• Tamra Andress

The Mindset Doctor is In with Dr. Justin Moseley

Be sure you get your pen and paper or Note section ready! This episode is full of some mindset bombs you will want to go back to. Dr. Justin Moseley is not only a mindset expert, but he is also a man of God. In this episode, you will hear his testimony and it will inspire you to say "yes" to your calling. Enjoy!

About Dr. Justin:

Dr. Justin Moseley, aka “The Mindset Doctor,” and the host of the Power of Mindset Summit, believes that you are one mindset shift away from completely transforming your life. He has helped over 2,500 entrepreneurs breakthrough their current barriers so they can unlock their full potential, fulfill their deepest desires, and create next-level success and abundance.

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Show Notes: The Mindset Doctor is In

Hey, Hey, Hey, we're so pumped up. Have you here? You guys, if you're not, if you don't already have a notepad out or an a pen you need to do so right now, because I am also really looking forward to learning from the guests that we have today, he is a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly, just his humility is something I know will come through the mic and through the conversation today, I'm so grateful to get to know you more.

And more so just grateful that Mike Zeller connected us and see what God's got in store for this conversation is something I've been looking forward to all day long. So welcome Dr. Justin Moseley to the fit and faith podcast. Thank you so much. I'm excited to be. And I am, I'm really overjoyed because I know you have so much to give.

Um, but also like wisdom and Juul. And what I experienced most at our mastermind, um, was just a sense of peace that I don't feel like a lot of people. Let proceed them. Um, and so I'm excited to tap into that mindset. They call you the mindset doctor and how you've got into that place of just like peace in, in the way that you carry yourself.

Even with all of the incredible experience as a chiropractor, as a mindset coach, a high-performance coach, I mean your, your rap sheets. Incredible. So we're going to go through all of that, but let's jump in. Let's do it. All right. So you guys, Dr. Justin Miller. Right. The mindset doctor, he has the pod or the power of mindset summit.

And this is the thing I want to start with. He believes that you are one mindset shift away from completely transforming your life. And I want to know where that revelation came from and how it's going to best serve each of your audience members, but also the. Yeah. And so just a little bit of a background.

I am a chiropractor by trade. My wife's a chiropractor as well, and she runs our practice now. So I could do this full time and really follow the call that God has on my life. And really my. Intro into personal development for me came from Tony Robbins. When I was 16, I read my first Tony Robbins book and it just really excited me too, how you can change your life.

Like you don't have to stay the same. You can rewrite the story of your life. And I believe that's what holds so many people back is it keeps them from getting what they want is the story they're telling themselves of why they can't have it. They make all the excuses and yeah. All the limiting beliefs.

They have keep them from getting what they want because they bought into this old story. But you have the power to change. You have the power in a moment to make a shift and completely change your life. And so good. And that is, you know, this concept of evolving. I really love, but it's this knowing that like in this present moment, you have a choice.

You have a choice to lean in to those limiting beliefs and allow them to control the next step or to really. Them and step into your power or step into your authority, step into your calling step into your value, all which are predestined literally based on your creation, based on the God within you and the God who created you.

Um, and I w I think Tony Robbins is brilliant. I've actually had some weeping sobbing experiences with Tony, not in person. I got to get to one of his events one day, but, um, through the Netflix one that he had out, I think it was maybe last year or the year before. Um, And, and I really came into the knowing of, of what a powerhouse we all are.

Honestly, we all have this same ability to help others unlock their greatness. Um, so I'd love to hear, like before you were the mindset doctor, before you were the chiropractor, how are you raised? Like what helped you to lead into the place that you are today and that becoming. Yeah, and I think it goes back for me.

I went to a private Christian school. So God, Jesus has always been a part of my life. And really that's where I learned the heart of service and serving others and making a difference. And I remember I was actually a senior in high school. A friend of ours passed away from cancer and this was back early two thousands.

This childhood cancer, wasn't a common thing. So he was the only kid we knew growing up that had cancer. But I remember when he passed away, he was part of the baseball team with us. To the baseball field and we all were just celebrating his life. And I remember saying right there one day, I'm going to come back and I'm just going to serve this community because I was so blessed growing up here in the, in the, in the school and the community that I was in one day, I'm going to come back and I'm just going to serve.

I don't know what that looks like, but I'm just going to give and, uh, There's a lot of changes from what I thought that looked like along the way, but it's, it's being open to, again, the call that God has on your life and just being open to changing directions. If you need to change directions to walk out that call link, I was giving this example the other day.

I was just like, we, you know, Jesus take the wheel, right? That's the Carrie Underwood song. So famous and so popular, but the imagery is really powerful. And I always say that we're like the navigator of our life, right? Like God has the wheel. Oftentimes we try to take over, we think we're in control, but when he's driving, he's like let's detour today, detour over here.

And you're thinking, wait, no, like that's not the path we had planned. We already discussed that we were going to Disney world. And now you're trying to take me to the alligator farm. I don't want to go to the obligate farm. Right? Like that doesn't sound nearly as thrilling. And there's always plans.

Process that we can't possibly fathom or understand, but ultimately when we get to the destination that he has met, whether vision casting with us dreamed on behalf of us, um, preplanned, obviously that's a part of, of his creation. It ultimately is all going to serve for us. Our. Self our goodness, our purpose and beyond ourselves, his purpose.

And I think so many times when we're visioning, we're envisioning something, we're thinking about something we're planning something, we're positioning everything in a selfish realm rather than. Lists realm. And I love that you're you started with service because ultimately I think that's what the power of mindset is less about us and being able to help serve others based on our unlock.

Um, so I'm excited as you're going through that, knowing. That it started one in your face, because that was something that was not the case for me. I, um, I didn't come into my faith until later in life, uh, like five years ago, actually. And at that time is when God got ahold of my mind and was able to shift everything that I learned at that point.

Not Nolan. But instead to evolve it, to serve his purpose rather than my own. Uh, so how often do you serve people who are in their faith, out of their faith? Faith? Less, if you will. Well, yeah. And now, so I'll kind of back up to get to where I am now, too, because even I started my chiropractic clinic based on two things.

One was Jesus, didn't come to be served. He came to serve. Yeah. So we knew we were just going to get out in the community and serve. But the other thing. Ziglar quote, get any, you want life up enough, others get what they want, which is again, another act of service. So we started our clinic back in 2012, and then I'm going to fast forward to 2008.

Life was great. We had a thriving practice helping lots of people. I was living my purpose. I was making a difference. And then I went on a whitewater rafting trip. It was actually a men's retreat that we went on and went whitewater rafting. And I had a near death accident. The RAF actually flipped over and I got trapped underneath the rapid.

And the last thing I remember thinking to myself was I'm not coming back up and then everything just went black and then everything went bright. And it was the most peaceful feeling I'd ever felt in my life. Like I just want to stay here. Peace, joy, everything was in that moment. And then I heard this voice that said, wake up.

And in that moment, I came back to reality and I was trapped between two rocks under the water. And I tried to push and I didn't move. I was stuck and thankfully adrenaline kicked in and I was able to push hard enough that I broke the buckle on my life jacket and was able to float to the top. Breathe again.

And after that it shook me, uh, we all think about our purpose and question. Like, why are we here? But in that moment I asked myself a powerful question. Why am I still here? Hmm, because things could have been completely different in that moment. And as I began to process that, because I went back to my purpose, Hey, I'm living that.

But what I realized is I was living my purpose, but I was playing way too small. And that's for all of us, I believe we get comfortable in life and God has plans for us that are bigger than anything we can think, see, or imagine. So we just need to let go of what we think this is supposed to look like and ask, Hey God, what do you have in store for my life?

And. Again, that was a perfect analogy for, I mean, the water was calm. We were just cruising along. That's where life was, things were comfortable. Then we hit the rapids and that's where things changed for me. And I believe that everyone in life, we get to comfort. And you don't have to have a near-death experience to change it, but a lot of you right now, you're dying a slow death in your business, in your relationships in life in general, because you're not walking out the calling that God has for your life.

And for me, that's why I'm on a mission right now to help people exchange their comfort for their call link, because you gotta step out of our comfort zone. Call that God has in our life because that's when you truly live out your purpose. So that fast forward to what I'm doing now, I, that was in 2018 and 2019.

I asked myself, well, if money wasn't an issue, I can do anything I wanted, what would I do that brought me joy and made an impact. And I was like, I just want to put out content on mindset and personal growth and development. It changed my life. I know it will change other people's, but I was like, I don't even know if anybody's gonna listen.

So I'm just going to start putting stuff out there. So. March of 2020, I started a Facebook group and just started interviewing people like this and just giving content and just serving. And it quickly grew, it grew to a thousand people within the first month. And I was like, all right, people are listening.

Uh, at the time I was actually coaching other chiropractors because they would come to me and like, Hey, you guys have had success. I'm struggling. Can you help me? And I really. It was never their business. It was never their systems, their procedures. It was always their level of mindset or growth and development.

So once they, they shifted their mindset and started working on personal development, their businesses started to grow so fast forward to what I'm doing. Now, I get to help people step into their power and actually live with more passion, more purpose, more peace, and more profits. So that's what I love to do every single day, because I know it's a calling that God has mind.

That's incredible. And I am so glad that the word peace has come up so many times. And I literally, since that from you, so like what a character trait to carry with you from God like himself. Um, I think it's, so it literally proceeds you. So whatever that sensation is that you feel on the inside, know that it precedes you everywhere you go.

I think what's a really. Yeah, I was, yeah. I want to thank you for that because, and that's, that's not always how it has been because I got caught in the trap of building a business. And what most entrepreneurs do is that constant striving and wanting to do more and be more and have more. But I got to this place of no.

I'm just going to surrender it all. It's like, God, where do you want me to go next? Because I've been there where I tried to go a certain direction and God was like, no, no, you need to come over here. So now I'm trying to, yeah. As much as I can stay in the moment and ask his direction of where to go next.

And honestly, Justin, that was one of the most impactful conversations that I had that entire retreat. I came back, uh, to my team that Monday. And we were sitting there and by the end of the conversation, everyone was weeping. Much, unlike the retreat that we were on. But when we were sitting at that final couch conversation about, we just had all of this wealth of information, you guys, I took 55 pages of Google doc notes.

Okay. 55. And I was like, holy cow, my mind is moving a million miles a minute, pretty much as fast as my mouth, which is pretty hard to do. And I'm sitting there and it just didn't go as well to other one other person went then Dr. Dustin goes and then somebody else, and then myself, and when he. He said, well, I'm just going to like, take all this information and I'm just gonna like present it to my mentor and I'm going to just, you know, sit with it and see what happens.

And I'm over here with like a map, right? Like I've got every step. I know where I'm going. I know what minute I'm going to go there. And I was also super flex I'm like, what do you mean you have another mentor? Our coach that we just invested in to be here, like, who was this person? I need to know this person.

So I'm like, well, who's your mentor? And he's like, I'm God. And I was like, oh gosh. And I immediately was just like stunned to silence again, rare for me that it had me completely reprocessing this entire plan and math that I had created. Another person went and it was my turn. And. Completely wrecked. I'm like, well, great.

Everything that I was going to say is out the window and I need to do the exact same thing. And, uh, I think that it's just so critical is again, it's a mindset thing. And what has emerged from that is to be able to operate joyfully for me is less piece is amazing. It's for the spirit it comes, but joy for me is the place that I want people to see and witness and also taste and experience in their entrepreneurial journey.

Cause I don't think they do it enough. They get into the weeds, they get into the overwhelm, they get into the achievement, they get into the comparison and all of the limiting beliefs, right. They're not worthy enough. There's imposter syndrome, there's all this stuff. So talk to us about that side of it.

The, the side of all of the limiting beliefs, literally, and my coaching session, these are. Three from each person have limiting beliefs that they can't do. The thing that they're called to do. It's a real thing. Anxiety, suicidal ideation. Self-worth with body image addiction. How do you, how do you get past that?

Right? Yeah. And it is literally rewriting the story. And before we get to that, just the joy piece that you talked about, just so you've got a lot of followers, I'm sure that never had the pleasure of meeting you in person. But when I got to meet you, I felt the joy that comes from you. The same thing that the joy that we see on social media is real in your personal life.

So I wanted to point that out because that is hard to find. There's so many facades out on social media, that it looks a certain way, but it's really not like that in person and you and body joy. So I want to acknowledge that for sure. But yeah, when it comes to limiting beliefs, the first thing I think everyone needs to realize that is it's okay to have limiting beliefs.

You're not alone. Everyone has them. So even for me, when I first started going online, so I had to make a complete shift because in practice I'd already scaled my practice. I was no longer physically practicing. So I got off of social media. Yeah. Because I didn't want people wanting to come see me. I want it to be about the clinic and what God's doing there.

So I shifted gears and had to go put myself out there online. And the limiting beliefs came well. I don't know if people are going to listen. Maybe I'm going to sound stupid. Nobody's going to like this. All that stuff came up. But what I like to say is you have to speak louder than the voices in your head, because, and that's why I love going back to the word, because the word is full of positive affirmations that show us who we are and who we are and who we are.

So when we start to believe who we really are, then we can speak louder than those little voices that are trying to stop us because the voices are always going to be there. I have a friend who is part of a high level mastermind. It's a, for people that have like a hundred million dollar companies, CEOs, owners, things like that, they spend a lot of time working on the limiting beliefs, because they're always going to be there.

Let's say you overcome whatever's going on now. And you go to a new level. Well, you're going to be like, okay, well, God did this. What else can he do? But we're going to start doubting that. We're going to start to have this unbelief come up because it's new to us. Anything new. We start to question it, but again, if we can speak loud to ourselves and those we hear that's when you can actually have the faith to step forward and take it out.

Yeah, that is so powerful. You guys, you have to speak louder than the voices in your head and go back to the word to discover who and whose you are, because those are the affirmations that we have to stand on every single day, knowing that it doesn't matter. Success looks like to you or what level you're at anyone that you're talking to.

Everyone can raised their hand to the emotion that you're likely feeling or the mindset that you're likely battling. And so I love that you, you equipped yourself to get to this place. I mean, literally you all, he's spent over $500,000 in personal growth for himself. He's read over 2000 personal development, growth books, and I just.

Sit and read, like, I am such a reader, but I am in the stage of life with little kids. That reading is not going to happen unless I'm on vacation or I've locked myself in a closet. And even then it's like unlikely. So I want to know when you had time to read all of these books and how, how are like, or not how, when you had time and what are some of your.

Yeah, that's a great question. That's the question I get all the time. So average a hundred books a year for last five years or more. And people are like, how do you do that? Well, I use what Tony Robbins calls net time. So no extra time. If I'm driving, I could be listening to an audio book. Uh, if I'm helping my wife with things around the house could be listening to an audio book.

So I do a lot of them by audio book. Now I have taken speed reading courses as well. So I can read through books a lot faster than the average person, but. On average. I listened to an audio book at twice. The speed. Some I can get all the way up to three X and here's the, here's a hack for that. If you listen to books with headphones, you can actually process it at a higher speed.

If you're trying to listen to it through your phone or through your car speakers at a high, at a higher speed, it's harder to process. So if you want to get through a book faster, listen to listen through your headphones, you can actually process it a lot faster, but the reality is, is like, even, let's say you're driving.

30 minutes a day. If you're listening to it at twice, the speed, you basically got an hour worth of reading that they just listening in car. But five days a week is five hours. Have you ever tried the app blink? I haven't, I've heard about that, but no, I haven't tried that. So I w I love, I love books and I, and I haven't had the time to do it.

And, and I would say that I definitely have the Tony Robbins net time. I am constantly listening. Right. Clubhouse has infiltrated its way into my podcast and audible app. A balance thing that I have to figure out a little bit here. Um, but it's this realization that this Blinkist app allows you to download the same book that you would listen to in entirety.

And it gives you basically the cliff notes version that I, or spark notes is what I used to use when I was in high school, in college. Do that 15 minute version of the biggest takeaways of the book. So you haven't read the book in its entirety, but you've understood the concepts at least to the point that you can in 15 minutes versus what would be five hours.

Um, but I've really enjoyed it because on clubhouse, everyone's dropping these book titles all the time. My library is huge. I cannot possibly do all of this, especially in the, of still wanting to activate in what I learn. So I'm curious when you do have like a note taking strategy or how does it like deposit to the point where you get to act.

Yeah. And that's a great point though, that 15 minute book summary, cause one of the biggest things I learned from reading so many books is books really only have three to five main points they're trying to get across. Anyways, the rest of the book is just filler. I mean, the author starts with like, these are the points I want to make.

And then how do I fill up each chapter to make that point? So that's a perfect way to do it. If you can just shrink it down into 15 minutes. But yeah, for me, I am just an audible learner. That's how I made it through most of college and grad school without even taking notes. Like I hate to write down and like actual write physical notes, but just processing it audibly.

I can just do it naturally. So that just comes natural to me. I do make notes. Cause I like to make a lot of content off the stuff I read too. So I open Evernote in my phone and I'll write down, um, on an audible. I will actually save like a note in the book and say, this is what I liked about this section.

So I can remember to go back to that. Um, but yeah, for me, I just. I love I'm very audible and visual learner. So that, that works really well for me. I love that. I think it's incredible. And I know that anytime I'm picking up a book, whether I take away the whole book and I'm like, this book was amazing or I'm like, this concept is really good.

Now I don't know that I saw on your bio. Are you yet an author? I'm in the process? I actually, co-wrote a book with Mike and then I have another one that's in the works too. Amazing. Is the co written one already? It's not a traditional publisher. Yeah. And it's taken forever. Yeah. So yeah, that's been a process.

We thought it was last year. I think so because of just the process we had to go through for this one, I've heard, I've heard a lot of people transitioning to that now, especially as self publishing is becoming easier through Amazon and things like that. That there's a nicer Realty's because you're not sharing it with someone.

But additionally, just the timeframe. I think for me, I've been writing a book gosh, for three years and it feels like this is the longest process ever. And I am a pro I'm like I need activation, but I also want. Like, I'm like, let's make this happen. Right. I found a lot of it. And. Thing in correlation to what God has in store for us as well.

Is that, that pace, even though it's not the plan phase I have it's, it's been his pace the whole time, um, that I'm ready for it to come only because I know that I have learned what I needed to learn in the writing process, not from writing, but from the message, like, I feel completely healed by the story rather than I was writing from a place of wound in the beginning.

Mm. And so I know that it's time for people to, to get it because I feel whole. Yeah. And I mean, writing is a very intimate thing, but just like this, the content you put out, your social media posts, it's all a version of creation for you. Yeah. And a lot of it is it's our own journey. We're sharing the stuff either we went through or the thing.

That God's working in our own hearts to share with someone else. Cause we never know how it's going to speak to someone. I remember even when I was in chiropractic school, I went and met with this. Uh, he was a leader of this mega church down in Atlanta and just talking to him, I was like, do you feel pressure?

Like having to speak to this many people every Sunday? And he said, no, he said, my job is not to speak to their hearts. My job is to share the message that God has a, my heart and he'll do the work of actually activating it within them. And I thought that was really powerful. It's the message. Whether it's in a book in the social media posts, sharing our own heart can speak to the heart of somebody.

Yeah. Yeah. And how much more free does that feel? Right. That's much easier. Like God's got it right. I don't have to do it. I'm just sharing what he's teaching me in this current season or what he has taught me in the past. I wanted to circle back because I think your, your story, um, is a vulnerable one and being underwater, being stuck underwater during the Rocky part of the rapids.

Right. And having probably people yelling your name. And yet there was this sense of peace and joy and the spirit being filled in that moment. But simultaneously calling you to action is I think that this is a place a lot of people are. I think a lot of people are stuck. Um, when you talk about complacency, I feel like that is a comfort zone.

It also is a call to mediocrity. Um, and mediocrity is, is not fun. Like at the end of the day, there's this sense of void. And so as you. Surface. And you came back into your life realizing that I'm still alive, I'm still here with purpose and you shifted and all the things. How do you feel like your servant hood to other people?

Cause it sounds like you've always been a server anyway. How did that. How did that shift overall? I have like a granular question, but I'm going to keep it vague because I processed it for a while that happened in 2018. And it wasn't till the end of 2019, I knew God specifically said like, you're here for more, you're going to make a bigger impact, but I had no idea what that looked like.

So I just kept showing up, okay, God, where are we going with this? But I think. That's where a lot of people do. We put so much pressure on ourselves. I haven't achieved enough. I haven't done enough. And that's where we've we feel mediocre. Well, it doesn't have to be that because you can act living purpose and still have that feeling.

It's not a mediocre. It's not a less than, but you know that God has called you for something more. And I think a lot of us get to that place and we feel we kind of put ourselves down, like, why do we feel this way? When it really it's like, no, it's like, God's inviting us to step up step into this calling that he has for us.

We've limited it because we can't think as big as God can we say no, we've hit the pinnacle. We've called, we've scaled the mountain and we're at the top life should be great. Well, no, maybe there's another mountain that says, God saying, come over here. Let's go do this. Let's impact these people in this way.

So for me, it took a while to process. Okay. I know I'm called to make a bigger impact. I just didn't know how so, but I kept showing up, kept praying about it, meditating on it, and God revealed to me. Now this is the direction you're going to go. And for me, it came to what came easy. It went back to looking at my life, like what made a difference to me along the way.

The study I did on mindset and personal growth. It just was what I loved. So then God was like, okay, I want you to share that it wasn't like you have to go find a new profession or go find, I didn't even step into this world to be a coach or to start a business doing this. It just happened by chance. And I just went literally just to serve, I'm going to put out stuff.

People are going to love it. And as a knew that that's what God had called me to. And even when I launched my first mastermind, I had no list. I had no launch strategy. I'd have been showing up consistently. And I just said, Hey, I'm launching this mastermind. If you want to know more about it, let's jump on a call.

And it sold out within the first week because it was God's plan it. Wasn't my plan. That is powerful. Y'all I hope everyone is listening to that and getting affirmation in your own life. Right. Is this knowing that we can create something brand new and that's something brand new often will feel hard. And if there's like a lot of tension, there's a lot of stress in that.

It's not enough. His burden is light, right? It's not in the same component of will. And I think we can curate and it might turn out. Okay. But what are you giving up in order to create the thing that he's already called you to do that he's already equipped you to do? That's the coolest part about it is that you're already.

Equipped for it. And you don't have to be striving to satisfy the calling. And so, as you're talking about comfort and mediocrity, I had done a run with my little guy. Um, a couple of it was probably a couple of months ago and, uh, I was listening to the clubhouse while I was running and also with the new little neighborhood kids and they were all on their bikes and I was setting out for what was going to be a three-mile.

I never go beyond three miles. Like that's the limit. I'm good. Anytime I've done 3.1. I've failed. Okay. No, no joke. So I'm listening to clubhouse and my son who's cold. He doesn't have shoes on. He's like a little mobile-y anyway. He's like, nah, I'm really cold. I want to turn around. Meanwhile, I'm just getting like into the quarter mile, mark.

I'm like, dude, I'm just getting started here. I need your motivation. I need your energy. Like you were not cold. I'm hot. So you've got to be hot too. And he's like, I don't want to go back. And so I was like, let's get uncomfortable, let's get uncomfortable. You can do it, you can do it. And so I start like cheerleading and I'm literally doing our motions and he's like, oh, I don't want to go when I go back.

And so by the end of it, the words that God liked deposited into my soul for him and for others is that you're a convert. Like you're a converter of people's complacency. You're going to take them from the couch and you're going to convert them into energy. You're going to convert them into joy. You're going to convert them into the calling.

And so I really been holding tight to that ever since was by the way I went from what was three miles to eight miles. It was the furthest I've ever ran in my entire life legitimately. I was shocked by myself and I just kept hearing that in my spirit. And so what I thought I couldn't, I could only based on the fact that he was converting my energy right there in that moment to say, I convert you and therefore you can help convert them.

And to give that to people. Is no different than anybody's calling it. Doesn't make it more important, more validated, a higher calling, like we're all in this together for his glory. And I think it's just so neat how he, he equips us in the process. Like you didn't know you were going to be serving from 200 or 100 books a year, 2000 books read into serving the way that you're doing it now.

Yeah. And that's, I mean, your heart is a lot along mine of just that helping people step into their calling because I believe people do settle for less than what they're capable of. And a lot of that is, and again, if you're listening to this, you could feel like I'm walking out my purpose, I'm doing what God's called me to do.

I was in that same place, but then I realized unfortunately had to go through a near-death experience, but it revealed to me, you are living your purpose, but you're playing life way too small. And the world doesn't need you to play small. It needs you to show up big because I know for me, I don't want to get to the end of my life and realize I could have done so much more.

So step out of that comfort zone, exchange your comfort for your calling because that's when you can change lives, make a difference in that. You're full of joy because you know, you're doing what God's called you to do. Yeah. There's definitely like a congruency that happens when you get into that zone.

It's like that sweet spot that people will talk about or for me, and that experience a runner's high, where like I went right past the pain and I forever was like, those runners are crazy. I literally stood on the sideline, my entire life. Cheering for the half marathon and the marathon runners that ran by our front of our neighborhood, I would go out really early and I would just be the cheerleader, be so proud of my mom and dad.

And like, they look like there is so much pain, but I'm like, you guys are great. Keep going. Right. Like, you're awesome. And I never understood what that runners high meant or how it felt. And I'll tell you, I haven't ran eight. I haven't even ran three miles since, but the fact that I got to experience it, it was my life near death experience.

Right. It was like, I'm I cannot breathe. I'm having this terrible side cramp. There's no way I'm going to keep going. And then Laura wild jumps on, and she's an MBA, like, um, coach and player towards the women's NBA. And I was like, okay, if she can do it, I can do it. And I just let somebody else's mind.

Borrowed their mentality for a little bit so that I could believe in myself. And I've never said this out loud that isn't borrowing my mentality, borrowing your mentality. Exactly what people are doing to break past that barrier. Hmm. Absolutely. And that's that's yeah, that's something I do with my clients is because we only have our own perspective and our own point of view.

So we kept, we keep doing the same things over and over. Well, if you want more confidence, why don't you borrow somebody? Who do you look up to is more confident, or you want to be a better speaker. You can watch YouTube videos. You can, you can see how people move on stage and how they use their body and use their inflection.

And you can borrow that for them. And the more you practice it, it becomes part of it. You can increase your confidence. You can increase your joy, you can increase everything, anything you want by borrowing it from somebody else. I love that. Good. It's so good. And knowing obviously you've helped 2,500 entrepreneurs break through their current barriers to unlock their full potential and their deepest desires.

One, that's a lot of people, so that's kudos. That's incredible. And two, it's the knowing that there's this massive ripple effect that takes place a ripple effect that you might never get to see. And I think a lot of people look at impact and they want to see huge now. They want to see 25 million, right.

Or they want to see that there's so many listeners that the whole device just breaks down. And you just tech glitch, because there's that many people on zoom. That's not always the way God works. And he happens in the whisper just as much as he happens in the roar. And I think what. Failed to remember is that it might not be even in our flesh and our breath here on earth, that the massive ripple effect takes place because you could be effecting a father of a date.

Right that you never get to meet. And I think when we talk about the one and affecting the one and we go leave the 99 for the one as the gospel says, but it's, it's hard to wrap our head around sometimes because there are people who hit the 25 million. And so tell us from a mindset perspective, as you're searching and helping all these people, what is your mentality from a self perspective as you touch others?

Yeah. And there's, there's a quote it's by a chiropractor that actually the developer of chiropractic BJ Palmer, he said, you never know how much do you, what you say, think or do today can affect the lives of millions tomorrow. And it's so true. It's like, you never know who you're going to impact. There's probably a lot of people that watch your podcast and everything that you do all the time.

And it means something to them and they never reached out to Taylor. And so you'll never know the impact you had, but you're still making it. So that's the biggest piece for people. If you start putting yourself out there and you want to help people, don't get caught up on the numbers because you never know how many other people you're helping and you'll never know about it.

And I remember I clearly have vision. I want to hell over a million people, better their lives and all my, I, I ran a summit virtual summit, the power of mindset, and I interviewed David Meltzer and he had the vision of, he wants to help a billion people. But he hasn't broken down. He's like if I help a thousand people and they help a hundred people and he had this multiplication process of, I help these people help others.

And then it just multiplies, uh, that gives me chills. It's all about, it's like, Hey, we're here to, to spread love, spread joy, spread a message that makes an impact without caring of, Hey, it's not a one-to-one, it's not, Hey, I reached a hundred people today, a thousand people, a million people. No, it's like, yeah.

What did I put out that made a difference in somebody's life today? And that's all it's about. And that is also leans itself to the biblical understanding of the, his principle of multiplication. And he will multiply it. It's not in our flesh or our fixing or our creating, or our planning or our checklist checking that we're going to multiply the thing that he has already planned.

You can literally run yourself into a wall a thousand times and become insane by doing the same thing and expecting a different result. But if you can just stay in that zone of peace, like we talked about with you or that zone of joy that I talk about, it's the knowing that we get to do this and we get to do it seamlessly without.

Effort. I can totally totally tell the day that I've been existing in my zone of genius. What my demeanor is when I walked through the door with my kids, versus if I have been in a zone of overwhelmed and out of alignment with my zone of genius, I walk in and I feel like I have a thousand more things to do.

I feel irritable. I don't feel. I feel complacent. I'm like, oh my gosh, I'm never going to get all of this done. But when I am doing the thing I'm meant to do, I go home in such peace, even though my to-do list, doesn't go away. Right. I just crafted the one or the five or the 10 that God's gifted me for that day.

So I love that perspective. Yeah. And it's important for everyone to know too. It's like, I'm not in peace at all times. You're not enjoy at all times, but there's, there's this an awareness we can be aware of moving away from joy. I need to correcting it back into joy. And then when you do that, Like you said even the time with your family changes because you're, you're aware of that.

So many people aren't aware, they just go through the same cycle every single day, from the way they wake up, they turn over and they hit the alarm. They go fix their breakfast. The way they drive to work their whole day is pretty much the same. Every single day, but they expect a different result. Yes.

That's the definition of insanity. It literally is. Yeah. How many I got to catch myself, but I know I'm going to live in peace today. I'm going to live. I'm going to make a difference today and just keep reminding yourself of that. And another way that I love to do it and even experienced joy. And I'm sure there's specific ways that you experience peace, whether it's that meditation or that prayer or worship.

Um, and putting that into your schedule is giving myself excitement or joy. Like scheduled into my day. It brings me the excitement of knowing that even though in entrepreneurship, it's hard, you guys, there's definitely pieces that are not in joy. I'm like, I don't want to do this thing. I don't want to write this email.

I don't want to send this invoice. I don't want to do all those medial things that, that create and compound to a really big to-do list. However, I know. Two hours later, I'm going to go get to get lunch with one of my girlfriends or I'm going to have a coaching call that is just, I got to get to pour out everything that I've been poured into the last couple of, um, prayer sessions or quiet times or church services with somebody.

It feels so good to know that I can get through this because when I get to that, I'm gonna feel refueled. And so. Sometimes you do have to grit your teeth and do it. And, and I don't want people to think that there's a false, like, oh, everything I do is rainbows and butterflies, even though everything I do is rainbows.

I, that is not butterflies. So, um, I just think that there is an important piece and I love that you shared that it's not all peace. It's not all joy, but yeah. There is that alignment zone of getting back into that place and scheduling it out. I think also understanding that surprise is a huge part of that.

And nobody is willing to be, be surprised anymore. Nobody is willing to adjust that schedule of what they're doing day in and day out, because it feels like they're in control. You're never actually in control, even when you feel like you're in control. I'd love for you to, I felt love for you to speak to like a daily routine or the things that you add into your schedule to help these high achievers, because I know entrepreneurs in general are high achievers.

How do you help them release and get back into that zone? Yeah. So morning and evening routines are very important. And the way you start your day is, I mean, the way you start your morning is the way you start your day. So by Kevin, a powerful morning routine, but the way you start your evening is the way you start your life because the evening actually affects your subconscious mind.

So if you fall asleep, Watching TV, hopefully not the news, things like that. You're actually imprinting messages into your subconscious mind, but instead, maybe you meditate, maybe you prayer devotional. Before you go to bed, you do positive affirmations. Before you go to bed, you can actually start to rewire your subconscious mind to believe those affirmations.

And it all comes down to an idea. And that's a big part of my story too. Like I was a successful chiropractor and I did that for years and I actually blew my shoulder out, adjusting to the point where I physically couldn't lift my arm. There was a dark period there where I had lost an identity because my identity was, I am a chiropractor and I physically can't do that anymore.

I can't help people. It's like, well, why am I put here? I'm sorry, questioning my purpose. But the reality is it's because my identity was in being a chiropractor. And when I came to the realization that. Chiropractor is not who I am. That's what I do. And then you start to get deeper in, well, who am I really?

And there's a lot of people here. I think there's freedom in this. If you can get away from the identity of a label of who your job is, or the role in your family, whatever label you've put on yourself and realize that's not who I am, who you are, is deeper. And when you can get in touch with who you are, then you can shift your identity into who you need to become to become the person.

That can accomplish what you want to accomplish. That is so good. You're so right. And I think ultimately every limiting belief, every mindset, battle that people have is an identity issue. Like it all goes back to that. I definitely struggled with labels and people pleasing and comparison and. Like body image issues, all of these different things.

And if I strip them all back, it comes down to fear, comes down to shame and it comes down to a lack of identity, a lack of what you said at the beginning, the who and whose you are, because if you're aligned to that, God is peace and he is joy and he has every other fruit of the spirit, kindness, goodness, forbearance, self-control all of that stuff.

And if that is him, then that is. And so I think that those affirmations are amazing. I also love that evening routine concept. Um, I can give a quick example as a mom, uh, who I was like, so ready for like bedtime routine. Okay. If you're we did back in the day we did bed. What was it? It was bath bottle or booby, sorry, Justin, um, book and then bed.

And so when they, I would do those things and I would expect, okay, they're going to go to sleep. And as an infant, I had them on a pretty good routine. They would do that. But as my son got older and TV got a part of that conversation. Or sports got a, a part of that conversation. Bedtimes shifted play, happens more wrestling with daddy when it was time to go to bed happened, it was time to go to sleep.

And he was actually experiencing night terrors. And we were going through all of this trauma of like, how do we get them out of it? It was petrifying. We were losing sleep. We felt like we had an infant again. I've had a sleep coach. I've had a parent coach, all this stuff to help. And we started to do meditation before.

And I started to do yoga as a part of my 75 hard. So I had nothing to do with him. Didn't even think about it. And then we would start doing these little meditation apps and he would sleep like so soundly and I couldn't believe what the transition was. He was actually asking me to do it. Are we going to do that thing again tonight?

Are we going to lay down and do that thing again? And this time. Million miles a minute if you know, Cooper. So it was amazing to witness and I, I never really considered how the evening routine had gotten so far out of alignment with what it was from when we were little, um, to letting the world dictate how we were going to go to bed every night based on time.

Right? Yeah. Meditation has been huge for me. And I was always the height, high performance person. I got to get more done. I don't have time to meditate. And there's a, there's a saying within meditation, if you don't have an hour to meditate, you need to meditate for two hours. So it's like, you need to make the time.

And really, it could start as little as five. 15 minutes, 20 an hour, whatever it is for you, it allows you to connect with yourself and connect with the purpose and what God's called you to do. And I think really tapping into that intuition, be able to hear the voice of God and not, not an audible voice, but connecting with the spirit and having him speak to you comes, I mean, the words.

Meditate on my day. Oh, my word, day and night. And that's a part of being quiet, being still. And knowing that I am God, it comes from that quiet place to shutting everything off, shutting the world off and being present. You're so right. That's so good. And I always go to these conversations with a desire for conviction.

Like I'm learning, I'm taking notes and the chat. You can see all the notes I'm taking. Okay. The knowing that like, we constantly have an evolution, we constantly have the opportunity to evolve and become, and none of us are perfect. Um, none of us are perfect period. And so it's this knowing that like the day and night thing, I'm not so good at like I I'm in prayer, but am I in meditation?

I think that there's a difference of like I prayed or I worshiped today versus I meditated. And I will say every time that I do take that time to meditate on the word specifically and actually get in the Bible. That time flies so fast and I don't want it to end. And so if we allocate that hour or that two hours or whatever it is, giving ourselves margin in that I think is really critical because God might speak really quick or it might take a really long time to show up.

And this is in business. This is in your family. This is in marital issues. This is in, in even the good ones. He might wait. He might be holding out and it's still going to be that magnificent when it happens, but we are so eager and we're in such a microwave society that we're expecting it to happen again in our timing.

And it's not his timing. And so I just want to bring people ultimately back to his pace and realizing that one day is a thousand years, a thousand years is a day. It says this biblically, you guys, that if you blink your eye, Just like Justin did when he was beneath the rock a thousand years transpired.

And a thousand years that happened in one second and he was like, Nope, I still need you. I need you to create that ripple effect that I've made you for, that I purposed you for. But it took him almost a year and a half to come to the place of actually activating to say, okay, I'm going to do this thing that I don't really know what it looks like.

And so helping people to discover that there is more to it and clarity. Correct. Yeah, absolutely. I think it all goes back to the comfort zone that we kept talking about is first realizing that you are playing too small. You have, you have gotten comfortable and it's not about doing more. It's about becoming more and really just letting go of this striving and having to do.

But becoming the person that God has put you here to be, and then you can do what God has put you here to do. And, but it, it can feel uncomfortable because it's stepping out of a comfort zone. I mean, I remember even going through college, I am a natural introvert, actually severely introverted. I remember I took a speech class, got in front.

I was staring at my notes. My hands were shaking. My voice was shaking and I was like, I'm never going to talk in front of people again. But then I had this calling of my life to speak to. So it was more important for me to step out of my comfort zone and overcome that fear because I knew that there was a calling had I never overcame that fear and just accepted, you know what, I'm an introvert.

I'm not meant to speak to people. I never would have been able to impact the people I am today. So again, it goes back to exchange your comfort for your call. That is so epic. Is that the next name of your book? Because it's. I think so. It's, it's going to be, I've been, been really leaning into that a lot lately and, uh, yeah.

Working with a lot of clients on that. And it's, it's, it's, it's definitely been a God thing. God is blessing, blessing. That it's really good. And that quote that you just said about becoming my book. Is planned to be titled, hopefully coming out this fall, always becoming. And so you said not about doing more it's about becoming more become what you were meant to be, so you can do what you were meant to do.

And I might have to quote you in my book and be like this, like to testifies, like this is so good. And so what I believe is, is just the calling on so on everybody's life, right? Don't do. B, but in that being, there's a becoming like you're not going to get to that place where like I am, because the only I am is him.

He is the only I am. And so that's where you don't classify yourself as I am any title or I am any place. You're only an I am, I am a son or I am a daughter. And that's the biggest identity piece that we just have to claim and stay cold in every single. And that's the hard part, cause we always try to make stuff happen.

Even if it's trying to go after a calling, we try to make it happen. But when you can let go and let God like even this conversation, we didn't talk about what we were going to say. We've never talked even on this level about this stuff, but. Total congruency and total alignment, and God brought us together at the right time.

So that's what can happen in all areas of your life. If you surrender it and just follow with the calling word, surrender is so powerful to me. I just got to speak about it actually at a conference this past weekend. And it was about the posture of your heart and being willing to submit my husband. And I always say that submission is victory.

And a lot of people have such a hard time with that. Especially women, especially women in marriage, because you're like submission sounds like. Ferrier as a guy, you're probably like, I'm not submitting, it sounds like a jujitsu move that I'm like totally tapping out on. I'm not going to quit. Right. It's not about quitting in my submission.

I'm still doing, I'm still being, I'm still all of the things that I was before, but I am allowing God to supersede in the situation and say, God, you're in control. So I submit to your will rather than my design, because my design. Faulty. It is built on sand and I need you to come in and set this sturdy foundation, this rock for me to build ultimately not my thing, but his thing, his church.

Yeah. Cause he can, he's got something better planned anyways. It's going to be a lot bigger if you submit to his will. For sure. Yeah. So, so good, Dr. Gossan. It was incredible to have you. I want to. Finally, before you get off, when you're thinking about the title of this podcast fit in faith, what does that mean to you?

Really? And I come from a personal trainer background too. So the discipline it takes to be fit, applies to get rid of the workouts, get rid of all that. But in your faith have the same discipline in your faith that you would, if you want to change your body. Because how much more important it is to change your mind, to align with what God has for you.

There we go. The mindset doctor is out of the house. You're in the house for awhile that he's out now. Thank you so much for being here. How can people find you other, you have a podcast? Yeah, so it's, it's not even officially yet. So I've been doing interviews and my Facebook group. It's a free Facebook group mindset, personal growth stuff.

It's just the mindset, Dr. A community on Facebook or follow me Instagram, Dr. Justin Moseley. Yeah, this was so much fun. Thank you for having me. It was amazing. You guys, all the links are in all the places that you can just click and join him on the adventure and on his becoming process. Thanks again for being here and you guys go get in touch with the mindset doctor.

We all need one. Thank you.

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