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The Making of Kingdom Millionaires with Kevin Mullens

Holy heaven, rain on me again. I can't believe this is my real life. Sometimes I have to pinch myself as I experience the Holy Spirit manifest themselves through people. When you listen to speakers like Kevin Mullens, who's not just a speaker, not just a pastor, not just a minister, not just an entrepreneur, not just an author or any of the other labels, you want to listen.

You are going to break chains in your own life that you didn't even know you were bound by because you listened, because you surrendered, because you showed up for your growth. And if you're eager to hear God's word, it is all over this conversation.

I don't have anything left to say, other than you have got to get connected to Kevin. I am so excited for you to listen to this. Tell us your biggest takeaway, the biggest deposit, the biggest imprint on your heart.

It's going to change your life.

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5X Author, Executive Movie Producer, Keynote Speaker, co-owner of Navan Global, listed as top 10 entrepreneur to watch in 2021 by yahoo finance, featured in Forbes, NY Wire along with 200+ other articles, Sports & Entertainment business advisor at Aquarius Vision

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Show Notes: The Making of Kingdom Millionaires

Holy heaven. Rain on me again. Y'all this conversation. Gosh, I can't believe this is my real life. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, the holy spirit manifest themselves through people. Do you understand that? Do you understand that? Podcasts like this. When you listen to speakers like Kevin Mullins, who's not just a speaker, not just a pastor, not just a minister, not just an entrepreneur, not just a author or any of the other labels.

You want to give him a man of God, a child of God. Doers of the sun ship. You are going to break chains in your own life that you didn't even know you were bound by because you listened because you surrendered because you showed up for your growth. And you're eager to hear God's word. God's word is all over this conversation.

I don't have anything left to say, other than you have got to get connected to Kevin. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I am so excited for you to listen to this. I'm going to go listen to this right now. You better do the same tag as both. So we know that you've listened. Tell us your biggest takeaway, the biggest deposit, the biggest imprint on your heart.

It's going to change your life.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life fully, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs. And kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories, talents.

As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Oh, that music amps me up every single time. And I am excited and amped for this conversation because you do the same thing. When I hear you preach or share or teach, or you drop a DM in my Instagram message. I'm always like, man, this guy, where did he come from? Y'all I am excited to introduce you to the one and only Kevin Mullins.

Well, girl, it's anonymous. It's it's it's it is not only an honor to be here, you know, just watching you, not just navigating. Social media space, but seeing you, of course, in so many clubhouse rooms and hearing your voice and there, you can get a lot from someone's voice, I think versus just the visual, but what you're doing, of course, with growing, uh, you know, your, your business for God conferences, right on down to what God's doing in your podcasts and stuff.

It's an honor to be here with you today. Absolutely. Thank you. And w when we were talking offline, I it's crazy when you feel like, you know, someone and yet you don't know them at all. I'm like, where do you live? Where are you from? What are you doing? But at the same time, feeling that like utter connectivity.

And I know that's a God thing when he pushes us. Other people in that energy field. And so I'm excited because this conversation is going to not only serve each other. I think that it's really, really going to serve my community, my community of entrepreneurs and trailblazers, and so many pastors and people who have a desire to start missions and missionaries and ministries and.

We also know that there's a component of marketplace. There's a component of stewardship and finances that come alongside that. So I love that you, um, have been cultivating kingdom millionaires and we want all the juice and again, size and how to do that. You know, you're talking my language, every book I've written really has been along the lines of marketplace ministry.

Uh, especially as it relates to helping believers, I think break down the barriers and limitations of that sort of poverty and scarcity mindset. Helping them understand that, you know, that, that, that, that abundance is advantageous to the kingdom of God that, you know, I always say Satan doesn't feel the fear of someone that's just, you know, born again.

But he fears someone that has the resources to actually birth those God's dreams to fund crusades and build schools and take over so many of the cultural mountains. I think churches, you know, sometime in the last 100 years, just sort of let go of. So I've always said it like this to Amber. I believe that biblically, especially if we're talking biblically that our, our, our responsibility on earth is biblically undeniable.

And what I mean by that is that you don't believe God just empowers us or influences us just to sit in a church somewhere, trying to influence those that are already living a surrendered. But ultimately it's understanding that, that great commission right as to go into Judea, Samaria, and then to the ends of the world.

So if he sent us into the world, when you go look at that word world, the world really translated as simple. It just means world systems. And that's what you're doing in business. That's what we do. That's what I do in business. You know, I've always just believed that business for me is just an extension of ministry.

And ultimately I think when God can trust us with larger platforms, you mentioned that word steward. Well, he can see that we're stewarding our current resources, managing our current resources, right on down to managing hardship and crisis in the earth. I think then God can trust us with higher levels of influence and bigger platforms.

And I think it's when we reach those platforms that we can really be a megaphone on the behalf of advanced. So good. And I think a lot of times people inhibit themselves because they think of like, just good enough. Right? And I think that that's a church mentality of like, I have enough, I've gotten enough provision that I have what I need and that's good enough, but I really believe that the desires of the people's hearts and why, um, even entertainment and arts industries and the culture is so attuned to fortune and fame.

It has nothing to do with the selfish desires though. That's how it's manifested itself, but more so that God has put that desire in our hearts so that we actually draw near to him. We draw near to his ability in his overflow of fortunate. The same in our lives. And yet it's been, it's been pulled in detracted that if you have money or if you have fortune or if you have fame and it's not glorifying God that it is a negative thing and it should always glorify God, but the people aren't utilizing and manipulating it as, uh, conjuring it up.

The money is the root of all evil. Right? And that, that verse, that's not actually a verse that people just say as a verse because they have pulled it out of context. Right. Talk to us through like, how can we break that ministry mentality, that money mentality, you know, first of all, they, Jesus talked about money more than 2000 times.

He talked about faith and prayer less than 500 times. I mean, so if you start looking, even in the new Testament, I mean, Jesus talked more about money than he did any other stuff. And so all through the passages of the scripture, right? It's crazy because they were thinking, but think about this, every divine instruction, right?

Always say that every kingdom reward we're seeking is on the other side of an obeyed instruction. Every single reward. I don't care if we're quoting Joshua one, if we're quoting Deuteronomy 28, Jeremiah 29, 11, whatever instruction or decree or mandate that you're quoting, none of those instructions have poverty attached to them as a reward for obese.

It's always increase. Uh, sometimes the word lavish has mentioned extravagance prosperity, right? And so I always say it like this. I serve L Shana L shout out means the God of more than enough. Let me tell you something, Tamar. I don't serve. I mean, I'd also heard LG bow manners in the kingdom of God that even references lesser than, or just enough, quite frankly, the things that we place value on things like gold and diamonds and rubies and pearls.

I mean, the streets are paid out of that in God's economy. So obviously it should not be something strange to the, to the believer. And it's crazy because when I meet people that are stuck, especially as it relates to their finances, as I begin to peel back the layers, one of the things I figure out is that most times there'll be inhaled hostage to a previous instruction and instruction, maybe by a pastor that said money was bad.

Or a mom and a dad that, you know, never had anything. And so somewhere they infected their children into the idea that it was just wrong to have stuff maybe because it never showed up in their life. And so I have a say in that I say, and I believe it like this. And I think it would just sort of end the conversation on the ideology or theology on whether God wants us to be wealthy and rich.

I'll always say it like this Tamra, if money were either. Satan would have doubled your income a long time ago. That's so good. That's so true.

If it only took money to make us all evil. Well, it meant that Satan would be busy 24 7, trying to shovel you more money. Guess what? The one thing he wants to do, he wants to keep you restricted in the level of resource, because resource allows us. You're not thinking about the new Testament. I mean, it was women billionaires, Joanna, which was the businesswoman and wealth strategist for, for heritage.

It was women like Susanna and Joanna. They literally funded the entire campaign of Jesus. Even in the Bible, the Bible said, Jesus kept his money in a money box. Damn. Or you don't need a money box if you don't have money.

All of us to just go back to the Bible and talk about it, that if the blessing of the Lord make. Obviously he has riches are different because they add no sorrow. And you mentioned earlier, you said, you know, the, the idea of money being the root of all evil. We know that's not Bible, but we close sometimes that money answers all things.

And I think. It will help us to understand that, you know, th the attack on money sometimes as well. You, you, you, you, you're not gonna use it in eternity, right. But there's the missing point. Money answers all things. Well, guess what? You don't need things in having Tamra. The key is not money. The key is things.

So what are things. Education scholarships, news channels, podcasts. I've made movies in Hollywood. I do music videos apart from owning businesses and breaching. So guess what it takes to do that. Money answers, all things, things. Are the things here on this side of eternity, where we're commanded, according to the Lord's prayer that will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

How do we influence the earth by holding space in those cultural mountains and in those cultural mountains, whether it's entertainment, arts, banking, education, whatever it may be is going to take resources in order to make a true. Mm, it's so good. And it's so freeing, right? I think that's where a lot of times there's bondage in a lot of conversations around resources, energy being one of them, time being one of them, like people use them as excuses or limiting beliefs do.

They can't do the more than enough. They can't operate out of overflow because of this restriction. And I have found. The second half of my license, I had my quarter-life crisis that God has literally restored every element of resource that I thought I never had enough of. And he pours out and through me as a conduit towards his ultimate energy source, people think I'm bananas.

Speed in which I show up to life and the abundance in which I show up to life and the joy that floods out of me and I haven't always had that story. And so I always want people to understand that the overflow operates when I am surrendered to the resources and blessings that he has gifted me, that we have access to.

And it not being what controls me or what determines my action. You don't have the resources, you don't have enough energy and therefore you don't act. And this morning I had this revelation as I was writing. Live on Instagram. And I was in, um, the sanctification conversation, uh, in Thessaloniki ones. And it was so interesting.

What came to me was that everyone talks about affirmations, right? I am more than enough. I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I am wealthy. I am prosperous. And they say, if you say this more often, eventually you'll manifest it and become it. And yet at the same time, Simply acting off of affirmations. Uh, you're actually losing the opportunity to move, right?

And so our affirmations have to match our actions. If we just sit on affirmation alone and we don't act out through those affirmations, then your resources can't become plentiful. What do you think about that? I completely agree. I love that thought. Right? Affirmations need action. I sometimes say. I made a lot of, you know, spirit field people that are asking God to move the mountain, but they're unwilling to pick up the shovel and help.

And so when you look even through scripture, right? The application of something is what is what God blesses. He said he was blessed the work of our hands. You know, go back even to the very beginning with Genesis, right. Everything was, was, was predicated on work. Work was never a bad thing. Work was worshiped, you know, think about it.

Even the Bible says that surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life. Well, Tamar the key word there. If you want goodness and mercy to follow you guess what

doing something. So we know that even in just natural. All right. I mean, the Bible says if a man don't work, you don't even know. So there's, if there's, if there's no harvest, then that probably means there's no, see, and even the harvesting effect that the things that we believe were promised by divine promises to receive that requires effort from you.

And so I think that's, that's a huge piece. That you were talking about this morning in the room that you ran because too many times it becomes very easy to fall into the, to the concept, right? Of just decreeing a thing, just declaring the thing. And I believe God can supernaturally feel our bank account, but this is not how God works.

You know, in the Bible, if, if God wanted to give you, well, he would give you a problem to solve or give you an idea. So if I'm praying, say for a million dollars, I may look at that tree out there and God gives me an idea that that's a chair. I may look at that tree up there and he says, man, there's a baseball bat in that.

I go make baseball bats. Guess what? There's where the money is. This is how God operates. That's why we know, you know, I love the way the message translation says that, you know, faith without works, but message translation talks about God talk without God works is nonsense. And I think that's the area sometimes for a lot of us.

I mean, a lot of people that are in that vein of just declaring the thing, but never actually getting off their couch, you know? So it's one thing to, it's one thing to pray, you know, for God to give you a harvest, but you have to be honest and say, man, am I so unseed, am I actually putting in the work?

Because in order for God to bless the work of my hands, There has to be a work that's done. Let me share this with you and I'll, I'll let you ask your next question or move on to the next topic. I had a mentor one time, Tamar, a very successful person that really introduced me, uh, to network marketing.

When I first got started on my, my, my sort of wealth strategy, as it relates to leverage and increase, uh, back in 2007 and eight, and I'll never forget, um, being in ministry, I was at a, uh, just a mentoring session with him and he said, you know, Kevin, he said, there's things. God can. And I'm like, nah,

to argue with everybody. And he said, there's things, God can't do. And I said, man, you tell me what God can't do. He said, Kevin Dodd will not answer a prayer. You won't pray. And he won't bless the work you won't do. Wow.

So good. And it's so true. And I was having this conversation just the other day with this incredible man of God, who, who was a previous Navy seal. And he has this really huge passion for just helping, um, people who are veterans step out into their full identity after they've been wounded or not necessarily physically wounded, always, but emotionally wounded.

You, you. That sense of strife. And I think this happens a lot of people, whether you're a veteran and have military reference or not, um, I've had a loss of identity. When I got married, I had a loss of identity when I went to college and I was a little fish in a huge pond and no one knew my name, right.

Anyone who struggles with an identity issue, we're sitting there and he said, I cannot stand when people are all talk and no game and they don't get off the couch when someone's just sitting there. I'm obese or I can't do this thing. And they're, they're utilizing all of these crutches and he's sitting there and he's talking to me for a good hour about his vision, about his dream, about his business.

And I'm just grinning ear to ear. Right. And at the end I'm like, well, what's your holdup? And he was like, well, what do you mean? I'm here talking to you. Like, I'm moving this ball for. And I said, I said, I think you're on a figurative couch. And he just kinda, his eyes got huge. He got a little teary-eyed, his, his ego might've hurt a little bit for a moment.

And I said, you've been sitting on this massive ID. You've been sitting on this dream and you're not moving the ball forward at all. From what I understand, you're just going around, talking about it and sure. As any out I have since about two weeks later, got in my inbox. Hey, will you look over my web? Hey, will you check this out?

And that is what I'm about. Not inspiration, not motivation. I want activation, I am going to push you out the plane. I'm going to get you off the couch. And if you're not comfortable, that's exactly where I want you. You know, uh, even when you look to the scripture or laziness is very demonic. It's um, it's, it's, it's, it's a victim mentality at the highest.

It's an entitlement mindset. Seeks to require something with no effort and even know when you look to even the people, God called God, never called anyone. That was lazy. Never. I mean, when he called he Lasha, he was plowing 12 Yoko. Yeah, David's in the field. Yeah. There's so much. That's so true. I've never had Peter and those guys, I mean, they were, they were busy when he called, uh, you know, when you think about even those through the Bible that you talk about, you know, the identity issues and stuff.

When you talk about, you know, uh, Amos being a farmer Amos, wasn't looking to be a prophet. I mean, he was out actually farming, you know, when, when David was. Finally recognized to be a king by a prophet of God. I mean, he was out tending to herds of sheep, you know? So when you start really looking through the Bible, you recognize that's a Gideon.

Think about that. Gideon was down in the wine press when God found him. And so it would move all of us do what you just said, right. To get off that figurative couch and to, I think, and I think it goes further than that too, because people that typically. Are procrastinators people that typically are lazy.

Um, one obviously don't understand the, the instruction that it takes in order to inherit the goodness of God as it relates to benefits. And I'm not talking about salvation. You can do anything for salvation, but God's not going to move you into an area of increase. If you haven't been faithful with the season that you've currently got.

And that means measuring and multiplying what you have. And so you think about that even on instruction, the Bible says that poverty comes to a man that refused with instruction. And in another place, it talks about a man that is lazy and his work, his enemy. And so I think that's, that's, that's a larger scope, but I think it also goes hand in hand with that sort of complaining mindset because people that typically are lazy or also people that complain about the government complain about their family, you know, the local economy, how unfair life is and complain, and not only weakens faith, but it continues to anchor and solidify the fact that your relationship with God is based on the world, not in the world.

Because when you start whining, didn't complain and you continue to elevate or escalate the area of laziness in your life. And that's where I think we have to be careful because people that live with sort of that mindset failed to recognize that our life, at least here on earth is the reputation of the king we serve.

And so here's how it said in the scripture. There's a scripture that says that we should proclaim Tamra his excess leads, which brought us out of darkness into marvelous life. That very word for. It's rarely breached about, but the word per claim there means to advertise. And that's where being you. We have to do an inventory of our life, and we've got to say, man, when people encounter me, man, are they encountering the best of heaven?

Does my presence upgrade the atmosphere and my type of person? Like you said, that it's all taught, you know, no action, you know, the type of person that. It's constantly telling the world and posted it on social media. I mean, anybody can post, right. I think we've moved into an arena as God begins to accelerate things in this marketplace revival that we got to move beyond, you know, people that have, uh, you know, uh, you know, a getting it, you know, get things done list and to getting things done, mentality.

Because for far too long, we've set on ideas, but without ever birthing them into action. But I believe people like yourself, tumors, living proof and the, and the, and of course the people that you're connected with all of the conferences, the podcast, the message that you're constantly preaching. I think what it does.

Is it raises the standard of living so that one of two things happen. You either offend people, uh, that have sort of, you know, that welfare mentality. That's just the goodness of God. But, but the opposite is also true, which is, I believe that your testimony then begins to bring people up to a new level of responsibility, accountability, and ownership, where they recognize more unit and just put me here to live and die.

But you've placed me here to absolutely squeeze every ounce out of all the gifts and talents you've placed inside of me. And if I'm ever going to bring about and birth, the seeds of greatness into my divine diamond destiny, I'm not only going to, I have to withstand some pressure, but I got to keep pressing through.

Remember though, I'll walk through the valley. That means you got to be constantly moving forward. And in the moving forward, God rewards us with more things. Oh, my God. I could let you talk all day. I don't need to say a word. This is so good and so true. And so, um, it's so counterculture, which is hard for people.

Like, I feel like it's you hear iron sharpening iron when it comes to the truth, but I feel like this might feel like sandpaper to those that aren't willing to actually be sharp. Right. That's that sense of offense, that spirit of offense that people can hold, oh, he's not talking to me. Right. There's no ownership in that.

I want to pivot the conversation into something you mentioned twice actually, and I know what it is, but I'm not sure that all my listeners do is this concept of the seven mountain mantle, right. Or the seven mountains of influence that exists. And you mentioned entertainments and arts and business and banking and education.

Um, and I, I'm going to miss a couple, helped me out. Uh, politics is one, right. And, um, family and family. Okay. And so there was this amazing pastor who, who travels around and teaches, and his name is Chris Mitchell. And he was talking to me the other day when I was at dinner with him or breakfast. And I said, um, you know, feel like I need to be heightened.

And I don't know what that means, that I don't know who else to like put in my circle to, to bring me to that next level and to sharpen me in that way, even though I'm around incredible pastors and, and business leaders and all of that, there was just something missing. And he brought this idea to mind and this, this concept to mind, and he said, you know, a lot of people who you're standing alongside, they're trying to go up these mountains of influence.

Stand on the top of the entertainment industry from a Christian lens, not bad things, they're doing good things. It looks well from the outside. And the fruit that is buried on their life is gorgeous and delicious. However, they're, they're not allowing the Ascension to happen from God and God to actually pluck you up and put you from his eighth.

Now, in the perspective, over top of all of those mountains and also stewarding all of our gifts into. I love so much this about you, that you are not in one little. And people will say, stay in your lane, pick your niche. Who's your customer avatar like all the business lingo that I literally kick in the face because I can't stand it.

Like don't pigeon hole me or my God. I am more than. And yet it also creates some confusion. Are you a pastor? Are you a business leader? Are you a coach? Are you a producer? Like, what are you, who are you talk to me through like your evolution in that? Because it is so freeing to me when I get to sit and have this conversation with people like.

The, uh, I love, I love what you just said. I mean, you know, and you know, and I think you're right. The first part of what you were talking about, you know, Isaiah two really drives home the point that we're supposed to be on top of that mountain. And it talks about people coming to us to learn. Right. And I think there's a difference between.

Forcing your way to something and losing your conviction along the way, um, or be in a person that maybe is just, um, a direct voice. You know, you think about presidents that get consulted by say certain ministries that they approve, or how Daniel consulted, you know, three different regimes and governments, and then two of them was persecuted for doing so.

Um, so I think there's multiple ways to influence. And those are the things I think that we have to be mindful of as we're pursuing part of what we would like to see happen. And the other part is fulfilling once again, sort of that, that kingdom assignment on earth that we've been assigned to when it comes to, you know, being able to stay in your lane.

I always say nothing should be off limits to the body of Christ. And so I think if your ultimate goal is, is, is, is to be somewhat significant, not just successful, but significant meaning Adam values. I think in order to be a light in a very dark place, right. A city that's set on a hill, salt and light, right.

Uh, or as the message translation would talk about, you know, bringing out the God flavors of the world, bringing out the God colors of the world in order to do that, you've got to navigate many arenas. So when people ask. Uh, w someday they'll see me, you know, I I've conducted business in more than 70 countries or spoke.

Right. And so whether they see me on a network marketing platform or preaching on a Sunday morning, or maybe I'm talking about one of my books, or maybe they see me on set, um, with many movies, we've had this winter, the theaters, are I myself an active many times, uh, whether it be music videos or in movies.

Yeah. It's crazy. I know, I don't know that there is a word for that other than sometimes in the world. I just say, listen, man, I'm, you know, I'm a kingdom entrepreneur, but I think really ma'am just a kingdom ambassador or a servant of Christ, because I think even when you look to Christ, Although we might've wore the role as Messiah.

He himself went through many different seasons of his life and even in the marketplace, which is where he spent all of his time out of 132 public appearances of Jesus, 122 of those were in what we call the marketplace. So you have rarely ever reported in a church or a synagogue. So when you even looked at his ministry, there was times that he was in front of a woman that.

Fault and the notary, there were other times he was caught with tax collectors. Uh, you know, there was other times he was with fishermen. So how do you have, uh, how do you have impact in those spaces? If you don't figure out a way to be impactful in those spaces? And for me, I didn't necessarily seek out, Hey, how can I go make a movie?

I've always just been kingdom advancement. And so it became very evident to me early on that instead of restricting the flow of God or the oil upon my life, what I should be more mindful of is that in the spaces in which God has allowed me to travel or to navigate. May I be conscious and completely aware of connections, potential collaborations, or ideas that he would allow me to have some sort of impact in those areas.

I'm not going to be Steven Spielberg, obviously, but if I can find my, my lane within that industry and mentor and pray with many people that are in those spaces, who probably at one point were in church, um, or if it's, if it's in the business world and then even in the church world, I'm not necessarily traditional church.

And so, you know, um, I, I too, like you, I don't want to be fit into one particular category because I believe everything I do. I don't have to turn it on or turn it off based on the atmosphere I'm in, because I'll wear the same anointing everywhere. I go, much like, you know, a person that has strong colonial and it introduces them before you ever hear their name, right?

That's the way the presence of God should be in our life. There should be a fragrance that permeates from my life that introduces me before I ever have to tell people who I am. And I believe the anointing of that on your own. And that's true for you? Tamar is I think it not only puts us in doors. We couldn't have opened on her own, but I think it brings people into our relationship or into our circles that are seeking for something that's genuine.

That's authentic that ultimately can help them find their place in life. And we both know that that the Christ, but at the end of the day, I don't want there to be any mountain ever off limits to me. And if I'm in a space, I don't understand the protocol of, or I'm not qualified. I, I believe that God will close that door for me so that I don't risk misrepresenting.

The thing that I'm there to refer. Hmm. I love that final piece. I think that's really critical because I feel often I'm like, this is an interesting opportunity and, you know, people set vision boards or they have their goal list or they have what their current state of being or hearts desire is. But I believe in that concept of always becoming, I believe in that concept of evolution, I believe that God is going to continue to reveal to him, to me himself.

And he is magnificent. He is multifaceted. His character is grandiose and there's so many different conversations. That's why people call him father. Provider or all these different names because he shows up in these different realms. And from, uh, someone who was a previous pastor, you said for 18 years, you pastored and then being in this entrepreneurial ministry perspective or marketplace concept, there's a lot of people that straddle that line they're like feet or on two mountains or three mountains of whatever it is.

And they feel, um, they feel like the world is calling them to stand in one idea. And I've encouraged my coaching clients that you don't have to just wear the one hat I love that you said it's like a fragrance fragrance, because it doesn't matter where you are. It is scented. I see it as light. If the door is closed and I'm sitting outside, there's light shining through and people are curious, what's going on now?

And I want to be that light. I want to be that joy. And so it allows me to visually see and smell and hear and tastes. But what happens to the person who is, is literally taking their identity and they're taking off the hat to walk into the house, they're taking off the hat and putting on the other thing to be the.

You're taking off the hat and putting on the other hat to go into the work setting. I think it's really important for us to realize that our identity is in unison at all times because you can't wipe a cent off, no matter how far you try. And I can tell you this from the devil's side of the story and from the Jesus side of the story, I still find it while to stay out loud.

That I'm a two time bestselling author and have three published books and more to come in the next year. You'll surreal. And yet exactly where I thought it was. When I started this podcast and journey fit, and faith was a way to share my story, but I knew it had to be documented differently in the process of my writing, the entire story I shared just one aspect in a women's devotional book called she writes for him stories of resilient faith.

I talked about my shame story and the testimonies that came from that one chapter was the affirmation I needed to keep pursuing the whole story. The bear, all book that released last fall called always becoming. Sex Shane and love Gracie. I know. And not what you think you probably hear on a Christian podcast, but y'all, we have to start talking about the real things, the real conversations.

It's no different than this podcast, where we talk about the real things. It's the deep stuff. It's the true stuff that matters. And while talking about business is awesome. And what I show up to do on a daily, as a kingdom entrepreneur and business coach, it's only a fraction of the story. My second best seller was released right after this personal development book.

As a business resource, it's called the female entrepreneurs, playbook and features 20 plus women gifting you, their bloopers. All three of these books make up the most perfect bundle for the fellow female faith-driven world changer and see you at that. So you can go to my site right now and get signed copies of all three Tamra and as MATRIS belts.

Camera right, T a. RA it's boring and exciting all at the same time. Cause I stand out Tamra,, click on the book and get yours today. Three, all in one bundle. It's going to change your life because it is mine. So let's be world changers together.

So help me out here, brother, help them out. How, how do they stand in the confidence of all of that annointing and not feel or appear or think that they're detracting from somebody else's greatness at the same time. Yeah. Great question. Um, so I think, you know, many of the titles, right? They get placed on us.

If we're not careful, we, we, we, we wear them. Maybe. Uh, to a point of loyalty that's beyond probably what we're maybe most skilled at to give you an idea, right? I mean, it's almost like if you are ever someone's little league baseball coach, one time, you know, they see you the rest of your life. I mean, you're 30 and they're 60 and you see them in the grocery store, you call them coach and, um, and that's not their fault.

Right. But th these, these, I think a lot of these identities are badges. If you will. Kind of get placed upon us. Right. I think if someone, like I say, a Bishop TD Jakes, obviously a Bishop in a world voice, but at the same time, an incredibly award-winning movie producer and a leadership expert who has some of the biggest leadership conferences on planet earth.

Right. And so I think there's, maybe he's, he's, he's recognized I can be Bishop TD Jakes, but within the framework of. Bishop TD Jakes is movie producer, his best selling author. I mean, you're doing those things. And so I think the restrictions come when we, once again, narrow down what we think that title represents.

You know, when I was a pastor, I also was a business owner. And, um, so I had, I had part of my mind operated from a business perspective. And the other part of me of course, was full-time. And I don't know that I had to necessarily worry about where both of the hats, but I think sometimes even as it relates to stuff like finances, you know, in the early days of my ministry, I was really good at teaching people how to give, I think every pastor knows that message very well, but I didn't know how to teach anybody how to get that's where the business side of me had to come in.

I had to finally go, wait a minute. There's all these instructions on wealth and the ability to get and create wealth and above all things I would, that you would prosper and be in good health, like at the end of the day. There was a time where I thought maybe schools would teach that, or, you know, you'd learn that maybe in a curriculum or an online course.

And then I recognized that what we call ministry, um, I may be maybe more skilled in a particular area, but I think if we're. Uh, you know, the embodiment of Christ, right? If we're joint heirs with them, then that means that whatever area of Christ operated in another, a dimension of time or another, uh, um, church age, whatever you want to talk about is, as it comes to say the evolution of the church, then whatever he'd done in those ages, he could obviously do those things.

And I think that's the identity crisis. The identity crisis is when you have identity issues, you have inventory issues. When you have identity issues, you have, uh, you have dominion issues. And so I think that Satan's greatest attack is the, put us in a particular place where you think I'm only supposed to wear that hat.

I think one of the good recognitions of that is David. Right? You see David, I mean, wearing this, wearing this hat of shepherd. Uh, you know, but at the same time he got an already camouflaged, a higher destiny in his life. His own brothers had no idea who he was to the point that they disrespected him. His own father didn't even invite him to the initial ceremony.

When the prophet God was looking for somebody to know what the big. He has his own daddy, you know? So he goes from that to being an errand boy for his dad taking bread to his brothers, then he goes, I have to be in a skilled musician, which by the way, as much as we talk about David being king, this is where arts come in.

It was actually him being a musician that first got him into, uh, you know, the kingdom. So when he first got introduced into that particular area of government and protocol, he was a musician. It was there that he learned the government. Of what it was to be a king. And through that, of course he did, uh, became king.

All of those things, in my opinion, make up the totality of who king David is because king David is still a musician. He's still a shepherd, maybe on a different level, but he's all of those things. And Jesus is still a carpenter. He was still a carpenter. It's just that when he, when he, when, when the evolution went from, you know, a carpenter to.

Uh, you know, being, you know, Emmanuel, well, God on earth, you know, revealing the secrets of arts and healing and all this other stuff. You can see that when he committed. People into their ministries that much like Paul Paul was an orator. Paul was, uh, an academic, uh, Paul also knew about boat making and also knew about tent making.

He was all of those things in the area of Paul. We put our, our, our competence. Is the title of possible, but at the end of the day within that was many layers of who he was. And so I think that's true. What you said is that we come in the house and yeah, maybe I'm a father there, but I should never take off the annoyance that is upon my life.

And that's the thing I think I want ministers to realize. You can be, you know, a kingdom millionaire, a billionaire, and still be a pastor, whether you create that through books and businesses or whatever it may be. And ultimately I think ministers especially have to recognize that you become sort of the first, uh, wheat shaft also of, of the harvest that's coming, which means I must model the behaviors that I'm expecting from my people.

If I'm preaching. And I don't die there. If I'm preaching, you know, a God of abundance and I can't pay my bills and I'm living check to check and I can't steward my own finances. That's going to ultimately, uh, you know, spill over into the group I'm leading. So he must also become the type of person that says I'm not just gonna preach about abundance or prosperity or inner peace doesn't mean I'm going to be perfect, but I'm going to seek to live these things to the highest level so that my life becomes a living witness of the things I'm ministering about.

So that my actions can be gum, become the benchmark and standard of who I am and not just the things I preach on Sunday. We, if I had a white handkerchief flying it right now, it's so good. So anointed, um, do you think everyone is made or meant to be an entrepreneur? Do you think? I mean, obviously they shouldn't stand in bondage in their job or their one thing that they do, but I just feel like that breastplate has become their tag.

It's become their business card. It's become the thing that they put on every day and they're miserable and it makes me so sad. I have such an impact. Man, you know, so, so I think here's, here's the answer, right? Will everybody know, should everybody, yes. You know, when you go back to the book of Genesis, the very first kingdom mandate we have is obviously be fruitful, multiply, replenish, and subdued.

Then over in Genesis, not on, it's a similar mandate. And I love the message translation of that. It says that we're here. It literally says you are here. Genesis nine, I think six and seven. The language actually says you are here too. And it says bear fruit, which by the way, for anybody that doesn't understand being an entrepreneur, how valuable that is to you even serving God here, at least in the earthly realm, John 15 says, if you want to bring glory to the father, you must bear much.

Which means that my seat to even honor the Lord, how do I do it? Lord John 15 says not just bear a little bit of fruit, Tamar, but bear much fruit, which means God's expecting you to be highly productive in the things that he's deposited into your life. So it says, bear fruit reproduce. Watch these last two words, lavish life on earth, and then live bountiful.

Well, nothing about lavish and bountiful is trading time for dollars. Because from a biblical perspective, right. Um, we know that the Bible says every seed brings forth. If it's only. So I'm looking at the first kingdom mandate, be fruitful, multiply. That means that I've got to have an idea, multiply that idea and then replenish, which means figure out a way to distribute my idea to the world.

That's what the original kingdom mandate is. That means in order to do that, you've got to be in business, some kind of business, and I'm not against, uh, being an employee. But what I am saying is that when you're an employee, you are literally surrendering your entire life. To the dollar amount in which you agree upon.

That means that I take my God given talents, my God, given steels, I rent them to a CEO based on the amount they're willing to pay me and whatever amount that is, which, which, which isn't residual in nature, by the way, it means it's time-based as a transaction attached. I work, I get paid, I don't work. I don't get paid, whatever they designed to pay me based on my skill.

My entire life evolves around that where I live. Uh, the communities I live in, where my kids go to school. Uh, whether they're in karate, you know, or, or our summer baseball, we vacation, um, how long we stay on vacation. Right? So the quality of my life is predetermined by the amount owed with what most we'll call hourly wage or, or say.

So you have to just do some simple math and say, listen, you know, if I can either own the field or I can, I can work the field. And if I work the field, I get away dried on the field, I get profits. And so even when you hop over into the new Testament, remember tamper and Luke 19, for anyone that says I'm not a business owner, I can't be a business owner.

I don't care if it's a small side hustle on top of teaching where you're selling scented cinnamon, toothpicks to fourth graders. Or whether you're in network marketing, right? Leverage bloop, not team. The question is really given by the Lord. What am I supposed to do until you return? And for anyone that doesn't understand that being an entrepreneur is also spiritual in nature.

The Bible actually says engage until I come with. Occupy till I come, which means engage in business till I come, what translation says, trade money until I come, another translation says invest money until I come. So what are we supposed to be doing until the Lord comes back? Not just sitting at a cubicle somewhere impacting no one.

If you're called to be salt lock city on a hill, you know how you do that? You start by going out and creating a bigger impact and a bigger impact. There's not just working the field, but owning. And I want you to think about this and I'll bring this thought to a close one of the greatest wealth strategies, uh, and it deals along with servant leadership in a way to impact through some form of leverage is given by the apostle Paul in first Corinthians 10.

And here's what he says. He says, this is the apostle Paul teaching the world. How to get wealthy. Here's the wealth strategy lesson. Let no man seek his own, but let every man seek another. Um, Tamar the first time I read that it didn't sound biblical to me at all. I thought, man, this is like, this is like coveting your neighbor's reaches.

I don't understand what you're saying. Apostle Paul, if it could be better said like this, let no man seek their own wealth, but let every man seek another's wealth or maybe for a self-development gurus, the executor would say it like this, help others get what they want. You'll get what you want. You can't do that at a job Tamra.

You can't be sitting in a job going, you know what Lord, I sure hope that Carolyn passes me up and gets the job ahead of me, Lord. No, man. It's a competitive market. Strategy-wise I don't, I'm not, can't want other people to succeed. If I'm working for someone I gotta be doing all I can do to figure out how to get the next, you know, position or get the next room.

And the world of being an entrepreneur, everything is based in at least as far as I can see on kingdom principles because in the business arena, even those that we think aren't Christians, the wealthiest of the wealthy have figured out the laws of generosity. They have figured out the laws of compassion and empathy.

They have figured out the more they give away, the more they get back. Always say that God's shovel is bigger than mine. The more I shovel out, the more he shovels back. You can't do that a job now, I don't have anything against the job. Nothing. It gets a nine to five. If you think you can't do it, then you're right.

But for those of you that are watching this podcast, I want to encourage you. And maybe I could speak a word into your life that will help you come up a little bit higher and to recognize God has built and designed you to get in create well, it's difficult to create well working 15 hour dollars an hour as difficult take you forever to do.

But you can convince and accelerate the process by finding some torch type of business by finding what you're passionate by recognizing that if you're here on earth, God has placed a solution in you that only you can solve for the problem you've been assigned to it. When you solve problems. Well, it shows up what are we supposed to do before the Lord gets back?

Tamra occupy Tilly comes, which means engage in business. My gracious. I have, like, my mind is spinning a thousand miles a minute while trying to endure and hear every next word. I'm thinking about the fact that one from the unique calling component, a lot of people think like, oh, it's already been done.

Right. And to know that that's simply not true, you're just lying to yourself. Or the enemy is lying to you. Is this understand that you have a unique annointing with all of the gifts and talents? Not just the one gifted. All the gifts and talents and learning to tap into them. And so I have grown in to my entrepreneurship journey, into my journey as a wife, as a mother, as a friend, all these other places that I occupy as well, I have realized that there are things that I haven't tapped into that I used to touch every single day as a child.

I started dancing. Stage a couple of weeks ago. And I was like, what is happening? God, I had a microphone in my hand. I didn't know what was going on. But the yes. And I realized the amount of breakthrough conversations and testimonies that came out of that. I have people who have gone to start going to dance class again, and they're feeling.

Build in full of the holy spirit in those moments because of something I unlocked. And so I always account even entrepreneurship in every component of that. Make more, to give more, but also. Do at for them so that they, it can be done unto you, that love your neighbor as yourself. All of these concepts go hand in hand is to understand that if I don't and this will circle back to the beginning of the conversation, if I decide to stay on the couch figuratively, or literally in both are both are bad.

Both are lazy, both are, um, sloths, like, right. Um, there no movement in that and no blessing in that is the recognition that I'm blocking somebody else's. Because every time I've moved, somebody else has moved. And that's what kingdom culture is about. That's where, when people preach, who are not Christian community over competition, and they're actually living it out and they have an unlock and they're holding keys that belong to the kingdom, they belong to us.

And there's an exchange that happens in the Bible where gold is actually given money is actually transferred from those who are reigning in the evil natured spirit. Cause they're doing them. Things with that control. And it's handed back to the Kings of the kingdom owners to the layers of the Christians, of the people who were actually stewarding it.

Right. And well, fully and wholly. And I believe that is the revival. We're about to see, I believe, as we say yes, as entrepreneurs, as ministers in the marketplace, there is going to be this massive transition and all of these other mountains that we talked about, the unlocks are going to happen and there's going to be more people ascending and standing on the mountaintop than there are.

Here's a strategy though, right? Everything you said is spot on it's this, it's this understanding that if I, you know, there's, I think about first of all, the discouragement and not being everything that God's called you to be, imagine how discouraged he is as a father, watching all of this gold place in your life, just sort of remain harnessed and kept instead of giving away.

There's a story gold actually in the old Testament where there was a group, I think it was the children of Reuben and GAD. They were so distracted and more out from the. Um, the Bible says that when they made it to the Jordan, which was the last river to cross before going over into the promised land, the land of wealth, the land of honey, right.

Flowing with milk and honey that's like residual. Well, they stayed at, and there's a story where Moses goes to them and I'll never forget reading it because it reminded me of every time somebody quits, whether it's network marketing, business, weight, loss goals, you know, when you're connected to a group and somebody just quit, Moses went to them and said, why.

Would you discourage the heart of. Meaning you think this is about you, but the minute that you decide to settle down here, just shy of, what's been divinely promised to you, you placed in the heart of others, a state of discouragement. So here's the strategy to all the things that you you were talking about.

And probably all of the things we've discussed today is that moving forward, it would, it would be mindful for those of us occupying the spaces, especially in Christianity or the. To then say, Lord, I need more money, Lord. I, I need a bigger dream Lord. I won't, you know, more influence. I want more followers on my social media, then you didn't, you have to say to yourself, Lord, am I qualified for the thing that I'm praying for?

Because I mean, a lot of believers that are praying for a promotion they're not qualified for. And the future is unkind to the unprepared. And so many of us don't receive anything because we're not preparing Noah. Didn't wait for it to start writing them before he started building that boat, SIS, I mean, he was well prepared.

He was building that thing to the point that he was mocked and ridiculed. He was such an innovator and ahead of his time, never, right. They thought this guy's wacko, man, the world is. Who builds something to float on a substance we'd never even seen, but that level of innovation is that level of preparation that I think we have to be mindful of.

Am I prepared for the promotion? I'm praying for him. I prepared for the prosperity. I'm praying for, you know, so many times we go, man, I want the anointed of Joseph, right. But you don't want to spend 13 years in prison. Like Joseph did to learn government and protocol and to learn all the things it took for him to be ready when it was his time to.

Lauren. I want to have the anointing of David, but you don't want to be by yourself on the backside of the desert with no highlight reel, no publicity, no one knew who he was. You know? I mean, people moderately in modern times, right? That'd be like, Lord have mercy. I wish I had the Dr. Martin Luther king. He could mobilize people and treat a galvanized army of believers.

Unlike anybody's business. I'm not. Yeah, you won't the anointing of Dr. Martin Luther king, but you don't want to have to do. You don't want to serve time in prison, just because you were speaking about subject matter of the world at that time, didn't want to hear, in other words, it's easy to say. I want to be like Harriet Tubman and then opt to be running every day of your life.

That's the thing that we have to be mindful of as we move forward. Tamra is it as we pray and as we believe and create these vision boards and all the other things that we feel we have, we have, we have a connection to, I mean, we're connected to an open heaven. But, I mean, if you won't pay times on a hundred dollars, God, I ain't giving you a million dollars,

a couple of hundred bucks. You expect God to go. You don't give now you think I'm going to give you a million dollars. I mean, that'd be the equivalent of robbing the bank and then going back into the bank and asking them to bless you. It doesn't work that way. So we must be prepared for whatever it is that we desire in life or we're praying for life so that when the moment comes, it won't pass us by we'll be readily prepared because we've been diligently pursuing the right skills to be successful when.

Heaven sake, really? That goes literally right. Aligned with affirmations, have to match your actions, right? Pray. We want, we get on our knees and need. And yet what is right around us, we're not stewarding to the place then purpose that we need to. And I think that can go back to even your family, right? Is you want this massive influence.

You want all these followers, how you treating your family. How, how are they sitting at your feet, listening and learning? Are you even teaching them? Are you even listening to what they're teaching you? So it's, this is full circle to every component of self, right? It's the identity of, of you the, with the father, that alignment issue, and then thinking of your circle of influence thereafter, what's happening in the secret place?

Are you in the word? Or is your prayer life connected to what you're actually action oriented towards? And then every relationship thereafter, there's no influence. There's no movement. There's no massive ministry until everything around you and connected to you has that same forward momentum. This is.

Rather, woo. I could talk to you all day long. You guys, I told you that you were in for a treat. I hope you are still here listening to the end. Cause I want you to know exactly how to get in touch with Kevin, where we're going to get invested. I have your, your site links listed here. Where else are you hanging out?

That they can get this, this golden. I think just, you know, I mean, I'm not big on social media or anything else. I have people that are, but I've been kind of behind the scenes for a long time, but, but Kevin just my name, the way it is. I mean, you can see there's digital downloads of my books there and probably my social media is there.

And, uh, you know, that's probably the easiest place just to find out where. Amazing. Well, I cannot wait to link arms with you and actually hug your neck next time you're in town or vice versa. Y'all he's in Florida. I got it. Yes. I know. I know it's going to be epic. Nashville is going to be crazy and that is a, it feels like forever away, but I know it's going to blink, uh, be a blink of an eye.

So if you haven't already gotten your tickets to grow for God, go to grow for and you will see both Kevin and I there. Cause we, uh, we got to continue this conversation, Kevin. Thanks again for being here. It has been an honor. May God continue to bless you with seasons of uncommon favor. I tell you.

I know. Good. And well, God, hasn't done his best in your past. This there's been some great stuff done in your past, but there's some things I think you're getting ready to be elevated into a new. Position of authority and a new anointing on you. That's going to allow you not just to navigate new spaces, but to part ways, and to create an absolute wave of activity that prepares others for so many of the things that they've got on their prayer list as well.

You're going to be a catalyst to help make that happen. I know that to be true. True. Thank you so much. A wave of activity I'm holding tight to that.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories or posts.

And you can tag me and the guest, and we will surely feature you on our. Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the extra step, come on and give you that extra size and leave a review on iTunes for the podcast listening app that is of your.

I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this will be so fun and upcoming episodes. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to. And I can't wait to read what you have to say.

Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that we are speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and bake team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy. Well, and wholeness, this is a fit faith way.

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