• Morgan Hart

Steady as a Horse

If we stopped chasing stuff, recognition, accolades, success, and money…we’d find freedom.

Our very souls would chase connection, truth, joy, peace and wealth. They already innately do, but the world complicates and fogs our lens of purity by commercialism, greed and speed. Discover the moments that slow you down. The times that have you quiet. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for truth to penetrate the essence of who you are. If we can’t get outside of ourselves to escape the realities of enmeshment and brokenness we miss out on the simple yet extravagant gifts right in front of us. The enormity of the ocean. The peace and trust from a horse, The God given joy and energy of our children. The comfort of quiet togetherness.The sounds of the waves and the birds and the wind. He is everywhere but we have grown unknowingly deaf and blind. In an era where everything is loud and bright…the story of my 20s…I am embracing quiet and subtle. Don’t get me wrong, my music is still loud and I still love a bright rainbow burst of color…but it’s the recognition of inundated busy, bold and brash that we often miss because of complacency and numbness. Get up on the horse. Take a new perspective on the world. Be guided not by your own feet, but by His. Let the tide decide your path instead of the time. Let your breath be your melody instead of noise. Let your eyes be vessels for intimate communication verse wandering to what is next. Let your heart restore and replenish by un-doing what has shackled you. To go a bit deeper today – to release yourself – to get real with your heart and find balance in your life – pop over to my freebie link and download practical quick ways to easily allow this process to be your normal. It’s not complicated – God doesn’t carry a heavy burden, His yolk is light.

Just as you guide the horse with the softest gesture…let Him steer you with such gentle subtle cues! And learn to tune in to Him – without listening, feeling, sensing, seeing, or hearing truly we miss His goodness and grace.

Psalm 32:8 8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye @ Virginia Beach Oceanfront

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