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The Entrepreneurial Mastermind of Foodqu!rk with Kristin Barclay

So some of my favorite podcasts have been with people that I've known longer than just through social media. And I've actually had firsthand experience with, and I get to call them family. And Kristin Barclay is one of those people.

We're going to tell the backstories of how we got to where we are, but more importantly, Kristen's going to share with you the vision of what's to come. And she is a fellow entrepreneur and has been at the game much longer than me in the inner workings of something incredible.

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About Kristin:

The entrepreneurial mastermind behind Foodqu!rk, the first food personality language and community, launching Summer 2021, Kristin Barclay has spent her career at the helm of marketing initiatives for household brands and scrappy startups alike. A well-rounded brand marketer and storyteller with 20 concentrated years of holding leadership positions in the online and offline marketing, ecommerce, and media spaces, the phrase “bite off more than you can chew'' doesn't apply to Kristin. There is little she loves more than sinking her teeth into a new challenge.

After beginning her career on the West Coast leading e-commerce for behemoth brands Pottery Barn Kids and BabyCenter, Kristin and her family moved back to the East Coast to start a new chapter. There, as the owner and founder of Bow + Stern, she helped build and market strong, organic, living brands with specific focus on launching digital properties and bringing both legacy and new brands to consumers. Now, as the VP of Technology and Ecommerce for a thriving Virginia-based enterprise, she focuses on new technologies, product management, customer experience, and overall strategic initiatives.

Where to Find Kristin:

The Entrepreneurial Mastermind of Foodqu!rk with Kristin Barclay

So some of my favorite podcasts have been with people that I've known longer than just through social media. And I've actually had firsthand experience with, and I get to call them family. And Kristin Barclay is one of those people. She is a quick sister of mine as of a few years ago, and we got to work in tandem and shifting seasons of our life that you're going to learn about during.

The specific podcast, uh, we're going to tell the backstories of how we got to those seasons, but more importantly, Kristen's going to share with you the vision of what's to come. And she is a fellow entrepreneur and has been at the game much longer than me in the inner workings of something credible.

It's a massive companies that you would hear about from New York city to Chicago, to Silicon valley, to right here in our backyard in Norfolk, Virginia. And it's been amazing to have her wisdom in the growth and development of what I'm doing, but more so, just that partnership, that person that I can call and say, Hey, I need your, or I need your support, or, Hey, how's it going?

Because we're both in the grind sometimes. And so she brings beautiful perspective and I love so much that she is the truth. Oh, you use your testimony and what you've gone through and what has affected you both from a pain and a passion perspective to step into your purpose. So I encourage you to listen all the way through.

You're going to hear some inside jokes. You're going to hear some inside stories and it really goes to show how important it is to have your net worth as your net work and making sure that you are really investing in relationships no matter how long it's been. Since you've talked to that person, I would encourage you today.

Maybe even in. Listening to this podcast to simmer on who's the person you could touch base with and just send them some love, send them some words of encouragement, get the coffee date on the schedule, whatever it is, know that we see, you know, that you are seeing and know that in this podcast, no matter if you're a stay at home, mom, if you are a woman as the CEO executive, the highest higher rise God is with you.

And he's purposed you to something magnificent and it's intended to impact the world. Kristin Barclay with food. Quirk. If I didn't say that yet, booed, quirk. You guys got to get www food, You got to get at the biggest table in the world. Everybody's invited and you are too. So go check out food porn on Instagram and get a reservation.

All right, Kristin, I love you.

Welcome to the fit and bait podcast fit is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mine by. Soul alignment of entrepreneurs and kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories, talents.

As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Uh, you guys were doing all the things. I love new technology. Kristin Barclay is the person to do it with. We are also going live on Instagram and I see some people coming in. That's so fun. It's a total different thing then pastor Travis. I see Brian has all right. I see you join. So I go here. Yeah, you're going to request to join.

Thanks for bearing with us. You guys, this is a first time for the fit and faith podcast, which is hilarious. Considering we've been doing this for three years. You think we'd be OGs in the Instagram world, but we're live on YouTube, Facebook and

Instagram. We're live on Instagram. So you guys probably have no idea what's happening right now. I kind of don't either.

Let me take a deep breath. All right. So think the podcast here we are. I have been honored to know this beautiful woman for several years now. I feel like there's some feedback. Do you hear that? We'll do, trying to figure out this is the joys of Instagram blended with all of the other lives. It might not be.

We're just being patient. Wonder if I take this over here because of the sound? Is that what it is? I know, but I have the phone off real time interaction. You guys. It might not be your Chris and I's. I tried this three years ago when we were in studio with all of my guests, which she is right here in Virginia Beach, by the way, even though she's lived in all the cool cities, um, I'm probably gonna pop off Instagram.

I think it's okay. Really? I hear feedback, but maybe it's me.

How's it sound here. You guys see we're on. Okay. Michael said it's really loud. Thank you. Quest for advice is saying hello. Any other feedback on sound?

Wow. No is loud feedback.

see, this is why you can echo echo, echo. They're saying, all right, Instagram live. We love you, but we're here for the fit and faith podcast. We'll figure it out. Hey Greer, is there some kind of Greer, firs your son, your Greer go find us on Facebook or YouTube and LinkedIn. Your mama is going to be famous.

And just a couple of minutes. She already is in my heart. Bye. That's funny. Okay.

Woosah, we're starting over. We're not really starting over. We're starting. Okay. You guys who's live with us. We've got some live viewers on here as well, so we're so excited. Um, yep. Even heavy is on here. There is feedback and echo Gary hot hubby. That's what he's in my phone. All right here. Kristin Barclay has been a friend of mine for several years now.

And this journey has evolved literally right alongside her. And I say literally because we shared office space at friends school where our kiddos go to school. I say kiddos, actually, her kids are grown and they're moving on. They're spreading their wings to high school, both of them this year, but more than just a mama, just like both of us, we both have.

Entrepreneurial brains. Like I know many of our, uh, our people who join us here on a consistent basis do constantly moving in a thousand different directions, but always with a vision to just live an ample life of joy of purpose and of serving other people. And so she has a rap sheet of a bio. And if you haven't listened to it before, I'm going to run down just a couple of things, because I think they're so noteworthy in who you are.

But before I do that, thank you for being.

I love being here. I'm so grateful. Thank you. Damn near such a doll. Well, here we go. So she has, like I said, this entrepreneurial mastermind and she is an, the actual entrepreneurial mastermind of a new company launch. If you have yet to hear about food, quirk, then I'm going to hold the I'm going to hold the weight on that one.

That would be my fault if you've yet to hear about food clerk, but we have talked about it here on the show before I need to get like a commercial airing for food court, because it would be rad. It's something that I've been able to watch from afar, but also ingrained in since the beginning, uh, is a food personality language.

Okay. And so I am very familiar with Enneagram. You guys hear me talk about that often? And so this is kind of the parallel to that in many ways, but the next piece of it is really cultivating community for people who like food, is that you? Yeah. I mean, everyone likes food of some sort. And so food court launched just now, like within the summer realm and there's going to be way more to come.

Um, but that's one area that we've been able to partner in. And then in addition to that, her backstory is in household brands like pottery barn. Um, Ethan Allen, she's done offline marketing e-commerce media space work. Um, she never bites off more than she can chew. And I say never, never a. It's two words of exclusion, right.

But it literally doesn't apply to us when there's this operation of flow. And so we're going to talk about all of these things and more you started in the west coast. You've been on the east coast, your families from all over the map, but you now are residing in Virginia Beach. Well, Norfolk, but Hampton roads with me.

And I am honored for that. So let's dive in. Okay, let's go. Let's go. All right. So let's talk specifically about all of the things in the regard to entrepreneurship and how, when you first like jumped into where you in San Francisco and Silicon valley at that point, where were you guys when you started, like your first entrepreneurial, like mindset?

Yeah, well, actually it was, um, it was right after my husband and I got married, so I, I would school for fashion merchandising. Yeah. And, um, you know, and when I got out of school was like, when e-commerce was taking off and I was like, oh, I like that better. You know? And, um, it just like parlayed me into this whole new world.

Right. I was a part of a, you know, one of the first, uh, home furnishing startups. Um, I, we started in DC then went to New York and then went out to San Francisco. And it was, um, it was a really, it is just like that. I got the bug, you know what I mean? I saw someone doing this. I saw someone like completely disrupting, you know, something that like, who would buy a couch on the internet, thousands.

You've got to be crazy. Right? Like it was that it was, I was having conversations with these vendors are like, no, no, no, this is the way like people are going to do. They're like, we don't believe you. We don't really, you know what I mean? Now look at that, right? Like Wayfair is like one of the biggest companies ever.

And so that's where I got my bike. Like that's where I got, like, I was like, oh, I want to do that. You know? And so, and I was lucky enough to get. And be a part of a couple amazing brands. Paderborn kids is one of them. What you, which you mentioned, and then, um, BabyCenter, which is like the number one, uh, pregnancy prenatal and postnatal website.

And with both of those with, with Palmer and kids, it was, um, I was hired on to help launch it's e-commerce and so let's, it was taking like a legacy. Retail brand, you know, online and like, what does that look like? You know, and how do we, how do we keep that brand in a way that now is. AMI. Right. And so that was just like, that was bootcamp for me.

Like I had my start-up heart and then I had my bootcamp. Um, and then I, you know, then I had a baby that is, so that is so perfect and elementary. Right. But it's the, it's the foundation of every single woman's who is an entrepreneur's life. It's so interesting. I can't like I was, you know, I was doing 80 hour work weeks, blah, blah, blah, blah.

You know, the same, the same story that so many people have and it was, it was too much. And, um, so we decided for me to kind of step back and I started consulting for BabyCenter and so babysitter. It was just, it was perfect because it was the life stage I was in. Right. But it was also, again, everything was on.

You know, everything was online, everything was digital. It was about, um, content development and sharing that content and actually like, you know, targeting and speaking to, to, to, to women, um, you know exactly where they were. And so like that relevancy thing, and I've just, it was like my mind blew up, you know?

And so, you know, that was kind of like the foundation of where I was just like, yes, this is something I want to be a part of and eventually wanna do it. What year was that? Kristen, do you know offhand date myself? Cause I know I have a very big birthday coming up,

but, um, so that was, um, so my daughter was born in, uh, 2004. So just prior to. Okay. So the reason I ask is not to date you and ageless. If you see her, you'll never guess her age, especially in her stature. She's so tiny. Is this a fact that I was like really researching, um, business at this point? And I was in school and it was all around maternity and newborn.

And so. I'm thinking, as you were saying, how there's like this congruency in what we were really researching and how we were approaching the market. I was learning from it like an educational perspective. And you were like boots on the ground in that boot camp experience, like you said. Um, so just really interesting and the correlation to, um, how that then has evolved.

Right. And to know. We no longer, our kiddos are growing or no longer in maternity and infancy, but there's some foundational pieces that were at work at that point that have now propelled you into the place that you are. So let's like kind of lean into what that is too. Yeah. So, uh, you know, it was just, it was a lot of life, right.

A lot of life happens. Right. So, um, which are, is a part of the story really. Um, you know, so unfortunately we lost my dad during that time. In San Francisco. It was actually before my daughter was born and it, it just, you know, it just flipped everything upside down. Um, and so, so that happened and you know, my husband and I were like, okay, like we just need to get back to the east coast.

Like we needed to get back to the east coast. Were there too. And, um, so we, you know, we came back to the east coast season, he's an education. And so, um, you know, we were like, okay, it's time for you to find a gig. And, um, you know, he, we landed in Rhode Island of all places, but it, you know, it felt good because I, I grew up, um, in the sash for Massachusetts, not the SaaStr, but the south coast.

And then, um, he grew up in Pennsylvania. So we landed in, in Rhode Island. And, um, I had another baby and then I just like, I wanted to be, um, and I, you know, I just, I really. I wanted to put them first, but I didn't want to lose who I was. Right. As a, as an individual, but also as a professional. And, um, you and I are very similar that we're, you know, we're, we're, we're like, you know, triple plus a and, um, you know, so I was able to consult, you know, so I just, I, I went into the consulting side of things and, you know, helped some really.

You know, big brands and startups alike. And so that was like where I kept like the creativity and continuing to learn and understand no matter the size of, of company, how you, how you take it to the next level, whether you're just starting out. Or, you know, you've kind of reached an inflection point and you need to like take that next step.

And so, um, all of the different engagements that I had were all kind of that with that same thread. Um, and you know, it just, that, that's kind of like what kept me going and, you know, that was like the second this season too, in my life. I love, I love the fact that like, Main statement. And I think our community really resonates with, especially our women.

Um, community is the understanding that there's this like pool between parenthood, this one side of our identity and the thing that we know either what we did prior to, or then we go into this searching realm of what am I intended to do, because I don't feel settled in. Right. Um, and so I love that you, you managed to do that simultaneously.

I had much of a break and was like, just mom for awhile. That was really hard. And so I really resonate with people who were like, I feel stuck. I feel lost. I feel overwhelmed. Um, and this. At in entrepreneurship, right. Because we know that a lot of those feelings are exactly the same. And so talk us through, after you got past the point of really recognizing you could be both ends, which we've talked about a lot on this show.

Um, how did you step into being more in this entrepreneurial sector that really takes that in office, out of house experience to another level? Yeah. So, and I agree with that. Like I, you know, I was just, I was, for me, I was a better mom because I was able to have that, you know, I was, I was a better mom because I had that for myself and I was able to compartmentalize and be fulfilled individually.

So I could pour back into other people. And it's kind of like the, you know, the plane thing, like you got to put the oxygen mask on yourself, put on anyone else. And for me, that was just a really big part of it in addition to like working out and all that stuff. But so after that season three of the life, right, is that, you know, my kids were getting older, so I was able to kind of like, you know, like pull, pull away a little bit more.

And, um, you know, I like many people probably listening how to have the, had a million ideas over the years of like, oh, this would be really good to do, or this would be really good to do. And, um, but you know, honestly, coming, making this move to Virginia Beach, Allowed me to space. So, you know, things happen for a reason.

There's a bigger creator out there. Right. And so when Mike and I moved here, I actually got laid off. Um, I was actually working for a company at that point and, um, and I was like, oh, okay, well, we just bought a house. We're moving our family. Um, and honestly it was probably the hardest time, but it was, I probably had the most growth at that point.

You know, that the times that you and I spent in that office, on that campus together, You know, it was w was very special. And I think you and I were both going through a lot of metamorphosis metamorphosis at that point. And, you know, it allowed me to space, um, to transition my family, um, to get my kids settled.

It allowed me to kind of like, think of, Hey, like what do I really want to be doing? You know? And, and I, we were fortunate that, you know, my husband's employed and I, you know, had that little bit of pause to do that. And, um, during that time, You know, I, um, I had thought of, you know, the idea that led to food work and, um, you know, just been, you know, around my head, lots of, you know, Saturdays out there and, um, you know, just sitting in a coffee shop, trying to figure out what I'm trying to put together.

And Mike and I finally, when we finally took a vacation. And we went to Colorado and we're skiing with our, you know, our kids. And, um, he turned to me and he said, I'm literally and figuratively going to push this mountain. And that was. You know what I mean? Yeah. Because, and I love that there was that component to it because I think there's this whole other realm of conversation that we could go into a new world.

Maybe, maybe not, not yet, or maybe not today. Um, but this tension and also this necess necessary symmetry that has to happen when you have entrepreneurs in the family and in the marriage. And there's this whole thing with the kids that they have to understand, right. Like there's not a nine to five when you're an entrepreneur.

Right. And so. You working and they want your attention, but simultaneously you're in this process of teaching that you can go after and pursue your own dreams and your greater purpose. Right. And then same thing for the spouse. Right? Me and my husband are both entrepreneurial. And honestly, what Mike does though, he has a job is very entrepreneurial, like hat running a school, especially in the state of the school that it's been in the last few years.

It's a brand new build, basically, literally and physically. And so, um, I love that he was just like, you got to do it right. And sometimes we need that person who just pushes you. There's people actually on the, uh, on listening right now, who are watching. And there, there are people that I've had to say that same thing to and push them out of the things.

One of them was a teacher. Cool. Right. And I was like, get outta here, like you're and she's now a full-time, you know, um, creative designer and it took that push. And also, like you said, it took that mentor and you had a lot of mentors in the process. Um, and I'm, you've become one of those people to me. And so I'd love for you to talk about how, not just in your relationship with Mike, but also in a mentorship perspective, how did that give you the belief in yourself that you could do.

Yeah, thanks for asking that. I think that that's, that really is important. And, uh, you know, I, I, I'm a Virgo, so I'm like, perfection is like how I run. And so for me, I just was, you know, I was really nervous about going out with something that potentially wouldn't work right. And, you know, what I've learned with so many entrepreneurs is that like, you may have a couple of things that don't work, but eventually you'll have something that will work.

Right. Um, and so just kind of understanding from other entrepreneurs kind of like the road that they've traveled has been so helpful. Number one. Um, but number two, I think one of the, like the, I would say like the pivoting point for me feeling like, okay, like let's put the gas down is, um, I have two mentors out in California that I worked with.

Um, and they now have spun off and done their own thing. They're amazing. People go follow them, hatch, baby hatch sleep. Um, they are, they're a married couple and, um, I reached out to them. When I was on that mountain and I, I Facebook messaged them. Cause that was like, whatever, four years ago. Um, and I was like, Hey guys, I have an idea.

Are you up for listening? And they're like, hell yeah. And so, and we, um, you know, I pitched. You know, and it was more of just like a dry run pitch. And I said, all I want to know from you guys is you're either you're crazy or keep going, love it. We're crazy. And keep going there. Yes. And yes. Yeah. And, um, and.

Keep going like this is awesome, you know? And so I was lucky that that kind of resonated in that, that, but that for me, gave me the confidence to be like, Okay. Like I, you know, other people see what I'm seeing and, um, I ha I had that confidence as amazing. And I remember, um, fortunately my husband and I got to be a part of maybe the second, third, fourth pitch when it was still real quiet.

And, um, I remember being the office and she had like this just simple white and black deck that she showed us. And, um, you know, th the creative design was intentional and unintentional at the same time. Right. It was more so about the. And I remember sitting there and kind of unpacking the vision of what has now become and is becoming, um, and, and just being really enamored with the thought-out pieces of the puzzle.

And I really think it's because of the experiences you've had thus far, um, that. Fountain that foundational right to what you now are doing. Um, but I know that that fear piece, especially in perspective of perfectionism, um, can keep a lot of people holded. And also I thought about it from the perspective of unlike me when I stepped into this realm of entrepreneurship, which I've done many times before, but I didn't necessarily have to tap people for support immediately.

And what you went out the gate doing. I've got to have a people behind me. I've got to have a board, I've got to have advisors. I've got to have a lot of people who do things that make this machine work, that I don't even have access to know how to do. So talk us through like that foundational point of it, where you were building the board, building the advisors, building the trusted people who are going to come in and support because I think it's super unique.

Absolutely. So, um, and I, yeah, I think the main point is that you have to. Have Gary Andrus. Um, you have to have the people you trust around. Period period. And so Anna, Dave, I trusted, I got their initial blessing. The next one was with Tamra and Gary, you know, and they were like, they were very like, yes, this is amazing, but they had great questions and they, you know, they poked it and poke tolls and everything.

And like, that was such so important to like, The whole foundation of like, figuring out exactly what this is. Um, but yeah, I based with, with what food quirk is, and we'll get into that in a minute. Um, It wasn't something that wasn't like a consultancy business, right? Like it was something that I needed a whole team I needed.

I need people who could actually be strategic with me. I needed people who could actually execute with me and then I need people who could advise. Right. And so I started at the advisor level because I felt like that was the most important foundation. If I could pitch all of these people that I trust what I'm thinking about.

And they believe that. Amazing. So I have like my back, right? Like I have people behind me and if I have questions or I get into a doubt or whatever, and I was listening to Tamra the other day, because I was like, I was like driving home and I was like, oh gosh, you know, and, and you were talking about the, the tuning phase.

And I was like, that is what I am and it's okay. You know? And so, um, so advisors are just, they're so important and I just, as long as there people that you, that you trust and they believe in what you're doing, they'll always be real with you and they'll always have your back. Right. And that's what you want.

So, so that was the most important. And then. Moving into, okay, now I've got to pitch other people who are going to do this with me as a side hustle, not paid because they believe in this. Right. And that was, that was a long time. So hard, the whole, like not paid thing. And yet at the exact same time, as I've learned and grown into that, um, is that valuation exchange.

And what's actually happening during that symmetry. And I still have these conversations with Gary all the time too, is that I'm like, I don't pay them. Or I don't pay them at all. And I really feel like I should pay them. And he's like, you're depositing something that they can't get with a dollar sign.

You're teaching your now being this groundwork for people to experience and to create something that they never otherwise would have and be, and be a part of that. Right. And I just, I think that, you know, luckily. Today. So many more people are thinking that way. It's like diversifying, you know, you kind of your investment in other things, right.

That that eventually will pay out. Right. And, and the evaluation kind of equity piece is really important. And. I, because I came out of Silicon valley because I came out of that side of, of, of the country. You know, I have a lot of people who've been doing this and I've, I've been asked to be a part of, you know, a couple of different things.

And, you know, I saw, I was a part of one that. Really well done. And I was a part of a bunch of others that weren't on well at all. And it's just like you, especially if you're asking people that you trust to be a part of it, that is the one thing that you have to take as seriously as you possibly can because you are, it is a, it is a contract, right?

Like you are having an agreement to do this together, but it has to be legally binding, you know? So one of the biggest things is that I was able to engage with. Uh, law firm, um, that, you know, it was set, set, everything, setting everything up, so that paperwork is set. They knew, you know, everyone who's engaging officially has that.

They understand it. They understand how that will grow in the, as the company grows. And the, and that helps them with that vision, you know? Yeah. I remember being super impressed, um, and also scared when I got that contract. Right. Because I'm like, there's a lot of fine tuning and things in, in fine print.

Um, and then simultaneously I learned a couple of months later when I was in the preparation work for the conference that I'm hosting later, I did the same thing. I created this contract and a lot of the people were calling me cause they had already like socially accepted, right. That they were going to come and do this thing.

Oh, this has, this is intense. Like, what is this? And I'm like, oh, you're not signing your life away, but I just want to protect myself. And I also want to protect you and to forecast that this is real, like this actually really matters to me. And this is not just like a fleeting coffee conversation. Exactly.

So I loved and was so impressed and was grateful to be on the receiving end and understand what was to come and flourish from it. Yeah. I just thinking it just. It removes all assumptions, if that makes sense. And I think like, Throughout my career with in whatever situation it's like having, you know, it's having, here's your job description.

Here are your goals for the year, and this is how you're going to be reviewed and compensated, you know, it's the same kind of thing, right. Because, and then you don't have to talk about that stuff out of the way. Yeah. Like focus on the business and what everyone's excited about. So yeah. Yeah. And, and I'll give an, I'll give a tip to any entrepreneurs out there that there are a lot of large law firms out there, especially ones that are focused in emerging companies that, um, they offer differ.

Um, engagements for startups. So they'll take on a handful each year that they believe in. They'll take a small little piece of, of equity, but, um, they'll defer those costs until you have your first raise. So brilliant. That's awesome. What a great insight I have. You guys are taking notes. I think that that's incredible.

Quick commercial break. I know I hate these things too, but it's so critical that you grow your business for God's sake. And I mean, that pun intended with all the love in my heart to get you from a place of ideation to activation, stop dreaming, start doing stand up, start saying yes to the call that God has on your life.

We are going to be joining in Lexington, Kentucky with none other than the beautiful rise and grind community with Glen Lundy, who will be co-hosting. Incredible conference. This is the second annual and he has taken me under his wing to be able to share the stage to motivate and inspire. And I cannot wait to see you there November 5th through the seventh.

If you want to come in for the VIP experience with who doesn't want to come along for VIP, that's all access passes to the speakers and the artists, and you'll be able to dine with us in the private rooms with your own special bathrooms. So of course, come one day, two day, three day passes available as well.

I can not wait as good. And I say to hug your neck, see you there let's go and transition into like the emerging of all that is food work beyond just the people and the team behind it. And, um, I love Gary's on here listening still. And he was like, food cork is so radio. And I remember what he said that out the gate at that first meeting being like.

This phrase, ology, this concept, this catchiness even the vibe that you've curated, which is the brand is so catchy. And so let's talk through what that is and give people a little bit of a quote, unquote pun intended taste of what you're creating. Yeah. So to just be really clear what it is. So food quirk is it's an online community focused around.

Right, but with the specific, um, intention to connect people around how they eat. Okay. So that's like the, that's the core of it. And there's a couple of different pieces that come with it. So the first is, um, you know, like Samara was saying like an Enneagram or a Myers-Briggs personality test, we've developed a.

Food personality test, um, that you take and you know it by answering questions about like your approach to food, your likes, your dislikes, your reversions, your allergies, your quirks, right. Um, you get your results and it's a, what we call an FQ score. So your food quirk score. So it's kinda like, well, the food quick score, like represents you.

Right. So, um, but it's kinda like your IQ, but your FQ right. And so then that FQ right now gives you instant access to meal, inspiration, recipes, products, and most importantly, people who. Eat like you. And so that's the basis of it right now. Like we have so many plans about it. Um, so we're, we're in beta and we're just web, but, um, the app is coming.

Yeah. So I did drop the link in the comments for everybody who's watching live. I go back and scroll through it and the intro of the podcast as well, but it's really easy. It's food, And so it's really cool. How you've cultivated the execution plan for this first off, we're cultivating a table, right?

A worldwide table. Is it worldwide yet? Or we're just open to our region. Well worldwide. Yeah, a worldwide table. I'm a part of tables everywhere. If you got experience right. When your table you're covered. And I love it because even you hosted us at your house and you're such a host in that regard and food is such a part of you.

And I know it's a part of your story. Um, so I want to get into that. Too, because I talk all about how our passions, our pains are, are so ingrained with our purpose. Um, but I also want to get into the deploying of how you're doing this. Um, so with this worldwide experience in this table that you're cultivating people can basically make a reservation at the table and also have this beta version experience where they're behind the community, depending on how much you like release right to them at a time.

So let's talk through like the. The quirks that you cultivated. Cause it's essentially like affiliate marketing, which we know is very on the rise right now to the point that companies are not paying for ads in certain places. And they're literally just investing in influencers and so talk like influencer or affiliate marketing and how the quirks are associated to that.

Yeah. So, um, we knew we needed people who believed in this, in the food space. Right. We wanted people to, you know, really buy into it and then be able to share that. Right. And. You know, we, it was interesting because, and then again, this is just a little bit of like entrepreneurship. So, um, we originally engaged with a PR company.

And, um, yeah, you have to have influencers and all this stuff and everything. And I was like, um, and you know, the dollar sign that came with that, I was like, you know,

that deferral payment thing, like credit. No. So, but it was for us, it was more that I didn't want it to just be a transaction. I wanted people to really. Understand and believe in it and be excited about it. And so I said, thank you, but no, thank you. I'm going to pause and I'm going to take like the next three months and figure this out and between myself and, um, Corey Booker's on our team, um, we.

Reached out to a ton of different people all through Instagram, honestly. And we're just as authentic as we could in our dams and just said, Hey, this is what we're doing. We'd love to talk to you about being a part of it, you know? And, you know, we ended up with probably like a good 50 people that were like, oh wow, that's cool.

Yeah, I'm really interested. And we called that down to. At work homily about at 25, I would say. Um, and they represent the different personalities of, um, the FQ score. And there, you know, I've had personal relationships with them since December now and now. And they're amazing. And they're the ones who are like really boots on the ground, whether that's in their own communities or online.

Um, you know, just embracing food, quirk and loving food quirk, and like, you know, they're seeing the message. I'm not saying it they're out there just like, you know, so excited about it. And I just feel like they're there, like in terms of food work, they're our biggest equity, right. Yeah. And I think it, the reason that they raised their hand, right.

To the opportunity, and also the reason that you, um, gave them the honor of, of being a part of this at that point is because it's a part of their story. Right. So let's go way to the front of this conversation, but it's, it's literally tying in beautifully now and talk about why, like, why, why food work for you specifically beyond the entrepreneurial vision, beyond the family, beyond the legacy piece, how does it apply to Kristin?

Yeah. So honestly, like I was, um, I was having a really hard time describing how I ate and so I, you know, it was, um, and it was funny because you and Gary were part of this because, um, you know, when we moved to Virginia Beach, I had, uh, had recently gone plant-based slash vegan. Um, and that's a whole nother story, but, but basically, um, I, I get, I say that I'm like, plant-based vegan.

95% of the time, but the other 5% so fun, that's the fun. And so like I'm from Rhode Island, you know, like I have to have my oysters, you know, we were up there for vacation. Heck yeah. I had a bunch of those, you know, um, if I go out to dinner, you know, when someone orders a cheeseboard, yet I'm going to nibble on it, you know?

You know, it was just interesting. And, and, um, you know, I remember you guys asked us to dinner, which was so nice and they had this like, talk about a brand couple, like they had like personalized menus. I mean, like are, is just crazy that. Yeah, Gary, I hope you're listening to that. I know a member, um, in any way, you know, I remember you asking, like, you know, like you asked me the question, you know, what do you eat?

I was like, well, and it was just like hard. And, um, so that, and then, you know, people, I got kind of into the vegan world and, and there's some pretty hardcore vegans, you know? And they were like, well, you're not really vegan if you're the. And you don't count Kristin. So I was like, okay, I'm just vegan. She just, you like, give me that space in that grace.

And so, um, so anyway, so that was going on and then, you know, my kids are becoming teenagers. They eat a lot freaking food and so does my husband and everyone started having. Preferences, you know, so Mike, I keep saying like, he wants to be Tom Brady. So you wanted the TV diet. Um, you know, my daughter chase is like decided not to eat meat.

Um, and then, um, Greer who's my son just give, give him everything. Yeah. The garbage disposal. Well, I was like, how do I cook meals? Like, what do I do? What's the like, what's for dinner? I like, I shake, you know what I mean? When people say like, when she says that to me, so I was like, I turned the mic on. I literally just want to put all of our preferences into Google and I want them to spit out what I should make for our family.

He's like, then create it. So that's where it's so cool. And, and this, I don't know if you've utilized in this in branding yet, but what's for dinner. Like that's such a cool concept. I love that because I'm thinking specific to the exact group of women that we were just talking about the forefront. And I'll be I thank God.

I don't have to also cook. My husband is an amazing chef, but I, and on the way home every day in my brain is what's for dinner. I know he has it taken care of, but he, and this is a weird thing that we do. We don't really cook for our kids. We don't even have like a traditional, uh, dinner table. We've got lots of bars and I say, bars, Open space.

Right. And so a lot of, um, uh, flattops, right? And so we just put out food it's anything from the fridge, it's kind of our thing, fruits and vegetables. We create this landscape that they can eat as they want whenever they want. But there's no real like mealtime. And yet Gary and I. Kings and Queens, because he's so good at it.

But again, we've got like four months, we've tried vegan ish. We've done all, um, uh, pescatarian before we've done it. We've done paleo for years. We do intermittent fasting. Like there's all these layers. And my poor kids are probably, my mom now lives with. So what's for dinner. Right. I see that I have something delightful and delicious to eat, but what are the kids eating?

And I'm like, well, I don't know, like whatever it becomes. Right? And so this conversation I think, is really critical for people because there is an, almost an element of shame to food. And one of my passions is to obliterate shame. And while this is on a whole other level to some of the pieces of that, but like shame and motherhood shame.

And wifing like, sometimes I feel. I'm not the cook because every other mom or woman that I know is like, I'm cooking this for dinner. And I'm like, oh God, am I less than because I don't ever do this. I will bring home a killer meal from a local restaurant. And my husband loves me for it. But like, there's this experience that we have in that regard.

So talk to me about not just what's for dinner, um, but the, the big vision, cause there's a lot of entrepreneurs listening and we're dreamers, right? In the dream phase. I think it's important that we speak it out one as a social contract to what's to come. And also for the person who is listening, who might raise their hand and be like, I can help that's me.

So let's talk to those people. Yeah. So I, you know, the big vision that kind of like philosophical vision is, is really in what you just said that, um, Eating is super personal, right? What you choose to put in your body or when to eat, how to eat, where to eat, you know, what to buy, whatever is so personal.

And the labels today have not caught up. You know, they're just like, you're this or you're that right. And we're not, you know, we, as a human race of, you know, we've just modernized and we're, you know, we we're we're hunters and gatherers the very basis, but we, we were very intentional. Right. So it's, you know, yeah.

There's, there's plenty of like omnivores out there. Right. And God bless. Awesome right there. Isn't all a lot. That aren't right. So you just said like you're vegan sometimes you're not, sometimes you enter masked fast measurement fast sometimes whatever, you know what I mean? The flexitarian thing is, is, is really on the rise.

Um, but then there's also the, the, the cohort of people who are just like, you know, like this works for me. I'm doing this, or I have a definitely allergic allergy to something and I, you know, I have to, so there's, there's just a lot of very personal choices with. And so we want to get rid of that. We w you know, that's why we're coming up with this new language where, you know, your FQ.

Yes, right now in beta, it's like, okay, like, I'm, we have five personalities. You've got, you basically are indexed into. And so, like, I, I'm a naturalist, like I lead by naturalists. And so are you, but I have all these undertones, you know, so I'm, I'm part guardian I'm part creator. I've got a little busiest in there, you know?

Um, and so, because. Me, Kristin has my food like preferences and my DNA and my chemistry is way different than yours is way different than anyone else in this room right now. Um, and that needs not only the honored, right? Like we need to accept that, but we need to be able to use that as a less. To experience food personally, no matter where we go.

Right. So let's talk about the inclusion first thing first. So we want to promote food inclusion, right? So that's kind of a term that we're, we're basically owning. Um, there is, uh, the, the term food inclusion can be something else. Like what, what have they put things in food? No, don't, don't worry about that.

This is like, if you think about. The diversity equity, um, belonging, you know, that we are doing right now as a human race, it has to be extended into food and what we choose to eat right. There just, there's a lot of shame. There's a lot of judgment around how people eat. Right. And so, so that's number one.

We just want to obliterate that with you tomorrow. Let's go. And, um, and. We want to create a safe space where people can have conversations, learn, explore, you know, teach themselves about food, wherever they are on their food journey. Right. So that's number one. And that's just like our philosophy in general.

Um, and basically what, one of the things we keep talking about now is like you, do you boo. You know what I mean, through food, right? Like that's, that is what we're honoring. The second thing is that the, the food quirk your food quick score. The way we see this is that it'll eventually be, you know, like it's a QR code or a flow code on your phone, then.

And it will be integrated. It can be integrated in your Uber, eats your Jordache, your grub hub, um, with other restaurants and menus. Imagine like walking into a restaurant and you know, you're going to the, to the host and you just scan your, you scan your food, your food cork score. And so, you know, when a waiter comes to your table, they're going, he's gonna say.

All the FQs and he's not going to tell you, he's not going to tell me, Hey, you should really get the red meat tonight, you know, because I don't know. Right. So good. You know, or uploading it to with your health provider or, you know, you send it to your, um, your kids going off to college or your babysitter, you know?

So, you know, so that's, that's the vision, that's the vision that it goes with you everywhere. It's so incredible. And I love it. And in that parallel to those personality, examples, because even those can be very rigid and somebody raises their hand to one thing and it's totally exclusive to every other number.

This person is in this box almost immediately, which is why you can't just study one version of EEQ IQ at like FD. You gotta, you gotta have it. All right. Literally what you've done. So even my FQ will parallel to all of these other things, but one really cool thing. I remember when reading that I was a naturalist and understanding the.

Who I am. The language is a huge part of you and this and this whole movement is because it is fun and it is quirky and it is inclusive, right? It can touch the older generation, the younger generation, the hipster and the executive. And, um, I loved that. I spoke to me and the language that was cultivated through it.

And clearly copywriting has been a massive part of your journey is that I felt included just in reading that because I'm like, this has all of me in one area or arena of my life, but it wasn't just the food piece. And you were tapping into what I do on a daily basis. You were tapping into my book. You were tapping into my valuation of what do I value and how do I live my life and how do I marry?

Like, how do I live in relationships with people? It was wild. I was really, really impressed by that part of it. Thank you. Yeah. I mean, I think if that is, um, we'll, we'll never know. You know, claim that we'll know you exactly. But, but based on the, the, the, the answers to the questions, you know, I think that there's, there's more of a, what we're trying to do is this is your approach to food, right?

This is your approach to eating, to nutrition, whatever that might be, um, because you know, I'm a naturalist. You're a naturalists. You eat sometimes I don't, you know what I mean? So our approach is the same. It's just the preferences that are different. You know what I mean? And that just opens up a whole realm of dialogue of learning from each other and not being.

it's not judgmental. Exactly. Yeah. It's really incredible. So everybody who is watching right now, who is tuned into this and listening after the show, you guys can go and take your personality quiz, right? Can they take it yet? We can give everyone here the, okay. We'll give you a special link, even better.

So go to the show notes. We'll give you a special link to be able to fill that out, because right now the general public can only reserve that seat at the table. Um, as I mentioned at the beginning at food,, which you can do immediately, but tune into this link, check it out. Experience what it's like that we're talking about getting grained into the community, you're going to be blown away and you're going to literally be ground level of something that is going to last, I believe for generations to come.

And it's all based on you saying yes, in all of these different arenas before you actually understood or unlocked this specific vision. And I think that the journey of your entrepreneurial experience is so beautiful to be able to bring to life and a key to other people to realize that. It's never an age thing.

It's never a location thing. It's never an access point thing. Right? It's more about these revelation moments, little by little that occurred in your life that then you said, okay, and then your husband pushed you off a cliff.

So good. So good. So are there any final pieces? This conversation could go on forever because we could pivot into lots of different places. I mean, I, it just, I would just say that it, you know, it's not all rosy, you know, but just keep going. And that's, that's the thing that like, I, I have to hear from other people because it's hard for me to say that myself.

Um, but we're, you know, there's things right now, even in beta that aren't working great. Oh, they're just the customer experience is so important to me. And so, you know, sometimes you just have to like, be like, okay, we're going to pause. We're going to make this better and then keep going, you know? And, um, that's, that's the piece that that's the most recent thing that I'm struggling with.

Um, and it takes a lot of conversation and a lot of soul searching to just be like, have grace have patience with yourself to keep, you know, Okay. We'll take care of it and we'll keep going. You know, so, and that's the most beautiful part is the knowing that it is literally that same word that met you on Wednesday night.

And I hope that it meets somebody now as attunement. Right? And so the example I gave is that we have all these guitars and ukuleles up on the wall in my house. I can only. Partially strum a ukulele. So I'm not a musician. It's my father-in-law. And yet every single time he pulls it off the wall, he has to attune it before he plays it.

He has to tune it up. He has to make sure the sound comes out and it makes sense and it's different and it's tweaked to every different. Ear, which is even more complex is the understanding that entrepreneurial journey in that tuning. Um, it's a beautiful thing. And it's also impossibly difficult because even with the people at your back, right, even with the wind at your sail and all of those things that you have, uh, you, it strategically created.

There's still an element of isolation that exists in that, because you're the only one to the fullest extent who breeds this from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep and even thereafter, consciously, consciously, it's like literally ingrained in who you are. Um, so I just, I pray ultimate blessings over it.

I am so excited to see how it grows and it's, it's just the beginning, honestly. Yeah, it is. It is an end. It's just the having that patience. I want to, I want to be. Yeah. I had goals of being somewhere else today and we're not there. I'm continuing to say. Right. It doesn't have the address over perfection.

And the big part in that is that word pace, which has been a huge part of my year, because we're very similar in that understanding that his pace God's pace, the universe, everything around us, their pace is different. And in the Bible, it says a thousand years is one day in one day is a thousand years to him.

And so what feels like eternity to us? He could unlock tomorrow and it's based on his timing and what he has prepared us for. Are we ready for that explosion? Right? Like you have three kiddos transitioning into a huge year and going off to colleges and, and understanding like what that picture looks like and changing your motherhood.

And it expands your experience as a husband and wife duo. And there's a lot happening. Be in that state of grace in that state of pace and be okay with every day is going to have a different tune. It's going to have a different sound, but ultimately it's going to be beautiful. Yes, it will. I love you so much.

Thank you so much for being thank you so much for having me always see you guys.

Hey, y'all it's me again. I hope in today's episode, you sent an ignite to an Ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let solidify the flame. I'd love for you to take a step right now and declaring your takeaway by snapping a pick of the episode.

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I'm ready to fuel the plane with you together. And until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness tune in next time.

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