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Receiving the Favor of God with Mike Signorelli

Today we have a guest that is not just a pastor, but ultimately just a son of God, and he claims that identity so beautifully. You hear it not just in the way that he speaks, but in the way that he shares and celebrates other people and brings other people into the vision that God has given him. There is so much favor on his life.

We talk about that favor and how you can get underneath that blessing, too. Mike Signorelli is a fellow leader, a fellow podcaster, a pastor, and a man of God. He drops so many bombs and you're going to want pen and paper for this one.

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About Mike:

Mike Signorelli is the lead pastor and founder of V1 Church based in New York City. Mike helps people to become what they were created for. If you are a leader, entrepreneur, or even just a dreamer – you can go from chaos to clarity through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Show Notes: Receiving the Favor of God with Mike Signorelli

I don't think God could surprise me anymore. Like the amount of opportunity and the amount of excitement and the amount of exhilaration associated to these types of conversations. They, they still blow my mind even four years later. Thank you guys for being a part of the fit and faith podcast journey and the evolution of what it's become for founders, innovators, and trailblazers.

And today we have a guest on that is not just a pastor, not. Anything, but ultimately just a son. And he claims that identity so beautifully, not just in the way that he speaks, but in the way that he shares and celebrates other people and brings other people into the vision that God has given him. There is so much favor on his life.

We talk about that favor and how you can get underneath that blessing too. Y'all he's a leader. He's. You he's a fellow podcaster. He's a pastor and a man of God. He drops so many bombs. You're gonna wanna pen and paper down for this one. Mike, am I gonna say your last name? Wait till you hear the intro of the intro.

You're listening to the intro, leave a review, tag us both. He is also on YouTube and Instagram and all the places you can follow any media influencers, but to know that he's got a connection. Two, the one. Woo. Woo. Let's go.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast fit is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life holy, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs. And kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamara Andres.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high the, there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

All right. All right. Coming in with some spice this morning with Mike sitting he told me how to pronounce his name, but if I wanted to do it the spicy way, here's how it goes, Mike. I love. Yes in really. I love it. was to have your brother excited to jump into conversation. I had gotten connected with you on Instagram, through an account called reformed Christ, which is such a cool way to connect with different people.

And they just. Bring influencers who have been dropping fire across social media, into the presence of other people who follow their account. And Mike is definitely one who likes to bring clarity to your chaos. He's a pastor in New York city for the B one church. I wanna know about the name there, and he's also a podcaster, but he's, uh, a leader and entrepreneur and, uh, helps dreamers be those things as well.

And so, Mike, I'm just grateful for what you're doing. Missionly for the kingdom. Aw, thank you so much. Well, my number one goal was to match your background today. because I, I, I felt like, like you gotta start there and then you just go to the next level. So , I love it. I love it. I do. This is the next level.

This is season four of the show and I've gotta bring all the flavor. That's awesome. Yeah, I'm out here in New York city. I'm actually in Queens right now and we have a location in Brooklyn and on long island. And then I have another physical location in Northwest Indiana. So I'm, I'm always doing something.

I love that. When did you guys found the church? So we just had our fifth birthday last month. Wow. You've had crazy growth so fast. Yeah. Technically you hit fastest growing church in America category three years in a row and a year and a half of it was actually in the pandemic. That's incredible. Were you guys meeting in person still at that point or all virtual?

Uh, well, you know, what's funny, we don't own any of our venues. And so here in New York city, it's like when the venue closed, we were forced to close. Um, one of our venues was like a converted nightclub. Okay. And it actually had a slide where, from where you would run sound, you could like go on a, a journey through a slide down into the, it was just wild.

Awesome. Richard just had to adapt to a lot of crazy situations and that's amazing. I, uh, went to a church in, um, it wasn't, where were we? Rhode Island. I go to, I go to different churches every time. Me and my husband travel somewhere for speaking or a conference or something. We always try out one of the local churches, um, based on ratings really, or if we know them.

Yeah. And so we're in, uh, I believe it was Rhode Island and we went into one that was obviously utilizing from a bar and the kids' ministry all took place on like the bottom floor dance floor. And I remember walking in and being. Oh, this feels like a past life. And I don't know if this is right, cuz there's sticky floors.

It's a little bit smelly, but they did a phenomenal, like just transformation of the space for where the kids actually were. It was safe. Don't worry. People who were or judging don't be judgy. Yeah. Jesus can show up anywhere. Yeah, it's true. Well, you know, I always tell everybody we're a tabernacle in the wilderness.

Yes. And wherever that tabernacle moves, like as long as the presence of God is there, we're there. That's phenomenal. Yeah. Well, and you think about like overhead and things like that. I'm, I'm looking with my business lens too. Yeah. You know, having an actual location, there's so much that goes into that.

And so being able to be transportable yeah. Is huge nowaday. Yeah, well, I'm very entrepreneurial as well. Yeah. Our church is full of some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs I've ever met. And sometimes when you put all of your heads together, it still doesn't like, you know, get you access to a New York city building.

Yes. It's that hard out here, but there's been so much grace so much favor, and then you make all these memories for a lifetime. And for sure you remember when kind of. Yeah. And so what, how Indiana, how did you sum up? Cause I have family in Indiana, so I'm super curious. Well, that's when we might be related, I'm originally from Indiana, so no way.

That's awesome. Yeah. I always tell everybody here in New York city that I'm half hillbilly, half city slicker. That is priceless. You're the good old American boy now. Yeah, that's it? Yeah. so I'm, I'm originally from Northwest Indiana. And when I felt the holy spirit leading me to New York city. Yeah. I thought this is too crazy.

It's too expensive. There's no way. Um, but you know, here's the thing, like if it's God's vision it's God's provision. Yeah. And, uh, you know, I really didn't understand like why New York city, but I really have a father's heart. That's like the biggest part of my ministry. And I didn't realize that I was being moved to a city of orphan.

And spiritual orphans. So I just said yes to that. And in the last five years, we've seen atheist, Hindus, agnostics, Muslim, uh, you know, uh, church hurt people. I mean, some of the most radical conversions I've ever seen in my life. And I really feel like we're living in a sustained revival. Every week out here.

And then what's crazy is during the pandemic, we had so many people from Northwest Indiana watching our churches live stream and meeting in homes that we ended up making into a full campus. That is incredible. And, and this is the interesting thing is to have those two dichotomies of locale connected with the same heartbeat.

I mean, that in and of itself is, is a prophetic vision for true kingdom, right? Because there's so many cross-cultural divides at that point, location divides, generational divides. I'm sure. And, and there's just such a need for that more than anything. And any time I think in history, even though we've seen it time and time again, All the way back to old Testament.

Yeah, absolutely. I think it's about DNA. You know, like the pandemic was interesting because doing things online, opened up this digital window into our world at V1 church. And then people with our same DNA are like, man, you know, we're radical in worship. And we, we love this scriptures and it's just, you just started, we started finding our tribes so to speak globally and we kind of turned into, we went from like a three location, New York city church to.

Homes all around the world and we're still actually, we're still incubating that we're getting better. And then this summer we're doing a huge global tour to physically meet everybody in person that, that really joined our family through the pandemic. So it's crazy. Awesome. That is incredible. And like just continued growth.

I mean, you've talked, have you read through, I'm sure. The connectivity of like the Francis Chan perspective of the home church. Yeah. And I'd love to hear like your perspective on how that's continuing to be fostered through your vision. Yeah. You know, I'm gonna be with Francis Chan this weekend actually.

Awesome. Which is, oh, how ironic. Yeah. And you know, I think some of that stuff initially was a response of like, um, binging on megachurch culture, you know, because when you're in that context that like the politics and you, everything that's involved with, it can like. It could be so overwhelming, but I do think that a lot of what Francis said has value.

Yeah. Uh, and so what we really did as a church is we embraced instead of it being an either or it's a, both and yeah. And you know, and so people need a pastor, people need a local church, but what does that look like? And really the most convicting story was there was a young girl in her twenties that lived in this remote part of Kentucky.

And she was. She reached out to us and she said, I, we have one of those, like snake handling, crazy churches. And like, that's the closest church that me geographically. Oh my gosh. And, um, she was like, obviously that's not, I'm not what I feel called to. And so it, that for me was. The realization for the very first time, there are people that you can't say that there's a good local church.

Right. Um, and so if there is one, we try to send people to like a traditional brick and mortar local church. But then like for her story, her name's Mariah, we're like, you know, Mariah, I don't think you should go to the. Stay handling. Sure. Yeah. Let's avoid that. Yeah. So we're here for you digitally. And then when you can meet with us physically, uh, whenever we have events regionally or whatever.

So we're just on this like crazy journey to figure out what we're. And I think about like your, your background in entrepreneurship, because this podcast is all about like founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are faith founded, who love Jesus. they might be operating in the marketplace or they might be operating as ministers and you're doing, it sounds like a little bit of both, and I even was perusing your website.

You have a really RA event that I am hopeful that I can attend, um, with entrepreneurs coming up called the number one kingdom entrepreneur event, the kingdom global impact. And so talk to me about what was your history and what does that look like as you're now pastoring? Oh, I love it. Yeah. Well, you know, I was raised by a single mom with five kids on welfare.

Wow. And that, when you, I think when you're raised in that environment, it has the potential to pull the greatness out of you because eventually you realize no one's coming to save you. Like that you've gotta figure this out. And yeah. And so when, when, when I combined the idea of, you know, Christ did come to save me and so it's not by my own works.

Um, but it's, it's, you know, it's rather through his grace and with the idea that no, that I've got to chart my own path. Right like that, those two ideas, like marrying those together. And I think a lot of, um, there are a lot of entrepreneurial believers that are waking up to their destiny right now. And I'm super excited about that because for me, it was like, okay, Christ empowers me.

And I've gotta go on this journey, but then he also gave me my own will, which means that we're gonna co-labor we're gonna co-create and I think old school Christianity was like, no, God's gonna do it. All right. And then secular humanism is I'm going to do it all. Yes, come on. But then really the real gospel is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and that's the fun.

And I, to me, hopefully somebody listening to this right now is like, yes, you, you know, your Spirit's bearing witness. So I have a friend named Paul. Paul has over a million, uh, over a million followers on Instagram. He's worked with Gary Vander. Chuck he's worked with grant Cardone, uh, Ty Lopez. He was actually the guy who had the idea for Ty Lopez that jumped off his career.

Nice. And, um, he's also a hardcore. Christian. He's a believer and a multi psych pastor. So Paul and I have been working together for years and he was like, you know, I, I've never really done anything explicitly in the Christian community. And, and so for me, I'm mainly in the Christian community and the businesses that I run, I kind of run em, like silently behind the scenes.

And so I was like, what if I step into your world and you step into mind and. Do this event. So yeah, actually May 28th on long island. We're we're doing this event. It's it's not actually just on long island. It's digitally as well. Okay. So I'll have to, you, you could be my guest I'll I'll send you some info.

Yeah. Send me some info. Is that the weekend of Memorial day, weekend or after? Yeah. Is it of, so I'm speaking at a podcasting event, ironically in, uh, Orlando, but I, if I am able to be on, I wanna be on virtually too. Um, but for some reason I feel like it's the weekend after, is it. Regardless. I know it won't be the last time.

It is it's Saturday, the 28th. You're right. Yep. I'll be in Orlando, but I wanna, I want to you to know that that like vision and what's actually transpiring in the entrepreneurial realm is what I'm seeing in, how I get to show up every single day is the recognition that there's like this revival in the marketplace happening.

Yeah. Where people are recognizing. Hold on. There is not enough time. for me to just live life on this rat race. And I wanna live on purpose and I wanna live with vision and I want to blend my faith into my workplace. And whether they're the leader or they're the leader from a faith lens, I think that there is such an empowering perspective that the church could take right now in order to support and serve these visionaries.

And think doing it through the church or through entrepreneurship it's yes. And it's both. Absolutely. Well, you know, what I've realized is that we've, we've preached so hard against the prosperity gospel. Yes. That we've made people feel guilty for prospering making money. I know. Yeah. It's like we've made.

And so for me, coming from poverty, it's like, I also don't see a poverty gospel. You know, it's so it's like, and so I always try to tell people we're called to be a river and not a reservoir. Yes. So it's like the, the financial resources flow through kingdom people, and there's nothing wrong with being successful by anyone's metric.

Matter of fact, it's like, I believe there's a restoration of like Daniels, you know, people that carry influence outside of just the church world. And for me coming to New York city, there's that phrase, if you can make it in New York city, you can make it anywhere. Yeah. And that's true. Yes. And people didn't want just a pastor.

They wanted somebody that they felt like he doesn't have to pastor. He could do anything, but God's called him the pastor. And there's, uh, like for example, I started this company called EIS mm-hmm , um, and it's emotionally intelligent solutions and I had a vision for providing. Um, really like high, high capacity leaders with counseling.

Cause sometimes when you take like normal people through counseling, it's good. But you bring like a high capacity entrepreneurial person into a counseling environment and they're just like, yeah, this is painful. Like please like talk faster. Give me the point. Like what's the action item. I need to have my homework.

Exactly. Like give me my list. So I was like, I wanna provide that for people that's biblically based. So anyways, we did a million in revenue. First year and I had to expand our staff to 17 counselors. And I, of course I did this through all through partnership with two other incredible entrepreneurs that we, we came together to make this, but my point is, um, The local church has limitations.

Right? So as a pastor, I'm like I, as our church was exclusively growing, I'm like, I can't provide the kind of care I want to, but through entrepreneurship I can. Yeah. And I, I have the gift of being able to work alongside a lot of pastors who are in kind of that. That space where it feels like a rut. And they're like in between a rock and a hard place, whether their church isn't financially sound.

And so therefore they're not able to even provide for their family, but they're incredibly gifted and talented and they have other resources that they should be leaning on. But their, their capacity is limited because of how many people they're trying to serve. Or they're the pastor who was pastoring for 15, 20 years.

And they're in this next season where. See, this dire need almost through a lens of counseling, um, through this lens of coaching where they understand that if I could actually walk life out with these people more intimately or in this specific framework, whether it's group or, or one on one, it really is the new evolution.

And that's where that marketplace ministers or ministers in the marketplace really has evolved into. I think more than anything, cuz there's gonna be massive impact. That's gonna be the truest transformation rather. Therapy being sometimes just the, um, icing to what needs to be the cooked cake. Right.

Like it's like, there's actually more to the story. And I think emotional intelligence is a huge part of that. Yeah. Big time. Yeah. It's one of those things that, uh, it's a standard by which we're all being judged, but nobody teaches. Yeah. So true. It's so interesting as I I'm hearing you talk and even thinking through, I was, um, listening to John ASRA this past week.

Have you been connected to him at all? No, not directly. So he has, uh, this thing called neuro gym and the neuro gym concept is basically like the rewiring of the brain associated to our, the way we activate as entrepreneurs. Um, and he doesn't necessarily lean into his faith system, but he does speak to spirituality as a whole mm-hmm and the whole time I'm looking through, obviously the biblical lens, like, what would Jesus say about this?

What does this mean? And I think there's that element of the necessity of recognizing how to operate with our mind and reprogram. What has generationally been passed in the church associated to what you were both speaking to earlier? The poverty versus prosperity concept? Yeah, absolutely. Well, I'm a huge fan of Dr.

Caroline leaf and yeah, she's done a lot of work in, yes. Talking about like the, the neurogenesis and just so many incredible, um, I, I think things that point to God's design for us. And I've really that multi-generational aspect is so crazy. I, I was giving a talk and I was reading a, a study where they trained like these rats to go through a maze.

Yeah. And I know like, you know, she talks about this as well and how their offspring had the ability to navigate this incredibly complex maze. Uh, even though they had never been trained, which seemed to indicate that even skills and abilities are passed down. And, you know, for me being like a first generation entrepreneur, I believe that that's the inheritance from my adoption.

So it's like, you know, so cuz I'll tell you like one of my favorite parts about entrepreneurship as a believer is, is working with the holy spirit and you know, him kind of grafting into your DNA. Entrepreneurship and being a builder and things that have worked out that I'm like, they're like, where'd you get that idea?

How'd you know how to do that? And it's like, yeah, I'm faithful to read books. I'm faithful to listen to podcasts. But I also listen to the voice of my father, come on. And he's given me these ideas and given me, you know, and that's one of the things about Paul, the guy I'm doing this kingdom impact event with on the 28th is it's like, when you listen to the story of like how he.

Got the idea for grant Cardone or, you know, Gary, Gary Vader, Chuck, or it's crazy. It literally was like the Lord just downloading these things. And I love that X factor, you know? Yes, yes. And I think what happens a lot is that people think that they're not attuned to God's promise. They're not attuned to the worthiness factor.

They're not attuned to the capability factor and they limit themselves from this is a really cool idea. I always tell people that I was actually the originator of Uber when I was in college, because I started this drunk driving program called safe rides. Right. And it was incredible. And we were able to like get rental cars from local enterprises and serve the community with free rides every single Thursday, Friday and Saturday night till all hours of the morning.

And. Yet Uber wasn't around at that point. Yeah. And I was thinking, gosh, if this idea had been blossom to life in a whole other way, to be able to bring that to life there, it could have been done, but somebody else took it to the whole other level. I didn't even think to do that outside of my university.

One of the examples that also struck a chord as you were sharing was the rat example. And another way that you can use this, it's a total, I haven't got to preach it on stage yet, but you can share it with the V1 community. Yeah. Um, is this idea of the Monarch butterfly? So my daughter just went to, um, the place in Mexico.

It's a mountain in Mexico where you get to. See the, the super monarchs, it's the largest Monarch. It's where all of them arrive annually. And they're coming from Canada all the way to this specific location. It takes a year long travel distance, but there are four generations of butterflies that it takes before the super Monarch gets there.

So to think. Four generations. They know instinctively when they're born and after their parent has passed, they're now being birthed and they're going in the same direction to the same location. How is that possible? Even scientists haven't figured out, how are they staying on track to this same path every single year and generations are dying off in order for them to do it.

It's no different than what happened with Moses and Joshua, but they knew that there was a promise land. I don't know how it's passed to the Monarch, but to think about. Us as humans, the, the differentiating factor between the person who gets the idea and sits on it. And the person who gets the idea and acts on it is literally just activation and faith associated to that.

Oh, I love that.

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But you gotta be in the room. IRA. Let's go.

Well, I think about how the scriptures say that in the old Testament, under the old covenant, the sins of the father, you know, will be visited upon the children three to four generations. But if you read that text, it also says the blessing. And I think a lot of times we focus on the curse, but we don't focus on multi-generational blessing mm-hmm and so, yeah, that's so encouraging to me.

I'm gonna use that by the way. I know you'll Hey, just I'm like follow her online. She's a genius, but unload that I'm speaking in Kansas city this Sunday, I might weave that in anyway. Check it out. It's the super Monarch and it's just, it's phenomenal. And so she got to see, she had to take a donkey trail up to the top and she got to see where thousands, like, as far as the eye can see is super monarchs.

And so right when I heard it, I was like, woo. Praise Jesus. That's. Right. And so I love doing that. I love hearing anything that's happening in society. I love hearing any business trial or tribulation. I'm like, oh, God's all up in that. Let me tell you how right. Yeah. Uh, and I just think people, if they were to utilize the word the way that we are stewarding it now, even in this conversation and not look at it as, um, this, um, Uh, what do I, I don't wanna say rules because it is a set of rules.

It's foundational and principles are essentially rules for us to follow, but people look at it as ancient when it's active. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I'll tell you what though. It's like, I think , if you, the thing that I think people are experiencing right now is what Mo the results that modern wisdom is giving people is not the results they want.

And I, to me, it's like ancient wisdom being applied to modern problems is showing some good results and the world's gonna see that, you know, more and more. Yeah. Uh, that's the same thing in New York city. It's like, a lot of people are like, you know, well, why should I listen to the Bible? It's ancient. And I'm like, yeah, but how is your life working?

For you like you've, you've done all the modern solutions and you came to me because you hate your life. So lemme give you some tried and true, you know, the wisdom of the ancients. Like it was good for them. It's good for us. Good. Well, I think through like happy, I think through hustle culture, I think through all of these things that people are trying to achieve, even from a lens of success, even from a lens of finances, right.

We're talking about money prior to, and. Wealth is so much more than just finances, but God planted gold in the garden with intention, for us to be able to utilize it as a tool, as a resource. Otherwise he wouldn't have put it there. Yeah. It wouldn't have been purpose from the get go and the onset of creation.

And to know that we have dominion over it, versus what I think a lot of people think success, they get the thing. And what happens is the dominion is over top of them. The money actually owns them versus them owning the money. Yeah, absolutely. Well, it's like the seek first, the kingdom, and then all these things will be added onto you.

One of the biggest things I struggle with as a pastor is entrepreneurs, especially in New York who they, they read all these books and they listen to podcasts that say, you need spirituality. That's your, what? You're missing? Spirituality, spirituality. So they show up to church trying to plug in this element, that'll make them successful.

Yeah. So, you know, it's like, or the boss lady culture, that's like a big thing. Like we're boss lady. Oh. And we, we burn Sage and like we do Tara and like, we, you know, it's like this, they kind of bring in this spirituality. And I think especially a church like V one church, they're like, oh yeah, this is my new secret ingredient.

And when they get into our environment, they realize, no, the true Jesus. Always destroys idolatry. And so like, that's really what he is after. Like, he only asks you to give away the thing that has you, you don't have it. And so it's like if you come in here and that, and you have an idolatry connected to influence fame, that's what Jesus is gonna ask you for.

If you come in here and you have an idolatry connected to your house, your car, that's the very thing he's gonna ask you to give. Um, and so I've really gotta make sure as a pastor, the real Jesus is in our midst. So good because the, and, but this is the thing I wanted to say this, for those of you are listening, what I, the secret I've been learning about the kingdom, especially concerning entrepreneurs, is that Jesus will always simultaneously demand that you destroy the idol and then show you how to righteously fulfill that desire.

Oh, good. So it's like famous, like, like not a problem. Jesus was famous, but if it's, if you come to him and that is your idol, He will simultaneously demand that you destroy it and then teach you how to righteously fulfill it. So you'll end up famous, but it's like, but you'll use your platform to elevate Jesus.

Yeah. You know? So you still it's like you get what you wanted, but you don't want it anymore. Yes. That's the thing that, because you're glorifying him in the process, cuz you're like, it's not even about me. It's not even mine. Just take what is what I have. Right. Because what I have is something you can't take.

Yes, ultimately, right? Yeah. And that's the spirit. That's it. Well, because your identity, you thought it was an entrepreneurship, but actually now it's in being a son or a daughter who is, so you're a son or a daughter who is entrepreneurial. You're not an entrepreneur anymore. Yes. And it's like, so you can take away entrepreneurship, but you can't take my identity.

My you're speaking into my testimony. So good right now. it's so good. I mean, I literally, I call this like my tombstone moment. I was running two companies, one which was global and the other, which was local brick and mortar and online eCommerce. And. 70 hours a week, I pulled into the driveway. My littlest was nine months.

My other was barely two. And my nine month wadling baby who just stopped nursing, she didn't come to me. And I had been gone for like 12 hours at that point. And she went back, started wadling to my husband at the time. And. Still my husband, let me rephrase that. My amazing husband, but my husband at the time is a different man than the man.

I'm going to remarry in a couple months. And, um, so I, I had this moment and it was almost like this flash of my tombstone of am I gonna be an entrepreneur? Is that what I'm. Called to do, or do I wanna be what most tombstones say, which I believe is the most noble, you know, space that I could be. Am I gonna be a wife?

Am I gonna be a mother? Am I gonna be a child of God, which is the precursor to all of those things. And I could easily say in that moment, no. And do, is, are those things even worth it? Because what I was chasing were idols, it was false idle ship. And so I had this massive shift in integrity and this massive shift of righteous.

Connected to that in the recognition factor of I have to wave my white flag. Yeah. I've gotta surrender it all. And won't, you know, that God put me right back into the pieces of entrepreneurship without me even planning it without me even having any clinician of doing it. And it's just been such a beautiful testimony to not just on my entrepreneurial journey, but to my marriage and to my role as a mother.

And most importantly, in my identity as a child. You know, what's crazy about you. I love your story. It's like entrepreneurship will destroy your marriage, but kingdom entrepreneurship will build it. Be better, better, bigger. Yeah. It's like entrepreneurship will destroy your family, your relationship to your children.

But kingdom entrepreneurship will give you like, like a greater capacity to love and nurture your children and raise them up in their gifts. And it's like, That to me is I got chills all over me even saying this, because you know, again, as a first generation entrepreneur, it's like, if your business is destroying your marriage, then it's like, you're doing it wrong.

it's like, it's, you know, it's you're and it's like how Jesus said my burden is light. Yeah. It's my yolk is easy. And for it's so hard for grinders and hustlers and entrepreneurs to understand that, but it, it really. From a place of identity. One of my favorite moments in scripture is Jesus comes out of the Jordan he's being baptized and the holy spirit comes like a dove.

It descends on him, the heavens open, just like they did for Jacob in the old Testament. And then this voice says, this is my son, whom I in whom I'm well pleased, but, but chronologically, that's the beginning of Jesus ministry. He hasn't even done anything. Yeah. And I think for entrepreneurs to, you have to go back to that moment where it's like you were his son or his daughter in whom he's well pleased before you accomplish anything.

And so you don't. And so when you understand that now you don't accomplish four approval, you accomplish from a place of approval. And when you come into the marketplace, you're like, you can't approve me or deny me because I'm already approved. Like come on brother. It's like, there's a favor. And that's the thing about the father's blessing and the Jews understand that a lot within the context of Judaism, like you can do nothing.

If you don't have the father's blessing, all you're doing is working. And it's, it's not adding up to legacy, but when the father releases a blessing upon you and there's that favor upon your life, it'll open doors that only that favor can open it'll close doors. That should not be. And so for me, people are like, I've lived in New York city, my whole life.

Why does this happen to you? I'm like, because I have the favor of God, the mighty hand of God rest upon my life. Like I could move to Zambia, Africa and this yeah. Thing that happened in Africa, I could move to Australia. The favor, doesn't care where I'm at. Yeah. And I think if you, if you're watching this right now, I'm trying to provoke.

In intimacy with God in entrepreneurs right now. I want you to say, I want that mm-hmm because once you have that, everything else can be released on your life and you won't lose your mind. no, and that's the craziest, that's that chaos piece that we were talking about at the gate when I was in. Producing you, because that truly is the rat race.

That truly is what you were talking about before, in your example, it's this rat wheel, but there's generational ties and like everyone just doing the exact same thing. And there's no evidential change. When you look through the mental mess. When you look through these emotional intelligence understandings, it's like, there's a rewiring.

That's like why our, our brain is neuro. Is a thing. Yeah. Is there's a rewiring opportunity, but when it comes to the holy spirit, that can happen in an instant come on. That can happen without anything because of that white dove dissension of you actually understanding your identity. And that has changed.

That's changed the entrepreneurial route in so many ways. So when people come. And they're like, you're always so happy. I'm like, I'm always so joyful. There are days where I might feel a little frustrated. There are days when it feels a little heavy and that's when I know I'm out of alignment to the call because the other days, moments like this, like it is.

So fun. It is so fueling. It is so invigorating and that is passed through a microphone. That's passed through a video that's passed hand to hand you can't bottle up what I have, but I can introduce you to the one who is the ReSTOR of all empty bottles. Come on preach that TA you are my spiritual sister.

Your husband is my spiritual brother. I just know it. You would love him. He's a, he's our, our Yoda. He's got all the words, but he will never get on a mic or a stage. well, don't, I push people into their thing, but you know, for me, entrepre. What made it so dangerous for me is when you come from where I come from, you can start feeling like, well, now I'm proving something.

Yeah. And like, I'm proving something to the haters, to the naysayers. I'm, I'm proving something to the people who thought I'd never make it. And that could become very dangerous because. For me, it was that's where I was coming from was like, I'm gonna show you. I'm right. I'm and so I think which leads to this moving target syndrome.

Yeah. Where you're chasing this, like even now, I mean, I. I was talking to this guy who I'm, uh, he's awesome. His name's Sean Cannell. He's got this huge, uh, YouTube channel. It's like couple million subscribers and we were on zoom the other night. And it's funny because I'm looking at him, he's got 2 million subscribers.

He's a hardcore man of God. He. And he's telling me how much I'm killing it at YouTube. And I have 36,000 subscribers. Yeah. And it's funny how, like you, one of the ways, you know, you have an entrepreneurial heart, is that enough is never enough. Yeah. You know, cuz I'm looking, I'm like, well I'll feel that way when I have 2 million.

Like you. Yeah. Yeah. And he's like, no, like percentage wise, like people never. So it's like, you have to constantly bridle your heart and say, oh, you know, I'm, I'm not proving anything. Everything that already needed to be proved was proven. Uh, and so, um, like you said, that tombstone moment, because entrepreneur has a lot to do.

It's like, yeah. Make me like a 17 foot tall tombstone and let's bullet all of my accomplishments. Like here's my bio. Yeah. That's like an entrepreneur's tombstone is like it's 17 feet tall to totem pole. Yeah. Yeah. But for me being like, if all it said in place of my name was sun. Yeah. Yeah. That's so good.

That's enough. Yeah. Well, and I think that's why. Having the privilege and this word has been something that's kind of encoded over my week. This week when I was grinding through a workout, I'm like someone said the word privilege and I'm like, oh my gosh, I need to flip the lens. I, I say, I, I get to do all of these other things in my life, but I've never really looked at it from the lens of my health because it's never been something that was really taken away from me.

Mm-hmm um, but we have. Privilege, even as an entrepreneur, it's a privilege to be able to have the visionary lens and to be able to be out front and to not be completely afraid as you're walking into the great abyss of whatever the next opportunity or whatever the next vision is. And it's this, knowing that that privilege it can be taken from you.

And mm-hmm and if we are go it's like, I just, right when I said that, I just made me think of like the robe, like Joseph's robe that was taken from. His father gave him this colorful cloak. Right. And it was taken by his brothers who, who were trying to prove something. They were trying to prove something.

Wow. And they were. And dismiss and defer his blessing, but it didn't matter if he was sold into slavery. It didn't matter what ER's wife said. It didn't matter if he was imprisoned the favor, like you were talking about, followed him into the greatest blessing, which ultimately got to bless the people who were there.

And so it's less about proving on our flesh. It's more about God showing up and getting his name revealed to those people. And we don't have to work to do that. He's already doing that him. Yeah, man. That's such a good word. Are you Joseph or Joseph brothers? Yeah. You know? Yeah. Well, I think a lot of people say I'm Joseph, right?

But when are you Joseph's brother by casting down your brother or sister in the space. That is their glory moment. Yeah, well, you know, I've had to deal with a lot of jealousy. Um, oh, sure. Like my jealous heart, you know, and I used to look at people, you know, I'm a first generation pastor. Yeah. And we were literally breaking records for fastest growing church in America.

And I was jealous of other pastors because they were second generation. Uh, even as entrepreneurs, like I look at like multi-generational entrepreneurial families and I'm like, man, it must have been. But then the thing is, I felt like the holy spirit told me you always fight a spirit with the opposite spirit mm-hmm

So you know how, like, Jesus did not cast out bells above by the power of bells above it was an opposite spirit. Mm. So I was like, well, what is the opposite of competition? Will it's celebration? Yes. So every single time, my heart. Felt co competitive towards another brother or sister in Christ, whether it's another pastor entrepreneur, I would literally send them messages of celebration and encouragement every single time.

Now they didn't know, actually I felt the opposite of what I said, but I'm trying to break something off of my life. And then through that encouragement, they started sharing their burden and they started telling me what it was like. And then I'm like, wow. So none of us escape pain, it's just a different form of pain.

So one, one of my friends, he's a third generation entrepreneur, massive multi, multi multimillion dollar company. And he was like, my dad taught me the ways of leadership and entrepreneurship, but also has never hugged me one time. Goodness. And so it's like, so what do you want, like, do you wanna inherit, like.

You know, a billion dollar business, or do you want your father's embrace your father's hug? And so it's like, what I realize is like, everybody is lacking in some way. And so you're you the really you, um, you're blinded to that by your own jealousy, by your own competition. And it's very easy to, to get into that lane.

So I would just encourage anybody watching to re or listening to really. Every time you're triggered by jealousy or competition, fight a spirit by the opposite spirit, cuz you'll unlock them. And then also build the bridge of empathy, which will cause you to unite. And now some of those people that I was encouraging now, they're my greatest team members.

So good. It's so powerful. And I think I was thinking as you're talking through the celebration factor this morning, I was sharing with another pastor on clubhouse and we were talking about obstacles mm-hmm . And so often when we come face to face with an obstacle as an entrepreneur, it's a different length than the like traditional person who might flee or freeze right.

Or fight that obstacle. Um, but as an entrepreneur, we're generally like, let's go, like, what do you got for me? I can figure this out. But it's only looked at as a completion factor. We're just looking to check that box and move on to. Goal because there's something bigger in store, something vision that we can see in sight.

And I think that's an element that we're also not good at is why aren't we celebrating those miles, those small milestones, because you having 36,000 is more than a majority of the people who will never probably have 36,000 people on YouTube, or you having the church and having multi-sites already, like, there are so many pastors who would love to have one extra site.

Yeah. And. Celebrating that favor and celebrating that space that we're in is, is so critical rather than just looking at it as a completion zone and entrepreneurs are so good at that. Like, I, I do it all the time with my team and I'm so grateful. We had a new team member come in and every Friday she sends a message.

What are you celebrating from this week? What are you celebrating? And that little reminder. Oh, wow. We've done so much in just a week's timeframe. And yet I still have it's like that gap in the game mentality. Mm-hmm did you ever read Dan Sullivan's book? Oh yeah. We exist in the gap and God's like, no, I'm all up in your game every single day.

But if you don't focus on me, it's that gratitude practice that everyone speaks to. And I think the variable is what you said. It's spirituality. Versus Jesus people create spirituality, the holistic way of doing life versus just being with the one who makes you whole and that's Jesus. Oh, that is so rich.

Yeah. I, well, in my family, we do this thing where we go around the dinner table and I, and I say, what are three things that bring you joy? Mm-hmm . And my eight year old last night was like, well, what's what is joy? You know, like she's starting to question it. And my 15 year old, she was like, well, it's not happiness.

Joy is a choice. Yes. And I was like, good job, Bella. And she's a little entrepreneur. Yes. But we went around and we were just because what happens is like, it is possible to eat your food so fast. You never taste it so true. And I think when you're living this life, it's possible to experience so many Memor memories and you took a picture like, yeah, I'll go back and look at this picture later.

But how many times have you stopped to actually taste that moment and experience it? And so what I've learned is I use a phrase all the time with our teams, like guys we're in the good old days. Yeah. wow. And I say that all the time, like we're in the good old days, we're in 'em now it's just because we have to become more existential and in the moment, because I think Christ that was a heart of Christ.

Like yeah, he was actually there. Yeah. That's so powerful. Just getting present. That's where celebration can take place, right? Yeah. It's so good. Well, Mike it's we could sit here and talk all day and we might just have to one day , but for now I feel like you have dropped so many gems for the, the listeners in the community and all those who are online.

We're reading, we've got comparison to the three, the thief of joy flip the trigger. This is so good. This is a unique perspective. So timely, we are so appreciative of you guys being here and joining us today. And we cannot wait for more from the fit and paid podcast, but more importantly, I can't wait for more from Mike sin lore.

right. I

be one church and maybe you're the next home church, maybe you're next one of their satellites when they do their global tour, they'll be coming to see you. Um, I'm just appreciative of your ministry brother, and we've gotta. Some more and definitely get on some conference experiences to bring this to people's cities.

I think it's so critical. Yeah, absolutely. Well, you've got straight up family here in New York city anytime. And I'm so thankful for your ministry and your voice. And I just am believing that God's gonna continue to amplify your voice. Um, even if it's just me quoting you in sermons all around the world, I love it.

I love it. Take me with you. I'll help you. Yeah. Get that word out there outta your brother. Such a gift. Love you so much. Love your family. Thanks for being here. Thank you. I'll see you. Bye y'all.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway snap APIC of the episode and share it on your stories or.

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For the podcast listening app that is of your choice. I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this is gonna be so fun an upcoming episode. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to.

And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that we are speaking at or hosting. And I say, we. The fit and faith team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is the fit and faith way.

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