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The Application of Knowledge Becomes Wisdom - a Breakfast With Champions Rebroadcast

In our household, we don't tell our kiddos we are going to work. Although a good work ethic is important, we choose to call it "go to create."

I was just working through the conversation this morning and it started with Sunday's pastoral message. And I love how we can either learn something on a Sunday or any day of the week, that either applied to what you've just walked through or what you're about to walk into.

And I think as I go through an acronym of educate this morning, I hope that you write these words down as a way to move yourself forward. It's this knowing that every single minute is an opportunity to learn - every single minute is an education opportunity.

Even if you are the teacher, you should be learning. Even if you're in the role of the liaison or the leader, if you're not even in the educational mindset, there's always an opportunity to be not just hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word.

Knowledge is nothing without application. Application is wisdom. And so the application of knowledge becomes wisdom. So apply what you learn and find the success you are meant to have!

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Show Notes: Application of Knowledge Becomes Wisdom

It is you got it? Yes, sir.

TA you guys. Can we give a shout out to Marvin for his just grace and energy this morning? Big shout out on Mike.

It's so good. You guys are so much love in this space. It's so good. And I love even just the way that, uh, David just dropped at the end and, and David, if you're still in the room, I, uh, am really good friends with the magician who won. America's got talent this past year in Vegas. And so you guys should totally connect.

He's live in a show this year for a year, but his magic is connected to what I believe is your heart and that association of love and hope and generosity. And so if people could flip their mind towards magic, it could be pretty magic. Cool.

Yeah, absolutely. So you guys this morning started out with the one and only Dr. Sean, we always appreciate you. It feels weird. Not going immediately after you, cuz I love the momentum that we create together. Um, but as you know, or if you don't, you need to know, Glen has come back with a morning show starting this week and it is the G M three X.

I. Assuming that means good morning. Good morning. Good morning, cuz that's how he starts. Every single show, which a lot of us in breakfast with champions have, uh, by osmosis adopted, not intentionally, I'll find myself, especially last year, starting a podcast or starting alive and I'm like, wait, what's happening.

That's. Glen's thing, but Glen is passing it on with us every morning, uh, at 5:30 AM. So be sure to come and hang out with us. And I didn't intend to even come in this morning prior to my eight o'clock session, because that's my morning time with my kiddos and, you know, the traditional life things happen.

Uh, but I was like, you know what? I should probably tune in because I'm curious what. Speaking to when I understand learn faster education's role and your success. And on the back channel, the mods have a chat going. And Dora, Maria has just been saying that we're gonna be talking about creating, creating, creating, which is literally what I say to my kids every single day.

I don't go to work. We don't go to work in our household. Th though work ethic is important. We go to create. And so I am super. To share today's message with you that I was just working through as we were all conversating this morning and it started with Sunday's pastoral message. And I love how we can either learn something that on a Sunday or any day of the week, that either applied to what you've just walked through or what you're about to walk into.

And I think as I go through an acronym of educate this morning, and I hope that you write these down as a. To yourself moving forward. It's this knowing that every single minute is an opportunity to learn every single minute is an education opportunity. Even if you are the teacher, you should be learning.

Even if you're in the role of the liaison or the leader, doesn't matter what play. If you're not even in the educational mindset, there's always opportunity to. And so this, uh, message this weekend was that we should be not just hearers of the word, but doers of the. in my Christian faith. This is speaking specifically to biblical knowledge, and yet it applies so beautifully to this because we can all know a lot.

How many know it, alls do, you know? Right. They know an answer to everything. And every single time somebody has a question. They're the first to raise their hand, to give their 2 cents. But you look to their life and you say, Hmm, they know a. , but they're not applying a lot. And so I believe there's a difference.

We know this, this verse and this conversation of knowledge is nothing without application. Application is wisdom. And so the application of knowledge becomes wisdom. But to me, it's like, there's this element that of in between this application, which is the experience of knowledge. I love the, what bill said about, um, actually I believe it was Glen who knows somebody this morning talked about, um, the teaching of it was Glen.

That the way that he applies his knowledge is he teaches it. And this is right on the spot. Right? If I am walking through something, I know a lot of people in the network marketing world, I'm not in it, but I totally am an advocate of it is that they are applying what they're learning in the. Right. So whether they're saying how they feel that day based on a new supplement that they're using, or if it's 75 hard people, they're telling you what's different about their energy levels today.

And so it's really important that it's not just the knowing of something I could know all day, but I don't want to be in a room of a bunch of know it. Alls I wanna see a bunch of action takers, a bunch of creators that are actually implementing, doing the word. And this is a space that we get to do that every single day.

But if you come and you're just binge listening, as I actually am guilty of in the past, I no longer come to clubhouse to binge listen and have it on in the background. I found myself being. Inundated with information that I never applied. And then there was an association of guilt to that, uh, an association of overwhelm to that because I wasn't ever applying what I was learning.

And I felt like I was holding a bunch of gems and doing nothing with it. I felt like I had just been given the parable of the talents and I was just hoarding what it is that I had and hoarding our information. Isn't helping anyone. So the question is with your clubhouse experience, are you hoarding? Or are you helping by way of application curious how much time you spend here without actually applying what it is that you're learning?

I love when bill Houser comes in, like he did this morning because he drops all this knowledge, but he makes us so energized, which is the first E to educate that we wanna take action immediate. Sometimes though, I feel like as we're dropping all of these, uh, ideas in the chat of how much money we wanna be making there's lack of application, because it feels so far off course from our current case scenario, $2 million a month, let's go I'm in for it.

But what are you doing today to make that a reality? Or are you just sitting in the dreamland of your educat. So if E the first letter is energized, associated to that is the emotional intelligence of your energy. I've done so much study in this realm study and application. As I walked through trauma therapy, as I did a healing journey, as I was in my ordination and ministers licensing for several years, it was this knowing of how I was feeling.

As I was, was releasing suppression and coping mechanisms of life tactics that the world knows about and actually teaches. And we are all applying and I'll still raise my hand because there are surely some suppression and coping mechanisms that I use that are unhealthy, whether it's food, whether it's sugar, right.

I no longer raise my hand to the alcohol suppression mechanism that is so wildly popular as a way to have societal norms. Conversations happy hours. I did that life for so long and it's no judgment to a cocktail every once in a while. But it's this knowing that if our emotional intelligence isn't completely attuned, if we are not completely aware of what we're experiencing in that Mo in that moment associated to a goal, our education falls.

Our application of that education falls flat because we're too tired. We're too exhausted. We are overwhelmed. We actually don't know how we feel at all. And therefore there's no knowledge to our goal. I had this conversation with my husband yesterday, over coffee, after we dropped the kiddos off at camp, we had a 30 minute window between our next meetings with people.

And I was like, Dave, wanna, you know, wanna jump over to this little, this little diner, this little Greek diner and have a coffee. No, no. Knowing of what the conversation, no intention, others than just have eye contact and experience him as we didn't do our morning, you know, routine as usual, he was out of the house early because of goals.

He had. So I just wanna make eye contact with him. We had this conversation, the conversation was talking about scalability and Sharon LE's book, exit rich, and he had recently asked another question that really applies directly to this conversation. And the question was what to, what end to what end do you want to reach your goal?

To what end is your energy worth it? To what end is exit rich and to that same conversation, what is success? If we are educating ourself and we are taking an emotional, uh, ment to who we are, and we're applying energy to something, to what end, what is the outcome of that? What is your purpose in that?

everyone in this space talks about purpose and calling. I am so on board with that. It is so important to me. Um, I believe wholeheartedly that if we are not focused on this, we are losing our momentum because we're existing in a space and a place and a time and an energy zone that is void. Cuz if you're not living on purpose, if you're not walking out calling, then it feels hopeless.

I think our passions associated to our purpose are directly connected to profit and prosperity directly connected. If you wanna question me on that, I would love to have a conversation later. If you don't think your passions and purpose are directly connected to profit and prosperity, we need to sit down and have a combo, cuz I can prove to you over and over and over and over again that that's not the case with the experience of people that I've connected.

Based in education and applied knowledge, which therefore is wisdom. I am wise in this area. Business meets passion, ministry and business. The same. You'll see up at the top. If you're not running or you're actually hanging out in your, on your phone, I dropped a profit identity quiz. This has been a cultivation of information over the course of the last five years in this specific industry.

But entrepreneurship has been something that I've been in the midst of for the last 15 years. And so I've had so many people talk about the accuracy of this conversation. And the only reason that I can say that is because I have focused energy on the emotional intelligence of my being. And so I hope that you're doing the same.

I hope that you're aware of yourself and your emotions to what end that you're applying your purpose and calling in your every step of the. Spend a lot of time on the first E and I promise we won't do the same with all the others, cuz we don't have enough time. I'm only here for 30 minutes, but I wanna get to the D the D is discipline.

Oh, the joys of this fruit of the spirit, self control connected to discipline, right? Discipline is an element of patience. It's also an element of self control. Both of which are fruits of the spirit that a lot of people are like, eh, I'm not gonna talk about that. I'd rather talk about the love and the kindness and the goodness and the.

But if we aren't willing to put discipline into our education, discipline into our action discipline into becoming that wise Sage, no one can in turn support us. The profit piece that I was talking about associated to the identity quiz that I mentioned, it kind of falls flat. Because if I just out of the blue decided, Hey, I'm gonna put this quiz up here for a lead magnet.

And you guys never knew the 15 years of discipline, it took to get to this awareness factor, to be able to help other people develop businesses and design them, systemize them, automate them, help them to turn their five figure months into six figure years, seven figure I'm coming for you. Right?

Discipline is so critical. Dr. Jeanie. I thought I just put doctor in front of her name. She feels like a doctor, Dr. Doctor Jeanie Snyder's in the house. And she mentioned prior to that she's team Tamara, but I am equally team genie, this discipline of symbiotic coordination spending this amount of time as she has to, to relaunch something that is discipline of 30 years.

We're not aging anyone, but she is beautifully wise. In what she has developed over the course of these years. And I feel like there are so many people in this room who are sitting on a gold mind, they're sitting on it because there's no AC application and they're not putting their energy effectively to it because they're not willing to be disciplined because discipline is hard.

Discipline to wake up every single morning to get your burn on, to put the energy into the book, to put the energy and the output into the food prep that is connected to your health. All of these things, mind, body, spirit are aligned and discipline just connected to the mind. Isn't that sexy to me, to be honest, you could be the smartest person in the room, but I would question your.

Authenticity to that knowledge. If you were also struggling with a massive health issue, if you were also struggling with, uh, a massive emotional breakage or relational bondage, I'm not saying by any means that I am perfect or that the people that I'm hanging out with are all fully well. This ISN' always becoming journey shameless, plug to my book, always becoming sex shame and.

It's this knowing that we are on this journey, but if I'm not tapping into mind, body, soul, spirit, every single day, I am losing discipline. And therefore my energy associated to the output, the, to what end question that my husband asked me. So gingerly is, is actually void. It's stopped. And we know if you're not growing, you're not living.

You're dying. So if you're not learning and you're not growing and you're dying, you're sitting here on clubhouse, rotting, decaying, or you're taking this information, you're applying it. And therefore there is action associated to discipline, which you can then raise your hand and say, I'm gonna profit from this work and profit.

Isn't always money. Right? We talk about that from an investment perspective. Monica said it so beautifully energy time. Money attention, focus. These things are beautiful gifts that we also receive back. So when I'm hanging with my partners, when I'm with my clients, when I'm with the community and I can't wait to be with you guys, I grow your business for God's sake.

Soon, we have another conference that I believe I saw my brother, Brian Hess in here earlier. Him and I are actually speaking at another one in Virginia Beach, coming up with magic Johnson in the house. It's gonna be so fun. We are educating ourselves in order to maintain not only profit, but maintain a platform.

And so that you associated to educate is utility. By what source are you actually applying? This knowledge? Utility could also be what I talk to a lot to my clients is the modality. What modality are you gonna use? We build business plans together and I love to take people's like vision, which a lot of us feel like the vision is so huge.

No one could possibly understand where it is that I'm going. I love to take that and put it into a blueprint. It's usually the first session out the gate that people have with me. I've done master classes on it. I've done master classes on it. It's super fun. Um, but I love to help people realize that they're not as crazy as they think with this really big dream.

And I can show them dozens and dozens and dozens. I'm probably shooting towards the hundreds at this point. Other examples of people's blueprints that were their wild ideas into one page. And we pick out the utilities based on the roadmap. So you might see people who have the little green bean up here on this stage who have utilities associated to coaching.

Maybe their utility is of course, maybe their utility is an app. We have an app too, as a company. That's like a resource hub. Maybe it's a podcast. Maybe it's a book. Maybe it's a conference. I've mentioned to all of these things to you. There's so many different ways. Maybe it's a classroom, maybe it's, um, a, a resource center.

Maybe it's a nonprofit, whatever your utility is. It is uniquely yours. No matter if you see a thousand other people doing it. It's uniquely yours because you're utilizing your passion, applying it with your purpose, creating your own sense of profit and therefore leaving the legacy of prosperity to your generations, which are always all our generations, humanities connected.

Right. And so don't get so trapped into you because that's something we evolve into. Often we start with one. We end with many, even as bill was here talking, he was talking about how he started with a marketing agency and he realized there's gotta be more, right. We have to be open through education to expand our utilities.

But if you expand utilities one by one by one, people lose the no, like, and trust that we speak to so much from a social media perspective, but really it's a business entity. It's a identity perspective. I want to know, like, and trust you to even invest my energy to you. Not just finance. so what is your utility?

And once you get it right, once you get it honed in, always shaping reshaping, relaunching, this is important. You don't just stop null and void. Oh, that works. I'm gonna leave it there. As I start this other thing, we know that everything we do needs constant nurturing, even if you're doing passive income.

Passive income still needs nurturing. You have to touch it. Even if it's once or twice a day, once or twice a week, once or twice a month. What utilities are you using to serve the world? C is chasm educate. So we've got energize connected to emotional intelligence, both ease D is discipline. The fruit that no one wants to talk about, but is so critical to the outcome of prosperity.

You as utility C is Chas. that doesn't sound very exciting. Doesn't it? I'm like, oh Lord. All I can think of is like the grand canyon and I got a big leap to make and there's no way I'm gonna make it. I was jumping onto the boat this weekend for 4th of July and I was going from the dock to the, to the front of the boat, the helm of the boat.

And I was like, God, it looks further than it usually is. It's on the same lines at the same dock. I got a big cooler on the, on my back. I went this extra weight. I don't know that I'm gonna make it. Worst case scenario. I fall into the water. It's knee deep might get cut by the shells at the bottom might get stung by the plethora of jellyfish, but it was worth it.

I knew what the outcome was gonna be. I land or I get to where I intend to land either way, even with a fall. And there's gonna be an amazing time party experience afterwards. I'm curious when you think of vision, if you have this massive idea of where you're going and yet there's this massive chasm between you.

Are you willing to go the distance? Are you willing to take the leap? Are you willing to look crazy and fall in the water and people laugh at you or potentially even hurt yourself? I know as I have crossed the chasms of life on so many different case scenarios, that I've actually lost friendships in the process.

At one point, I was not in communication with my own parents because I had a massive chasm of generational bondage that I had to step out of. People think traditions are all well and healthy, but traditions are actually rooted sometimes in trauma or limiting beliefs. And so I'm had to create new traditions associated to the vision of where I wanted me and my family to go.

This is hard stuff. Y. It's not meant to be easy. If it were easy, we would walk the course of life. And I don't believe we would really be focused on wisdom or knowledge. We'd be living wild and aimlessly, which you might see people do. This is the, the understanding of the woke life versus those who are walking like the zombie apocalypse around society, on their rat race, their rat wheel.

They aren't doing anything. That's allowing them to have an emotional intelligence. Aha. There's no rest. When you see people who have a hard time resting and resting is definitely something I have to. I said, I don't work earlier. That's something I actually have to work at. As you can see by the speed of my mouth.

I I'm so energized energy for me is not a problem. Now. It used to be, it used to be when I wasn't living a life of purpose. and there was a massive chasm. I could not figure out how I was gonna go across that terrain. There seemed to be no possible way. The chasm wasn't clear to me until I hit rock bottom.

Doesn't make sense. Does it, you would think I was on this mountaintop. I should be able to see the chasm. No, I was on a mountaintop and that I was just like, okay, I'll hang out here. But it was a false summit to my life. God had so much more for me. He has so much more for you. And until you're willing to release and create new momentum to what it is that he has in store for you, you'll never even cross the chasm.

What you'll do is you'll try to create your own detours, your own experience and say, I'm not gonna go that way. I can get there on my own terms, but I believe God hangs out in the valleys just as much as he does on the mountaintops. In fact, I am certain of that. He is so present in that. as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because you are at my side.

A chasm is a place for you to really thrive. And so I, I say specifically chasm associated to education in a bit more of a simplistic mindset of what gap do you see in society, in humanity, in relationships? In political parties, that could be a conversation for another day in the education system, in the business world, in the arts and entertainment in the media.

What chasm do you see a chasm that you can actually already help create a bridge to? Because you've transverse that area by yourself. You've walked that path. You've journeyed that experience. That's how you take your education and your wisdom. You apply it and you help others come across the bridge.

that's the business building. That's what I do. It's so much fun. And I think people look at all of these things as like impossible, but nothing is impossible with God. So I'm updating the link up at the top. You guys hear the cicadas? It's crazy out here. I love it. I'm updating the link to the grow your business for God's sake conference.

You guys have heard me sprinkle in my faith here, and it is a massive element to who I am the identity to which I carry so many beautiful people, including Glen, who this was his idea in the forefront. Last year, we co-hosted this year, we are hosting as a fit and faith media team so low, but we are so excited with the people we're partnering with to come and support this vision.

People like Christina, who I know are gonna be there to lead the volunteer front. We're so grateful to Glen's coming to speak again. There's gonna be so many incredible people there. Authors like Jeanie will be there in the room for a book launch party. I would love for you guys to be in the space.

Everyone who is coming on the stage to speak'll be sharing about the chasm of life they've walked through and teaching you about the bridge that they created in order for you to also. Chasms are the premise of purpose atte. We've got four minutes. Are you ready? E was energized. D was disciplined. U is utility C was chasm a is ability and application.

I couldn't choose one ability. And application ability is when we speak to the gifts and talents you naturally possess, or the ones that you've been honing into based on the time you've invested in your education. I think they go hand in hand personally. I don't know people who spend time on education that they're not also passionate about, or it's not also a natural element to who they are as a gift or a talent maybe, but very highly unlikely.

And so your ability matters you can't just out of thin air decide. I'm gonna do this thing because what will happen is you'll lose that energy that we talked about with number. and your emotional intelligence will definitely starve because you're doing something that's out of alignment. I could have used that as an, a too out of alignment with who you are.

And so what ability do you have that you can sharpen on a consistent basis business? For me, the word for me, grow your business for God's sake. I cannot starve one element of that and anticipate that it's going to serve people. It's both and God, as the foundation business, as a utility. Conference as a utility speaking as a utility, do you get it?

All of this plays together. And then the application of that ability applied knowledge is wisdom. Applied. Knowledge is wisdom. T is transformation. This is where people get to resonate with your message with your content, with your utility, and they too get to be transformed. It is magical to experience.

It is incredible to witness. It is why and how I wake up every single day to be able to see those aha moments, those light bulbs go off. People break down in tears. I have a, a natural gift of helping people cry. not making people cry, helping people cry, because I feel like we're so tense. There's no emotional intelligence because they're not willing to release.

So the transformation is my sweet. Grow your business for God's sake is a sweet spot because I saw so many people transformed by so many elements of that conference. Last year, it's gonna be the same this year, last but surely not least is the E and it's the entrepreneurial spirit. Now you might not have your own business.

And I don't think that every single person needs to, but I do believe that everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit connected to how they act and how they show up and how they educate others in the market. You could be the entrepreneur of the entrepreneur carrying out vision associated to your vision, but also associated to theirs and make a massive impact.

The question is, are you applying that, are you showing up in an entrepreneurial spirit every single day to what it is that you get to do? Entrepreneurial spirits are those that create create is what we're talking about. If you are not creating your. You are existing in a life that somebody else created for you.

And that to me, my friend is sad and I wanna help you break free of those chains so that you can live a life of freedom because education is freedom, man. Time goes way too fast and I wanna be mindful of everyone. Else's. I love you guys. I hope to see you at the, grow your business for God's sake conference.

If you wanna get in touch and start a business and actually cultivate that vision God's given you. I'm your go-to girl. Love you guys. This is Tamara I'm out. Who's next. Hey, how are you?

Patient which are, could not be the, the most perfect, um, starting segment for me, because today we're talking about how to learn faster in education's role in your success in 2022. Um, and if you read my. Profile, you see, I love education and probably a little too much. Um, but today I'm actually gonna talk about something that I think is more important than formal education, right?

It's self learning and how you can use self learning to do these five things that will propel your business forward. So the first is self learning makes you be more creative in your business. It.

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