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Quality Ladies calling all Quality Lady’s: Sisters Who Worship – With The Roy3ls

These sisters are a part of a traveling RV caravan around the country with their 10 siblings and parents. They are also worship musicians who have created a band with the call of women to be Quality Ladies – of ultimately standing in our identities of Royal Daughters of the King.

They each have their own story that makes them who they are individually, which truly blends into a beautiful representation of the heart of the Father. You will love listening to their backgrounds and their hearts towards their call.

Destini Rose

Faith Ann Marie

Stefanie Lynn

Also, their new song Quality Lady launches February 21st! So go download that now too!

“ROY3LS: BY BLOOD! This statement contains a significant depth of meaning that surpasses the literal fact that they are sisters. This trio seeks to connect with people at a much deeper level and aims to create music that penetrates the mindsets and paradigms of culture, religion, and social barriers. Each song seeks to uncover those places, moments, and mindsets of our lives that hold us hostage and limits our God-given potential to be all we were created to become through the sacrifice of Christ. This is why we are ROY3LS: By blood!”

sisters of worship

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Show Notes : Sisters Who Worship

This is the Royals, and I was so excited to introduce one… How I came in contact with them because I believe in something called NEAT cutes.

And I think it’s all God ordaining when we come into contact with people, we have a light parted like-minded kind of pursue a wholeness, and I was totally not in my right brain of mine when step-son, I was like, We’re in ALL… I bet big here. And I had just been cleaning for four hours, I was with my son, I was in the midst of just disconnected brain-based, and she’s like, Oh, what you’re Haddam not in too about it.

And then she was just, it grows in agent, and I was like, Oh, as a first or I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to this fund to just chatting it up with the gal… Right.

And so I kinda just lay taken aback like, Oh, this is gonna be new, and so it took a conversation with their agent door and… Is that how I say? Yeah. Okay, and so in a… Yeah, so great, he had an amazing conversation, talk for an hour or so much overlap in our personal journeys, and come to find out half way into the conversation, he’s like, so the reason I take such an investment in these women is because they’re my daughters, I like that… So I… For 30 minutes on a… Yeah, I was a legal off what’s happening in… Who are you?

So it is ethical compensation, so tell me about your journey into singing into it, wanting to express your faith in such a way, that’s probably a really heavy, deep question to start out with, but… It’s a good one. We kinda started things to our brother really, she kind of guys in to all of this as was diagnosed with lukin and music was his way of basically just of processing through everything that he went through and just walking through that. So we kind of got involved in doing music for him… Yeah, I… And it’s really awesome, we got to do some amazing events with the English Foundation, we had to go down to distant World, and we also got more intimate time with the kids in hospitals of… That’s a therapy and that kind of sparked inside each every one of us, just that I… Not just love for music, but a heart for ministry because with people and seeing who I… So there… Yeah, if you just are willing and go, You…

I kind of start this within us, so we just helped him with that, and then he is me, Dad, the, I hate and a transition to producing in just doing things that… Where you can be at home. Sure, yeah, sure.

And us girls were like, man, be a lot of sun.

We love being able to do ministry, and that’s kind of how we brother royals. It was really natural actually, because we eat for a song writing and have these interests, and I was laying on our hearts, we would talk about… And when we find out they were in line and just eilean all going to say her to the same… That speed and that a… Yeah, yeah.

And so that’s really how we… How God, yeah. Or yeah, the… There are three things that we felt like he too is to target, and that was to target mindsets and things that she wanted us to target where who you are, things you are and the family that you belong to, so within our amazing that I just really having that actually, we see that of who they are, that they get that or understand who they are, and if they do belong to a finite I… So that’s kind of our heart be…

That’s amazing, layout. It obviously really being able to speak to Sister in a… Not really knowing the test of sisterhood until I came into my face, and I have a sister, but we were never super close because of her age and Jews, very different people, and it wasn’t until she had kids that we were able to over into more of a friendship, but prior to that, I was always are for that, and even in my girlfriend group because I wasn’t in my faith, I didn’t know the experience that sister had really was intended for, and so I coming into my identity and really being able to be authentic with who I am and knowing myself was the first opportunity for me to really come into a deep friendship with other one in… And so it’s been such a journey over the last four years really to going deeper with people than I ever have in the past, and it’s really, I believe, an expression of who God wants us to be, and through those sister hoods and through those deep friendships, he shows different parts of hops, and so I think that that’s so powerful for women and for men really, because I think regardless of his sister Hooters a brotherhood, it’s knowing who you are and his identity in you that really brings this light in this air of… There’s not competition, and I just get to be who you are, be yourself, and there’s no better freedom than that. I love that you send that to you, I’m actually… The reason how people go, I… I was just actually talking about the go process, and on the first step, the Romeo is A… The one, his comments, and it’s not just connection with him, so it’s connection with I, I onboard, that’s gonna help you grow and be for that person, and so that’s really one telepath you. So let’s see, or from you step, you have been city, tell me about your journey in that, obviously, you guys being a family you have… I know there’s more of you… Yeah, and so how we like it, are you rooted in your face since birth or… Tell me about that journey.

Yeah, so our parents are rice generation Christian, if they got throughout on Christian, she home.

The other were seen living that life, and when they first got married, they started having kids and about free kids into it, I think they were like, We need to get our kid… Some religion, an castanea.

So they started going to this church on Edythe never got… Kinda be like, Alright, drop kids off. Here were like, you guys did.

Your kids are here. So they got to be like, oh, okay, but in the bullet and found the class, it was married together, the only one it was… What was it?

A Frisian moving… Yeah, to go came and basically I was led by the Swedes over and just probably the perfect people to encounter them at that time in their life, because in our mom’s little firewall and dad is very strong and just… They were not gonna be easy people to get for, but they just, in the gentleness and humility, a price just came in and through that class and of being saved, we… So they called them their spiritual parents of corn, so they are Ararat, I do have to be a… But that’s kind of where our faith began, as from there, they just were on state for God and they were pursuing it with everything I knew, really took a hard training your child up and related, you go, and they have that an amazing job, so that… And invested their whole tere lines into it. And so yeah, all of us were really young age were exposed to that, and I made that decision.

Yeah, and that’s kind of where that again, but then for us, coming to this place about four years ago, we started full-time or being… Okay, not planning on it. As we were moving from it, she can do Nashville.

My dad’s businesses have their opportunity and he just needed to be down there to get even going and it… So those families, so it was like a… That I was like, Oh, I guess all this about… So we all go down there, we just got a camper here can for a while, kinda look around the area, and we ended up finding out about this lifestyle, just traveling, and we were like, No, no, this actually… That’s kind of cool.

We got really interested in it. Well, that summer that we were in, national spring actually is 2016, and I had come down to this awful migraine, it just was non-stop, I couldn’t get it. Talk to it anything.

He last for three days. And eventually grantees like, Alright, we got a taking in the hospital. We don’t know what’s wrong. Yeah, and I look up the next morning it was gone.

So we were like, Okay, cool.

Yeah, and so I went for a run.

Yeah, and the next thing I remember, I’m looking at the emergency room and as we’re driving up to it…

I don’t know.

So I end up having a seizure and my sister, Destiny had come about me in founding the broader, and they did scans and blood and everything is at… I had at retook.

So at that point, it was kind of like, Okay, I owe… That puts a Liana perspective for you and belly, it has been a journey that hasn’t had chemotherapy, oration surgery, a thing on that. I still have it. Well, it’s still a cancerous and active, but we’re just monitoring it because it’s just sleeping basically.

Well, so… And how old were you in… That was discovered.

I was it sent.

So that I… Yeah, I transition.

The saint is a… Yeah, good. This… Yeah, so that kind of start us on this journey, Okay, yes, we will do this full-time to like, Let’s just see the day, and let’s do this, and we have to finding this huge ministry and just traveling around and seeing the people who… Who are in these campgrounds? There’s a lot… There’s a whole community of people who just live. Yeah, you can’t go do this, and it’s just a whole unreached people group almost testing where there’s nobody there.

Yeah, that… Yeah, ’cause everyone’s always coming to the… Sure, so we’ve really found a place where we could express a lot, go to these people and invite them into our family. We do to a Tuesday and just basically inviting them towards a table that’s having a… So I… In means to be part of the family.

And then I think that that’s really where royals came out of was that realization of, Wow, every… Where we go to the… And don’t know what it’s like.

Who don’t know the love of God in his family. Yeah, and we really just wanted to invite people into that… We really wanted to share that with the world.

Yeah, good.

And yeah, and define, we use hearing from different peoples stories and… And it really helps you get out on yourself at in… It’s a… Get outside of the things that you use.

The other… You see from a different perspective and Angeli, where a lot of our songs in the mindsets to writing to… Because we go through that or people not writing to anxiety and writing to her and the writing in a way that people will be able to understand it is not… I was in a place where I say Jesus got this one, right?

They’re not there yet.

He met them when they’re at Jesus then, so where they’re at, and there the… So we want that. That’s on our part. So just… You are right in… Because men see, Disney need a lot more of the music stuff like were younger. Yeah, but we… And Stephanie did worship team stuff and with their brother and back up vocals, and so the bad the… And we’ve always done instead, just always been ministry in our life that is that like who all you can be. Yeah, so I think so.

So it’s always been a part of us, but after traveling and going in different cultures, even the US or so many different colors, it’s pre… Yeah, so I risked… Yeah, but a line within our condense, there’s so many different cultures, but within these cultures, the messages still, she said exactly paying low, all of these things that are still in a yearning for a long and the race that end in is that only at A… And so that was where we all come at writing, I started reading for myself, and I didn’t know why I was like One in mines, I do A…

I never doing music too, but I was… Yeah, I just kinda… Scott, of course, sparked in, he was already way… Had a use a tie, so… And it cleans in our head, we were like, We’re doing this right now, this is a… Exactly was clear.

I use the Data decided, We are a bank doing this… Yeah, and both that day that they talked about a name and were okay, and this is just where we’re going from here, I said, explain the name, so Royal in the name, the bout, the three and say… So explain what that means.

Well, our tables kind of like was billed not only as were blood sisters sorta, because of a lot of price, obviously, that it enterprise.

But yeah, the three is for us, the sister… Right.

And obviously, the three, the Trinity. Yeah, father son is very… Yeah, and their name royals came from that we were talking about with the whole family thing, like Man, there’s just… Everyone wants to be part of family, and that whole part of us are just like, man, there is a family though, that everyone has a place… You have a place at the table, and there’s a… Just waiting. So for us, we were like, There’s a kite, but that these people and all of us can be part of… Yeah, and so for us, we just really thought that was a a powerful thing, and also to crown a… Well, makes people… Isn’t like the coca just put a code on a… So you were a pun or our family, it’s just your life line… Sure, and so for us, that’s a good lot of Jesus in that bloodline and he has paid for it, and so that is the blood that has been shared, and so that’s why we boiled because we all are covered by an and, and so I… That’s the whole concept of the One race, everyone blood line goes back to as many… So expressing that to people and knowing even with all of our differences and all of our belief systems and everywhere that we’ve been, ultimately we’ve all been rooted in the same exact place. Yeah, and I think that that is such a beautiful, powerful explanation, and it allows people without even understanding, they feel connected, and so that’s the part of the family piece, and I think it’s so broken he often… Of all the fragmentation, and I come from a huge family. Just lots of cousins on the sells, the whole thing, and I remember feeling at times completely isolated in that, and I think it was because there was just this brokenness of identity and no one really knowing who is they were, and therefore it was just this like… Her son, one, I’m pursuing the achievement or success or my own idea of what the American dream is supposed to be, and meanwhile, nobody was falling in line with what God wanted from us and where he has to… And just like he said, he was a head of me and he, he was ahead of me, even when I was walking down the path that wasn’t where he intended for me to go, that he was calling me in the whole time.

And so to be in this space where I now get to cultivate a home and a family that is founded in with the blood of the Lord as I or covering and our ultimate identity is something I never knew to the extent and my parents would affiliate as Christian and say, We said prayers and things at night, but I never understood the heart beat of Jesus until I do it to a Wednesday night service is a… They call us in and we were family, they just open the doors, and I remember just seeing these people who are just like these big… Just big, vibrant personality.

Yeah, that would be able to have such an ARO gentleness. And I think that that’s such a beautiful representation of who God is, ’cause they were just open arms to Kier with your hand is gonna sound if you are what your kind… That I love you anyway.

At a really cool… So tell me, there’s one of the songs that your dad shared with me, I don’t know that it’s even out yet, is the quality lady I intend. And I was like, This is so good. So that one’s coming out… What is that? Come out actually next week in it.

Yeah, I tetralo.

Yeah, well, I’m… So just, I love the concept of it from a perspective of traveling, and I don’t know exactly what your age rapids were prior to going on the road, how do you feel like that song spoke… Life brought to it, and for the generation of girls who are just struggling and I pursuit of identity, social media comparison and just a trap, I feel like it’s a huge trap. Me. Oh yeah.Beat to it and yeah.

In a good… Yeah, yeah, no, I had… Yeah, so this is interesting, we actually… It ended up coming about in about the time with an hour last… It just was, we were in the studio and we’re like, That’s right, a son upon… Let’s write this song that really isn’t… And yeah, so it is in a room. Yeah, because there’s so many pictures out there of so many different things and yeah, all of our social media just plastered all these women who… It’s so sad, but it’s just like they… They’re grasping for their work somewhere, the rapping to be recognized as worthy, and I anointing that the one… Yeah, the one, they’re really losing hold what makes a really quality ladies, and that’s only found in your true identity, which is in Christ Jesus, and when we thought about that are… That’s a quality… A lady who can be on the person… Now we’re just like instant. Yeah, the… As we were our mom, you let… At a Allain the world that this is… He’s just such a great example of it.

That’s kind of where that came out of… Yeah, so the first line, it talks about how I can’t say credit for the way member of RAs, I put her… He’ll say, I’m amazing at what a woman… It lies… And the reason we wrote this, because we’re the son, ’cause originally we had a right that was scheduled and it got cancelled, but I think the reason for that was, like I said, I don’t believe in coincidence the songs back to be re. And so we were just come for a spot. What makes a woman… A quality woman, obviously, we were a warm… And when we were looking at the exam of her mom, there’s something… But women, when you have an identity that’s strong, you don’t have to go around and you don’t have to… Has to make other people to leave that you just… You are a win because you’re confident in that, that speed force at the three and I have to do… To have to compromise a A and I don’t know, there’s just so many attention…

I was like, so no, I don’t know. Yeah, that month.

Yeah, I… So awesome. She must feel so.

I would… That it… That I did it, my… It is backboard, ten years from the song about me, I’ll be like, Oh my God, I’m so good. Yeah, yeah, it’s what… In a mom a go for… Yeah, I… They’re seeing of what God has given them, and that’s exactly what you guys honor her in, which is so… Well, that’s really neat. So we… I’m a part of a group of women locally who are cultivating a conference in the fall for girls… Middle school and high school, yeah. Something we wanna talk about on this God, talk about Now, I inference. And when I was at rock to the table, what the concept was gonna be and just calling girls into their identity and allowing them to rise up into who they are and be able to go into schools and into all of these places that teens are an… With such confidence in that identity and not fear that there’s gonna be a backlash or ridicule or a need to compromise because they don’t have on their purity because of… They’re married to God.

That, right?

And so I’ve been in such a vision in worship myself where I’m married and have two kids and all of that, and I felt called down the aisle to Jesus, and it was one of the most beautiful visions during worship that I’ve ever had.

It allowed me to truly own being dressed in white, and I want that so desperately for our… For our girls to just have the ability to get dressed the day of their wedding and completely on the bride group of who Jesus is in the church and also for the sole… For that connectivity to take places that was strip of me and my hat in my childhood and lying it so desperately for girls, so this quality lady, I want to save these women, ratings the everywhere and not super whole Sunday experiences right with…

I didn’t know, watch it, I let it really just her.

And so a rape that happened on social media, I had to turn it off, I let my kids stay late and I had to turn it off pathway, and I’m like… It was an interesting thing of pastor preach from the pulpit last week, he said, As a Christian, why do you know how that it was… Why do you know that?

You shouldn’t know that you should have immediately turned a lot and not have watched or the debacle of what was occurring and we rise above… Right.

And so these girls who don’t sometimes have an opportunity to turn a ball because of everything else going on around and being summer submerged into a culture that it’s constant input, how do we teach that concept of quality lady to a 15-year-old girl that it is a tie.

Well, it’s really kind of sad.

Oh, because you’re doing that superetta the theater.

Similar at that point in your life, where in 50 years old, still on other words that I… And so at that just really is set in… Harrier told that.

And so I think that that is what is really powerful about what you wanna do, cause because you’re gonna be somebody here, you tell me that in…

I don’t… First and it… And it’s why we wrote the song brother on peace, told us, and they need that confirmation gringo people coming behind them. Going here is A U.Prisoners at one, Hey, I’m gonna walk with you and I wanna show you, and I’m gonna do the best that I can to be an example for you, but at the end of the day, you have got to choose this for yourself at the end of the day, you gotta go to Jesus for yourself. Is I can try the best that I can have a failure about… And being that, was it being that encouragement because we do in a very confusing time, it’s a… So confusing, no one believes in any absolute truth, and I tend for us, we want to be a voice, the truth, and we wanna be that voice of Jesus in their years speaking in those days, I too… Because we had people in our lives that did that for us, and I don’t think we realized how much are words for power yet, I just think they’re very powerful, just getting someone like a compliment. I gave this visual that when you speak something true or good or in or someone, it is like You’ve been racing the seeds per few and you don’t wanna take your shirt, you don’t wanna take your clothes off, and he’s gonna keep on and on.

And so I, I think that is just one of the most Parkway is you really have to Oasis just through your words, bring them in, they feel six year, not looking for another pass in a Farman to what God said.

Yeah, I… Because that really does… That’s a word of it.

I sort of everything or is, it comes down to what God says about it, because if we do it for… If we we think, Okay, I’m gonna be pure form, say, That’s great, yes. What… You can compromise for yourself… Yeah, and you are… We get timed and you will fail at times, and so that cersei for yourself. For You?

Yeah, you probably gonna say it… Yeah, and if you say, Okay, Paul, I’ll do it for A to drain, or if your guy you… Your life, yeah.

That’s great.

Yeah, but I… You are still… What you have to do it for is for your TA, for the one who is in you, living through you, His spirit and you strengthening you. And you have to do it for that reason. And so looking into the Word and seeing what he says about that and what you’re call to live up to as a Christ-loving person, as a new creation, that’s where that standard is, because it doesn’t fall…

Everett, I love that too, because… Yeah, what you’re saying, the Sanders of data are much high and for quality, think that… You think of someone who’s strong and who’s comment, but in order you have to be able to walk, you have to be able to be the… The work into it, you’re not just going to… Everything can be given to you or you can just can’t buy it. You can’t wear it. Yeah, it’s something you have to work for. So it’s when you’re working for something and maybe you do follow short uses that well, it’s by going to God and be me who recognized that he has great for you and being able to be picked back up and keep walking, it’s picking back up and not keeping looking back and going back to that person that I was that those things that people told me that frontal sale and fail the… You made me take… You’re not in a state that you may work, but that’s not who you are, you… Yes.

Who you are, the one from.

Who is you are?

I Ismail. And so I think that that there’s just so much goodness and everything that we’re talking about and wanting that for even these strangers that you’re meeting in these different rdas, so… So you tell me how big is that this already has to be… And I got that one thing.

That’s a… That all share in the… He had a few, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So you are okay as a lot more in a this day.

So tenants actually married, so she and her husband had their own it, but also like our brother. Yeah, so there’s ten gets in our family as a A that… So yeah, I tend our family, and so some of the older have been… Are married and have their own means still in the house. So we do, but yeah, I was like four or five Cantatas.

Yeah, I… That I… It seats. Did you guys have a school?

Yes, yeah, I do too. Yeah, your siblings. You are Mary who have kids. Is the only one of them?

Yes. Okay, that’s dependent.

He orders this thing, Carly, she’s like, Ernest.

And every day I’m like, Oh my gosh, so that other Elite call she misses, gosh, for at… And so we… That’s so cool to be able to do that. So all we’re all… Have you been?

So, okay, so we’re from Michigan or to… Right, and we moved to Nashville, so that was the first stop a… But after that, we actually went over to the Indian Reservation in North Carolina, so there… No, Carlin. Okay. As a part share.

So I ionisation.

Yeah, yeah, I would spend the summer on the… Wow, that was a really cool experience. Just being in that culture, I couldn’t believe how true they are, they have Indian, they have a council translate actually, they stick to their tradition, and I never would have known to even… That was the fee. You’re seething.

So I… Yeah, it was a really cool experience. And just being out. The main, yeah, cool.

So we went over there and met with some gay… Just the local area.

I fell from me back to ours, I’m like, well, I ate…

I count have a… Yeah, so that was really cool experience ling, a good heritage, but then also we went to actually here, it was a third stop without gender, ampelogr, you had a little red and I loved it.

Yeah, I had a tenant.

So we love the ocean and the speech, but also the people that we’ve met here… Yeah, that God is just broader pass together and again, we’re re-united because after Genie actually down to Texas, it was Bella year and a half there in two different places in tax is ’cause I don’t… Cause actually experience in telok.

We did actually about travel in when we go somewhere today, about a year, but then we do a lot of challenging the area, so I try to see everything. But yeah, so we were in San Antonio, and then we also went over to the Hill Country area that my personal favorite in Texas is a… So then we went back to natural fire season, and that’s when we got to is about the mission of royals and that when we started.

So Ros is only been a band for just about a year on… Yeah, a relief East.

But I… It may be a… Yeah, so it’s only been about a year, and then God brought it back on here, he called Baker for a while. For specific, greensand were so teeth, ’cause we were…

I do, I don’t know. Yeah, that’s been kind of the Tri… So I am meant.

Yeah, really did, but there are so many more places he… Yeah. So what do you see is a… What vision casting have you done together for this ministry, and he and your family is a basic dynamic. What do you hope to do?

Yeah, yeah, we really wanna… Well, we are actually getting good for this year… Yeah, I’m doing more of… It shows… Yeah, last year was a whole brainstorming, dreaming here, do we have a lot of kind of the behind the scenes work of creating this in Strat, in writing the songs for the missions that we at as a… So now we are just ready to share with the world, honest began five years from, namesake wanna reach fill people with the baseball, and so I know that sounds like really great. I was in, I have a beer, you can’t be a revolt social media, everything every… We wanna be doing with people in person, being able to do hands-on it, this music and whatever other ossett opens either you said if you are a bee on my favor is in this, and so we try to… To be very beans, whatever ones telling us to do it in this management, and it really has… And your a orquesta that shouldn’t be holding.

And we just go very, very blessed by it, and it’s been that last other people, honestly, this past year has really opened my eyes… Yeah, I can’t remember the scripture and where it’s from, but test in the late the… In the standing orientati and now many pastorate. Yeah, like this whole past year, all throughout my life, I have seen God moving and I trusted him, but this past year, especially, I’ve seen him, I’ve seen him really do that when you trust in the Lord, He will make your pastor… You don’t have to even know what path is going… We don’t know.

Yeah, with every step is going to be what I see on a is taking every moment mean like that, where are you?

’cause I am Erin.

It’s not that hard and like to listen in to actually… When you open a…

I know, I see how true that has been, or even just every mile element of us coming to this point from our past year as children and the things you’ve gone through the stepne, there’s so many other things that individually, we’ve all gone through Stecher brain to the God has allowed things that happened to this point, so that preparing the premise mission that we had no idea was going to be, but he gave that our personal testimonies that can relate to other people, especially us together, I… One person can relate to in a lot of different things, but together, all three of us, there’s like, I’m like, Wow, this it out as the testimony of God’s faithfulness and really trusting, and every door he is being… Have to be, Okay. I know God is true because I’ve seen it. And that is just a plain tan that… And I test, yeah.

The… But anyway, he’s real one this past year, even just in how Fathering… That’s almost feel good when you want… Right. douala know there’s a purpose? Yeah. Why that or Osorio in that A is just so amazing. Proverbs three, basic. Yes, and it’s one of my favorite person at a coronation, I want to… Before I know, I don’t even know what time I’m just… I could sit here and talk to you guys forever. It’s amazing.

I wanna touch base on… ’cause I know that you guys are more than just your music, and you guys have shared a lot about how you’ve come into the ministry and your heart behind that, and we have steps, a bit of stepping testimony.

Tell me a little bit more about your all stories individually, you’re married, so that’s a fun connection year.

Tell me about meeting him. And does he think your family… Like What? What is that?

That I eat actually know that kids flora long time. But many years, yeah, our parents knew their printer, all of us to… We know them for on time, we didn’t… We connect into the high school to… Who are our goodness? We try to get together and everything, he’s one of borso.

So I eat girl, so girls that I would together it was just a talk and here that again, you don’t know what to do now that we’re here in a crazy house, just gonna hang out a kid over and the In all conversations.

Oh, a percent. I’m not here at your house, a… So I… That I meet… Yeah, there is where they got to go.

The… They’re all really mean…

I come in for my full girls as the inn on this is to work that we… You know the…

I don’t know, but I love having so many brothers now, so they really are just so fun. Yeah, yeah, we connected actually through fitness… Oh no, I was just really think it’s running now, and he was too high school connected, and that’s a whole another story that is probably Greeley, he ended up getting same.

Oh, I… How dating and I totally turns like around and we moved on in Nashville, I kinda was like to know, were dating, it’s kind of gotten so… But we had berating at that one, yeah.

I was wanting to… Persons, yeah, the lane in his day, Michigan has in this case, they’re gonna be healthier.

He’s done… Go back to living how in before? Yeah, and this is just going down or a…

I don’t know what the best case in room it would be, I guess, get married.

Yeah, the…

I go on a that and just create an anti… Certainly after we ended up, me down and I… Totally. So that we got engaged and we… It’s been really awesome just having a marriage aspect of our fallen to just have… You don’t profitable beyond all of the brother or sister. Okay, a necessity is like my senior sister hasn’t known to confer my husband… Yeah, yeah, you’ve been around the whole time they’re dailies sin, one year old, so they… In a estate, I eat. And it’s kind of fun actually.

She thought that I was going or… Yeah, he… Or you… A rather, which I love a little bit more, like is our younger seminar on her as really one and my husband… Well, on her in. So she thought that able… That was a anomalies cried. He had this moment of like, I know, but Grier blood on my God.

Oh, I bet. Yeah, he’s really, really great. And I be so super in fitness. Yeah, the… We do the old.

So what is you do for a… Yeah, so she actually works at the part that we’re already now at, that he also has a cesarean Femicide, the eastern… And it just… Beautiful Bible, when they go, follow a royal.

Alright, tell me a bit more about you. So I kinda see my faith, its something that I see made lots of ISIS on the East Rose.

I didn’t wanna know that apart from Christ, I always… Oh God, I was like God.

And so I hear making so many prayers ad litem, I just make sure that like, Do you material a sortie sunrise? My hope and that is that, but I was always kind of a tom boy, so I was in reselling and is… Those are my sports, I still love them, but that was kind… If this kid and I was really into that kind of fitness, I’m never like, Oh, just working out to… Yeah, or at a…

I’m like, I E-Prisca in a live I Ontario. And so that’s why I was so crazy being… That was music. So I was like, we always say… We always are like, high school musical.

Oh yeah, I teething. But okay, here in our time, everyone… Yeah, that was my thing. I always just loved my siblings, but now my life, this really just dedicated… So I guess my Simone relationships, my friends and they’re my best friends, and then yeah, I just… In doing music now, I was like, Wow, I can’t play. This is what do men. But I probably say that, but yeah.

I still have a pretty much any physical channel and the last time you were here, I finally start… The first time that I always wanted to do that, I was like aerospace and Commando that again because… Yeah, Slater on sharks. But when I’m in there, I’m…

I feel I like to initiate.

I’m gonna go out and we… That I was Feinstein here that you get the abroad, that’s great.

That it… Tiwari love dynastic. Yes, I’m a… If somebody here’s physical challenge and let’s… So that, yeah, you need to look into doing some of the athletic races where it’s more like there’s a brace locally where you get to do the rings and you’re climbing walls, and so I can’t run because Jim is run from here, so I… So there, inhale, I care there. So I did my longest round like Tu school was No, and I was like… My mind both.

No, I don’t… No, I still don’t like it.

I only do it be they have all this all time If my mom…

I too, yeah, on the deck in… He’s like, Yeah, they always do. The time they talk.

Yeah, I like it.

I see how to The… Is do it as they run, even though I have a…

I just need to do it because they’re doing it, I wanna be with the Erie.

So I started running, so I’m in, but it’s really been pushing me, you know, I’m like one of those kind of people that I’m like, There’s something I think I can’t do.

It is, I’ll either just not do it, then I’ll be this point in my life, I know a son do it, to do it. And so I think any the… The that…

Yeah, tell that my whole family are marathon runners in a…

I was at A… The first year you’re like, Hey, I…

I don’t know, I wanna do this. I really a three… Three miles. It’s just recently. Totally missed himself.

Oh, I like that. Completely bean.

Oh, time to Minato kids.

Like, Oh, that I did a control, I love to… Interesting, I’m running, I cross the line and I’m like onomatopoei.

So I took… Oh, I radiation.

So I don’t understand how marionettes utility, three miles. Yeah, I get there was for bodies right there and I can… And then that made it so he invited that, but we actually lived my whole life on the loop for the Rockingham time, so we wouldn’t go out to the front by data mom would be running. I would cry every time I saw them ’cause I know it such a B and I go 5 yard.

And at that, I like that.

But I always like, I get this a trilingual people doing anything that’s like a difficult… And in… Well, an hour later, I’m like, You know, I hate maybe.

I know. That’s actually why I started.

So they did a marathon, they’re like, I was here, they were at already the were athletes and stuff, I’m easiest years one.

Yeah, is it like a… That would be around, I could deal Do this, so I made this so post and Yeah, I gonna do this. And then I was like… We did the first run that I was as free to my… In the Butte on side, is that they… Yeah, and I just, I don’t know a thing.

I have been there.

Honestly, I think it’s just all of the fears and the Gator and everything, I think you just don’t love crazy. I-E-A-E-A-

A one entire… In a lot of…

I refer part of faith in my heart for what I do is the connection of the mind, body and soul, and being really on conscientious of the fact that they’re not… We’re not separate parts of who we are, and I feel like… Especially in the culture that we live in. Everything is very segmented. Yes, and we’re expected, here’s the gym membership. Here’s the church, and here’s the therapist, and they don’t intersect, and I don’t know what kind of facility one day I’m gonna create that’s gonna have all of them, but just I realized during my own spiritual growth that when I was going to the gym, it was more of a spiritual experience than it was me going from my body, and it was the first time in my life that that was the case, ’cause obviously I had done gymnastics and I had been a personal trainer for years and bootcamp-style exercise, and the very body-focused and yet, none of it was ever done under to the understanding of my body as a vessel and fueling it, because I’m feeling it for longevity of my life for the kingdom, rather than fueling it because I’m looking for a specific figure.

Yeah, and so when I started going to the gym with this mindset, obviously having to lock out the sound tracks that the genera used as I need a poly lady, so I have realized at that point then the connectivity of the mind and how… If I could connect all three of those simultaneously, it was like this sweet spot where I thought of I… I was able to be in this space of, Oh my gosh, I understand my entire being at one time, and so that’s where I think the runner’s high could be a space where spirituality could really come into play, where you have this mind that you’re spending four hours with, if you’re running to marathon tours with and not letting it go down these rabbit holes, but really being just focused in on the strength and the endurance and what God is giving you in that moment in a e to pursue to the nose milestones. It’s been a journey, and I love sharing it with other women because I think that we are so segmented that people don’t really understand and… What are you talking about when I say Mind Body and so… And it’s like, So tagline. Now, everybody uses it, I’m not so sure.

Yeah, I’m like, Wait. You’re still missing it. No, I about mindfulness. It’s literally the experience of all of them coming into alignment, so I would love to hear more, you told me about your fitness space, you told me about your spirituality, what type of mentality practices or mindfulness practices, we obviously could get part of that… Have you keep your head space in where it needs to be in order to pursue what it is that you guys are doing, honestly, generally… No, I’m not a writer. And then creative writing, I am in school, I owe a team time is when I rough… I just feel that one in the Scripture talks about your day really feel like that’s something that I lose easy to… First thing you might do is like, Sure, first thing you do is compare yourself with rear if you… First thing you do is go someday in soup for the day. I think that’s real important. Set yourself up, start your day with how you want the day to be and starting to date with the word, like it’s the best way you can start today, because I am by one waking up early, even though I’m not that much of a incriminating your day early and give that quiet time to God, it really can set your mind and focus on… But it’s really important in this day, because there’s a lot of things that I work on is tapered and exact, I was like, You can do those things that make you less… Don’t hold up that stander, even quality at those things that you wanna do if you had the writing in in your mind like, Oh, this is not what I would wanna do, but sometimes we do the things we just don’t wanna do just because it’s like having a ton, right.

But I think that the most important thing I try to work on and being intentional at that time in the morning, because when I start my day with that, throughout the day, I’ve really been realizing, to make the conscious decision to be like Christ, you have to make that decision in that moment. ’cause a lot of times we do what we feel or my filing now, I’m just gonna stop at this person… Yeah, but it takes having invite that mid… No, that is not PE. That’s me, I I… And take those minds like, Oh, but it takes training your mind like even be aware that you’re about to do something like that, so it’s kind of like for me, it’s all… And I love that you’re talking about it, because in that moment, the mine is not just like, Oh, being in full-time is in that moment that we would be like, Who we… I… Mason’s not gonna be pain situation, don’t know any… These are one the things that do this journal ’cause it really sets me that being up to get my tool and then also seeing how bad is working with active years from now, you tell all the answer, things like that I… Eerie, that’s a great practice.

Yeah, I know for me, journaling for sure that I’m a writer, so… Yeah, the area that other… And I have the gun specific with my girls. I has to be the right one. Yeah, so this on the German… Yeah, I that… But for me, I was in, I wanna say it’s a loop chapter, I was little, but I just read this this morning, I could… As a outrages went and he went to a solitary place really in the morning to be… We’ve got imprint.

And for me, I think that that has kind of been something I’ve held on to as far as just thinking about that personal connection with that has been Jesus, who is God, had to go away, and I meet with him and set that time to part with him, first in in the morning, I’m pretty sure I probably need to do that too. I pretty sure I could use a little bit of that.

So that’s kind of been like something that I have just invited in and I do walk up going on like, this is the core of my whole life, because that first initial connection with the purpose of my life in the morning is going to… Like you said, Set the rest of the day I… So I moving in that direction, a Fortin.

Because if we first see we do the wake up is taking on our phone or start looking at our emails or whatever, it’s directing our compass to walk in that direction at… But when we wake up first in the morning and reversing we do is close our eyes right back up and start praying to God or open up our Bible that’s sitting right there and just start reading the word, the word for me is such a big thing. I love the word. Yeah, and I think another thing is, we’re all students at Liberty University in and I’m majoring in religion, and so that’s the focus of my name and… Is that scripture?

And so for me, that’s like I just sat, and I think that’s actually another thing that I was used to my life since I’ve been in school, has been the word in the study of it, and that I just can’t get at it that… So for me, that was it. I love that. Yeah, for me, and I sit, I… Last year I…

I actually struggle with a lot of anxiety and I never experienced it, and especially one that I was… And one of the things that really helped me was to be quiet and to do chickens with myself, but basically going to A so overloaded now and the way Antoinette feel on what is things we… And all the areas basically that I just didn’t like and just be honest and were right that down, and then at the total… Now, I go to it at this tanabe it, I… And I… For me, to… One thing I… We go to the help. He live… Was that a fullness? Was the Raja.

And so… And it just season in my life, I felt like my joy had been still on for me because I was so worried all the time, so just being quiet and listen as a in it was Elisabeth and I just found jeere.

I was in and more positive thoughts. And so, yeah, just… And also to focus on the one thing I think that has the East, the… That just speeding or common, and even in our walk and relationship with go board, we’re like that, give me something you ever single day.

Yeah, I… Yeah, you forget that in a minute from motor.

So one thing he really is training on is to not be add in all areas in my life and in my relationship with him and sit on one thing as I alienatin so that it’s not just here to be on tomorrow, but I have literally at the one I walled it, and now I let it really nourish me to think the… I had set really mindset that I’ve tried one time. So good. I think mine is kind of combination with the gratitude practice for sure, are the more angles before I get on my social media, before my feet even hit the ground, I’m a super early in or so I do the gym before my baby’s we up, because otherwise there would be no time to do it, and I am like, I love the black, I’m perfect, and I just close nine right back, ’cause that’s where I know before my feet hit the ground, I’m gonna thank God that I have the ability to even stand up and get to the gym and my body moved, my family is safe and sound, a comfortable home and sleeping well and healthy and all of those things, and I think that stands into the rest of your day and the mindset that you have towards all the things coming your way so yeah, ’cause we can get really hard in ourselves, like… Because we didn’t take that step at the end of the night, you’re going through us for me… Yeah, I read it, so like if I don’t take that time in the morning, I’ll look at the whole day and be like, Wow, I really miss that, that if I would have just done an emotion is gonna be first place, I would have been more aware… I could have been more rare… I don’t know, I’ll get hard on myself.

Yeah, because I didn’t live up to that, so that I set for myself and the standard guy had for me, the like I… If I don’t do that in the morning, then you don’t know what God I could have like… I mean, always speak to you, I guess I… That real… Yeah, right, yeah.

In a already been aware what was happening, that situation, and then by the end today, yeah, I gave everything I had to or to… Yeah, that’s so good.

I really love the chewing on one thing for the whole week. Other than if I think a Bible sitting or going through something, I think that that’s a challenge in the convention for myself, because I’m probably the it, the I ate.

So now I wanna take… That’s a eagle. The beginning of this year, she just really wanted to dive into the personality of God, and so she has just been going through and she’ll call me and tell me like, This is what I real today that… So yeah, and so for her, it’s not even necessarily that God is in teaching or something new that day, it’s just that the overarching concept is the same, so he just pursues after that, he’s gonna have the opportunity to reveal different things like, Oh yeah, I’m gonna try that in A… That is good. Good. So I’m like, I don’t know, I feel like maybe keep talking, I know that there was so much to come, I used to just having one person, so I feel like I have… I get to go really deep.

I feel like we touch the serves of a lot of things, so I’m excited to see as rural continues to unfold and each individual path in just get ignited in that for us to individually have time to do this and get to know one another, ’cause I feel honor that I got all of the elite, I think you just… I’m excited for your adventure, I’m excited to see the wind or intent of meeting and running into each other and for shared writer. So I have to talk to you all things. They just open to new Barns and Noble and a town center that I had a girl in. Telstra was the most beautiful book store she’s ever walked in a nation, like to do is I go to her to love a good book or… But yeah, so I’m just really looking forward to, and I’m grateful for you all. And it’s amazing to me when I have the opportunity to interact with women who have that shared car, that it just makes me so thrilled for the kingdom that like there’s more or less, and I even… I would get so good, I wanna come to you by… Yeah.

Are you in that? came away, I took that neighborhood, that’s where the one I was literally right there. I was born and well, I say born for a adulthood, I move back in there with my husband raised my babies in that neighborhood, we were on the jumping hill, what we were we on?

And that’s where my son learned how to climb them on be outside of the playground, so… And terminating anyway, every time I think of that, that makes me think of it. Job in memory, I used to go and steal candy from a store there… Yeah, I just backed Gesserit in a ushering in one, we would get on the site, so we would go up and the the…

I do on my parents talk about time in an had to go replenish with some money, that was their money, but regardless, that always a really convicted and I think… Okay, we…

I do a one, I think… I remember one was a a much more seasoned and honest… But I will come by and see you guys. I think that that would be really fun and the whole family have to Tuesday or… And I got me a sweet cheese or your…

I release, I often close out in prayer, but we didn’t open in prayer, I usually do.

I at feel like we should just come to me, the sign in the beauty, and I thank you so much for these women, thank you that you always are ahead of us and you knew that this was gonna happen before we even did, Lord. I thank You that each of these women have their own individualized testimony that is bringing together in sisterhood a message that is going to penetrate the hearts of women, every meter, God, that you are calling us higher, that you’re calling us to a state of being… A quality lady, a royal daughter in your priesthood or…

God, I thank You for the listeners today that whoever chimed in or things in in the future, or that they would just hear your heart, that they would not feel convicted or shameful or…

I’m pairing themselves in any way, shape or form, more, but they would just know that they are called into the SAN at that they have the intimacy of their sister Holford, they are welcome.

And we are just so grateful that you sent your Son to die for us, for that the blood line of your film lamb is ownership of each, and that we have the ability to just be in contact with you, in relationship with you on a daily basis. Minute by minute, I thank you for this precious time and see when they’re precious in the Cretan then it then… Yeah, thank you, goes. Have the download their music, a address on your kitten path posts, and I am so excited to just be a here to share with you other lovers, dreamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, masters, whatever, if you go ahead and you got a hard, I’m… So side is to explore, that is who you are and the cover our wholeness or how you’re… Well, the well and your joy. I love to Zoo happiness, I want people to know that this is not… This came a tile, you guys, this came with a lot of effort, this came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together, this is our wheel community at three men, and I’m excited to help Cavour calling, your kingdom experience the purpose of your intent on world wherever, however that is. So come along for the ride. I’m excited to chat with you. Comment, review in museum. Send me the email. It’s me responding. Even have an incredible team. And so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect, let’s create a US walking or calling.

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