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Substance Over Santa

I love holidays of every kind…but nothing quite compares to Christmas. It’s truly magical! And the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve been able to witness it through the eyes of children which makes that much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, we all know Christmas has been modernized, materialized and commercialized like most other Christian things – even church if we want to get real honest. But that’s not the purpose of this post!

I’m here to share a new tradition my family will be partaking in this year and I truly can’t be more excited. This small company, quickly grabbed my heart as I scrolled looking for Jesse trees. I had thought I’d make my own last year, but I waited too long and then it was December and I missed the boat. We all know how time flies once fall hits and its holiday and birthday one after another. So this year, I knew I would be purchasing my kit! New Tradition Crafts was the perfect fit for what I was looking for!

These hand-made crafts are not only stunning, but well-made and durable wooden pieces for my children’s not so gentle hands. The kit includes each piece to highlight the story of Christ’s birth in order to create a “christ-centered Christmas” tradition that I highly anticipate will be one of my favorite memories forevermore.

One of my favorite features of their specific set is the book included to coordinate as an easy guide, but she chose not to include the actual verse, but instead point you to the specific verse and encourage you and your family to open your Bible every day throughout the Santa seasoned month. I love Santa like the best of them – but boy do I love my God more, and this tradition will be a daily reminder of that when I share in the story each morning with my kids. This is the ultimate advent calendar without the cavity!

My kiddos were already “oohing and awing” over the pieces as we got them all organized and put in the convenient cloth bag to store all of the pieces. All that’s left for me is to find the perfect little display tree…stay tuned (I’m thinking a home-made driftwood or palette wood tree!).

Head on over to to check out all of her amazing seasonal options for the holidays that dig deeper into the meaning of the “why”. USE code SIMPLIFY for 10% OFF your Holiday order – code only valid until October 26th.

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