• Morgan Hart

Riding The Upward Wave

I’ve heard some people describe this “new movement” of Millennials as a bandwagon. That we are all copying one another in our messaging, our imagery, our heart stories. But to me, I encourage everyone to jump in, jump on, catch a ride, and experience the goodness. Copying is a form of flattery, right? If you have taken the time and spent the enormous amount of energy on discovering the truths of life in an introspective way, then you are riding the wave of The Spirit. The more people who have this insight, the more our world will flourish and blossom. You aren’t stealing my wave, you are enjoying the fun and the beauty of what it is intended to do. Which at the end of the day, it’s intended to move us and propel us forward and ideally upward.

It doesn’t take everyone a pitfall, flat on your face moment to discover ones self. It could be a low or maybe a fear or a state of depression that helps you recognize the absence of pure joy. But it could also be a high; maybe a new sensation of feeling alive. Maybe you took your first trip out of the country and you are heightened to the existence of humanity and the sense of peace you have found in your adventure away from your desk or screens. However the journey of reflection begins in your own life, the realizations are generally very similar. I don’t believe that’s a counseling win or a book synopsis credit, but instead the recognition belongs to our God.

I think and thank God for not dealing with just my exterior world. Not just changing my place of being, but instead changing my internal home. I can attribute growth to counselors and many books and pod casts, but the voices that spoke into my life most, the church, the worship music, the pod casts that were sharing about a Truth I only halfway understood…that is where my victory was won.

Maybe you are reading this and have no idea about God. Maybe you are reading this and you know who Jesus is, but you’ve never had a one-on-one conversation or encounter with Him. Maybe you think I’m a total nut job. Whatever it may be, I hope that you are wondering, analyzing and debating the words on your screen or the voices in your head. Is there more? What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here? Does my existence in the greater scheme of the universe even matter?

I would encourage you to find a connection. Find a place in the words, between the lines, where you can relate. Maybe my story isn’t up your alley. Maybe my words don’t resonate with you. But I believe one of the truest forms of self-awareness comes in the ability to connect with another human being on a heart level. We are meant to be in connection with one another. Our lives don’t exist in a vacuum. We are a part of a cyclical world where we are all ebbing and flowing with the universe. I truly believe there are seasons of people that come and go in our life with reason and purpose. I think we create vibes that attract different people at different stages of our growth. Our auras exude what our heart is experiencing. For example, I wasn’t vibe-ing with new moms when I was in my college years. I’m not going out to bars to meet new friends like I was in my early twenties.

The more the generations to follow in and even those ahead of us will bein a better state of mindand more importantly in a better heart place than we were – if they can learn to connect in a similar capacity. In this new stage of simplicity that I have evolved into and discovered, I am becoming entangled with a community that has a depth I have never known.

The honesty in the communication.

The heart connection through eye contact.

The encouragement and the prayer for and with each other.

The wealth in the collective spirit of our time spent together.

The energy that flows from the pit of your stomach when you relate to them.

Community is at its truest sense of the definition when there is true unity. Community doesn’t have to mean the neighborhood you live in or the city your house is in. I would challenge you tochange your perspectiveon who you are in community with. It starts with your closest loved ones, those in your home, those in your family, your friends, your church, your work environment, your hobby hangouts.

Who are you letting in to your realm of influence? Do they challenge you in all the right ways? Are you riding the wave together or are your fighting for your own spot? Are you fulfilled after you spend time together or are you left lacking or feeling a discontentment due to comparison? I’ve walked in those shoes. They aren’t that comfortable though they may be very stylish. It seems like every one else is walking in them too and if they aren’t you may be judging them for the worn down reefs they are walking in that were so 5 years ago. I encourage you to look down before you look up. And I don’t mean judge others by their shoes, though I honestly think it’d be a cool psychological study, I mean look inward at the heart level before choosing your community by the exterior. Find the wave that looks just right and make sure the people riding it with you are encouraging you, applauding you, challenging you, and propelling you into the next positive wave. Jump on, jump in, enjoy the water of self realization and self awareness – it’s a God matter that creates a peace you’ll never knew existed.

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