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Pilot – I Quit The American Dream

We are all in pursuit of something more – perhaps due to achievement tendencies or desires to keep up with The Jones’. Either way, it took a decade, but I finally discovered what the intended true pursuit of our lives should be; The American Dream isn’t it. Here I share my mental, physical & spiritual struggles with balancing pop cultural view points on health & wealth in pursuit of a true need of center.

No matter what stage of life I find you – no matter what area of mental, physical or spiritual strength you are looking to enhance – I can’t wait to be with you on this journey to wholeness. I haven’t figured it all out. I’m imperfectly human like the rest of us, but I do have a few secrets up my sleeve that have been my TRUTH points that keep me rooted and joyful and I so look forward to sharing them right here. So tune in each week as we peel back the onion of how I became Fit in Faith.

And if you’re ready to take the full plunge, literally and figuratively, in an immersive, restful, rejuvenating and vibrant 3 days on the ocean alongside other women – now is the best time to book the Early Bird Special of the Women’s Wholeness Retreat! You deserve it girlfriend, and so do your girlfriends, so bring them too!

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Show Notes: American Dream It Isn’t

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