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The Incubation Stage Is Not Wasted with Travis Believes

Today, I got to hang with one of the speakers coming to the Grow Your Business for God's Sake Conference (get your tickets!) and it was such an honor. I first met Travis Believes in person at a mastermind and I was blown away by the way that he simply shared something that was so complex to me.

Social media has so many ins and outs. What is virality? How do you get there? He has supported some of the biggest names in the industry and is someone you want to get connected to.

He talks about being who you are called to be based on the mission, but he talks more importantly about the incubation stage. So if you are in a season of what feels like darkness or stagnancy, I urge you to look within, be comfortable and also be in alignment as he gives his first tip for how you utilize, what is being given to you and recognize your purpose.


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About Travis:

Travis Believes is CEO of InnerLight Media an impact driven social media marketing agency that is changing the world by helping some of the biggest online influencers, entrepreneurs and brands tell powerful and life affirming messages to hundreds of millions of people. Travis has developed a “win regardless” mindset in which he believes no matter your circumstances, background or challenges we all have the intelligence to overcome any adversity and that there is nothing more indomitable than the human spirit. Because of this Travis believes in ultimate authenticity, which is owning who you are so you can have your greatest impact. This firm belief comes from Travis’s own struggles and experiences; such as growing up in extreme poverty, being homeless, living in children shelters, never meeting his father and landing in prison for 3 years. He was able to overcome these challenges and shift his life to become a successful entrepreneur, motivator and owner of the most positive social media agency in the world. Having worked with top entrepreneurs and personal development brands such as Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, Prince Ea and Jay Shetty to name a few; Travis has developed a deep affinity and knowledge set on how to connect with people at scale, make positive stories go viral and help inspire millions. Through his experiences with many hardships and studying people on social media for over 10 years Travis uniquely understands what it takes to overcome the self doubt, difficult circumstances and negative self images we all face. We can only achieve what we believe we can, that's why its important to have a healthy self image. Our internal dialogue is more important than anyone else's opinion. And using our gifts and our story to connect with people allows us to have a massive impact. Travis masterfully teaches this to his clients and audiences in order to help people achieve their purpose and happiness.

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Show Notes: The Incubation Stage is Not Wasted

There's those moments of, you know, contentment that you're sitting in this place of just being with someone who has that piece, that transcends all understanding, but does it with an era of gratitude and service. And when I first met today's guest, it was in person at a mastermind and I was blown away by the way that he.

Simply shared something that was so complex to me. And it's this world of social media, right? Like there is so many ins and outs. What is virality? How do you get there? He has supported some of the biggest names in the industry Lewis house, Jay Shetty, I name drop in the show. So you can listen to some of the other ones, but Travis believes is someone you want to.

Reach out to, and you want to get connected to you wanna learn from, you can go to audit my and learn from him today through courses, work with him directly his YouTube channel. I mean, all of the things he's got so much content out there for you to consume, but remember a part of this show for the founders, innovators and trailblazers that are listening that's you right now is to not.

Listen, but to activate, he's talking about being who you are called to be based on the mission, but he talked about more importantly, the incubation stage. I find so much clarity as he was utilizing that word just in my own incubation stage. And literally this podcast, my book, my conferences, my retreats, everything came out of incubating.

Well. So if you are in a season of what feels like darkness or stagnancy, I. Urge you to look within, be comfortable and also be in alignment as he talks about as his first tip for how you utilize, what is being given to you and recognize your purpose, Travis, I don't wanna give away all the gyms in the intro.

We're not even to the show yet, but you guys gotta get in touch with Travis believes and definitely come hang out with us at grow your business for God's sake in Nashville, November 3rd, through the fifth tickets are still on. If you wanna hang with Travis, you gotta get to the VIP or premier show ticket and yeah, we'll see you soon.

Thanks Travis.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast fit is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life holy, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamara, Andre, and this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience.

I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high the, there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories. And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission.

So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

All right. All right. Welcome to the show. You guys, this is gonna be one for the books I get so pumped when I get to bring in people. And honestly, everyone is, but Travis and I got connected about a year ago through a mastermind with Mike Zeer. And when he came in and chaired, I just felt this like sense of grounding in who you are, this sense of peace in the way that you.

Present even, and was not only honored to be a recipient and a learner of your motivation and story, but also in the teaching and training. And now we're gonna be able to give it to a bunch of people, not only on the show, but at grow your business for God's sake here in November. But Travis, uh, y'all don't know, Travis believes you're about to find out a little bit more about him than I even, I knew, uh, as I was reading his bio for today, Travis, thanks so much for being.

Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. Um, it's a pleasure to be able to speak to you and your audience. Um, not only about my journey, but about more to. Yeah. And I think, you know, if you don't know who he is and you don't know any of his backstory, um, I'm, I'm just learning about his backstory live with you today.

So that part I'm really pumped about cuz you know, personal stories drive our missions. And though I knew, um, an element of his mission and I know how he shows up professionally in, uh, driving social media from an impact, from a positive perspective, which you don't put positivity and social media together on the same plane very often, but you've been doing this.

From day one with some really incredible names, some incredible artists, um, people like prince. I love Jay Sheti Lewis house, Tom Bilio. Um, just some crazy impacters but you do it from a place of heart and a place of, yeah. That grounding that I, I sense in you. So I'm excited to unpack that and where it derived.

Absolutely. Yeah. Um, you know, those are some obviously amazing creators and entrepreneurs, um, people that, uh, I've grown fond of people that I've worked with, you know, you know, for a while. Um, yeah, but it's, it's always super exciting to be able to take your talents. Um, it really impact the world. Uh, you don't really understand fully the impact you can have until you start realizing that the gifts that you have are meant to be used, um, for other people it's meant to be used, uh, to impact other people and to help bring more, um, impact to others.

So, you know, once you start realizing that with your gifts, man, it just, I don't think you ever get tired of it. It's just something that you just continue to love. Yeah, there, there is like your own fuel, right? Like you're creating your own fuel when you, when you can lean into that knowing, um, and obviously our own, but derive from God, right.

That implanting that he does, and he continues to light the fire. But do you think, and, and I know this is gonna drive into your own experience, but do you think that people have to go through struggle or. Some sort of like rock bottom or rock foundation. We like to call it here experience for you to tap into that, that true knowing.

Um, yes. Um, and I know I, it's probably bad to use absolutes, so to say absolutes, but I think even when we look through the Bible, so from a hi historical perspective, And we look even today, just the idea of success itself, engenders a certain type of mindset of overcoming something in order to be successful, you have to overcome something.

Um, it could be a personal struggle. It could have been, uh, you know, something physical you had to deal. Whatever, but there's some sort of internal struggle. If we really want to kind of like go biblical with it, Israel itself, the name means. Struggle with L or struggle with Elohim or God. Right. So that means there's a struggle there that we have in order to continue to improve in order to continue to, um, do God's will.

Right. So I do believe that there requires some struggle within us in order to achieve our highest level of. . Yeah, cuz I think like a part of that highest level of being is that state of gratitude, that understanding of joy, like there's all these other elements or fruits of the spirit that people will lend themselves to.

And that's really what people are eager to experience, but they want it the easy way. Right? Like they wanna just be like, ah, today I experience peace because the sun is shining and the butterflies are flying around. But I have definitely discovered that through my own hardship, through my own. Eras. I was able to experience light and really like, see those sunshine and rainbows, if you will, but not, not fully right.

See them for what they are in all of their grandeur, like beauty versus taking advantage of them. And I think that that's an element of what people perceive success is. Right. They can see it. Like I just wanna get to this thing this mountaintop moment, but they forget the step by step by step that it takes to get to that.

There's actually a proverb, uh, or a parable that Christ uses, um, to speak on that when he says those who have been forgiven much loves much. Mm. Um, and it kind of reminds me of this because oftentimes, um, I believe that we're almost unable, excuse me, unable, or even incapable, perhaps, maybe right. Of.

Appreciating something to the fullness of it, unless we know that it can have this and it can have that. Right. If I don't get the reign, then I'm not gonna be able to experience the joy of the day, the same way, right. Or vice versa. So I just think being able to appreciate what we have. Comes to a greater degree once we know the struggle or once we know what we've overcome, if I've had to overcome something and I had to fight for something, I am going to appreciate that more than if I never had to fight for it at all.

Yes. It's so true. And you think about even like a sports team, right? Like a huge variable here. We're talking about the Bible now I'm going sports and I'm not even a sports buff, but I think about. Wearing wearing the Jersey. Right. And there people are so proud, but they're only really proud because of the victory and the loss associated.

If they just always won, they would just be touting like a, a tribe that, that doesn't have any Vic. And like the victors of the victory, that's really where the element of hoorah comes into play. That's where the element of like, man, we were way down here and now we've come here. And so like from a biblical perspective to parallel that, just to make it chewable for people.

Right. Cause I, I know, and I have listeners who might not know the parables. They might not know the Proverbs. They might not know the stories. And yet we guide you to those places because the examples that are given. Every single day in our own flesh are already written, right? Nothing new under the sun.

It's already been written and exampled for us. And so even this morning, uh, Travis, I had a client or a partner. I like to call him who was talking about the fact that she has not been accepted in her community, that she has millions and millions in followers. And she's always shocked when she. To an event or she's at church and no one is like giving her kudos or like, you know, recognizing that she just launched a book or, um, noticing that she's like having all this growth or momentum.

And I immediately was like, Jesus, wasn't accepted in his own hometown. What makes you perceive that you should have that same kind of kudos or applaud when we're already approved by God? What's your perspective on that? In the knowing of like people, especially social media, they're, they're driven sometimes by the numbers, the vanity metrics when impact and positive social media is so far from that.

Yeah. Always tell people you have to be so sure of your mission that. You gotta be willing to go against the world. Um, it's what Christ did, right? Um, it's what David did. It's what Moses did. I mean, you could you in number of a numerable amount of people, right? Um, one of the most important factors when I'm talking to my clients, uh, specifically influencers and things like that, um, if.

You are validated by the love that you get, then you're going to be invalidated by the criticism that you get. Mm. And that's a problem. So I always tell people, you gotta be so sure of your mission, that people's compliments and people's criticisms don't get to you, but this requires self assurance. I know it's always a beautiful thing and a wonderful thing to wanna be accept.

But the truth is once you're accepted by God, once you know your mission, once you know what you're here for, that's all the acceptance that you need. Mm-hmm, , that's all the, it, it, what the Bible says, right? If God is for you, who could be against you. Yep. So I feel like. Whenever I'm having these conversations with, uh, my influence of friends or the, or my clients.

Um, and I'm speaking to them. It's not about your detractors. It's not even about your followers. It's about the mission and the impact, right? You're not gonna get always the recognition that you want. You're not gonna always get, and that's fine because that's man made right. That's stuff that man is there for what you're actually here for is your mission is what you're here to impact what you're here to.

so it's fine if you're not getting the recognition and plus you don't want that to be a crutch for you, because if you allow that to be a crutch, then it's like that, you know, you, you, if, if you, if you live for people's compliments, you'll die by that criticism. Oh right. That down. You need to put that on your own mirror.

Right. And it's, I think sometimes. In reflection of ourself. Right. I, I give myself compliments sometimes and I also give myself criticism more times than not. Right. And, and if it's even by my own belief, because there's surely days that I have lacking of faith, it's this knowing that like, God literally has gifted me this vision.

He's gifted me words. He's gifted me these talents. And I am sure without a shadow of a doubt on the hardest days on the darkest days on the days that I am most fearful, the days that I'm most self criticizing, he somehow some way whether through the words of somebody else like yourself, Travis, or through the word, when I'm actually like diving in or through worship or just a sign of any sort, he minds me.

Right. And so I think that there's this needing to know that like affirmation has to come from above approval, has to come from above it's ultimately that well done. Good and faithful servant that we're all looking to have at our own tombstone moment. And I didn't always have that. I, I definitely didn't always walk by truth and light and integrity.

And so I wanna hear from you, Travis, cuz I know you have a bit of a backstory. We all do. How, how have you come to be so sure of these truths and these, these freedoms? Yeah. So I think it comes from three places. Uh, number one, alignment. Um, if you have a certain type of calmness, a certain type of peace, right?

Um, the peace surpasses all understanding, right? If you have a certain amount of that, uh, that comes from that. For me, there was like a burden lifted off my shoulders. Once I started living my path, right. There were many people that told me, oh, you know, Travis, you don't know what you're doing. You're stupid for doing this.

When I was, you know, first working with prince, he, um, back in 2010, you know, cause I, you know, I wasn't getting paid. I was working for free, but we, we didn't have any money. He didn't have any money. None of us had any money. Um, but they, you know, I got made fun of cause you know, we were broke. We, you know, we didn't, you know yeah.

And this sold out and they're like, what are you sold out for dude? yeah. Like, yeah, dude, what are you, what are you doing, man? Like, you know what, what's this internet thing totally, totally. Cause you know, at the time, like, even back then, like the whole influencer thing, wasn't like a big thing. Not at all.

Yeah. Um, but you know, prince C had a vision when it came to that and I believed in that vision. Um, so I supported. So anyway, I had a certain level of peace. The, the alignment was there for me, where the things that I did, I loved doing where my mind was. I was doing what I wanted, my gifts and my talents. I was doing what I was talented at.

Right. So all these different, these were aligned. In terms of positivity and integrity, that was in alignment with what I was doing. You know what I'm saying? So when you have that alignment with, you know, your integrity, you have your alignment with your talent, you have alignment with the type of piece that you have on the inside of what you're doing, then, you know, you're on the right path.

That's, you know, uh, number one, number two, the impact that you're having, when you start to have an impact on other people's lives and you see the impact on other people's lives, regardless of the accolades you did, the accolades is not that's the accolade, the accolade is, is the impact, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Come on. That's great. That's the accolade, you know, if you're being successful in that endeavor successful with the impact successful with, uh, uh, uh, you know, the mission, you know, that is, uh, another BEM and finally. You know, as long as you continue to grow as an individual in a positive direction, as long as you continue to expand who you are, become better, uh, day in and day out.

And this is helping you facilitate that growth. Um, then these, if you got these three things, then you're, you're. You're pretty much sure. Fire. And that's how I determined whether or not, you know, am, am I growing right? Am, am, am I, uh, aligned? Am I impacting like, these are the things that happened with me that once I got in tune, so in tune with myself and, and this was happening, then I knew I was in the right direction and nobody could tell me nothing.

Cuz I was living. What I wanted to live. I was, I was as authentic as it gets to, uh, living what I wanted to. Well, it's interesting. Like, as you're talking, I was thinking about like our off camera conversation where like, how are you doing what's going on? Are you good? And in my response was like, I'm, I'm walking into all the doors.

God has opened for me. But as you were talking, I was thinking about the power of. The different Travis that walked into the room, pretrial pre struggle. Which of course we're not, we're not a void of struggle now. Y'all no, one's perfect. We're all dealing with our own stuff, but where you walk into a room and you are walking in with a me centered mentality, And you're like, what's in this room for me.

And you're like, let me go try this chair out. The three little bears concept, right? I'm gonna go try this bed out. I'm gonna go eat this food. Versus I feel like when you go through that element of hardship, you stop looking so much at yourself and you start looking more to the world and how you can be of service based on that trial, based on the new awareness factor of your talent and what you rooted it in is that alignment factor, because alignment.

Is vertical first and then it becomes horizontal. So now you are walking into a room and this is how I first witnessed you. You're walking into the room, not about what's in this for me, but what's in this for them. What can I give them? How can I serve? And it literally changes the dynamic of what's in the room.

It could be the exact same room, but you are reading it. Your energy is showing up in a totally different way. And it literally makes the impact that you're speaking. Absolutely. Totally agree with that. I think, um, you know, I always tell people don't let the energy of the room shift. You, you shift the energy of the room.

That's good. Um, because. , you know, you again, if, if you have that piece and you're sure of yourself, then whatever's going on in that room is not gonna get you off your game. Um, instead you're gonna influence people to get on their game. Um, so yeah, no, I, I totally agree with, uh, with, with that perspective and, and you know, me coming from where I come from, you know, I come from St.

Louis, um, impoverished background. Um, never met my dad, uh, you know, grew up in children's homes. Um, and then eventually landed in prison, you know, for three years. Um, you know, when I was a, when I was a teenager got out and then ever since then it was on my path. I, and I always tell people, you know, the thing that changes you or transforms you comes down to whatever was needed.

To get your mind and your body to sit down and say, you know what, this isn't right. Something needs to change, and that's gonna be different for everybody. Some people, it may be a family member dying. Some people, it may be a car accident. Some people, it may be jail. Some people, it may be none of that. Some people, it may be having a hard time at school and realizing, you know what, I'm having a difficult time at school.

But my parents laid the blueprint for me. What am I doing? That's not allowing me to be as successful as I should be, whatever it is. It could be anything, whatever challenge, because it's all subjective on what that needs to be for you to achieve your best self and those experiences that you, that you're gonna have.

It's gonna be curtailed. Or, uh, contextualize for who you are as a, as an individual. So it's just gonna be different for everybody. Mine was jail. I needed that for, for me, uh, because of the seriousness set of situation, the, the direness of what I was in and what I was dealing with. Um, something drastic needed to, you know, incubate me, you know, to come outta better.

That's good. I love that word incubate. I'm thinking of like my own seasons of needing to just go inside and have that like nucleus experience that nucleus encounter with myself mm-hmm and my past and my purpose. And it it's like a, you know, that caterpillar, like until it cocoons, you can't see the beauty of its ultimate creation.

And so that incubation is so powerful and I love that. You said it's so, um, subjective because. Like God knows what you need. And that's why I think it's important for us not to even like parallel people's sin or parallels people's mission. Right. We can talk about sin all day long, but let's talk about mission.

And some people having this, like grandiose impact desire in some people's impact. Just their neighborhood or just the school locally or just their family for having, yeah. Sometimes just their kids. It's their house. Right. And there's nothing wrong with that. And I think people carry guilt or shame around the level of impact that they do or don't desire to create.

Can you speak to that for a minute? Yeah. So greatness is impact, but what I always tell people is you have width and you have. Understand that maybe it's may seem more glamorous or glorious to have more people, but understand the more people, the less depth you can go in the, the, the lower amount of people, the more depth you can dive in.

So if you have your family, you can dive into that. You know, I'm not trying to make this political, but I'm gonna, uh, say this point just so people can understand it. Let's take Barack Obama again, I'm not making this a political topic. No worries. um, but you know, he, he, it required his mother, you know, I'm saying to, to really drill in what it was.

So I always ask people who's more important, you know, the mother or, or the president. If, if you ask me. The mother, because without that mother, you don't get a Barack Obama. So I don't believe in this idea that just because you've quote unquote impacted more people than that means that somehow you're greater, right.

Because the impact that you have on one individual can be far deeper than the person who has impact on millions. So I, I think that is a something that people. Kind of misunderstand about that. So I think it just comes down to utilizing your talents and really diving into what the world needs. If the world needs you to be a great father, if the world needs you to be a great mother or a great uncle, whatever the case may be.

And that is how you inspire somebody else to be more community driven or inspire somebody else to be some, a politician or a sports figure or attorney or whatever it. To use your talents to impact if you're required a family member to do that, then that is freaking amazing. And there is that's that is necessary.

Like everybody is just as necessary in that wheel as everybody else to make the world turn. Yeah, it's so good. And you think about like the corporate entity, right. If you're gonna look at it through the business lens, how important and vital the janitor is just as much as the person at the front desk, just as much as the person in the corner office, right?

Yeah. Like all of it is powerful. All of it makes the momentum go. And I always think too, like biblical reference of. Abraham, right? Mm-hmm . And that he didn't even know that he was about to birth 12 nations. Right. He didn't even get to ever meet Jesus, but look at what his lineage did. Mm-hmm and I have a lot of people and, and I'd love to, to shift into this for you because I know social media is kind of like why people knock on your door.

They'll come to me and they'll speak to, um, stages they wanna get on more stages. And, you know, they wanna get on the, they have these visions of the biggest stages and never, it's never small, like God doesn't ever de deposit like the small vision. Right. It's always this huge concept and they have no idea how they're supposed to get there.

Yeah. So I'm having this conversation with this guy who's like incredibly impactful, like just literally has changed so many lives in the cancer community. You'll actually get to meet him, um, in Nashville, that's the nonprofit that we're supporting and we're sitting at this. It was the first time I ever met him and he's.

Super profound in the way that he shares and speaks very similar, um, in your, your demeanor. And I said, who's to say, you're not on stage right now. Mm-hmm , we're at a coffee. He literally had me captivated with his story. He had me captivated with this notebook that he was writing in, in the middle of it.

And I'm like, you are leaving a massive impression on me right now. And if we walked around, whether we had a microphone in our hand or not, and realized that we are creating this. Stage every single day, really God created the stage and you have to walk into it and onto it, it changes, it changes your entire aura of, of what you're doing every single day.

And you're on mission and every moment. And ultimately, one thing that was so important to me was to realize I was on mission even when I was alone. and for people to realize that power of what happens when you're in that isolated space, just like you were when you were in jail, whether that's your isolation or incubation or not.

Right. Like, I, I have find so much of myself when I'm alone. Mm. Yeah. I think that, um, yeah, being alone for me was key for me to understand myself, like, um, There was a point in time where I felt like I always had to like to, to be doing something right. Once I was able to get comfortable with myself and only myself is when I was able to learn myself the deepest self.

Um, I think, you know, a lot of times, again, you know, people get caught up in the glamor, you know, in, in, in the lights instead of realizing the journey, if you're meant. To speak in front of that many people. Didn't you speak in front of that many people, you know what I'm saying? Because your talents or your gifts will take you there.

You know, there's no need to really be kind of like caught up in that, right. If you're meant to do it, it'll happen in the context of you have the talents, you have the skill set, and if you're not getting there, then that means you're not ready for it yet, which is fine because enjoy the journey, build it up and get there.

The process. Yeah. That's that timing piece that I think is so critical. Would you talk to us about timing associated to like the movement or the mission or the impact that people wanna create and how important it has been for the different people that you've supported? Yeah. I I'll give you a quick story real quick as is a little personal.

It might even be a little too personal, but, uh, that's okay. This is what that show is for. Yeah. So I was in, when I was in jail, I actually was in, uh, you know, prison for a year and a half before I got sentenced, you know? So they have this process that people go through where before you go to trial, before you get sentenced, you either can bond out.

or you stay in jail if you don't bond out. I had a very high bond, so I didn't bond outta jail money, brother. yeah, its a very high bond so I didn't get a chance to, uh, apply God just showing you your worth. He was just showing your worth so, so at the time, um, And by the way for the, those that I know that may be accident, I went to jail for, uh, robbery is what I went to jail for.

Cause I know somebody's probably asking, woo. What did you hear? what happened? um, but anyway, so, um, I remember this is, this is, this is when, like it really, I mean, I already knew God was real at this time, but this is when it really hit me. Um, I. When I, my cellmate told me he was like, yo, you know, I had a vision.

This is the time that God is gonna give you. He's gonna give you three years. Three years was the minimum I could even get for the crowd. Actually, 10 years was the minimum. The prosecutor was offered me 10 years, but, um, the judge could do this sort of special thing. It's kind of hard to explain. I don't wanna dive into today.

Yeah. Yeah. It's okay. But anyway, I. Kind of pissed actually, because I was like, I wanna go home now. and cause it is only been a year and a half, but I was like, yo, I wanna go home now. I don't wanna do three years. But then, you know, it is like a dream, you know? Um, and, and God, you know, sat down and talked to me, um, and told me it was like, you know, now this, this three years is an important, you know, for you.

Um, and then I went in front of the judge and I got three years, which is, was unheard of, you know, it's, it was the prosecutor wanted me to, to get 10, they recommended 10 years and I ended up getting three. So I got out in three, but anyway, the point I'm saying is I wanted to get out sooner. Right. I felt like, you know, Hey, listen, I just, this has been enough time for me.

And God was like, no. And so God had told me and spoke to me the time I got. And that was the time I got. So the point of me telling that story is we want things when we want things, but there is a difference between our timing and God's timing. And we have to realize that the timing that God puts us on is the right timing, our timing isn't we don't even know why.

Like I, I think about this all the time. Right? I'll give you an example. So I had a friend that I used to hang out with. He was actually my best friend. If I would've got he, he, if I would've got out at that. It's a good chance. I would've been with him meaning up dying. Right? You got caught up with some stuff.

He ended up dying. And I think about, you know, stuff like that to this day, I'm like, dang, I used, I used to mean this guy live together before I got locked up. And so I'm like, damn, if I would've got out, I would've went back and lived with him. And now, so it's just like, we always think that our time in this right timing, but it's not, God's timing is right timing.

So we have to realize that if something's not happening right now, it's okay. Right. It doesn't have to happen. Right. Relax. You never know the reason why it, it could be because you're not ready. If you get on that stage, you fail. And then now you're upset. Then you think you're questioning your entire mission because you fail or it could be, um, perhaps the people that you're trying to meet or the people that you're trying to impact isn't there yet.

You know what I'm saying? So there's so many different reasons. It may, you may not be there yet. So just be patient patience is definitely virtuous. Um, and continue to work on your, on your. Yeah. And it, it makes me think of like the good Samaritan scenario. Right. And like he's passed by, by these different people that didn't have the timing or the heart or whatever their excuse was to do the thing that was the noble thing.

And I think. We often just look to ourselves as again, it's like I'm walking into the room, what's in it for me. And what's not in it for me versus coming into the room and being like, it's not time yet. Mm-hmm right. Like I wanna sit, I wanna have an appetizer first bef with these people to get to know them before we actually go to the.


grow your business for God's sake? No, really. I mean it grow your business for God's sake. That's right. Business is ministry and ministry is. Business. And it's time we take action in this belief and show up at our anointing with fresh fire. This is a cultivation conference. This is an activation conference.

I wanna see you reap the harvest, the promise that was predestined for you in your purpose and your calling. But you've gotta go back to the root in order to do that, come and let us water you so you can come fully alive and fully free every single day to make the. So you were born to make, so others can also reap the legacy of your harvest.

Forevermore. Let's do this in Nashville, Tennessee, November 3rd, through the fifth. You do not wanna miss it. Get your tickets That's right. And that's easy. Grow for Can't wait to see you there. Hug your neck and grow together. And I, if we can look to scenarios like that, especially when it comes to whatever door God has planned for you, what are the things that we could be doing right now to help?

Steward what's to come, right? There's this idea of like fear of success even that people will sit inside of. And they're they think that they're blocking themselves from success. What's your thought pattern on that versus timing almost like imposter syndrome where exactly. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Uh, I think probably everybody experiences that, um, I think the best way to deal with that.

And well, for me, at least I've always tell people only do what, you know, how. mm-hmm, only do what you know, how to do. That's good. Um, if you're authentic, if you're not pretending, if you're, um, only doing what you know how to do, then I, you don't really have anything to worry about. The really imposter essential comes on, comes from the idea of you.

Think, you know, what other people may think about. And the truth is you don't know, you're trying to predict the future of what people think about you and you don't know. And to be honest with you, it actually doesn't even matter. It doesn't. And the reason it doesn't even matter is because who you're meant to impact is who you're meant to impact.

Everybody's not gonna like you, everybody didn't like Christ everybody. Didn't like David, everybody didn't like Moses, you know, had Moses even have to go through it or deal with his own brothers and sisters. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Often, you know, so. You never, you never, you never know. So my thing is, you're going to go through times where people disagree with you, people don't like you and that's okay.

That doesn't mean you're not on the right mission. The truth is if you're doing what you know how to do, and you're doing what you love to do, and you're doing it with the right heart and the right mind, then you're gonna have people that agree with you. You're gonna have people that, like, you're gonna have people that love you, but you also gonna have people that don't and that's okay.

That is perfectly fine. Don't let that stop. so, you know, again, my advice to those people is just do what you know, how to do and what you, and what you love to do. That's it. If when you start thinking about the future, you start thinking about, I need to do all these other different things that I don't know how to do.

That's when you know, things can go awry and, and you don't want to do that. Well, and this is so applicable to, you know, what your company does, um, at interlight media and, and it's important for people to realize the same thing when it comes to social media. Right? It's when you're trying to do something with so much effort, because everybody else is doing it.

It's not gonna serve you, but when you came to teach us and you were just like, what lights you up? What makes you excited? What, what are you most comfortable doing? And not to say that you should stay in your comfort zone. There's an element of like, try something new, get on camera, whatever it is. But I remember when you gave us this space to create, and I went after it in a total different way than I generally do content creation.

I had so much fun. I got to lean into my poetic gifting. I gotta like play with music. I got to dance a little and it was only in 15 minutes and I came back and you said something to me. And, and this is that moment of conviction, right? I always say that I come to these shows with a space of, of being critiqued in being convicted.

Uh, you said, Tamara, if you do that every single day, if you never stop doing. Your virality will be inevitable. It'll, it'll be inevitable. And I got so excited and I told my husband and I was like, oh my gosh, I just, I know what to do. And I did it twice after that. And so I wanna speak to those of you listening, who want the things so bad who know it's like going to happen, and yet you aren't maintaining consistency towards the becoming of your journey.

Talk to us about consistency, and then we can, we can wrap this thing up. Yeah. That comes from doubt. What happens is, you know, doubt creeps in doubt. That is a thing where people, you know, they start believing themselves, start believing what they wanna do, and then it doesn't happen immediately. Then they start to, to doubt that's a very, , that's a very common thing, you know, uh, quite as kept.

Um, when I, when me and prince was working together, Um, we worked together for four years before he blew up. So from 2010, it took to 2014 before he blew up. So it was four years, you know, I mean people all the time, man. They want it to happen instantly. Now don't get me wrong. I do have methods and practices now like say, Hey, listen, if you wanna grow.

A hundred thousand followers, you know, in two months, 90 days, whatever, I can do that for. I mean, I got the processes now and the information and the, and the leverage to do that now. But beforehand, you know, when it's just like, Hey, listen, you just wanna do it based upon strategy. It doesn't happen that quick.

It doesn't happen that quick. Um, but that doesn't mean you're not on the right mission. Again, it took us. Four years before we got there. Um, and so it takes a lot of dedication to work with. It's like, you know, there was a moment where, you know, Christ talked about, it's like, you know, woman having a baby, right?

Yeah. Where you're going through so much pain, you're going through so much suffering. But once you have that baby. All the pain is suffering. You're like, yo, it just goes away and you just realize it was way worth it. Um, and it's the same thing here. Um, you know, once like going through it, it was difficult.

It was arduous. Um, it was, uh, laborious. It was it. You went, you go through every single emotion you can think of, but once it happens, Man, like it's all worth it. Like it's like, so, you know, this is, this is I get it, you know? Um, so, you know, I, you know, I do, I do want people to realize that ultimately, um, you have the power, you know, you have the capability, um, of, of, of maximizing that and listen, here's the thing, a a as a, you know, me as, as owner of interlight.

You know, I, I want you to operate in your genius zone if this is, if this is a task that you have, that you, uh, you know, you say, Hey, listen, I want to impact, you know, whether it's a, you know, a small amount of people or large amount of people, you just haven't reached reset. Um, I love helping those people.

That that's my mission. I have always had a. Of recognizing how to expand other people's talents, um, how to, uh, reach and impact people. You know, that has always been my gift. I can see this person here. Oh, this is how we're gonna do this. This is how this works, and this is how we're gonna impact other people.

I expand people's vision. Um, that's been my talent since I don't even know how long it took me until. Um, I got an adult before I actually like embrace him, which is another thing too. A lot of times we have talents and we don't embrace it. It's just like, we don't, it's just like, we don't want to seem like crazy or whatever.

No, no, no. Yeah. Cuz it doesn't fit in a box. Right. So it doesn't feel like it's right. Yeah. Yeah. And so there there's, you know, people say that there's a, you know, you gotta realize if you think about all the super successful people, they all seem very like eccentric or all seem very like. Luminous in some capacity, but that's because they dive into who they are, dive into, who you are, dive into, what your talents are, dive into, what you can do, um, into what your gifts are, and then allow people like me to help you do that.

So powerful and y'all he's, he's got all his links obviously below, but if you go to audit my audit my, there's so many courses, there's so many ways that you can talk directly to Travis and his team. And I was thinking, as you were talking, one final note that I wanted to make sure people knew was.

You know, you had that four year stretch with prince and I'm sure everybody can think of their own stretches that they've had, or maybe you're in the middle of a stretch, but I want people to make sure that they're defining what that ah, feeling is gonna feel like defining what, what is the metric in which you hit?

What is the success, you know, element that you're gonna touch. That's gonna get you to that. And while there might be more milestones after that, make sure you celebr. Make sure when you hit that moment you celebrate. Cuz I remember even when I launched my book last year and I hit best seller in all these categories, like out did Matthew McConaughy and one of the, one of the things that day, and I was like, so excited and later that night we had like a book launch slash birthday party and it was like just such a high.

And I remember just the next week, less than a seven days later being like, okay, what's. Yeah, right. What, what, where am I going? Right. I didn't even like sit in it. I didn't relish in it enough. And it wasn't until like year, like later, almost that I'm in like hindsight of man I'm I really miss that season.

I went right into the next thing. And so helping people define their metrics associated to what success looks like and for us to be able to simmer in that I think is really important. Yeah. I would say visualizing what success looked like absolutely is important. I'll be transparent. I didn't do that. I was just working.

So feverously, I mean, we were, listen, we were just, we were, we were in our twenties, you know, I'm in my third year, first year we was in our twenties and, you know, we were just figuring stuff out. We didn't really know what, uh, success looked like at the time. You know what I'm saying? We didn't really know that.

Um, and so, um, I, we all visualized, you know, what we wanted to become and what we wanted to do. We didn't, I I'll be honest. We didn't have any particular numbers, but I think the important thing for us is we knew what we wanted to do. We knew what the mission was. And so once we, we got on that mission and once we was able to achieve.

The thing that we wanted to achieve, we knew we got there. And I think that's exactly what you're speaking to. How do you know when you get there? How do you know when you achieve that level of success that, uh, that you're looking for? And I want people to visualize that I want people to, to think to themselves, what does that mean?

What does that look like? Um, for you, and then the feeling that that you're gonna have, but I can tell you this. When you get there, you cannot necessarily prepare yourself for that feeling. Cuz the feeling is something you've never felt before. So, mm that's so good. And I, you know, I think that essence of, uh, awe is, is what we find sense in when we're just sitting with the Lord.

Like he will give us that all struck wonder, and it's also something that we can tangibly feel here on earth so that we have. Continued pressing in to be with him because that's ultimately where that gift is coming from. Mm-hmm because we are ready enough. We're prepared enough. He's, you know, predestined that moment for you.

And so it's, that's that seal of approval that we're looking for literally like that from heaven. It's that moment where he's like, Here you go well done. My good and faithful servant, right? Yeah. Amen. So it's that four years, whatever that, that timeframe is for everyone else, just be patient as Travis is encouraging us to do, but also knowing you've gotta put in the work, right?

You, you didn't just sit on your hands and feet and like dreams. State that whole time when you were with prince a or anybody, or even yourself as you're getting through, um, your, your time, it's this knowing that like there's work to be done. And I don't mean that in the Martha way, like there's the Mary element too.

She was also working, but it's this knowing that it is possible, but through activation mm-hmm amen. All right. Well y'all, if you wanna see this guy who Darryl's calling the goat right now in the chair, Darryl hit me up. hit me up, brother. Yeah, you guys gotta come hang out with us in Nashville, grow your business for God's sake.

You make sure you get on my, on our audit, my hang out with Travis on Instagram and all the different places. He is someone to follow. And like I said, from the very beginning, someone who will not only help you in seeking your own contentment. Done the way that he shows up in the, in the world.

Um, but he has such, just positivity and positivity in social media is what we need more than anything at this point in our, in our lives and in our society. So, Travis, thanks for the work that you do. The mission that you're on to help support others who are impact makers and, uh, it's felt heavily appreciate you.

Thank you so much. Really appreciate you. All right. Y'all out. Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway snap APIC of the episode and share it on your stories or.

Send you can tag me and the guest and we will surely feature you on our Instas. Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the extras. Step, come on, give me that extra sauce and leave a review on iTunes for the podcast listening app.

That is of your choice. I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this gonna be so fun an upcoming episode. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to.

And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that. Speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and faith team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is the fit and faith way.

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