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#Project333 – 5 Finds From Week 1

So it’s been a week and I’m still exciting everyday when I get dressed. To simply choose my outfit without trying on several pieces is so relieving. I know the 33 pieces I have look good on me, fit right and feel good. What more can you ask for? Not to mention – this isn’t supposed to feel like punishment, it’s supposed to be freeing!

I have run in to a couple of hang-ups and a few things I may have to tweak.

STAINS: I have two pieces that have little stains on them that I didn’t notice. I’ve still worn both of them, because my layered pieces kind of hide it and they are so faint anyway! I’m going to try to get them out and/or last long enough until the wash makes them more obvious. Of course, both are white! If I do come to a place where they are no longer wearable, I will still not be buying new, I will pull from other clothes in my closet. But hopefully I can maintain!

SEASONS: So when I created the wardrobe I had September, October and November weather in mind. Well usually our September is still summer – but this week proved otherwise! I’m a bit nervous that I chose too many dresses and included shorts that I may never need to wear! If that happens and I don’t wear them in the next few weeks, I will be changing out!

PLAY WEAR: So my kids deserve an outfit on their own. I went to the beach Day 1 and within 30 minutes, my cute outfit was covered in sand since I let the kids bury me at the beach park and then my littlest didn’t want to walk, so her ocean wet behind got me soaked. So not only was my outfit change needed, it was also dirty…hmmm laundry.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I have my girl, Morgan at, who accepted the challenge too so we are keeping each other accountable AND I have all of you who are peeping in on the progress too – so thank you! Here’s us at an event this week – this incorporated my outfit change on Day 5 (which you don’t see above!)

WORKOUT CLOTHES: Reminder, these are not included in your 33 pieces, but aren’t to be worn as day-to-day wear, just to work out in. Well sheesh that’s a challenge in itself. After I come home from working out I usually don’t immediately shower. I’m cooking, cleaning, doing art projects and playing with the kids. It does add another step to have to get showered and re-dressed. I may give myself an hour leniency.

Excited for week 2 – It’s supposed to be in the 80’s all week – so my seasonal concern seems to be A-OK! I’m going to do a 3-week follow-up. So stay tuned.

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