• Morgan Hart

Staring At Your Shoes

Walk a day in my shoes…

I wonder if they tried it how their perspectives would shift. Would they be able to handle the pain? Would they be able to focus on good when the heavy is so…heavy? Would they be capable of smiling past and through the situation that they put into motion? Could they even breathe?

We standby like a movie with our misinformed story lines of someone else’s shoes. We know we are called to love and accept, but we are taught to judge and compare even without a formal lesson. We get hurt continuously because are expectations are different than the reality. We take offense to their words and actions when we should simply remain focused on our own inner light verse giving access for them to dim it.

But we’re human. But we wear our hearts on our sleeve. But we trust. But we hope. But we pray. But we live in anticipation that maybe this time, this day, this situation, it will be different. But then you look at your shoes…and you’re still standing in the same place.

The key component that I don’t give myself enough credit for —- read that last sentence again —- STILL STANDING. We may not be on the mountain top. We may be in the valley. But we’re are still seen. We are still loved. We are still capable. We are not stripped of promise or dignity or purpose. In fact the very place your standing is a fundamental part of the promise.

However, we must stop looking at the placement of our shoes. We must shift our gaze to the mountain and realize getting to the wide open space, even after the incline and exhaustion that may come in the journey, will still be worth it.

So today, stop trying to make sense of a broken situation. Stop trying to make others look at your shoes. Stop attempting to write the story line of your head space, because just like they can’t comprehend your actions or lack their of, they can’t comprehend your placement either. Look up. Find peace in you. Take rest in the one who sees you still standing. Let Him propel you by His str

ength and guidance to take one more step and then another. It will be worth it. Your life will be a testament to grace, glory and goodness.

1 Peter 2:21

For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.

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