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Playing God’s Field with NFL Scotty McGee

Today we have an NFL player on the podcast – previous NFL player. But I love above all things when I asked him about himself and I asked for his bio, that the first thing that came out was his sonship. His knowing that he knows that he knows that God is the realm of his identity. Messiah over everything – it’s not only a business through his clothing design but it’s also his heartbeat. And football was an incredible stepping stone in that journey. He played at James Madison, Go Duke Dogs, That’s kinda cool….I’m not that awesome to know a professional NFL player, but I do and I’m pumped.

I’m so grateful that he agreed to come on and share. And it’s not just about where he’s been or even where he’s going but it’s about the God line, the blood line. The connectivity of him and I as a brother and a sister speaking into this conversation about racial divide. To be a representation of the heartbeat of God alongside Scotty simply in the image of us in the image of US together, shows the depth and value and true color, beyond the color of skin, of heaven. So I hope todays podcast meets you, greets you, I hope that it inspires you and activates you. You know I’m an activator. And his story a nd the components of it the hard points, the high points, it’s one for the books and I’m prophetically speaking that it will be in a book before long. And you guys have to hear the incredible journey he’s been on in just the last couple weeks after his 8th surgery!


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Show Notes: Playing God’s Field

0:00:02 S1: Today, we have an NFL player on the podcast, previous NFL player, but I love that. Above all things, when I asked him about himself and I asked him to give me his bio, that the first thing that came out was his son-ship, is knowing that he knows that he knows that God is the realm of his identity, Messiah over everything. It’s not only his business through a clothing design, it is also his heartbeat, and football was an incredible stepping stone in that journey, he played at James Manson University, go do… Do you know… That is my school. I was his RA, so that’s kind of cool. That’s how we’re connected. I’m not that awesome to know a professional NFL player, but I do and I’m from… And I think Scott, for coming on today to share His heart, and it’s not just about the places he’s been or the spaces that he’s going, but it’s the God line, it’s the God bloodline, the connectivity of us as a brother and a sister, speaking into this conversation, around racial divide, to be a representation of the heartbeat of God alongside Scotty, simply in the image of us together, I think shows the depth and the value and the true color beyond the color of our skin of heaven.

0:01:40 S1: And so, I hope today’s podcast meet you, I hope that it greets you, I hope that it inspires you… Hope activates you. You know, I’m an activator, and this story and the components of IT, hardships, high points, it is one for the books, and I’m Prophetically speaking that it will be in a book before long, but you guys have to hear the energy and the passion that he brings to the table and the incredible journey that he’s been on just in the last couple of weeks since adding his eighth surgery, all eight surgeries, that’s banana. They can’t even fathom that. So tune into Scott, in tune into this 33-year-old husband is a father of four, and all of the other things that I shared about his rap sheet, but ultimately he is a friend and brother and a son, and so here we go. Enjoy it. This is your God wing. The moment that heaven says, for such a time as this, It’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover wealth and exude your wholeness, it’s time to become truly fit. However, this isn’t a fitness podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and a nutritionist, this is in business jargon or tips and tricks to Landing Your successful fashion project though.

0:03:07 S1: That’s totally why I’m a business coach. This isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy though, I’m all for therapy and I love hopes. I do have a yellow side, me too though, this isn’t confusing religious banter, no, I’m an ordering minister still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It’s really none of that. So I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this… Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers, as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate stickers, the bit Bag movement with birth for my own trial and error, discovery of mind body and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences, I’ve learned first hand that being fit isn’t about AR-physic at all, it’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles, it’s not about our potential, it’s truly about our God-gifted passions. Meeting our purpose, you are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you wanna call it, and I wanna be there for the moment that you say yes in Freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit and who…

0:04:30 S1: Amos, you are made to be welcome to the fit and based podcast with me, Tamara Andres, there is no better time than now to get it. Alright, y’all. So if you know anything about technology, you know that there are things that happen without your control, such as life, such as technology. And so, while Scott and I were unpacking the beginning of this conversation, none of it was recorded, and I was so sad afterwards as was he, but thank God Sunday came through who was an avid listener and told us around minute 90 that it was silent and no one could hear him when we were live, and for those that don’t know, we do broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube weekly, so be sure to tune in and you can actually go back and listen and hear and see the passion in Scotties voice and face and entire body as you share, but I want to tee up the ball here because I don’t want you guys to miss a critical part of his story, and so Scotty and I… Here’s this intro again, and I kinda entered him before, but you guys have to hear his rap sheet, we’ve known each other for 16-17 years.

0:05:47 S1: We went to high school together, and then we went to college together at James Madison University where he played football both at our high school and at the college level. I was actually his RA, which is really fun. And then he went on to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL. He is a father and a four actually, so absolutely a father as a husband and also a licensed grief and recovery coach, so his rap, she is beautiful. He’s got more than that. He’s also a clothing designer for motives clothing, which are gonna hear all about and know the story line behind a name I absolutely am amazed how God is using all of his gifts and talents and serving the Lord in such a beautiful way. He didn’t actually come to know the Lord until college, which is not a part of our story line together, so the fact that we get to come back into unison and I get to call him brother, being a sister in that walk alongside him now is such a beautiful thing. So again, teeing up the ball here, we have gotten into this conversation, we reconnected only days after he had his eighth surgery, next surgery, in fact, so really intense when we spoke, he couldn’t even talk and we kind of unpack that during this a bit later, but he starts the conversation talking about how when he went into this surgery, he was in a place where he had left God go, and yeah, he was still in his heart, but he hadn’t stopped praying to the extent fervently as we were called to do.

0:07:21 S1: He was still living as a dad, he had a new born baby girl, which I’m gonna tell you about that story too, as a top, but he was just walking out of alignment, out of his true calling, and basically because he felt like the enemy was exhausting him constantly in his way, and he was like, I’m tired of fighting. And I know I’ve personally been there, I know you can probably attest that to where when you come to know the Lord and you are fervently… I said that word twice, but you’ll fervently, look it up, it’s so good when you are actively proactively attacking what it is that God has you do when you’re here on Earth, it feels like constant roadblocks, as much as there is joy and abundance, and all of these things, he got to do his dream, you got to be in the NFL, he got to live out this clothing life, and it felt like there was so much goodness, he was even at a conference speaking on stage with TD Jakes… Oh my gosh, you guys, this is nine blowing, it’s so good. God had led him in such amazing places, and this is where the story kicks off, he had been sitting at this conference and a woman turned around to him and his wife who had a company at him and said, God told me to tell you that she’s on the way…

0:08:36 S1: And they were blown away, obviously. When any word of knowledge comes your way, a prophetic voice, you are shocked because one, you’re like, How did they… We just read my mail, which they felt that way because they had three boys to that point and we’re trying for a girl, and so they were just in all like just enamored by all of the love that God was showing them in this moment. Mind you, this is about three years prior to this conversation, and on the way home from that conference, highs up speaking on that stage, being surrounded by thousands of believers, feeling like, Okay, God, I see where you want me to go and see where you have me… I’m grateful for you. He got a call, a devastating call, in fact from his dad, and he could tell something and his voice was not right, and he found out in that very moment that his older brother had died, Marcus, and this conversation and this transformation point to where he is now, and the moment of hope that felt overwhelming at that time, he had pulled off to the side of the road, and this is where he picks up the conversation and he picks up the story line because the sound comes back into play, but imagine coming from such a high, and then feeling like the weight of the world was on top of you within a 12-hour time frame, and so this is where Scotty comes in, and I hope that you just hear his heart and understand what was going on for the three years after hearing that message and getting that phone call to where he is, and all he is a fire starter, he is up just enamored and strong and mighty in his voice, and so…

0:10:23 S1: Let’s pick it up here.

0:10:27 S2: And I pulled over on the side of the road on Interstate 95, right before we crossed the border into Florida, and you’re right at the Georgia Florida border. And I just pulled over and I just began to weep. I cried and cried and cried, because I did not understand why this was happening, and the part that I’m about to share is something that I honestly haven’t shared, but I feel prompted and led by God to share it. After that, I went through a severe time of depression, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, teach. There were things that was going on in my life that while I thought that I was working through them and overcoming them, I had never really truly worked through any of those things. One thing that I discovered in therapy, and you know this to be true, that many times in African-American culture, it’s viewed as a weakness for us to go see a therapist, so talk to somebody about their problems and… Let me tell you, Dr. Jin was her name, and Jenna, and what she was able to do for me was so life-changing, even though I had a long road ahead of me, she showed me that I never…

0:11:59 S2: Really grieved the loss of Markus in high school. I just kept pushing. And so I ran and ran and ran. And one thing that she was able to gain from our conversation was that football was my therapy, and now I don’t have it anymore, and that’s why I run this thing, you need more. And now I have to deal with it head-on. And that was just something that was just out of this world, amazing. But again, I was still not in a place where I felt comfortable. Here it is, I lost two brothers. I’m sad, I’m depressed and… You fast forward about a year and a half later. And my daughter is born. And it took me back and I remember what that lady said at mega Fest, I remember conversations, what people said that you’re going to have a baby girl. And I’m like, Man, God, wow. Just when I felt like, I love my children, I love my wife, but just when I felt so empty to the point where I’m like, I have nothing left, here it is, God brings this little precious little girl into life. And man, when I tell you she has me wrapped around her finger…

0:13:25 S2: It was bad. I mean, it is bad. But you take all of those things coming off of one of the highest highs and then going through this time where… I remember just saying, I’m tired of being hit. I don’t know, be it anymore, so maybe I shouldn’t… Maybe if I don’t fight, and maybe if I’m not a threat, that enemy won’t attack me anymore. I went silent, I stopped speaking, I stopped praying, I stopped seeking God’s face. I kinda just wanted to be left alone. And I was enduring all of this pain with my neck all the time, and when the about that was probably the first time that I really prayed in about two and a half years, two years. I prayed a fervent prayer, not for myself, it was active a surgery before the surgery, I said, Man, God, if you get me through this… We’ll see what happens. Yeah, Tamara, about four days after surgery, the only thing that I can do is walk for physical therapy, because the next surgery they remove disk and they put a titanium this in now, I gotta… I gotta happen in taller, so

0:14:47 S1: I can efficiently say I’m five nine in the quarter, because I got a Haitian

0:14:54 S2: Look at God. And all tend to be a little bit taller it. There it is. But this testimony and about to share with you is just an amazing one, because I felt like I was so far from God in the area, and this morning going on a walk, and I see this woman, and she has a foot cast on, she’s limping, she has missing teeth. And I’ve seen her in the neighborhood before, but she’s never looked like that, and I’m supposed to go to the right, but something told me to keep going straight. And so Tamara, I kept going straight and I walked up to him and I said, Hey, are you… Is everything okay? And she said, No, but I’ll be okay. And she started telling me what was happening and she broke her foot, she has to get hip replacement in two weeks, she fell and knocked her front teeth out of her mouth, she was boiling hot tea, she’s 76 years old, she’s boiling hot and it spilled all over her body, she had all these burners, and I’m just looking at her and in the Holy Spirit said, I want you to pray for him.

0:16:08 S2: And I’m telling you, I don’t think I heard from, at least I thought I wasn’t hearing from guard leading up to that. But in that moment, he spoke so clearly. And I immediately responded and said, Can I pray for you? And I was, I didn’t even have time to think about it before I knew it. I was on my knees and I had my hands on her feet and against Crean, I began to plead the blood of Jesus over her, and I began to say, not from the crown of her head to the soles are fed from the soles of her feet to the crown over head, Lord healed her body, make her home. God healing, I just began to Crean, declare healing over this elderly woman that lived in my neighborhood, and after I prayed for her, she said, Wow, she said, I felt that throughout my entire body. And I said, Well, to go, I’ll be the glory, and I walked away and I continued my walk. And as I’m walking in like, go, which has happened, I haven’t felt that feeling, and so long-term, I found myself at the tennis court of my neighborhood, and I began to praise and worship God, and I think I was making up in the last two years because three hours later, it’s like 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and I had this sweat shirt on and I’m sweating in the spirit of God was on me.

0:17:41 S2: It was a fresh anointed. And I just remember coming home. And one thing that God revealed to me as I’m walking home was, I require more of you. It’s time. It is time. And I felt it, I knew it, and so I, again, pulling everything out that I had table since my brother’s passing and said It’s time, I told my wife, it’s time… The very next day, I get a phone call and I have exchanged numbers with this woman because I said, Hey, if you need me for anything, don’t hesitate to call, and she said she needed home, so my son went and helped pick weeds in our yard, he went and picked the weeds for and stuff, but this phone call, and I don’t know if I shared that call with you yet, but I’ll share it with you after we get off and… It’s nothing short of amazing. She calls and she says, I got two things I wanna tell you one. Your son is just a sweet heart, he did such an amazing job, and I just wanted to thank him, but the other thing she said was, I had a doctor’s appointment today, and she said when I went to the doctor’s appointment, the doctors came back after their x rays and they said, I don’t know what happened, but your bones aren’t broken anymore in your foot on…

0:19:06 S2: He said, I know what happened. I know exactly what happened. She said at 10-05 AM, my elite young men prayed for me. And God killed me. And what she was telling me, she said, I felt the heat. When you were laying hands on me, let me tell you something about two years prior to me going on my hiatus and I was laying hands on people and healing them, every time they would say I felt the heat. So it was an integration and what God was doing in that moment was he was confirming and affirming me that, hey, it’s time, and I’m not playing… No, we are gonna do this thing. I wanna… Because of the way God has mood, I just wanna capture this with

0:20:03 S1: True. The other thing you have to do is when God does use for you, you gotta tell people… I have been telling people all over town, I went to my brother’s son, to him and his wife, I called my Pusan, I’ve been Texas and so her… I told my plans here, but I wanted you to know, because even though we know when we believe, sometimes it takes time for things to heal and very seldom is it instantaneous, but my son was healed and she said, Well, I… I said, Well, I knew. And she said, Well, I don’t know what happened. I said, I can tell you what happened, God. Hey, yesterday in front of my house at 10-05 in the morning. So we are very specific. Man, I said because I had a specific person, pray for me, and specifically pray for my foot with his hand on my foot, and I could fail, I could feel that he… And I was just fiefdom, footing was healed. Hallelujah. I went to the doctor, so you had a alternate… Deserves it all the time. When he does something like that, you’d been a short row… So you had a follow-up appointment today.

0:21:19 S1: We had an appointment because it was happened three weeks ago, I had gone in there, ’cause it were so break, and she told me… So that was her. But she says, You’re not gonna believe this. You got this… She said That’s how up to the first disease broke in him, she says, because you haven’t been were in that boat, you’ve been bending that to and it has broken that to home. So I guess when I personally broke out, I probably had some fracture there a little bit, and so I couldn’t believe it because it had already been a couple of months and my… I should have been held. And she says, Now you got this fresh break, it’s gonna take 10 to 14 weeks for the I… And after three weeks, was you playing for my to… So when you go to church, you shout it from the rooftops over there to tell him I was over there, I be shot, they were all allowed a glory be the guys, you know, I was telling me and who I said, You know, this ionised… I don’t really know where I said, we wave at each other when I passed by and stuff like that, but we don’t really know each other.

0:22:28 S1: I said, The FASNY, my house, and I was just happened to go out my door to water my front plants that were not getting rain water, ’cause they were before him, and I said I was out the water that… And he comes by, and I said he didn’t know the God had to stop him to price him because he wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with me. So I just wanted to tell you that how much I appreciate you giving me the attention and also taking your time and believe and listen to God when he told you to stop and pray for me, I Bethany at… And that’s the true… That’s why I’ve been saying all day long, but anyway, I tell the doctor, I said, I’m okay, you want me to go out to run out there and shout out to all these pill… Be a… Tell them that’s what happened. So I believe you, but like I said, I’ve been healed and God always takes care of me, but it’s not always instantaneous, sometimes it takes a long time, but this was… Absolutely. Wow. And I knew ’cause my co was hurting and it wasn’t hurting me, so I just wanted the don’t know that because sometimes we wanna know our prayers are answered to God be the glory years.

0:23:50 S1: But anyway, tell your son, I really appreciate it. He’s a nice young man, and he did a really good job. I can’t even find a weed out there after he got done, except along the front border, which even though he cleaned up some of that, but anyway, on the side of the thing, and he said, Well, Dad’s gonna come back and show me how… But anytime he wants to do that, like I said, I tell them I was gonna give him anymore that included that to… And he says, last five with me, he said, I was going through it for free, and I said, Young man, you don’t need to be Dease, we all do stuff for people sometimes because God wants us to help people, but I said, You know, I can afford… I’m not wealthy, but I can afford to pay somebody to do this for me, and you deserve the money when you do the work, so I tell him, I said, But that platitudes at work, you’re gonna come back and do it. And also he was to do future, he can do my back any time he wants to do that for me, do…

0:24:49 S1: And I’ll pay him for that, so just whenever it gets time to do it, he can come back and do that back for me. Okay, yes, ma’am, yes. Manhattan, I’m gonna make your cake and bring it down there, you like apples and terrible. Yeah, yeah, that’s fine. Okay, well, I gotta go it out to my cardiologist on Wendi, have to pick up some prescriptions, so I’ll be getting this stuff at the grocery, I’m gonna make you all a cake and it… Noting it to you. Thank you.

0:25:18 S2: Well, you walk in, you’re healing, you walk in the victory, and thank you, thank you, thank you so much for saying that with me, you don’t know what that just did for me…

0:25:27 S1: Well, God bless you, man, you don’t know what you did for me at teesdale, the strike we’re going through right now with this Visa, all these wives and stuff… It’s good to the people. The things for each other and help each other out. And it’s get to know that God is still on the throne, He met, he’s up there, and then when people start telling me about all this stuff, I tell you, I keep doing, God’s anatomy got this, I can’t hand it, but he can… So all we can do with individuals is be the best we can in our lives and respect other people, and trying to tell people when we can… And that’s all we can do, and if we do our part, God will do his. Alright. Was that your wife and your kids? With everybody, I really do appreciate you all as a family, and I’ll be getting in touch with you. Okay, God bless you. I’ll talk to you soon. I mean.

0:26:22 S2: Take care of… By by. And so it was so amazing to me that God had did that. It’s not over yet. It’s not nothing. That’s so good. So, as you know, I read French bulldogs, I’ve always loved dogs, I’m breeding princes, and this woman contacts me and her name is Eve, and I know she won’t mind me sharing this because… It was just nothing short of amazing. I’m talking within a 72-hour time period from the moment I pray from that woman to go into the tennis courts and having praise and worship to the very next day, her telling me that I’ve been healed. The doctors don’t even know how it happened, I was supposed to be in this case for 13 weeks… Wow. And here I am and I’m healed. This woman, she’s like, Hey, I’m interested in the dogs, all of these things. We’re talking back and forth. She misinterpret pricing. I said, that’s neither here. Not her. Don’t worry about it. The next day, I get a text message from her, or a message on Messenger, and she says, Listen, listen to what she says. She says, God told me to tell you that you have the gift of healing the broken in.

0:27:47 S2: So good, the located, this is what’s so crazy about it. What’s so crazy about it is this, this is what a crazy… That night before I was going to post, I was gonna go to Ms. Jen’s house, and I was like, Hey, we need to go in life. I want you to share what God has done. And she said, short thing, if you want to, we can do that. And I did it and I ended up not doing it. And I believe that that was a divine delay because had that happened, she would have seen that and… It wouldn’t have been as impactful. Right. But man, when she said that, she always went through my entire… But I said, I said, I said, I’m going to send you something, and I said, The reason that I’m sending you this is because I want you to know that not only are you hearing from God, but you’re confirming things that God has revealed to me within the last 72 hours, I said, I’m gonna send this six-minute clip to you, you send it and you call me back when it’s over. She calls me back. She’s like, Oh my God, this is crazy.

0:28:56 S2: I told my husband, I felt like I know you all my life. And I just met you on Facebook, I don’t even know what it is about you. And I’m just like, Wow, God, what do you do? God’s not finished it. God’s not finished it, and it’s not the next thing that happens, and it has something to do with his family again, they ended up… Okay, again, I’m so far removed from God, I felt like I was, but yet I was doing the work. My last production and later that the name of that letter was the home letter. And the message in the whole letter was, with all of the craziness that’s going on in the world today, we all could use a little bit of hope, and their names were faith, love, peace, triumphal, Alice trim and… Gosh, alright. What’s my other girl?

0:30:09 S1: At the bar, the sphere at July.

0:30:14 S2: Faith, love, peace was a atrium. And then I say five already. The one that was left that she ended up getting name was faith. He kept the name is Faith. I’m at the vet sitting in the parking lot and we’re talking, and I’m on three way with her and her husband, and they’re like, Okay, we’re gonna do this, we feel good about it, and… And they’re about to hit the road. They live about three hours away from. And I say, Hey, can I pray for you guys? And I start and Tamera, I just want these people, I don’t know

0:30:55 S1: That I do that.

0:30:56 S2: But yet I am a lesson. When God erupted and ignited that fire, I said, God, I’m a… Maldives used me however you see fit. And when he spoke to me and said, to pray for them. I said, I’ll pray for them. I began to pray for them, and I started praying for her husband, and the Holy Spirit show me her didn’t what it is about your hands, but man, he’s gonna bless the work of your hands, everything you touch is gonna turn in the goal. It’s something about your hands, I don’t know what it is about your hands, but God is gonna heal your hands, he’s gonna make your hands home, I don’t know what it is about your hands, but I just see your hands. And he’s like, Wow. And she’s like, Wow, when she’s crying, and even after we close out the prayer, she’s still crying, and the Holy Spirit has… Tell her, let it out. Stop wiping those tears. She’s been holding stuff in for too long, and her husband said… While we were on the phone, he said, You have no idea. Everything that you just said is true of… He said, My wife, I share stuff with you that she doesn’t even share with our neighbors, and she just met you…

0:32:08 S2: Let’s fast forward to them getting to our home to pick up their faith, Tamera, this was crazy. She said, you, you don’t know how powerful that prayer was to me and my husband, she said, My husband works with his hands, 247, he fix his things in his hands, there are times where his hands start hurting and he can’t even move them. He built a Humber, and he showed me how he took these scraps and built a Hummer… Oh, wow. He took a destroyed into Crypto and rebuilt it. He took a Komodo junk and turns it into gold. Wow. It was just nothing short of amazing. And that’s just what God has done over the last… Since since June? No, since May 23rd.

0:33:13 S1: Holiest, an couldn’t even sleep with this… I haven’t been able to sleep. That was so crazy.

0:33:22 S2: I was up to 40 last night praying and talking to God and… Do you remember

0:33:27 S1: Mormonism and him were on the phone last night. Can God glory? That’s incredible. There’s so much that you were saying that I was just like, Oh, I wanna talk about this, I wanna talk about this, so I wanna talk about this. Let’s talk about it. I think, I don’t even know where to go. We prayed to let the Holy Spirit lead here, and I just am so grateful that you are sharing this, this reality that this happens, that miracles break out right now, that we don’t have to wait for heaven or kingdom come. Because the kingdom is here, the kingdom is within a one… We let the enemy holds the reins because we stand in silence, we stand defeated because we don’t wanna come into discomfort, because we don’t wanna come into trial, because we feel like we’re constantly, constantly constantly be beaten down. And yet God still is on the throne in those moments. And so while you were toiling, God was like, Don’t worry, you keep uprooting those hard things and I’m planting, I’m planning it, and during planting seasons, you don’t always see the beauty that’s happening beneath the soil, do you… And so God is sprouting up in you, and now there is blossom, goodness that people now have the opportunity to see, to hear a yes, but all the hard work in the silence, even without you knowing that you were doing hard work to his favor, he saw you and you are known and you are still loved even in those moments where you weren’t praying, but now, while giving yourself fully to him, he’s literally conversation with you so accurately that you can do the work that you’ve set out to do since the get-go, and

0:35:35 S2: His voice is so clear, it… And this is what you have to understand, one of the things that I tabled was Speak Scotty speak, and it’s just me just speaking… And this is the first time that I’m actually just speaking. And this is just such an amazing moment. You don’t know how much break through and how many just sales are being broken right now because I was silenced for so long… But let me tell you this, this is even more crazy. The day after surgery, that next morning, I could not talk.

0:36:15 S1: I know I talked to you when you couldn’t talk… You call me, I’m like, Hello. What is happening? But

0:36:23 S2: This is before I even came home. No, I couldn’t speak. Like nothing was a… Bentonite came in, the doctors, the surgeons, the neurosurgeons came in after the surgery that next morning and they said, We don’t know what’s going on, they called in the speech pathologist at therapist… Wow. They ordered all of these tests, I had to get a CT scans, and the results came back and they said, Okay, we’re good. It’s just a swelling. And as a swelling went down, they didn’t know if they struck one of my nerves that it controls like my vocals and my speaking, but could you imagine if the enemy had his way in that moment… We wouldn’t be able to have this conversation right now. See, the thing that’s happening now is now I’m looking back, and when I thought that I was so far from God, there’s things that he is showing me, there was moments of favor where I thought that it was just me doing things in the natural… And it had nothing to do with me and had everything to do with the guy, even in the state that this entire world is in right now, with a global pandemic, I am days afterwards surgery to go lay hands on an elderly woman.

0:37:46 S2: So I didn’t get that revelation in that understanding until last night when Mona talking to me, he said, Bro, do you realize what you did? In an era in our ward right now where people don’t… If you even if you go, they’re like, Well, wait a minute. We

0:38:05 S1: Back off.

0:38:07 S2: It’s so true. And here you are laying hands on somebody, and not only that, you got your hands on this person’s feet, and I’m like, Man, I was just being obedient to the Spirit of God, and it felt good. It’s so that God is saying, I don’t care about a pandemic, I don’t care about the injustice that’s going on, I am still on the throne, I’m still in control, and when my people… When I call my people to the forefront and they would just be yielded message and allow me to use them… It is the body of Christ that can affect change. And it’s not just about prayer, again, being level, don’t just praise from a far… Be a yielded vessel. Be ready to be used by God. And if you can do that, if we can do that as a body, the body has many members, if we can do that as a body, that’s the difference, that’s how we affect change, that’s how we shift the atmosphere.

0:39:14 S1: So good, I wanna stand up. And so the… It’s so good. And so there is a revival on the street of Azusa that happens… Gosh, I don’t even know the year, but in California, when there has been revivals all over our country, but I am, as you’re speaking, visualizing another revival that’s happening in our streets right now, and it takes us coming together, and that’s what the representation of this very conversation is it’s knowing that it’s your brothers and sisters that have been alongside you for so long, but now instead of you just linking arms because your friends, your linking arms because your brothers and sisters, and you’re actually moving because God is moving you, and it’s not by your might or by your will, but you’re activating in the spirit, and the part that happened on the streets of Azusa was for him to be molded and for him to be bent for the Lord, and so I’m seeing you bent over on your knees for this woman, somebody else that you’re on your knees for somebody else, and that just happened in our city, in your hometown, when there was an entire congregation of thousands of people and pastors were asking all white people to get on their knees in a spirit of repentance.

0:40:40 S1: And guess what, they did it without hesitation, and that visual that I wasn’t even there, I got to see it via Facebook live, and I’m like, Oh my gosh, I’m feeling called to my knees, and so for us to know that this is not something that’s just like a preconceived conversation, these things are happening in their breaking out, and it’s by a US yielding to the Lord that He’s going to activate in such another capacity of understanding that you and I can’t even fathom as of yesterday, and yet here is healing people right now, healing hearts and it takes voice. And this is the conversation I wanna hear from you knowing that you have this season of silence, knowing that you were actually potentially silenced by the named in as moments of confusion right after your surgery, and now you’re able to speak on his behalf. What do you feel is the right thing for other people, other brothers and sisters, how can we speak, how can we lift our voice, how can we be a yielded vessel to him?

0:41:50 S2: The thing about the yield witness is it’s that good old capital A, and I say capital in that low case A, because the capital is availability, be available to yield to God and say, God He sent me, I’ll go, Hey, God use me. That God, you need some work done in the earth, use me. I’ll be bold, I’ll be fearless. I will, he said, fake the size of a mustard can move mountains. We know that faith is the evidence of things hoped for, and to know that it’s like in the substance of things unseen, there’s a lot of unseen that needs to manifest in the earth. The thing about it, this change that’s happening and this move, this shift that’s happening, it’s already taken place in the habits, we’ve been waiting for it to come down here, so it’s about being frustrated and saying, God, we yield to you, we submit to you, we are available to you, God have your way to not only cleanse us of all unrighteousness, but cleanse the sins of our forefathers… Yeah, that’s good. The sins of our ancestors, so that we can begin the healing process and moving forward, the thing about it is, for you and I, it’s always been this, even with your brother, with everybody that I’ve ever come in contact with it.

0:43:39 S2: I won’t say that I don’t see color because I think that that’s dismissing the uniqueness and individuality of each and every one of us, but what I will say is that I got to know the heart of you, I got to build a friendship and a relationship with your brother, and so many others of people that don’t… The skin doesn’t mean anything when you can see that… And I have yet to comment, I’ve yet to join the brigade of individuals that are on Facebook and that I am a black man. I’m all for that. And that’s what you feel you need to do. By all means, do that. But for me, that’s not what God is calling me to do. And so, again, with the breakthrough that’s happened, I’m not moving based on the proper thing and the leading of the Holy Ghost, and so therefore, I don’t feel a prompting in the leading to copy and paste and say all these things and post a picture. That’s good to feel that I’m a part of something, because I know what I’m doing right now. When the heavenly and the heavenly of heavily, when I was out of that tennis court, a tooth not only healed our nation but held this world, we need to allow God to be who he is, and allowing him to sit on the third…

0:45:15 S2: So good. And understand that not only… And what so crazy about this is I haven’t done this in so long, and I’m speaking just from the heart and from then, just from… Even before this game, I said, before we even got him, when I say God, just step to me and through me, allowed me to be a universal, allowed me to speak as an oracle of God, whatever you would have me to say, just allowed me to speak it. Because this isn’t about me. And even though there has been tremendous breakthrough, it’s because of the spirit of God that’s dealing within me that is allowing me to do the things that I’m doing, and so I’ve had friends that I’ve said, Hey man, when are you gonna do this? Or literally tag me in something and I’m like… I’m not called to that. That’s not what God is calling me to do. Because for me, it’s what I’m doing, that you don’t see… That people don’t see… What people didn’t see Ramona I doing last night. And so let me tell you how that happened. Talk about the Spirit of God. I think was that me, I believe it was 1-18 in the morning.

0:46:27 S2: I’m in bed and I can’t sleep. And I said, Okay, I got up and I said, Okay, God, what do you have for me? And as I grabbed my phone, my phone go and I took on it, I look at it and it’s remote, and he says, Hey man, just checking on you, we have to get together soon, and I immediately call and I said, No, it’s a… Now, the time is now. The time is now, God is gonna do a work now, and one thing that God revealed to me about my relationship with very years ago, when we were growing and walking in this thing, and you knew how… You knew how it was in college, so it was crazy. When you saw me, you… Seminar was crazy was he called me and he said, I just got off the phone with… Is this public speaker that’s like a mentor to him, named Chip, and he said… Shepton me, who is it? That was that in your life, that was like your accountability partner, and he said, Man, my man, skull man, Scott in methane kinda grown apart over the years and stuff, and what Shep said to him was so profound, and I speak…

0:47:45 S2: It spoke to everything. God has been speaking to me ever since I came out of surgery, the time is now, so this is what he told me about… He said, Man, he said, You know what? He said, You guys not only need to reconnect… We always talk to each other, we see each other. I spent my last birthday with him and his wife, but he was saying this time, he does to re-next, but he said, But now football is out of the way, college, that was then. He said, But now, he said, It’s time for you guys to do life together now, and I said, remind you even realize what they think about it. I said, What do you do with your wife? He said, I do life with her. I said, What do I do with my wife? She said, you do like a life with her. I said, God is calling us to something greater before we split and win our separate ways and just grew apart, I told him that God revealed to me and pray that there’s gonna be a time where we’re no longer gonna be a one-two-punch, but God is gonna bring us back together.

0:48:48 S2: And I said, Vermont, the time is that it was just so great. This is one o’clock in the morning, and he and I are on the phone like 4 30 in the morning, just magnifying and lifting up the name of Jesus and just speaking with Thus says the Lord and just… It is nothing short of amazing. And I am just so excited and

0:49:12 S1: Ends… It’s so good. I could feel your other screen, I toaster and it’s so crazy that even in our communication… I mean, I sent you a message, I hadn’t talked to you in years, I see you via virtual experiences, but my brother and I have just rekindled our relationship, our family is coming back into unity, so I pray… Is covid for that? So thank you, Coronavirus, for that. And I just… You relate on my heart, and I think ultimately people need to understand that that is not just coincidence, that A is God, and when people come into your frame of thought or into your spirit or in your soul, or however you speak the words, that’s not just coincidence. That is God. And what the difference is, is oftentimes we dismiss it as, Oh, that just reminded me of that person, there was nothing to remind me of you, there was nothing… I just was like, I need to touch base with Scott, we need to connect the energy just in this conversation, but that one Facebook message I said for such a time as this… And you were stunned. Immediate response and I was like, Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that.

0:50:34 S1: But you knew, you knew the time was already being cultivated, and so it’s unbelievable what He’s doing in your life, and the fact that you are sharing that you’re speaking on it, this is literally like this big compared to what’s to come.

0:50:52 S2: Yeah, no, this is only the beginning

0:50:57 S1: In… I wanna hear more about… From the ashes, right? We rise… What part of your bio that you had sent to me prior too, was to be the victor, not the Bindu, and I feel like now there are so new people walking with this victim mentality, and part of your healing, part of your ability is helping break that off to share, what vision do you have for that? What else has God given you even in the season prior to this that you’ve laid to the side… That’s now time for you to pick up.

0:51:34 S2: Just it’s motives. It’s motors, it’s in any and everything we do, we have to check our motives behind it, we have to ensure that we’re not doing things to please the lesson to the eyes of our flesh, and again, it was written on our hearts from the foundation or from the moment that we were created, we know who God is, so even if you believe but you have yet to receive, you still should be checking your motives, you know the difference between right and wrong, and it’s been… For a believer, it’s Messiah over everything. It’s the application of it. It’s rather than, please, in the lesson, I eyes are my flesh, I’m going to crucify my flesh, and what happened out there on that tennis court a few days ago, my less was being crucified, I’m down on my knees and I’m saying, I don’t want it, I don’t want any of it, God, take it away, take it away. Take it all. And it’s important to get to that place where you’re able to recognize your inadequacies and say, God, I wanna yield to you in this area, and I wanna submit to you in this area, and I’m telling you right now, for me, it was cold turkey, it was…

0:52:53 S2: I’m done. Drop it all. It’s over, I don’t want any Donati. It’s not a view, I don’t want it. And so, for such a time as this, I think it’s the message of motives that applies that even if you’re not born again, the things that have happened, let’s think about with George Floyd, at the officer had paused and checked his motives in that very moment… Am I doing this to please the lesson desires of my flesh for some internal more that I have within, or am I doing this to glorify the Almighty God, our Savior and King, but what about the guys that were standing around, what were their motives behind turning a blind eye, when you’re there to protect and serve, and as an African-American male, I’ve had my experiences with being discriminated against by law enforcement.

0:54:09 S1: Do you feel like you’ve been sitting on the dream God has given you for far too long. Do you feel out of alignment or obedience because of it, or perhaps you’ve been spinning your wheels on how to answer God’s call, but can’t quite define or design it into a business? Maybe you’ve titled this Garima ministry, one, you wholeheartedly give all of your time and energy to, yet your passion isn’t providing the profit you need to sustain your health, your first ministry. Do you struggle with the idea of earning money doing something you… He want you to do in servant hood. Do you feel unworthy as a woman to possess… Well, I get it. I’ve been in every one of those shoes, and I can promise you the moment I traded those worn out handles for his intended comfort, I was able to finally walk the Miles has taken to grow the dream, from ideation to activation, catapult my true passions into my full-purpose. And now, while I’ve had a joy to reach many women over the past couple of years in a group setting, I still say there are missing straps to their well echoes, so I design this course, the god dream design course, to walk alongside you intimately.

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0:56:45 S1: I got the good version, thanks mom. But really, girls, it’s time to fly, I promise it’s a spring of the sounds.

0:56:54 S2: And let me tell you, it broke my heart because I had gotten a car set, this was in… I believe it was 2016, this was shortly after my brother passed away, I got in the car accident and I got rear-ended and somebody hit me, but when the officers arrived on the scene, you would think that I backed up in reverse and hit them, and it was an older Caucasian lady that that hit me, and they allowed the police officer… They allowed this woman’s husband to come to the accident scene, bang on my window, called me a stupid so… And I’m like, Wow, are you serious? And I’m like, Hey, excuse me, officer, and you’re gonna let this man talk to me like this, and all of a sudden I started hyper-ventilating and I felt in that moment, everything that I had learned over the meters from my little league football coach and his friends that are in law enforcement. That told me, Scotty, if you’re ever stopped, this is how you handle it, all of those things came back to me and I applied it, I said, because while this guy is getting at when he’s banging on my window and calling me names, if I get out of this car, I’m probably gonna lose my life.

0:58:14 S2: And that’s how I felt in that moment. And when the pain from being hit came over me and I started getting dizzy, and I said that I needed… I think I need an ambulance. They said, Wow, really? What possibly could be wrong with you is what they said, and when the EMS arrive on S, they said to me, they said… They said, Oh, we’re gonna get the Jaws of Life and get you out of here. I said, Are you guys serious? And I said, I work alongside you guys, and at the time I was working alongside the state attorney’s office, I said, I’m in the courtroom fighting for victims of crime day in and day, I said, I’m one of the good guys and you guys are treating me so poorly. And I said, I know you’re bosses, and I’m going to be contacting them. And at the time, the state attorney here in Florida, the Fort circuit was Angela court. I called her while I was in the ambulance and I was crying. I was heartbroken because I could not believe they treated me the way they treated me when I did nothing wrong, and you’re talking about…

0:59:34 S2: I’m in a shoot and time coming back from a trial, and it didn’t matter, and it didn’t matter, and that hurt me to my core because I always said that if I was ever in a situation like this, I wouldn’t know how to handle myself. And the results… And the outcome would be different. The thing is, I came away with it unstated with my life, even though I had injuries in stuff, but it could have been so much worse, but the thing that I think about in those moments or in that moment was, what if I would have got out of the car, if I did not know how to exercise self-control, what if I was bold in that moment to say, Hey, no, I didn’t do anything wrong, and I’m not the stupid… So your wife… And if I would have got out of the car and did that. Who knows what would have happened? So true, but there are so many young men and women that they shouldn’t have to be required to exercise that type of self-control in those moments, and what made it even worse for me was after I ate because I found a formal complaint against…

1:01:00 S2: Against the Jackson bills Sheriff’s Department. So JD, the fire department, Jackson, Bill’s Fire Department, I found a complaint against all of them, and with the officer, the Assistant Chief spoke to me directly, he knew me very well. We had done a bunch of events together and stuff, and he said, I’m so sorry this happened to you, but he had that guy’s sergeant, his supervisor, contact me. And he said, You know he was wrong. And I said, Well, I appreciate you calling, but he owes me an apology, I said, Because he discriminated against me, and it wasn’t right. I did nothing wrong. They didn’t even give the woman that hit me a ticket or… So here’s where the supervisor says to him, the supervisor says… And the reason that we’re talking about this is because of everything that’s going on, his supervisor says to him, Why didn’t you give her a ticket? He said, What is… He said, Well, it was a low-impact collision, and I didn’t think that it was that big of a deal, he said, Well, what if it was a low-impact collision and she hit a little girl, would you have other a ticket then? He said, Oh yes, sir.

1:02:21 S2: Absolutely, he said, then you need to give Mr. Mage, the same credence and justice that you would have gave that little girl, and so the end result was that this is gonna stay on his record from the next 12, 12, 15 months, and then they’re gonna move it off. And I said, You know what, if that’s what you wanna do, and if that’s what you think is enough, then so be it, but I still feel as though an injustice was done to me in regard to this, so I appreciate your call. And thanks for your apology, but no, thanks, I don’t accept it. Because the person who should be apologizing to me is the person who treated me like I was a piece of crap that day, because of what I equated to being the color of my stand, if you would just take a moment to get to know all you would know that in the opposite of whatever it was that you thought I was, but that’s part of the problem in society today, we judge books by their covers, and we always go off of this thing that that society has conditioned us to live our lives by and its first impressions are everything, but what if the first impression wasn’t the best, but you could have got it, that person in that moment.

1:03:38 S2: What if that person was having a bad day, you know, when they asked the officer, when his supervisor asked why he treated me so poorly, he said he was having a bad day, he was just ready to go home, and that is the wrong profession, but you’re in the wrong profession. If you’re gonna take the fact that you’re having a bad day and you were almost off of work and you have to report to an accident scene, and then you had to stay out there even longer because I need it. Paramedics. So you decided you were gonna… Me, like I was a scum of the earth. It’s very disheartening, but yet at the same time, understanding where we are in society today, it’s motives, people need to check their motives and understand that sometimes people are having a bad day, and sometimes it’s not always first impressions, right. It’s good to always judge in a prison

1:04:37 S1: Was in a suit and I… That’s the crazy thing. And the parietal. Did it not what needs to be addressed alongside the motives is what are people looking with… And my pastor did, said the other day that you’re not… We don’t actually look with our eyes, we look through our eyes, meaning we’re actually utilizing everything that has been ingrained inside of our brains in all the history, all the past, even generational, if you’re talking nature versus nurture, and therefore we’re looking through our eyes and are not eyes need some glasses, and we need to have new understanding through the lens of the Lord on who is equal, and by what we are treating other people and by how we are treating other people, and people are chiming in over here, I’m gonna test be off social media, and I can’t be also some media because this is too good, this is good, it’s a reflection of the condition of one’s heart, out of the mouth, flows the heart and… And that’s motives. And that’s a part of that. And so it is, there’s so much richness to everything that you’re saying and ultimately starting and circling all the way back to the beginning, is if we are able to steward what it is that God’s given us within by yielding to His voice.

1:06:06 S1: You were able to stay in the car because of the self-control that God Himself teaches, because that is a fruit of the spirit, and therefore the more that we as a people as a humanity can lean into him, the more that this changes…

1:06:23 S2: Absolutely, you’re totally right. And not only is it changes, but perspective changes, your outlook can… Is what you see from everything that you… That’s been ingrained in your mind that changes… We’ve all seen it. Even… What was it? The park in New York, when the one Caucasian lady said, You’re not gonna… Like what’s about to happen? Like where are we as a society that someone can feel comfortable enough to say something like that and not… The outcome would adversely affect someone generationally, a family… I don’t know much about the guy, I heard a little bit about them, I really haven’t paid much attention to it, but just to think that in that moment someone would feel as though I can do something to you, but you’re not gonna like the outcome and feel comfortable enough to say something like that, knowing what the ramifications could potentially be… That’s the difference between life and death. Absolutely, and we see it in our society today, and you’re right, it’s all of this stuff that’s been ingrained, but it requires a heart change, and it requires… I don’t allow stereotypes to dictate and mandate what you think or how you view a person…

1:08:07 S2: I’m very good friends with a man by the name of Ron Davis, his son was murdered over loud music here in Florida. Happened right up the street from my house. And Mr. Wan says all the time, he says, My son shared part of that responsibility too, but he did just lose it for it, because of his music was loud. It’s unbelievable, it’s insane. Again, just as a society, just because you hear music that doesn’t necessarily as pleasing to your test doesn’t mean that that person is a bad person. Let’s not have these preconceived notions, we need to rip away and eliminate the stereotypes, and how do we do that? It has to start from within, it

1:08:59 S1: Has to start from within, and that’s where the educational piece comes into play, one of the gals at core earlier was saying to, in order for that to happen, we have to unlearn in order to learn, and that’s a process, but God works like this, he proved it to you. When we get on our knees and that same entity, we don’t have to wait, we don’t have to sit back and look for change over generations to take places that’s capable. We have access to that right now. And that’s the old message as field to the message, Love is the ultimate message, and it’s not just like Let’s keep bothers and sisters like love.

1:09:45 S2: Yeah, love. And understand this, he will meet you where you are. And that’s what happened for me. Here I am thinking I’m a mess. And he met me where I was right in the midst of… Right after surgery. And prior to surgery, God, I don’t know, but we’ll see. What happens if you bring me through this? And go… And immediately felt no more pain in my service spine right after surgery, and I felt different, and I believe that while those doctors were in there, those neurosurgeons were operating on me, I believe that the Holy Spirit, that God was operating on me too, and he was doing the work in me in those moments, and I didn’t see it, but now that I’m looking back, it was nobody but God, God was showing himself strong, leading up to so many things that I couldn’t see because for here… Because I turned the volume all the way down and I said, I’m tired of being attacked by the enemy, I don’t wanna be hit anymore, if I don’t fight, maybe he won’t mess with me, maybe he won’t bother me, maybe I don’t have these suicidal ideations… Maybe I won’t feel…

1:11:05 S2: Maybe I don’t have anxiety attacks anymore, maybe I won’t feel like I’m in the state of depression where I don’t wanna even get out of bed anymore, maybe just maybe I can learn to cope and deal with some of this stuff and not have to be on medication. And I thank God that I don’t need anything now, I’m on the opposite side of that journey, but what I know is now that all the while, I thought God had left me and he was so far from me, and I thought that I was so unworthy of him and all the while, he was carrying me, and it was one set of footprints, and I know it may sound… A little notes, listen. It’s just like the prayers that we don’t pray sometimes because we think that it’s just always on the forefront of our minds, but the truth of the truth of the matter is that God’s word is the living word, and when you speak it and apply it, it rains true. And when you speak that word, that word, I put into action, and so to say something like, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, and yet we know that and we hear, but sometimes you gotta speak that over yourself…

1:12:27 S1: Yeah, especially over yourself, because that’s… You’re bringing the Holy Spirit with you where you go. And if you’re a void of the Holy Spirit, you are walking in as a vacant shell, and therefore the discrimination, the conversation, the emotion, the anger, all of those things, of course, there’s gonna be no self-control… Of course. How could there be? But at the same exact moment, you ask him in one time, and he’s never going anywhere, he never left you from the forefront, as a matter of your eyes being open to the sea is there all the time. I have people going through this course right now, and these women have passions boiling inside and they have no idea how to bring it to fruition, and that is a god dream, when you have something inside of you that you want to release to the world that’s from God, and it’s not a man-made thing, and so teaching them, just like we’re talking about now, to look back and find him in the lost blows, he was there, he stops when you thought that was all man-made, He did that, and so recognizing that that silver lining is your entire life.

1:13:37 S1: It is every moment. It is every day because he conceived you, He knows how many hairs are on your head, and that you have purpose, and so whether you’re at in this entire conversation is for you to just get on your knees and pray for change. Let that be your answer. Or if you are called to stand and fight, let that be your answer, but you know within you from those boiling passions what you’re meant to do, don’t lean into the game, don’t move in to the social media antic, don’t lean into a message that is not your own, so you already had a cat within you, and that’s the heart of what this is, because each puzzle, each individual identity, fingerprint is purpose, and were you to be uniquely you, we need you to go through that because God had to not go on through that season, you wouldn’t carry the same empathy that you now carry today for people who are walking through it, but you have the answer, you have the remedy, you have the healing power within your hands, because he should do so. You are the spirit of that, you are moving, and it is by those hands, the hands that you prayed for that other man that you will have access…

1:15:04 S1: And other people have access to the Lord.

1:15:09 S2: Amen. Amen. I just feel so grateful, even just for this opportunity, because I’ve been silent and now God is saying, Speak Scotty speak. There are things that have lied, dormant in my life that I know God was calling me to do, and I said, I can’t do it, because if I can’t give God my all, I just can’t do it. I don’t wanna do something 50%, I wanna do it 10 tempera, and know that I’m doing it and I’m doing it in such a way that he’s gonna bring his kingdom Lord. And the great awaking that, that I’ve had. That’s right where I’m at, I’m right in the thick of this thing now with motives clothing with… I have a fitness and apparel line that’s all about… It’s crazy, God gave me this revelation two years ago, and here I am now, and God is saying that time is now in the name of the fitness line it timeliness. What better time than now? So God was working in me this whole time and I didn’t even know it, and there are things that we dismissed like, oh well, I mean that litter the home later while I was in my mess, it’s God working, I mean the easington in.

1:16:47 S2: And so to know that God has been operating in every area of my life, even those areas where I wasn’t giving him authority, and now I’m saying, God, I yield it all, He… Hey, how do you wanna be in this? And he’s like, Oh, you don’t even know it, but I’ve already infiltrated my way into this… You didn’t even realize.

1:17:10 S1: I mean this, I mean this… Oh, you remember that?

1:17:14 S2: Oh, do you remember when you said that you wanted to get this certain product… And one of my friends once Reese’s an international recording artist, he has an amazing song until I pass out, it’s just that… So it just gets me going every time you come, He said, Steadman, to operate in every area like Man, even with… He said he knows you’re passionate about what you’re doing with the dogs, but he wants to have that too. So how can you give it to her? And for me, where I was at, how can I be involved in… And then I was having a conversation with a woman in Hawaii and she tells me… And you know what, I’m gonna share it. Because if I don’t share it, I’m not giving God his followers.

1:18:06 S1: I come.

1:18:07 S2: Here it is God’s that morning. I’m talking… And again, this has been this wrestling wave of, I’m trying to get there, and here I am, I’m having this conversation with my brother, read, he says, May God one, God wants to dogs too. He was every area and I’m like, Man, well, I’ll give it to him, but I’m thinking how… In that… Just a few hours later, I’m talking and I’m having a conversation with this woman in Hawaii. And she says, Hey, I want you to have that product for your program, I’m gonna send you back a difference of your stuff, fee for you to get it right now. And immediately I was like, Okay, God, well, that’s favor, this lady doesn’t even know me, I just sitting here a payment for her to sit and she’s sending me something back and saying, Oh, enjoy it, and when you get a chance, you just pay me back whenever you can… And here I am like, wow, that was God. So with him, so did he was international

1:19:10 S1: Infiltrate every area of your… Even when you’re not even trying to let them… Because

1:19:17 S2: Now that I look back, I’m saying, Wow, that the… Was there, God sarod was there, while God was there. We got spoken say that manifest that my daughter was coming in here we are September 14, 2017, here comes this amazing little precious little baby girl that just blows me away, and

1:19:36 S1: She is the promise, she’s a part of the promise because without that reminder of that woman that was in the season of you releasing this is him constantly constantly dropping himself in front of the healing, it’s us realizing, but now, just like I told you the very beginning, my prayer for us, in my prayer for people is for it not to be a hindsight experience that I can walk into the next situation and I can know that I know that, I know that I know that God’s gonna be there, but he’s about to reveal Himself. So let me open my eyes, let me open my ears, let me open my heart, let me open my hands, because what I’m doing and what I have is not my own, it’s given to me already by him, so let me walk into this conversation knowing that there’s gonna be a nugget, there’s gonna be a gold token that I’m not to get, that then don’t take and put in my pocket, I pass it along, because the goodness is already here, we’ve already received it, and so it’s our job by testimony to a long…

1:20:44 S2: You’re right. And sharing those gifts and sharing those testimonies, that’s why I said, Listen, it has been years since I’ve spoken and God has me here for such a time as this, and I just… I almost feel like we’re just sitting in the living room and we’re just catching up, and when it feels like that… Do you know it’s God being able to share with you tonight and your viewers is a tremendous blessing to me, but not only that, it’s again, confirming and re-affirming everything that got revealed to me out on that tennis court, that the time is now… No, no, no. We’re not waiting. We’re moving forward. While I was at Megabus, before I got there, God gave me a revelation. I was sitting at… I was sitting at a restaurant and I was holding up this napkin, and as I folded this nap and I fold it up into a real tiny Square, and I kind of just forgot about it and ate my food, and then I looked back at the napkin in and God said, unfolded, so I started to unfold it, and as I’m unfolding this map and when I got it completely open till it was all the way open, the Holy Spirit said, My will is unfolding in your life or…

1:22:19 S2: So it’s like, okay, God will let you will be done, but what is your will for my life? What is your world? For my life. What is my purpose? And God told me then, so listen, before I went on this hiatus or this journey of, I don’t wanna be hit by the enemy, let me just go into hiding, let me just… If I don’t fight, maybe I won’t get hit. I was laying hands and healing people there, and God immediately from the beginning, from the moment he told me to pray, he healed this woman, He’s saying, Hey, guess what, so… But we are still unfolding in your life, so Loomis still unfolding in your life is you are above and not with me. You are the head and not the tail. I’ve called you just such a time as this. And like you said, he knows every hair that on my head, he knew the seasons that were coming before they came, but he also said when he prompted me to pray and I was obedient and I yield it. He said, Okay, now it’s time to go. No, no, no. We’re not waiting. It’s not next week.

1:23:31 S2: It’s not next month. It’s right now. Let’s go. And I said, Okay, God, I’m getting getting in the back seat where

1:23:38 S1: We’re going… I dietary for it. Well, you want to latch and he is going to continue to give them right to the palm of your hand, and that’s the most amazing thing, and when you realize that it’s every part of your life just like when you… And a lot we’re talking like, you’re gonna live life together again, it’s every… Massive of who you are. When you come to know God and He comes, you come to allow him to know all of you because He rose, but it’s that song by Torin walls that says, You are fully loved and you are fully known, because you are… But every part… And this is the type of women that I deal with on a regular basis, is, how can my business… This secular thing that I want so bad. That has to do with money. That’s a secular thing. How can that be a part of God’s will for my life? How can not be used to glorify Him? If it’s not glorifying Him, you’re in it for the wrong reason. To everything we do, how we feed ourselves, how we feel ourselves, how we walk down the stairs, how do we put our feet on the floor when we wake up in the morning, how we hug our loved ones, every single movement that your body makes is this…

1:24:59 S1: It’s a matter of Dato, what he’d have you do. Rather than just like you said, Answering the flesh, because the flesh in for you, and

1:25:09 S2: Even with those things that they’re doing, I would submit to some of the women that you are… But you’re having these interactions with… Don’t over-complicate it. And here’s the key to that, and this is a revelation that God gave me years ago, and it was, take your focus off the resource and put it on the source, because that’s not about the resource, it’s about resource, and He is the source that allows you to have the resource. So good. So when you say that this is something that is monitor well, there’s so much financial gain, and they say, Well, figure out how you can make it about the source, and it’s not one of those things where you have to… By all means, if it’s adult entertainment and stuff like that.

1:26:14 S1: So… No, right now we do. But

1:26:16 S2: If there’s a business endeavor that you wanna get into, and you know that it’s very profitable, but yet you see the financial gain, it’s about putting the Messiah over everything, it’s about seeking the source and not worshipping the resource I… While God is, I would need to gain this well, understand the first part of what I just said, it’s about God allowing me to gain this well, and then how you use it, you use it on to the glory of God. So good, so good, Scotty, or you could just keep talking until Waterstones

1:26:59 S1: That a God gives you abundant energy, y’all. He literally comes out of nowhere. When you’re least expecting it. And another thing that I wanted to say about your season when you felt like you were having to run from the enemy because you just kept getting knocked down, God never promised that anything in this life was gonna be easy on this side of heaven. In fact, as a Christian, as a follower, as a Kingdom Leader, you will experience hardship, I can promise you that, and it will feel like it’s only the enemy at work, but I promise you, and I could go on for stories so far I am to do all the same things that happen. Hadith NGS like that have happened in my life. And they’ve happened in all my friends who are believers lives, it’s happened to people who don’t believe… And you just don’t see it yet.

1:27:54 S2: See, but that’s the thing, I believe that… I don’t even think about this. I remember before I got saved, if I was driving down the street at 16, 17 years old, and I get pulled over by the cat, one of the first things I would do, I would say, it’s like, Oh, please God. Don’t let me get a ticket. Please God, I understand that I had yet to receive salvation

1:28:17 S1: So that you…

1:28:19 S2: It was written on our hearts. He created us. His DNA is in us. We’ve been grafted in, and so it was already written on his heart, so when you say about the unbelieving, I say, I don’t even think it so much is that they don’t believe, I just believe they’ve yet to receive a good God. And that’s what is so amazing about God is that he’s available to all of us, and it’s like, Oh, you believe you’re just yet to receive. ’cause think about times where I know people who do not believe, who don’t worship God, who have church hurt, but let something happen to one of their loved ones, and they’ll say, I’m praying that God brings them through. And this is the same person that won’t even go into church because of what’s happened in their lives, but here’s the thing about church hurt, what people misconstrued about that is that church hurt has not got… God didn’t do anything to you. Right, and we put that part… We missed that part. Yeah.

1:29:30 S1: Titania pandemic or… Yeah, anything is… People are like, Why would God let that happen? Why would God do that? And it’s… You have to see that’s over line, and you have to understand that way more as that work from that view that are… You know that he has over our lives over eternity, and there is a purpose, and he does it with love, every single one, because

1:30:02 S2: With the devil member back, God meant for good, he can take a thing and flip it on his head when the Devil… For Jesus to be dead, and it was all over the Bellerive Ry thing, and all of a satire days later, the stone was rolled away and Jesus had risen what the double met for bad, God it for good. So everything that’s happening between the pandemics, in these injustices, in everything, the criminal justice reform, people opening their eyes, and the thing that you shared about what happened when they said there were people that got down on their knees just as a show of repentance, even if they didn’t do anything on. I repent for the sins of my father’s. Father’s father stops. It makes me think, Oh man, just with everything going on, and I don’t know where we’re going with this, but I have to share this scripture, and it’s Romans 8-18, when people are saying, Why is this happening? This pandemic, all of this crazy things, Romans 8-18 says, For the present sufferings are… Nothing to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us. And think about the glory.

1:31:24 S2: Think about the things that are happening in our country right now. Think about the time that family has been able to come together where you’re not able… You’re away from work and you’re able to spend time… It’s invaluable, it’s time that you’ve always want it and you weren’t able to get… Now you’re getting it, you’re able to just understand how much you cherish your spouse, although it was difficult to deal with the kids being in school and stuff, how about an online and virtual virtual schooling? It was crazy. But again, that most precious that time, you can’t get back.

1:32:04 S1: And that’s the ultimate thing that you always hear, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough energy, all of the resources that people say that they don’t have, we’re literally given to them, and it’s a matter of the focal point, what are you focusing on in this time, are you focused on the fear, are you focused on the change, you’re focused on the loss, or you focus on the conception, or you focused on the one… It was constant and steadfast, and providing good. Every moment of every day.

1:32:38 S2: It’s like, when all hell is breaking loose in your life, it makes me think back that when I was playing football, and my position was one, I was a return specialist, people said that position, you’ve gotta be crazy to do that because you got guys coming… 250-pound guys coming to rip my head off.

1:32:58 S1: Five one and a half to five, not in a methane Taranaki, pretty bionic. I think that they said, my range of motion is gonna be out of this world, that Simi can do a 360. I promise that’s not an exercise like that.

1:33:14 S2: It’s just that I’m bionic now, you know? But one thing that I used to do every time I stepped out on that field, and I would encourage anybody, whatever it is to, to do whatever their sphere of influences, whatever arena they’re in in their life, whether it’s the education arena, or whether it’s the entertainment arena regardless of wherever that arena is, when I was playing football, every time I stepped out on that field, I would give that on to the Lord, I said, Lord, till they just feel no matter where I was at, this is your Temple of worship. Lord allowed me to operate in the anointing on the field, that was my prayer. I used to go in the corner of the end zone by myself, and then as the season would progress, I used to love how I get in that corner and start praying and guys would start falling at me, not at my feet, but around me to circle up and began praying with me, and before you know it, it’s like 20 guys in the corner of the woods on, as I’m praying for the opposing team, God, keep everybody healthy, keep everybody from injuries, allow them to play to the best of their abilities.

1:34:32 S2: And I say all that to say that regardless of what the area is that you’re operating your anointing, God has given you gifts and He’s allowing you to be successful in these arenas for a reason, so don’t use that ability to please the lesson design or your flesh but do it to glorify His kingdom. Check your motives. It’s just I would… The ballin, the air, and I knew guys were coming for me, but I would fix my eyes on that ball… Like I fixed my eyes on Christ. And so I knew no matter if all hell was breaking loose around me, if we keep our eyes fixed on the one true God, our Savior, king we are, there was nothing that they can do to us. We’re covered. It’s an amazing feeling to it.

1:35:28 S1: It’s incredible, it’s like this, and it’s just, again, back to this concept of knowing, it’s this deep knowing I’ve never experienced… I was so fearful of being known for so long in my life, I would hide behind every perfectionism, achievement-driven, success, understanding forever, even in my own marriage. And it wasn’t until I came to know Christ for him to know me, for me to open every facet of the dark parts of our soul that you think he doesn’t know, but he sees and he loves you even still and even through it, because he knows the gifts, he knows the passions, he knows the purpose. And so coming to that state of repentance just as those people did, just as we need to do on a consistent basis, even as believers, even still, we have an ability to be known and an ability to be loved, and ability to activate that love and through that knowing, so it is by His ability that all of these things take place, you guys, that you’re able to… To manifest that in high school, that you’re gonna play a full ride at a college, that you’re then gonna go to the NFL, thinking that you’re doing it out of fight from your brother from a line that he lived.

1:37:01 S1: Meanwhile, God’s saying, Oh no, I’m using you for that much more, you’re gonna be praying for your team, you’re gonna be praying for other men, you don’t know me, that they’re gonna see you and you’re gonna be a representation of the kingdom

1:37:14 S2: They met. Wow. Yeah, it is an amazing thing, man, to God be the glory. Hallucinate. Lyte, thank you. We praise you.

1:37:32 S1: We want this in and of itself to be an active worship… Yes, that we can continue to glorify your name, not by our words, but by our actions, by our love, by our Constance, by sacrifice, by that it is through your strength, through your love, through your assignment, goodness, kindness, that we cultivate our own motives that we activate our own motives that are connected to your heart or that you’ve placed within us with such purpose for such a time as this is… That will last for eternity. That our children’s children’s, children’s children will know you deeply, and we’ll see the glory that has manifest in our own lives by you through you and for you… Yes, pretty thin. A year that is listened to night that will listen in the future, God, that they will come to tune into you, that they will turn the volume all the way up, is that they will not stand in fear, that they will not stand in their weakness, because by your light, that any of this is possible, to pay for arias for a rise up in our spirits and our voices in our communities, in our nation, in our world, a God that we activate by your resurrection power to lean into our gifts that we have the ability to heal, that we have the ability to speak in languages that others don’t understand the voice and the ears that need to hear it here.

1:39:43 S2: Yes, lower. Thank you, thank you to what I just… I thank you for time right now, Lord, thank you for her being obedient and reaching out to me, loan, Father God, I pray it, you continue to bless her, continue to keep her lower Father God, I bond and reduce any attack the enemy may try to bring up against her today, tomorrow, next week, next year. Next month, any time in the near future or not, I spike that devil right now, when the name of Jesus, you have no dominion, power or authority over the things, over her ministry, over her health, over anything that she is doing, Lord, I just trade it. You just less or God, you continue to keep or continue to bless your marriage lower, rather continue to just allow her to just enjoy letting her light shine for you guy. Father God, the women that she ministers to, Lord, allow them to see the heart of God when they see her, Lord, allow her to just continue to allow her like the shin and show other people away… Go for what she is doing. Or is your word Lord, and it’s for your glory? And not a on Lord, she said she used to hide behind her imperfections and things, but now she sees that through you, she’s fearfully and wonderfully made God, and I just pray it, you just let her die less.

1:41:07 S2: Thank you for her now, I thank you for everything that you’re going to birth out of her in the coming months, and lower, I just know that the direction that you’re taking, your body globally, it’s going to require us to unite in a way like never before. So God, I don’t know what you wanna do by God, I’m yielded, I’m hearing ready to be used. Father God, have her to know that whenever she wants me back in here, whatever we need to talk about them, here, God, because I know that you’ve ordained this time and you’ve called this to be, and so God, I magnify and glorify your name, and we thank you. For the hearts that were touched tonight, in the hearts that will be touched later, Lord, it’s only for your glory, God, the testimony wasn’t about me, it was about showing your goodness, and that even in spite of not feeling worthy, that popped up and said, The time is now, healing in your hands. And let’s go. And so I thank you for it, Lord, continue to keep me. Continue to use me, Lord, and more, just continue to bless our families, Lord, as we continue to walk in the calling that you have for our lives, Lord, and give them peace in the direction that you’re taking is so…

1:42:39 S2: We thank you for it. Now, Father, Jesus lamellae.

1:42:47 S1: Do you girls? So good, so good, you can just have a blessed evening, this is not the last time you will see us together… No.

1:43:00 S2: No, no, no, no, no, I got this feeling, I don’t know what it is. Gratification, she pictures the Lobelia. Hallelujah, thank you, thank you, thank you for having me. Thank you for just allowing me to share my heart and everything that God has done, I’m truly grateful and just know Tamora that God isn’t done with this relationship. Yeah, you used to help me with my homework and EyeEm railmotor. We are now looking at…

1:43:35 S1: He’s so good, he’s a long been knew he needed him. And yeah, he knew he needed him, he botany, so I

1:43:45 S2: Love you to grow… You have a good one. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this.

1:43:54 S1: Hey, y’all, it’s me again. I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ever within something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey before you go. Let’s elite by the flint. I’d love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away by snapping a pick of the episode you tune in to share your spark moment and tag me at it as a podcast or me personally at Tama Andres on Insta. I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the faith podcast listeners, we’re totally in this together, community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know, I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say, I’m ready to fuel the flame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, Powell and holes.

1:44:59 S1: So next time.

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