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The High Call to Serve Well with Vince Del Monte

What do they all have In common?






They all have Vince Del Monte in common.

While his journey started in the muscle category, it’s clear he’s put more energy into his spiritual mission, along with stamina, than anything else. This is how he’s established the mindset, money, and even marital strength in his life.

We unpack how he got started, the growth he’s seen, and we get real and raw in talking about being a Christian in today’s secular entrepreneurial world and our high call to serve well and stand up and showcase the abundance of our Father.

Near the end of the show, good ole Vinny even flipped the script and started asking me questions about the current temperature of the world and my perspectives and convictions on how to be an anchor when emotions are at their highest.

high call to serve well

Guest Bio

Vince Del Monte is a best-selling author, former WBFF Pro Fitness Model, an online fitness business coach but most importantly he’s a father of 3 and loving husband to his wife Flavia. For the past 12 years, he’s helped thousands of people transform their physiques through his coaching and online programs.

Today, Vince is known as one of the world’s leading sales and marketing fitness authorities. During this entire journey, Vince built a business empire that has consistently generated over a million dollars a year for over a decade. Working with online entrepreneurs and business thought-leaders in his high-level 7-Figure Mastermind and 6-Figure Coach Program where he coaches his clients to quickly scale their businesses and take a quantum leap, both mentally and financially. Vince built this business coaching organization with the intention that if he could help fitness coaches build thriving, ethical businesses that delivered enormous value, then that in turn would positively impact all the clients that the coaches were serving. He has also contributed to,, Men’s Health Magazine, and Men’s Fitness. Additionally, his work has been featured on Inside Fitness Magazine,, T-Nation, and many many more.

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Show Notes: The High Call to Serve Well

Tamra Andress

What do all of these words have in common? Mindset, money, muscle, ministry, mission, marriage? I think I even added an extra M in there, but all of it applies to this one person. Vince Delmonte, today’s podcast guest, is incredible. To know that his storyline really started with muscle and then all of those other winssix-figure compounded and built as he established a six figure then a seveight-figureen figure and even showcased eight figure entrepreneurs in that specific sector. He hosts Mastermind’s.

He’s been in magazines. He’s a best selling author, ultimately a coach and a friend, and now I get to call my brother. I am so honored to have this conversation. We unpack some really raw pieces about marriage, money, being a Christian in a secular entrepreneurial space, and what that means. His dad was a pastor, so we unpack that perspective and truly just his heart for what it is he does, which is a variable to what most people do. And so we’re uncommon, peculiar people doing something that’s out of the norm, and yet we’re breaking barriers and allowing God to be showcased in the midst of abundance.

So if you are somebody just looking to thrive, someone who will be looking to establish these five, potentially six things in your own life. I know for me all of them, including muscle, matters. And so let’s dive in here, even get this part at the end of the show where he flips the script on me because he’s a podcast host himself. He flips the script and puts me in the hot seat. And I dive deep about a hot topic of being a Christian in this high climate of emotional state that our world is in.

He even talked about a scenario that went down in his city and his own wavering in that experience and that emotion. It’s real y’all. I love to keep it real, that’s the whole point that you’re here. I would love for you to screenshot this episode, tag bothof us on Instagram or Facebook and just follow Vince del Monte. It’s not going to be something you’re going to regret at all and ultimately know that he’s following the one we should all be following and therefore you’re going to get some good and sweetness in this. So I’m excited for you guys to dive in and let me know what your biggest takeaway is, comment on it, subscribe, review – all the things. I love you guys. I appreciate you. And we’ll chat soon.

We are live on the Fit in Faith podcast and I’m so pumped to bring alongside a high energy man of God. His name is Vince Del Monte. And we got connected through the grapevine, who knows nowadays, right? Somewhere on social media. But I have just been just enthralled ever since I actually read your bio that was submitted and kind of learning about our connectivity through fitness, our connectivity through faith, your fatherhood, mine motherhood and so many other things, our finances and mental health and wellness and wellbeing.

That’s all what Fit in Faith became and emerged through two years ago. And so I’m excited to dive into your storyline and really unpack it a bit. So if you want to give yourself a intro. You are in so many different places. Talk to us.

Vince Del Monte

Yeah, well, first of all, thank you for having me. Tamra, it’s a pleasure to be here. And I just think it’s awesome what you’re doing because it’s amazing how many people are in our coaching program who are Christians. And it’s not the fitness business Christian coaching program either. So people are really looking for people who are rooted in more than just. And this to me, um, it probably sounds like doesn’t everybody want to have impact in that?

There are so many coaching programs out there is just about the money. It really is. It’s like we’ve attracted so many people into our world that say, wow, I can’t believe, like, you guys actually care and actually are selling great products. And I actually want to see your clients get results.

And I’m like, is it that normal?

And I know it’s actually not normal and not say that from a pessimistic standpoint, but there really is an opportunity for believers to get all areas of life intact.

I think that’s what my story’s really rooted in. I grew up in a Christian home. My father was a pastor for 19 years. And but they were him and my mom were Christians before that, just Christmas and Easter.

So I love that. Were probably a crucifix larger than this one, but I never really knew what it meant.

I grew up like Mafia movies at the same time and the big Italian family. So I knew how to live large, if you will. And yeah, my upbringing was in the world of long distance running. It’s probably it’s an important part of my story because it’s what I would say made me tough. I think that being a business owner, being a parent, being a believer, it’s it’s not easy.

And my running is probably what toughened me up and helped me embrace mental toughness, because I just find there’s a very a lot of very, very weak people these days.

So I’m I was given a very strong upbringing and the sense that I was given some great tools. One, you really trying to find my identity and who I am and as opposed to just what I do. So I think that kind of led to me taking more risks than most people would typically make. And I remember when I graduated university, I got a kinesiology degree. You know, you spend 50 grand on that. And then I ended up working at the YMCA for a whopping ten bucks an hour.

So isn’t it?

Well, imagine what my dad was thinking when he sees his son helping guys get on and off of the the cross trainer is like, is this what you’re going to do the rest of your life? So I realized early on, getting into the world of fitness, it was one of my dad’s right to be skeptical because he never met anybody in the fitness industry that was actually providing for their family.

Personal training was kind of like a stepping stone to something else or was a second job or was a third job, but it was never a primary source of income. So early on, I had to figure out, like, is this sustainable, like being self-employed and being in the fitness industry? And that was really what required me to start looking at, like, is there anybody who’s making more than forty eight thousand dollars a year as a personal trainer?

And there weren’t many people and I started that’s how I kind of started to see what was going on on the Internet. And I saw people who were doing very well on the Internet. But at the same time, I had no idea. I’m not a tech guy. I’m no tech skills to this day.

If you got a podcast going so you at least know how to talk and set up a Yeti Mike. Right.

I just know how to hit record. That’s a good I mean, I’m living proof. You know, I’ve built up multiple, multiple, six and seven figure businesses over the last decade, and I’m just putting that out there. If you’re not a tech person to this day, I’ve never edited a video in my life.

So I’m just kind of just to recap the whole story.

You know, I grew up in the fitness industry running. First, fitness industry second and I discovered the Internet in my mid 20s, so a little over 15 years ago, and I launched an ebook for skinny guys on how to build muscle. And it was based on my personal transformation of going from Skinny Veni to a pro fitness model. And who would have thought you could build a business out of helping skinny guys build bigger arms?

But that’s what I did. And I think I never again showed up with my faith first kind of thing.

But it was always like I let them know, Hey guys, this is my dad and my dad’s a pastor or Hey guys, I’m headed to church. Hey, guys, I just heard this great quote from my pastor. So it’s always there. I was I was always very and people were like, I can’t believe you talk about your faith. I can’t believe you talk about your faith with your. Is that good for business? I said, how do you know?

How do you know it’s not making my business thrive, you know?

So I kind of started to gain a reputation as a guy that, you know, he’s got this fitness thing going.

So he’s in this world of bodybuilding where you don’t wear much clothes and you go up on stage. I’ve got this information that I got this business that’s making all this money. So I’ve got this reputation and then I’ve got my faith persona. So I’m not your typical guy.

And I think I think I was kind of like a beacon of maybe hope, an interest for a lot of people have attracted a lot of people into my world just based on who I am. I would say definitely what I’ve done.

But it’s interesting. People gravitate more to who you are versus what you do. And and I think that’s been the message that I’ve been you comes through in a lot of my stuff. Like you can build a business based on who you are and being yourself, and you don’t have to water it down. You don’t have to keep it to yourself. And I’m very prolific with my faith. And we have a lot of people in our group who do not share.

We have different faith backgrounds, different sexuality backgrounds in our in our group. And it’s a big family. And everybody’s like they I think what the most interesting thing is, they’re like, oh, I feel safe with Vince, I feel safe with him. I believe that he’s got my best interests at heart. And, you know, I think that’s what I’m most proud of having, you know, use my platform in a way to show, like, you can reach a lot of people who don’t have the same faith as you without being weird.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely, and I think that that’s like such a necessity nowadays, especially with everything that has transpired in the last year, people are kind of grasping and looking for something that has at a firm foundation use the word rooted, which is so deeply ingrained in me. It was a word of my year, I think, when I was a couple of years ago for my birthday, I said a word every year that I just want to be my trajectory versus waiting for the new year of my new year on my birthday as it is for everyone.

And so it’s also the community of rooted entrepreneurs, core creatives. That’s the whole concept of it. And that rooted know, I actually struggled with do I put this face first or is it just who I am? And as my community started to grow around me, I realized that that was really the need even before the business growth. It was this need for being rooted, this need for being able to feel free and all of the different passions, all of the different gifts that people are given.

And I love that you teach people that to say you don’t have to water down any part of who you are. In fact, use that to use those variations, those different facets of who you are and bring them together to serve people uniquely in the way that only you and all the world can do.

Yeah, and I think also to add to this as well as like I’ve attracted my fair share of haters over the years, specifically my fitness business.

I’m a very I’m an aggressive marketer. I think that’s also something that I’ve come up against where with conversations with some of my Christian friends and that and and they’re like, how do you make sense of that? Make sense of what?

And it really just comes back to I find my credibility. I find my credibility in the product and the people’s lives who are being changed and we promote ethically, but we do promote hard because we believe in what we’re promoting. Yeah, I know that it can change people’s lives.

So I think, you know, when you truly know that your your heart’s in the right place and you have a service that can impact people, you’re not going to hold back. I mean, we’re running a birthday promotion right now and we’ve had over 60 applications in four days and and we’ve sent 12 emails out in four days. And people that’s crazy. I’m like, check, because I don’t want anyone to miss out. Yeah, we’re going to be.

So it’s just over time. I think when you start to become more and clear, more and more clear on who you are and that what you’re doing, is that right? You know, for for the right reasons. And you’ve got something that people truly need.

You really do you really do have an opportunity to stand out. And you know what I have access to?

I kid around with other pastors.

I’ve spoken on a few churches on Father’s Day and stuff and they say, what do you think you’re going to bring to the table?

I said, what am I going to bring to the table?

What you don’t have and what what what’s that?

And they say I say unbelievers. I’m going to actually tell my friends who are going to come and experience your your your Father’s Day service this weekend, because I’m going to tell them to watch it. And they’re only come because they trust me.

Well, I think that’s your opportunity.

And like what I challenge a lot of my faith friends to do is like, build your body, get buff like add more muscle, get stronger, build your business, increase your income. Because I feel like a lot of people want to trade up in all areas of life. I think this is the opportunity for faith based entrepreneurs like Build Your Business obviously ties as well. Right, is to give in yours to manage. But I’m finding the people that are managing what’s coming in, expanding even more.

Their territory is expanding and they’re they’re giving more opportunity to to impact and reach out further.

So all I’m saying is don’t hold back.

I see a lot of you know, I’ve just found a lot of some Christians are like really kind of tentative, but it’s like just go for, you know, don’t worry about it.

Perfect about having this perfect persona through the whole process of marketing. I want to unpack that for a minute, especially knowing that your dad was also a pastor, like, did you guys ever have some conversations about what this is like to me? I think my business is is part of my ministry. It is my ministry and including my ministry of motherhood and my ministry of being a wife and and all the other areas of my life. But did you ever have this conversation with your dad about, like money and ministry and what that looks like to to the church and to you as an entity?

Because I feel like that’s where the haters come into play. A lot is like how can you put your faith in the forefront and how can you ask people for money? And I’m like, well, it’s not about the money, it’s about the value exchange. What I’m offering and knowing that the value that’s coming out of it for them is a life transformation, not just a business that they’re building. It’s literally fruit that they have never even tasted before.

So talk to me about that ministry.

Well, at my parents, I mean, I watch my money was never really a big topic. I think they got by fine because they work with the navigator. So you can only make so much a year. And then if you have a surplus, they keep it.

So people when I told my parents, can I give you guys extra?

So know I my parents number one donor little more than all their lawyer friends.

So I’m I’m their top supporter on their number one supporter. Now I make my dad work for two. I bring them up, we’re going to stick together.

So I push him. He sends me like all my good stuff on my social media. It all comes from my dad. So I steal all the good stuff. So I make them work for it’s not it’s not a hand me. I’m like, Dad, you’re going to work for this month.

So far, so good. So first he’s OK with the money because he’s he’s met the people, my coaching program and he’s seen their lives change and he’s meeting the wives. He’s meeting the kids. He’s seen the stories is like this is this is what’s happening.

So and he sees how much we give. I mean, our our church elevation. I mean, they just announce how much they gave this past year, just their outreach team alone in this past year, they gave nine million dollars because of generous people who are reinvesting into the God’s hands and feet where I can’t be. So I I think people have no problem giving money.

But like you said, there’s got to be a value. There’s got to be value exchange.

So I’m the reason that I don’t I charges because when people pay, they pay attention. So it’s so true.

And I said earlier in the podcast, which, by the way, he has his own podcast, so you have to go check it out, the Ben Simmons podcast. And you said the words I already your priorities bried. What was it? I was so good. Oh, man. You’re you’re not potential possibilities when I’m talking.

Oh, you I know you’re talking about through the process.

Yeah. But where are your priorities. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.

I’m not sure the exact language I you I’m going to give it as you’re saying, but it was as you were starting to talk I was like yes. It’s more so about where those priorities are in our life, that then the, the, the overflow kind of comes from that. But it’s really making sure that we’re putting things like value add and serving above all the other things, even the money that I love presenting. If they pay, they pay attention.

And that’s good.

If there’s no skin in the game, there’s no game like I’ve tried to do the other way where like, hey, I’m going to help you out. It doesn’t work. If it worked, I would do it. If it actually if it was better to give away.

Obviously we’re talking about people who want to invest into getting access to knowledge, speed, relationships, accountability. You know, you have to pay a premium for those things or else you won’t feel fully utilized in action them.

And and really, at the end of the day, when you look at investments, it doesn’t people all you’re charging people a lot of money. I’m actually I’m not. It’s free. What do you mean free? You’re charging X amount. That’s a lot of money. I’m like, what does it matter what it costs? The ROIC is like five, 10 x a year, so it can actually cost them zero dollars.

I said the reason it’s so again and this is now the mindset of looking at what things cause versus what things cost and so good and like the only reason this won’t work is if you don’t follow the action, the program, if you’re if you’re not fully committed to this, then then you bring it back to their why and why do you feel called y? And then if we’re talking to Christians, you’re like, why do you feel called to do this?

And they’ll typically start to say, like, I’ve been praying about it.

I feel like a prompt in my heart and my gut gozman tell. So you’re telling me that these ideas have been placed in your heart and your mind and you think that they’re just going to. Not be seen through to completion. So now your faith is being tested. Yes, that’s true. So when it comes back to again, it always shows. Yeah, money always reveals your true priorities. Right. So I’ve challenged a lot, a lot of Christians who say, oh, you know, I want to do this.

I’m like, all right, well, let’s put your money where your mouth is. I don’t have it. Well, you don’t believe that if you come through, you know, if you don’t take the first step, he’s not going to take the next step. Yeah. That sound like this is a very strong faith you have.

What’s the point of this faith? Not even putting yourself out there?

So, you know, it’s and I say it obviously in a loving way, but unlike, you know, you’re right. You’re right. I’m like, yeah, you’re being tested right now to see if you actually can be trusted. Right. Pastor Stephen Verdict says it’s all about the second. Yes, right. The first. The first, yes. Is easy.

But when it comes time to say yes, a second time, if you don’t, then you know you’re. Yes. Can’t be trusted. You know, when as soon as it gets tested. So I always just reassure people like, hey, you’re on a journey to grow and are part of growing is to start to get outside your comfort zone. And I truly believe that comfort comes from the devil, you know, in generally speaking, doesn’t come from God.

So I’m like, this is just a test. You’ve been talking a whole long time about doing this. Here is your opportunity to see if you really mean it. And yeah, and I always tell people, you know, definitely praise if it all depends on God.

But when you come into my program, into your program, anybody’s program, you’ve got to operate as if it all depends on you.


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How many people do you know that just sit around and like, I’ve got this idea and they’re just telling you the idea and the idea is amazing that the idea has never taken root because they never activated the seed which has been gifted to them by God. And now this activation process is the watering is the toiling of the soil is doing this thing that it was not comfortable. It is hard. People are like, oh, my gosh, you’ve come out of nowhere in the last couple of months.

And I’m like, well, that’s because you didn’t see me when I was that deep in the dirt the last two years at 3:00 in the morning on my computer, at nine o’clock at night on my computer. So tired but so energized because I knew that it was coming because he already promised me and he already showed me that vision. And so if you have this dream in order for the dream to come alive, you have to activate it. And that activation part is the part that honestly, most people stop that or they get into it and they’re like, this is hard.

I’m out. And I’m like, well, you just invested this amount of time, energy and now money, and you’re still going to walk away from it. But I love that you you show that the Y doesn’t come on the just that investment. It comes on everything that’s led you up to that point. What have you been doing to become passionate about fitness this whole time? You started with running? I started with gymnastics. And then from there it was like, how are you focusing your body?

Like, where’s that priority? I was putting my body before everything else. And you probably got into this fight a lot with yourself, even in this in the muscle side of things and the showcasing side of things. And I wasn’t even doing it for a stage or trophy, but it was in its own sense of the word. And when I finally came into alignment with my faith and I found out like God also wants me to steward my body well, but in a total different lens, not what the world is asking of me, not my bathing suit size, not my jeans size, none of those things.

And I didn’t come into that knowing until after I was a mom. So fitness for me is just been literally every part of my life. It’s why I named the podcast. That’s why my book is titled Fit and it’s all the Things. But it’s realizing that the fit and the faith, they have to be synonymous. They have to be aligned. They have to be vertical and connected in order for you to actually do, I think, fit this well and for you to do faith well, you have to know that there is a body conscientious piece of activating, of actually moving my foot forward to step out of the boat.

Right. If I just sit in the boat and I’m not actually outside of the boat, I can’t just be in all of all the runners all the time. It’s like sitting on the sideline in class. And yet I want to lose ten pounds to lose ten pounds flopping on the sideline.

Yeah, you nailed it on the head. I think the term you use, the jump that was the harvesting term like you hear a lot of people, they want to reap the harvest. They want to see the the fruits of the work. But it’s a all along that takes a thousand and six.

I’m still trying to figure stuff out and every day just find. Yeah.

People the first time they hit their first storm and then they just check up and they hit the first roadblock and then it’s like, no, no, it’s going to take you a solid five, ten years to actually have something that is could potentially be sustainable.

But the first couple of years you’re just working through tons of, like, chitter chatter and like mental battles and a lot of starts and stops and a lot of testing because that’s what marketing is. Just a fancy nine letter word for test. And you even when you go into a coaching program, a lot of people come in, I think, with the with the belief that, like, the coach has got everything predetermined and they do to a degree.

But it doesn’t mean that the client doesn’t have to actually put stuff out there and test and get feedback and optimize and actually get better at all of these skills, copywriting writing stories coming up with hooks, better offers and better calls to action like that’s going to take you a long time to go, maybe, maybe a couple of years to become proficient and then a couple more years to become excellent.

So, yeah, I’m just sharing to everybody listening to just to appreciate that, you know, especially if you’re just getting started. It’s probably similar to your faith. The first year is the hardest.

Same thing in the first year, the hardest kid, same thing in a few years you’ll make it.

But most people we see the highest dropout rate in year one because it’s it’s just I don’t know if it’s social media. Too many false expectations like a patient’s comparison syndrome, ego, pride. They don’t run for help when they need it or. They should be further along, so they go dark, but it’s this is the now the power of being around other people who can start to normalize these problems for you and start to say, actually, this is all normal.

No, you’re not. You’re not you’re not unordinary. This actually happens to all of us. In fact, if this wasn’t happening to you, I’d be worried.

So I find that’s a huge part of the business journey and probably could be applied to every journey in life. But just. Managing those expectations and being patient and just realizing that Rome wasn’t built in a day, I’ve been doing this since two thousand and six. And I mean, every day I’m learning new stuff that’s like, oh, my gosh, this this this crap again, we’re dealing with this again.

Like, yeah, that’s that sounds like being an entrepreneur.

Yeah, it sure does. And I think that game of patience I’ve learned in so many parts of my life, I mean, we learn that in the body and the fitness realm when we’re going towards a fitness goal, just like nutrition, but also in parenting, definitely in my marriage and my faith walk for sure. God test my patience every single day. And it’s my submitting it back to him that I actually see and start to reap that horrible harvest.

And so it’s realizing that in this activation, one of the biggest things that you have to activate consistently is patience. And that’s not something a lot of people are willing to do because they do see they see the fruit in the comparison game. Of course, social media is a huge part of that. And they think I can do that, too. I can open a coaching business and I can be in the same exact place. And it’s just they never ask the back story.

And so really the most important part, and it brings us full circle to the conversation at the beginning is what are those people’s roots? And that’s like a huge heartbeat is to know that, like, whether it was painful, whether it was celebratory, whatever it is that they’ve gone through in the past, those fail forward moments, that they just kept being patient and saying, God, I know that this is going to happen because you told me and I’m going to keep walking it out.

I don’t ever think and you probably never feel this way when you wake up in the morning that you’ve made it. It’s not about money. So it’s where are you going next? What’s the bigger vision? What’s the bigger promise that God has gifted you in your impacting tens of thousands of people in their own kind of generational change, though?

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, you start hearing about I mean, what I heard yesterday, our pastor, Steven Fertik, shared how much they gave last year.

You just like. Wow, like you want to partner more.

You see God move in and you say God’s moving with or without me.

I want to get involved even more. So you start to see what you’re building.

I mean, once it’s like so small on the grand scale, but you see this opportunity to be a part of it and help contribute. So I’m like, wow, like I can’t contribute more if I’m just, you know, if I’m not taking massive action and I’m not fully analyzing my team members and becoming a better leader and I’m not getting clear on our vision and I’m not holding team members accountable in that. So if I’m not expanding, I think that’s it’s and that’s probably one of the toughest things for me.

Being a Christian is like staying in expansion mode because it’s so easy just to say.

A couple of years ago when my business first hit seven figures around the age of 30, I had a lot of people started telling me, like, what do you need to know, what’s wrong with this? And I actually started to, like, buy into it. I’m like I’m like, yeah, you’re right.

Why don’t I like why do I need more? But I was thinking about why do I need more?

It was it was it was like I was slowing down intentionally because I was comfortable not seeing that to get to the next level. It’s it’s both reinvesting, bringing on more team members, give it give more people part of the vision, growing the organization that more people have to win in order for it to grow.

You know, so good. It’s so good. It actually reminds me to what you said before about the investment piece of it. My husband says something about investing, too, like it doesn’t actually cost them anything. Right. They’re gaining. And so I was in this expansion phase of my own business and I’m like, I can’t hire. I don’t have I can’t afford her.

And he was like, what do you mean you can’t not afford her because she’s going to pay for herself? Yes. I don’t have to do anything. When she comes on board, she pays her salary. I don’t pay her salary. And so I just had to flip my mind to say, oh, my goodness, every single person I bring on working for themselves and 10 folding what it is that we’re doing towards a national perspective.

So here’s a question for you. Where does that come from when you get into that that that kind of like limit that self limiting belief or that regulator? Where does that come from?

You get out of my own mindset. Well, you and in general. Yeah, in general, I think it’s fear. I honestly think it’s fear. I think we know the possibility of our I know the possibility of my father. And I know that he’s capable of grandiose, that he’s gifted me business like literally have been knocked on the floor with these visions. Right. And so I get to a point where I’m like, OK, the only option here is growth.

And just like you said from the get go, I could stop in the comfort. You could stop at the seven figures and say, I’m comfortable here, which we already established is from the enemy. And God says, no, take another step. Take another belief in me to have greater faith that I’m not just doing this for you. Taking away the mirror and giving the mirror to other people and saying you to your dream is a part of this mission.

And so let’s activate, let’s come together. Let’s create teamwork and flourish further. If I want global impact, which I do, I so desperately want that, how can I create that if I’m staying in my little community and I’m the only one person I can only touch so many people. So the ripple effect exists with everybody that we link arms with, whether it’s a coaching client, whether it’s ten ninety nine person who comes on for one thing, for your business, they’re all affected by the mission and the dream.

Yeah. Yeah, I agree. Yeah. I just think like who’s even coming up with these numbers anyways.

They’re just numbers and so who’s who, who am I to judge how much somebody makes or how much somebody gets or like that’s they’re just it’s just like you said, an exchange of value. So I just thought it was good to touch on that because I think a lot of people get tripped up with, like, you know, that people it always comes back to your relationship with money, but why aren’t you just happier?

And then there’s also the fear, too, that if, like one is enough, enough they want the more one is enough.

And I think that is a good question. And I try not to I try not to overthink it a lot. I really just try to operate with boundaries. In my case, when I work, I’m going to hit the gas as hard as possible. Right. And as long as I’m not. Sacrificing non negotiables and my wife on board, and we’re not we’re operating within time frames that we’re going to be working anyways.

Yeah, what’s what’s the difference? So I think that’s also, I think, a fear people have. Like, they’ll get to a point and I won’t lie.

Like, the more you making, the more you go, the more you do want to keep seeing what’s possible.

I really do feel like, though, it’s from a place of curiosity. See how much further can we reach because you start to realize, like, what’s actually holding you back. It’s, Oh, my man, if I was a better leader or if I had a clear vision, if I had better infrastructure, if I made better hires, then we’d be growing just by default. So it’s not necessarily it’s not a greed thing.

It’s more of this we’re improving with with the more you learn, the more you earn, the more the more you know, the more you grow. So it just comes with the territory.

I think a huge part of that and we sort of mentioned it is is the concept of stewardship is if you’re giving if somebody is giving you something and you’re not stewarding it, well, they’re probably not going to give something to you then. Right. It’s like I’m wearing my mom’s sweater today. And she already texted me this morning and said, don’t put that in the washer and dryer. I’m old school. I like to hand wash my stuff because it stays better, longer.

If I decided to do against her will and not treat it valuably, then she’s not going to let me borrow again. So if you look at it from a different perspective, from our God, the father, and he’s like, hey, I’m going to give you what you’ve been praying for because you’ve been working for it and you took the step out of the boat. But if you take your eyes off of me and you’re not stewarding what it is that I’ve given you, well, then there is going to be a component.

There’s going to be a cost to that. It is that costs your marriage. I was there and that was a part of my testimony. I went all in. I was working 60, 80 hours a week at two CEO positions. Right. And like where in the title, the achievement mode, like I was doing the thing, American Dream, and yet I was sacrificing what God gave me first. And that was my home. That was my kiddos.

That was my husband. And and I had to take a self check and it went Rugg without me. I was gone. All the dreams of the money and the ideas and the impact it was it disappeared. And I had to come back into alignment from a perspective of just like you said, who am I and what are what’s the value of these things and what are my priorities, what are my values in life? And I love Stephen Fertik.

He’s incredible. I’ve I’ve actually visited your church a Valentine a couple of times when I think Charlotte it’s such a great, incredible ministry of him and Holly are both amazing. But he he’s done so many things for me in my life, in another whole city, in families and churches. And he doesn’t even know us. He doesn’t know, but he knows his mission is impact and he knows his mission is discipleship. And he just stays the course even when he’s tired, even when things aren’t fully the way that he imagined that they would be.

Even when there’s haters, because there’s always haters. He just keeps saying yes and it keeps expanding because God trusts him because he’s stewarding it. Yeah, that’s amazing.

Yeah, they I read a good one by Dave Ramsey, the legacy journey that’s been very influential for me.

And it talks a lot about it’s his to give and hours to manage and just mindset that it’s not even mine in the first place is is a really powerful and that that’s not the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the sacrifice.

It really just helps you reframe what you have from like how much do I trust God and how how much, you know, your capacity is going to reveal his abilities.

Your capacity is limited to gifts. You’re not really going to get to see how powerful he really is.

So if you if you commit the first half but you can’t get the second half, well, you’re going to see if he’s going to come through or not.

Yeah, it’s so true. You’re right. It’s really a test to see how much do you really trust me. And I’m like, you’ve brought me this far. But it is kind of like you said, it is fear. I want to give more, but I don’t have it. But that’s kind of the point.

So the point is not to have it. The point is to maximize your faith and to get you to to discover another level of relationship with him. Right. So, yeah, that’s kind of the point not to have it. So that’s scary. But that’s when you got to operate on an action I just trust. Right.

That’s the thing. Right. If if if the end outcome was already like here’s what it’s going to be, then what’s the point of the journey?

It’s so true whether you’re staying in comfort all the time and nothing grows in that space, nothing, it’s so true. I love that. And even knowing that the energy source and this was a I was coaching on this earlier is energy. And people always thinking, like, you have boundless energy. And I’m like, no, I was just really tired yesterday. I have to take a nap. But in the midst of that, I was lay I lay down and I told myself, you’re going to rest.

My mind starts running, my ideas start bubbling my I pop out of bed. Twenty minutes later I naft I rested and I started going again because God literally infused me because I lay down and I gave it to him. In that process, I said, God, I’m tired right now and I know I have a thousand things to do that you’ve gifted me the opportunity to do it show up. And so this energy source is not our own. We’re literally plugged into the ultimate energy, the ultimate power that gives us this overdrive experience, this overflow experience.

But if you if you don’t if you don’t stay aligned, if you don’t stay connected to that and you try to grasp towards the other things away from that stewardship, the weight from that faith first. Oh, man, it’s a crash and burn waiting to happen.

Scary the area I love to hear your thoughts on. I’m turning the tables on you here.

My coat on. I love it. Let’s hear it. But no, I love to hear you. I’m always looking to hear your thoughts on you know, I like to just cut to the chase, but this whole last eleven months with politics and covid, it’s probably not.

They always say it’s not good for business to talk politics and controversial subject matters on a platform, but I’ve seen some pastors maybe say a little too much about what their opinion is.

And I don’t know if people go to church to hear the pastor’s opinion. They’re coming to get God’s opinion. But then at the same time, it’s pretty dang hard not to maybe whatever side you stand on, it’s hard not to see something. How have you? What’s your advice on going through, like, all this craziness, like in Toronto? Just give you an example to give you more context. We’re in lockdown for another twenty eight days. Small business owner has just got completely shamed by the community for opening up and risking the spread, despite literally across the street a two minute walk.

Costco’s got like two thousand people in there and Wal-Mart’s got two thousand people and they bring about 80 police officers, six horse horses, and they take away this young father of two young kids away in handcuffs. Like it’s it’s tough.

Like I believe that we serve a sovereign God and that justice will prevail. And his hands on all this.

But just just your thoughts on maybe advice, just like, you know, I see some people go right through it. They don’t say anything on it, others a little more vocal. You have any thoughts on, you know, just a wise way to kind of like Legia, because it’s obviously on everybody’s mind. Yeah, absolutely.

If you talk to marketers, the thing is you always address the like the line in the room.

But then I’m wondering, like, is this or I’m always curious to hear other Christians thoughts on just how much to say, how little to say and just how to manage your platform like people are looking to you. What are what are your thoughts on all that?

So my question I have. Yeah, right. Is I really I don’t I don’t know you.

I don’t know I don’t know where you stand on any of this either. So I throw it up. I think it’s a valuable conversation. I’ve talked about covid quite a bit on here and my perspective on on faith first, even in that conversation and knowing that I take care of my body and I want to steward rules. Right. That’s something that we are supposed to be doing even as Christians is coming alongside the government. Right. Like the governing body above us.

However, the ultimate governing body is our God. And if somebody isn’t going to limit me, my children, my family, from living a life that I believe God has already gifted us. And so it’s our job, I believe, as Christians, I believe as influencers to show up well. And for me, my heart in that is to illuminate and to breathe light. And if I am called to be on a lamp stand, I am called to be in a lamp stand.

Does that mean that I need to downplay what another side is doing or what a disagreement factor is? No, that’s that’s not my call. However, I do partner with and I’m standing alongside many people, whether they consider themselves activists or conspiracy theorists or whatever that looks like. I also am proponents of them. And so if you want to know, like the true political side or the conspiracy theorists side of me, see who I follow and you’re going to know what that is.

But ultimately, the one person I follow is, is God and God is already finished this problem. And so as I’ve walked through twenty twenty and I’ve hear I’ve heard not only heard, I’ve seen fear, fear in people’s eyes. I’ve recently been traveling a lot to Mexico because my in-laws live there and my kiddos go and stay with them. And so many people are like, you’re crazy, like how are you doing this? And I’m like, well I put my faith in God who is the ultimate decider of my health.

And we go because family matters and my in-laws have been starving for the babies in their life. And I don’t want to separate or segment something that I believe is truer than a mandated rule that may or may not be true. Right. And so I was standing inside of what’s at Customs. Right. And already Customs is kind of a weird thing when you’re a single mom traveling with a baby. I already have my hand like locked on their backpack.

Right. And they don’t like it because they’re in the stage. They’re six and seven and they’re independent. They can do it themselves. But I’m looking around at people who used to at least maybe smile. I could at least trust that like an older adult maybe was looking adoringly at my my children and like, I felt safe in them. And I felt like, OK, they can have a conversation and they can go talk to them or look at their dog or whatever it be.

It was so fear based. It literally made me want to throw up. First off, you have people in Mass. So nobody’s talking to anybody, they’re not even talking to the person that they’re with, the directly with, you can’t have phones, which already makes it look weird because people are interacting in that way. And it is just stone cold silence. And it literally looks this like we were in a concentration camp, like that’s what came to life in me.

And I thought, this is not the way of the world. This is this is not the way of heaven, that’s for sure. And I am I am not fearful at all. I’m going to speak out the fact that God is sovereign, like you said, but it scares me where things could go. And ultimately, I believe our job is influencers, is to provide a blanket, a blanket of peace, a blanket of joy, a blanket of grace, a blanket of mercy.

No matter the perspective, no matter the barrier, no matter whatever your political beliefs are. I am standing with you. I’m not standing against you. But ultimately, we have to we have to have trust. We have to have faith. And with a steward, what we already know to be true and a lot of the things that are coming our way are not true. And it’s sad and it’s frustrating.

I’m going to have to have you on my podcast to get your share. That’s why I think that’s what I that’s what I pray for most every day. I feel like, you know, I ask God every morning, like, hey, teach me one.

Destroying my spirit. And also, let me know when they need to rest my spirit and reminded that you’ve got this under control because I’ll go off on tangents that just go.

There you go. You guys all know right now. But so I’m just doing my best. I’ve got a lot of Italian blood in me.

So people are made for that, though. That’s I’m not I wasn’t born like that, me speaking out as much as I have spoken in the last five years of my life. Holy cow. My family has been like, what’s happening? Because they didn’t understand vulnerability. They didn’t understand transparency. They didn’t understand authenticity.

And if we want to really talk, does America does America know those things? And like America, who’s supposed to be stewarding this whole thing? Well, not doing so well and so understanding that truth, vulnerability and authenticity that really breeds connection. And I believe breeds started the father, because if I can tell you that I’m not always comfortable being the only white person in the room or I’m not comfortable if I’m with a bunch of white people and I don’t have another color in the room, that’s not being truthful in the fact that this is uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable for us just as much as it’s uncomfortable for you. And it’s us. It’s us together, collectively. So I love when people speak out and I think it’s needed more often. It’s just a matter of making sure that we’re taming it to to the heart of the father and not going in our in our outside of our spirit realm to do that.

Yeah, I’ve been tested quite a bit. I think that’s you know, I’m trying I’m trying to fight the right way.

I guess that’s the question.

Trying to figure out like how what’s the right way to fight because what’s the right way to fight?

How do I fight like a kingdom warrior? Because it’s easy to take to social media. And I went to the protests. Oh, my gosh, it’s huge.

I’ve never I haven’t even heard of that scenario.

Yeah, I was actually on my birthday. I spent my first day, so. And then you wonder, like, should I even be talking about this right now? But I’m like for me personally, I would feel inauthentic not to at least address it.

I think it’s, you know. It is scary and I think we we we do have to take that posture of God’s hand is on the situation. He’s, you know, he’s a sovereign God. He’s already seen this all. But at the same time, like, where do I fall into play? Like, it’s easy to you know, I know churches here in Toronto that are meeting privately and I know others that have just like laid down. And they’re just like, I don’t know.

The analogy I use is, you know, I don’t want to get into it, but I think they’re starting to see like over the last 11 months, we’ve been told by people we need to trust that there’s a tiger. And I think finally, a lot of people are starting to look around like, have you seen a tiger?

You have I’ve been I don’t see a tiger.

Maybe we can maybe we can get together because I haven’t seen a tiger in 11 months. I think so.

I’m just trying to figure out, like, do you promote or do you get how much or is it a distraction?

Do I just like what’s the point of I guess what happens, though, is like, you know, when you see the government say that church is non-essential. Yeah. Strip joints are open in California. And what they say that what we do on Sundays is not important. Like what? Who we worship and when we come together, it is not essential.

And when then I see our own church not even doing anything about it, you start to walk like anybody, anything. This church, the fact that we’re all men here with their hands up every Sunday, but none of us are even willing to even discuss maybe something without being afraid of what somebody else might think.

Then you start to wonder, what’s my faith all about this? Just a nice little. Is this nice comfort food for me on Sundays?

I feel good. I post some stuff on social media. Or is it does it actually mean something? So I’m OK having the conversations because I know I’m not the only one thinking it’s true.

I mean, every single person is. And that’s what’s so frustrating. It’s as I have definitely tested the limits more than, let’s say, somebody in my my mother’s age bracket. Right. Where they’re like follow the rule. Like, that’s what you always do, follow the rules. And I just feel like there’s freedom where there is God and we are imparting that everywhere we go. And so even something little like walking into Target and not wearing a mask and I see people staring at me like you’re not following the rules.

And I’m also not within six feet of them. I’m not coming into their little bubble. I’m not being rude, but I’m like, I’m healthy. If you feel like you’re going to be compromised, please wear the mask. Right. And and I’ll I’m going to be respectful of that. But I’m not going to do something that I don’t feel is is necessary. And I’m sure there will be backlash on every single choice that we make, whether we do it or we don’t.

And I have people on both sides are like, why are you wearing a mask? And like, well, it’s mandated. And then why are you not wearing a mask? Because I’m free. Like, we’re wearing this really weird area, this gray area. But Sundays are not just meant for us to hands up that day. I should be walking hands up Monday through Saturday as well. And what is that look like? I think is ultimately your question is like, how do I support that small business guy?

How do I come to this protest and do so peacefully? Because that’s what you want God would do, but also God through those tables over in the temple when they were doing something wrong. He’s not a god of just like peace in that way. He’s a god of peace. But he also has anger. He also has a desire for change. He also has a kingdom mindset where he’s like, we’re going to fix this thing and there are going to be some people in hell at the end of it.

And so I just believe that we need to renegotiate, not renegotiate. We need to re-evaluate what that looks like every day. And it’s going to continue to shift and change as things continue to shift and change here. And I applaud your boldness and I love your Italian heritage for that reason.

Like, come on, we’re definitely not afraid to throw our time in the ring. But I was yelling at the reporters a little too loud.

Then I realized, oh, people are represented here. But Wahhab, I think one thing I’m aware of is like, but then right there you catch yourself and you think of who our enemy is, who are real enemy is our enemy is the devil and the devil is a divider. So so all of a sudden you’re like, OK, just caught myself there. I’m actually this is exactly what the devil wants. He wants this division between me and the reporter that I want to go.

Yeah, but what if I think about how to go and hey man, I’m just curious how how’s your day going?

I know it’s fine actually. Bridge, you know, so I’m trying to try to look at all these these every time you’re like, oh man, I’m going to rip this guy apart.

And then you’re like, no, that’s exactly what the devil wants. He wants me to divide, divide, divide. He’s winning. He’s probably sitting back up in wherever he’s right now having a. Mean Afghanistan stuff, then you’re like, and I’m so. Try to move through these situations knowing that God is or will they make sure there is a way but and probably the way isn’t to create more division with people, but at the same time, to be able to have a conversation and try and get an understanding of where you come in from.

Like our personal family got divided this past summer because my brother, my middle brother, I don’t see things the same way as everyone else.

Now, fortunately, we’ve we’ve we’ve you know, we got to a point where we didn’t have Thanksgiving together as a family, which is crazy for our family.

And we’re we’re now going to make Christmas work. But there’s going to be a bit on his terms where he’s going to be more comfortable with them not being at the place, but having dinner, maybe in the basement in my mind.

And I didn’t that’s like crazy. But I’m like, is that what it’s going to take for us all to get together?

And he said, yes, I’m like, totally cool that the relationship is worth more to me than being right. So I value our relationship and I need to have a vision for the future. And I think something that I’m watching from a lot of Christian leaders, you know, guys like Craig, Rashelle and Fertik and like they really are like the kingdom focus, like so far down the road. They’re aware that, like, we have to make decisions that are going to ultimately like we can’t go so reckless that all of a sudden we lose it, like you got to be wise.

So I think that’s what I’m looking for. Like, what’s the what’s the wise play, if you will? Not in not from a comfort standpoint of like making an excuse not to speak up and be strong, but from the standpoint that, like, you don’t, like, destroy everything you’ve built the last 20 years and I’ll burn all your bridges and you’re like, there you go, the devil. Gotcha. So it’s I’m definitely not saying I’ve got to figure it out, but I’m starting to see, like, some avoid division.

You see conversation don’t water down. Like if like I tell my pastor, like, this is ridiculous, man, we need to do something like, you know, I love you. I wouldn’t tell you this if I. But what do you guys feel like? We’re not going to do anything. We’re just going to wait. What if we’re done? Is this it? Do I have to start the church myself? Like, do I have like a do I have to.

Are you guys done this like so when you hear about the tiger, I guess you got two options. Either just say, you know what, this this is too hard.

I’m just going to lie down dead or I don’t know. I haven’t seen a tiger for four for eleven months. Have you guys maybe we should maybe we should do something. I don’t know.

I’m just just throwing it out there anyways. I don’t know if any of that makes.

No I think it’s so no it absolutely makes sense. And like you said, I think it’s addressing the elephant in the room. Right. Like everybody thinking it, everybody has, especially during the holidays, maybe even more so than they had in the past. They’re being confronted with it and trying to wrestle with. But this is Norm. But is this Norm? Is this the new norm? And realizing ultimately and you said it out of your own mouth like relationship matters most.

And so are you honoring the relationships through this time? And are you doing it with creating a bridge versus burning it and making sure that that’s the forefront? Because that the church that has to be the forefront if we’re going out to go throw stones, we know what happened there. Right. And so it’s our job to just come again in that component of peace, but also that component of truth, because peace and truth are connected in that. And we we might feel disgruntled.

There might be a moment that we’re swaying, just like you said, like you’re talking to the reporter outside of your norm. But ultimately you’re anchored and you’re anchored and you’re rooted. Back to that word from the get go. You’re rooted in the one who is the truth, giving God who then convicted you on the spot because you’re connected to him. And you said, OK, I see what you mean.

And and that’s going to happen as long as we as the church stay abiding, stay stewarding, say, doing all of those things while our church is still meeting. We’ve been meeting since this has happened and half of them are wearing masks. Half of them are supposed to be mandated. But we have a freedom of choice. And it blows my mind, even from a capacity standpoint. I’m I’m proud of the way that they’ve responded. And and I think if somebody walked into closed down the church, there’d be an uproar.

Yeah, that’s awesome.

Well, I think I know that’s good. I think I mean, I always like to say that the devil overplays his hand.

And there we see what’s happening here. So we just have to kind of be aware of that as we have trouble.

I think ultimately, like just realizing that as you activate your dream, whether that’s into a coaching program, whether that’s into a family dynamic that’s outside of your norm or something. Is in your norm and you’re going back to that place in a new way, it’s knowing that like God is in the midst, it’s already been planned and we have to step into it regardless of how uncomfortable it is. Again, it goes back to that, have faith in the discomfort, because he is the one who brings comfort anyway.

And I’m excited as more people say yes to their dream, that creates a bigger ripple effect. And it’s not just the finances, it’s the freedom factor that comes along with saying yes to it.

That’s that’s what I would finish up with saying to be proactive right now, I don’t be it’s so easy to be reactive right now. But I mean, the truth of the matter is, is that nobody’s taken away your freedom for what time you wake up, that what you put in your body, how much you sleep, how hard you train, how much time you spend with your family. Nobody’s taken away that freedom. Nobody’s taking away your freedom to create better offers, to market harder, to sell harder.

Right. And the truth is, is that, yeah, fear comes for folks if you’re focusing on. Right. So you get what you focused on. So what you focus on grows. So I find if you’re if you’re focused on fear, you’re just going to it’s just going to magnify. So, you know, I tell my students, like, right now, your business should be thriving. It really should be thriving because so many people are lost and are looking for leaders.

And I coach people that help trainers and millions of people have lost their gym memberships.

And fitness isn’t going anywhere. People that’s the number one way to, first of all, still stay healthy, live a long life. So people are looking for online solutions. So this is an opportunity if you decide to see it as a gift, but a gift has to be received. So you have to just accept that, hey, I’m going to focus on growing my business right now and I’m going to just focus on what I can control and and see God faithful through this.

And I think a lot of people are experiencing in his favor, to be honest, who have fully trusted in him. So believe it or not, there’s a lot of people who are seen exponential growth right now because I chose to be proactive and reactive and get caught up in all this and say, I’m just gonna wait it out. I’m going to see what happens, though. I’m going to go right through the middle right now. And I know a lot of business owners are seeing pretty incredible growth because they’re deciding to take the reins and be leaders for their people and give solutions.

And and I think that’s I think that’s a great posture for everybody to have as well. See this as a blessing, not as a curse. And just focus on what you can control, which is a lot of stuff.

Yeah. So good. That’s so. So why is your so I want to call you Vinnie now because of what you said.

So I love my buddies. Call me Vinnie. That’s all that’s happening with a.

Yeah. I love it so. Well, Vince, it was amazing to have you. I already feel like I want to get up and go running and I already worked out today, so hopefully I don’t do that myself. But I appreciate your energy. I appreciate your vulnerability. And I am excited for people to get connected with you. So tell us beyond your you have a six figure and a seven figure mastermind, is that right? And other places that they can get in touch with you?

Yeah. Yeah.

We’ve got the best place to get in touch with me. I’ll keep it super simple because nobody remembers more than two things. My Instagram account, Avance Delmonte. They’ll find my blue verified account. And yeah, we’ve got a podcast. I’ve got two coaching programs for trainers. You want to start Groer scale? The best place to connect is to see what I’m up to on on my Instagram account or Facebook. Vince Delmonte, I’m on there as well.

Awesome. Well, it was a pleasure. I’m so excited for people to get in connection with you and Godspeed. Stay stay lined up for love it.

Awesome. Thank you once again. Hey, it’s me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let’s solidify the flame. I’d love for you to take a step right now. And declaring your take away by snapping a pic of the episode, you tune in to share your sparked moment and tag me at Biton Face Underscore podcast or me personally at Tamara Andress on instead.

I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Bitten Food Podcast listeners. We’re totally in this together. Community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to lead a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app. I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say.

I’m ready to fuel the flame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, help, wealth and wholeness. Tune in next time.

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