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Restored By Love, A Redemption Story with Kristin Clouse

A fellow author and sister who shares the depths of her shame story and how she emerged.

A vine that sucked her dry from life, love and voice, was able to be ripped and restore through Jesus himself.

Her desire is to help other women, no matter where they have been or are headed, to help them break free from shame and the clinching claws of the enemy.

There are continued moments of our story – silver linings – that remind us of His presence in our life, even when it was dark and lonely.

We unpack how our minds were warped from gifts that were actually given to us by God, such as dancing! God doesn’t limit our passions or expressions – He enhances them!

Just like her story, where He continued to speak to her. God proves time and time again that there is more for us…that we are called and purposed, and the passions within us are intended to be released for full restoration and ultimately an opportunity to share with others.

Kristin is a beautiful resource and testament, she has her book, a blog, conferences, online bible studies, and an overall movement to help women like you and me to come to know the redeeming love of God!


Kristin Clouse

Here is more of her story:

Kristin’s story is one of redemption, healing and restoration. As a child and teen she experienced sexual abuse in multiple situations and then she turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. As a young adult, Kristin had a life changing encounter with Jesus, her Savior, and her life was forever changed.

As a child Kristin fell in love with books and writing became her outlet to pour out her soul. Her book, Healing for our Soul Gardens was published in July of 2017, which has been used by individuals, counselors, and small groups in churches. Recently, she was a contributing writer in the book, She Writes for Him.

Kristin is a wife, a mother and grandmother, all of whom she absolutely adores. She is a licensed counselor and pastor who is passionate about seeing individuals find freedom, healing and restoration in their own lives. She is a published author, speaker, teacher, mentor and leader to women. She is the founder of The Restore Movement which focuses on discipling and walking with women through the healing and restoration seasons in their lives. She is a storyteller and uses allegorical examples to impart life, freedom, and healing to many.

You can get a free chapter of her new book, “Healing for our Soul Gardens” on her home page here:

Show Notes: Restored by Love, a Redemption Story

So excited to be on today with Kristen, and she is coming to us with all the repertoire of beautiful things, the a published author of multiple… Which will dive into later. She is a pastor and a counselor, she is a woman of faith, which is always my favorite thing to share, she believes in just discipling women and walking with them through the healing and restoration seasons that we all go through.

And I have the pleasure and honor of being alongside her in the recent release of the she bikes for him stories a resilient faith book, which I’m gonna show you guys up on the screen here in case you haven’t seen it, but Kristin, thank you so much for being here, I’m excited to just unpack your story and kinda encourage women in the listeners that have been alongside to fit in Faceoff over gosh, Henson season to halfway through season two, so a while now.

Well, thank you for having me. It is a complete honor just to be here with you, Tamera, and with your followers, so thank you for having me with you.

My pleasure, I would love for you to kinda just… Let’s dive in deep first and I kinda into the book a bit, tell about your story line, and then we can kinda go into the parallel and some of the things that you experienced that I know I have to… Great, so in the book, I’m talking about shame. And that really comes from my experience. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, I was raised by a single parent. And looking back, I can see all the things that really set me up for some of the things that happened in my life as a child, I was actually abused by some older kids in the neighborhood, and then when I was 14, I was held against my will.

The next morning, I was able to get free from that situation, but that opened up in my heart and in my life, shame to such a degree that it took years for me to get out of that, it…

I compare it to a Vine and Vines wrap themselves up around trees and they take the life out of it, they choke the life out of it, and that’s what shame did to me, and so my story is about God healing me from shame, healing me from the abuse and the things that happened to me and helping me to find my voice again and to find life once again and to be healed and restored, and when God does that in you, you just wanna see that done in everybody else, a attainte as a…

I just wanna see other women find that healing and restoration, and I always say, if I can do an I, me, you can do it now because we’re no different, we’re all equal to God. That’s so good.

I hope it’s so good, so I share some of this, the beginning story lines of what you walked through, and I’m curious from that, that moment of shame, did you… At the age… Because you were so young, did you comprehend that it was shame, did you have language to it, were you able to voice it? Did you share with someone omitted after that and it happened, how did you walk out that part of the journey?

Oh, that is a whole big story within itself, so I am… After the rape, I knew I needed to tell my mom. So I did tell my mom, but before, because my mom was at work, I remember being in the shower and just crying and feeling dirty and getting out of the shower and still feeling dirty and still feeling… I’m unclean, I’m broken, I not good enough. And that stayed with me for years, and we did contact the police, we did report it, and that in itself became a whole big thing. It really was ugly in half of her town, my name was released in half of my town believed me, Hale didn’t, and there’s so many details behind that, but somewhere God and I didn’t even know God, but I know it was God then gave me this courage and boldness just to say enough is enough and I’m gonna stand up for myself.

Which I did for the courts, but the other stuff, I didn’t go to counseling, I didn’t get help, and that’s where the shame took root within me.

I can remember one particular time I was with a friend and we were walking down the street at… And we were walking from our high school to a place where she needed to baby sit and her car was broken, so that’s why we were walking here about 15, 16 years old, and there was a remote area that we were walking through, and there was a creek right next to us in, on the other side of the hill was of the road was a cliff, and so it was very remote, and we could see this man walking towards us, and as he’s walking towards us, we stop for a second because he was a very large man and scary looking to us as teenage girls, and so she said, Should we turn back and I said, All walk on the same side that he walks because I’m broken, I’m dirty.

You’re innocent, you’ve never had anything happen to you… Yeah.

And we switched places, I walked alongside him. He did actually grab me, and then we broke away and ran, he grabbed me inappropriately, and then we just ran and were able to get away, but in that, I felt that I was broken and Jordy. So I don’t want you to experience what I’ve experienced. Your innocent. Your peer… You’re good, I’m broken.

So that stayed with me for years. led me into drugs and alcohol in a pretty heavy way.

Yeah, so I read a bit more about your story and that redemption factor, and that’s always the fun part to get into, because it hurts and it’s hard to even as you… Even when you’re healed and you start talking about things like this, and even as I was writing, knowing that I had already walked through the healing, there are still trigger points and there’re still Moments of hurt and brokenness, and knowing that that’s why we’re always connected in a different way to the line and the sense of knowing he’s our store. And so in that redemption story, I said something about you having a really intense encounter with the Lord, I’d love to hear about what that was like… Well, that I was absolutely broken. In fact, the friend that I was talking about that was walking down the road with, she had become a Christian, and her and I… I was 21 years old, and I really didn’t have a lot of contact with her by then, but I was a mess.

I was an absolute mess. I was suicidal, I was depressed, I was addicted to drugs, I was broken. My husband and I at the time, we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we were broken up, I was just an absolute mess and filled with such despair, and so I called her, and I knew if I called her what it meant, and I was so desperate that I called because I needed help, so I contacted her and she invited me to church the next day, and I went to church, I got saved in the church… It was a house church. I grew up in Santa Cruz, California with surfers.

So our pastor and the Peter, we’re all surfers, and so it is dependent on the waves, and I got saved and just immediately, God began to transform me now, the full healing didn’t take place then, but he came to me and such a real way that I knew he loved me, that He knew me and I would pray prayers. And God would answer them and all the time, and so years later, in fact, that pastor became an instructor at Northwest University and Washington, and years later, I connected back with him and he said, you were one of the ones that God was all over you. And I don’t even think you realized how much she was all over you at that he… How desperate I was because I was still addicted to drugs and getting out of that, and God helped me step by step, he took my hand and later he began to walk me through the memories, the hurt, everything and to where I can talk about it. And it’s not that far distant disconnect, dis-associating, but it’s out of HEAL if that of being a restored vessel and a restored woman. And that is the power of what God does in our lives.

It’s so true and it’s so neat, even thinking back to the story of you walking on the road with your friend, who then became a huge part of your healing during like… She was like, Okay, now I’m getting on the outside.

Now, you go here and I’m gonna protect you.

And so have that flip of script, I think is so valuable for us to understand that he’s that good and He perfectly places us in those positions alongside people that you never thought would be a part of that healing journey or a part of your journey really ever again, so I love that visual for me as you were talking, that’s what I saw, her now having you under her wing, so what a beautiful friendship, I’m sure that that’s such a testimony to where you guys have evolved in just to see each other and your highs and your lows.

That at the same time, sometimes that can be hard for people who have walked the size of the journey with you and they’re like, Hold on, I knew you before, so I don’t know that this… That good. It’s almost like a questioning factor, did she ever have that questioning factor when God was all over you or was she just like… To the moon.

I think she did struggle with it some to a small extent, and actually, we moved away from that area, we stayed in contact for a few years, we just talked to each other every once in a while, it’s not like it was then just a different places in our life and we moved out of California and kinda all over. So yeah, but that’s kind of… That’s the whole point, right? I definitely know people in my journey, like a best friend of mine from years past, she was the one who connected me, my husband, and we’re not in community now, but that was purpose for that season of my life. And so I think it’s important for people, especially women, because we get so attached to people that it’s really necessary for us to stay attached to God Himself, and to know that our friends while they are earthly sisters or brothers or hotter it be that they’re not forever that they’re not eternal, that God is the only… Eternal and the only consistent… And so whether your relationship is just because of distance or… And for another reason, just like you can think of a marriage that’s gone bad, but now you have two beautiful babies that are from it, right, there is purpose in that there is an outcome, there’s still beauty wrapped around that relationship, no matter what it looks like from the outside or what it felt like from the inside, so… I love that.

Yeah, so tell me, so now you’re on your healing journey, how long into that healing journey did you decide your God’s calling you further, how did he pull you into becoming a pastor?

Well, that in itself is a whole Nestor to story.

I go, I’m all the story that want him all…

I’m actually 53 years old, and when I was in my mid-20s, I got saved when I was 21. we moved out of Santa Cruz to a different part of California when I was 22, 23 and had a baby. We were married, young married couple, and probably about 25, I started feeling that God was calling me to be a pastor, but in that era, there weren’t a lot of women pastors, in fact, my mentor was a woman pastor, but even in that setting, it was very rare she was one of the few in the area. And so I really felt discouraged in that sense that… Well, I’m a woman, and so I really didn’t pursue it. I pursued leadership within the church, and we had a school of Fine Arts, I always say the first half of my life, I did theater and dance, and we plowed the arts into the church when… So it wasn’t as acceptable as really cool. So we really were forerunners in that, but my heart was stirring, God was staring me that… Don’t be complacent here, Kristen, I have more for you. And so then I went to school and got my master’s in counseling psychology. And even then, it still was always in the back of my mind, and always the holy spirit would speak to me every once in a while, don’t forget I called you to pastor, and I finally had a group of women in leadership that saw in me and encouraged me and said, Kristen, I had been speaking at retreats and they said to me, Why aren’t you a pastor?

And I said, Well, because there’s really no place for women, they said No, times have changed, there are places for women and the denomination I’m a part of, they really have plowed the ground.

Took my class, did that. And just love what God is doing. In fact, us moving here to Kentucky, we moved two months ago in the middle of pandemic from watch the story in itself that I idolize this film on A… And in that move, just feeling sense that God is doing something that he’s strategically placing us in a place for this next season, and we already felt that, already believed that God was doing that. Not knowing a pandemic was gonna hit and was gonna happen, and so he has really stirred my heart about that in our community where we’re at, but also for the last three years, I have a ministry called the restore movement that is for women.

Where I’m the lead pastor for that, and it’s a online activities that we do, we have free Bible studies, we have one of your conferences, and this year we’re having to go online just a rear… Okay, in your business a lot. So one of the words we had our leaders retreat in, one of the words that we felt God was saying is he’s gonna extend our 10 stakes, and that was… That’s good.

It March having no idea that that was gonna have a… And so it’s like, Okay, you’re extending 10 states, and I think leaders, pastors, everywhere are feeling this, god, you’re doing something different, you’re extending our tent stakes. And it’s not always comfortable.

I totally agree, I totally agree. And I think any sort of change, especially when you’re doing it for so many years, you’re like, This is normal, this is what it’s supposed to be like, I’m doing it right, and that new person comes in the door and you’re like, Yeah, that’s what it was for. And then he’s like, Oh, I’m gonna flip the entire script, you’re gonna tap to stir all over… Basically, it feels that way anyway, and I still keep going, and now instead of one person coming in, it’s gonna be by the 10s, by the hundreds, by the 1000s.

And so I’m just seeing that as a prophetic revival for the world for all of our leaders, for all of our ministry, all of our different types of ministries, I love that you were part of the theater, an art piece, I had recently gone to elevation after one of the she speaks conferences, and they did this whole opening act basically, and it was… What’s it called? Not improve.

Like theatrical dance. What is that cold?

Oh, I can’t think of what’s called… Oh wow, there’s…

I… Either that we… Yeah, interpretive dance. And so watching that, I was a dancer when I was growing up, but I always attached… Yeah, I always attached dance to shame as I was growing, and so because I was using my body in a way that… In a secular mindset, and what I was being taught how to use my body and what I was visually seeing on MTV music videos and what the guys were anticipating, and so I’ve had this interesting relationship with dance as I’ve come into my faith and become a pastor and even became a mom is, okay, I can’t move like that anymore, that’s like… I’m not a dancer, I no longer dance, and so even listening to country music where it’s just like, it’s a… So no innocent, there’s definitely some components when I don’t necessarily wanna go there, but I would feel myself and I’m like, Oh, let me limit myself here, and so see now on stage and watching these people move and knowing it’s for the glory of God gave me this entire new expression of love and expression of worship to the point where I’ve gone, I’ll be going on runs or something at the beach, and I just feel compelled to just dance, and I’ll just break into dance, and I feel God speaking to me so much and I can sense him, and then those times one time specifically, a huge humpback whale breached at the ocean front, and I’ve never seen that, and I’ve looked at the beach my whole life, and so I started crying and I was like jumping up and down, I’m like the…

I think so, I just think it’s so good. Like God sees his daughter and he puts passions and things inside of our hearts and gifts and talents with purpose for him as long as we can with that script and let it be on the sense of… It’s for him, for his glory, it’s for his worship. And so, I just love that you brought that in, I wanted to mention that, and God restores all things because dance and art was created to reveal Christ.

Well, it was to reveal, it was to reveal God to minister to God and for God to speak to us. Those are the three ones of the art created for… And so when I first became a Christian, I too felt dirty, I felt like I’m dirty, I have this desire to dance… It’s wrong.

Yeah, and I went to a retreat.

It was women dancing. And I was just crying and crying. I wait, I thought it was dirty. It started to own, How is the man could be… And so that’s what God would show you. This is how the arts should be, and to reveal Christ, they’re meant to worship Christ and they’re met for God to speak to his people, and so that is just beautiful. Yeah, so cool.

Yes, I miss that life. But I see God using my creativity in other ways… Absolutely, and I always tell people that as I’m coaching them through the unveiling process of their passions, that really I believe lead into our purpose, all of those things are meant to be interconnected, and God is so good that he can use them because He’s masterful in His ways… But we have this natural tendency as little people, I have… My little kiddos are 5 and 6 right now, and they’re constantly wanting to create… They wanna build towers, they wanna build forts, they wanna draw, they wanna paint, they wanna build little huts outside for the bunnies that are currently needing the back of or she… And I love that because I don’t think of like that anymore, because I’ve been taught to think otherwise, to think of it as, Oh, that’s beautiful, cool. And move on, where in fact, I should be constantly creating because a creator created us, so it’s our natural tendency to want to design, so building that into our everyday passions, it’s an outlet of stress, it’s a maneuver of beauty that other people see, it’s why… Etc and Pinterest, and all of these things are doing so wonderfully in ’cause they’re in made… It’s an amazing… Yeah, and I see that God gives people creativity in different ways, and so for a season, my creativity was in dance, I don’t know if God will ever use that, I will break out in worship dance when I have my music on and I’m home alone now, but He also uses that, there’s that thread throughout my life of creativity, and sometimes it comes out and down… Sometimes it comes out in writing, sometimes it comes out in taking photographs, it comes out in different ways, gardening, and so just being open to… That was a season. Now, how are you gonna use my creations? That’s so good. I love that. I think that’s so beautiful. I wanna know more about the writing because we share that desire and that passion, so I’m gonna show everybody your other book, Healing for our souls Gardens, and I wanna hear a bit about what that looks like. I’m sure it overlaps into a bit of the conversation for she rights and also your ministry, but tell a bit about how that unfolded and… It was your first book, right?

Yes, actually, I was a contributing writer to another book that was the devotions that was part of our women’s network at assembly got in in Washington, and so I was on the devotion and that devotion, all those devotions got turned into a book, but that was my first book that I consider really my first book, and in that writing, I felt God stirring me that Kristen, I have healed you, I have taken you through some things, and what I was finding, what was out there in the world of books, there was either somebody’s personal experience of what happened to them, or there was very intense therapeutic books that often I felt like we’re talking over people’s heads, and I wanted to bring that combination because as I was reading books as being somebody who was a therapist and counseling people, I was thinking through the mind of my clients, would they really re-book… Would they stop after the second chapter, would they continue on, is the language too hard for them to understand, not saying, It’s just because sometimes we get too technical in to wordy in our words that have to do with our field of experience or expertise, and so I wanted to bring that combination of my life experience of a sexual abuse survivor, of the journey that I took me on and as a counselor, so I brought those together in… Into this book, and again, here comes the creativity, God gave me this vision through a garden and began to write an outline it into a way to where… An allegorical way to speak to people that this is what this is like, so shame is mine, it wraps it around us, that’s part from the book. We have some anger, we have our damaged emotions just like a… A garden and a…

I created in the image of a garden. You have beautiful gardens. I love to garden.

If you know a lot.

Obviously, I love it that. It’s a beautiful analogy.

Yes, and in this garden, you can imagine walk brick pathways and there’s flowers of all sizes, you have those little small dainty ones leaning over, and then the tall lens, you have harbors and brick walls and all the beautiful things that are in the garden.

And one day, a vandal comes in and destroys that garden and everything that was a value was destroyed or stolen, and the boundaries are taken down, they’re sledge down, there’s like brick pieces everywhere and it’s destroyed, and when you look at that garden, you think there’s no way that it could be restored.

And that’s our soul, that’s us, that’s us when abuse comes and happens in our life, that’s when we experience traumatic life events that are so overwhelming and we think, can I ever trust again?

Can I ever grow in my life again?

Why even try… And then anger comes in, and hurt in fear and anxiety, and all these things come into our life because that garden was destroyed and our soul, which is our mind will in our emotions, they inner fear when they’re damaged, it interferes in our growth with God.

So in order for us to grow closer to Jesus, we need to have our souls healed, and so that’s the whole point behind the book is, Let’s get to the nitty-gritty, let me walk you through how your so-confined healing… Let’s figure out those faulty ways that you’re thinking about yourself, that I’m damaged, I’m broken, I’m no good.

And let’s heal that. Let’s dig deeper.

And I use an analogy, it’s not in the book, but it’s analogy I use a lot of where they’re gonna go snorkeling or we’re gonna go scuba diving and snowing, you are on the target, a people… Circumstances and situations, and it’s very limited our view, and so we often have victim thinking, if we’re viewing life as a snare, but a scope diver goes deep, and a scope diver can go to those deep hidden places, and that’s where Jesus wants to take us to those deep hidden places so that we can find that healing and restoration in our lives, and that no longer may we be controlled by around thinking no long or be controlled by fear and anxiety, and no longer be controlled… Well, control situations. Be controlling, right?

The… That is a very common for individuals that have been abused and no longer be controlled by our motions, that our emotion not drive our best, that we respond Christ, it totes.

So all of that comes into that we need our soul, and that is really about is taking women through, there’s activities route it, where they’re learning to walk through and put that to life within themselves.

Well, I think that’s so powerful, and I was talking on a couple of the other podcast, some other authors too, that were a part of it, and we had a similar desire to need something… Because of the control factor, right?

To work or work books, and I can say check, and I can… Okay, and on to the next step. And God doesn’t often work like that as a…

I winded, but I do think that there is such a value-add to having a resource like that because you’re so right about the things that are out there, so limited, and again, it’s our own imprint. Right, and so we know that providing this resources even for just the one person, it’s gonna be the right thing for that one person, so I love that you just did it that way and explain it that way. It’s funny, I often use gardening as well, I think a lot of Christians do want its biblical, and you can find so many verses that relate and story lines around it, the whole story started in the garden, right.

The whole Bible. And so knowing that there’s this constant threat, when I started really leaning into my faith was the similar time frame on the world was starting to declare words over the year versus New Year’s resolutions, they’re like, We have declarations for words. And so I wanted to be a little different.

And so instead of doing it by the annual calendar, I did it by my birth year, and so when it was my first day, I would declare a new word over my life, and I was a baby Christian at this point, and I decided my word was gonna be fruitful.

Doesn’t everybody want… So I stayed, and so I…

Holy year, I had my word in him bracelet on and fruitful was there, and God showed up in a really funny way, and instead of giving me the beautiful apple or the low-hanging grades, I got things like the pomegranate, we’re like, You just can’t it into a more, you don’t even understand really what the outside texture is, why it’s even there, what’s the purpose, and there’s only a little bit of ness in side once you actually do open it up. So I have a lot of laughs with God that year, that the following year when it came to my birthday and me discovering like, Okay, God really unpacking with him, what does this look like? And a lot of times, I interweave that Word into my ministry because I’m simmering on it so much that it just naturally comes out of you, so the following year, my word, I would from the fruit of the vine way, back to the comedies, and I decided my word was rooted. So this year it’s been all about the roots, because I have gone through a process of uprooting all of those things that you were talking about for the three years prior to me choosing the Word fruitful, so I did the work, I wasn’t just like, Here’s the fit let’s get a…

I felt like I had really done the work, and I realized as I was really focused in on the fruit that I still needed to go back, and it wasn’t necessarily about uprooting, now it was about planting and being rooted in him and having that strong foundation as the source of him being the source of my water and the source of the fruit that will eventually come, and so I just… I love those visuals. I’m such a visual learner, and I think it’ll paint a beautiful picture for not just women, but also been…

I love that. Yeah, absolutely, and you reminded me of in Jeremiah, it talks about… I was looking and I did not have my Bible city area.

And Jeremiah talks about when he was called as a prophet, that he was to dig out to uproot and then to replant. And what a beautiful picture of what God does in us. Where he’s saying, Okay, I wanna uproot. And it’s interesting, last year, my word was deep and not now an… What is this next season was going to be… In fact, that’s gonna be my next book is something around the word, because he downloaded so much into me during that season, but everybody is in a place… Well, not everyone, because some people are working really hard, some people are over-extended in the season, but there’s a large portion of our society that the noise has quieted down, and they’re not busy with life and everything that they’re doing, and they’re sitting at home right now, and God is saying, I wanna go deeper, I wanna take you deeper, I wanna get past all of the noise and I wanna show you some new things, and those aren’t always easy, like the pomegranate, you get… Exactly, it’s not any…

I then the Palmer grant, but I was thinking, as you shared that the pomegranate stains and… In it leaves a mark.

Yeah, got have to mark on you that the… A real… We the past, and I love it, I just love a lot of Jesus. So that He’s changing us, he’s doing a work and deep cleaning, nobody really likes to do when Hatteras only… I mean, do you really… Were you now a little scrub brush, like the tooth brush to get the NIC and cranes the… To how to do that in our hearts and in our lives. And it’s about us being more… Less of him and more of him. Less of us. Excuse me, more of him.

That’s, it’s trying to do. And out of everything that’s taking place, I have such anticipation of what God is doing in His people and in our neighbors and in our communities, but there are people that are hungry in to be are and to become women of faith, of resiliency, to come in a resilient, fat00% agree. And I see the emergence of just so much different, and I know that that different is Jesus, and it’s just a matter of us keeping our eyes peeled for what he’s going to be doing through those people and through the changes, and I think it’s such a value add, there’s been so much like negativity around social media for years and even today, and it’s amazing that he could actually use that tool and it was intended and so intentional about during a time of isolation, he can still be seen and that the word… And He is there, can still spread to the nations that people have access to sitting at home all day, every day, and just regurgitating these services, these worship sessions, these… Just constant inundation of Jesus. And so if they’re looking for… If you’re looking for it, know that there’s access to him at any given point, at any given moment, and resources like the book that she’s written, the book that we’ve written, pastoral places online. I wanna show as I’m saying that, you guys can see right here, her website, restored by love, a place of healing for broken and wounded souls, I love that you share it again, that that’s our mind are well and our emotions and people don’t always understand what that means, but to unpack each of those places as such a powerful process for you to emerge into your purpose, but there’s a lot that has to happen in that nitty-gritty scrubbing Brest, I’ve been avoiding actually doing my own current bathroom for so long, I’m like, I need to get in there and do the ground, and it’s not a fun process, but there’s so much beauty and so much… It’s not just about the outer, it’s the interior beauty that occurs that I love so much ’cause it’s deep, it really is. So I love, I’m gonna use that analogy. I love the studying and startling, ’cause we’re out there or beach family, so my husband’s gonna appreciate that one.

Yeah, yeah, and just that’s how God talks to me is through images and pictures, and often I will be in counseling and I will say something and they’ll say, Oh, that’s really good, and I’m inside… If they’re not a Christian, I’m like, Yo, that’s God.

And that Logan, I use… So you don’t mess. Isadore, not necessarily a Christian counselor.

No, I do, I am. More so now than I was a few years ago. I was in a community mental health agency, now I have a private practice and… Okay, interesting.

I was moving to tele health and now everybody’s intelle.

Interesting, I interesting, so good.

Half of my clients are Christians, okay. And half of them aren’t.

But God uses me, I know when it’s the Holy Spirit speaking to them.

And a lot of people that have turned their back on God, that through our conversations of finding resources and help, that they… I kinda nudged them back to church and back to God, and so that’s a really beautiful… A lot, so good.

I was having a conversation with a girlfriend the other day because she so doesn’t have the words in order to script how she’s feeling or things that are going on, and I told her the same thing that you said, and I actually haven’t met many people who have that response or that relational experience with God that I… When he’s talking to me, we communicate and vision and we communicate in pictures, and that creativity space probably is why… That is the way that it is in our nature. But they were really amazed by that and they were like, Well, I’ve never heard God talk to me, I’m like, Well, it’s not like this audible all no way. Oh go.

It is not like that.

So I think people do hear that way as well, I believe… I don’t know if you remember it specifically, but I think there’s five ways that you can communicate with the Lord, it’s a book, I need to find what the references… Do you know what it is or… And you know there… He was a book, actually. Another book, I don’t know if it’s the same one, it’s a book that I read that was… Oh, I can’t remember his name. And half of my stuff is packed and half of it is until… Cause I’m looking over there to where all my books are, but even through movies, there’s different ways that God can talk to us, so there is Audible, I would say probably through your senses… Maybe what that book was about. Yeah, I think that’s what it is. Yeah, your five sense. That’s right, ’cause touch, ’cause you… Yeah, that’s right, that’s exactly what is… ’cause I was like, I remember there being five… I just don’t remember what they are. That’s probably exactly it.

Which is the same way as we learn, so he’s just communicating as we learn.

It’s really cool. Yeah, absolutely.

Well, I’m so great, little just like learn more value. I love that your ministry really started before you probably even understood what you were doing, because even as you put your girlfriend on the inside of that road, you were already a caretaker, you were already offering somebody healing because of the pain that you would walk through.

I use like God was setting you up during that season to say, I’m still present with you, and though you might feel this way, you are still mine and you are still worthy, so I’m just grateful for the stories that we’ve been able to bring to life during this time, and I love seeing when people have the book in their hands, like the joy that’s coming to them, and love that you’re already in the process of writing your next one, ’cause I know it’ll be an incredible resource. I want people to be able to communicate with you, to touch base with you, do you wanna tell more about your online ministry and how we can get into the fold of that?

Absolutely, I am. I’m on Instagram at author Kristin Claus. I am on Facebook at Kristin Claus. I’m trying to think of what it is on Facebook. I’m looking it up real quick now where he’s… And of course, it’s not a Christian class, author and speaker. Okay.

And I have my website, Kristin Claus dot com. Be sure they spell it in your name… Continually being spelled wrong. That’s so true. I have it right, you’re on the screen, so everybody can see it, they can’t get around.

And at my website, you can find my book as well, in that book, I have done that book in groups at churches and as a counselor and at churches as a pastor, and I’ve always had women in that group that have not had sexual abuse, but have had other types of abuse in their life, and we just tell them, change the wording around, and so that is my vision is just to see that as a resource in the church, that churches be a place where women who have been sexually, these confined healing and restoration, not so that I… At something that I would love to see, and I would love for everyone to connect with me, friend me on Facebook, like me, find me, I would love to be a part of your journeys.

Yeah, I love that we have a guess that’s on… And she’s commenting, she said that the one book that she thinks it’s from Beth more, and it’s called I know there is discerning the voice of God, which is understanding. And then she also has a question to say, Do you ever work with clients who don’t have insurance, or do you have resources to refer them to…

I do, I work with clients all the time that don’t have insurance, the thing of a licensed counselor is my… I’m licensed in Kentucky and I’m licensed in Washington. Counselors are a little bit different because they have to be licensed in that state that that individual lives in versus a life coach, which I thought about going and just getting that credentialing as well, which would give me a little bit more freedom as a pastor, I have seeing people as a pastor, so that’s a little bit different. I like the people as a pastor and do pastoral canceling as well.

Awesome, and that’s all accessible. Under your website, right?

Yeah, they can contact as a remote.


Yeah, it’s always interesting to me, and I have a lot of women who walk through this from an entrepreneurial perspective of, I know God’s calling me into this, and it’s a passion of mine, it also was a pain point that now as I have great healing in… And yet, I don’t know that it’s the right thing to set as a business versus a ministry, and am I supposed to just be doing it all for free, and so I’d love to hear your heart in that, I have my own perspectives, but I’d love for you to share… Well, I think my goal in my vision and the direction, the way I felt God leading me was I didn’t have the tools to help the people that I wanted to help, so I was always as a dance instructor and the Director of the School of fine arts that we had… I always worked with teenage girls, and a lot of them would come to me with their stories, but I didn’t have the tools to help them, and so that was why I went to become a counselor, and then later did become a pastor.

I really, we work on…

I do need to provide and pay my bills and do those things, but I am not gonna be bound up by just that, and I believe there’s ministry as well, so I feel like my life emerges a lot, the restore movement, we do conferences and different things, I never get paid. I’m the one that organizes it, oversees it, I never get paid, I make for everybody else all the way of the work, because I want the Ministry to grow, I don’t… God will provide for me and he always does, He blesses me. Somebody else will ask me to come and speak and I’ll do those events. So I really try to find that fine line that not everything is about, that I have to be paid, and if God puts it on, I feel like there are times… There are people that are on my heart, I have a conversation with them and I just know I’m supposed to work with them. And finance. Finance, financially, they can’t afford it. I don’t let that stop it… Yeah, I just say, Oh, what? That’s okay, that’s good.

Oh, I made a work with them in a different way than I work with somebody counseling, but I’m still working with them, I’m still connected with them because I truly want to see everyone healed.

I think that’s beautiful, and I think that’s where people are drawn to Jesus, it doesn’t cost money to be in relationship with the word, and when a servant such as ourselves, a daughter knows him, just like you said from the very beginning, so it’s a perfect circle is you want everyone to know him when you see the light in the way that we have, you want everyone to know that light, and so this is like a… Our mission, and it’s our heart to say, here, haven’t had all of what I know because I’m still learning, you’re still learning, and we’re all still be coming together, we’re not… Even if you have the title, but Pastor, even you have the title of an author, that doesn’t mean that we’re any different than anybody else, it’s just a matter of we want to shed light on the areas of brokenness, in the areas of dark, and I’m grateful to have sisters along the way that can not only be mentors to me, but also shed light in the lives that I won’t be in touch with. So I’m grateful for your ministry. I think it’s so powerful.

Thank you, and I really wanna see everybody walking the fullness of who God created them to be, so if you have experienced abuse, if you have experienced difficulty in your life, let that not stop you, pursue Jesus, pursue the help that you need to find the healing. So that you can walk in the fullness of who God created you to be.

I always say, I’m not satisfied being the pinky, just at the… As a good… How be in the fullness? So God, I give you permission to come in and do the work in me, so that I can be healed, so that I can move forward and be who you created me to be. And it’s not a victim, it’s a mighty woman, it’s a woman of valor, it’s a woman of strength and dignity and power and anointing and authority in the name of Jesus, that’s who he’s created us to be for us to go and do the things, and to bring people to Jesus and share the love of Jesus with our family. Our friends and our neighbors.

Any man, that’s a Mike job right there.

Yeah, on a internet. Yeah, I’m actually gonna do an acre of the video trailer from our book, and you are such a gift, I’m so grateful to have this time with you, get to know you more, it’s so much better when I have your face and your words and your heart versus just your page, but your… The pages were incredible too, so thank you so much for sharing that story, you guys, I hope you connect with Kristin again, Kristi in I use, and I’ll provide all the links for you to do so after the show, in a facing the unthinkable and failing to shame and beneath the surface, what life experiences to find my value there in to share my father’s daughter.

The way the world changed.

That time I called under my desk, the club we do not choose the loss of a dream that was is fine table.

Then you can’t feel your life at I-I truth that sets you free.

Beer makes the whole… Bigger than he is.

This qualified no pain. Wasted to the moon to Curlin.

Everything is everything.

Why do I feel this way?

Getting real to heal.Season of silence.Worthless, the ten.

White-necked driver, don’t.

I changed my mind the morning after prisoner of hope, the trade by other, but below Idar to forgive a cam Andres on your kitten, a post and I am so excited to just be here to share with you other movers, dreamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, whatever.

#redeemed #redemption #restoration

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