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Real Strong, Real Life, Real Moms: Get Fit – With Melanie Lund

It’s a New year! And I am so pumped to be back at it with our weekly episodes. On the other hand, I’m tired ALREADY of hearing about new years resolutions and I’d place a heavy bet on the fact that you are too.

I’m hoping you will join me in this incredible conversation with another believer in the fact that we are over here just trying to live life well…and our health goals and our weight goals and our diet goals and our strength goals don’t have to be the only thing that gets our attention in the new year. Not to mention…our entire purpose is in longevity.

Don’t we all know since childhood slow and steady wins the race? No quick fix can get you where you want to go…instead, pairing mindset, health, wholeness, spirituality, emotional well being and beyond will get you into the ultimate place of balance.

So let’s not focus on the date, the year, the time frame, but instead on the desire, while living our REAL life with our REAL schedule and our REAL situations.

Tune in with Melanie and be sure to check out her free online FB community where she is currently rocking a 6 week program. It’s never too late to jump in. Check her out at REAL strong Mom on Fb and Melanie

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Show Notes: Real Moms Get Fit

Hey, I have a camera address, I’m your fitting podcast, so I upto me your… Just me. No words, no scripts, no interest, no altos. I love authenticity, I hope to breed vulnerability, and I usually do this alongside another Dreamer, mover, shaker entrepreneur, passion is A… Is what I love to call them, if you’re a dude, then a dude, but I am loving, just coming together in community with other people to share their high and low stories, to share their journeys to come back, because I believe ultimately that for God would have us he would have us on the mountain top, and even though we learn a ton in the pit and in the valley, God would manuscript now, especially in this season of life, in this time of our culture to shine.

And so here I am, I want to teach you how to shine, I wanna be alongside you when you get your glow, I wanna capable to… Into your calling.

Whatever that is. So this isn’t a fitness podcast, this is not a religious banter that week, Jesus all day long, and this is not just about nutrition or health or… Well, now I lack some greed and I know you do too, it’s not okay for us to not be okay, was talking about all of these things that Edison, you guys, we don’t miss… Need a mental health podcast, we don’t just need a fitness podcast, you don’t just need a religious spiritual protest. It needs to win.

This is what fit in things all about, it’s all about frontline men, Ativan, it’s about pursuing your wholeness and playing it over your life and over the line, a loved one that you have around your career. So thank you for coming again. I would love to get to know anymore, you can subscribe, whatever it is in an email is… I have an amazing team alongside, but you guys are gonna get for now so enjoy, I’m so have to have a Pope conversation with you is what I’d love to call up, don’t have my coffee right now, but I have it in my system. As you can see, all the love, let’s do this together. And keep going freedom.

Okay, everyone, we are live in action, so excited to see everyone. Before we get started, I am going to share this to the evening, which as we’ve had quite a few people interested there, and I don’t want them to miss it, the states when forest a second.

He is.

Well, the net in a one-on-one here, we introduce… We… You hear… And just to see the last… Yeah, we’re tier again, I was like, wait, what does that in? O.

Okay, hey, you so… So you made it on, I know you’re probably in your lunch break right now, so glad to have you jump on, and there’s a few others that will feel free to chat in the side notes, the Commons, we’re happy to carry on a conversation in addition to sharing what… We came here for today, so I’m super pumped about that, I have to remember to look at this ’cause I didn’t know that was gonna happen, so I’m happy to be here. My name is Amber, and for those of you who are followers and fans and friends of melody and I have a company called Fit in faith, and one of my goals for this year is to really just come into collaboration with more women in like minds and like hearts and I, muon Malone through a conference that we both attended, a latter half of last year with rachis, she rocks, as we all know, to such a motivator. And so here we are, and it was a quick conversation, we’re like, Let’s do this, and so what this intentional piece of information for you guys is just a 45-minute time for us to share, not necessarily what we’re doing on a personal front for our businesses, but more about helping you guys catapult your 2020 with strength and in your mindset and in your body, and you’re overall focus of health, but the biggest thing that we want to provide for you guys is clarity, because we feel like so often health and this pursuit of wholeness and wellness is muddled with so much to do, like so many different diets and so many strategies and so many different gym memberships, and right now, overall, you’re gonna see that non-stop as people are putting into your face of like, what’s your goal? What’s your new is evolution, you wanna drop pounds, I’m gonna drop way, you wanna get this mind… And at the same time, you’re like, I can’t do all of it. I just need to do the one thing, and so why we know that there’s more than just one thing for us to focus on, this is gonna be an opportunity for us to kinda strip down that confusion and provide clarity to you on all of those fad diets on all of those different exercise strategies and provide you with the one thing, so in introducing my friends, I Alawite a real strong moms, so Melanie, tell us a bit about yourself and what brought you into what you’re doing now.

Yeah, absolutely.

Yes, thank you so much for having me here, Tamera. I’m super excited is… I feel like even from the very first conversation we had, we just kind of clicked and we hit it off right off the bat, which was really nice, I think our messages are very similar.

So I came into this real strong law stuff because I was kind of lonely as a Tahoe Mom, and I was searching for something to kind of fulfill me, that was my own… It wasn’t me taking care of my kids and it wasn’t me to do diapers and cleaning my house, it was something what made me feel good and that was exercised for me, exercise kind of pulled me out of this lonely kind of… I don’t know, a stack. I was stuck in something, and so I decided after starting started printing that I wanted to become a personal trainer. I wanted to share with women how good it felt for me to lift weights and to be strong, and that what came from… Went from lifting weights to what connects women about Nutrition, how can I simplify this, how to make this work in their real lives, and it just kind of evolved, and so I created real strong mom to share with women what real food and real fitness looks like in their real life… And so for me, that is not the BS, diet scams cleanses detox is… It’s not the supplements, it’s not program to program, diet to diet, it’s how does this look and how does this feel in your real life, and so that’s really where my passion is, is just sharing with women, how do you wanna feel in your real life… How do you want fitness and health to fit in your life? It shouldn’t take over your life, it needs to work inside your life, and that looks different for everybody, and so creating that real life kind of movement with real strong mom was really important to me as well.

I love that. I think that’s the huge point, especially for me, and the turning point in my own life was becoming a mom, I was a personal trainer in nutrition coach in my early 20s, and that was just from my parents kind of ingrained it in me from when I was little I remember being the kid who had pineapple and cottage cheese for her afternoon after school snack versus being something box or out of a carton or whatever it be.

Now, mind you, I was addicted to serial, very sugars there for many years, my husband could attest to that, But I… After having kids, it was like, Wait, how am I gonna fit this in? And how do I want to also teach this to my children and not to become an addiction of any sort, and for it not to be solely focused on body… And I feel like that was my struggle for a long time as I put myself into the separate categories that This is my physical body, this is my mental health, and at the time, I had no idea what mental health was, or even really cognitively pursuing a mental health space, and then here is my faith, and at that point it was like playing over here, and so for me, my pursue of fit and faith and really being able to now teach that to women is bringing ourselves into alignment on all three of those categories and knowing that we are real moms and we are real strong and we’re living real life every single day, and real life doesn’t look like this… It does, I have babies in my laugh and we’re running around to and fro, and we’re trying to get to one work and put on the other hat and where the other hat… And so the strong moms, it’s still be strong women, still be strong lives, and so when in that time frame, do I fit in Food and Fitness and Fun, ’cause that’s a huge part of what we both like aspire to in our own lives.

So share more about what it is that transformation space for you and what it is that you share with women.

Yeah, absolutely. So as far as the food part goes, for me, and you talk about this as a busy mom, you’re running here, you’re running there, if we are constantly talking about how busy we are and how we don’t have time for things, real food for me looks like what… You’re eating on the go, we on food looks like for me, what you choose when fast food is the only option, real food for me meant when I’m at a barbecue, when I’m at the… Said What I’m on vacation, what does the food look like, What am I gonna eat?

I wanted women to understand that it’s not a start and stop thing, this is your real life, you get to eat every single day, some days are gonna be busy, some days it’s gonna be Christmas, some days are gonna be on vacation.

What are you gonna eat? How does that look like for you? What do you want that to look like for you… For me, it was like I couldn’t start and stop any more, and so in order for it to be real, I had… In order for it to work in my real life, I had to discover how to make those choices no matter what… Yeah, and so that’s what I teach women is, wherever you are… Can you survey the situation and say, What’s the best choice I can make?

Where is the protein here, where can I find the produce? What choice can I make here and for me, and is such a huge change when I decided I just needed to make the best price in every situation… Yeah, and sometimes it’s not the best twice, sometimes I do a large… And that’s real life.

You do a exam.

And something else that I really work with women on is that concept of being all-in versus when we talk a lot about 80, 20, 80 at the time, we’re eating the whole nutritious foods that feel as… The foods that make you feel good. How does God really make you feel?

Yeah, yeah. 20% of the time.

I love cake.

You know, I like better is if you know me, if you follow along with real strong bond, you know that Ken… Better is my favorite thing.

Yeah, and that… That to me, that’s real life, it’s making those conscious decisions 80% of the time were really feeding yourself feeling yourself, and then 20% of a time it’s that real life stuff, and so that’s definitely the food part for me, as far as the fitness part goes, when I started real stern mom, I wanted to teach over about string training, but I quickly realized that what busy women needed was an exercise, something they could do in a really short amount of time.

He is a gold tie, how can I provide them 20-minute workouts that are beneficial, and that definitely includes strict training in what I do.

But they needed a way to get in and get it out and get it done.

Yeah, yeah. And so that was really important to plus finding exercise that you enjoy, and some of my girls love to run, some of my girls loves Zoo, but some of my girls are… We walk together.

Yeah, whatever it is that makes you happy and doing things that you can move with your family and doing things that you enjoy, that’s your real life and I…

Yeah, Yeah, I love to incorporate… Those things is so important.

I love all those intersection points, because that really is in order to plan out your day or plan your week, and there’s all this concept of meal prep and all of the plans that you can create a whole 30 diet plan, a whole vegetarian vegan, all… There’s so many options, and so it becomes very overwhelming when you’re trying to just live your real life, and then this is it, as people are going into the new year and you’re hearing all of these things, and you’re even trying for yourself to block all of those things out and focus on on the thing that matters most to you, or the diet that you’ve chosen that you wanna stick to, remember that there is so much more longevity to your life, I think there is to your diet, and so that is where Melin and I really share… Really share the viewpoint on the fact that you don’t have to muddle all of the things that you’re doing, even your workout regimen with all of these plans because you’re planning so many other parts of your life. I have to coordinate when my kids are at school at a certain time, when pick up this and drop off is with the Play Day, it is when all of the things.

And so food for me is something that I want to just provide nourishment to me so that I have the energy to do all of the things, but I also wanna enjoy it, I want to eat what I like, and Michelle, who’s on with us right now, I had mentioned that I was really difficult to eat better when you’re a picky eater, and that is so true.

I think the biggest thing for Michelle specifically is exposure, and oftentimes, people think that they’re picker than they actually are, because they just don’t expose themselves to it because when they go out to eat, they’re gonna choose a thing that they know that they like, which is likely probably not the most healthy option, where Melanie, you’re saying when you go out to a barbecue and there’s all of the options and you can choose all the things that are delicious or you can choose all the things that are nourishing, and so there’s definitely ways around it maybe fry chicken is on the menu, Okay, you do the five chicken, but you also don’t do the Marian cheese and the extra side of whatever post salad that is created, but really focusing in on the things that you do like and making them work for you. I think Michelle is gonna be the biggest thing, and I can truly help you with that as we are our close friends and see each other often, so… So thanks for being here.

Yeah, something else I wanna say about that is when we’ve been… Come to me and they share that they’re picky eater or that there are lots of vegetables or healthy foods that they don’t… Like I encourage them to make a list of the ones that they do.

Yeah, it’s good as a… If you can make a list of all the vegetables that you like, all the vegetables your family likes, I bet you it’s more than you think it is, and if that’s… If all you have to go off as those think a lot, so is you don’t have to eat kale because of the Cal is awesome, I don’t need to eat whatever it is because you’ve made the list of the ones that you do like and eat those right. Now, I friend, my husband is quite the chef, I’m very blessed in that regard, because I don’t have that as an additional hat that I have to wear that for most women do, they’re also the cook to their family, is the exposure piece of like… You don’t like it, but, have you tried it this way?

So we have friends who would come over to you with us all the time and actually lived with us for a month at a time while they were in transition for their house, and they hated a lot of the things prior to moving in with us and when we were cooking rely on the dinner and it was all that was being served. They would be like, Oh, I guess I’ll try it.

I ended up loving brussel sprouts when it’s cooked with CRA Maris and bright and vacant and seasons a certain way, the other one in roly, when it was salt versus when it was baked or when it was wrong.

And so, while you don’t like a specific vegetable, there are so many different ways to prepare them that can bring you joy, that you’re like, Oh, this is delicious, now, are you soaking it better now? So we can have the conversation about that too.

Got a cooking show. So let’s just know that if you’re going after the foods that are healthy for you and you don’t like them, their alternatives to learning to like them… Yes, absolutely, absolutely. I’ve learned that with my kids, see, that’s a really good point with kids trying to make it a different way, we got an air prior, which is my new best friend, and my kids love air fried vegetables compared to steamed or roasted. So that’s been really helpful for us, so finding different ways to cook up or season them or add in some different sauces or something like that can be a super easy way to just try new things. Yeah, it’s really good.

I think for me too, and this isn’t to negate any of the fad diets or the fad exercise, because they’re bad for a reason, they’re working for someone, and it’s making somebody happy or healthier, it’s what’s happening after that, that we really focus on.

And so, for instance, I have a girlfriend who was trying… I forget exactly what it’s called, but basically, if I was to call it something and be like the whole 75… And so it being… Instead of it being the whole 30, it’s 75 days of Whole 30-type meals, as well as the fact that you do 45-minute exercises in the morning and 45 in the… That was a crazy intense… Right.

For her, it’s the jumping point that she needs to really gear up for the entire year, and everybody is completely different, my husband is begging me to try vegetarian for a month, and I think… And I’ve always thought, again, a lot of what we eat and what we do is completely based on mindset of what has been ingrained in us from somebody else or something else, you eat, he’s… I think I need protein only via Mae, so I know there’s a thousand other ways to get protein, that’s my go-to… Okay, there’s protein. Boom. And so maybe learning and exposing myself to other sources of protein because in… What is it? March, which is his birthday month, so he gets to choose… We’re gonna on vegetarian.

Next month, we’re using our way into it with position because I’m like, I’ll do fine, you me the thing.

And I think that it’s okay for you to hop around as long as the biggest line of what it is that you’re doing is the knowledge point of the fact that you’re just providing yourself with the most nutrition possible.

Well, I kind of love that. I love that you’re trying something different, but knowing that it’s maybe just for a month, it’s not something that you’re like, This is all… I’m gonna do this. And I see that a lot with women who are jumping from diet to diet where they’re like… And I encourage them, I always say, If you can’t do this for the rest of your life. And what’s the point… Because a lot of people are thinking, this is it, this is what’s gonna solve all my problems, this… But I love that you just… You’re like the… We’re just gonna try this. Yunis gonna see in, and it is a really… At my opener to just try different things, what… For you, ’cause I think I know for sure off-hand what my biggest trial that has turned into a lifetime Choice has been, what would you say is one or two for you at started as a trial and then you’re like, This is it.

Well, I definitely spend training, but if we’re talking food, it was more dioscorid… Yeah, so we’ll look at Food first, but as far as… Well, they kinda going into me because I cared spring trade and then I realized, Oh, my casino here, there we go.

So I started string training and all the bros out there that left ways… They drink protein shakes. Right. Well, I have to get them myself, some protein powder, so… So in protein shakes and I was blown away, I’m not even kidding you, I was blown away because my craving is one way and I wasn’t hungry all the time, and I must not have been eating very posting at all because… Yeah, I would have me a mean stuff, but I wasn’t… Anyway, it was life-changing for me. I, growing up, always felt hungry, I felt like I was just always hungry, and when I started eating more protein, that went away, well, and I was like, Oh, my cost cravings diminish. I didn’t need sweets all the time, I was so much less hunger, and it was life-changing for me, not even joking, I’m… Granted, I was using a really bad protein powder that messed it, my stump, I was buying something off Amazon that was not a quality D, I’ve changed and I found some stuff that works for me now, but protein was a huge noticing change for me and that… It was super beneficial. And then, yeah, the strength training, it was… I had tried every care jumping crazy work out out there.

We wanna dance like a monkey, I did it, and string was the one thing that I started to see results so quickly, and then went from my body changing to my mind changing to feeling confident, having more energy. Straining was so big for me. A sob increment. Yeah, I…

I think that happens for a lot of women, because I know for me, and many women that I trained, they thought that strength training was gonna make them bulky or they were met all of a sudden gonna turn into a man.

I’m like, No, that’s not the case. There’s lunch, other benefit that comes to that and being strong is such a value point, especially as moms, I still pick up my six-year-old, we still walk up mountains together, and when his legs here, I’m gonna hold him… Actually know her as much had my son, but my daughter, I’m on hold her, and so there are so points in the day where I need to have that strength and if I didn’t have it, I the I would feel less than and not to compare men and women, obviously, they’re gonna be strong, but I love to be help, I am help me for a reason, and I believe that God wants us to use our bodies in the way that they’re designed.

And part of that is creating strengths, it were so often spoken, especially in the spiritual realm about being strong in our faith, and that is something that’s fundamental, you need to open your Bible, you need to be strong in the word, you need to arm yourself with what it is that the Bible teaches us and how it is that you’re approaching situations, then easily goes into mindset and people can comprehend like, Okay, I need to have a strong mind, I need to understand positive versus self-deprecation and the words that I’m speaking over myself, but then when it comes to fitness, I… Why would that be different? Why would we then say, Oh, I’m only gonna do yoga… Well, that’s great that your favorite thing to do and your long getting your muscles and you can get a lot of strength from yoga, but what about all the other variables that could come into play and strength training is such a part of that.

So I think for me, to answer the same question that I had asked you, the variations that truly has been life-long for me would… Absolutely be this right here.

I was never a water drinker and I was a gymnast my whole life, and I would drink water there, but I could probably go through a bottle a day, and that is horrible. It’s just one thing that I would do even when I was at my peak exercising, I was not hearing a water bottle with me and I carry this thing and not this thing, ’cause I’ve had to adjust in my waste was a goal of mine. And a silica of my eliminating way, so having my Alden that I carry around, but filling that thing up and I’m drinking 10 water, 100 also hundred out of water a day, and I… All the time, yes. That’s the biggest comment that I hear like, Oh my gosh, I was go to the bathroom. eye, it’s a part of the human process.

Yeah, so I drink water and that similar to your protein, was the variation for me to be able to not be hungry, for me to understand that I could get through without a midway snap between every single meal. And again, the things that I’m sharing with you, I’ve tried it all, I’ve done the six meal, small meals a day, I’ve done the specific types of snacks that you’re supposed to do for the last almost a year… Actually, I think it’s been a year now.

I’ve been doing this my very variable tweak of intermittent fasting, and so my entire life, I thought breakfast was an absolute mandatory for me, I always complained in blood sugar or being partially in me, makan, thinking I have to have this food. It’s the way that you start metals, all the things that have been said or told, I’ve preached. Okay, and my husband for two years prior to was not having breakfast is like, You can do it, you can do it, and like I can… I have to do it, yeah.

And I work out really early in the morning, so I thought, Oh my gosh, if I don’t have food, I’m just gonna fall on the floor and I’d be able to get to lunch, and so eventually after introduced water and drinking 50 ounces of water before noon, I was able to move that scale and move that time clock all the way to noon, and so I work out at 4 30 in the morning, I don’t eat until the… And there’s different belief systems on the health factors of that, if it’s really beneficial, but I have seen such a transformation in my body that I’ve never seen before by drinking more water and closing the gap of window when I eat, and only people say that’s because you are consuming less calories overall, because I am a big recce, and so it was never just like a hard mode, you here some dainty girls in, I was like shoveling breakfast food and I would eat every meal if I could, and I still… I’m super lunch, the water would be across the board, because even in my mental capacity, it brought me so much clarity versus drinking anything else, I was a sweet tea drinker before, never really drink soda, but T also has really high amount of sugar that weren’t good for me, and then also in my spiritual life, and knowing the parallel to what living water, the living water is in my life, both physically and mentally, but also spiritually has just been seen life-changing this… So cool.

We have a lot in common. I am a 4-30 AM exercise as well, and interface, I kinda go hot and cold with that, but I was also like, Oh, I can’t do that, I have to eat first thing in the morning, especially because I’m working on it for 30 and my body’s ready to be fueled, at least by not… Right, and some days I’m hungry and I eat in the other days I don’t, and so for me, it used to be 11 o’clock, and just recently I’ve pushed it more, so I’ve been eating more like nine and somebody’s… I make it 11 and I just what it is, and I love that they’re in a rule, so now I get to decide total, but yeah, I’ve definitely found that my body overall, my digestion and everything is better if I have that longer window when my body has the time to repair and do all the things that needs to do without food in it… Agree to a plan, I don’t think again, 8020. right, so I brunch with my girlfriends on the weekend and a… When I was in Mexico with my family, we were at this amazing breakfast spot, I’m like, I have to have that avocado toast, I need it, I don’t limit myself, but I make sure that on the other variable days when I wanna feel the best, I know that I’m gonna feel the best wine, this is how I eat. So with exercise, I did not have an opportunity to exercise while I was there in real life, and I made quite a few excuses, but I probably shouldn’t have… The beach was too rocky, the running outside it in the middle of Mexico by myself, probably the smartest thing, all those different, the… But I also previously was in Mexico and I was in the middle of a 50 or the day, very challenge, which I totally recommend to anybody, be careful of your back issues like me, ’cause I had to stop 17 days in, but 50 buries a day, and I was able to do it in my hotel room and it didn’t matter, I was literally doing it on a light glass… So ramming floors, right?

And it was fun, I had a great time and I was staying in shape and moving my bodies of knowing in real life, there’s gonna be so many different variables on travel and work on family, on sickness, choose wisely, and I think not pressuring yourself in knowing like I had on Rachel house is not sorry at this morning and was talking about the fact like, I’m not gonna apologize for it. One, it’s over, there’s something I can do to change it, but can I do now to make it better and to revive what it is that I lost, because you will lose what you’ve gained over such a long period of time, so quick. And I think that’s a lot of people’s problem points with, okay, I did a 30-day challenge and I feeling awesome, and then they decide I can let it go off the gas for 10 days, that then turns into 20 days, that then turns into three months, and you’re like, How do I get started again?

So let’s give some people some its energy and motivation to get started in the new year, right now… Make no excuses.

What would you say?

Absolutely. So, like you said, we can lose it, we can lose it pretty fast if we take the time off and a lot time at… Leads to more time off. And so encourage women to, even if you can only do something, do something in its go up to the ground and give me some for shops is I encourage you to do something rather than nothing, no matter what, and there’s time for rest in there too, so with the girls that I work with, we work out four days a week, where we do our 20-minute high intensity with string training workouts, that means you have three days to make them up, if you miss, that means you’ve got three days to walk arrest, you just know that something is better than nothing, and that you can always put in a little bit of effort… Definitely how we remain consistent, just putting in the effort, even if it’s five minutes in, if it’s 10 minutes, just doing something… That’s the consistency. It’s gonna win every time.

Yeah, and every time a true… It’s so good. So one of the variations to that too, and you had mentioned earlier that, and we can talk more about it, about the group that you’re stewarding is that you offer 20-minute exercise, it’s 20-minute workouts and forever. And even to this day, you always hear of, everything’s an hour, I go to the gym, you have an hour class, go to do this personal training session… It’s 65 an hour. Everything’s an hour. So about two and a half years ago, I joined a fitness group called burn boot camp, and it’s a gym specifically geared towards women, though there are men that are open to coming as well, it’s very field.

So it covers all the bases. They have yoga, they’ve got high-intensity training, they’ve got strength training, they’ve got your light days, your hard days, you have in a areas days or slow days, they… If they do it all, and I only work out, my goal is… My max goal is, if I could go five days a week, my average real life goal is for… And when I’m not on my A game, it’s three.

And so I think a lot of times when people see me, they’re like, Oh my gosh. You’re so in shape.

You go to the gym at 4-30 in the morning, seven days a week.

Now, what else?

Okay, I areal.

He is not in some time, so I’m usually on a offended on a day, and then it’s the weekend, so I have a 70 AM work out, which is so much better that… But I want to encourage people that something is better than nothing, and that it doesn’t matter how much time you’re putting in, you can be going on your distance, a half marathon run that day, you could be at home doing 20 minutes of stretching. Okay, it’s the movement that your body is seeking more than anything else, and if that movement entails you just going out in their dog or walking or on the neighborhood while you’re seen or daughter in their bike at a quick pace, do it. A really cool insight that something that will just help you stay healthy this year, I go to a homeopathic doctor who also was an end, and she was telling for that, if he would do 10 backwards arm circles like full on… I can’t do it ’cause it’s all been backwards on harm circles a day, it’s gonna clear, you have it backwards on board, clear your lymph nodes to a point where you’re gonna be able to not get sick as often.

The thing about that is, you want to prevent just sickness, movement is a way of a pathway to staying healthy, so not only was what your nourishing your body with, but also moving is gonna keep you healthier, so what… There’s, to me, there’s some non-coachable in my life… And those are non-negotiables, I’m gonna move and I’m gonna eat well.

Again, it is.

Absolutely, absolutely, I totally love that. Something else that helps me get that 20 minutes in is knowing that it’s my time… Yeah, so good self-care, there’s a million ways to self-care, but for me, knowing that my exercise is my self-care, knowing that that’s my time going at 4-30 in the morning when I wake up in the house is quiet and I sneak down to the basement.

Yeah, it’s my client time, granted I have two cats to come in and hang out, they’re always there, it’s like if I don’t have kids, I’m cats, but I… It’s… So if I don’t do that, if it’s very rare that I sleep in, but if I do and I wake at and my kids are already way omino, I didn’t get my time, so trying to make that transition too, to know that 20 minutes is to time… If you wanna have that self-care, if you wanna feel good, if you wanna have that moment of time were you just in your own head, try to incorporate… And try to think of them as the same thing. It’s so true, and for me, because I’m often on my devices with what I do, and I know it’s a little bit different with what you do because you’re actually engaging via your device when you’re working out with some of the shows and women that you’re teaching, but like a device, freeze.

Like burn, when I walk in there, and that was one of the things I wanna share is a 45-minute workout. But my 430 or my 5 o’clock class is only 30 minutes, and so breaking myself from it has to be an hour, it has to be 45 minutes to this 30-minute section and seeing what my body was doing in conjunction with my water and my nutrition over the last few years has just been unbelievable, so in here, one of my goals by the time I turn 40 is to be in the best shape of my life, and so if this year is the best day for… The shape of my life next year is gonna be better because I still have six years until I get there, and so it’s a really important goal for me, and I just want people to know that, to be able to sign off to get your device tree the only thing that’s happening in that gym that has anything to do with anything is light, because we’d like to work out in the morning and sound, and so music is fueling us at that point, and even that was a challenge for me from a mental perspective, people usually have their choice of music that they listen to, and they work out, and you’re going to a place and they’re providing it… You don’t really have a say.

And so during a season where I was completely void of secular music, which was a pretty long duration going into the gym where a supposed to mail in safe, so in my self-care place was really difficult for me because they were listening to… I could say right now, the first one is really bad, so I think so I self… Oh my gosh, you know of the music is crazy vulgar, and you’re like, Okay, I don’t think the is in the morning, but I was going in and listening to worship music, and I was leading… Listening to worship music. So while I was there, I was completely focused on my body and my own head space and a really would detract the sound and does not pay attention to it, so now that like no matter what situation you’re in, no matter where you are, maybe you’re at a gym, and there’s a 1000 years and this guy keep staring at you and it’s invading your space, which was something that I’d experienced in past life, thank God for a women’s gym with no MERS, that’s a cool thing, by the way, was that it was all… Pivoting myself to a place for that person was out of site, so that they were out of mind, you have the power, you control the power to your exercising, to that safe space, to the place that you’re going, as well as in your kitchen. When you open the fridge, and this is something my husband calls landscape design, and so he is not a landscape guy at… Although he’s very good at it, he had an OB-1 one landscape for his first job when he was six years old, he… So funny, the a-ha one.

So him then, I don’t know that we would be dating at the time, and we’re married now, and I’m very proud of his mowing skills, and… So landscape design is being able to go into your kitchen and cultivating what it is that you know you can have at any given time, you should be able to open your fridge or open your pantry and beat out of it, if you are buying and you’re buying because you have a big event coming up on Friday night and youre posing all these people, and there’s all the snacks, all the fruits, all the desserts, all the one-off things that people are gonna pick up and eat and then they’re gonna have more of… Or you just baked cookies and it’s Christmas time and you into a cookie exchange, this is the worst idea ever.

You have all these copies and of course, you’re gonna eat… They’re there, my husband be worst if I make for my kids, it’s gone the next morning, like E-24 rounds toast, my kid… Ryde literally have to hide things.

So with you are in control of your exercise and you’re also in control of your kitchen, there should be no excuse that your midnight snacking is your hardest thing that you’re commanding because there would be no DDOS, there would be no… Whatever your vice is. Right, and so just be very cognizant when you’re going… This is a great tip, this is a one-off to go into your house, a clear everything out that you know is bad for you, throw in a… The big block trashcan, not the little one that you can pull out of and go shopping and start fresh for the new year, literally throughout the white… Right, little things like that where you’re like, Oh, I… As funny, you can’t get rid of it because you spent the money and you don’t wanna throw it away, donate it to a place that needs it because like it’s in your pantry, they can take it and it’s been there for too long anyway, so we try 80 20 to eat specifically out of the fridge only… Wow, I love that. That is awesome.

It’s a challenging… Is that… I bet.

So I was not… Okay, because what do you do for little kids… Oh, go get a snack on pantry.

Yeah, I tell them, you’re hungry, you can have anything you want, the fridge, because what’s in their fruits, vegetables, nothing process. So I got have to write this so that… So I got… Because you’re right, we totally… My content have a bedtime snack and it’s Ababa or… Are they like popcorn or? Sometimes it’s some nights it’s cheese sticks or food or something, but I love that, but telling them that the prices going…

Yeah, yeah, the L to… To ask permission to go into the pantry, but the bridge, some people have rules like their kids aren’t allowed to go into their kitchen and eats out asking, and I’m like, Oh, they can eat all day long, because I know what’s in there is good for them. Got, well, now I need to ask permission if they’re hungry, they know their hungry and they’re gonna go get it, it… We’ve just… It’s very different than a lot of people, but important to us, but I do like that. Yeah, that’s really awesome.

So what do you do as far as… When you said pros and stuff like that, what do you do when you have that stuff around?

Yeah, so of course we make… Sometimes my son is at home with this baby sitter today making snowman cookies, and so I’m really good, like my vice is more chocolate and popcorn, which obviously your kids like to, so I army popcorn and that’s something that me and my kids love to do as a special treat for us, but from a sweet teeth perspective, we just try not to do it, but when we do, we do it hard. We’re 20, at 20, 100 20.

I would eat it, but we really just keep it out of the house. I just won’t take it. They’re gonna get stuff from school, they’re gonna go to birthday parties and there’s gonna be stuff there, but I even had a girlfriend who is something I wanna emulate more this year, her kids, just three kiddos, she’s incredible at family planning, her meals.

They do both work from home, so that’s a huge advantage to that time, ’cause cooking healthy is also a time commitment in some regard, but they would have… My kids would come over, I would be giving my kids like a traditional birthday cake, and I’m like, It’s… Or getting it, you could have some… And they’re like, No, thank you. And I… These are like 37 and 10, so for kids to just say No thank you without their parents being around, that’s a pretty big feet. So after the party, I went up to her mom and I’m like, You have to tell me how you cost them, ’cause I know that there’s gotta be bribery in this situation, not to want any other pizza, any of the stuff like they only got… The vegetable platter, I don’t get it. And she’s like, Well, we promised them on birthday party days that we’re gonna take them to our favorite vegan bakery, and then you can have anything they want, and so they know either before the birthday party or after the birthday party, they’re gonna get their own version of splurge, and it’s still 100% healthy for them in the end… No, that’s commitment.

That is, I don’t think if I can do that, but I know, but I… Look, we were saying…

Yeah, it’s incredible. And the kids… To be that young, like one of them also has a food allergy, so that’s a whole another conversation, again, real life because people have stuff like that, but all of the kids have kinda taken on this child’s food allergy, not from a sad thing, but I said, Yeah, other thing I was gonna mention, beyond water was from a food perspective, was gluten, and when you were saying that you were always hungry or even for me, it was always tired, I would literally take three hour an apps a day, we… He’ll go to bed at 90 O’clock.

Okay, for a long… That you… Part of it, in hindsight was de-Rehan and not really wanting to live in the life that I had cultivated, and so sleeping was my healthy option, and I could write it off as getting flee or… And it was, it was okay because I worked nights and so people just thought it was normal. Or when I was in college, obviously we say a plate, but it was so much more than that when I really like take an analysis of it, and so when I became a mom, so it has three hour and apps, I had no choice, but I was still so exhausted, I didn’t even start drinking coffee until I was a mom, so that was my energy per… That was my variation of being able to stay awake as I would just have coffee, but I knew that even because I was having the sugar coffee that you order from Starbucks, how could I change? And in that time frame was when I started coming into my faith and coming into what fitness really meant for a longevity standpoint versus just a mirror moment and what I needed to do for my kids beyond just myself, and then my husband being able to get me in the kitchen. In the right way.

So that’s to me, share about fit in faith, and there’s such a necessity for alignment in all areas of who we are, and that is where I really resonate with your slogan, and I love what you’re doing, so I…

I think it is really cool. And I see, listening to you talk about your friends with her kids and that very extreme situation, and your situation versus my situation versus Michelle situation, everybody… We all have to just decide what works best for us, so if it makes you feel guilty to hear that, camera’s friends, kids turn down the pizza… Just take a step back. That is not the norm. You know what I mean?

It, I wanna incur, I wanna help my kids make decent choices and wanna help them make the best choice in those situations, I want to have our home be a place where the healthy foods are there and the 20% is there, and I think everybody kind of has to find their own way when it comes to that, and it… It’s gonna look different for everybody.

And like you said, the gluten, you were discovering what needed to change for you, and that’s the real life part of it, whether it’s fitness or food or whatever it is, how is it gonna work best for you? And there’s so many women out there on keto and all that good stuff, and I just… I just wanna encourage them, You have to do it works best for you, so just because your neighborhoods doing it or just because cameras doing it, or just because someone’s doing it does not mean that it’s going to work for you, and so it really is… You doing the detective work and figuring out… I was this… Look, in my life.

Yeah, I think that’s even a key point beyond just the nutrition piece, because I do probably eat more extreme in a health regard than other people do or ever will, but that’s my choice again, is the finest thing. So people are like, I don’t have time.

And so my choice in waking up at 4 30 in the morning and working out is the time that I have allocated… That works best for me.

My really dear friend was like, Okay, I don’t… She always a complaint about time and I’m like, Well, what do… Just try it.

So she did and she went after it for a few weeks and she was disable it, the astral, just some… Not a nice person. I’m like, You are Prouty, Get away from me. I want my best friend back, you don’t go… So you eventually realize like, Okay, this is not for me to… Cool that you did it.

She knows that she can do it. Sure, but is it the right thing?

Probably a the the as it… And found that time in the afternoon that makes the most sense for her, and that’s when she rises in her exercise yesterday, I tried to know the exact same time she does, I was about to pull… Sleep, it was 5-30 the evening, I’m like, There is no way that my body is moving in any form other than horizontally, right. A, I had a what… You have to learn yourself, and that’s a part of coming in, coming into our own wholeness is learning what’s right for you, learning what fuels your learning, what makes you happy.

And it’s different, but in luckily or in such a society where there’s so many options maybe to my options, but so many healthy options, I really believe that we read a spin in society of putting health first, and I love that you can walk into most stores now and there’s a gluten-free section or a really healthy mindset section that you can know that everything in there is at least safer than what was there, but… Gosh, definitely five years ago, some a little.

So since we’re coming close to the end, I want you to share what real strong moms is doing right now, and I’ll do the same… It’s been in faith. But you take the floor.

Okay, awesome.

So currently, real sermon is about to host a three-week free challenge, it starts Monday to six on just a couple of days. Today, I’m actually opening up the Facebook group to the ladies that have already signed up, so we’re gonna spend the weekend getting to know each other, but the three-week starts on Monday, and as a week, we’re gonna do something related to food and something really is to fitness, so I call it like a fitness focus and a nutrition focus. We’re gonna work out together. So I provide new workouts and we do them live inside this… I do them live inside the Facebook group, and you can join me or watch the replay, they are the 20-minute workouts who need a couple of sets of dumbbells, and then I meet my… Incorporate a super, super simple, basic nutrition change. So we’re gonna start week one with water.

He is the atonal.

It’s always the best place to start because it’s so simple, yet it’s so doable, and it’s one of those things where you can do it all week and feel super successful at the end of the week because it is so easy, right?

Yeah, so it’s like the sand always start with and then we move from there to… We add in some protein and add in some produce and that kind of stuff, and just start filling our place with more of the good stuff, I’m not gonna tell you to get rid of these things or deprive yourself of these things, it’s more about what can we add in, what are some things that you can add in that are gonna just better your life in a real food… Real fitness kind of way.

That’s really cool.

In a, I’m gonna come, I’m do it with you on my off day from Bernie… A, you’re in exercise.

Yeah, I, I… But yeah, so I’m excited to collaborate. And community is so important to me, and one of the reasons why I wanted to come on with me alone today before she launches this program, I have such a heart for women entrepreneurs who are going after their passions and pursuits of what their calling is, again, they’re not thousand other people do beach body and all the other things, but she has taken what really she’s actually doing on a day-to-day and implementing it into a place that then provides a well-being for her family, and so I love that you have pursued something that is passionate to you and that you are just happy with… That is what I do on a consistent basis through core creatives, which is my women’s entrepreneurial mastermind.

And so women come together around the table on a monthly basis, and we just go after the things that we’re passionate about and figure out how to do them well and provide change outlets to our communities, and so core, the new corporate launches next week, and so if you’re interested in joining that. I do offer a free opportunity to come out and see what it’s about and really collaborate and network with other women, and on a larger scale, what fit in faith is, and you’ve heard a lot about why it is I do what it is.

What I do based on my balance point and finding that alignment in mind, body and soul, and so I wanted to give people women specifically an opportunity to do that in exclusive intimate retreats and as mom as women living on real life wearing those many, many hats that we do, we do not often take a time out to just reset, and I re-establish all of the things in our lives that are most critical and most important, and so these retreats are anywhere from three nights or four-night experiences that you can come together and really, a lot of the conversations that we’re having right now happen, we’re around the table, you have somebody cooking for you, that you have people giving you the opportunity to taste flavors and foods that you wouldn’t otherwise click yourselves, having intimate conversations around our faith and that part of who we are being fueled in our spirituality, and then I also do personal training group that fitness, it’s not as overwhelming as it sounds, some people are like, No way, not a chance. Last time we had yoga instructors come in, we had a flow instructor, we had somebody who was in a hit style workout, so there’s kind of a little bit of everything and a flavor for each of you in these experiences, and so my extra tree is April 30th through May second in Virginia, you can find out that information on my site, and I know all of that will also be available here with Melanie and her information later too, so it’s been on to Joe a.So cool, I am so excited about this.

I didn’t know that about your retreat, that is so… So yeah, it really such an experience and exceeds my expectations every time because women come to the table just ready, and I think when you’re ready and you’re willing, that’s been changed and really happen, and that’s literally what our conversation is today with simplicity meets health, serving ourselves of the confusion, claiming clarity on our wellness, overall wellness, not just to our nutrition or our fitness or mental health, but everything.

So I’m excited to continue to collaborate with you, I’m gonna jump into your Facebook group here afterwards and sign up, so everybody else do the same and He… Tomic melodies.

Just keep it simple. Just keep it simple, just…

I know that it can get very overwhelming, especially at this time of year with the health and the fitness and everybody’s trying something new, and just because you’re neighbor doing it, just because someone you know is doing it doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you. So keep it simple, do it. We’re specs for you in your real life.

Yeah, all the love. Happy in the iron was for having me.

Yeah, if it was a pleasure.

Alright, thanks A the A-camera address, I’m your kitten faith Post, and I am so excited to just be here to share with you other movers, streamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, whatever, if you go head and you’ve got a heart, I’m so cited to explore who that is, who you are and discovering your wholeness or how you’re… Well, the well and your joy, I love to food happiness. I want people to know that this is not… This case is filed.

This came with a lot of effort, this came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together, this is our wheel community at dreamers, and I’m excited to help catapult your calling, your kingdom experience the purpose of your infant morals wherever, however that is. So come along for the ride. I’m excited to chat with you a like comment review, the museum enema, it’s me responding, even though I have incredible team, and so I’m just excited to just know you next, let’s be me be and let’s walk in our calling.

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