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Practice the JUST THIS Strategy with Carmen Ohling

Today we are going to hear about the Just This Strategy.

This podcast was so fun. I discovered a pseudo replica of myself that lives on the other side of the United States. Like twins separated at birth and now our paths are being led back to a beautiful place outside of the country.

I’m going to declare this right now. Carmen Ohling, Todays guest, will be in Tulum, Mexico together one day! And no I’m not being prophetic, I just hope Carmen comes on the upcoming retreat happening in February for all of us – YES you’re invited. It’s going to be epic for personal and professional growth in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. You should totally put it on your calendar and come. You can check it out right now and book your stay for a new year getaway. I’m also proclaiming that all this hoopla with covid will be clear and well be able to not even wear masks on the airplane. Just dreaming over here…

Anyway, back to THIS, we talk about our health, nutrition, coaching, transformations and so much more. We unpacked our ability or honestly the lack there of to do #allthethings and how necessary it is for us to do The one Thing – or as Carmen so elegantly proclaims it – having the “JUST this” mentality. Ya’ll if you get nothing else out of this episode – you’ve got to catch this.

What if we could be fully present doing “JUST THIS” right now.

just this strategy

Carmen Ohling


Carmen Ohling is a mentor to high achieving women, a holistic nutritionist, and transformational speaker. Carmen’s mentorship programs and in-person events allow women to discover, learn and grow, while making lasting life changes. Carmen has a unique ability to connect with diverse audiences and inspire them to take action so they can become obsessed with their own lives. She is as sought-after thought leader, serves as one of the top experts on Fox21 News and Living Local, and is the host of The Permission Slip Podcast.

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Show Notes: The Just This Strategy

Oh, this is so fun. I discovered a pseudo-replica of myself that lives on the other side of the United States, you guys… It’s like twins separated at birth, and the cool thing is now our paths are being led back to a beautiful place outside of our country that makes probably no sense to you until you start listening to this podcast that I’m going to declare right now, that Carmen today’s guest will be into low Mexico with me one day and… No, I’m not being prophetic. I just hope that Carmen comes on the upcoming retreat happening in February for all of us.

Yes, you are invited to come to Tulum, it’s going to be amazing. personal and professional growth opportunity in one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever been… You should totally put on your calendar again, February 19th through the 25th of the 20, 21 that get out of 2020, you guys put your brain into just kidding, that’s the total opposite message that this podcast actually unfolds. Anyway, you can check it out right now and book your stay for a year, get away. I am also going to proclaim that all of this who blow with covid will be clear, it will be able to move or mask on the airplane, which are… Are you dreaming? I am, I definitely am.

Anyway, okay, back to this episode, Carmen, you guys, we talk about how nutrition, coaching, transformation, and so much more, and we unpack our ability… Actually, take that away, we unpack our lack of ability to do hashtag, all the things, and how necessary it is breast really just the one thing, if you’ve never had that book, you gotta pick it up, but Carmen elegantly proclaims it as having to just this mentality, if you get nothing else out of today’s episode, which I know you’ll get so many things, you’ve gotta catch this.

What if we can be only present doing just this right now, like just this, this episode perhaps this dream that you’re working on this family dinner, this work out, this sleep, whatever it is, whatever you’re doing or about to do are going to do or have been doing, justice to guys, it’s so unnecessary, and I truly believe the heart of the Lord for us to relish in the justice enshrines all the things. She’s a women’s Mentor, she’s a holistic nutritionist, he’s a transformational speaker, and she has her own podcast, so I’ll be sure to show her the love on the permission slip podcast again, you know you love the subscribes and the reviews, and share and tag and not doing all the things… Okay, sorry, let me River do just fits for us, would you subscribe and review if you… If you guys, we love you so much, it was so grateful for your listening and tuning in and just… I just hope you enjoy every second and don’t forget C until maybe… Yeah, this is your God wing. The moment that heaven says, for such a time as this, It’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover wealth and exude your wholeness, it’s time to become truly fit.

However, this is in a fitness podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist, this is in business jargon or tips and tricks to Landing Your successful fashion project. No, that’s totally why I’m a business coach. This isn’t a quick fix. Health detox ploy though. I’m all for therapy and I love hobos, I do have a yellow side, me too, so… This isn’t confusing. Religious banter? No, I’m an ordained minister still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It’s really none of that. So I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this… Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers, as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each a new fellow passionate speakers.

The fit-based movement was birds from my own trial and error discovery of mind, body and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial Brasher experiences, I’ve learned first hand that being fit isn’t about archaic at all, it’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles, it’s not about our potential. It’s truly about our God-gifted passions. Meeting our purpose, you are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you wanna call it, and I wanna be there for the moment that you say yes in Freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit and do… And who you are made to be. Welcome to the biased podcast with me, Tamara Andres. There is no better time than now to get fit.

I am so thrilled to have it here, you guys are in for such a treat. I met Carmen as she had just flowed across country to speak for the welfare social and Christine Cowles event, and I saw her when I started setting up… I’m an early bird, so I got there early and she was just eating this like super light their food and to herself and wearing this bomb outfit just like she is now, and I’m like, I need to know her. I don’t know how this is gonna happen, but she was so sweet out the gate, and later, as you shared on stage and one of your quotes or your boy of statements as you being a transformational speaker, there is no doubt that the words coming out of our mouth or energy, everything about our heart is portrayed on stage, so I was grateful to be in the audience that day, and now it’s kind of fun that I get to be in this setting with you again, so it’s a blessing and excited to unpack more of who you all are for the faith community.

Yeah, thank you for having me, and I think the same of you, you just have this energy and the client is way about you that I knew that I needed to be connected to you, and so thank you for reaching out to me and how many as… Yes, and I love so guys, she has her own podcast called the permission slip podcast, and I remember hearing about these events that you are hosting, and we were also… I was already starting events for the Fit faith community, and so it was so neat to hear like we have so many parallels, and right before we got on the show, we were even talking about moving our lives to… To LOM, and for those that know me well, know that I am all in to loom. Not only February for the retreat, but I’m like, Let’s move there, so maybe we’ll have a buddies, it will have crimes right there. American friends, not Mexicans.

I’m excited about that, and I did not even know that you wanted to move there. So when I shared my dream with you, that was like, Yep, just another side that I connected, this is meant to be happy.

It’s so good.

Yeah, and I will get you there out, let’s get you there, and then I can follow up with the babies, and then we’ll just have a whole cohort of love and energy, and they’ll be like, What is happening? Why is American taking over to…

I’m sure. So that’s not my intent to go there at all, my intent to go there is to blend in and to Leanne crowd because their environment… They are so amazing. Did you know that my in-laws moved to Mexico in May last year, but to me are…

Oh, okay, so I was gonna ask you, someone asked me… Do you speak Spanish?

Carin, I took Spanish and pagan stuff, but I never used it.

And so for me, it’s not like writing a bike, I’ll be like, Oh, they’re talking about work, or dancing or whatever, you know what I mean? But then it’s going to Fathead, I can’t translate it in my head, so I’ve been hearing all those table commercials on the radio, and it’s almost sucked me in to it, I gotta do it, I gotta… Teddy Should… My father-in-law moved there, obviously with his wife, my mother-in-law, and he is a complete green, go like all white, doesn’t know how to speak it at all, so he’s taking every, I think two times a week, he’s taking three hour classes in order to just fully immerse. There’s no better way to do it. And then I rebut.

Yeah, he’s like a little puppy dog. ’cause I can’t go anywhere without my mother-in-law ’cause he doesn’t understand anything either, so he didn’t up buying something he should in or going the wrong way home or getting the Uber and going somewhere in another part of the country, but yeah, my husband does speak it, so I have that benefit.

Oh, that’s good. Yeah, I’m thinking about it, but I think that would be part of the journey though, is going there, not fully knowing… I don’t know, I love it, I love it.

So I wanna parallel that and kind of shift gears into the introduction of who you are and more about how we’re connected and the things that you have going on, ’cause I love an entrepreneur, and you are through and through that with all of your passions, which I think is so prominent in how I help share and coach women is like, you don’t just have to pick one thing and let that one thing be the only thing, and there is a book, The One Thing, and people talk about itching in… And I get the NIH, and however you wanna say it in your fancy language, but I think ultimately, if you can blend in all of your passions and pursue them on any given day, maybe Monday, you’re doing what you have under your nutrition realm and your cooking, another you’re broadcasting on a show for Fox 21 news, or the next day you’re doing an event with women and empowering them in your high achieving like mentor role, like Tell me how all of that emerged…

Oh, gee. Where to start it?

I think the biggest place to start, and I love what you said, just being multi-passionate, and when I thought about what I was good at, well, when I wanted to leave my corporate job after 16 years, which I was in the finance world, and so I wore the black suit, every day, I showed up in all of my power type A personality, and where I was at in corporate leadership, it was all men around me, and so I was very much pushing and going and going and going until one day when I just got a big slow down. Something was wrong, I didn’t know what was wrong. So I dove in, it was time leading up to that I had so many… So many signs that I ignored. Things that happened in life, getting diagnosed with MS, do you think that would stop you… No, I pushed harder, I did more, I put more on my plate thinking, Well, maybe tomorrow I can’t walk across, why not just keep going for everything and really sourcing myself both from doing instead of being… And so once I wanted to leave, I thought about, What is it that I love? And so what I love was nutrition. I had thought at one point I wanted to be a chef or I wanted to be some registered dietitian, but we had a family young, and so I told myself, Well, I need this corporate job, we need this, and so I’m not able to take these classes that started at four for night classes ’cause I worked later than that, so I ended up getting a business degree with a health minor, and… So when that moment came and I thought Something’s wrong, okay, I love nutrition. I’m like, Well, what am I good at? And that was the big… That was a big question mark, right? There was, I felt like I was good at so many things, and I knew somehow deep down that I could do anything that I wanted and anything that I put my heart too, but there was still that fear in the back, that fear that comes up like, Who are you to do this for… Is your certification… Where’s your degree? Where is that sort of thing? So I thought, Okay, what am I gonna do about this?

So I went to a gym about in a city, about 30 miles away as a local gym, they had five locations, and I got up another to walk in and ask for the person that was in charge of the nutrition department.

And I said, Hi, my name is Carmen Olin, and I want to be a nutritionist at one of your clubs, and they asked me about my experience and that sort of thing, and at that point I was still studying for the holier cation, and so I had just say that out loud. Luckily, they gave me an interview. They hired me, I ran the nutrition at one of their clubs, a total rock star out… Those questions. So as myself, yeah, I was, What are you good? What are you good at and what do you love? I loved it, and now I just prove to myself that I was good at it, right, but what I was not good at was delivering the same thing to everyone, and that’s what they did, and so I decided, I decided to leave and start my own business, but I still didn’t rip off the band-aid all the way, I worked part-time for some non-profits for the first few years that I started my TRICARE, and I was 100% in on all on nutrition, and I love so many other things. I thought I was gonna be a personal trainer in bought the ASM, the book, everything started studying, and I never took the test because then I got kind of like another shift of like, what is the one thing that I’m helping everybody with that I haven’t actually labeled and that was their mindset.

Cool, because there’s no way to grow, there’s no way to change, there’s no way to unlearn or discover something new about yourself in your life if you’re not focusing on your inner work and your mindset first.

And how did I know that? Because people would get great results from nutrition, my nutrition programs in my coaching and mentoring, but then they would leave me great, feeling amazing. And come back saying, I got off track.

And so to me, that was like I could feel that inside something’s wrong, I need to be doing something different, and that was the catalyst to get me to switch to do something different, which was coaching more around mindset.

And that’s like the thing, God presents opportunities, and He does it through things like this, and I think oftentimes, we’re waiting for this huge green light and it just doesn’t work that way, He doesn’t work that way.

And he does, so I don’t wanna say that I’m not gonna limit Him, but like you opened the door and then you opened the next door, and then you open the next door and it just kind of fell into place and then you’re like, This makes sense. I understand. And then you can understand why you were in a 16-year career as a high achiever, now helping women break what seems normal and what seems like the only option and putting that into play in a holistic way, but also in a way that’s gonna shift every atmosphere that they enter into… We have all those other things in common. I also did the NSA as certification, also nutritionist back in my early 20s, personal train for a long while, and that was kind of where I thought my life was gonna unfold too, but mine became focused in on the maternity section and pre and post NAMMA, and then I wasn’t even pregnant at the time, then I became pregnant, and then my whole body was like, what’s happening, and all the things that you taught were color wrong because you don’t even know what it feels like.

So it’s just funny. And again, it was the same thing, like I’ve shifted and now when I am bringing women to retreat, I say mind, body and soul, because one, just like you said, the mental piece is everything, maybe more than the body piece, because if you can get your mind right we can get your body right, I’m not worried about that piece, but then it’s the spirit’s part, and that’s the part where I feel like we segment ourselves sometimes to think like, this is me, this is me, this is me, and yet we’re… All of those things, just like you are multi-passionate. You’re not just one thing. Carmen is a financial advisor. No, carbon is a chef, and she’s a friend, and she’s a coach, and she’s a speaker, and she’s a podcaster… Right, and people use the hashtag like all the things, and it’s… For me, I love it, it’s not about doing the doing piece because I really feel like you have learned and leaned into the being part of who you are while activating those parts of yourself… Yeah, and 110%. And I make mistakes along the way and learn, and I love how you said that my 16-year career was a blessing to me, and it once because I learned so much and I can totally relate with the women that I work with because of that. I understand how it feels to want to have this big career, but then the family and the health and the relationships and everything thriving, but the one piece that we think is holding it together, which is this career, is letting everything else fall by the way side.

My mantra over the last couple of months have been just this, And so reminding me that right now, right here, my presence and what’s happening right now, just this is where I’m meant to be, and that is that I find and appreciate and discover what justice is, and last week, I even had a moment where I just felt like that uncertainty, that unrest, feeling like something was… Something was up, and thinking back to own me, or oftentimes, a lot of the people that I work with is I would have pushed into doing more, to planning more, to try to speak that certainty so much instead of just letting go of all of that getting still just checking in with myself and kind of waiting for, Okay, what is that that I need to be doing and what is my next step? ’cause just this and not allowing my mind to future trip or to project things from the past into today, and I think that is really important, especially for the environment that we’re in right now, in 2020 is like, Okay, how can you just this… ’cause I think a lot of us are in that loop of, Oh, this is the new normal… Oh, things are opening. Things are closing. And what’s gonna happen tomorrow? I don’t like this, this sextet, and it’s just this never, Emily, what are the new rules? Oh, I have to wear a mask today, now I have to do this, I do that, and it’s just like, let go of all of that, and it’s just this… Just this right now. And so that served me really well, I hope I love to… Well, try that out, it as a book title, as a retreat, as so many things, just that concept, you know, my branding brain is working over there, and I’m like, I like this.

It’s so important, and I think, again, it kind of parallels to what I was saying about the one thing, and it’s not necessarily about the fact that you can’t do multiple things, but what are you doing right now and staying super present in that…

I had a similar overwhelmed experience last week with a girlfriend, to the point where we both had our hands on either side of a glass because we couldn’t physically be together due to a covid situation, and we were both crying and we were both like, Oh god, I would you… And you and me and we both were so overwhelmed in our individual emotions, but at the very same time, the next question that came was like, Well, what’s wrong and I’m like, everything and nothing like I feel a ijoy right now, I am… My health is on point, my family is doing wonderful, we’re thriving in that regard, but I am just like, everything is wrong, the world is in shambles, and I see people freaking out and my career is going well, but is it enough… Is it what I’m supposed to be doing? All the emotions, right? And so I think as I think to how you coach women and focusing on that, just this moment, it’s not about saying worried about the future, but instead the presence makes everything else go away because I can be present in the fact that my health is good. I can be present in the fact that I have this time carved out in my schedule to just enjoy you right. And not have to worry about all the distractions or what happens next after the podcast turns off… Right. And it’s so easy to do, especially as you talk about being multi-passionate and doing so many things, the business owners that I work with, a female entrepreneurs, they’re often stretched way too thin, and so I like to talk to them about… Instead of thinking about how much time you have, think about protecting your energy and how much energy that you have and being really intentional and mindful of what you’re doing on certain days, whether there are things you rein-love or maybe computer work that isn’t as the point building your schedule in, designing your life in a way that protects your energy, so at the end of the day, ’cause this is what I used to always happen to me, and it happens to many of my clients, if you have nothing left for what you say matters most, which is yourself, your significant other, your family, and you’re completely drained because you gave it all out… That’s really good.

And so guilty of that.

So that’s a continual work in progress on the two, because at the end of the day, I think we should feel like we are relaxed, we should have that natural state where we wake up with the sun and go to bed at certain times and that sort of thing, and we should feel a little tired, but not too tired to give 110% to what matters falls, and so I always like to check in on that and like, Okay, what did I do today? How did I give out my energy, ’cause the time you wake up in the morning, like energy is pulling you, right, depending on if you have a ritual that you do or whatever, but if the alarm clock goes up, stuck, a little bit of GIF, you’re stuck in traffic, sex energy, there’s email that you have to get to all these things that are pulling at you, and if you’re able to cultivate more energy during your day by creating rituals and practices and then doing certain activities on certain days that protects your energy. For example, when I do one-on-one coaching, I do all my one-on-one coaching via Zoom, because I work with busy, ambitious, high-achieving women, we don’t have time to meet in person, and the benefit right now with… But I do those on particular days and I schedule nothing else on those days, because I’m showing up 110%, and I know at the end of the day, if I try to say, write a blog, for example, or do something creative, that’s not happening.

And then you just get in this negative spiral of, Oh, I didn’t do that to do a GET telling yourself and move to the next day. And so, thinking very intentionally, when you build your schedule of what gives you energy and what takes your energy, what you need to let go of, and how to build it in a way that’s fulfilling because… Don’t get me wrong, on those coaching days, it’s very much my passion, but I also know that it takes a lot of energy in a good way.

Yeah, yeah, I totally hear that into… And thinking of like my husband and that regard, I was like, Okay, what is happening with the family later today, knowing in that schedule, the things again that do matter most, and we say matter most, I often find myself or I’m like, I can’t even talk. Like I’m so tired, I’ll sit and I’ll meet you, and my body, my flesh is physically present, but my spirit and mind are not, because when I’m thinking back to everything that I didn’t accomplish or that I did accomplish and what I need to do next for those things and the conversations that I had and even trying to regurgitate those sometimes… For instance, I know for podcasting is sometimes stack my podcast, similar to what you’re saying from a coaching perspective, I can’t do more than two, and I have some guests that I talk to who also have podcasts and they’ll do like six recordings in a day, and I’m like, Wow, I don’t know how… I just don’t because I literally would not talk to somebody for four days, and because I am so present and I’m so in being present even in the just this… There’s energy to be had or be gain, depending on what the activity is, but then there’s also energy that you’re pouring out, and so I just… I love that, those words for that, and I love knowing that one, I’m not the only one because I know that there’s other people, but I’m also really grateful that I feel like we’re in a movement of understanding the precious energy outlet and also the energy source and who’s the source and where are we plugging into… And it shouldn’t be the sexy… It’s like digging, right? As we’re sitting here, right?

So I just, I think that I would love for you to unpack for those people because I’m speaking around entrepreneurs often because of the women that I’m around, but also just women who are feeling depleted, especially during this covid season, what are some of those tips and tricks what are those energy fillers? And they’re gonna be different for everyone.

They are gonna be different from everyone, so… I like to think about what you’re saying. Yes too. I did a free coaching last week on how to say no and set boundaries without feeling guilty, and so if we could just start there and look at maybe the things that you’re stretching yourself to say yes to, that you can actually ask for help for, or that you need to let go of, maybe it’s something you’ve been doing it for a long time because you feel obligated, any time you feel obligated, or you tell yourself you should or you have to, or you have that feeling before you do the thing that you committed to doing the dread and you only show up 50% anyways, like it’s okay to say, right now, in this season of my life… ’cause we all have seasons. Right, right now in this season of my life, I just, I can’t give 100% to this X, Y, Z, whatever the commitment is, and I’m gonna let you know that I’m gonna start keeping my commitment to myself, and so when… Again, I have the time in the space to be able to do this commitment I’ll reach back out to… And the thing is that scary to say, but you’re gonna get a lot more respect that way, and you know what, especially if you’re talking to a woman, she’ll think about it, maybe be upset at first and then go, Wait, tell me more about this tooth, you’re gonna keep to yourself, so just too, that when you start communicating and saying no and letting go of something, that you need to let go of whatever the expectation you have or the outcome is for that conversation, ’cause we’ll play it in our head so many ways, you know what I mean, and build a much fear on it, so that would be the first thing. The next thing is to figure out what feels good to you, so every single day I like to have my clients just ask themselves if they’ve never really started with an AM ritual, a morning routine, whatever you wanna call it, and I’ll tell you the difference. What I think between a routine and a ritual, but it’s just to start by taking a few deep breaths and just to ask themselves, How do I want to feel today?

Now, there’s power in that because you’re being intentional and you’re recognizing how you wanna feel for the day, and that can change based on what you’re doing for the day.

Maybe it’s just peaceful. Maybe like today… ’cause we’re doing this podcast is energized and alive and full of life, it can change, so you set that in your head and then you’re like, okay, what needs to happen in order for me to feel that way?

So it’s intentionality in the morning to check in with yourself, to sit for a moment, to check in with your inner knowing your higher power, God, whatever that spiritual connection looks like to you, and then start your day instead of just getting on the treadmill of life is what I like to call it, and then you can have a check-in point throughout the day… Okay, today I said I wanted to feel energized and inspired, and this is what I needed to do in order to do that, do my action matched my aspirations.

That’s good. And so, like we were talking, but at the end of the day, our family is most important to us, but we are totally drained, that would be as that though they’re not matching my aspiration, and so the key here is one, being mindful and sending the attention and then two, getting super self-aware because we are the only one, we have a respond, a personal responsibility to take responsibility for the choices that we’re making, and it’s okay to say no, and I think as women, we grow up and we get to school and then we are told that we have to be a certain way and we need to get in line and dolls are creativity and authentic. Right, and then we grow up and get out of school, and then there’s these stupid society rules that tell us how we need to be as a mother and what our Carnes, if I look like in a wife or a relationship, or whatever that is. And we start just falling in line, and it’s when we start falling in line that we lose ourselves and they would lose that connection to our inner knowing, to our guide, and we have to be able to step out of those rules to be able to dig back in and become self-aware.

And that all goes back to knowing that each and every day we should be focusing on feeling good, sharing from an authentic place, being self-aware, and so again, it goes back to saying yes to those things that really matter most, and they know to the things that don’t… Do you feel like you’ve been sitting on the dream God has given you for far too long, do you feel out of alignment or obedience because of it, or perhaps you’ve been spinning your wheels on how to answer God’s call, but can’t quite define or design it? A business, maybe you’ve titled this god dream of ministry, one, you wholeheartedly give all of your time and energy to get your passion isn’t providing the profit you need to stay in your home. Your first ministry, do you struggle with the idea of earning money doing something you… We want you to do it on served, you feel unworthy as a woman to assess… Well, I get it. I’ve been in every one of those shoes, and I can promise you the moment I traded those worn out handles for his intended comfort, I was able to finally walk the Miles has taken to grow the dream from ideation to activation, catapult my true passions into my full purpose and now… Well, I’ve had a job, many women over the past couple of years in a group setting, I still sense there are missing straps to their well-need shoes.

So I design this course, the god dream design course, to walk alongside you intimately until you’ve claimed the gift of the shoes he has always wanted for it, you’re probably wondering if this is the sure fire way to claim your roots, discover your wins as a kingdom entree. Why are we talking about shoes?

Well, these are Mies, they aren’t eases, wherever the kids call them these days, and I am not giving you sandals like Hermes either, God’s choose truly fly. God-shoes have limitless souls that never wear down, they are promised to get you where He has shown you that you were intended to be, so come along for the ride, get out of that stuck analysis per assay of limitation and develop the mindsets. methods and models to bring to light the vision he has planned for you before you re-knit in your mother’s will sign up today for your self-paced program where I will actually provide you live coaching a community of women to walk this journey alongside a package of goodies, right at your door step, and many more incredible deliverables, you can find all of the details on my site at Tamra Andres dot com. Don’t forget Tamra, T-A-M-R-A. I got the good version, thanks mom. But really girls, it’s time to fly. I promise it to spring as it sounds sights.

So good, and I think that’s exactly what giving yourself the permission slip is all about, right? Is it that the mission and the idea of that is give yourself permission to say No… Also give yourself permission to say yes to the thing that everybody else is saying no to, because that’s what… That’s the rat wheel. That’s the treadmill, as you said, right? And so when we show up for ourselves in a different way and we say yes to the betterment of ourselves, we then oftentimes feel this shame or guilt or worry or condemnation, and yet that’s the exact opposite to what we should be feeling, we should find freedom and rest and peace, all of the things that society as a whole needs, yet no one is actually pursuing, and I say No one, the majority is not actually pursuing, right.

’cause there aren’t people pursuing… That we pursue that. I try it, and then at the same time, I have moments where I’m like, Yes, this is what it’s supposed to be like. And those are the unlock moments that then propel you into the next opportunity of a morning ritual or wanting yourself to check in, I feel like for me, in reflection of what you’re teaching me right now is like every day, I can definitely think of a different emotion of like, How do I wanna feel… How do we wanna show up for my day today was… I always think of it from a thematic, what’s my theme for the day, and I love the whole, my home mission and my whole being is about illumination and like being a light and in finding that ability to find joy and seek cheer and give people like energy that they didn’t have… And be a component of that source for other people, but you can’t always be that, and that’s how I was last Friday, where I’m sitting there guy, everything’s wrong, and nothing’s going like I need revival, I mean, rejuvenation. And so I took the weekend, it’s took a long… And I just did that and I just was with the people that see me and know me, they know me and they love me when I’m in that stress point, but they also know and love me when I’m able to pour out and into them. And so checking yourself and giving yourself grace, I think is so critical to that and not laying the ways of the world or their emotions affect your own… Yeah, and I love that you said that and kudos to you for taking the time and giving yourself the space that you need, because oftentimes we just push into doing more and we think there’s a stupid idea that we have to be positive all the time, that everything is supposed to be like, to shine in ambon.

It’s funny for me and how I show up on social media specifically because my business is an online business, is… That’s some of the feedback that I would see. I would see people, I wish I could be like, Carmen doing X, Y, Z all the time. And so it’s like that’s a check point for me to be like, Okay, I need to share more of my craft, share a poem, down time. I want everybody to know that I am more like you and you are more like me than we think if you have limiting beliefs about your body, guess what I do too, and you have fears about, Am I doing the right thing? I have that if you’re scared about certain things, if you’re emotional, like those things happen to all of us, and it’s that separateness that we all are holding on to that if we can go of that a little bit in the intro of your show, it says freedom clarity and confidence, and understanding that we’re all one is so important, so I think I just honor you for sharing that and for saying that, because that’s so important.

I did mention when I was talking about routine and ritual, and this is something that I think is really important for all of us, ambitious ladies, is to check yourself on your to-do list, I like to say…

I like to say at the to-do list because if it’s a to-do list, it is only things that are not aligned with you, so what I mean by routine or ritual in the morning, I want 100000% believe that you should have a slow start to your morning where you’re with yourself, you’re connecting, you’re in alignment and you’re feeling really good and being intentional for your day. So when I first started this, I got up, I would do my journal, I check, I would do my readings, I would walk on my treadmill, check, and I would do my guided meditation check, and I would be on with my day, and so I was doing it I was doing this morning routine and I was doing that religiously, but here’s the thing, I had no feelings around it, I wasn’t connected, I was just doing it as another checklist item because I heard somewhere that all these millionaires and successful people have a morning and they make their best to the… And so then I had to think about like, Oh, it’s just another thing that I added to the life… Just like anything you could add to the list, sometimes I felt like in the past, some of my peers were almost like a checklist to God to like, Hey, your things, and then I wasn’t even taking the time to slow down and listen to what the answer for a, yeah. Yeah, so anyway, now I encourage a ritual, and so don’t think of 20 things that you have to do, but a ritual that makes you feel like light, that makes you feel connected, that just fills you up and you can really fill into and be free to fill however you’re feeling for that day, and while my things still include journaling and meditation and prayer and reading, all those things, elicit a feeling inside of my body that I am fully feeling and I’m fully present in that moment, and that is the difference between a routine and a ritual or ritual is gonna help you focus on feeling good for the day, and that’s different for everyone, so what I do is gonna be different for what you do, and you can apply this to anything in your life that you do. If you say, this is so important to me and I love it. Are you making it a routine or is it a ritual isn’t something that you’re fully present and so I wanted to make sure…

I either think specifically around the body piece of that is… That’s really how I approach fitness forever.

When I was personal training, I’m just like you said, like to show it… Once you get here, I’ll help you with the mindset, Well, we’ll be so happy, you never get working out, and that is like something my husband has kind of instilled in me, and it’s the whole reason that we have been on this non-drinking journey for a while, over a year at this point.

Was it not the… Yeah, yeah, so I think end of May.

Okay, we need to dive into that too, a little bit.

Okay, okay, so it was this concept of You never regret working out, but how often do you wake up regretting that you drink, and it could be one drink and then I’m like, I slept bad or I’m hot at night and I’m just not comfortable. And it wasn’t necessarily a struggle of alcoholism, there has been alcoholism in our family, which is a part of that as well, but it makes so much sense to me if you can view your body and the vessel that it is and the gift that it is, especially during this crisis that we have going on this pandemic and show up because it’s a ritual, I love that word versus a routine check item.

I am very aware of my to-do list, and I recently had a day where I was in the office all day long is one of those things I… Time block, and I had so much stuff that I had to get done for my e-course. And at the end of the day, someone I love very much was like, I hope you got your whole to-do list then, and I was like, That doesn’t happen when you’re trying to start a global company, that doesn’t really work.

But that’s okay. I did the most important task that day, I did a milestone, three things that were what I was hoping to do, but ultimately those things, even in my business, they become ritual, less routine because I love them so much, and I put the passion and the energy behind it versus, I have to send this email off and check it… Sure, there are things like that that occur. But that’s the whole point of cultivating what you love, pursuing what you love with purpose, and through calling, when you’re called to something, naturally it becomes a… Versus it feeling like routine, mundane. I had to show up to work every day. Right.

I love… There was a little tidbit in there, and I don’t know if everybody got that nugget, but as an entrepreneur, I just be ambitious woman. There is always a never-ending to-do list, and that’s not what I’m saying, him saying, Get rid of your to do live, right.

It’s being in control of it and see it as of your day and not letting it control you, and so I have an example of that that I think I wanna share is before like events were not a thing in 2020, has a lot of contract in Terminus this year, and one of them, the person that was organizing it had said I do call with me, and so she wanted to know all these details added X, Y, Z, and so We’re like four months out, and so I just sat there and I listened to her and I was like, Thank you so much for this feedback. I’m gonna ask you some questions actually, because this is on my to-do list, but not yet, and so I actually haven’t fully written out what my outline is going to be, so let’s change this call into you giving me a little bit more information on the demographic of the audience and that sort of thing, and she goes, Wait, what I wish I could do that. I wish I could know that I have this big thing coming up in four months and not even worry about it, I don’t know where he is the right word, but it is not on my plate. It’s like, I have this thing and it’s over here, but today I’m working on these four things, and I know this… The rest of this week, I do have 20 other things that I’m gonna do, but I’m not gonna work ahead. Usually, sometimes I do not gonna be… I’m not gonna work ahead because I’m gonna create that space to focus in on what matters most, and all too often we just get caught up in that to-do list of, Okay, now I have that speech and for months, so I’m gonna start writing that and when you push so hard, then it really dull your creativity and your authenticity, and so I think that nugget that you shared in there of like, Okay, I’m doing these things that I’m doing them with joy, and then tomorrow I’ll have more things… Yeah, I go, Right, right, right.

Yeah, I had a client who I had created a freebie, which she all had access to, but it’s ways to undo your to-do list, and she freaked out and I was like, What? And she was like, I have to have a Zeolite. I make sticky note I have… Now I’m like, No, no, no, no, I’m not telling you to stop your to-do list, that’s not it, like I have to have it to do is if I didn’t write the task down it would ever get accomplished or do it like on my brain and I go bonkers. But it’s about undoing the need to do, in the sense of, okay, you have to do less than never-ending to do list as moms, as wives, as friends, all of that thing is gonna be there, it has nothing to do even with our careers at that point, it’s knowing that you’re gonna have to unplug sometimes, right, you have to unlock in order to do the next task, that much better, you have to unwind, you have to be able to be with people and just rest and know that that is an energy source that’s going to pour in to the next thing that you have to do, so this is so parallel, everything that you’re saying is so on target with how I feel, I just really love the words that you’re putting to it, so… Thank you for sharing. I feel like it’s good, of course, because even work can be just this… Even the stuff that I’ve taken over a little bit of jobs from my team, just balancing the budget out with covid and that sort of thing is even though the things that maybe don’t like me up, like coaching does, I’m really forcing myself to bring myself to just this and doing those things and like, Okay, who am I impacting and what am I gonna be able to impact by doing this for myself too, I’m learning and becoming more effective at doing this… Maybe there’s a reason for that.

I love it.

I think it’s so good. So you’ve had so many different pivots happening obviously, and everybody’s talking about the pivot right now, not doing all of those speaking engagements that you said, what kind of do you see on the forefront for that you can focus on as you’re this thing that’s different than what you anticipated… Yeah, so what’s different than anticipated this year was I had a traveling and speaking plan, so my whole business model this year was written on doing my own events workshops and retreats, and then speaking at other people’s conferences and events and corporate conferences, that sort of thing.

So all of that is gone. And so something that I had let go of a little bit was a little bit of group and then one-on-one coaching, so I didn’t take on as many people and I wasn’t doing any active new group coaching. So I get together about 20 women at one time.

Some people like to call it a Mastermind style.

I just like to call it group coaching and mentoring, where all their learning, we’re all there, we have individual goals, but we’re supporting each other for accountability for each other, and then we’re all learning on specific topics, for example, like I said, I was coaching on how to say no and set boundaries without feeling guilty. Last week, next week we’re talking about re-imagining 2020, because I think to get out of that loop that I talked about… So I’m doing every three months with a month break in between, I’m doing a new group of 20 women, and we are just… The focus is letting go of that loop, making things happen for us in our lives, just because things are different, it doesn’t mean we can’t still achieve goal, doesn’t mean we can’t still have some sort of discovery for yourself, and the biggest key that the women get is it’s not about learning something new, it’s not about getting the next answer, it’s about unlearning a lot of the things that we’ve learned during our life and digging in and really discovering for ourselves. So that’s one thing that I’m doing.

The other thing, I opened up my one-on-one coach and I was taking only two people, and now I’m taking five, and so which I have two spots available right now, and then lastly, my true passion is nutrition, and so I’ve been really helping more people with that… And at first, I was kind of in this divide of harm and that’s not the way that you’re wanting to go, kind of like how you talked about having a niche or whatever, and then I sat with myself and I was like, What do people need right now right, and right now, that’s really needed, because we are a society that says everything has to be fast, but it… And so we’ve learned these rules about food and eating out and cooking at home needs to be fast and quick, and I don’t have time for that, and it’s like a re-teaching people how to love food again, real food, how to cook it with love, how it TAs, so much better, how you can share it with your family. And that’s needed. And so just because maybe I had pivoted into a different way to speak to hundreds, thousands of people on a stage, doesn’t mean that right now because I needed to teach people about around food that I shouldn’t be doing that. And so I’m doing that.

That’s really good as well.

That’s really good. I shared often that my husband is the chef in our household, and I always… He’s always eat with your eyes, he was your eyes first, because if you go somewhere and even if you see a commercial and it’s like a juicy cheese burger, I think I’m looking at it and I’m like, Oh, I don’t really know if that looks great, is it… Viii’s good.

Or knowing that, what is that going to feel like afterwards, so it’s the same thing and we can kinda go back into that conversation about drinking, right here is like, what’s gonna feel good afterwards?

So even though you’re doing just this, is that just this going propel you into the next… Just this, or is it gonna deplete you and that’s again, protecting your energy and focusing on the guests and versus the now. So tell me about your… Not drinking. Are you currently not drinking or…

Okay, yeah, let me tell you about this, and I 100% agree with that. Just this, but how are you gonna feel afterwards? So that’s a big thing, going back to like, Oh, there’s that checking, do my actions match my aspirations or my dreams or my goals or my… Whatever you wanna use as a word there, but I’ll be 40 in January, and so I am currently on this mindset of these by 40, and I’m not talking about way a certain way or looking a certain way, although I do do that too, but you’re talking about everything, absolutely everything in my life, how can I be more spiritually connected, I may be more connected to my husband myself, how can I show up in a bigger, better way? Just everything. And so the non-drinking for me has been kind of a perpetual thing throughout my life, when I was younger, in my 20s, I would over drink on the weekend at parties and things like that, and so I came into a cycle and really drinking was normalized in my household, so even before I was 21, my parents in a safe space would allow me to have something or whatever, and it was kind of just like another one of those stupid society normals, or you go out and… What do you do when you get older? You needed a to have friends for center, you have flat branch and… Yeah, if anybody knows me Bloody Mary, you can make Virginia.

I have to tell you, so one of the things that I do at my permission flipped tour, which is my signature event for impairment of them for women, is I have Bloody Marys that I do in the Virgin all year long because… What was the story? It was March, we were coming back from Vegas, and we had to drink some in Vegas and our flight was delayed, which I was so worried about because the next day I was gonna be on TV for the first time here in our new city that we had just moved to to Colorado Springs, Colorado. And so, our flight with delayed, I didn’t get very much sleep, I’m so grateful that I asked to make up artist to come and do my make-up, because that day I was so full of water and A… And oh my gosh, if I could show you what I wore, I’m really into wearing bright colors, I wore a black sweater, whole black pants black, I was covered up from head to toe, and you can… If you hear me talking now and you watch that video, are you the same part drug.

So after that moment, so three days later, by the way, I lost 10 pounds of water, was inflammation from almoravid in trying all the things. And so again, it was one of those moments, those moments. You can either lean into and listen and ask, What does this mean for me, or you can keep pushing and go in the east… Been on The taoyuan, it was like, drinking is not serving me right now, and so I started thinking about all the ways it was not serving me, and I stopped drinking for a year. I have had some dreams this year, but my rule of them with it is I don’t have to have it, right, if it’s at a function or something, a party, a celebration, it’s not a requirement. My favorite son drink, if we go somewhere, it’s just like a soda water with some fresh brush, the trust grew and men, the other thing is it’s not a stress reliever, that’s… It’s not an in-mechanism, and so I don’t feel like I have to have them, but if it is a time where it’s like, this would be fun, we made some fresh watermelon, how Pema margaritas just for fun, where it actually froze all the stuff made it home and that was fine.

I didn’t have to have it, and it wasn’t a stress reliever, so what I found in particular during my journey of non-drinking was I wake up every day full of life of energy, even if I have one drink, like what you said the night before, I’m sluggish. And you think about it like science, hello, we should all think about it.

The alcohol is a depressant.

I have been able to maintain a certain body way, muscle density, all of that sort of thing, because I’m not texting my River all the time trying to cycle that out, the other thing I’m so much more clear and creative as as I’m aligned myself, space and not filling every single day with everything. And I know 110% that I don’t have to have it, because for me, it was in the way… It was a stress Brazier, it was one of those things that I would go to… Food used to be in my past, alcohol used to be in my past, and working on a torso, not similar, but overall, the not drinking, it really proved to me that I can do anything because people… There’s pressure, you’re gonna feel pressure as a patron, why not? Why are you doing this? Are you on a diet? And what I would say to that is, maybe those people aren’t your people… Well, sometimes sometimes it’s true, that it’s true, but you have to be very vocal about it to be okay with it and sharing like, I’m doing this for me and I can use your support by A… And you can do a… It could be not drinking, it could be anything that going back to sending boundaries, this is what I’m doing, this is how it’s gonna benefit me, this is how it could benefit our relationship, and this is how you can support me, what have you found with… That’s really cool.

What was your catalog? I… Yeah, I think honestly, and I talked about this in the last show, is like, I get convicted every single time I’m on a show by somebody’s way of life or a perspective, because that’s what we’re meant to do is live in community, and so often we’re on that treadmill that we’re just like Here, blinders. And so this opportunity, I just love it all the time, ’cause I’m just amazed by people and how God speaks to everybody so differently in their journeys and all of these things, so while there’s a lot of similarities, obviously there’s differences, we’re not the same human being, so it’s cool in here and take that in and know that there is some symbiotic experience in that, because I feel like that conviction there is a shedding of becoming… And I always say we’re always becoming the next best version of yourself, the version that he would have us be, the version that we wanna be, but they’re often all these limiting factors to us achieving that, and so I call for me was one of those limiting factors and I’ve always known that it was something that I never wanted to utilize wrong, because it did affect me as a child and my kids played a huge role in it, I swear like God gave me children just so that I would constantly be in a state of awareness towards myself because of what it then leaves a legacy in them legacy. Good.

Like that… And so one of the things I was definitely coming home from working too hard to try to be present, I would have a glass of wine.

I was also selling holistic wine at the time, our whole line or organic wine, whatever you wanna call it, and I was constantly… There was a line, there was cases coming in, we’re talking about it, Oh my gosh, this is so great. It’s organic, comes from this farm, and my little ears that are running around my house are hearing this, and like you said, alcoholism has become Alcoholism and Alcohol has been normalized so much that we’re wearing hands that say like, win me, or monitor or hustle wine. Jesus, all these things. And I was like, Wait, I saw all of it flashed before my eyes at one point, DARPA, a gal convicted saying that she hadn’t been drinking, but she was on… She was drinking again, she just said a year-long thing and I was like, Yeah, I’ve never actually tried to remove it, I’m always like, I could go a month. I’d done it for Linton, even Catholic, but we celebrate in sometimes as a trial, and I was successfully able to do it then, but it had become so normal in my household that when I removed it and I didn’t even tell my husband I was gonna do it it wasn’t a conversation with anyone else, I was just like, I’m not gonna do this. And I came home, he’s like, do an H glass of wine. I was like, No, not today. And I just realized that beyond coping, beyond it being a… What was a stress reliever? I was suppressing raw, real emotion that I never confronted. Never… And even through their by even through my spiritual learning and unlearning, like you said on, learning is so much more important than learning sometimes was there was never a point of awareness that I was like, You know what, this is negatively affecting my self-image, my image with my children, I never want them to think that I am using anything that’s not healthy, we preach health to them all the time, and yet here I am, they’re like, Oh, I can’t have that, and I’m like, Why would I be drinking something in my body that my children could potentially pick up or that they can’t have… That just doesn’t make sense, ’cause if they can’t have it and shouldn’t have it, neither should it… Our body functioning system is the same, and so it was just… This whole process has been hard, we passed by a brewery the other day that we used to go to all the time, and our kids used to play outside, and it was a common local hang out, and obviously covid changed that for a bit, but for a while, that was like, oh, it’s closed. And now they’re like, Oh, I had been there and so long can we go there? And I was like, Well, my mind don’t really… We don’t drink beer, and so why would we go there and they’re like, We can drink water and we could still go… It was so fun, and I was like The, yes, we can go to a very austere and later… But yeah, we tell our friends, you guys can drink around us, it’s not anything about you, it’s just a personal choice. My husband, two days later, I was like, I’m on the Train, let’s try this out, and we have no destination. That’s the best, most frame thing about it, is that like if we wanted to, we could, but we just feel great now, and do I miss the flavor… My husband asked me that recently, do you miss actual wine, and I was like, You know, I really did like the taste of it, but I get so excited when I find a new bubbly flavor is so good and it’s just a bony battery said. I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna put submit in it, ’cause I always just get so do in line and it’s a treat to me because I don’t get soda in… Live at my house, I don’t do it so that when I go out, I’m like, Oh, I want some sideline, but I’ve got rossini’s for some cucumber in there, and I just… It’s something that I personally… I don’t want any other people to feel like pressure to do something, I give people freedom and their choices, but my hope for people is that they would just question, what are you doing with it? When is it being used? And is it benefiting you?

And I will say this, and this is a role, this is real, like how is it supporting your marriage, how is it supporting your sex life, you’re intimacy, because for us, it was okay if I have a class of why I’ll feel loose or will… This is… This would be good. I might throw on something pretty, but what is that? It’s inhibiting me from actually fully understanding what the covenant intimacy is in the marine because I’m asked by, you know something that’s not actually real, and so being fully present with my husband and it’s been… There’s been times where I’m like, I could really use some bad right now, ’cause I don’t know… I wanna do this right now. And so there’s a whole another four play experience because that’s honestly, people are like, Let’s go, let’s go get drunk. And then let’s see, that’s sloppy. It’s actually a sounds broad, so I don’t know why we’re talking about sex right now, but I just want people to know that there’s more layers, and they’re so much more good that comes out of it, and I feel great. I love what it’s set for my body as well, thank you for sharing all of that, and I agree with this, like you miss part of the connection and the feeling and backing up from that. Something that you said was that you were using wine without consciously knowing it to push down a certain feeling that you weren’t wanting to fill or that you weren’t wanting to address, or that was sitting there, and it was just easier to do this habitual habit to not have to deal with it. And people’s thing might not be wine, people think might be scrolling social media, Netflix in shopping, eating, gossiping, whatever it is, but if we can figure out what are those go-to things, then we can stop ourselves any time we want to go to that for you a glass of wine, we can stop ourselves and be like, Okay, this is my 90-second role, I started it with food, but it works for everything, sit for 90 seconds with your body… Uninterrupted, just doing some breathing. Okay, my initial response was to go for the wine, what do I need right now? What is my body telling me what is happening and become so super self-aware and that’s rough, don’t get me wrong, because what you find under there sometimes is not happiness, but you need to sell into that because what you can do… People always ask me, How can I stop doing this or Stop doing that? This is how the answers inside of you, and if you keep searching for it outside, you’re never gonna find it ’cause you’re gonna be filling it with something else, so wait 90 seconds and then make your decision because there might be an uncomfortable selling that you could work through. So in the future… You’re not gonna go to that thing.

So for me right now, I don’t drink often, but when the thought comes in like, Oh, it’d be nice to have it… My thing, just like Batista, like basic. It’s nothing fancy, right?

It’d be nice to have a dream, then that thought comes in that is like my reframe point.

Okay, Carmen.

Something’s coming up for you.

It used to be so to a race for this good, even though I’m not hungry, and you just check yourself… What’s coming up for you?

Wait, 90 seconds. What do you need right now? And the idea sounds simple, but it can be, it’s not as easy, but that can be a huge, huge game-changer. And everybody can use it.

I know, I Adelaide a long time ago, this big man, and I work with all women now, but this big guy, you’ve gotta do a nutrition and he sits down, he tells me, Okay, I will do whatever you tell me, except… Yeah, 3pm, when I get off work every day, I go to the convenience store and I get one of those sugary teas and I found it down… And I just do that every single day, and I said, Okay. I said, You can still do that, but it’s what you have to do first.

And I gave in the 90-second rule.


We met up a couple of days, a couple of weeks later. And he’s like, I have to tell you, Wow, that really worked. I can’t believe it.

And personas like, What the heck are you talking about? He goes, That stupid 90. so I haven’t had a tent we… That is awesome.

It can work for so many things, and I know that people are just taking away from this if feelings are underneath there, and oftentimes we’re covering it up with all these things, and usually there is some sort of society rule or normal that we’ve taken in as our own, instead of allowing our own authentic like to sand, if we could go inward more and more and more and more, we can discover that inside of us, we have so much just magic and light and things that need to be shared with the world.

And so a definitely help people hear that, I think… And when you went at the very beginning, you’re like, These are some other things, it doesn’t have to be alcohol. Almost every single thing that you’ve mentioned, I’ve also had to release, I’ve also had to unlearn, so I want people to hear me that alcohol has actually been like the last step in that process.

I stopped shopping when I went through this minimization and simplification of my home, I stopped the gossiping because I know it’s not good for me, it’s not good for them, and it’s called… I’m called not to… There was just… The food thing was definitely a huge piece, and it still… Is that something I’m still always like, okay, don’t go there because of that, but it just, it’s such common practice in all of these realms, even when somebody else says something out of stress, they’ll still respond with I wish I had… Or let’s just go.

Well, every time I’ve ever… Let’s just go anything, which is go dancing.

Every time that I’ve done stuff like that, that hasn’t been to actually confront my emotions, I’ve regretted it, and I just… I don’t want to live my life with regret. I don’t wanna be in the just this moment. Sensing, regret, I wanna be in the… Just this moment, so hopeful for what’s ahead, and it is an okay to process emotions of regret and walk through that… Yes, but the option that I was choosing was things that weren’t healthy, and so I don’t want that to be the legacy that I lead, and I don’t want it to be the legs that my children lead later.

So I am grateful that I was convicted in that way, and like I said, I don’t know what that looks like moving forward, but I think if people just realize as the final note to this podcast like be present and realize that in your presence, there’s so much stuff that’s gonna emerge. Good and that, but to face it head-on and know that there are other people who have gone through it before, who want to be there with you and are willing to be there with you, and that’s… Met coaches, that’s what Carmen and I do. That’s what we love to do, what we do is because I never want people to feel isolated in those places of emotion or overwhelm or treadmill or whatever at the…

Yes, I went 110% agree. So thank you for wrapping that up, I just wanna say too, especially as we’re going after all of our dreams and goals and really designing our own lives on our own terms, I just want people to remember that fear and excitement coexist, and so there’s never such thing as being fearless, you can have faith, so when you feel fear, you know that that might be something that you need to push into, and when you feel fear, that’s the moment when you realize that you’re relying on your own strength and you need to go inward, I need to check in, and instead of what happens often is we’re looking outside of ourself for the answer, and that’s not where it is, and so just know that we’re… An excitement can co-exist and we can achieve whatever it is that we dream, just maybe not all at once.

To be present to us today… Yeah, it’s so good. Carmen, thank you so much. That was a micro moment, so I’m not gonna say anymore, but you’re a blessing, and I hope everybody learned a lot of good things today… I know I did.

Thank you so much.

Hey, y’all, it’s me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ever within you something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey before you go, let a lit it by the Flint, I’d love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away by snapping a pick of the episode you tune in to share your spark moment and tage at it, fathoms or me personally at Taman dress on Insta.

I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the IT-based podcast listeners, we’re totally in this together, community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out, you know merrier. So I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say, I’m ready to fuel the plane with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy… Pulp.

Well, and wholeness. So next time,

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