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Screw the Elevator Pitch

Quit thinking all of these elevator pitch examples are something you need to emulate. Focus on creating relationships, rather than creating this perfectly curated statement. In this CORE Talk with Tamra, we go back to the basics, starting with how you portray yourself in your bio and more.

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Show Notes: Screw the Elevator Pitch

I have a message for you today. Screw the elevator pitch, take the stairs or a swing, whatever. I have to tell you, this is so critical for you to understand time. Investment in relationships is truly where clients and community and money is made. It's in the time investment. So really mindfully showing up for people, even in your bio. So let's go to the basics. Let's talk about social media for a second, because I know everybody is doing that nowadays.

That's where everyone starts a relationship unless you're doing local community, which is also amazing. But think about this. I'm trying to keep focus here. But this week is so far. No, really. Let's try. All right. I want you to think about your bio. Everyone's telling you to do the I help X do X so that they can X, right. I help women start their business so that they can live in freedom and exist in authority and the promises of God.

Right. That's true. However, doesn't that feel very dry? How do you do that? What what reason would somebody work with me as a business coach versus somebody else who's a business coach? You have to infuse from the very first time that you meet someone, your brand, and so often people will say, what do you do? And I have halted that conversation so much because I felt in a time of my life when I had no business card, no quote unquote title, I had lost CEO positions and I say lost.

I had released the reins of multiple CEO positions when I was in my twenties. And so critically, that was a strategy of hope. That was a strategy of life. That was a strategy of either this or this, and it was either the end of the road. And I was suicidally really going to take my life or I'm going to show up and I'm going to do so abundantly by releasing control. So while this took crazy right, turn right away from your bio and your social media, but what if I could portray the depth of my passion, the reason for my being my icky guy, if you've never heard of the guy, is a Japanese phraseology all around your reason for being.

And there is a community where people are living well beyond their 100 year old. Right. Their centennial year because they understand the depth of their being. They understand why they exist. They get their purpose. So ultimately, what I'm telling you here is that that relational build, not the elevator pitch, the staircase journey, the swing with somebody new in your community with a new relationship, it's like dating. You're not like, OK, take the elevator.

Yeah, great. We're going to get married. No, it's a courting experience. So I want you to court your client wants you to court your community. I want you to think about it from a long term investment strategy. And I want you to go deep in your vulnerability, in your transparency and sharing the deep. Why not just the mission statement? Why why is sex trafficking something you're passionate about? Why is ending child abuse something you're passionate about?

Why is, you know, expressing and proclaiming the name of Jesus important to you right there, Obiageli, in churches on every corner. Why would you take that on your shoulder? Right. So I need you to understand this from a critical perspective of social media while you go into your bio, which you only have a couple of characters to do, just like your elevator pitch is like so quick. Stop telling people what you do. Tell them why you do it.

OK, so get into the passion, get into the heart of the people, because what happens when they go to read this? Great. You do that thing. That means nothing to them. They need to know what's in it for me. And selfishly, it's a part of our being to need to know that answer. And so not what you do, why you do it. So the question that I now ask people is, what are you passionate about right now?

What do you do? Because a lot of times what people do is not what they're passionate about. And so my heart my way is to get people into that freedom, into that joyful entrepreneur experience where they can say, I show up every single day, passionate and passion. And being joyful isn't just in the what you do from nine to five. It's what you do when you wake up and you're in another country and you're going to explore. It's what you do when you wake up to receive the loving arms of your baby and your spouse or the puppy kisses that are covering your face to get you out of bed.

I want to know why you're passionate. They want to know why they have a connection to you, unlike the thousands of other coaches, unlike the millions. Well, I'd like to say there's millions, the thousands of other churches, why do they come to your doors? What ministry moment are they going to have with you that's going to speak to them, unlike anybody else? This is your passion. This is your life. This is not your bio.

This is not your elevator pitch. That's not what life is about. And so, you know, people will spend time mindlessly doing things all the time, including business strategies, business tactics, business building. I'm going to post I'm going to create content because I have to I'm going to show up on LinkedIn and tick tock and and Instagram and Snapchat. And I don't know if people actually hang on Snapchat. I don't Facebook, Facebook groups. I'm going to tap into the LinkedIn groups now.

I'm going to go on to YouTube. There's there's all these tactics. There's all these social media platforms, club pals. Of course, you know, I'm alone, love. If you've never watched my clubhouse training, by the way, I have a new a new clubhouse training for all the new Android users who are now being exposed to it and all the iPhone users who have yet to get an invitation as well as best practices for business building. It's all about relationships that probably won't surprise you.

OK, so anyway, aside tangent, I had to tell you that because it's really critical. I just go back to my videos. Actually, I'll post a link below. But what I was saying is the knowing that through all of these many tactics, you have to realize that it's about relationship. And if you mindlessly just post you're not going to connect, you're in an elevator and you've not even told the person your name because they just asked you what you do.

They want to experience the fullness of who you are. We're tired of highlight reels. We're tired of the picture perfect. That's why reels in and of itself are so powerful, because you get to see an expression of a human right from start to finish 15 seconds to 30 seconds versus a one snapshot. I love reels so much, so we'll do training on that another day. But what I want to say is it's about being mission driven, not mindlessly driven.

Use your mission, create the connection, not the elevator pitch. Get on the swing. Get on the stairs. It's intended to be a joy ride. The very reason that I cultivated the Joyful Entrepreneur program and you can do programs as well, that that mean something to you. It's about this mind, body, soul, spirit alignment. It's about understanding who you are, identifying yourself first and foremost in the mirror before you go out to try and serve the world to make money.

You're trying to go out to just make money. You're breaking the rules in the in the worst way possible, because what's going to happen? There's going to be no magnetism to you. People are going to have a radar, which so many people now, especially through social media, do the help, which I call this without saying a bad word, the right barometer, the I don't want to talk to, you know, things that I'm not going to respond to that message.

I don't get into people's DMS and say, hey, you want to buy this thing? Hey, I want to try this program. Hey, I just started this new thing and I really think it'd be great for you. That's not connecting with someone. Hey, I saw recently that you posted about your daughter and that she's wearing a helmet and my son wore a helmet, too. That's so wild. I'd love to hear about your experience in that.

Did I mention business? No. Is she an entrepreneur? Maybe. What about just being a human? What about just showing up in your humanity? That's taking the stairs, that's being on a swing, that is getting rid of the elevator in your life? We are. There's no quick wins, OK? There's no quick wins. People are trying so desperately to get to the top without putting in the energy. You're not going to turn a client, maybe a one time client, but you're not going to create longevity in relationship.

You know, we talked about lifetime customer value before when we were doing our business plan, our one page business plan trajectory, another video you can go back to, which is so critical when you're going to design and implement what it is that you want to do and what imprint you want to make in the world and what impact you're going to have. And the dreaming big, right? I'm all for all of those things. But if you are not looking at what that lifetime customer value can be, that's the longevity of relationship.

It's mindfully showing up to get to know someone, making your bio about your passions and your whys, making your content in the deep connection of who you are. I want to know you people want to know you. They don't want to just see you because being seen is not being known, not fully known. So let's stop being an elevator lets up hanging out in elevators. We need to get our workout on. We need to build our endurance.

We need to realize that the lifetime customer value of a relationship is established on a swing. All right. So come swimming with me. Let's. It's good to know you get to get to know you. Let's get to know one another. Love you guys.

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