• Morgan Hart

Rate Yourself Against Yourself

It’s the time of the year where we start to plan ahead…set goals or resolutions…brush our hands and knees off from the crawl to get us out of the last year and into the new one. We tend to look into the future in order to script the next fragment of our life. One active year, in the grand scheme of things, is less time than you spend on the toilet (Which by the way is suspected to be 4 years of our life)! So why are we limiting ourselves to such a small snapshot of the whole picture? Why do we try to contain our accomplishments within a calendar, when in fact we should be setting ourselves up for half decade dreams!

But halt right there before you go buy a multi-year calendar (do they even make those?). One of the most essential parts of this process is the reflection – the look back before you look forward. Our hopes and dreams should be centered on outdoing and outgrowing our past, with no view or vantage point on others accomplishments or expectations.

We should be taking a self reflection and an inventory of our hearts desires and life’s aspirations. Let’s compare our to do list with our accomplishment list and set a fresh vision for where we want to be in 3 to 5 years. It’s not about the medial shift of a bad habit, though there certainly isn’t anything wrong with self propelling yourself in a positive direction or mindset. But it’s more about adding to your repertoire and becoming more than you were in the past and all you expected to be by now and forevermore.

Stop setting resolutions that have cut off dates or failure chances, instead, let your mindset shift to greater, better, stronger, more well, more whole, more true, more full, more self-realized, more faithful, more encouraging, more motivating,…simply better – simply more than you were yesterday.

We need to rate ourselves against ourselves! Stop the comparison trap.

Now write it down somewhere you are going to see it often! Set reminders in your phone to prompt question of your progress (set them annually even). Know and give yourself grace, that everyday isn’t going to feel like a win, but one step closer to the best version of yourself and the dream you’ve had planted in your heart. Your purpose is within you! It’s not some magical moment of realization. It’s not something someone else tells you to be. Your purpose will far outweigh any resolution – it will be the lifetime legacy of your year – every year!

Do this for you – because you deserve it – and you were born for it!

Job 42:2

2 “I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

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