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POWER brand = Power Project – with Brandi Voth

A purpose drive – social entrepreneur, coach, author, fashion designer, speaker, game changer, world changer and fellow host of The Power Project Podcast!

You get to learn what social entrepreneurship is all about.

You’ll get to know what her new book The Power Project which will be an incredible resource for you!

This will not be our only interaction. She ignited things inside of me and it is incredible too ee that there are other women in the world who are allowing purpose to be the place that they put their energy. Because so often passion and purpose get lost in the clutter of the overwhelm, or the shiny light things that come into play…and then we don’t get to truly see what God had planned for their life. But Brandi stands out in the crowd for this VERY reason!

You know this is a part of my own testimony, where I got stuck in that rut. So I am so honored to be able to serve you guys in a new fresh way.

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The Power Project book is dropping in May!

Show Notes: POWER Brand = Power Project

And I am now excited to introduce… We might share a different social distancing because of our German poet, not German perspective, but we both believe in the power of the Lord, we believe in the power of what he’s gifted us with, and we are walking out something pretty amazing, and I am so pumped to you have the opportunity to talk to Brandy booth today, because not only is she a fellow podcaster, which I love fellow podcasters, ’cause they’re extra fun to talk to, mainly because they talk the whole time, so after I shot, she insulted that I wanna jump in because there’s so many things that we can unpack, you guys are gonna notice, and I did purposely didn’t wear my hat, I’m always wearing a hat, so I purposely did a war one, so you could take center stage today with this amazing hand-made… I want you to tell everything about it and also about your podcast, about the new book you have coming out, so I have a… A community of women around me that I’m inspired by all the time because we’re all doing all the things, so I never feel like there is that space I should do what she’s doing because we’re all doing our own thing, but it’s so beautiful to see the variations and those beautiful things.

So welcome to the bitten-based podcast, and thanks for being here.

Oh, thank you so much for having me. I’m literally inspired by you daily, I love your work ethic and your grind, and you hustle for Jesus, I love it. It is so good in A… And we were… We connected over a hat that I had on, and we were at a conference and I had my hat that I had made, it was like my first Frodo was… I love that.

Yeah, and so I was just working on… When I went to the conference, I was just starting out with the idea of this social enterprise hat company, and I had the idea because A I love hats, like of all times, I don’t really know that I’ve ever been had it, they’re like, But I love hats and I also mentor traffic survivors, and so I was seeing that one of the main missing links that we have, and this is our society as a whole, one of the main missing links is that we don’t have sustainable employment that attaches this marginalized groups of people to… A greater purpose or set them up with mentorship and leadership, and so I would have these residents go through an aftercare program where I’ve mentored them for 12… 90 to 12 months at a time, and then when they graduated, their skills and their qualifications, looks like getting a job at McDonalds or the car… A drug store.

And so there was a need that I kept seeing over and over, they needed employment to attach them to purpose and hi, I’m a big nerd about purposeful business, so I took my love of hats and that need, and I thought, How can we help? So we started this hat company and the resident in the house, the chance, another band to say a power word on them, and we have a variety of power words that some of our most popular are warrior overcome and enough. So I just love that people whose power has been stripped from them are then putting the forwards on your hat, and so I use so much more authority and desire to wear it with that confidence, and I think so often, and I’ve talked about confidence a lot on this podcast and with another gal that we do a collaboration with, and competence is honestly key to power, and he got himself… Gives us confidence, it’s just a matter of being able to open that package that’s specifically designed for you, ’cause the way you claim confidence is gonna be really different than the way I claim confidence, so I love that when I…

I saw you rocking that there were 6, 000 people in that room, and I pointed that out from a bar and I’m like, Mom, I got that, I buy church in her dad, I wanna know what that’s from. And when I found out and you are a part of the whole concept, I’m like, Why this is too good, so… And okay, so if you had a… What would your word be on your hat?

Oh, I love that question. A AAA.

A limited it to illuminate a limit or probably ’cause how you guys had Ambassador… I like that word that has the power behind it, it probably be illuminator.

I like to say, Who would God say you are? Yeah, and what would he stand on your hat and so I’m an ambassador of truth, and that this style is actually… The ambassador had, this is our proto flagship style, and then reboot draping it and we’ll keep… Once everything’s back up and running as far as supply chains go, because while we’re recording, obviously things are still shut down, so once we’re back up and running, we’ll just hopefully grow and scale and hopefully God just blesses it and we’re able to employ thousands of traffic to it, I may thing. So I think we talked about this briefly too, when we intersected was that I actually have connections with a local… Well, I say local, they’re global, but they’re called the Safe House project and in the… In a same concept. So I’m curious if they are connected, they have a lot of roots within the military sector and have done incredible, they’re actually advocating to create homes and houses, safe houses across the country.

And so they help trafficking victims in the aftermath, is we… Well, in order to have them in a year-long process similar to what you guys are doing, so I’ll have to make sure I get that connection for you because Brittney and her team are amazing.

Absolutely, I would love to be connected. And it’s so funny because I work with organizations items at the global level, at the national level, at the local level, and it’s like everyone is connected, it’s kind of a small community once you were in there, and it’s like, Oh, I know this one in Nashville and this one, I’m washing to stay just because trafficking is very across lines, Writing Across Borders, and so in order for us to be able to bring in into it and restore the survivors, we have to be really flexible and collaborate and network. It’s so good.

And I think that restoration process is such a huge component of it, is that we’re like everyone’s advocating for the most part against stopping sex trafficking, but what happens after… And I know for even my own healing process that had nothing to do with that, from the same perspective, its icefall of us that are broken, and if we don’t go into the process of healing in the process of approaching the grieving or approaching the same or approaching all of the things that are compounded during really scary situations like that, you end up staying and living in that shame, and therefore they are free from their trafficker, but they’re never fully free, and so this process that people and you included, help them through now gives them like the chain’s broken in that opportunity, but also a place to stand in their own identity and say that I have say in stake in giving back to the world in a way that was never necessarily given or was strict from me, and I love that you… The… Absolutely, and it’s kind of in the beginning when people first kind of realize trafficking with an issue or a problem, it was, Okay, we have to go rescue. We have to reach these girls and then they were like, Okay, well, now we’re reaching them, but we have to have some more to put on, so then there were crisis centers and then it was, Okay, this is going to take longer than four to six weeks… Right, so now then we have after care homes, which is like 90 to 12 months, and then now we’re really… The movement is after after care, because in after care homes, we walked them through… I personally mentor them with overcoming limiting beliefs, setting goals, really realizing what their talents and their gifts are, and their purpose in the world, and it’s something that all women struggle with purpose.

I don’t care who you are or what you’ve been through, but it’s even more so because it’s along the way tend to give up on dreams or we have people tell us that we can’t do it, or what we’re trying to do doesn’t make sense, and so we tend to let that calling that’s on our heart all of the way side, but when you have someone that has never been allowed to really, really just experiment or think on a greater calling for their live, there’s a whole lot about pacing that we get to do there and it’s one of the things I’m absolutely most passionate about in life, it’s so beautiful, it’s cool because I additionally do retreats for women in a mind, body and soul restoration space, and so when I got connected with the trafficking organization, Lolly, my goal… My heart would be to be able to host these women on these intimate retreat experiences, I don’t know why I found these and happening… There we go.

It is a… Okay, he noted, I got a call. Do you right now, it is like, Hey listen, I don’t feel bad because to in it rest this week, literally like the Senate address one of the senators at a dog, like barking in the background and running into his office, the one…

I’m lucky enough that I’m not at my house ’cause otherwise my kids would definitely be in my lap, and that’s a… Yes, in each former life, I’ve had a couple of podcasts like that this season, but today, no. So yeah, so my heart would be to be able to have retreat centered around these women where not only are they getting these practical insights and this ability to dream on a larger scale for the first time, but to just be nurtured and cared for as a woman should be, but under the loving wing of other women so that they still feel safe in that space, and alongside got himself, because Lord knows when we gather as to women in faith that it just becomes this blanket of peace in this blanket of comfort for them and something that they can kind of explore and understand, because a lot of times, even in my areas of brokenness that I walked through, your question might not necessarily be, Does God exist, but where are you and why if you’re with that person over there, are you not with me, and so to really give them the example and the experience to say he’s right here, he’s been here the whole time, and really walk through that process of unpacking with them in an intimate space like that, it would be such an honor, so… Such an amazing ministry in that regard that you’re offering… It’s so beautiful.

It would be really good. I actually, we had someone donate a retreat to the house, to the residents, and I had one girl that I mentor that she just… She’s got a little piece of my heart that I’m still… I still stay in contact with her quite frequently, but he was… He told me when he got back from her treat, she said, I just have to tell you she was… You know how I was really nervous not going with her treat because of my tattoos and I was on with church people and I didn’t want her people judging me, and she said, But guess what? The first one I got there, they gave us arose at dinner and she had a rose tattoo, this cat, and she’s like… And it looked like this.

She says the second night that we were there, she says, they gave us a necklace with this on it, and it was the heart with the crown at… And she said, the third night that we were there, they had us write down all the things that bad had happened to us or that we felt guilty or shame about, and we hung them on a cross and they burned it. And she said, Miss Randy, I fell in love with Jesus right there, and I don’t have to have a man in my life. So I’m like, No, I like is a great China have reason time I tell the story, I got chills when she told me and shows… Every time that I tell it, it’s amazing. And that’s how good He is, That’s how present he is, even in the fear factor of, what are they gonna think?

He shows up in a way and says, It doesn’t matter what they think, ’cause I see you and I know you, and you are worthy, and you are a beautiful… And so, I love that. I want you to kinda let’s segment a little bit to this incredible book that you have and how Dees that everything that you talked about the beginning kind of correlate to what’s in this amazing book, and I’m gonna show them the cover and stuff while you’re chatting.

Okay, well, thank you. So for starters, it has been a journey, and so the title is The Power Project, A Journey of purpose, but my purpose journey personally began back in 2007, and I really just was in that place where I had… I had had some really great quick success in business, and I was living the coaching of women that I was doing in business and helping women realize their strengths and their guests, but I also was… I knew I was being called to something else, and I just really showed up and open hands, open heart, said, Here I am, God, send me… Whatever you have for me to do. Call me and I’ll answer. I will take a step and I’m a control freak, so that’s kind of a big thing, really relinquish, but he showed up and human trafficking was the cause that was literally placed right in front of me, and nothing I was ever interested in him before, I don’t have any type of background to pull me into that.

And so the book journeys my three-year process, about two and a half years, but it’s been… It’s been three years in the making.

It just really journeys the process of where I went from being a stay-at-home mom and then building a business, and then severing advocacy and volunteer work and the podcast, and all the way up to the hat company. And we really break it down, but each chapter, I give a tangible take away to help the reader be guided through their own during the purpose as well, and just kind of see some steps that you can take along the process, so… Cool, I love that.

Can you unpack what the word power means to you?

Yes, so this was an acronym that I came up with in January of 2017 when I hosted my first retreat, and it was a 207… No, I’m in January of 2018. okay, when I was to my first retreat and I literally was like, it’s going to be… It’s the power project, and its power stands for purpose, ownership, wisdom, empowerment and reach, and each thing that I do, whether it is the book or the Hat Company or the podcast or the blog, it all falls underneath one branch of that word, and it’s all about… It’s all about God’s power at work within us, and it’s all formed around Ephesians 3 and 20, and it’s not about…

I think power gets a negative connotation in our society.

Yeah, oftentimes when I speak to women at lunches or retreats or conferences, I like to open with, what do you think of when you hear the word power?

And typically, it has to do with some guy, some man, they don’t like it, it’s negative, but when we really unpack it and they realize it’s your gifts and the strengths, talents that God has given you and uniquely you to own the purpose that you replaced on this planet for they can stand strong and firm in that power and know the one who’s called them to that… That were good.

So excited because I feel like if that’s really the missing link to all of these women who are in this place of, I know there is more within me, but I don’t know the next step, and it circles right back to that concept of confidence is like when you understand the power within you that’s granted specifically to you, and you said that it’s… That imprint is the word I like to use, it’s your own individualized imprint from God that He has wrapped in a perfect Bo and literally placed in you within you before you were even birth in your mom’s womb is to know that that is uniquely yours and also yours to be able to cultivate a long side, God, when He gives you a gift, he doesn’t expect that you’re gonna unwrap it all in one setting, this is a life journey, this is a process, and it’s knowing that that power, even in the times of failure, you’re failing forward into the unpacking of more of that purpose, and those things are intentional as well, and so it’s a matter of mindset when it comes to saying yes to understanding your purpose and claiming your power.

So tell them how you… Through this power project experience, where has mindset or the mind-body, soul space really been beneficial for you to know.

So I will start out saying that I am a person that was raised by the OG of mindset, like I had… That’s a set… My grandpa was all about mindset, my dad was all about mindset, and it was like, whatever you put your mind to, you can do… We don’t say Can’t, we don’t say we’re bored, we just always entertain ourselves in our mind and push ourselves further… Right. And do whatever we say, we’re gonna do it.

So I have had this mindset all along, and I didn’t really realize how it was lacking in the female community, primarily as far as growth mindset and women that really just believed in themselves. And so when I started that first power project retreat, the idea behind this was that I wanted to teach the whole element of the power project through in one physical, spiritual, mental, emotional well-being, and I…

I had been… I love… Yoga is one of my favorite things ever. Because it’s like the only time that I’m going to sit still and be quiet. Yeah, so he… It’s my opportunity to listen to God for a minute instead of talking to him, so I kinda kicked this idea around with a few girl friends about hosting a retreat where we focused on self-care and personal development and just mind, body, soul, spirit. And it was beautiful and there was… I saw that there was such a need for that, so that’s always incorporated into everything that I do, because when one area of those is out of LA, I know that all of my areas are a lot… I know that when I start experiencing anxiety and fear and worry and doubt, I know that it is almost directly correlated to the fact that I haven’t been in the words beating my spirit, I haven’t done my yoga and meditation and given my time to myself a time to just breathe and listen, or I know that I’m not sleeping well, or I’m not eating well, and so it just all comes together and aligns because we are a spiritual being in a physical body, and God created every single bit of that.

So it only makes sense that all of that works together in harmony or in chaos. That’s so good. I love to look at it from that perspective, because I think often, and I love that you specifically love yoga, I like it once in a while, but I like hot yoga or Vinyasa because I like you in the role. I got him here cause it’s too slow, I can take it.

And so I know that mine is just like hardcore high intensity workouts is my version of yoga because that’s the space that I’ll be with Jesus, even if there’s loud music coming, like I’m talking to God, and so I really wanted to incorporate all versions of it and yoga, when I did my first retreat was something that I had people actually reached out to me about and said, I’m really curious how as a Christian you’re advocating for yoga, and I was like, Oh girl, you are looking at it from the whole secular mindset, it’s just yoga, stop looking at it from this perspective that you’re a spiritual being, you actually are a spiritual being, stop looking at it from a perspective that it’s his focus. Well, there’s a lot of mystery and to Jesus, and so I go there when I’m experiencing yoga, when I’m in my space of meditation, and it’s not about any of the things that people might see from a secular perspective, we as Christians have the ability to see with God’s lines, or you can trade that and be blinded and children, and so when my skills were a meal and I was able to open that fail to who Jesus is, we could take anything and spend it in for entity or for the evil or for the bad, of even something like social media can be viewed as a negative space, it’s how you approach it with a good, open… Open heart, right.

Oh, I have this kind of cool that I’ve had this conversation and they’ve said, you know, well, I just…

I don’t really feel like I can do yoga as a Christian, and there’s this whole hesitation around it, even when we’re not talking about Christian versus secular. There’s just people that are like, I don’t know, I’ve never done it, I don’t know if I wanna do it. And so any time that we do it, first off, I’m like, Look, it’s beginners, and we’re gonna do super call things, I’m not gonna have you do… You want some crazy stuff… Yeah, but then also, one of my friends does Holy yoga, and she opened me up to that world and it is all… Your whole flow is set to scripture, and the breathing and the slowing of the breath is set to scriptural references, and it is amazing, but the best way that she told me how to just present it to people that may have a little trepidation about it, she says, ’cause I know I personally, my spirit to walk with God, I got so much closer after as me in allergy season in Texas, so… So the ATI… Yeah, so she said, one of the things that you really, really people need to realize because both she and I got a close or deeper spiritual walk with God through yoga. Yeah, and she said, When you pray… And we’re taught to pray, and of course, we should be in constant prayer, we’re talking to God, yeah, we’re talking to God, we’re projecting upwards, but when we meditate and when we do Chasen and when we still our mind and we calm our soul, we listen to God and literally that is, I’ve had some of the most clearest revelations that have come to me because it’s the only time that I’m truly just slowing down, calm in my mind, opening my heart and just listening to what it is that he has to give me.

Yeah, so beautiful. It’s so good. And how blessed were you to be in connection with people who already had this mindset, strength in this mindset, coaching even to you and you’re a little like, I’m just now, unpacking this in the last five years, of six years of motherhood and the importance of what I’m learning isn’t just meant for me as a grown woman, and especially not just in the business mindset or entrepreneurial space, like Our kids need this imparted to this right now, like yesterday, multiple days before that, and so they’re living in this space, in this world that is truly constantly trying to attack their minds, and we know that as well, and so giving them these tools that we’re learning at such a young age is so… Speak about power. Empowering to these young children. So it’s so neat that you had that early on, and it makes or breaks a person I… I firmly believe that as I’ve done more and more to coaching and mentoring and I, I had to go through my self-growth that I had to go through was realizing that not everyone had the same mindset that I had, and realizing that not everyone believed in themself and realizing that not everyone was willing to step out in fear and choose faith over fear and…

And I certainly did not navigate that correctly in the beginning when I first started working with women because I so badly wanted them to see what I saw in them, that I was frustrated that they didn’t see it and I didn’t know how to coach it or teaching it took me really understanding what it looks like to work with someone that… No one’s ever told them that they can do whatever they set their mind to. And I realized that the difference is the people that are built up from an early age with a support system that says You’re going to be a leader and you can do anything you set your mind to, versus someone who doesn’t hear it until much later in life, and it’s not that you can’t develop that mindset, but it’s just so many people are walking around with limited mindsets because they don’t know any different, and if they can hear the sound of my voice, it is my soul mission for them to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that they can do all things to Christ, you strengthen them, so… So good, I’m so excited for your message to just continue to ripple effect into the world because it’s very aligned with mine, and so often when it’s like a women in community space there, and even in men, I think there’s that competitive nature of life…

Oh my gosh, they’re doing exactly what I’m doing, and that’s like… Literally, you write down what you’re doing, and I’m like, This is so awesome because the…

I don’t live in Texas, and I don’t have brown hair, and I don’t have this story, I don’t have a grandpa that Coach mindset. So all of our stories, this is where I want you guys to hear all of our individual powers, all of our individual imprints have such purpose in the world, and God might give us the same unique passions with exact purpose for things like this to happen.

For you to link arms with a sister, for you to link arms with a brother and say, This is our mission, let’s keep going and know that you are touching people in your own dynamic way is so… It’s empowering in and of itself, because if nobody was doing what I was doing, I would think maybe I’m not doing what I should be doing, or a completely at a laser, and this isn’t something that God has not also whispered to somebody else, like the world needs this, it needs this message, it needs this mindset shift, it needs this understanding of mind, body and soul alignment in order for us to really have the ability to take hold of what God has promised us, because if you are out of a… Like you said, living in that space of chaos, it’s really hard, and I know from experience to stay on the vision track of what He’s promised you and everything else kind of falls out of alignment in that regard.

So tell us about a moment or a time in your life where on knowing these things you felt like kinda off-centered, out of alignment, unable to take the next step, which gives you probably a lot of empathy for how you coach people now.

Okay, so I’m going to give you three pretty recent instances because as you’re talking, I’m like, I need to share this. Yeah, I in the biggest… Let’s link arms as girls and go do this advocate in the whole world, and I constantly coach collaboration over competition, and doesn’t matter if someone has a similar story, there is a certain audience that will receive your unique story.

So good. So I started my journey before a mutual mentor of ours, racial Hall started her, and I didn’t know who she was, I had no clue who she was, and I went into writing the book at this time doing a coaching of logging, and I started having people telling me about her, and I was like, Okay. So I grabbed Bo.

Okay, a lot of people have told me to go check this chick out ’cause we have some similarities or something, and so I start reading the book and at first… So I was raised in a costal also, and I was just like, Oh my gosh, look at all these similarities, this is awesome, and she’s saying the things that I wanna tell my man… Right, this is so cool. And then I tune into podcast and listen to the podcast, and I did all the things I… Until that day that Satan wakes up and just slap you upside the head, and I thought, Oh my gosh, I can’t write about… Because she pretty much just told women all the things that I want to tell women and I… She’s already done it. So that’s cool.

You know at all, right?

That’s called.

So instead, I’m just gonna hear her on and I pressed pause for so long on my book because I felt like it had already been done and it had… But now, when it’s done in hosts 2020, they are completely different books, right.

They have similar underlying things, but her story is unique to her, and it’s for people to read and process, and then my story is the one that God gave me, that someone needs to hear. Whoever needs to hear it, it’s given to me for a reason to reach that person, so I had to be the student there and talked to myself, I would have a mentee and say, Look, a thing saying for me, to the point where I’m talking to me, been like she woke my book, this is the book that I’m already writing. What is happening? And he’s like, that’s a good thing. That means that the message has purpose, especially if it’s a New York Time best seller, we can only hope that you’re bones the SAT, right.

And I’m like, But I feel like I’m gonna copy her chest, it’s gonna come out and people are gonna be like, she’s doing the same thing, and he’s like, your book doesn’t even have follow the same thing. It’s not even talking about unpacking lies, I’m so confused why you think it’s the same, and I’m like, Probably because it resonates in our heart of hearts so much in that same desire for people to understand their worth and understand their value, and now that because of our stories, that’s what catapult has been to this place of saying, sister like, I’m shaking you wake up, there’s so much goodness here. So I went through the… I remember exactly where I was sitting, I was like next to the poll laying out, finishing the last chapter, and I was like, Who… Oh my gosh. All the work I put in the last few months. This is horrible. And same thing, I press passes. Wil else is so interesting that you had that same experience, but also so purposeful that God continued to say, No sister like this is for you, daughter, this is yours. Keep going.

Yeah, I actually have a whole chapter in the book about that and detailing all of that, and then so I give some tangible takeaways or when you find yourself in that competition trap, in that comparison trap. How to step out of that. So yeah, I need a God had to step in through a few people and say, Hey, write the book, and it’s only… By the way, I still hear people all the time when I mentioned race Hall is like to us, she’s like this mentor, she’s the mobile I, and other people are like, I don’t know if that is… I’m like, I’m sorry, he, I’m like, What?

We like to do things not to… So I’m so good.

He’s not there to… Everyone else is just the people who follow her closely, so I love that there’s space for all of us, God gives us grace for our space, and all of our space is intentional otherwise we wouldn’t have been born.

Yes, yeah.

And so go, you’re gonna say number two. Okay, so on the number two, and you and I actually have discussed this via email, a time that I was stuck was recently with everything that happened, and I didn’t even realize, I mean, aside from… Obviously, right when we were about to manufacture hats that that came to a halt, and literally my book was scheduled to launch at a personal development conference in LA that I was speaking at, and I had engagements speaking engagement throughout the year, and the week before, seven days of heroes to fly out. The conference was canceled.

And so then I just went into, I froze, I was like, Okay, the entire year speaking engagements are canceled, the book towards cancel the conferences cancel, and then now the printers, not putting books, and do we launch digitally? What do we do? And maybe we’re gonna go broke, maybe we’re gonna die and we’re gonna go broke, and I like… So A, the… It was everything, everything we hit and I… And one of the most motivated people you’ll ever see, I’m always constantly new ideas and working on things, and my mind never saw someone’s always spinning, and I went into this really, really shut down mode.

I continue doing my podcast each week, I can to need… Sending a newsletter out east week, and that was about all that I had in me.

Yeah, I could not even… I had so many projects in the works that I couldn’t even wrap my brain around, and I finally realized, because I started thinking…

I’m responding to this in the same way that I did when my grandpa passed away, I’m in the mornings, I don’t wanna get out of bed, I can’t sleep. I don’t feel motivated, I don’t feel like I have direction in life. I feel like there’s no point to any of it, and so I realized, I walked through a grieving process with it, I walked through grieving life as it was before, and greeting a, A… All of my accomplishments that we’re going to be taking place, and so in that, what I did personally, ’cause I realized that I can’t continue like this wherever, I can’t just keep laying in bed in the morning and being like, Man, your cares. There’s a global pandemic. what’s it matter? Right to… And so I just got really, really, really deep in the word, and I took walks through nature and talked with God, I would carry this journal and my Bible and I would walk our property and I would find a spot to sit and write and read and pray and lament, and that I have literally… My walk with God is so much closer through all of this, just because you find yourself stuck in that place doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay in that place, there may be some rest and some respite that you do in that time, but I believe that God is always calling us further and deeper, and whether that looked like going in the same direction that I’ve always done in and spending my wills or whether that just looked like getting really, really intentional with Him and through that, I’ve been able to develop a whole new course and program, all inspired by all the Scripture that I read and the talks that I had with God and what I relied, he was on me to next, just because their stock doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck, and that brought me to the final one, which is, I’m actually today, tomorrow and Saturday, I’m presenting at a… It’s called The Purpose Project Summit, and it’s a virtual summit, there’s 30 presenters, and this is another thing, like you and I did with rage… Yeah, I have the idea. I started thinking, Man, I have a lot of people that really believe in purpose, so I wanna get these women together and we wanna create a virtual… Who cares if we can’t go speak on stages, right.

The hints, yeah, we’re gonna do a virtual summit, we’re gonna point… And he was an amazing… And then I kid you not, I was invited to the purpose projects as a presenter within… I don’t know, 24 to 40 that.

So good. So you’re like, Okay, I don’t have to design it, I’ll go…

He thinks going, That is so, yeah.

I think when we see these things and when we keep getting these nudges from God, it doesn’t mean that we don’t get to do it because someone else did, so it means that there’s a call for it, there’s a need for it. Absolutely, and God wants all of us out there talking about… Absolutely, and that that’s the beauty of what has happened. And taking church out of the church and putting the church online where people see it, and there’s an ability to jump in without somebody seeing you walk through the doors or you having to get ready in your perfect Sunday dress or Sunday Best. You get to just be in the comfort of your own home and hear God and worship with people and do it on your own accord, and yes, there’s an importance to being in the church together, but my mom always told me when I was little, and sometimes I would take it wrong. Almost like a point of pride. And so I’ve had to really work with it, but the concept of copying is a compliment and knowing that God purposely created these similarities as a compliment to the kingdom, and so it’s not as in as a comment to yourself, it’s not… At your back, you had a really good idea because we know nothing has not been done right, it’s already all been done or said, but hasn’t been said through your voice, through your unique story, and to know that that’s why you’re here is to create the complement of the kingdom. So I’m right now in down because that just came out as we’re talking about it… No, you need to write that down. And a good piggyback on that is that… Look, the gospels are all different versions of the same stories.

Right, so I’m gonna think is God knew that there were ways that Matthew was gonna tell different than Mark, and there were ways that I was gonna reach people in different… In different ways, so the costs are all the exact same story just told If love that analogy, so simple to… So people can grasp hold of that and get that, especially if they’re in their Christian faith, so I wanna go and go back based on what we’re talking about right now, you had mentioned that you were raised in the Pentecostal church and wonder, Hollis…

I actually was not at all. And yet, when I came in to my deep need for Jesus, the point in my life where I call it my quarter life crisis, where I had no choice but to find Jesus. Right.

And I found myself in a Pentecostal church, which I didn’t know what that meant. I had heard stories from my mom from when she was younger, but she was raised at… The maces is very different than Pentecost, but they all believe in Jesus, so let’s always go back to there… The denominations were not Jesus made, they were man-made. And so I found myself in a Pentecostal church, and it has literally changed my entire life. It was the first time I fully understood what it meant to be in relationship with Jesus, and is why I got my ordination and minister’s license and literally why I am who I am today in this space, and so I wanna know what pieces of that… Those roots are still so embedded in you today, so… And I write about this in my book.

Well, like what if the underlying themes is that… So I want to preface this with both sides of my family or Pentecostal, to both of my grandmothers or Pentecostal and old school Pentecostal, long hair, or on a make-up and you have no TV and the whole showing… And that’s how I was raised. And there are amazing, amazing warriors of God in that religion. And there are some really great things I took from it.

I just knew from a very young age that there were man-made things within the religion that did not sit with my soul, and one of them was that I felt really just called by God to be a leader, and I didn’t see that as a possibility. There where I was.

So that being said, we all love Jesus, and that works for them, and my non-denominational Bible Church works really ripe for me, and we all love Jesus, and we’re probably all gonna be in Heaven and be shocked that all these other people are there, not so… It’s gonna be so fun. I think if it was a… So my husband was raised Catholic, and so I think my kids the… Oh my gosh, yeah. See, Simran. So my kids, the community, the good school, and most people are Catholic, and so this non-denominational church we go to, there’s a lot of people from the community that now go with us that previously attended Catholic churches A… But it’s so funny because every time in the Sunday school class, the first time my son walked in and his friends were like, I thought you were Catholic, and he’s like, I thought you were cast, but… Okay.

And I was, that’s what I think. That’s what happens. Get all the plane, I’m gonna get up there and someone’s gonna be like, I thought you were to go to us, I thought you were out let…

I thought you were Jewish. What is that? So good, that’s so good. I love that you brought in the Jewish culture because I just actually had to walk through this process and conversation with God because I recently lost an uncle and they are… So he’s a part of my blood line because they’re married in… Right, so not really, but really my uncle, and when he passed and he’s a devout man of the Jewish religion, and I have always just idolized him, he is just so jovial and full of the spirit in their own way, in their own culture, and I honestly couldn’t say a bad thing about him. And when you talk about Jewish culture, you always… There’s so much comedian components to the fact that they are the NYU with their money.

Well, that was not him. They were very good with their money, as are all of the people in their family based on what they believe and how they steward money well, and so it’s always been something that is kinda peaked my interest because I didn’t have that understanding as much growing up, so when we lost him just a few weeks ago during this time, which has been really hard and difficult, especially for our family, who we weren’t able to be there to celebrate his life, I immediately took it as a shot ’cause it was an unexpected situation, and then I started wrestling with God like, But wait. He is yours. I know when you called him your, he’s left a legacy in so many people’s lives and like what does that look like, and is he gonna be there and is he not gonna be there? And wrestling with these emotions and reached out to my best friend, who’s also a pastor, and she said, Tara, God has His heart, God knew his heart, it doesn’t matter about what secular… What the world claims that as I, he is a believer in God, and so who are we to decide where he goes and to understand that is a whole another realm that I don’t know, but I know his heart was whole, and I know that his legacy is true.

And so I can’t wait for that moment where I get to see him and having… Because I’ve come to the belief that he is there, and Jesus assured me that he’s holding him and holding his family and all of the people that I love so dearly, so I love that visual and I celebrate alongside you, all of the different denominations and my family goes to a nondenominational church now, and I just feel like there’s something about the understanding of the Holy Spirit that I never received in any other church, and because you have that power within you to take that with you wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if you were in a temple, it doesn’t matter if you were in a mask, it doesn’t matter if you were in yoga, Bill, I think he… Whatever you are, you carry that, you are the church where you go, and so I’m so grateful that you have that experience and that you’re bringing it into so many areas of your power projects that are affecting the world the way they are. So thank you for being you and showing up and doing so in ashamed is late and who he’s called you to be.

Well, thanks things. And I think that… I think my absolute favorite thing about the Pentecostal religion, it was the music, and so I think I literally… I try to tell my husband, music moves me, it moves my soul. Worship music lives my soul, but I can also get down with other music and I can still feel Jesus in my selfless, so I think that… And that’s all… Like you say, the presence of the Holy Spirit. And knowing that and being in touch with that is… I am very, very grateful for having that experience and knowing a very young age, so tell me real quick before we hop off is I’m so curious if your family was so rooted in that, how did they perceive you getting your hair or where you take up a coming into fashion, and that’s a thing in and of the Christian culture that I think people need to let go of and embrace, but that’s another whole conversation, so… Explain that process with us.

Well, my parents were… My dad was raised in it, and then my mom, her whole family came into the church as when she was a teenager, and so my parents both… They didn’t necessarily align with all of the outside… The legalism within the church, and so while we went, they always had their own questions and they were pretty good about… By the time I was in sixth grade, I got my first car genes and my grandparents almost fell over, I was… My grandma had four boys, I was her first girl, I was the first grand daughter, and then I showed up in the case and on some story. And so, of course, being the oldest grandchild and the first one in the family to really take stands and cut my hair and pierced my ears, it wasn’t easy by any means, and my grandma is my favorite, I love… And I think I’m her favorite person on the face of the planet, but we are you very different people. She is so meek and humble and mild and submissive, and sweet and prayer warrior and soft spoken like nothing that I am, these… All the things that the Bible tells you, a woman is supposed to be right.

At a Santa.

And so we went through a process, but I teethin a little bit a little… All my cousins got older and some of them went a little crazy for a little while, and so I just like it on the… Thank you in this… Yeah, I… To the hospital, and that’s good, but it… It’s really great now because I’m in a place now where although both my grandmothers and I have different opinions about just the structure of things here on this planet and serving God, we have a really deep connection in, in our spirituality and in our love for Jesus and in the fact that we can pray for one another and in each other scripture and discuss the Lord without getting it convoluted with being right on her and different… That’s so cool.

I hope to have relationships like that with migraine babies because I was not in put into a family with similar dynamics was that is my Danica… Our family are so drastically different, so a generational shift is happening in our home, and I am so grateful for that and expectant for what I hope to lead into their lives later, so I love that you’re honoring that and honoring them as they’ve done that for you, it’s really cool.

So before we end, ’cause we’re closing in on time here, I want people wanting to know where to find you, ’cause you have your own podcast too, and I’m excited for them to listen, ’cause it is… Again, power.

So the podcast is The power project, and it is on any platform, you listen to a podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcast, the whole span. Yeah. Awesome, and then where do you think out to or you… On Instagram, Facebook. Have you jumped on a ticket.

Okay, so great stories. For starters, I have such a love hate with Instagram. I, I love the Instagram, we can do pictures of inspiration and some great copy, and we don’t have to get caught up in like politics and nasty-ness, but I haven’t really found my niche on Instagram with communication and genuine conversations, when I’m like, Get to Know You know you is Facebook. So I kinda think Facebook’s like my dinner party where I would have a group of friends there, but maybe not everybody knows each other, but I know everybody I… I love that in… And so Instagram’s more like a conference that I’m gonna speak at, but I don’t really know everyone’s got and I take a… Have you done it? I didn’t done it. Oh yeah.

In a biotech.

Yeah, I got a take it out.

But what we just tell you, I’m gonna give everyone a word to the take us where I literally show up and I just am kind of fun, it’s like Facebook, you get real in a mom, wife over here. I’m gonna tell you all my good… Bad. Not Instagram, I’m gonna encourage inspiring, motivate you.

I talk, I’m gonna do stuff that I think is fun. And I was a theater kid, so I sometimes… So as my teenage kids and make fun of them on there and… Yeah, I went bare, I think about 30000 follow, but I got like a…

I think I got 20 000 followers in a week. But here’s the thing about tick, talk you that you got to know if you go viral, Prepare your heart, because the majority of the platform is 12-year-old girls and they think we’re too old to be there, and they are like me, and so they’ve given me all kinds of unsolicited parenting advice that I will one day make a tick talk video out of the… They referred to me as Karen multiple times, and I don’t know what car did to make all over mad, but she made a moment that is so funny, I can’t read to watch it. I literally told my husband one day on the way to work, ’cause I was sitting to Gary B and I love Gary, even this bill Garrity, and I’m like, Oh, very… The says, I need to be on ticket, my husband’s like, You just should probably be on picked up, I’m like, So I don’t wanna be the… Another social platform, so I was like, I’m gonna make a tick talk video by the end of the day, so I get on there and I’m like, I have no idea what’s happening right now, but I’m a really good dancer, and so I’m like, Okay, we’re gonna make a dancing, tick, talk business thing. And I was like, This is boo crap. I can’t do it. I don’t know, I was like, not even happening.

And so the only time I’m on tick is If I’m scoping out my niece is, who are the 12-year-old girls that are probing… Mean to you. So I’m really sorry on their belt, I want so badly to be able to figure it out, so you might have to give me some Tito advice after we hang out all… Just so you know, during deinonychus I took a break because literally, I had some hard for cyber bullying that I have a tough… I am strong, and I was like, Oh my gosh, I’m back in seventh grade, but the girls are so much work, so I… No, that’s all about… So I took a little break and I pumped the brakes for a minute and so then I got back over, I was like, Look, I’m just gonna put positivity, inspiration and things that I think are funny and the fund or about it, you can literally throw spaghetti at the wall… And at my post stick is, you don’t have to think it out. You gotta think out, I don’t do any dance challenges or any of the junk that the kids do, because is a lot… I could bust out my old school cheerleading faces if we needed to that day, but in the Quran, there’s a lot of people our age that have gotten on the platform ’cause they were bored at home, so you’ll find more of your people there. Okay, alright, I’ll try it out.

Between Brady and Gary, me, it says I have to do it. I guess I gotta do it.

Alright, yeah, you might see me on tick tack soon, but go check out Brandon or podcast, the power project, go check around on Facebook if you wanna be dining with her.

I know I do, I’m coming to Texas soon. So we’ll have to do it.

And I also check out the Virtual Summit. Can people still jump in to listen this weekend?

Yes, it’s gonna be… And actually, they had a little technical difficulty, so it’s not just us, so they extended a day for Sunday, I think, and then if you get that, it’s totally free, but then if you get the all access pass, you can have it forever as to watch.

So I can see you my link that you can put on the parents… Absolutely, yeah, I was trying to think. I’ve got it posted on my power project page right now, as well as my Instagram page. The Instagram is just Brandy, both Brandi, both, and then Facebook is the power project also over a case. Look, thank you so much for being here. It was a pleasure to get to know you more and share all the goodness that you’re putting out into the world, I am so grateful to be in community with you, and I know that this is not the last time we’re gonna link arms… Oh, no, no, no, we’ve got some in that, we got a chat about hearing back, I love… Alright, I’ll see you later.


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