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Peloton and Preach: Here I am, Send Me

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Here I am - Send Me. His great commission looks so different than the world projects our “calling”.

Will you still go….??

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Show Notes: Here I Am, Send Me

Welcome to the Fit and Faith podcast. FIT is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs and kingdom leaders.

I'm your host, Tamara Andres, and this podcast isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi, and so we do go there unscripted. No matter how far, wide, deep, or high the there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside out into their greatest calling by sharing their truest stories, talents, and tips.

As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and. Are derived from who and who's We are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Grow your business for God's sake. No, really. I mean it Grow your business for God's sake. That's right. Business is ministry, and ministry is business, and it's time we take action in disbelief and show up in our anointing with fresh fire. This is a cultivation conference. This is an activation conference.

I wanna see you reap the harvest, The promise that was predestined for you. Or purpose and your calling, but you've gotta go back to the root. In order to do that, come and let us water you so you can come fully alive and fully free every single day to make the impact you were born to make. So others can also reap the legacy of your harvest forever more.

Let's do this in Nashville, Tennessee, November 3rd through the fifth. You do not wanna miss it. Get your tickets That's. At cz Grow for Can't wait to see you there. Hug your neck and grow together. So pumped to be with you guys this morning. Uh, I just had some amazing time with the Lord and it was through a revelation and, you know, how do you determine what a revelation is?

How do you decide I'm gonna, I'm gonna lean into this one Lord, Right? Versus the ones that we don't really pay attention. Well, yesterday I was in the middle of a team meeting and we were talking about, um, just some projects that we have coming out, and one of which was a conversation about a planner and incorporating our devotions more often and really sitting with the Lord and, and.

Serving out the Lord in the way that we do through biblical basics of business, but really wanting to get people into the word, because that's the foundation of it. All right. And we can talk about it. And that's something where I'm convicted often, where I wanna be better at is like, What, what is the Lord saying in his word?

Right? Like his word. Not, not my word, connected to his word, but his word. And so it's time, It's time for us to start Peloton and preach again. And I'm grateful to all of those people who are jumping on live. I see you guys we're getting, getting started this beautiful morning on the East Coast, Virginia Beach, Virginia tuning in.

And I'm just, I'm pumped to be back. I, I started the. Strong when it came to this concept, it was just dropped in my spirit. Like, Hey, you've got time to talk to people. You got time to teach. You got time to train. And really, if you think about the essence of fit and faith, it is not just financial lucrative experiences.

Jason, what's up brother? You too. It's really about the mind, body, soul integration of how we show up to be successful, how we show up to serve the Lord and. It looks crazy. and I sound a little crazy. So if you're listening to this on the podcast later, and I'm winded, it's because I'm winded. So I would encourage you to work out with me, , get your move on with me.

Maybe shout in the process process with some friends as you're walking it out and just going this adventure. Go on this adventure with me. I took a break after I was doing Tuesdays and Thursdays for a couple of. One summertime ensued. My babies didn't have to be out the door as quickly and I could sleep in just a little bit

But I really realized in that timeframe, one, I thought about you all. I thought about the great commission. I thought about my own wellness and physicality connected to that. And just recently I started a new, uh, challenge. I don't like to tell my kids that I'm on a. because I'm, I don't need to diet as you can see, but I always like to go to the next level, and I always, always parallel my faith connected to my physicality, my mentality, my relationships, my finances, all of that.

I don't think that it's, Or the other hits one and the other, and God speaks to that so many times biblically. And I just want you guys to recognize if there's an area of your life that you're feeling is off kilter, that you're feeling is out of alignment, there's a reason that it's out of alignment and God is pulling your attention to that.

So if it's your. Let's talk about it. If it's your finances, let's talk about it. If it's your marriage, let's talk about it. This is not an exclusive space for just business growth. I learned in a very difficult way that if I do not pay attention to the other elements of myself, a lot is gonna go wrong. A lot is gonna go aw.

And I almost lost my life, literally my life to it. I was suicidal. I had depression and anxiety. I was having anxiety attacks for almost two years. Not all correlated to the same thing. Lots of different things came up, but I felt like because the enemy knew how to approach me in the night and attack my body.

My mind was in like constant struggle with what is reality and what's not reality. I was having nightmares, and this is before this business started, but it was also after I had been in entrepreneurship for about 10 years, and in that I had a choice. Do I focus on what the world tells me to focus? , do I take this as the greatest call of success in my life?

Because accolade wise, check white picket fence, check a husband, check two kids, a boy first, a girl second, check the American dream. Right? However, inside of me was completely starved. I was focusing and paying attention and idolizing. All of the wrong things. I was putting my drive and my ability to be in drive mode at the forefront of my life, and I was putting my identity in my success and.

It destroyed so much of me and it made me put my guard down. And in relation to my faith, well, I didn't really have any, My faith was in myself. My faith was in my ability. And though I believe that there was a God, I had been, you know, exposed to him, I should say. And, uh, I gave my life to him when I was 14 in a Hardy's parking lot in a car with a youth, young life leader.

And so I believe in all of these things. I believe in him, but the world is telling us believe in yourself. Believe in yourself. You can do it. You can do anything you put your mind to. And here I am on a Peloton, struggling a bit , but doing it anyway, but not because of. Hm, because of him. And when I put my flesh on the line, as we're gonna go through the word today and talk about somebody else who exampled this so beautifully, I put my flesh on the line.

I am able to actually have 10 x 100 x outcomes. Because we serve a God who knows multiplication in a way that the world does not, and I'm so grateful for his capability. I'm so grateful for his greatness. I'm so grateful for the perplexities and the complexities of who he is and how he shows up for us.

Outside of our own weakness and inside of our own weakness. Right. I see Michael's on here this morning, brother. Good morning. Good morning. Back at it with our 20 minutes of Peloton and preach. I say 20 minutes every single time y'all. And I do intend for that to be the case, but I'm already seven minutes in and I forgot to actually press play on my Peloton.

So we're gonna have our timer start us now, even though I can hardly breathe. Let's take a breath. Let's, uh, let's breathe him in today and let's start in the word and I just wanted to give you some context of why I'm here for Peloton and preach. I wanna be a living testimony of mind, body, soul integration and what that means for our business.

Here on Earth as it is in heaven, because there is a kingdom business that is operating 24 7. Doesn't matter who the CEO is, doesn't matter who the integrators are, doesn't matter who the visionary is, because at some point in that 24 hour cycle, even if you have an entire team, Someone's off the clock, minutes go by.

Selfishness comes in, enemies come to distract. There's so much that transpires on a day to day basis, but his business never shuts down his hours of operation, never. He's always on speed dial. He's always there for us. And the vision that he's planted in your life, no matter what role you play in business, as the teacher, as the student, as the mentor, as the client, as the coach, as the community, it doesn't matter.

the call on your life is only connected to your alignment. And so when you get out of alignment in these different areas that I'm talking about, then you feel it. There's a tension connected to it. There's a conviction connected to it. And the reason that that's there is because God is knocking on your door.

He's literally knocking on your door. He's telling you, Oh, no. Wonder's so hard. I'm on 42 resistance over here. Whew. Hanging out with Allie on Peloton this morning, and I'm, I'm trying to be an overachiever. No, no, no. Right on pace. Right on pace. God just asking you to be right on pace. He doesn't need you to do more than the call.

He's got you in your weakness. He's got you in your strength. He's just asking you to show up. So let's pray and then we're gonna get into the word, like I said before, gotta thank you so much for who you. I thank you that you are so present in every single minute. I thank you that even just yesterday as we were talking with the team, glad that you showed up in a supernatural way that the verses that were revealed from my lips, just as an example, ended up being the testimony to my morning, the testimony to the mornings of those who are listening in on this opportunity.

This opportunity to understand who you are through who you've been to. God, I pray that they have their own revelations. I pray that they have their own convictions. I pray that they are called higher and they're sent out in the way that only you can send them God, God, cuz the greatest commission of all is to just love you and to be loved by you, for them to know and stand in their beloved identity for them to not question who you are, connected to, who they're intended to be.

And God at the same time, to know that even in our questioning, even in our curiosities, even in our confusions, even in our, our hold up points and our sinful nature, even in our flesh, God, even in the mental battlefield that we possess, that you are greater, that you are higher, that you know us, every single element of us, and if we could just rest in that identity of being known and being loved and being comforted by.

That you'll continue to speak to us. You'll continue to reveal fresh vision to us. so that when we are in flow, when we are in alignment, God with you directly, that we can pour out to humanity cuz humanity is crying out to you, Lord, in ways that they don't even know that they're crying out God. The spiritual junkies of the world, the, the mindfulness junkies of the world, the identity personality, tests of the world, the, the businesses, the corporations of the world.

The media of the world, the education sector of the world, the politicians of the world. Mm God, they all yearn for you. They all are hungry for you. And so they seek fleshly affirmation. And God, I just pray for those who are listening today, that they put their flesh down, that they're able to repent and say to you, God, that they've had sinful.

That they've reprioritized their life and you're not in the forefront. God, they just come to you when they're in need. They just come to you when they need help. They come to you when they're struggling. But God, I wanna live in a space where I am with you all day. In the blessings and the greatness, and the gratitude, in the confusion, in the worry.

But God, that you are glory to glory to glory. And between glory, there can be. And you exist there, just like you do on the success of a mountaintop. But what I found so beautiful about the people in this community is that they're all striving. They're all striving for upward mobility and that upward mobility, God is connected to who you are, that you're the bedrock of their lives.

And if they're not, if you're not, if they're not there in this season, God, I pray that this just touches them in a way that they haven't been touched. I pray that it speaks to them in a way they've never been spoken to. I pray that their ears are opened, their eyes are open, and their spirit is open to what is possible in.

Because when we get to those successful territories of goal setting in business or KPIs, key performance indicators in in business, or we have a new high ticket conversion that we're praising our teams for, or our systems for ads for God, that it has nothing to do with those exterior elements and it has everything to do with you.

And so may we treat our businesses like you treat us. May our businesses be the biggest love story. May our lives be the foundation in which you are glorified no matter what our calling looks like. Not in comparison. Oh Lord, we love you. Thank you for your word today. Thank you for your closeness today.

Thank you for your revelations today. Thank you for a body that can move and a mind that can meditate, and a heart that can send out love and light for relationships that support me and guide me and nurture me, oh Lord, and for this community. This community that calls me higher, this community that keeps me in momentum, this community that even when they're not speaking, even when no one's watching God, the calling connected to the commission is present and therefore community exists.

And so I rest in you as the community nurturer. I rest in you as the community converter. I rest in you God. Cause nothing else matters. May your word bring fresh life today. May it bring fresh momentum. May they pick up their pace as they're listening, pick up their pace. God, may they fall in line with you as close as the dust is on the sandals of your flip.

Flo God that they get close to you. I just called you wearing clip Flos , my beach vibed. Jesus, if you can't tell, God, you give us examples of who you are and you make yourself known to us in the ways that only we could understand. And so I thank you and I thank you that I see you. I thank you that you see me.

We give this time to you and your sweet name. Amen. Woo. All right. I see some extra eyeballs. I see some extra people hanging out with me this morning. It's good to see you. Good to see you. And I'm super excited to jump in. So I told you that I was talking with my team. We were talking about future reference, we're talking about how we want people to get into the word more.

We're projecting what does 2023 look like and yeah, it's only September and yeah, we've got a ton to do before then. We've got book launches coming up, The joyful anthology. Today? Not today. The book. The book lunch team, the promos. The book will be coming out on ten four. Do you copy? Do you copy? Ten four.

Ten four? Put that into your calendar. We're so excited. There's gonna be a collection of joyful entrepreneurs, 20 of us, in fact, who are coming to share our testimonies, connected to what he has revealed to us in our great commission. And so it's so awesome. I didn't even think about that as I was preparing this morning's message.

Well, God was preparing it for me. Let's be serious. I didn't do anything. I just read his word and he revealed it all. He's that. And that capable. And so if you're ever at a loss for words, get into the word, See what he says about the problem. See what he says about the, the blessing. He's got so much more to say than what your eyes are currently saying.

And so as we're having this conversation, I just blurred it out like, Okay, I want it to say this. I want it to be on a shirt. I want it to be on a hat. I want it to be on a mug. I want it to be on these different things, these different products. And then under it, even though it's not the verse that's on it, scripted under it, I want to have the reference of where that word came from in biblical format.

And so I just blurted out Isaiah six. And they were like, Whoa, I haven't been in the book of Isaiah. I haven't been simmering with it. And so immediately they were like, You need to go. You need to go look up that right now. So in the middle of our meeting, I open the word, I'm gonna read the exact verse, but then I'm gonna get into context here.

And my girl allie's, she's up on her feet, she's up on her feet. I'm like, No, I'm trying to read here. Come on. If you're hanging out with me, get your move on. Do some jumping jacks, do some abs. So I'm not the only one who's winded over here. So Isaiah. Isaiah six 12 says, Until the Lord has sent everyone far away and the land is utterly forsaken.

What , That doesn't sound very exciting, until the Lord has sent everyone far away and the land is utterly forsaken. I don't know about y'all, but I'm praying for the opposite . I'm like, I want everyone to come to know the Lord. I want every business to be mission driven in the marketplace. I want faith to be the foundation of how people show up in their life and not the element of what's behind them.

I don't, I don't want everyone to go away. I'm trying to get more people to join the mission. I'm trying to get more eyeballs on what's going on over here in Fit and faith media, what's happening in the world through the eyes of the Lord, what the word is saying about what's happening in the world. Wait, what?

And so this is the most important part about reading the. It is the context. Where does that come from? What is the heart of the father as it's being revealed to us? What is Isaiah walking through that the Lord is talking to him and telling him something like this. Now, for those of you who are not biblically based, I don't not call you a Christian.

I don't not call you a believer. I don't even call you a seeker. I just say you haven't had the resource in your hands to realize the revelations connected to it, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I am honored and highly, highly grateful to be able to give you this context connected to where you are in your life right now.

And this is why I do what I do. This is why you get to do what you do, because everything you bring in front of other people has to have that root core of goodness, of grace, of mercy, and of clarity. Because if you're bringing a message from a business perspective out into the world, whatever it is, Let's say your, your mission is, we wanna send everyone far away.

We want the land to be utterly forsaken. How are you gonna do that? What's your business plan associated to it? I'm curious, what is your bio read? What is your brand vibe? I imagine red, I imagine black, I reremember, I imagine X's I I imagine like stay out, get away, Maybe arrows pointing in the opposite directions.

You see how you can bring words to life. It's a part of business. It's a part of why you show up on social media. And so , if this is your calling, no matter what the words are, you have to be able to evoke truth and it has to be done in context. Cuz if you tell somebody about this and you give them just one verse, they're gonna be super confused.

There's so many money verses in the. Which is a huge part of how I love to educate, connected to abundance and prosperity, and people get it wrong. The love of money is the root of all evil. No, it's not right? It's, it's putting the love of money at the forefront of God. It's creating a false idol out of money.

It's putting greed as the precursor. It's putting success. My testimony. I get it. I'm not pointing fingers. I'm always raising my hand next to you. This is not intended to cast out your areas of inequities or to point in your areas of sin. I'm alongside you brother and sister, not as a sinner, cuz I'm redeemed.

I'm gonna talk to you about redemption here through Isaiah's lens in just a minute, right? But I want you to know I've been there. It's literally why I say yes. It's why I am panting on this dang thing and I am what now? 22 minutes in. See how in the world am I ever supposed to get this done in 20 minutes?

Lordie, I had five minutes on the Sunrise Music Festival stages this past weekend, Sun as s o n Jesus, who has risen the Sunrise Music Festival. And when they told me I had five minutes, I. Oh my gosh, what could I possibly say in five minutes that's gonna land as truth? That's gonna land as hope, That's gonna land as love.

I can bring joy in two seconds. No problem with that one. But what Morgan, who is my creative designer, she says they're gonna have to have one of those canes at like yank your neck off stage, cuz no way will you land it in five minutes. I simmered with the Lord all day on that message and he told me that I was there in that moment for the.

And as I was there for the Dreamers and I had a countdown person in the audience, so I didn't go over on time cause I wanted to honor their stage and their time clock, three minutes and 47 seconds and God said, You're done. Drop the mic and go. And I was like, What? I practiced that for so long. I always hit 10 minutes.

I couldn't even get close to. And so immediately I felt this rush of insecurity. I felt like, God, I didn't do what you called me to do. I definitely did what this is saying. I sent everyone far away, and I left the land utterly forsaken. I did that. At least that's how I felt. I told myself I didn't do it good enough.

It wasn't enough. And I often do that to myself. I don't know if you guys, can you raise your hand to self ridiculing to, to telling yourself that you're unworthy or not capable, or just questioning, Why did I even do that? Why was I even called to do that? Did I even make a difference? So my mind is spinning in moments later.

I walk over to our. And there's a beautiful woman named Angela who is in a wheelchair. Has a quadriplegic. She can barely speak, but I can tell that she's saying something and she's so excited. Oh my gosh. You could tell the joy on her, on her face. You could tell the joy coming out of her energy. And she had her companion, I'm imagining as her husband, and she was trying to talk to me, and so I just focused in on what she was saying and he was trying to, uh, what's the word when you, she, he was translating for her and it was like two sentences in, and I was like, Actually, I don't need you to translate.

He's like, Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. I don't know how much you can understand. I'm like, I actually understand her perfectly. So we have this conversation and. She says something incredible to me that literally put me on my knees. She has a ministry called Roll Cold. I'll have to tag it here for you guys afterwards.

For people who feel outcast, abandoned, different, differently abled, not pretty, not beautiful. and she said that the Lord told her when she was in her darkest of places as a quadriplegic. Here I am on a peloton. Y'all can you talk about gratitude? Let's go. Let's pick it up. If you're working out, let's go.

Let's go. Let's do it. For Angela, let's say. Yeah, girl. Yeah, girl. Yeah girl. Let's go. That the Lord told her the exact three things that he told me the exact in the exact order. She's never read my book. She doesn't know who I am. She doesn't know me from Adam. I didn't even say any of those words on stage in that three minutes and 47 seconds, and I was like, Only you, only you could show up to see me in that moment through this beautiful woman.

To affirm me when I am self-deprecating. Why do we do that when he is there? All the time. All the time. If we open our eyes, if we open our eyes to the message, if we get outside of the one liner, if we get outside of our head, if we get outside of our physical capability and we say God, Send me, send me, send me.

That's the message, you know, that's the verse everyone talks about. So I take that verse and I go backwards and I say, Whoa, what's happening here in this story? What's happening here? And why have I never heard or. This specific verse. So I back it up and it's talking about Isaiah's greatest commission. Oh, y'all, I'm sorry I'm winded, but I'm so passionate about this and I don't even care if my timer is up in one minute and 16 seconds.

I'm already seven minutes fast. This is too good. This is the revelation from yesterday and this morning. It's talking about in the year of King, a Isaiah died. I saw the Lord high and exalted seated on a throne, and the train of his robe filled the temple. Oh, I love that visual. The train of his robe filled the temple.

You think of the bride and the bride groom the church and that of his maker and his bride and his bride groom. Oh, so beautiful. I love trains for so many reason. Above him were ssim. Each with six wings. These are angels. Okay. Also, Ssim. The root of that, Sarah, Yeah. Stands for burners. Burners. Okay. Think fire.

Think embers. Think coal. Whether they're protectors of the Lord and or worshipers. Simultaneous, perhaps, I believe. They are the exemplary element, the angelic being that is there to meet and greet you and also to protect the Lord. I don't know that he needs protection, but he's got an angel on me that's for sure.

And I don't wanna read the entire thing because it's 13 ver verses and I can hardly breathe as it is. But I want you to know that in this moment, the Ssim are saying, Holy, holy, holy. The triad, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy, holy, holy. It always comes in. Threes is the Lord God Almighty, and the whole earth is full of his glory.

These are songs. If you know worship songs, they're pulling from context right here in Isaiah six. So right when I read that there was peace, there was, Oh God, I know this. I'm not completely ill-equipped when it comes to the Bible. I know this. And so I keep reading and it talks about what he says in that moment, in this line of sight, in this vision.

And so it was just like that moment when I was sitting with Angela and I was like, Oh my gosh, God. He says, Woe to me I am ruined for I am a man of unclean lips and I live among a people of unclean lips. And my eyes have seen the king, the Lord Almighty, and I think about us who live among the unclean every single day being infiltrated.

Mind, body, spirit, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, mind, spirit, energy. Constantly being infiltrated in unclean territory and we are asked to go higher. We're asked to see him. And even in our mental battlefields, the place that I was completely eating myself alive in that moment, God will send an angel. Hmm. Angela was an angel in that moment.

He'll send an Angel, Angel and he'll remind you that you are yet become, You are yet to be in the fullness of what he's made you to be. You haven't figured it out yet. Your identity isn't secure in him. If you're doubting, your identity isn't secure in him. If you are struggling all day every day, your identity isn't secure and that doesn't mean you don't love him.

And it surely doesn't mean that he doesn't love you cuz he loves you even still. , the three things that he said to both Angela and I are You are fully seen. You are fully known, and I still love you. So woe is me and my sin. Woe is me and my incapability. Woe is me and my limiting beliefs. Woe is me in the false stories that I'm telling myself.

It happens, and I wanna be transparent and with you that I'm not anywhere but right here on this Peloton, on this mic, on these screens to share with you that we are still becoming, I am always becoming. It's the name of my book Y'all, which is about to celebrate its first birthday, not shameless plug because of the book about no shame.

Okay? And I need you to know that I've walked this out and even still, woe is. Right. So Isaiah says, Woe is me. I am ruined. And then the Sarah fi the burners. They flew over to him with a live coal in his hand, which I can't even go into the next story. I'm just have to share you on Thursday about the live coal and cole reference from this weekend connected to bananas and grapes.

Just stick with me. Come back Thursday at 6:00 AM to watch it or to watch the replay. Let me know if you're watching the replay now, cuz I know a lot of people who were super pumped about me doing this again, and they said they're gonna jump on their pelotons later or go on their walks or runs and work out with me so that I'm not the only one panting.

I'm calling you higher. I see Stephanie, my girl over here, she's always got her guns blazing. I hope that you're working out with me today, sis, getting that body on for all those mamas who need. So the Shan comes over and he touches Isaiah's mouth with the coal, and it was from the the seat of the throne.

And he says, Isaiah, see this has touched your lips. Actually, I'm sorry. Shan is saying this. See, this has touched your lips. Your guilt is taken away, and your sin is a tone for now. Isaiah's already a believer. He's a prophet. He's one of the most amazing prophets of the entire scripture. and yet still woe was me.

He says, But then low is the Lord. Low is the Lord low. It says, Whoa low. And my favorite part, why I arrest a majority of my energy on is the go. This whoa low go formula was revealed to me while I was studying this morning. Not my own words, his words, God's words, but picked up from another pastor. And this is what I want you to know when you're saying things that you're sharing from other people.

One, give him credit. It's important. Can't remember his name, but I'll tell you in the in the notes, give him credit. And also be okay with sharing someone else's revelation that's connected to yours because we are all here to be points of affirmation and connectivity to explain and to a landscape, the character and the love of God.

I can't do it alone. I cannot teach you everything that God wants you to know. You've gotta have multiple mentors. You've gotta have multiple people that you're seeking information from. You've gotta study along different pastors, not just one. Don't falsely idolize, just like I was doing it with business or success or money.

Don't falsely idolize anything, anything, Period. Okay. So woe is me. He calls out and repents, even though he's an amazing believer already, we are constantly becoming that. He says, Low, I, I've experienced you. You have touched my lips. My sin is removed. My I repent in your moment. And it's a toned. And this is my favorite.

This is the go. This is what I've seen on shirts. This is what most mission led ministers in the marketplace are saying. They wanna. It says, and here I am. So what happens is the Lord says, Whom shall I sin? Who will go for us? US triad? Father, Son, Holy Spirit. He's talking about himself in ness in third person, in multitude, because he's not just God, he's father, Son, Holy Spirit.

And this is what everyone wants. We say, Here I am. Send me, Isaiah says this. Here I am. Send me God. He just had this incredible encounter with God. This happened to me, okay? When I had an encounter with the Lord, just like it happened to Angela. When she had her encounter with the Lord, she said, Here I am God.

What do you want me to do with this revelation? What do you want me to do with this light? What do you want me to do with this overwhelm of joy? What do you want me to do? With all of this knowledge and entrepreneurship, it cannot be put to waste. I love it too much. How do I position it so that it's yours?

It's a constant sacrifice. That's a constant giving. It's a constant effort on my behalf. Not out of performance, not out of perfection, not out of success drive, not out of accolades, but of surrender out of a place to say, God, this is what I have, this is my offering for you, and I wanna help other people.

I wanna touch their own lips with these coals so they can have this revelation and they'll have those encounters I can make way for encounters for you, Lord. I can be a burner. I can burn so bright, I can bless other people through that burning. Do you get that? You have an opportunity to be a part of his angel army, and you can do it even with your imperfections, but you surrender that imperfection.

You raise your hand. You say, Here I am, send me, and then he says, Go and tell this people. To be ever hearing, but never understanding, to be ever seeing, but never perceiving. Make the heart of this people callous. Make the ears dull and close their eyes. Otherwise, they might see their eyes here with their ears and understand with their hearts and turn and be healed.

That's perplexing. So we raised our hand and say, Here I am. Send me to do this amazing mission. To tell everyone about the encounter, to tell everyone about the time that I met the burners, and I stood before the holy one and he said to me, You are fully seen. You are fully known, and you are fully loved.

But then he says to turn their eyes and ears and hearts away from you. How does that make sense? These are not the calling. Curiosities the calling desires that most of us want. We want people to know him, and it's not that Isaiah's being told not to know him. He's saying drive them away. Cuz then his question is, for how long, Lord, how long do you want me to do this to send people away?

And he said, Until the cities lie ruined. And without inhabitant until the houses are left deserted and the fields are ruined and ravaged. Here's the 12 that I came to until the Lord has sent everyone far away and the land is utterly forsaken. And now at that moment, a 10th remains in the land and it will again, even the 10th be laid waste.

But as the terin and oak, this is a genre of oak tree leaves stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in. So much in that. So much in that and so confusing, right? Why would God want that? Well, if you read in context, this is the most important part about studying the word and knowing how it parallels to your story and to what God is doing through your life, and the revelations connected.

You will learn that he is basically asking Isaiah to rid Israel of all the sinners who he has sent multiple prophets for, who he has sent multiple commissions to. And it's not working. It's not working. But Noah. The promise of God, the rainbow that I stand on and beneath every single day has already told us that he would never fill the land with floods again.

He would never destroy his people, but he will send a prophet to send them out to say, Go this way. And so Isaiah does that, and there's a whole book in the Bible that you can go and read, but I want you to focus on Isaiah six today. I want you to go in and I want you to read the context of what's being taught in the sidelines.

Because what is beautiful about that is that there is always remnants, remnants. The holy seed is left in that land. The holy seed is left in that neighborhood. The holy seed is left in that person's. and so how you're doing this, How is Isaiah go and remove people from the city and be confused by that.

This is what convicted me about this in multiple ways. The whoa low go formula, repent experience, be sent out. You've, you've gotta come before the Lord and, and raise your hand to surrender and not be like in this place of not me hiding your sins. Hiding yourself. God sees all things He knows all things low, be transformed, be in all the root of low.

Love him in a way you've never loved him. And then in that sending, he has a great commission for your. The other thing that was brought to me was that holy seed, the fact that no matter what you do, no matter what your commission is, no matter where you go and how you do it, whether you're leaving people's hearts forever implanted in the Lord, or you're leaving a clear slate for holy seed to foster and new birth, harvest to come.

That's what he was doing. He was basically a farmer. He said, I need you to get out of this field. God has something more, I think of realtors in this space who look at old dilapidated buildings and they say, Take that who house away? Take that drug house away. I wanna build something beautiful. I want there to be a harvest.

I want there to be light in this city. There's a an addiction recovery house that is built right in the midst of what is not good area, but it is planted with intention and that pastor's calling was hard and didn't make sense. Why would I put it here? Lord, they're just gonna come knocking. They're just gonna get distracted when they come for recovery.

Are you serious? This is a minister. This is a house. This is a place for recovery. God is gonna send angel armies to protect it. When you're on mission, he's protecting you. But the third and final thing that I think is so important for you to recognize, especially in today's business world. This world is basically Isaiah's being sent out to lose followers.

Hmm. Who's that sitting with? Isaiah's being sent out to lose followers, to lose focus, to lose attention. He's gonna lose friends, he's gonna lose family members, he's gonna lose relatives. Do you realize that? And do you think that he didn't question at that moment? The great commission on his life, God, I asked you to send me.

I have so much to give the world. Why are you telling me to do this hard work of sending them away? I want a mission. I wanna be like Jesus. I wanna massive community. I wanna speak to 5,000. I wanna see miracle signs and wonders. And God says, No, no, no. You're not gonna see what you're doing in your own life with your own eyes.

But when you come and you sit at the right hand of the father in your salvation and in your activation, because you said yes to something that was hard, something that you hadn't seen other people do, the world is telling you to go find followers and have influence, and God says, Influence the root of influences flow.

And flow means alignment with him so that you can go out and do the Lord's work. Even when it's hard, even when people are gonna ostracize you, even when people are gonna unfollow you. This is the commission, here I am. Send me what is he calling you to do? That's heavy, That's hard that you're not gonna see the fruit until the generations that follow you get to experience.

How many times did people in the Bible go and do things that they never saw come to fruition? Think of Moses. He never even got to go into the promised land. The vision that God gave him wasn't for him. It was for his generations. It was for his lineage. And so when we talk about legacy, it's connected to the kingdom, not even just your own children.

stop being selfish and thinking that your money is for them to raise up. No, it's for the kingdom. Your kids might go wayward. What happens then with that money? How many times do we see kids who are, what do they call 'em? Um, ah, um, trust fund babies, right? Trust when babies, and they blow it because they're not rooted.

They've never had the whoa low go encounter. They've never raised their hand to surrender. They've never raised their hand for app penance, and therefore they've never had an amazing transformation or transaction. With the Lord, like me and Angela have y'all. She's quadriplegic and she runs a women's ministry.

She cannot speak, and I'm about to have her on my podcast. It's gonna happen. We're gonna have a translator. It's gonna be incredible. But you've got to know that until you're asked to go, until you. The quest and surrender your entire mission. Your mission doesn't matter. His mission matters. Until that happens, you're not going to be building anything effective, Anything that's St.

Sturdy, you're building on the sand and not the rock. And I don't say that to point at you. I say that because I've been there. Yes. Michael. Lessons learned out of adversity. Yes. Darrell unfollow me. I will follow him. Before anyone ever followed me on social media, God followed me. Come on. Come on. This is so good.

This isn't my words. This is your words. This is your story. I'm just here to help you cheer you on and say, Let's go. When God gives you a call and it seems confusing and he gives you a word and he gives you a scripture, and you go to the Word and you're so perplexed and you're like, What is. Stop taking it out of context.

Stop making it your own story. Understand what's transpiring. Look to other mentors. Read about it. Get in on pastoral messages that are on YouTube. Get into podcast, get into books, and then you're gonna take that and you're gonna blow it into the business that you're working in, whether that's your business or whether you're an integrator in that.

You are a founder, you are an innovator, and you're a trailblazer, and that is today's Peloton and preach. Woo. 45 minutes on, I said 20. God multiplies my energy, he multiplies my time, and he's gonna do the same for you. Thanks so much to everyone who was hanging out live today. Your words mattered, your heart mattered.

Your eyeballs, on the screen mattered. Thank you, Aaron. You hung out the whole time. Sister, I hope you got your movement in. It's a blessing to serve. It's a blessing to be surrendered, but I will tell you, it's also hard. It's hard. It's hard to do this, but he's calling us higher. He's calling us to carry a heavier load.

He's calling us to lose followers and be okay with it. I've been teeter tottering between 16, nine and 17 K on Instagram ever. it feels like in the year, honestly, And I cannot, in my mind's eye, figure out, what am I doing wrong? Again, limiting beliefs, again focused on worldly numbers, influence. So this message to me was tammar.

None of that matters. Just show up. Show up in the way I'm calling you to show up. Stay consistent, Stay obedient, Stay surrendered. And the callings might change. The callings might shift. You might have the gift and talent of being a prophet and even still, I'm calling you to be unfollowed followed. Why would you wanna be a prophet that people false idolize?

Because you have the capability of prophesying. . That's not good for them. That's not good for their faith. We want them to believe in God. So don't let anyone falsely idolize you as an influencer. Point to heaven. Point to him and see what he does in the multiplication of your prosperity and the blessings that are around you.

I love you guys. Thanks again. See you Thursday at 6:00 AM Bye-bye.

Hey y'all. It's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community. Whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually. I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway. Snap a pick of the episode and share it on your stories or.

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Thanks again for being a loyal listener, and I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events. Speaking at or hosting, and I say we because the fit and faith team could not do this without you. Until next time. Blessings over your joy, Health, wealth, and wholeness. This is the fit and faith way.

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