• Morgan Hart

Pray Like It Is Answered

We are all living in fear. Yet, we are rooted in Truth.

We are all doubtful. Yet, we have seen His wondrous works.

We are all impatient. Yet, He has shown us continued patience when we act like children.

The future is unknown. If we knew it fully then why would we need to have faith? Why would we need to trust in God?

I’ve requested for months through prayer for God to SHOW ME. I read a book [The Circle Maker] stating that I could and should ask God for what I actually want and that is what I wanted. I wanted certainty. I wanted reassurance. I wanted a sense of relief that I hadn’t quit my previous life and changed my entire path for what what feels like nothing. Now, my salvation surely isn’t nothing, but sometimes on this side of heaven, we can’t sense that completion and wholeness…so we are left – in doubt, fear and impatience.

So after months of prayer – He showed me. Perhaps you have never been prophesied over or had a God given vision. But boy…oh boy… I would encourage you to pray for one. Just pray for it! And no, it wasn’t given after one prayer request. I’m telling you, it was months before it finally was given to me right before my very eyes.

I was knocked off my feet, literally, to the ground, during a night of prophecy event at a local university with the school of prophets. This experience will forever be a milestone in my faith. Where I stepped out. Where I had more faith than doubt. Where I tested God. Though of course, he was the one testing me. I needed more from him and He knew it. But during that time, I stayed planted in Him. In worship, in biblical teachings, in people who were walking in His faith.

You want to know what He showed me don’t you? I would want to know if I were reading this. Probably because I would be doubting the writer. A “ya right, prove it” scenario. I can paint the picture of the images for you. I can re-tell you what the women prophesied over me as I fainted to the floor, but I think that’s only one piece of the puzzle. And I want you to see the entire masterpiece. Maybe it’s a day a time as you watch it unfold. Maybe it won’t come to fruition until my life is fully lived, however long it may be. But the purpose of sharing this with you isn’t to give you a table of contents for what my life will look like, but instead to challenge you to challenge God.

Don’t challenge Him out of doubt. Challenge Him out of 100% faith and belief. And if there is a shadow of doubt in there, yet you still remain diligent, I believe He will cast out the doubt as He did to me…in an instant.

After all, He is a miracle worker.

Maybe you’ve been praying for your miracle for years and my “months” seems like a sick joke to your anxious prayers…I want to reassure you, time to God does not exist. A million years ago was yesterday and tomorrow is just another page in God’s scripted book. He’s already written it. It’s already been done. He does hear you! Your trial or prayer request for that your future husband or perfect child or new job or new house or a new financial situation – isn’t a matter of how or if, but a matter of when. God ALWAYS provides. He ALWAYS fulfills. He will not leave you empty handed or broken. Reach out. Reach up. Stand up. Stand out. Prepare yourself for the blessing and it will come.

Pray like the prayer is answered.

Hope like it’s already been given.

Ever since the vision was given to me. I’ve still wondered. I’ve still had moments of confusion and doubt. I’m not perfect. It wasn’t like He wrote out a to-do list or action plan to accomplish any of those things. That part is up to me. Free will, remember? My goal is to glorify Him. To close my eyes, remember His presence, remember the gifts and all of the answered prayers. And know that He hasn’t ever left me, even in the dark. He is constant.

So when the enemy comes to combat my truth, which is often – I say…not today, because I’ve got work to do to make my Father proud!

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