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Shame Omission Strategy Part 2

Business coaching is less about the tips and tricks than it is what is going on in your heart and mind. It is important to give you the tools to get you in the right heart and mind space first. This builds the foundation for the Joy Zone.

Today we are finishing up our conversation about shame. It is wrapped in every person's story and is usually paralleled to fear. You cannot build from a place of brokenness. Let's talk about the SOS strategy (shame omission strategy).


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Show Notes: Shame Omission Strategy Part 2

Okay. I was on a roll last week. Did you get the other part? Did you go, go back if you are coming to get the tail end, the incredible, um, just deposit of the shame of mission strategy. That's been given to me one because I've walked through it, um, for many years. Uh, but additionally, because I believe it's my ultimate calling and it's not necessarily for you to build your business, though.

I'm super passionate about that for you, because that's how you're going to uniquely serve the kingdom. It's a mission driven. Leader in the marketplace. Right? That's, that's what I helped support. That's the community that I want to see nurtured. Um, but I also know fundamentally foundationally that we have to start here and here, our head and our heart, and that is also in conjunction with our home and our health.

And so if you have yet to hear about these five ages, I'm saying all the ages, right? There's another one. And. Bye mate, the final ages, the handbag or the man bag, if you're a dude and, um, that's the business. And so all of these other places come first, so you can get the link and the information and all the affirmations and verses that parallel to the belief system of those ages.

But it's about the joy zone ultimately, because all of them parallel. Core the core of our identity. Um, we are a mind, body, soul, and spirit, no different than the father, son, holy spirit. We are created in his image and he is three and one. And so are we, um, and so I want you guys to have access to that. So go check out the joys zone before you get started.

And then if you haven't already listened to the S H and a of shame from last week, please, please, please start there. Because if you jump into the moment. That's like jumping in midway into the race of a marathon and thinking at the end that you to get the medallion, but guess what, you haven't done. The hard work hard work most of the time is just getting started.

The hard work most of the time is, is showing up day in and day out to train. And the S and the H and the a are so critical in that training and the foundation of saying yes, because it's the first activation. And so lightly I'll go over them. Submission to shatter is S Harvard to help is H armor to act.

And we went through a Fijian six, 10 through 18. I kept going into 19 and a 20 as well last week. Um, so M are you ready? Is mirror mode? To mirror experiences. So this is all about the mirror because for a part of my testimony for a month, in fact, I wasn't able to brush my teeth in front of the mirror. I did brush my teeth.

So don't judge. Um, I just couldn't look at myself. I didn't recognize the woman that was in the mirror and I felt ashamed of her, which is exactly why shame is such a huge part of my empathy towards business builders and entrepreneurs and humans. We all have a call. We all have something to say yes to, and God is calling you out of the boat and that unique quality and those unique factors.

But if you don't first address this shame, if you don't first say yes, I want help. I need help. Which is the very fundamental thing that Jesus does in every single miracle. He asked them, do you want to be healed? And he, it has them speak from their very mouth. That moment of surrender surrender. Then he creates the miracle.

And so let's take that for the wisdom that it is and accurately apply it to our lives. And so for those 30 days, not being able to confront the mirror, I started to become, I started to realize that my identity was not rooted in the mirror. My, my identity was rooted in, in him. My identity was rooted in the truth.

And when I got connected to that truth, I was able to see myself once again, because I wasn't looking with my own eyes. I wasn't looking through the lens of all of the pain. I had experienced all of the heartache I had experienced even all of the happy that I had had. Happy, because I want you to know that there is something more than a fake facade of a smile.

There's something more than a highlight reel and an Instagram splash page or anything else that you see on a consistent basis. It is easy for us to tailor, make those, but you cannot tailor make. It is a gift. It is a fruit of the spirit. And the way that that is curated is, is truly through him. It's truly through our prayer life and our time with him.

And that was discussed in the last one with armor to act, it talked so much about our ferocious prayers, our fearless prayers, our activation of praying. And that's what I was doing in the secret place. And so after I did that for 30 days, I was actually in a three-year process where my ordination and ministers license came, where my mirror moments turned into mirrored experiences, where I was actually able to be the mirror for other people.

I was able to look and peer into their soul as if I was the mirror and see the brokenness and the shame and the hurt and the trauma. And I was able to help them see through my own story. What it was that I was bearing witness to and what it was that was coming to life in their life. And those things are painful.

Those things hurt. And so to know that there's a, not a judgment when you become the mirror, when your life becomes the mirror, because you've obliterated shame and you're able to stand before other people with a level of empathy, you can never experienced ever until you walk through it. Until you were on your knees, waving your white flag identity through your lens will always leave you less than because you can't possibly measure up to the perfection that you want.

So desperately you can't possibly not compare. It's every single place in every single where every given hour of every single day. And yet we're called to partner. We're called to be in communion with one another in community with one another, not in comparison with one another and comparison, stings and burns because you've yet to surrender.

But when surrender happens, when shame is obliterated, comparison is not the conversation. Communion is so you get to become the mirror and it is a beautiful exchange. When your eyes are no longer yours, when your eyes become his and you get to see other people for the truth that they are and the beauty that they are.

And you also start obviously with that mirror moment of yourself to be able to stand and bear witness to the creation that is. The beautiful creation that is before you have, uh, a friend who, um, then I say friend in that way, because she's, you know, through the online world, I've never met her in person.

I've never hugged her neck, but I've hugged her with my words. Many times I've hugged her with my time investment many times. And she struggled with the fact that I would call her beautiful. And she's like, why don't you call me that? Like, I don't get it. I nobody's ever called me that. Nobody, you don't even know.

And that's because I know that she is a child of God. I know that you're a child of God and he makes all things beautiful. He makes all things good. And that's where shame being obliterated from your life, being obliterated from your core and living out the fullness of who he calls you to be is a beautiful thing.

And so you get to remember all the time that you are clothed in dignity and strength, and you can laugh without fear of the future. You can obliterate shit. It can be the Proverbs 31 woman. It can be the David think about him. He was in the field, he was in the shepherd. He was the least of these when it came to his father's perspective.

But God looked at him with his eyes. God looked at him and he called him. He called them to greatness. He called them to king, the condom to serve a nation. He called him to be a part of the great commission. And yet he started in a field 30 in rags. So this is so important. The mirror moments to mirrored experience and the very last, what letter is going to say, weather, weather shirt, you have to weather the storm.

It is a part of it. Is he in the shame of mission strategy and the S O S strategy. This is your signal. This is you say. And him coming, the holy spirit coming and depositing you with that help, that you're so desperately desiring. So that way it makes way for you to be able to stand boldly and fearlessly, to serve, to serve him and to serve everyone you come in contact with.

And that is that empathy, that empathy to empower you are going to empower people because you see them because you bear witness to their pain. And you aren't judging them in that process. And you're also first and foremost, not judging yourself. You get to empathize with your own emotions when there's a trigger in your life.

You get to empathize and sit with that little person, that little person who felt that pain at the very, very beginning or experienced that thing, or made that tough decision or that not so good decision. And you get to sit and empathize and then you get to act. You get to empower that person saying no, no, no, not today.

Satan. You get to get into the head. You get to get into the heart, you get to get into the home, into the relationships around you. You get to work out harder because it heal from the inside out because you are empathizing and then you are empowering. And what happens is people bear witness to that inspiration and that empowerment.

And they say, whoa, whoa. How did she go from this place of surrender to this place of authority, to this place of confidence and fearlessness. And we get to glorify God in that process. It's not about us. It's not about how many times we've picked ourselves up because it's not by our strength that we exist.

It's not by our breath that we created. He created that breath. He created that life. He gave you the. And now you get to empower other people in the kingdom to do the same thing. And so this is your story. This is your lifeline. This is what the SOS is about. I am envisioning myself in this very moment in the last two shows.

If you haven't watched the last YouTube one, you got to go back and listen to SHA from the shame of mission strategy and realize right now I get to empower you based on a pain that I experience. In so many realms of life, achievement driven, perfection driven, success, driven people pleasing, no surrender.

And yet here I am surrendered aligned and able to serve and empathize with everything that you're going through. Even if it looks a little different than mine, the root fee. The worry, the concern, the shame is where it's all started and rooted in. So I am here to pluck that up and become a safe Harbor for you.

So I would love to pray with you. If this is something that you need directly, please come to me, please let me know directly I'm on Instagram the most, but you can email me. You can go and book a call with me and we can pray live. That's all on my website, Tamra and Um, I also have a conference coming up and so that could be an extended period of time where we rebuild the foundation on a solid rock in order for you to propel every part of your mission to the nations, we will go.

And I am sure of it. So thank you guys so much. This SOS process is so important to me and it is not something that's just a one and done though. I do believe if you can dedicate the amount of time needed for you and everybody's journey looks different. Like I said, my Ms. Three years in this place, Then I was able to finally obliterate it in my life and in stand up and say yes to the calling with more, um, or belief or faith, more fearlessness because of the armoring because of the Harvard, because of the shattering go back and, and write these down, put them on your mirror so that you can face yourself in those mirror moments.

And then you can empower others based on your unique testimony. This is how you build a bridge. This is how you build a business. You build it on your story, you build it on what is uniquely only you. I don't care if your business is like making car deck or I don't know. I don't know a tech. I also know, and it could be anything, but it's based on who you were created to be and what you've walked through.

That's your, why? That's your momentum? That is your forever. It doesn't go away. So you'll never lose the energy to wake up and say yes to. I love you guys. I pray that this reprograms your life, I pray that it shakes you. It shatters you only so that I can bear witness to the God that is going to miraculously change you in sir review and grow you and ignite you for his kingdom.

All the left.

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