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Quit Chasing Your Tail and Begin Chasing Sacred with Mikella Van Dyke

Are you chasing your own tail and getting nowhere? Today's guest, Mikella Van Dyke teaches us to chase God, rather than things that are not important. Chasing Sacred encompasses many different things, but most important is her love for God and her being in Him. She shares her story and heart with us. It was such a blessing! Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

How growing up as a missionary kid influences her mission today

All about Chasing Sacred and how it came about

How God brought her team together

About Mikella:

Chasing Sacred started as Mikella Van Dyke’s outlet to write and share what God was teaching her through her time in the Word. Mikella had recently transitioned into married life, moved from NYC where she was pursuing a dance career, and left her upbringing in Thailand as a Third Culture Kid. The myriad of transitions left her with only ONE choice to chase God first and foremost over all else. From the author of the blog and Instagram account, Chasing Sacred, comes a woman’s one-stop-shop for sound theology and Christian community. What started as a devotional blog quickly evolved into teaching women how to study the Bible. Chasing Sacred is a ministry that offers truth-based resources for those that want to take their Faith seriously through sound theology, and Inductive Bible Study. The Chasing Sacred team has grown in order to provide resources to women from and through every walk of life. Download our Devotional App to receive daily doses of God’s Word.

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Show Notes: Quit Chasing Your Tail and Start Chasing Sacred

Tamra Andress

Mikella you and I need to do some hip hop. I'm serious because I know you've got dance moves. We'll talk about that soon. So glad to have you here this morning, you guys. It is not that often I have people on here that I don't know. And so I'm so glad when I say I don't know her and I just pronounced your name wrong before we got on air.

So Mikella Van Dyke I always want to say Michaela. I guess the general population does too. Remember y'all, it's not offensive. But you could ask. Right. We always have the ability to ask a question. Do I say it this way? But we are going to get it right today. Mikella. You're such a gem. I've met you at She Speaks multiple times. And so it's amazing to see what God has been doing in your life, not only since then, but really since the beginning.

Tamra Andress

Your story has a lot of ridiculous pieces and components and it's compelled you to share and to shift and to show up. And so I'm excited to let you kind of take the floor and talk and jump in wherever you want. I'd love to talk about Thailand because I am all for travel and I want to know how that started. But tell me all the things. Thank you for being here.

Mikella Van Dyke

Yes. I'm so excited to be here and it's just so much fun to actually get to talk to you live here. We were having a discussion earlier about how I was a little bit like "It's Live?" yes, I grew up in Thailand. I actually grew up as a missionary kid on the border of Burma and Thailand. So we lived in a refugee camp for a while. My parents actually translate the Bible and then we moved to the city because it got to be too dangerous.

Mikella Van Dyke

So we moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand. We lived in Bangkok, Thailand, and then the majority of my upbringing was actually in Chiang Mai. So I'm a missionary kid. We call ourselves MK, Third Culture Kid, and now I run a ministry and a blog.

Tamra Andress

That is so cool. I know many PKs, so to know an MK is really a really cool.Missionary kid and a third world country kid. A Third World kid? Is that what they say?

Mikella Van Dyke

Third culture. So it's basically like we didn't grow up in any we grew up in two cultures and so we made our own. It's kind of like your you don't really have a culture.

Tamra Andress

OK, well, you do. You have a kingdom culture. But I like that. I've never heard that before. So I mean, I can't imagine what what that lifestyle was like. I literally can't even put myself in that space because I haven't even been on a missions trip before and is a huge heart of mine to do that. So I love for you to just like, take us back. What did it look like? What did it feel like? What was it like to learn? Are you like can you are you bilingual? Can you speak multiple languages?

Mikella Van Dyke

Yeah. So my Thai is not that great anymore. I went to an English speaking school, but I definitely could speak Thai. And basically it was called an international school. So you grew up with like twenty five kids from different nationalities. There's basically no like I think I'm one other American in my class and you get to know just every single culture and you basically just learn from each other. Talent was amazing. I love it. It really is my home.

And so when I moved to the States, I had this huge transition where I really struggled and I started being understood. I didn't understand pop culture. I didn't understand like any kind of idioms or anything like that. And so it was this kind of feeling of loneliness and like, am I ever going to get it? And now I've been here long enough that I feel like, OK, I understand American culture, but it took a long time because it's funny.

I'm American. Like, I just moved over there.

That is so I. How old were you when the two transitions happened? So when you moved there, how old were you?

Yeah. So I was born there. OK, you were born there. You are born as an American citizen. Yeah.

So I was born I never was able to get citizenship actually because ties are very they don't they're very protective of their country and their citizenship, which is fine. And so my best friends, Thai, we still communicate to this day. I was in her wedding. She married a Spaniard in Spain and it's just been fun. So, yeah, the whole experience while I'm here.


So every kid, every four years we'd move for one year and back to raise support. But when I moved back to America, finally it was sixteen and I moved because I was going to a day art school for dance. So I kind of moved to North Carolina. I went to a conservatory program for dance. And that's why we part of the reason why we moved that is so amazing.

And so then dance became like a huge part of your journey at that point. And you're also like and I think dance is a language in and of itself, like you get to express yourself in such a way. So you were saying that you were dealing with like trying to figure out pop culture, trying to figure out probably especially as a teenager. Sixteen year old trying to figure out trends and like conversations with people and nobody understood you. Were you able to utilize dances?

Was that like your main outlet or were you already, like writing and like pouring into the word at that point, so suddenly pouring into the world word?

I was not writing at all at that point. I was primarily. Just dancing. So when I started in the dance school, it was definitely a way that I could relate to other people and identify myself. And so it actually became my new kind of, OK, this is my identity. I'm a dancer. So I sunk into that identity. I think we all have that. We sink into the different identities like almost like a safe haven. So that was my safe haven.

Dance was my safe haven. And I tried that that whole route and majored in dance in college and went down that route to New York City. And honestly, only kind of because of God's pivot's. The only reason I ended up writing was God because I had no background in that or no interest. Crazy.

And so what were you in college when that started? Because basically you started feeling like you wanted to share something. He prompted something inside of you from your from your Bible studies or more quiet times with him. And so were you. Just like, I need to get this up to the world, like, did he speak to you? Did you feel the prompting? What was that like? That was such a wild experience. I think I've always loved the word of God.

I've always been in it. But I didn't realize that I was in it more than most people. I just my parents were Bible translators. I was obsessed with it. I would get up early every morning. Even in college, everyone was sleeping in and I'd be up two hours earlier to be in the world. But I was so dead set on dance. And so I was pursuing that career, long story short. But I met my husband and I ended up moving to New York City to pursue the dance career.

I was dancing, I was doing auditions, I was performing. It was great. But my husband was 10 years older than I was when I met him and he was ready to get married. So he's like, hey, you know what? Let's just get married. You can continue in New York City, which sounds crazy now because we live together now. But he's like, why don't you just stay in New York City dancing and we'll be married and we'll live apart?

I don't know. At Mureta and I lived in New York City for another two years dancing and doing my thing. And what happened was that finally I actually got pregnant with my oldest and that was unexpected. And so what happened was I had to kind of ask, like, oh, my word, I was trying to pursue dance. Doesn't really work pregnant. I kept trying to dance. I was getting bigger and bigger.

And so I had to move to where he lives, which was New Hampshire, and there was no opportunities to dance. I tried so hard. I mean, I would travel to Boston and I danced there, but it was an hour and a half away and it was just like I would have I was super pregnant, dancing in Boston, doing all these things. So what happened was I needed a creative outlet and I was like, I can't perform anymore.

And so I started writing and that is how it happened.

It was really because God shut so many doors and I was just feeling like so down and discouraged.

Wow. Yeah. And so then you started writing. Did you write in private before you started writing in public, or were you immediately like, let's open it, let's start a blog?

No, I wrote and emailed them to my mom, read my devotionals and I email and then I would add like my sister and my brother. And then it was like my dad and my husband. And so I would just email them and they'd be like, Here's Mikella daily devotional. I don't know if I read them.

And then I sort of encourage and I'm sure.

So I started posting them publicly. And then that's when everyone kept writing. You need to actually make a blog. You need to write a blog, you write a blog. So everyone kept posting that. And finally I was like, you know what, Lord? And I prayed about it. And I felt like the Lord was like, yes, this is this is why you're doing this. So that's when I started to Instagram and the blog. And that just that's what I do now.


Yeah. Which is wild. And so how many years ago did that actually take place where you're like, let's start this.

It was only probably four years ago. So it really when we first met that's while that's OK, it's about time goes by so fast and so like how did you get the deposit for the name. Because I love the name and I'll let you debut Chasing Sacred.

Yes. So it's called Chasing Sacred. Funny enough, I called it when I first started writing Broomed Trees and Ravens', which I, I'm so glad that I don't have that name anymore.

It kind of makes me think of something dark. So it's really strange. But that came from the story of Elijah because I struggled a lot with depression and Elijah got discouraged a lot or he got discouraged and I got discouraged a lot. So it came from that story of the Broome trees and Ravens where the Ravens fed him. Well, anyways, nobody understood it. I even I what I would have to go back and read that scripture now is so interesting, but nobody understood it.

And I was like, you know what? I need a name that people relate to right away. And I was like, well, what have I been doing with my life? And honestly, I had always been Chasing Sacred. I had always been chasing God. And that was the only consistent thing throughout my life was that I continually chased him. And so it just came one day and I was like, this is the name Lord. And after that, it just it's been amazing using.

So I want to go back just a little bit before we go forward and tell me about this. Meet cute with your husband, who is ten years older than you. And what was his word?

I can't imagine like being raised the way that you were without stepping into, like, a godly man's expression or when was he in a space? Yeah, that's actually the wildest story. It's pretty long, so I'll try to keep it short.

But he I was like when we came back from Thailand one year, I lived with my grandma and I met his younger sister when I was four years old, my husband's younger sister in New Hampshire. So what happened was I held her back and forth. She was American pen powder throughout our entire life. And in college, I couldn't go anywhere for break except my grandma who lived in New Hampshire, because if I had gone to Thailand, it would have just been this huge thing.

So I would fly home to my grandma's house and I would have lunch with this girlfriend of mine. So anyway, she had this older older brother because there were six kids in her family. And I don't remember seeing him when we were I was a 10 year. I don't remember seeing him. And I was having lunch with her in New Hampshire. I was staying with my grandma and my husband walked into the place. I was having lunch at the time and he started talking to me and was like, OK.

She said, you grew up. And I was like, Oh, yeah, I was in college at the time.

Super creepy.

I always joke about it, but I was in college at the time and my girlfriend at the time was like, oh my God, that was so cool. Like we are like best friends. If you dated my older brother and I was like, I'm not interested. I have all these cute college guys and I had no idea who was ten years older than I was. So I went back to college and at that break for Christmas, I went home to Thailand and in Thailand I got this message from him because he actually has started an orphanage in Guatemala.

And so he which is, like I said, sorry, we do that, too. They're leaving, actually, my oldest son, him next week. But I want to start this orphanage. I know it's an awesome organization. Oh, my gosh. I keep going. Yeah. I take my kids usually almost every year, so. OK, well, yeah.

So he was like, hey, I have questions about the mission field. And he really I was like, I got the message. It was all about missions. And I was like, he likes me like really.

So I wrote back answering all the questions about missions, about Guatemala and all these things.

But I was like, wow, he shares this heart for missions because he started this orphanage. So that really piqued my interest honestly. And then he was definitely a man of faith and had grown up as a believer all his life. But he has this crazy testimony where the girl he was dating died and all this stuff. So he has a very sad testimony. So that's why he didn't need anyone and he was older than I was. So finally we started connecting and talking and I had had this weird prayer that I had prayed that I would meet my husband like a husband that I had known since I was a kid, which like I was like how like I wanted somebody that knew my past because my past was so important to me.

And I had prayed that. And then he had known me since I was a kid.

That is strange. That's so true.

And, you know, my dad was seven years older than my mom. And so and I always thought even that age that I'm like, think about that. Like my seven year old met a baby and a lot of my friends are having a cute little baby girls. I never know of that like pairing later. Right. But like, when you get older, that age doesn't really exist in the same way. And so it's so interesting to think that you were like four and he was fourteen.

I'd be like, what's happening right now?

It was super creepy because I was in college and I was mentoring a girl at an elementary school and I was twenty and she was ten. And I was like helping her with her homework.

And I had this moment and I was like, freaked out those days. Like, it's like dating someone like this. It's not good. So should I break up with them? No, I'm sure.

And I have friends who I've dated and married older than that as well.

And so it's just, you know, I think that there's like obviously had a spiritual wisdom. He also had a lot of life that he had live from his testimony, sounds like. And so it was probably a gift. I mean, it is one thousand percent a gift from God that you had the opportunity to step into that like safe harbor, like somebody who is wiser and already had that like like foundation set, because, Lord knows, if you even if it was a man of their faith in college like that, season of life is so bananas, it's so inconsistent.

You're searching for identity. And there's not a lot of roots at that age that feel like for me at least felt like I could trust anyone. I couldn't even trust myself at that age. But you have a very different background as well as your husband. And so it's amazing that you guys had that kind of activity. And I love that it played into the exact prayer, and it always does. If you think back to the depth of your prayer.

And I think that's what's so important and you teach about this a lot is like actually pray the thing to the fullness of what it is like actually get into the nitty gritty with Jesus because he is willing and able to, again, exceedingly and abundantly. Right. Provide. And so I think it's really amazing that that is a part of. Your story, because now instead of just teaching it, because it's the word, you get to teach it from your testimony, which is really that is so true.

That's awesome. So Chasing Sacred is is a lot of things.

It's a one woman like one stop shop, right. For sound theology and Christian, a Christian community, a basis of people and women who gather together to receive and to actually go deeper than what a lot of times like the fleshly religious spirit can serve up. It's not just like a picture on the wall with a cool sign, right? It's like, what does that mean? What is the context? Where did it come from? Which clearly is a part of your life.

So where did you come from? It's where did your parents teach you in all of that? I'm like so intrigued by that part of your expedition in and of itself. So was a lot of what you first started writing about, things that you had been taught as your parents translated the Bible. Or tell me more about that.

I almost think a lot of my background had to do with me getting into what I am doing because my parents were such a wealth of information. So my parents were translating the Bible, which means they're linguists. So my mom actually studied Greek and Hebrew and she has such a huge amount of knowledge and so does my dad. So what happened was I really began by just going off of their knowledge and I would write and then sometimes I would end up sending it.

I always send it to my mom to over check and she would say, oh, this, this, this, this. And I would be like, oh, but I've never thought of it.

And what would what happened was it made me want to get the education and the in-depth knowledge and understand the context and understand my own theology, why I believed what I did. And so instead of just having her fact check everything, I wanted to then have it come from me. So I still actually go over things with my mom before I post things. But I actually am in my masters right now in theology. And this is why our Chasing Sacred was born, because what happened was I started taking Bible college classes and I was like, this is not rocket science, like especially genuinely how to study the Bible.

It's simple and it is complex, but it's simple at the same time, everyone can be doing it. And so what I did was I was like, why is someone not just teaching this to the masses of women, especially women? And so what I did was I was like, I'm going to do it. I was like, this is my passion. And so because of studying hermeneutics and inductive Bible study and all these things, I was like, I'm just gonna pass my knowledge along.

And so what I did was I started just teaching how to study the Bible. And so many women were like, I was never taught this, I was never taught that. And I was like, oh, my word. So then it made me make the journal that I sell, which has done really well. And it's just this idea that, like we have, we can do more in-depth study.

We don't need just fluffy devotionals.

So which made me start my act because I was like, I'm so tired of reading these devotionals that are just scratching the surface of the context. And I want to know more. And I might just who I am is I'm very intellectual. So I'm like, I'm going to know more what is actually going on in this passage. Why are you not telling me who the author is? Why are you not telling me why they wrote this? And so what happened was I started doing these these devotionals that said that.

And I started an app that basically talks about how to study in context and all the devotionals talk about the context. So that's kind of how that started.

Rich, it's so rich. You guys like the the journal itself beyond. And it's really funny that neither one of us have a hat on when we generally have a hat on all the time. And so I'm like, oh, we both have our hat on, but we have to step up your Bible study journal and it is gorgeous. It is so fashionable. It is so like branded so beautifully and everything that you guys honestly from her Instagram to her site to her app, it's it's just it feels seamless.

And I have recently got Andy Smith seemless book. Have you read this Bible set before?

I actually have it though. I ordered it. Girl haven't done it. Oh, good. You're going to love, love, love.

Do you think that there is just this component that you offer without actually even knowing the context of her book of of into how your provision honestly is what it is to people who have never looked through that lens before, and it really has such a testimony to your parents and what they do. But I love that you've taken it to the next step and want to uncover that for yourself. Right. And this is a really interesting concept just to think about.

How are you were raised in your faith? Again, that's not my story line. And so I was on a journey in an expedition all by myself, like my adventure Bible into understanding the word into worship. All of that happened on my own terms because I didn't have a blueprint. And your parents gave you a blueprint and you still that's how good and great our father is. Like there are components of ZiQing, like we never get to stop Zeke and he blesses us with that.

They. All right, like even though he ripped the veil with Jesus coming, there's still this, like, component of seeking and desire that we get to have every single day with a heavenly father that I think is so amazing.

So thank you for, you know for sure. So tell me, too, because you have an E course as well. Yeah.

So basically everything like you said and I have not done and you see everything supposed to fit together. So what we do is every month we email. So if you're on our MLSE, we email you a background document of the book we're studying. So we go through a book of the Bible. Right now, it's Luke. So we'll email you a book of the Bible. We'll email a reading guide. And if you purchase our journal, what you do is you can take that reading guide and do the study on your own in the journal.

So you write down all of our sections of scripture and then you can do it through that. But if you're going to download our app, we're doing it for you. So you get to follow along with those sections in our app. So they like and that explains everything with daily devotionals. But then the E course is a broad overview and basically it teaches you how to study the Bible in context. So it all is like basically all goes together.

Right. And it's kind of like, what way do you learn? Like, we all receive information in one way. We all deposit information in one way. So to be able to give through these different learning experience is really vital.

Do you feel like am I going to put my business hat quit rather than Lindsey? Do you feel like because you've offered it in these three different sectors, which is like the audible and video experience, the visual, then the actual editable with your hands and being able to write, which is really important, and then also the app and being able to have it all had at your hands. Do you feel like people often do all of them, or do you feel like the specific type of learner draws towards what they love and they draw towards what they love?

It's interesting. I think certain people are so drawn to the journal and certain people are so drawn to an E course that tells them everything totally depends on your personality. And so it's definitely been interesting to see some people like love, love, love the app. And so it's just like totally dependent on the person, which is really nice as well. So, I mean, I love how you said out though running is so interesting, but it's important for us as entrepreneurs.

There's a big base of entrepreneurs that listen in is to know that like just because it's your passion to do it one way doesn't mean it's the only way that you have an opportunity to serve. And so bringing in other people into your community, and I'm sure there are people are like, I would love to have this resource. Like people literally will tell you exactly what you should be doing, what they can have and need from you. And it's like an it's like opening up to you another opportunity, another pathway if you're listening.

Right. Oftentimes just through this is what I need to do.

And that doesn't mean that that's necessarily the only thing like God gives us people. He gives us affirmations. He gives us the blessing of a community, of a platform like you've developed on social media. So talk me through like what is the what's the next thing? Right. You're in the middle of doing school. What do you see as like five, ten years down the road in the midst of also being a mother? We can talk about motherhood next.

Yeah. So my dream is actually to be a resource similar to Proverbs thirty one.

That's like my Google. And the idea behind that is that I would love to just be creating Bible studies for women right now. It's all based off of teaching them how to study. So I love that aspect. But at some point I would love to offer resources that are literal Bible studies on each book of the Bible. So that's the next step. We do have a journal that would be coming out for younger girls and so like teenagers. And so we're gearing that to be very like talks you through the whole way of how to study the Bible.

That's going to be a little bit even easier to understand. So we're kind of and we have a men's journal that we have that is all like manly colors. So I really would like to just be a resource guide. I absolutely love the Bible. I love theology. And so I just want to take those passions and just kind of give that, because that's what I have to offer. That's a really amazing.

Do you and your husband ever partner on any projects? I know you mentioned the men's Bible with coloration. Does he with his missions in Guatemala and all of that, does he do any of these things with?

You know, so actually, my husband is a serial entrepreneur, so he and I fit very nicely together. But at the same time, he has so much going on. And so as terms of in terms of little lambs, which is our orphanage that we run, he primarily does that. I had to step down from doing that. I used to help in that, but it was just too much with Chasing Sacred and everything I had going on.

So the way I support his him is he has meetings for that and he also goes on those trips. And so I can hear my son in the background.

I can do I love it though. It was real life. Yeah. Yeah.

So he he'll go on the trip so he'll take my son, my oldest right now, six years old and I'll stay home, watch the kids or I'll go with him and a lot of times I'll go with them and help with the kids while he does. A lot of different things, so, yeah, that's basically as a fellow mama, my curiosities in that realm and being a first generation like mama towards my children when it comes to really developing their faith.

I mean, my mom was amazing and her mom also did the best that she could in that regard, going to church and understanding like the the holy prayer, the hallowed be that hallowed be thy name. And that's all I knew, literally. That's it. And we would go maybe on Easter and Christmas somewhere. But now being like literally understanding who Jesus is, being in a close relationship with him, understanding the Holy Spirit in his play and work every single day and also within us, I want to teach my children like so much of that and have them experience it for themselves way sooner than I did.

So what is that journey look like for you, as I don't know what your parents, parents, your grandparents, faith based or background was, but how do you orchestrate that in teaching your children now? That's a great question.

I'm pretty intentional with that. So I have a daily devotional that I do with my six year old every day, and it's like his favorite time of day. We've made it special. It's me and him time. And so I read the devotional. And so we do that. And then the other thing we do is we integrate prayer. So every night we pray together and I have them pray. So I always make sure they're also included in that.

So they always pray. And it's so cute. My four year old, it's all about Guatemala, which is the orphanage, but so they pray and then during our rides. So whenever I bring them anywhere, I'm like, OK, guys, bringing them to school. This is time to pray. We're going to pray for some different people. Now, the other thing about that is as they grow older, I know there's a lot of great resources about like I had a few of them.

I wish I had remembered them, but I had ordered a few from a different resources that teach kids theology. So that's definitely what I'm going to do once my child is a little bit older. He's at a Christian school right now and he's six. So he is learning the basics, which is fun, but I would love to integrate that and why he get I'm learning theology younger. So there's all sorts of different ways to integrate it.

Yeah, I guess more. I mean, they're such sponges right, at this age.

And like, I just want to deposit everything that I possibly can to my daughter last night when we were going to sleep. She loves to sing and she'll often sing like in just random. She'll bring together what's happening in front of her and like write a song which is not writing. She just singing out loud. And so we were all in for the concert. Right. The lights were off and my husband was like basically doing hand motions to every word that she was saying.

And me and Cooper, my son, was like she was saying and literally in the middle of the song, she started talking about Moses and him splitting the sea and how the sea came back over the people and that God was present with them and all. And I'm looking at her and I'm like, oh, my gosh, not only are you listening, you understand what actually happened.

She spoke about the Ten Commandments and it was just like a mind blown and also just enamored by the fact that, like what? I got to be a part of that process. But to like we hadn't even talked about that any time recently that I can remember. And for her to already have that in her spirit and be willing and able to say it out loud, there's something so unique about children understanding storylines that we I never wanted you to. And so I'm like super curious about the translation in Hebrew and Greek root systems.

Two words. And any time I hear something, I'm like, what does this mean? What is the background to that? So I love that you're continuing the legacy that your mom and dad gave you. And I'm curious, are they still doing doing this?

Yeah. Yeah.

So they finished the New Testament. It took them like 20 some years and now they're doing the Old Testament. So they work with a group of translators. So when I say, like my parents are Bible translated, my mom is always like, make sure to include that. It's a group of translators because they work with a bunch of nationals. So there's a lot of nationals that are very, very engaged in the process helping them. And my mom actually is a consultant now, so she'll travel around to different countries and consult other translations.

And then my dad has taken on an administrative role about raising support and basically raising money also for a company that raises money for translations. And so he's in part in part part of like overseeing Southeast Asia and the translations that happen there. So they've taken on extra roles, but they're still doing the Old Testament in the language, the tribal language that they still live over.

There are no notes.

They go back and forth and they because of covid. So it's really actually unfortunate. I don't know if you know what's happening, but basically Burma, which is called Myanmar, is under military duress right now. So that's actually where they typically would be going. So it's very, very discouraging. They're really struggling right now. The. They don't know when they'll be able to go back because of all the military regime has taken over the country and it's so wild out like what's happening in our city in the component of privilege that we have.

Right. And they like, oh, I just wish I didn't have to wear a mask. And then you think about situations like that, it probably brings you such a world lens to your heart, even towards people and humanity, because it's so much bigger than what most of us have experienced at this point in our lives. Yeah, it's so true.

It gives you such a different world view. There's a movie. It's called Free Burma Rangers. And if you ever have the chance to watch it, it is one of the most phenomenal movies. But we actually grew up knowing this family. And what they do is they basically brought their kids in and go onto the mission field and they save people from like landmine victims, people that have been shot by the army, all these different things. And they brought their kids through.

That whole entire process is the most insane movie. You just have to watch it. But it gives a lot of insight into what's going on in Burma, Myanmar, Burma. What do you say my kids watch it with me. It's Halldor. It's seven. It's probably not.

It's a very of very emotional. Yeah. And a lot of blood. And they'd probably be my friends, but they're teenagers. And that was even a little bit jarring. So, wow, that's incredible. I'm excited.

I think that I just want and as you said, your son, who's six, is going over there and seeing that in a root experience and value of our family is travel. My husband is half Mexican and so all of his family, for the most part, lives in Guadalajara. And so every summer he would go down there and stay with his grandparents. And it's just experience an entire different culture, learn a new language, put yourself in a different perspective and a different heart set towards people and humanity.

And it's definitely a huge thing on our bucket list, but not just our bucket list, but like our we will do this list that's going to happen sooner than later is to be able to bring them on a mission trip. And I would love to just know what that is like for them.

Like, do you prepare them before they leave the country? Do you show them pictures? What is that process? I mean, you know, a lot because it's obviously your husband's ministry. But what does that what does that process look like for people who are tuning in and want to do something like that? Yeah, so we have a lot of families now that we've encouraged to bring their kids to Guatemala and to the orphanage, and it has been life changing for these kids.

I think it's just amazing. We talk about just how moldable our kids are, but this is an experience that will change them for the rest of their lives. And so my kids are used to going. So they've been Paxton first went when he was four months old, so he doesn't really know any different. So I don't really prepare them because they've done it. But if they were older, I think I would. But what I do do is while we're there, I discuss everything with them the entire time.

So just making sure that they're answering questions and because they're going to ask and they ask very good questions like why are these people?

There's a lot of poverty in Guatemala. So I had a lot of kids are so blatant. So they ask me a lot of questions about that. And they really were confused about why these orphan kids didn't have moms and dads. And so we had to talk a lot about that.

And they I really try to push them to do things that are outside their comfort zone and they're always thankful once they do. And so there's a lot of discussion about that and making sure that they're just kind of just running wild and doing all these things that they wouldn't normally do and hard work. We make them do hard work down there, construction. And so there's some complaining and they're just talking about that. I'm so excited. I this needs that.

My daughter, she probably doesn't need it, but I want her to have it. That's so incredible. Now, have you have the opportunity to go to Jerusalem and Israel and all of that yet?

I have not. Have you done it? I haven't.

And it is a huge desire.

So we'll have to be praying over that for both of our families to be able to do so, because I think I want to do that so that my mom has been quite a few times and I just want to do it when my kids are a little bit older and I have the ability to soak it up, you know.

One hundred percent. Yeah, because you've got three and what are their ages.

So I just had a fourth one for now and it's easier to my baby girl. Four months. Yes.

So we all I did know this OK. Yeah.

Three boys and a girl. So six, four, two and four months.

Wow. Full speed ahead. Will you have more.

My husband wants another one. I'm like, I'm going to take a breath. That's incredible.

That's really amazing. That's beyond my comfort zone. And maybe God has a plan for that. Right. That's a really goal. My my. To feel like a lot.

So I am a part of a morning show on clubhouse that the guy has eight kids and every time he's like, can I just like take your wife to dinner or a pedicure?

Like she says, no, I don't. And he said that he said that, generally speaking, like she goes out maybe by herself three times a year. And I was like, oh, like I got a panic attack for her.

And yet he's like, but honestly, like an opportunity or an option to do it, she just would rather and he's about the same time she's been nursing for like ever so for her.

So I'm like, well, when she's not nursing. And I was like, shoot, are you get her pregnant again, can you stop so we can take care of her? But I mean, I just can't imagine.

But at the same time, I have a massive desire for children. So I feel like utilizing ministry, utilizing missions and even pouring into local. And that's a huge conversation, too, is to recognize like foster care system here locally adoption, the need they of the homeless community. Like, there's so much that we can pour into it. You don't have an ability to go on a mission strip that you can also put your heart into spaces like that right here in the local community.

Yeah, for sure.

It's so important. That's so true. And especially with covid recently, it's getting harder to do those kind of things. It really is.

So tell me more sacred is such a deposit. I want to hear like, do you have testimonies about women who have been a part of the process or your team perhaps like where did they come from? How do you have a team? What does that that look like from an entrepreneurial perspective as well?

Yeah. So basically I ended up trying out all my course material locally, so I try to do a lot of things locally with my church and also in my home. And that has helped me a lot because what I basically did was I had all my basically talk through my entire course in front of an audience before I made it into an E course. And so I do that. Yeah. Which means that I'm getting feedback and a lot of the women were like, OK, probably actually all the women were like, I did not know this information.

And when you said and I still have them coming up to me today, that it's completely changed the way they study the Bible, which has been so amazing. But this year, actually, my church, because of that last year, doing this event and doing a lot of the journals and all that, my church asked me to do a huge conference, which I did, and it was so much fun. And I did it with my pastor.

And we basically went through all the information on how to study the. And it was like a little mini seminary day, my college day for all these people and every single person was just blown away, whether they were older or younger, they just felt like this is such a great opportunity to you have this the church doing this. And I just feel like more and more I'd love to be doing that. So and actually, I'm coming off a weekend of doing a women's conference.

So I just spoke Friday and Saturday night, which is another passion of mine is speaking. So I try to make room to do that quite a bit, so I speak and do that kind of stuff. But now I'm trying to even remember your question. Luckily, I've been doing.

I was asking like that and then how your team kind of got established on my team. That was the question. Yeah. So the team is crazy. But basically when I started looking for writers for the app, which was I'm trying to think I think the app has been around like one one and a half years. I reached out to this girl and I felt like the Holy Spirit was having me reach out to and immediate response, she said. And I literally didn't know that she was an English major.

And I just felt like I was just reach out her to reach out. And I said, hey, would you ever write for an app? And I really feel like I can only write this many daily devotionals, bulbar. And so I need some writers to come on my team and do this app with me. And so I reached out to her and it was just crazy. Immediate response. This is what I've been praying for. This is what I want to be doing.

And her and I are so in sync. She writes mostly for my app. She's probably one of the main writers, but her name's Stephanie Willcocks and her and I honestly are always like everything lined up. It's just so easy. Our theology is so similar. And anyways and we always have the discussion, we're always thinking the same things and all this. So she joined on and then it was like finding a few other people. And every time I prayed about it and found one of those writers, it was immediately the same response.

I've been praying about an opportunity like this. This is exactly what I want to be doing. And so Chasing Sacred, it's funny because I've been reading a lot about leadership and Christian leadership and all these things, and I've been taking a class on it all this. And they're like things just don't seamlessly come together. And it's true. Like once everyone's together, you need to work on your team. But it really did come together so perfectly. I was like, Lord, this is all you.

And I don't know if it's doesn't good that the Lord was like Mikella, I need to make this seamless for you, but it's been great. So, yes, I have a team of writers and she writes quite a few times a month. I have her help me with structuring the books so well. A lot of times I finally was like 70. You pick the book plans and then suction them out into the reading. And so she does that and send it to me.

And most of time, almost all the time I'm like, yeah, I was thinking a book or like that was that's perfect. That was on my heart as well. And so she does that and then writes it to the team and then we all section it off and we write for the app. And so the app goes live five days a week and that's where my team mostly is. And then I have some other people that help me with a couple other different things.

So editing, I have a really great girlfriend and same thing. When I reached out to her, this was the perfect job for her. So she edits all the devotionals for me. And if I ever need any editing stuff, I'll send it to her. And then I have another girl that helps me with some of the emails and then another one that helps me sometimes with social media.

So there's all these things that I've been building up and most of the sales, obviously, of the journal go towards all that.

That's incredible. I am always like I want to be in the back end. Like I love, like the inner workings of how things like this come to life. And knowing that there was all the prayer that goes along with it, bringing people into trusting him in that process, and then then literally just be like, yep, that's what I want to do. And that's what there's kind genius's. And so to bring that mission forward, I know that the expansion is coming, the continued expansion, because there's been a lot of expansion.

I know just in the last four years, you probably are like, hold on, my womb is expanding.

My home is so much happening. So I could totally get how you need that slow a little bit.

But I have one question to ask you as we close out today.

Of all the things that you teach, if you could give somebody context or as a tip about reading the Bible without them having their journal in hand or any of your resources, what would that be? What's that transformational tool that you think is so critical? Yeah, I think one of the main things I teach and I love to teach about is actually literary genre. And so the Bible is separated into genres and most people don't know that. And when you think about genre, it tells you a lot about how to read the book of the Bible that you're reading.

And so what I always do is I try to explain the different genres, whether it's wisdom, literature, like Proverbs, and then I'll give tips. So even with my journal, my course, I talk about, OK, so how are you supposed to interpret wisdom? Literature? I write a proverb. It's a general truth. It's not a promise. And you basically give an example of like one of the verses and you'll say, OK, train up a child in the way he should go so she will not depart from it.

A lot of people will put that on the fridge as a promise. But the truth is, it's a general truth, right? Probably your child won't depart from it, but it's not a sold out promise. And so there's a lot of these ways that you talk about, OK, so epistles write an epistle is a letter. So when you look at the epistles in the Bible, you want to talk about who's the author and who's the audience.

And these are called occasional documents. So they are specific for a specific occasion. So the author is writing to this church because something's happening, maybe there is heresy or there's something going on in the church that they need to address. And so you want to be asking as the reader, what was the original intent here? What was the original intent of the author and what was the original occasional problem before you start applying it to yourself? Right. And so that's like one of the number one things I teach is just how important literary genre is to reading the Bible.

So whether it's like prophecy, historical narrative, wisdom, literature, poetry, you want to know what Book of the Bible you're reading and what genre it is. And I'm not going to tell you so much about interpretation.

That's amazing. You guys, that little nugget just in and of itself, I'm like, OK, I need all the things because I want to know that I feel like I talk about that veil that I mentioned earlier in this comes full circle. It's like that intimacy with him is that much more understandable, that much more relatable, that much more beautiful and seamless when you have that ability of understanding the context and understanding the intention. And so I love that, especially as we do see, like I said before, people wearing the shirts are people wearing the bracelets, are they have the notes on their braids or their house or wherever.

And a lot of times just plucked and it's just promised. Right. It's plucked and probably out of context.

And so you're like one like that's actually not correct. That's not accurate. That's not for you. And so I love how I love doing any study that teaches me like who it's for, where it's from, what the intent is, where and how it was being served. I learned so much from Andrew Smith. And so I know you're going to love Seemless. Our next one. Natural's was amazing. Attfield sounds like I'm plugging here, but I'm not really it's changed my life.

And I know when I get my hands on this journal, it's going to be the same. So I'm excited for that. I'm excited for the community to be able to access that. And that's the bottom line for any of these other. I'm such an in-person proponent. I remember hugging your neck in the back of the podcast.

You know, you are on the podcast and it's such a gift and I'm so glad that it happens now. And I saw that journal coming out like, oh, my gosh, I've got to get her on here. So I feel for your time, for your deposits, for your family's deposits, both your parents and your spouse and your kiddos. You guys are obviously just Kingdome shakers and kingmakers, and I'm so grateful for that. So thank you for being like.

Thank you so much. This is so fun. It really was fun. So if anyone wants to touch base with you, obviously Chasing Sacred Dotcom, you guys can see that link right now live if you're here or in any of the bio information and you are mostly on Instagram, is that correct? Yes.

Instagram, yes. I actually you mentioned clubhouse. I just saw the clubhouse. I don't know. Oh, my God. There's only two other things. I love it so much. I feel like I go to this room every single morning. It's from five to 11 a.m., which sounds bonkers. It is that bonkers, but it is Kingdome entrepreneurs. And literally the word of God is displayed in this room like nothing I've ever experienced.

I mean, you go to church like on a daily minute by minute basis. We're in church. It's amazing. They even have an hosted church with the Darian Sanders, who is the lead singer of The Lion King on Broadway. He is the first team leader called Club one eleven. It's at one eleven on Sundays in Club House, a place that you think is just a social media advocate is taking and using as a tool to just teach people about who he is.

Oh, yeah.

And there's people all over the world. So it's probably to you going to feel like normal because that's how you grow up. But for me, when I hear somebody with a different accent like, oh, where are they from, what's going on, what's happening in the world where they're at?

And they're like, oh, it's 1:00 I here. Oh, it's 11:00 p.m. here. And I'm like, what in the world? It's it's so hard to have it. Honestly, I really believe that it's going to change the world. Wow.

So cool. All I want to hear all the. Your teachings, and I'll tell you so Mikella, thank you so much for being here. It was such an honor. And would you be willing to press out, actually?

Sure. Yeah, I would love to. OK, awesome. Thank you so much for this time. Thank you. Just how you were here with us, Lord. And you're here as we go out for the next part of our day and you're here before this and you you're just divinely made this available.

And this just it went so well, our God, I'm just so thankful for this time with Tamra and even though my kids were interacting and just appreciate it. And we love you so much.

And your name, Evan a.m. and Evan.

Hey, are the fruit of the spirit to trade them up, girl. Oh my God. Oh, for you.

And I'm excited to continue to connect and just learn from you because I feel like your wisdom is beyond my years. Thanks so much.

Fun guy.

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