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Reckless Love

When I was younger, I recevied 2 reckless driving tickets in the same month. And not the wrongfully distributed ones, but an accurate 20 mph over. It cost me almost $2000 out of my already broke college pocket. Yet, I would still speed at any given mindless moment. Despite cruise control. Despite the danger. Despite the “what if’s”. Despite the cost…

I was unknowingly searching with reckless abandon ignoring His reckless love.

The adrenaline. The carelessness.

If I’m honest while looking back at my life, I was living every part of my life in that way. To onlookers, I may have appeared polished and put together. I may have seemed to be aspiring and succeeding. Windows down, music loud kind of freedom. However, inside I was recklessly, mindlessly, emotionally driving through life day by day, moment by moment. I did try to surrender and I did attempt to let God take the wheel here and there. But I selfishly always wanted the driver’s seat, even when it wasn’t good for me.

Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

Almost a decade later, after my own crash and burn (fortunately only a figurative head on collision) I finally was able to be ok with the side seat. 

#Jesustakethewheel was my saving grace. And I began to use His wisdom to take the safest routes possible. Who would have thought that road signs have purpose?

His “safer” ways aren’t intended to limit us from the fast car freedom, instead at just the right speed; fast enough to fly and slow enough to enjoy the ride. A cruise control with intentional rumble strips that keep us aligned.

reckless love

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

So my friend, the question is, are there reckless areas that need addressing in your own life? Perhaps, like me, you’ve gotten a ticket a time or two but you were still wearing blinders to the critical need to slow down.

Perhaps the quarantine is our ticket. Perhaps it’s the time we need to evaluate our own super sonic speed? Perhaps His reckless love is chasing us down right now, in this very second.

reckless love

Job 12:12 Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.

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