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The 8C Strategy of Launching a Successful Mastermind

Have you ever heard the term of "mastermind?" A mastermind group is a group of like-minded individuals who are gathering together to collaborate, learn from, and be inspired by each other. This group is lead by someone who has had success in the area your mastermind covers. Launching a mastermind sets you apart as an expert in your industry. It is important when you are launching a mastermind that you realize it is all about coming together and "masterminding" together. These 8Cs of launching a mastermind can help you launch your own and be successful!

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Show Notes: The 8 C Strategy of Launching a Successful Mastermind

Hey, hey, all right, everyone is talking about masterminds, and I think the brilliant I think the idea is incredible. You think about the definition of mastermind and it's just this super intellectual person who has all the ideas or something ingenious that nobody else had thought about. He is a mastermind. But Napoleon Hill created this new definition that I think is so powerful. And what you're hearing all the business people talk about nowadays, even myself, which has been launching in November.

But that's not the point of this. The point is to teach you that there are some critical element that people are missing in this idea of masterminds of Napoleon Hill talked about when two people are gathering together, that there is this third mind, there is this intellect, there is this energetic character that is created because you are gaining force together. You are master minding together. And therefore there is a whole nother entity in the space. So think about having not just to having five, having 15, having 50 people.

Now, I think a mastermind of 50 people can get a little bit much. So I think that there is a sweet spot of numbers when it comes to masterminding. But I'm going to give you the sweet spot of the eight seas of a successful mastermind that if you don't use these, you're going to be having a weak link and a weak link. And a mastermind means that you're missing the intellect. And the whole point of the concept now is a perfect is it perfect?

Is it perfect? No, see, nothing's perfect. But at the end of the day, there needs to be these eight seas. So you ready? Take quick note. I'll go over them and then you guys will have this to be able to activate your own mastermind in your business, what that looks like for your community, No. One else community first. That wasn't my intent. But let's do it, community. You need to tap into other's resources and valuable support systems.

They have networks. Right? So when I come to the table, it's not just about my mastermind. It's about the mastermind that I've created on the exterior of that space and who I'm connected to. My network. My community really matters to the group as a whole. And so I'm bringing not just my expertize and wisdom, but I'm bringing my my Web site, my entire web of connections. And so think about that as you bring people in to your master mind.

Space community matters, no to communication, being able to have clear and concise communication. What is the purpose of this? How are we going to make this happen? What is this? Is it just a space for us to kind of bounce ideas off of each other and go back into our spaces to really curate something magical in our businesses? Probably. But there needs to be a clear understanding of communication. There also needs to be boundaries in your communication.

Is there a time and place? Right. This is my principal. I head a school for my child is teaching my son all the time. Cooper, there is a time and place. There's a time and place, just like there is a clubhouse, one who talks when there's a time and place for us to talk. Not everybody getting the same floor space at the same time where nothing actually gets accomplished. So maybe there is a spotlight during that master.

My experience, I do this often in my membership program with intent for focus group focused, masterminding for that specific person. I think that that's a really powerful way to do it. So understanding your communication strategies and what you're communicating thereafter to everybody else who will influence based on the time that you spent in this mastermind's. So the words and the language that are being curated from there are also very powerful. All right. Number three is commonalities. You want to have a sense of shared community?

Yes, there's going to be differences. But this like mindedness that you're thinking maybe they should bring together people who are not like minded so that we can mastermind together. Yes and no. So biblically, we know that being with like minded, like hearted people is what I like to say. It will propel a forward momentum. That is pretty magnificent. If you're coming in, you're butting heads or there's I want there to be different perspectives. I want there to be different cultural experiences.

I want there to be different ethnicities. I want there to be different generations, all of those pieces for sure. However, if you are butting heads in two opposing direction, that mastermind is going to have a lot of tension. And so you want there to be this shared commonality, a shared vision. So if there is a mission to that mastermind and everybody's on board for that mission, then awesome, you know that you're going to be going in at least a one forward direction.

And it might just be that mission and people take with it what they will. All right. Number three for number four is connection. So access to experts. I said this in the community piece, but it's the access to the specific experts that are in the room. So knowing that they are mental health, their physical health, their spiritual health might not all be perfectly synchronous. However, when I come in with a healthy mindset or I come in with a healthy marriage or I come in with healthy parenting strategies, or I come in with really great boundaries, or I come in with whatever my expertize is, it allows the entire group to thrive based on my sense of expertize.

So with my Kingdom clubhouse conference that's coming up later this year, the. For that is to mastermind, absolutely, day one is an intimate experience, a VIP experience only with the mastermind people, with the speakers and the authority committed sponsors that are coming to that VIP experience that has to be more secluded, that has to be more intimate. There has to be this understanding that their expertize is going to flow in and through everyone. But then the speaking experience, the large platform experience will be what we send out to the world, especially from a virtual perspective for those who are at home.

Right. So understanding that the connection of creating a full body, that's ultimately what that means. The full body of mind, body, soul, spirit, the people coming in regardless of mission, that everybody has those different pieces of expertize that they're bringing to the table for that full body experience. All right. Number five is commitment. So we've gotten community communication, commonalities, connection, and number five is commitment. You have to have people who are going to show up ultimately, if you're creating a mastermind and that one person or that other person that nobody's ever together, you might not have strategized it.

Well, as far as what the mission is, because if there is a a common thread of mission and those people are going to show up despite what their schedule is, despite what could come right. Of course, people have situations that arise, but understanding that this is a critical this is important for everybody to thrive. Everybody has to show up in the fullness of who they are that day. The fullness of who they are that day doesn't mean that they're perfect, doesn't mean that their cup is full.

It means that they're showing up on the days, even when they don't feel right, to be able to pour into the family, pour into the hearts, pour into the minds, and to be able to maybe that's their time that they need to be poured into, which is such a gift. So understanding that that connection point will help you to help others thrive in that space. This could be something that's only meeting once a year. Some people have mastermind's that are only one time.

You hear one time a quarter, once a month, sometimes once a week. So it depends on what you want to do with your business and how you want to set that up. For me, it will be twice a month and then there will be two business retreats to intimate experiences will be will be in person, because I think a huge component of the mastermind is that connective energy, that connective spirit, which virtually has a touch point, but not to the fullest extent, as when you see people in person.

So that's the how I'm setting up my annual mastermind. Other ideas that I've had coaching clients do, it will be a one time a year or I've seen people do it in an eight week time frame where it's almost like a mastermind hub. And that's a really cool way of doing it as well. Number six is which one do I want to do? First heard? Yes, six or seven, one, two, three, four or five.

I can't remember. OK, sorry, six. Sorry. What do three, four, five, six. Yeah, confidence. OK, so I don't want to say the same one. I felt like I was like it was happening. All right. Confidence boosting one another up. Right. This is so critical confidence to show up and to speak out over that area of expertize. Of course people are going to feel better about that. But you also need to be curating a culture of competence where they're taking what they're learning and they're activating it into a space where other people are learning from them.

So confidence and and knowing that their personal knowledge is a deposit. So when you're tapping people to come into your master minded and I say tapping, some people do this and it's it's a free experience. Some people do this and it's a paid experience. When someone is paying, they they tend to be more invested. But if they're doing it from a free perspective, because of the people that are raising the caliber of their experience or expertize or just circle of influence, there is a call to them to show up to the mastermind as well.

So there's different ways. All right. And lastly is confidentiality. I say last because there's a and I've always said seven. Can I just did six. So I was having confusion. Is the confidentiality piece. This this part is really important. I really speak in Aksu the component of vulnerability, of being authentic. I could have clipped and tweaked and done all this up to this video. Right. But that's not me and and I'm not perfect and you're not perfect.

And so knowing that through this ability to be vulnerable and authentic, we have to keep a safe space, we have to have confidentiality and the things that we're sharing from a business mastermind experience, which is what mine is, and others that I I've been a part of many times and currently a part of one, which is amazing. It's this recognition that I want to be able to share my struggles. I want to be able to share my personal struggles as much as my professional struggles.

Now, not all masterminds are called for personal. Not all our call for professional. There are personal mastermind as well, small groups, if you will, from a church perspective. Right. This is something that you're allowed to be vulnerable, you're allowed to be authentic, and there's going to be a support system there because confidentiality, confidentiality is a value. And then the last one together is to create creation is the ultimate point of a mastermind if you're just sitting there to.

And enable and not activate and not propel and not perpetuate and not serve the mission. I feel like you could never truly mastermind without creation, because communication is creation. Collaboration is communication is creation. Right. It's like coming together. The mastermind itself has an element of creation. But what are you doing collectively that is changing and making impact? Ultimately, the mastermind is intended to be ingenious, right? To be intellectual in nature, to create this third system, this third brain.

And so I want you guys to truly link it to all eight of these successful strategies for a mastermind so that you can truly create from your core, which for me, you know, core stands for a community of rooted entrepreneurs. That's who you are. That's why you're here. And I can't wait to see what you do with the world in your master mind experience and tap me if you're going to have one. I'd love to. I go to learn about it.

All right, Jetsunma.

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