed. We have to proclaim that God is working in me. I can be embarrassed and grow through it and fall. And yet the righteous will yet rise again because he will pick me up, he will pick me up, he will grow me up.

If I submit daily to that transformation and change to that understanding that he empowers me is not by my own mind. I will tell you that I was sick and I don’t know so many things, so many things. But he kept healing me. He kept growing me. He kept teaching me. Speak out loud, ladies, the word of God because God says speak to the dry bones. So what is the dry bones in your area of life then you must speak it out of your mouth.

Ladies, this is one of the biggest, biggest things that I cannot stress enough. Is that we as women internalize things and we either will complain to others, but or we won’t speak, right. God wants us proclaiming out of our mouth the word of God and empowered. I’m girded with strength. Right? Someone. Thirty eight, three. When I called, you answered me. You made me bold and strong. Therefore, ladies, we proclaim Lord, I’m calling make me bold and strong today so that I can show up here.

So good, you have said so many of my like, professing words like whether it’s my word of the year, whether it’s been my word of the year, as you’ve been talking this whole time, I hear you, God, I hear you now. So thank you.

It’s so neat. Like this is why beyond just this knowing of self, like it’s that connection factor with people who know God as well. They show you a different lens. They speak to you and you can receive something fresh and new. And I was just with a coaching client last night and we were talking about networking and the power of connecting. And if you haven’t been on clubhouse yet, it’s all the rage. Everyone’s spending their life there. They’re going to die of old age and their phone is going to be on their chest listening to clubhouse billionaires.

But I cannot say that I am not guilty of spending a lot of time there because there are rooms, a powerhouse prayer rooms, powerhouse prosthetic rooms, powerhouse like nation destroying like we are rising up a king right now, rooms in the midst of all the other things that you think are social media in the midst of teaching you social trades and how to do this and how to what Bitcoin is and all this crap. So my thought for you and that is to realize that there is an ability to come into community with people.

And if you don’t know how to speak those words, if you are fearful of opening the Bible because you don’t know where to start. Activation, it’s the one thing it’s coming into community with people who are not necessarily even ahead of you, it’s not a comparison game when you’re coming to know, Lord, it is a beautiful experience of transformation and shedding.

And you talked a lot about like those hardships and those I call them fail forward moments of your life, because everything is a learning.

It’s it’s pruning. And in the Bible, he talks about the process of harvesting and pruning is such an important piece. If you don’t prune, then the next season your life doesn’t come back to the full. And so every season people are always thinking, oh, I’ve made it.

Or I’m in a phrase like, everything right now is great.

Do not say that, OK, because something’s coming around the corner and you need to instead every day say thank you, God, for the day that is today. Thank you, God, for the blessings that I have. But let me armor up. Let me get prepared, because there are no moments of my life that I have ever gone without a watchful eye of what’s around the corner because I have learned the hard way and whether that watchful eye is towards my own action and the own road or the own door that’s creeping open that maybe I want to sneak down or is through somebody else trying to enter.

The enemy’s coming for you. It’s every single moment.

And so we as a strong community of network of Sisters of Brothers, and there is a lot of men on this podcast, so I hope they tune in to this girl power show. But I want them to know, too, that we are in this as a fighting army.

Dry bones don’t say dry women bones. They don’t say dry man bones. They say dry bones. And we are all made of flesh and bone. And so when he comes to breathe life. Waving the white flag and say, I need it, that we need and it could be that secret hidden place, and I think that’s a part that people don’t often talk about. They don’t even often complain about. Instead, you safe harbor things and you’re keeping things in such a secret place that you’re so, so suppressed that every other action is stemming from that.

Rooted was one of my words. Rooted place of shame, of guilt, of fear, of deceit, of trauma, of alcoholism, of sexual abuse. I get that it’s such a part of my story. And so I am all for allowing people the freedom to share, the freedom to speak and to know that there is no condemnation in Jesus name.

Yeah. Paul said bring it out into the light or the light will transform everything. Right. The light of Christ, the light of his power, his Jesus glew.

Yeah, that’s so good. There is a specific name for the Japanese pottery. I cannot think of it. My pastor speaks on it often because the visual is so beautiful. But it’s the Japanese pottery that when something breaks and they use that gold molding.

Yes, you have to know the name of that because that is just so stunning because they I mean, people are paying tens of thousands of dollars for these pieces because it’s lined with gold. That Jesus glue like that is the goodness and the sweetness of our father. And so I say in the intro of this show, that is this is not all religious banter. And if you are still here and we have actually extra people tuning in at this point, I don’t want people to feel hindered.

I don’t want people to feel churched. I don’t want people to feel overwhelmed or fearful of like this other layer of being. And so can you help people find freedom? Can you help people, like, take that next step if they feel like they’re unworthy or a newbie or whatever that is? What what would you suggest for a new coaching client?

Um, you know, for me, I love hey, Michel, thanks for popping on. I love to just. Encourage people to find someone who is spirit filled like yourself, to have that conversation with about how God took my mess, my brokenness, my abuse and, you know, transformed my life. I’m not perfect. I’m perfectly human. God didn’t call us to be perfect. He never said, oh, by the way, now that you are a Christ follower, you’re going to be perfect.

No, he said, I will keep perfecting your faith as you follow me. Put away the things of the past. But it takes day by day, right? We’re cultivating the word of God says cultivate faithfulness. We don’t have to have perfect faith. We were never going to be perfect. Your hashtag real. And this moment like lost her mind with my daughter the other day. I lost my mind because she did something and we won’t even go into the details.

But, you know, like we you know, we’re real. I’m her. I used to I used to curse every other sentence because that’s the broken home that I grew up in. And I didn’t realize that it was toxifying my mind in my life because I was speaking death. I didn’t know that. Right. But, you know, I started to learn that. And so day by day, I started to put that away. And trust me, that habit is still sometimes hard for me to keep back from myself.

I’m very real and raw about that. You know, I’m very real and raw about, you know, my marriage is twenty years. We’ve experienced some stuff up in here.

You know, we’re not perfect, but we’ve chosen one another. So I want, you know, if anybody pops on them to know that while I can speak the word of God, it took me years. Right? You know, I shared it took over seven years of digging into the word for me to heal and to grow. And while I wish ladies and gentlemen, sorry, I’m very used to that.

Lots of guys here line up of the bad guys is all dudes.

So I can’t wait. You know, God often wants to just throw us into healing.

You know, there’s a part I think it’s in in my body and Deuteronomy, it says that I can’t bring you immediately into this space, but little by little so that the animals don’t overwhelm you. And, you know, I’ve read that. And it was like, this is like God saying, I can’t heal everything inside of you right away. There’s so much trauma, but little by little. You’re going to be healed, and while I know that he can heal people immediately.

I want I want everybody to just realize that work with him day by day, just trust him, you know, I say five, five, five.

It’s one of the things I tell my clients, five, five, five.

So five minutes of reading or listening to the Bible on your phone. I like the your version Apte while I’m running on the treadmill or doing dishes or whatever, and then five minutes of prayer and an affirmation five times during the day, you know, what is your affirmation? You know, I have I have tons of them. I’m like looking around at my desk because they’re all there, you know, I love this one. And Jesus said to them, therefore, every scribe who has become a disciple of the Kingdom of Heaven is like a head of a household and brings out of his or her treasure things new and old.

Right. So every day I get to be a scribe who gives treasure from the new things that I learn and from the old things that I experienced.

I get to talk into women’s lives and say, it’s OK. It’s OK that you feel broken right now because that brokenness can be healed. And I’m going to help you on that journey or I’m going to point you into the resources that you need.

Right. So beautiful and I think the word that was illuminated as you were talking was just it’s a choice, like we’re chosen, we’re the chosen ones, right, when we accept him into our heart. But we get to choose every single day that that intimate knowing that process of healing. And we’ve both been transparent, that that’s not an easy thing. And it doesn’t happen overnight, that we have not made it anywhere other than here.

And there is the only way to elevate it is right here, because there are absolutely moments where I couldn’t and didn’t want to get out of bed.

That my son, who was barely three at the time, was wiping tears, asking me if I was going to be OK, that he would make me feel better, that data would hold you and make you feel better.

And so it’s so necessary for us to realize that every person’s story is perfectly theirs, perfectly unique and perfectly purposed man. And he does use all things.

And so for us to allow him to transform what was dark into light, which can happen in an instant for us to bring out those those raw parts of who we are and to remake and reshape and reform and replenish and restore and renew.

I did an entire sermon one time all around all the wreaths, remake, renew, restore.

And it it made me realize that this is happening every day based around choice. So I am so amazed.

I’m amazed that like one, I haven’t taken the opportunity to just like sit and listen to you more. I’m going to do that moving forward because I feel ignited, but also just that he he connects us in the most bizarre ways.

And if you are just open to it, even in the places that you feel like our dark, there is light. Facebook is not all grim.

There are people like us there showing up to serve who want you to just find that transformation, that eager, knowing that he is there to he created all things you all please find freedom in that and know that you were also in that process of creation before you were born, before your mother’s womb.

He knew you were here for a reason. He named you his name. So this is like such a treasure. I’m going to listen to it on any given day that I am feeling like stubborn in my choice, because there are surely days where, my God, this is hard.

But once you witness that miracle, once you witness those intimate experiences with him, where he is illuminating the words on the page to you, whether it’s through the Bible, whether it’s through worship in your on your knees, whether it’s just in silence.

I just encourage you that he does show up in your eagerness, in your choice. Then how can people come into community with you any and all the ways, any and all the way as well? My website is bursting with Blessing’s dot com. Nice and easy. I am on all the social platforms except for that new one clubhouse for I because it’s kind of.

Yes, I have I have an amazing community of women that’s a free community called Blessed Christian Life Coaching. Bilia I have an open page which is also bursting with blessings on Facebook. I’m on IJI bursting with blessings. I’m on LinkedIn. You can friend me, you can message me because it is my absolute honor. I have eight different books on Amazon that I published and I’m just I’m so honored to be here.

I mean, really, the sheer fact that you have the abundance mentality that you just want to share and share and share, like, let me just tell you, as soon as I saw you, I was like, I got to follow her on IJI and I got to see her family and like, you know, like just the things that you do. I just. I love it, I love it because really, women in America, Christian women in America, that’s all I can speak to ladies.

Sure. You know, we do have this lack mindset, you know, that there’s not enough about a father. There is an abundance. There is no lack. And the word of God says that nothing is impossible for him who works with God and also Tower of Babel. God looked down and said, now nothing is impossible for them. But I say nothing is impossible for us, which we plan with God. All right, that means the healing, that means the business, that means the restoration, that means the transformation.

You know, and I just want to get that out into the world.

I know you’re doing it. You’re doing it. There is no doubt that you are doing it. You guys have got to FIGLIA and all the places get her books. I know that they are blessed by this time because I am I always say do it for the one. And sometimes I think I just show up for me.

And this was who that felt. I appreciate you so much and I’m so excited to just come in to further community with you. You guys link arms with her, link arms with these people in her community who are eager to learn who God is. And you will come to know him the more you seek and the more you choose to be blessed cousin. Hey, it’s me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey.

Before you go, let’s solidify the flame. I’d love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away by snapping a pic of the episode. You tune in to share your spiked moment and tag me at Fit in Faith Podcast Gore podcast or me personally at Tamra Andress on. Instead, I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Fit in Faith Podcast listeners. We’re totally in this together community over competition is the motto, right?

I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to lead a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app. I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know, I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say. I’m ready to fuel the flame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, health, wealth and wholeness.

Tune in next on.

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