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Redefining Wealth for Our Generation with Patrice Washington

I just really love today's guest. Patrice and I have so much in common, which I didn't even realize before we talked. I just knew I had this like kindred spirit with her, and as we have this conversation, you're gonna see how so much of our story actually overlaps, even though they're drastically different. You're going to be shocked by her story as I was, but we're here to learn together. That's what this podcast is all about. Messy success stories, right? And everyone's version of success is different, no different than Patrice Washington, who is here to help us chase purpose, not money, and fulfillment, prosperity, and really, truly redefining wealth for this generation in such a unique way. Patrice Washington is gonna be coming as a keynote for the Grow Your Business for God's Sake conference later this year. If you haven't already gotten your ticket, you need to

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About Patrice:

In 2020, SUCCESS Magazine named Patrice Washington one of 12 Inspiring Black Voices in Personal Development and she continues to be consistently called on for her expertise by national media. As an award-winning intuitive author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, and conscious media personality, Patrice is committed to teaching a holistic approach to life while redefining the term “wealth” back to its original meaning, “well-being.” Patrice got her start as “America’s Money Maven,” a widely-known favorite personal finance expert, but has since expanded her mission to encourage people to chase purpose, not money. She uses her Certification in Financial Psychology to help the masses get beyond budgets and credit reports and dive into the heart of why we behave the way we do with money. Through her Spirit-led teachings and intuitive guidance, Patrice empowers her community to look at life through the lens of abundance and opportunity, instead of lack and scarcity. As host of her award-winning “The Redefining Wealth Podcast,” Patrice has built a thriving international community of high-achievers committed to creating a fulfilled life through balancing their careers, home, health, and personal finances. Featured on as one of "15 Inspiring Podcasts for Professionals of Every Stripe," and highlighted by InStyle Magazine, SUCCESS magazine and, the Redefining Wealth Podcast boasts over 11 million downloads and counting.

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Show Notes: Redefining Wealth for Our Generation

Kind of obsessed? No, like really I love today's guest. We have so much in common, which I didn't even realize. I just knew I had this like kindred spirit with her. And as we have this conversation, you're gonna see how so much of our story actually overlaps, even though they're drastically different. Her story has a massive, wow factor.

You're going to be shocked as I was, but we're also. Here to learn together. And that's what this podcast is all about. Messy success stories, right? And everyone's version of success is different, no different than Patrice Washington, who is here to help us chase purpose, not money, fulfillment, prosperity, and really, truly redefining wealth for this.

Generation in such a unique way. Her backstory is incredible. She's had a stent with Steve Harvey for a while. She's been on success, mag and other featured experiences. She's got multiple books and another one on the way, which you'll get to hear about briefly, but I am honored to have her honest. And even more honored to share with you that she's gonna be coming as a keynote for the grow your business for God's sake conference later this year.

And so if you haven't already gotten your ticket, you need to grow for Grow for the written out form F O R God G O We want you to be there. Hug her neck in person experience her flavor in person. It is good. And see the overlap between how we both get fit. Here you are on the fit and face podcast after all.

Love you guys. Thanks for tuning in you're a Jim.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast fit is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life holy, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs and kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamara, Andre, and this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience.

I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high the, there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories. And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission.

So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Hey, Hey. Hey, welcome to the pin BA podcast with the one, the only the beautiful, the electric Patrice, Washington, Patrice were so excited to have you here today. Thanks for coming. I am so excited to be here. I was grooving. I be isn't it so fun. It's like, let's start a dance party before the show even gets going.

Yeah, that is always a way to come into a room and it's cool because at the beginning of this year, I got to watch you do the same thing. Shim me up. Stage, and it's so fun to like, be able to bring all elements of ourself into how we show up every single day. Right? Yeah. I think people think of like followers of Jesus and they think that we have to be in the confines of like a button down suit or right.

We can't move our body. Our hips are not allowed to do that thing. And that's just not the case. Like God created us to have fun. And I love that. I sense that you exist in that way. Every single. I do. I have so much fun. I sing very loudly in the shower often, but the, the Lord knows my heart. And, um, usually if you see me shimmy up on stage, one of the things I always share is that my daughter, um, always makes fun of me.

She's like, mom, you twerk like a good Christian. And I don't, if that's a compliments or I, I'm just not quite sure how I'm supposed to do that, but right, right. You're like, OK, well, let's go with it. My daughter. Still only seven. So I've got a little bit of time before. Hopefully she acts or knows what twerking is, but it's coming, my days are coming yes, you can wait.

You can wait. Yeah, I will. And I enjoy every minute in the main, in the meantime. So y'all, if you don't know Patrice, you're about to get to know her, cuz we're gonna go all the places that she is used to going. And that's one of the reasons I bring on people who, who know the Lord, who. See Kim, but are willing to be raw and vulnerable and share their backstory because you might look from the outside looking in from an element of followers or her, her realm on, on magazine, success, magazine, entrepreneur magazine, like all these different places.

Forbes she's been featured in her own podcast that has over 11 million downloads and think, oh, she's had it easy. She's been fed this silver. Spoon something about her life has not been the way my life is. And therefore we judge and compare and we actually put ourselves outside of what I believe the blessing is just in the connectivity of being in connection with you and knowing one another mm-hmm

So I'd love to hear, like, where did it get started? Tell us about, you know, the backstory and I saw your facial reaction for those who aren't watching. That's so far from the truth. Oh my gosh. It's so far from the truth. Um, I guess I would start with just folks understanding how I became America's money Maven.

So many people know me as a personal finance expert. And so that would have them assume that I've just always been so passionate about numbers and money and all that great stuff. And, uh, some of that is true. I got into real estate at 19 years old. I became a licensed real estate professional in California.

And then during senior year in college at the university of Southern California, I took what was supposed to be, um, just like a, a college project and turned it into an actual business. So I became licensed as a real estate and mortgage broker as well and launched, uh, a boutique real estate mortgage brokerage at 21 years old.

Um, and by 25 that became a seven figure business. And. Thought I would ride out into the sunset and be clear that was out of true. Just grit and tenacity and resilience because I'm from south central Los Angeles, I'm Asian American I'm first generation American. I don't come from a family or background that was like, you know, steeped in any of the things, um, that I was doing.

Um, but it was, it was really the sheer desire to prove a professor wrong. Who said. You'll never do that. Like kind of like, what do you think this is? Because in my project I shared that I didn't plan on applying for grad school or getting a job. I was actually going to move forward with this business and he thought I was nuts and gave me the worst grade of like my senior year.

And I was like, I'll show you. And so. I showed him. I went off, there you go. You know, had this seven figure success and thought I had made it, you know? Yeah. Um, looking back now I realize what an empty, uh, idea of success that was. Yeah. But thought I made it because I lived in a big house and my husband at the time and I drove matching range rovers, and, you know, I had all, all the things and it looked good on the outside.

Um, and I thought it was good. I genuinely did. Yeah. Until. Uh, I was 20 weeks pregnant in 2007 and I took a fall down the stairs and it sent me in a pre-term labor. And when I got to the hospital to the emergency room, they said, I'm so sorry, ma'am this baby's gonna come any minute now. Hmm. Like you just have to sit here and wait.

And I did the only thing I knew to do, I started praying and I called other people and asked them to pray and what was supposed to be any minute now actually turned into me being on hospital bed rest for 10 weeks. come on. Nothing but God, right? Yeah. And. The reason that I share that though, is because during that time, if you were in real estate or finance or anything, you know, what was happening, right?

The beginning of what would become a full blown recession. And so I'm in the hospital on bedrest watching the news every day and I'm watching the banks that I work with closed down left. I have 16 loan officers and real estate agents on my team who cannot close a deal to save their. They are calling me every day, freaking out because the banks are closing.

So that means the approval is null and void. We have clients who have, um, sellers who are threatening to keep their deposit and go with another buyer. We're missing deadlines and they're calling me freaking out and they are so used to me being able to fix. Right. And I couldn't fix anything. Right. Yeah.

And about five weeks into that hospital stay. Tamara is when my doctor came in and she said, Patrice were monitoring the baby with that belt around your waist. If you don't stop stressing, you're gonna leave here two years in a row with no baby. Mm. I lost the son the year before. Same hospital, same, same doctor.

Wow. So that was the first time I remember having a true lesson and what it meant to surrender. Yep. Because I thought of surrendering being many of us think surrenders about giving up, but I learned it was letting go of the control. I thought I had, I couldn't control the market. I couldn't control real estate.

I couldn't control what these agents were gonna do. The only thing that I could do was try to keep myself, you know, at peace so that I could bring my baby into this world. Healthy. Right. So I asked them to take the TV off the wall. Tamer. That's a good one right there. Minimizing the junk. I said, take it off the wall.

They were like, by take it off the wall. You mean, take it off the wall. Like there's a full box. TVL a little set. And um, yeah, they came and took it off the wall and my husband brought me an iPod. Full of praise and worship music, my Bible, and a red leather journal. And every day I wrote prayers, um, and sang songs to my baby.

And she was born 10 weeks. Um, still 10 weeks premature. She was a little over 30, about 30 weeks, five days when she came. Um, but she was healthy and, uh, she stayed in the NICU for three and a half weeks. And so when I left, after my 10 weeks stay and her three and a half weeks stay, I left with a healthy baby and also a healthy amount of medical.

Almost thousand dollars. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Holy cow. No deals closed. And my husband had been exhausting. All of our reserves and savings trying to keep everything afloat. So needless to say a year after this, um, by the time about a year had gone by, I was exhausted. I had nothing left to give. I was, I was plum out of like, The cute little cliches and you know, all the things that kind of keep you going.

I was just done. And we had our home foreclosed cars were Reposessed. We ended up moving to Louisiana where we lived in a teeny tiny apartment. And that was where God found me like that. God always, he never had lost track. Okay. Right, right. That was where God finally got my attention. And where I began to realize that what I was experiencing did not happen to me.

It was happening for me. And I'll tell you why I got in the bathroom mirror one day in this teeny tiny apartment. And it finally was like a moment to myself because my husband took the baby. Earlier that day, I had chased the power man down, begging them to turn the lights back on. We were in a season of endless eviction notices every month.

And. We were driving around in an old beat up truck with no insurance. And I had gone to the welfare office and applied for food stamps. Like all the things I never ever, you could have never told me when I was graduating from USC. That that would be my experience. And at every turn I just felt like every door was being slammed, shut EV and, and the windows were bolted.

Nothing that I touched, turned the goal. It turned the wood. If that, like, it was awful and I just got fed up and I got in the mirror in the bathroom and I was like, God, why me? Like, why me? Like, I have been a good person. I have always treated people fairly. I have always tried to operate with integrity.

Like I, this does not make any sense, you know, and I started to think that I literally would think about every bad thing I had ever done in my life. And I would be like, okay, it's punishment for that. This is why. Right. Right. Punishment for that. Trying to justify something. But this wouldn't make sense.

Otherwise. Yeah. This, this doesn't make sense. This is too much. Like, I just, I just don't feel like I've been that bad of a person. Yeah. Well that led to me bawling and snot and crying. It led to me, you know, literally yelling out God, you gotta show me something. And I remember being on the bathroom floor and fetal position, like forehead on the linoleum and.

I was like, you gotta tell me something. And I felt the holy spirit say, get your Bible. I heard, I got my Bible and I landed on proverb 17, 16. And it said, what good is money in the hands of a fool? If they had no desire to seek wisdom? What good is money in the hands of a fool if they had no desire to seek wisdom.

And the reason that my name today is still on Instagram is wisdom. That literally changed everything for me, because it taught me that while I had been very, very smart book, smart, I could pass a test. I could get a certification. I could, you know, pass the broker's exam on the first try. I could do all of those things.

I had a lot of knowledge. I didn't have wisdom. That's good. And wisdom comes from application. We live in a time right now where people think, because they listen to podcasts and they read books and they go to conferences and they can Google whatever they want. They assume they're wise. You have no wisdom until you understand the application of the information or the, the education.

And I knew a lot of things. I didn't quite understand how to apply it. Many of us who are believers, we hear a lot of things. Our parents, our grandparents may indoctrinate us with a lot, but the reason that we can't fully embrace it and follow through with it is because we don't always have our own connection with yeah.

Encounter. Sure. We don't have our own encounter and therefore we don't have our own solid conviction around it. Right. Right. So. The other thing, the holy spirit showed me in that moment on the floor, I felt compelled to look up the difference between knowledge and wisdom. I also felt compelled to look up wealth.

Like it was just, it was in me. Yeah. And as of the day, it was March 9th, 2009 in me, Louisiana. I will never forget. I looked up wealth and, and my spirit was like, go deeper, go deeper. Because the initial definition that we all see of wealth is money and material possessions mm-hmm . But when you actually go deeply into the word, the original 12th century definition of wealth is the condition of wellbeing.

That was the game changer. That was the thing where I was like, I know that I lost all my money, but my mind isn't bad. Yeah. What if I just like, tried to be well. what if I just tried to be, well, that was my initial thing. Wow. I just wanna be well, and so what I do today is take people through what I call the six pillars of wealth, but these are the parts of life where I believe we need to remove clutter and be well so that we can experience the financial blessings that.

we desire, but not just experience it, sustain it and maintain. And you know, that's that conversation of stewardship, because if you had been talking about like, am I stewarding it? Well, you would've been like, yeah, I've got this. God, we're good. Like everyone's happy and healthy and I'm being a good person.

But I think when God got a hold of me similar and, uh, I actually started my college project. Which is really wild. Yeah. It was my business plan in school and activated it didn't go to a job fair. Didn't write a resume. I was like, I've got this. It was a lot of wisdom. Right? Cause a lot for me, a lot of crash and burn in the development of what this thing will be.

But I found in the, even in the stewardship, when our. Hearts aren't set on him as the priority with what we're doing with that money. It becomes Nolan void to that money coming in and going out. And we can have a whole conversation about tithing. We can have a whole conversation about those pieces, but I ultimately think regardless of how that's being operated, it really comes down to the love of God over the love of money and the well, the whole factor of our soul.

And then we become conduits and then the blessings become plentiful to a point, like you said, like more than you could ask co imagine, cuz you're in a whole nother state of blessing than you were at that point. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And this season, you know, Stephen FURK, um, I think it's elevation church. Yep.

During the pandemic, he said we're all in a storm, but like we're not in the same boat. Right. We're all in the storm, but we're not in the same boat. And during that storm, despite the fact that I had generated millions of dollars, I had only prepared a paddle boat. Mm wow. I had not made an investment in anything stronger.

I went to church. Yeah. I could take that off every Sunday. I actually helped launch the stewardship ministry at one of the churches that I went to. Wow. I could check it off and I had the reli religiosity down. I did not have the relationship down, so good. Right. It's one of the reasons that now for me, the faith pillar is a part of redefining wealth.

Um, I am very grateful for the faith that I had to borrow for my mom and my grandma. Like things that I heard them talk about. And I tried to borrow that for as long as I could, but that bathroom floor moment brought me to like, girl, you better know what you believe for yourself. Yeah. Yeah. And a teacher.

Right to be an effective teacher and to actually show up for other people. I feel like that encounter was the element of transformation to be able to serve other people with, rather than the knowledge. Right. And, and I feel like I get burnt out when I speak about knowledge, but I do not get burnt out. I do not lose fire.

Like I watch you on all your IG lives and the way that you post, like you are so sold out to what has happened. And what you experience because it's alive and active and it wasn't gifted to you from somebody else's blueprint or somebody else's lifestyle, right? Like you truly experience, well, this is what I always say.

The first iteration of my business, the real estate and mortgage business. It taught me to have passion for financial education. So the way that I built the business was going all throughout Southern California and educating. So I was talking about home ownership and I was talking about debt, elimination and savings as a strategy and like all of these things, but I was passionate about it.

It wasn't until I went through that season that I had compassion for. Because I could talk about it and have passion about it, but I didn't have a genuine connection with some of the questions that would come in often. So when someone would say, how do I determine if I should pay this or pay this? I'm like what you're supposed to pay all your bills I had, no, it had, and not even from wow, like a, an arrogant place.

I was naive. Sure. I just hadn't experienced life. Like my granny used to say, just keep living. Mm, like living. So I wanted to be impactful. And I remember I used to pray, God, I like make, like, use me, make me impactful. There is no way that I would have the impact that I had to. I had today. Tamara had I not had that season.

The disconnect with what is a very real experience for so many of us who have endured some level of financial failure, some level of, you know, financial insecurity or uncertainty. I literally had no idea. I didn't grow up in a family with money, but I never wanted for anything either. I never felt like we had to make a decision between gas or food.

I never, you know, and even on the flip side, the other financial pieces, I didn't understand financial guilt. I didn't understand that you yeah. The money, right? Because many of the people in my community, my personal community, they have access to resources. They're not allocating them the most efficient, right.

Right. Right. So they have jobs and they, you know, they, they have good careers and they have all of those things. And so there's people who feel like, oh, I don't have enough. And there's something wrong with me. And then you meet people who are like, I have access to it all. And there's still something wrong with me.

Right. Which is why I'm so passionate about financial psychology. Because on every side of the spectrum, we encounter these thoughts, ideas, beliefs that have to do with money. And, and to be honest with you, for me, A big part of what I'm trying to do is undo some of the unsupported beliefs that people have gotten from religion.

Um, I, because I see it all the time. Yeah. And I see people use their faith as a, as a crutch to not improve their finances. So they will say things like I'm gonna pray about it. Okay. But you also need to budget. Yeah. Yeah. So, and there's yes. And, and I honestly think even from like an element of how the church stewards volunteers, they're kind of implicating how we should be activated in our gifting by saying you, it, when you're doing the thing you're gifted or purpose to do you do that unto the Lord.

Right. But then you have to go to work and still pay your bills. But then all the other time you do that unto the Lord, and I'm like, hold up, you are literally in indoctrinating your word. Exactly. People into a belief system of poverty, because we are supposed to be activated every minute of every day.

You think of the Proverbs 31 woman. There was not a minute in her day before the sun rose, after the sun went down, that she was not activated in her gifting. She had multiple streams of income and she was doing it out of her own knowledge while being wisdom and connectivity to the Lord based on her gifts and talents.

And there's no shame and there's no condemnation in being able to make money based on your gifts and talents, which is what I think we hear all the. Ooh, Tamara. I knew I was gonna like you. I got you. We're I got you. Listen. This is what I talk about all the time with the ladies in my programs, right?

Because most of the women come from a faith based background and the shame and the guilt and the fear associated with activating their gifts in the market. Is is just like, it's so frustrating because I know it came from church and know it came from, no, I need to use this for God. And I can't use it for myself, but I believe in Deuteronomy, it says, God gives us the ability to produce wealth.

I think that comes in the form of our gifts and our talents, the things that came to us at birth, it was a gift. This is who you are. This is what you do naturally. Like. This is what you do better than anyone else with the least amount of effort. And you think that God doesn't want you to use that in a way that can impact the kingdom that can impact people that can draw more people to the kingdom because they see your light and they see you out there doing this thing that you were given freely.

But instead we want to, and I'm gonna get real on here. I'm here. I'm here for it. Let's go instead. We allow people to pimp us for our gifts. Mm. To on the use of our gifts to take this thing that God gave us freely. Right. Man did not give it to you. So man has no right to abuse and misuse the gift. God gave you the gift.

And so when you can use your gift to create an impact, In your local neighborhood, in your community, in the world, the ripple effect of that and what you are able to do. Meanwhile, we have charlatans who are so willing to use any little. Little just mustard, seed yep. Or something. They're willing to use it and proclaim it from the mountaintop.

And here we are quiet as a church mouse about something you, when we know that there are people who are not sleeping at night, because they are waiting for you to show up, you have brothers and sisters out there who are tossing and turning at night, like hoping, wishing, praying that they had information that they can only receive from you.

Like they need to receive it from you because there's something about the way you look. There's something about the way you sound. There's something about your background. There's something about you that literally only you can deliver the message. Now be clear, the message will be delivered no matter what, because God's word it.

It is what it is. It's gonna get out there, but to miss an opportunity to use our gifts, to be a blessing. and that be something that was promoted in our church environments back in the day. It's a mess me up. You see, I love I girl, I it's a total mess. And I, and I think because of the, the mindset too, like when I grew up, I grew up with MTV music videos and all the tabloid ads.

Right. And I saw what. The rich and the famous lifestyle was, and I thought that's what wealth was. That's what was promoted to us, whether we were in church or we were in the world, right. Mm-hmm , it didn't matter where you were hanging out. It was given to you that this is the way that you wanna live. And the more that I've come into emotional intelligence, the more that I've come into mental health understanding of depression and anxiety associated to doesn't matter what wrong of the ladder you're on.

That is actually inhibiting because wealth was a lie and. Connected to wellbeing is the fruit to the spirit. And there ain't nothing on there talking about money. It's talking about patience and self control. That don't sound fun. That don't sound like anybody's rich, but the more I've become in self control of my finances specifically, the more abundant God has given me blessings, the more abundant and prosperous my home is because I'm focused on my home and I'm not focused on what I'm gonna do and where I'm gonna be.

And all the other things on the outside. Yes. Impact matters. But the nucleus. Self you said you, right? Mm-hmm you had to come to the end of yourself in order for God to activate through you as the vessel you wanted to be. Oh, I just love this. Okay. This is truth though. I hope people's blood is boiling. I love it because what comes up for me is the first pillar of redefining wealth is fit.

This is a great example that is also connected to church and fit is about becoming your best self. And so in that I talk about what it means to be mentally and physically well, because that is the first step to reaching the financial monetary success that you desire. There is no way to get there without actually taking care of you.

Right. And so another, another thing that comes up that I would share with people is like, listen, we get one vessel. We receive one vessel. We have a duty and responsibility. If we say that we have a vision for our lives. If we say that we know that God has called us to do something, you have a duty and responsibility to take care of the only vessel.

You're going to have to execute that vision. So true. Last I checked. They're just now swapping out full bodies. not anytime soon. Hopefully I don't wanna be here when they get, so we get caught up in that. Well, you know, I'm working in my purpose, I'm doing it unto the Lord. I'm doing, I'm doing all the things.

And so we are in a cycle because this, this culture celebrates hustle and grind. It celebrates team, no sleep. Yep. It, it, it adores like constant achievement constantly. Your will, if you're not being productive, you're the worst. Like ain't no such thing as taking a S. Like you burn the, the midnight hard work or no work, right?

Hustle. Hard to play hard. Like, no, all the things I always speak to, like the mommy needs a Mar right? Like we work so hard even as a mother that we need, uh, alcohol to suppress, uh, the emotion of the fact that we're not living in purpose. And it is sad. It's it's sick. Yeah. Literally sick. Yeah. Making people sick.

So we have all of these grand plans for our futures, but we're not taking care of the only vessel that's gonna carry us to that future today. It's, you know, you see people where they never take any time off. They don't enjoy their families. They don't enjoy any of the fruits of their labor. Like they don't do anything.

They're waiting for retirement. They retire. And a week later they're dead. Yeah. It's so true. Or a health crisis comes to face to face and they don't know how to sustain or manage it because it's so out of alignment with who they've been for the last 10, 20, 30 years. Yeah. And I, I feel that on so many levels, I think about it even from the nucleus of marriage and people not even sustaining when I think about fit.

And I think about myself, I also think about my home and if I can't sewer. Space that has been a blessing to me. And this was a part of my story where I remember coming home, working 70 hours a week, two jobs making the nine figure contract. Right. I felt really good about this. And I had a wadling nine month old and a barely two year old, a handsome, hot hubby, the white picket fence, the whole thing, youngest in the neighborhood.

And I was totally void. And I was working hard to no end. I was just on the hamster wheel and that's what everyone is doing to the point that they're actually not even burning calories on their hamster wheel because now everyone's sedentary. Right? They're not even moving at least before we could move a little bit, but I just, I so desperately want for people to hear this, um, element of wealth.

I think that the most successful people, your version of success, because my version of success might be different. God's desire for our sustainability towards success of operating in the kingdom with the kingdom mindset is connected to fit. It's the whole reason this podcast was initiated before I paint made it an acronym to the founders, innovators, and trailblazers.

And so it really is an element and your story El alludes to it. So beautifully of what you speak to understanding purpose. Understanding fulfillment and then unlocking prosperity, but it has to start with ourselves and it's not a vanity metric. It's not a self-love season. Right? It's a coming into your identity.

That's the difference between you self-serving and God working in and through you to understand who you are as a daughter or a son of the king. Most. Yeah, I love it.

Fitten face media co is dedicated to activating mission driven leaders in the marketplace by way of publishing press and play because your story doesn't just matter to you. It matters to move others. We help you dissect and share your message through podcasting book writing and business development.

These three areas are exactly how my team and I have opened. To stages become the best selling author. I always dreamed I'd be in even the entrepreneur that energetically and joyfully shows up to serve each and every day. Literally nothing I do feels like work every day feels like play, and we'd love to help you live the same life of freedom and fun.

If you're a speaker, a writer or an aspiring business owner, let's jump on a call today to vision cast your future together. Go to www dot. In faith, Again, that's fit in faith, Book your call. If you're a founder, an innovator, a trailblazer, or a wannabe, we can help you get there. Let's do it.

Can I just share what the other part of fit was? Yes, girl, not just physically fit, but also mentally fit completely. Um, You mentioned mental health? Uh, I think earlier in the conversation, and I think that's also something that as believers, we have to take seriously and understand that mental illness has nothing, um, to do with how faithful you are, how much you believe God or don't believe God.

Right. Um, because when people have struggled in the past, I don't know about you, but I went to a church that would tell people that they just needed to. And that they weren't praying hard enough. And the truth is they were dealing with some imbalances or just different things. And it was, it was like, You know, someone says you have diabetes, you wouldn't just say pray.

You would say, okay, well, do you need insulin? Right? Like, do you need right? And in the same way, um, just wanting to encourage people to understand that it doesn't have to get to the point of, of full mental illness, but just that your mental health matters, like, are you mentally fit for what it is you're praying for?

And when we talk about success as an entrepreneur and career, any of those things. Many of us are praying for things that we don't have the capacity to sustain mentally. There is a lot that comes with with great responsibility, right. Comes almost really great responsibility. And are we actually mentally fit to, to deal with that?

And one of the things that I always share, Tamara. Is about growing up being the ugly one. So I, I always grew up with this, like, oh, you're not you're, you're not the pretty one. You know, you're the ugly one. You're too dark. Your lips are too full. Your eyes are too big. Everything that could be picked apart about me as a child was picked apart and not just in school, but by people in my home.

And so. I grew up addicted to achievement because I knew I was the smart one. So that's how I would earn love, cuz it wasn't gonna come through just being me, just looks and you know, I, it wasn't until I was 22 that I started therapy. And it took until 25, um, for me to really feel comfortable even looking in the mirror without cringing.

And so if you remember earlier, I also said 25 was the first year I hit seven figures in that business. I believed that there was a connection I was able to show up differently and, and. Be accepting of myself more, but it, that came through therapy. And I say that because when people look at me today and they see my face on, like there, there she goes.

all the things, all the things on the stages. Um, they make an assumption. Yeah. Right. Which I can understand now, because now I believe I'm beautiful, but back then I could not, and even 10 years ago was still a struggle. Right. But when I look at my life today and what I've been called to do, and the way I've been called to serve and the platforms I've been granted access to in order to serve, there is no way that I could one live out this call on my life.

Two, build the financial wealth that has come with living out the call. Had I not gone inside on somebody's couch and, and actually dealt with my childhood trauma. It doesn't matter how hard we believe you can have great faith, but that trauma can linger. That trauma is real. And many of us are spiraling in cycles of confusion or feeling stuck and all these things and thinking that, oh, I'm just gonna pray about it.

I believe in the supernatural, like, you know, power of prayer, but I believe that God has also given us so many resources to compliment that. And I believe that if we say faith without works is dead, it's still our job to give God something to bless. So I go to therapy and say, God, bless that session.

Being with my therapist, like make sure she is guiding me in the direction that you would like me to go in. And if at any point her advice is not in alignment with the assignment that you have given me, give me the wisdom and discernment to reject it as well, but I'm gonna go to therapy. I'm gonna log in.

I'm gonna pay my money and I'm gonna do my part because what you've called me to do. Is likely greater than what I have the mental capacity to sustain. And I need to keep working on myself to be in position. To make sure that what you wanna accomplish through me, I'm doing my part to make that happen.

And what is so powerful about that? Because therapy is literally been, was life changing for me, it was life changing for my marriage. It was life changing for my kids because now I underst. Stand root trauma. I understand generational bondage. I understand, you know, nature versus nurture conversations in a way that I never ever did.

And I can see like this zombie apocalypse coming true. Right? When I walk through the streets, it's like this essence of void and that compassion that you spoke about earlier, that is an empathy quality that God gives us when we actually do the work so that our mission, our purpose, this grandiose idea of quote unquote success.

Does become not about us finally. It does become about other people because you're looking through another lens and you're doing so with the capability to do it. Now, mind you, just because Patrice and I have gone to therapy doesn't mean we've fixed all the world's solutions or fixed ourselves. It's an always becoming journey right.

Of, of renewing our mind every single day. But what I think is really powerful is that with the knowledge and the way that you're showing up in the world, through your coaching programs, through your speaking opportunities, through your podcast, training, all the things that you do. You're doing it with the lens of therapy as well.

You're doing it with the lens of being able to get people into the awareness factor of mental health, physical health, spiritual health, emotional health, relational health. I found that as success is imminent, and I believe that it is like you said, it's a birthright. Therefore it's imminent. If you do the work connected to that is that if I am not focused on those different layers, something's out of alignment.

I can sense it. And if I'm not paying attention and in check to that, then everything else and everyone else around around me fails falls, stumbles. Yeah, absolutely. It's incredible. It's a, it's a wild thing to see how in the kingdom, because of our purpose, we're so connected to all the other purpose of the people around us.

Oh. And that it's, it's a beautiful plan that we can't possibly understand. But like you said that from the beginning, if we are not activated, cuz we're sitting in a place of complacency or even comfort, we are actually discriminating against our calling and therefore saying God's, idea's not good. Right.

I'm just poking the bear over here. I don't wanna be that person. I don't. And I that's one of the reasons I've been just so drawn to you since I first, you know, found out about who you were and, and got to be in a stage experience with you and, and receive from your teaching and your training. And I want other people to have access to that so much so that we're bringing you to the, grow your business for God's sake conference in Nashville, which I found out is one of.

Favorite she's get to see her bestie. Uh, who's gonna be there Tim's story. And so it's gonna be incredible. And I think of all the things that we've spoken about, you know, marketplace, ministry, and understanding that business is ministry. Yes. And wealth being connected to wellbeing. This is not, this is not a good idea.

This is not us playing with words that it's up. Good pun. This is literally God's revelation in our lives and truth. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, I've said this since the beginning, before it was cool. Yeah. But in 2010, when I realized what I was doing could actually become something. I was like, I'm pretty sure that this would be a ministry disguised as a business come on.

Like I knew it would be a ministry. And you know, just this week I have another cohort of women graduating for my program, purpose to platform. And so every day people are posting their takeaways and their thank yous, like this week, just in preparation. and the number of people who will talk about how their faith has grown is a byproduct of being in this space.

That is a business coaching program. But we talk about faith. We talk about capacity. We talk so much about mindset and to see how the women have transformed. Even people who will say, you know, I didn't launch the thing that I came to launch. Oh, that's so good. I healed in so many ways. I've been more honest with my.

Loved ones than I ever have before. I've been more vulnerable. I'm like, I'm so dialed in. I'm so much more in alignment. What I was gonna launch. If I went to another program, would've not been God's best for me. I would've been trying to do something that was in comparison to someone else, as opposed to cuz I always tell them, I can't tell you what to do, cuz I didn't call you.

Yeah, it's so good. You, you, or you need to talk to the one that called you. I'm just here to give you the tools, resources, the support, and surround you with these amazing coaches and community so that you can take what you hear in your quiet time, but you gotta get still and ask God, what does he want you to do?

And then I can help you birth it, but I'm not the one that called you. So I can't give it to you. Right. And to see. Over and over again, hundreds of women come into that, that awareness and that realization and that they can work from a place of more ease and grace and peace than all that forcing and manipulating and hustle and grind.

Because when you are co-creating with the holy spirit, Oh man, there, like there is yes. It's such stride. That is unbelievable. I've had people be like, you can't sustain what you're doing. You can't run at that speed for that fast, that long something's gotta give, something's gotta burn out. And I'm like, you don't know my God, you don't know the mission that I've on.

You don't know the road that he's laid before me and just cuz you can't see my vision. Doesn't mean it's not activated, like it's a component of pace, right? If we are in God's pace, it looks supernatural. It's supposed to look supernatural. That's why we're called peculiar people. And so it's been so cool just to see and, and learn about the backstory of your life and.

I think we're synonymous in the fact that the way that we show up to help people is so that they don't have to have a, a crash and burn moment. So they don't have to have that moment where they're on bed like bedridden and can't get up. And so if you listen to the trainings that she provides, y'all and even get in equipped through her podcast, that's available to you for free at any given moment.

So money can't be your excuse. Which, by the way, if you want wealth, you gotta invest in yourself. So get into the program. Don't just listen for free and understand the unlocks that will happen from redefining wealth, which is her entire brand, her show, all the things. And you guys are gonna hear so much more from her in the future, cuz this is not the last time we'll be together.

Patrice, you have any final mic drop moments we need to hear from you today. Um, what's on my heart right now.

What's on my heart is just, I said it a few times and I think that's because someone really needs to hear it. God give God something to bless. Yeah. Give God something to bless. We have to be willing to take the first step. Like we have to be willing to, to put something out there to start the thing, to activate the purpose in our lives to.

Stop doing the things that we know are not healthy or not helpful to what we've been called to do or start doing or improve something. But I think for each of us listening, you know what that thing is, you know what that thing is. It's, it's essentially this idea that you need to sew a seed into what you are saying.

You desire. Especially if you know that you've, you're being called to it. So instead of waiting for clarity, cuz we love to use that as an excuse. Um, instead of waiting for all the stars to align, instead of Stradling the fence, every time you hear the holy spirit say go you're like, but did you mean go today?

Like. Like always being in that space of indecisiveness. I, my message to you today is give God something to bless. You're not confused. Make a choice, make a choice, go in that direction and believe that God will meet you there. brilliant. Brilliant. Just this morning, I was doing an analogy of like how I feel like I'm in a, a fog, but I don't feel unclear.

I just can't see the very next step, even though I've given vision to what's on the other side of the cloud, and that is our action every single day. Cuz he will reveal just wake. When you walk through fall, you see what's right in front of you. That's all he is gonna give you. He's not gonna give you a crystal ball.

He's not gonna give you the blueprint. No coach can give you a blueprint. We can give you resources associated to your blueprint and help you get further connected in alignment, but that's not our job. And I love the way that you said that, like, I didn't call you. He did. And so let's tune into who he is and who we are in him.

And that's how we. The kingdom. That's how we change the generational bondage of the church. That's how we show up really, really wealthy. And we do really awesome things with our money and not just our money, but our minds and our souls, our spirits, our bodies. And I'm excited to do that with you sister.

We're gonna dance our way to the stage here. Soon. We hope you're in Nashville with us. And in the meantime, get connected with all things, Patrice, Washington, and redefining wealth. Love you sister. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. Bye.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway snap APIC of the episode and share it on your stories or.

Send you can tag me and the guest and we will surely feature you on our Instas. Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the extra step. Come on, give you that extra sauce and leave a review on iTunes.

For the podcast listening app that is of your choice. I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this is gonna be so fun an upcoming episode. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to.

And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that. Speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and faith team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is the fit and faith way.

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