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Own Your Royalty: A Sonship Built In the Fire – With Jesse Wood

Y’all – I’m sitting on cloud 9 right now after recording this intense and incredibly insightful podcast with the one and only Jesse Wood. He’s a creator, a designer, a life coach, a speaker, a transformer, a teacher, a musician, a worshipper and above all – he’s a man who walks in the confidence of Jesus claiming his truest identity as a son!

If you’ve never heard of him – stand by – because you surely won’t forget him after you’ve had the opportunity to hear his wisdom, passions and huge heart towards people and especially our loving Father.

We unpacked so much goodness that we couldn’t cap this segment to one hour! I can assure you this 2 hour podcast will be worth every minute of your time.

So sit back, rest in the goodness of God and soak in the words that we hope will lead you into your next phase of intimacy with your maker in the clear understanding of your sonship.

Concepts Including:

“Not perfection but connection.”

Letting love be our first language.

Walking into our calling.

Learning to rest in God’s goodness.

Dreaming big and tapping into our potential.

Finding our identity as royal children.

Recognizing and enjoying our inheritance and sonship.

Dissecting what it means to be intimate with God

And taking a peace inventory in order to do so.



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SHOW NOTES: A Sonship Built in Fire

Tamra: I’m so glad to have you here. And I was so expectant for what today would be and what it would be, not just for myself but for us for the people that are listening and the people who will listen in the future. Just to give Jesse a quick intro, for those who don’t know him, I actually am just getting to know him more myself. He is a new friend but a fast friend and I’m blessed that he came into my life through other people who I just, I know radiate the Lord all the time. I think of Jay and Madeline and just now meeting Demetria like you guys are like a powerhouse and it’s just such an incredible space. I don’t even have to be near you. I literally think of you guys and I’m like, man, what am I doing today to get in, get into the word to get my, my very being deeper.

Tamra: And so I’m grateful for how you walk your life. I’m grateful for how you shed your light, God’s light and the time that you invest in people is absolutely incredible. And here you are at the beginning being like, I don’t really want to invest my time in people. I only want to invest my time in Jesus but thank you for being here and hopefully, it’s a simultaneous experience for us both. But Jesse has a bajillion titles among his name and we don’t like to claim titles by any means, but if you check out the podcast, not only this but all of the information you’ll get to see that he has, he’s actually really rocking his own hat right now. 99 for the one, if you know the verse, I’m sure he’ll shout it out here in a little while, but incredible ministry just based around the fact that he knows because he was one that God came after.

Tamra: And we’re going to get to hear that testimony here a little bit. I don’t even know it fully, so I’m excited to hear how that kind of evolved. But a life coach, a marketing guru, an incredible musician and artist, a creator, and really just a mastermind of himself. But he, when he gets with other people can just make it happen. And it’s really exciting and in vinegar invigorating. Because I have that entrepreneurial spirit about myself and I’m never really figured out until the last few months how to tap into that in a God-given way and once you can. Boy, is it powerful, so grateful to have you, grateful to have people hear from you?

Jesse Wood: Thank you. I’m excited. I love just winging it and I should tell you and the audience you’ve you, I’m sure you know this by now, that my love language is sarcasm and it wasn’t mentioned in Corinthians, but Paul missed one of the gifts of the spirit and that’s being able to move seamlessly from sarcasm to being in the spirit and back again with no warning. I have that gift so I can read you well enough. And if I don’t laugh, I’m sorry, I’m probably taking offense, but I’ve learned not to do that. I offend easily but also have no feelings. So you can say whatever you want. To meet will be fine. I’ll probably just return a joke back at you.

Tamra: I love it. I feel like that’s how my husband is, so it makes it super easy and he often will like, Gary’s is the most likable person if you ever meet him. He’s just incredibly likable and he went on a bachelor party a few years back and one of them, the groom’s brother came back and he was like, he wanted to fight me. I’m like, you why? He was like, he could not comprehend my sarcasm and I was legitimately joking and all of our friends were laughing the whole time and he got mad that he left the bachelor party early and I’m like, you should probably call an apology. He’s high. I don’t know what to apologize for. I was just being me. He’s a grown man. He could have figured out my sarcasm so I’m, I’m hoping I’m used to your sarcasm.

Jesse Wood: I’m sure it will do great. It’s amazing. Well, thanks for letting me be here. I’m excited to also be to share with your amazing audience. This is the eighth one of course. I’m a huge fan of just numbers and different things. Tell me about eight. Yeah, eight is new beginnings, so in the creation of seven days. So you have the whole thing happens. We have the seventh day, the day that the Lord of rest and the eighth day was the first day where they went to work essentially because you to go from rest to now working in the completion of everything. So I love eight because it’s now all the pieces are here. We’ve stepped back to bless God for the journey and then it’s like all right, now what do we do? We just get to enjoy and that’s, that’s when in creation we see Adam go into work.

Jesse Wood: Now he’s naming all the animals. He’s, he’s just living life in what the Lord has built and handed to him. And I love that. This is the eighth one because I feel, and I was about to apologize, but I’m not going to apologize. So again, just, just seamlessly. Five, if I feel the Lord, I’m just going to throw it out there and I just, I just see even not just this podcast, but this podcast was a piece of your creation story and having all the pieces in place and going like, okay, we made it. Now let’s begin. And all these things, it’s so many little things. Like in creation it says that the Holy Spirit brooded or hovered over the waters and our kind of read past that so quickly. That’s very important. It’s a very important foundational piece that there wasn’t land before.

Jesse Wood: There was water, there was water first, and the Lord actually had to retract water for land and his spirit hovered over the waters. And we see so often in scripture where spirit is? The water, the spirit is symbolized by water. And so you, the fullness of the spirit and the Lord actually begin to withdrawal to create a space for a man to exist because we have to habituate were on land. It’s just so amazing that the Lord gives us space to live life with him. He’s so, but he loves us. He created us for love. He is love and you want people to experience the best of who you are. And that’s what the Lord wants to experience his best. And I see that for you, not just, and I say in this season, but by season even in here, cause such foundation. This was meant to be at that point at day eight was the beginning of forever of the season of now forever

Tamra: Spirit calling. Keep on keeping on.

Jesse Wood: Jesus. Yeah. Thank you for the call. Thank you for the call Lord. Sweet mom. Really look at that mom. Mom calling in. Really, really love you. That’s, that’s amazing. And we’ll just take that. So phones and calling her and digging of the colon. That’s all your life.

Tamra: Yeah, there you go. Right here. Like I don’t care what you’re doing. My colleague is here. It’s coming in. Oh, that’s so good.

Jesse Wood: I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for the foundation seasons you’ve gone through. I’ve read a lot of your testimony. I love how transparent you are because it, to really bring someone up, to lift them up, you have to find a point of connection. Otherwise, you’re just moving and they’re watching you. So when you, when you go, Hey, I’ve been here and you let people grab on to that place, but you’re also higher. You have somewhere you can take them. And I love that. It’s amazing that you have a life that reflects that and does that and creates connection points and brings other people into just broaden. That’s all every guest is doing. Just broadening your connection points to go, hey, follow me as we’re just transparent and real and show that this is, this is what life is. It’s not perfection, but it can be enjoyed when there’s a connection, connection with each other, the community that you’re talking about, this community that I have such an amazing family, but that all evolve or revolve around connection with the Lord. Absolutely. And that’s that having that consistency is so, so

Tamra: Yeah and just like the inquiry base around that too because there are people I know that follow or come along for the ride for different reasons and maybe it’s like my physical journey or my mental battles that I faced and that spiritual piece hasn’t connected for them. But that whole concept of mind, body, and soul, mind, body and spirit, that alignment, that essential like revolving, I just, I almost see like the world’s spinning on an axis. Like you can’t have one without the other and people are, are all on a journey of identity and self-identity and claiming who they are. And it’s, it’s learning that vertical piece of saying who we are told to be, who we are said to be who we were called, how we were created to be and comprehend that. It just changes that whole axis. It’s like it finally starts circling versus us trying to weave and blow and try to get that ball right on the right spinning space.

Tamra: You can’t do it unless all three of those things are in motion. It was interesting when you were talking, I was just totally going back to my visual that I got yesterday and I always talk about like God winks and I feel like he just winks at us all day long. And that’s just my explanation of, of him showing up in a way that my dad always, w growing up would always just wink at me. Like whether I was at gymnastics or I was on the other side of the room and he was having a conversation and I kind of just caught his eye. And I just always see that as like a sign of adoration because it means that even if he has his mind or his body somewhere else physically and it’s not right next to mine, it was just this reminder that, Hey, I see you, Hey, I love you.

Tamra: And so it’s so transcended into this godly father experience because my dad and I haven’t been as close in recent years and so I just lean on it so much. And so yesterday I was running on the beach and I don’t know if you saw my story yesterday, but I was working out with my dogs and I had stopped and I was listening to a worship set on Spotify of a women’s group that means locally called hot and Holy, which is just incredible to talk about that another time. But such as spirit move. And so I just felt compelled to dance. So I was dancing, I was doing ballet on the beach and it was just so free.

Tamra: Come on, you hasn’t done that. Lay with me. I’ll clean, maybe not in public. I was right in public and I did not even fair because the worship song ABA father was on and it just breaks me every time. And I was watching the dolphins, like ride the waves, grew up at the beach, see it all the time. I’m like, gosh, that’s so cool. You know, thank you God for this time. And just praising he and I see an air blow and I’m like, dolphins, dolphins do that. Yeah, I guess dolphins do that. Interesting. So I start videoing because they are just having so much fun. And as I video a whale breaches and falls backward and I just got so joyful and emotional, I started crying, I was laughing and I was like, God, come on, show off for me. Like this is all yours.

Tamra: And it just makes me, as you’re talking about like God hovering over the waters. Like that was probably while it’s the last if you think about technically it’s like the first piece of land right as the ocean touches right there. And I’m just standing like that. Such a miraculous space to be on top of any water. But I just felt like God’s presence was so apparent. I was late for, I was going and it just didn’t even matter. I was like literally laughing, dancing like tourists or people who live there. If I like, that girl is a crazy hippie. It’s 2019 and such all night. Just smile. I still had like a mile to run back and I don’t think my smile broke. I don’t know if I even breathe. Actually, when I walked into the office today, I was like, you look like your face has been stuck there.

Tamra: Like it’s so just bringing me life so good. It was just so good and I needed it so badly. I had taken a personal little day, which I don’t think we take it up a personal health day, not a sick day. And he just, he’s like, thanks you for taking that time for you and me because we don’t do it enough. That’s true. And that’s where my emotion really came. Because I was like, if we just took the time to look outside of our current space, our current situation, our current, you know, mental space, you could really just, God will show up. He’ll wink at you in such a big way.

Jesse Wood: So true. The Lord is always speaking. He loves us as his children and I’ll kind of start, start deep and work backward when we just going straight all the way in the prophetic and do training and just activations. And I just love loving on people using the tool of the prophetic. To me, it’s, it’s, it all about loves, loving the Lord, loving people. If Jesus said, all the law is summed up there, right? So the goal ever only will always be to love people. Anything. Anything else you do, anything you employ, strategies should just be a way to do that. If it’s, if that’s not what it’s for, it’s a waste of time or its selfish ambition. So if you’re prophesying, let it be for love because you can fail at a prophetic word. You can even, you can even pray for healing for somebody and not see the healing happen right there at the moment.

Jesse Wood: You can want to be generous but not have money. But if your goal is to love and you just think with what I have, whether it’s just encouraging words, can I just love on somebody? That’s the one thing that the word says never fails. Love never fails. There’s all about life coaching and success coaching. It’s here’s, here’s my tip for you. Just make your life mission, business, and mission, whatever, to love people and you will never fail so good and just go, alright, but my gift or talent or idea is this. So let me let that be my flavor of love or my language of love as my, my sister Demetrius Stallings that you have mentioned, she has a nonprofit letter of the heart and I’m her logistics manager. We’re, we’re just bro and SIS and a mantra. She has come up with that. It’s just, it’s, it’s ingrained in our mission is to create space for people to be their best, their best selves while letting love be their language.

Jesse Wood: And that’s, that’s what it’s all about. So once you connect in love, now what? Give people space to be their best selves. But in the, in the prophetic, you have to know the word talks about how God’s thoughts for his children are as numerous than the grains of sand that you were just dancing. You didn’t even in the miles and all that, that you ran every piece of sand that you touched, not even close to the number of thoughts that the Lord has for you. And can you believe that any moment you can just in conversation with him, you can hear some of those for yourself or you can get some of those thoughts for someone else and that that’s prophetic? It’s just perceiving those and, but, but even rewinding all the way down to just, just being encouraging. Just a smile, just a wink that is communicating what love that language of love.

Jesse Wood: And it’s, it’s so amazing to help people understand that the Lord loves them that much. And our problem is that Jesus is not on earth anymore, but that’s also the greatest solution. It’s the greatest solution because Jesus basically said either he didn’t give us this option because he knew better cause word. You know you don’t give up. There are some options. You don’t give your children, you just say, no, this is the best and this is what’s going to happen. And it’s later we figured out, Oh no, I know why they did that. So Jesus is like, either the world has adjusted to me for the time that I’m here on earth or I can leave and give all who wants it the same spirit to operate like me. And so by Jesus leaving, he multiplied himself and that’s the invitation that we have to walk in.

Jesse Wood: But before we even get there, you were talking about identity and I really want to touch that. But there’s so much, I love seeing things post and people be like, you know, be you be who you are. Don’t let anybody tell you who you are, which, which is really great, but you’re kind of assuming something. You’re assuming that people already know who they are. And as much as you can even write down who, who do you want to be? I love that. You know, write down who you want to be. But there’s an even better way. It’s asking the person who created you, who you are, right, getting with the Lord and going, who am I? You know, the word says that he needed us together and even before you were made, he for new you, for new you. He already designed great works for you to do, but more than that, he calls us his beloved.

Jesse Wood: He wants to just be intimate with us. And when you start, when you live life out of that place, which is what Jesus did, living life out of that place of intimacy before Jesus went into the greatest trial of his life, that then began his ministry. What happened? He got baptized and immediately received an affirmation of his identity. This is my son whom I love and with whom I am well pleased, which was actually a Jewish cultural practice, a level of sonship. Actually, when you’re born into a family, let’s, let’s just take the male in the kingdom of God. Let me preface. Sonship is it’s not just an, it’s not just an idea. It’s, it’s more of a, a status. It’s a state has nothing to do with your sex, male, female. So when we say, where we’re all-inclusive, the Lord’s children and a lot of times the word son is translated into our Bible, S child or children of God.

Jesse Wood: If you, if you find it in scripture and then you go to the Greek, usually it’s the word son. Cool. Cool. Okay. So when you’re talking about sonship, we’re born into the kingdom of God. But we have to decide whether we want to make Jesus our Lord. So then you’re saying, yeah, I am a son, but now I choose to accept and walk in that identity. So now we’re in the kingdom. But the first level is like an immature child. And there’s a scripture I have, I have the notes, I don’t have it offhand. It’s, it’s up to a lot of notes. But there’s a scripture that that compares an immature child in the kingdom of God to that of a servant. It’s like you’re a servant, but you own everything. It’s almost like you’re leaving a lot on the table and while you’re doing work in the house, it’s like you don’t live like you have any ownership.

Jesse Wood: There’s so much more than this. And the problem with that is the way that looks is there’s a lot of Christianity in this place. I’m just here to serve God, give all, give him all the glory and, and yes, and amen. Hallelujah. But, but the thing is, you are a kid in that kingdom. And while the Lord he, there’s work that needs to be done, but he wants family first. He’s not looking for just works. Now that is the fruit of faith, which is really just trusted in God. But so there’s this invitation come out of just servanthood in the kingdom to keep moving in sonship. And so when you find a side, okay, I’m now going to relate to the Lord, not just as a master, but as a father. That’s this other one. So the first one in the Greek is nippy owes, the second one is teknon and it’s now this, you’re my father, I’m your son.

Jesse Wood: There’s an intimate relationship. That’s now happening. I see you as my dad. Then, when I was growing up, my parents divorced and I was about 14 and I had, there were five of us kids in the household when I hit 14 hits high school, my oldest sister was now college-age, so she moved out. It was me and my twin brother, my younger sister, two years younger and my older brother, two years older, we all pretty much ended up in like surrogate homes. Just because of the emotional state of my parents. My dad’s still working to provide yet we just still needed family. We all kind of just gravitated to like our best buddies. And you know, my sister, her best girlfriend and so that was, there was, my buddy, is at Kauffman. I basically lived at their house. And so I’m talking about this idea of relating to someone as a father, even though your natural instinct is like, it’s, it’s not my, my earthly dad, it’s not my birth father.

Jesse Wood: And so you have a birth father, everybody does obviously, but, but understanding that the Lord is your father and relating to him in that way, that’s the birthplace of intimacy with him. And there was something about seeing Zach’s dad, George Hoffman as a father. What, what was my favorite thing to do was to co-labor with him. It was to, he owned a construction company. I worked with him for a while, just working with him, listening to classic rock and just, just working next to him, just bonding or if it was a Saturday, being at the house, I’d always grab the weed eater because I have attention for detail and he’d be on the Ron lawnmower. My best friend will be on the ride like we’re all doing our piece. And it, it was easy, to feel like family at first by just serving in that house.

Jesse Wood: Because I feel like I’m earning my keep. But it began to get uncomfortable for me when I was included in holidays and vacations. And I started to feel like what I was receiving was more than what I deserve. That’s just a co-labor, just a servant. And that I hadn’t worked up to this much. It was a little bit uncomfortable and the Lord hadn’t really deal with me about learning how to receive and just live in the identity as a son, that you deserve, that you are, I am deserving. I don’t have to do, you don’t have to do the works in order to receive, even though the

Tamra: Works are important, he loves you from the moment you can’t even do anything. And so that’s a hard place to be when you’re in that, that juvenile stage of like still, who am I and how now am I worthy? So I’m curious like when you’re in that experience where you already like walking with the Lord at that point. I grew up in the church. Okay. So I wanted to know that piece because I don’t feel like I really know it.

Jesse Wood: Yeah. I grew up in church, love, love, love my parents. They,

Jesse Wood: We’re very supportive. I’ve been playing bass for 20 years, started in the church. I’ve always done it in the church, self-taught. I’m always supportive of anything we wanted to do for the Lord. My mom was maybe sometimes overprotective, but I think better to be overprotective than, than not Eve. Sure. As far as exposing us to things that she thought might be harmful to us. I remember her trying to explain to us probably way before we could understand baptism and tongues and but grew up in the church. So church, family, and community have had always been okay. Another family with my natural family. And so when my parents went through a divorce, it was very easy to just lean heavier on that side. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. That’s a blessing. And looking back on it now though, I realize that up until

Jesse Wood: Really a year ago, I think I had been operating primarily out of that NetBIOS just serving the Lord. Well, yeah. Nobody ever would have looked at me and said, you’re not doing enough for the Lord. In fact, a lot of people looked up to and were seeking me on how to do more, how to be better as a spirit of excellence and helping people, empowering and delegating. I could do it all and really love people and have great things to say. I have an associate’s degree in ministry, and so when you’re looking at paper qualifications I’m doing it. I’m making it happen. But what I didn’t realize until I started really asking the Lord, there’s got to be more. There’s no way yet at the time, I’m like 30 years old. And so I was kind of fresh out of divorce and just realizing now I’m by myself.

Jesse Wood: I have a daughter, a single dad. She lives with her, with her mother. So now I could kind of do whatever I want to do. Yeah, never planned to be in this place, but here we are. Lord, what? Let’s dream big. How, how can I live my life? And so it’s such a way that there’s no potential left on the table when I die. I don’t mean just doing some good things that nobody would question. I’m talking about where I can even start blowing your mind where you’re like, you didn’t think that somebody could tap into this much potential that he like, I want the God to have to go back to the drawing board. Like I didn’t actually plan anymore because most people don’t get to this place. You know, like I’ve already given you so much and you’re, you’re tapping it out and you’re like, what’s next? And God’s like, Oh shoot. Like I didn’t plan for this. Do you know what I mean? Like I joke around that I hope that I give the Holy Spirit PTSD. Like I’m not sure if you just wanted me to come here to relax, but my siblings are in the room and I can just sense that the heart of God for them and whatever. I’m just going in and Holy Spirit, you better be ready. Do you know what I mean?

Tamra: Then at the same exact time, and that’s us being man, right, is that it’s, he already knew. He already knew that you were going to be at this place at this time fulfilling the potential and wanting more. He’s already, he’s already got the next door ready to open and he’s just waiting for you to keep walking. So that obedience that you, you might see it as like or other people might see as Holy cow, he is really intimate with the Lord and you yearning for more. God’s like, Oh yeah, I know, I know my son is, wants to know me best, wants to know me most and I’m going to give him the access to do so. Which I just think is another whole concept of amazing. Because we all have that, we all have access to it. It’s just a matter of how people are going about it.

Tamra: In what culture has deemed a societal norm of busy and overwhelmed and overworked and often exhausted? And so I love, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen you exhausted other than maybe three hours after a prophetic experience where then you’re just, you go from like here to just like, ah, like it looks like somebody like sub siphoned out every ounce of anything inside of you. So I’ve seen that transformation. But when I ever just see you like on a day to day, I like always be like, you look so refreshed and just like ready to take on the world and what’s happening, what’s this moment going to give me? And when I was thinking about our time today, I was in that space of expectancy, but, and that was like kind of the word I deemed over my year last year. It was expected. And I learned during that time of kind of just obedient and leading into that word with God, what does that mean to be expected and how it, how do you expect me to be?

Tamra: Learning that expectancy, but then also how can I put place my heart and my mind in a space of no expectations, because that is a whole other space of like being let down or you not meeting what I expect to be the scenario. But this place of just, Lord, take me where you want me to go, Lord. Give me what you’d have me to have today in this time in this place. And so I love that example of servanthood and, and being inside your home and I just moved and that’s like, Whoa, don’t ever do that when you have children. It was horrible. I am doing, I’m still moving and it’s been like a month in the process and it’s such a blessing. It’s incredible. The whole scenario is beautiful, but I imagine as you were talking about that I’m sitting a missed this new like bones of a home and all the boxes, all the stuff that we accumulate, and I all beforehand, me and Gary would call ourselves minimalist.

Tamra: We can no longer claim that title because of all the stuff that our children and our own. But I’m sitting there and I can just imagining sitting there and just feeling like, Oh my gosh, as a servant, all I have to do is this. None of this is mine and me yet I have to clean it all. I have to take care of it. And I know as moms and maybe dads, I don’t know, you feel that way sometimes. Even when you’re cleaning and you’re a mist, all of that stuff and you’re like such a complaining spirit that will come out easily because it’s a lot of work and it’s the last thing on our to-do lists. But to come to even those spaces in a servant mind of I’ve been blessed, this scenario, I’ve been blessed, all of these things. But more so it’s the home that I’m trying to cultivate that I’m blessed with.

Tamra: Like the fact that I had an intact marriage and intact children that live with me and adore me. And even maybe too much like ma, ma, ma, but you know, just, it’s all about mindset. It’s all about like that, that shift of perspective. So even as you were walking into that space and you said you had to deal with yourself when they started asking about vacations and all of those things, like what was, what was the switch? What helped you get to that space of comprehending that, okay, I am deserving of this. Are you still really close to that mom and dad?

Jesse Wood: Yeah, they’re, they’re still in another state so they don’t talk that much. But the Lord has been very gracious to me to have to give me essentially surrogate families everywhere I’d go every season. And even now, Joseph and Demetrius Stallings, their mom, the first time I met her in the wake of that meeting, like within 24 hours later, I think we were having lunch and she’s just like, Lord told me to be your mother. And so she was like, I will assume all the roles and responsibilities of a mother are okay. This is me not having a choice in here. I get her just telling me. Yeah. But when you, when you understand that again, the Lord’s love for you is so great, it will never be about and never has been about you deserving anything. Never, never, ever, ever. And when you’re lucky enough to be around people who take it seriously, to be the ambassadors of Christ, but also intentional about family, you understand that while you’re receiving love and gifts from a person physically, the Lord is telling me it’s me doing it through them. They are allowing me to be your father through them.

Jesse Wood: And when you realize that you can pretty much hang up the idea of being able to say thank you enough of working and doing enough and you stop moving and you just adore. And this is Martha and Mary. So true. That’s, that’s, that was the that’s the difference. You stop just running around thinking that you can at some point do enough for the presence of the Lord in your life. And what did Jesus say Mary’s chosen the better because while I’m here, what, what would you rather do? And Jesus, I’m sure he was incredibly thankful for it. Martha was doing was it needed to be done maybe even. But I love, I love the Lord and I love the scripture that he gives us one of my just lifestyle for the whole scripture. It should be our lifestyle, but something that I really take to heart to help fight the momentum of the American dream, the rat race, if you will, to help me not get lost in that and taken away.

Jesse Wood: It is Matthew six 33 and 34 almost every Christian I meet knows Matthew six 33 but they miss 34 which I think is, is so much more amazing. It’s one thing to know what to do, but to have your timeline to do it is everything. I like to plan ahead. I’m very whatever. So when I have my deadline, I can, I know how to pace and even can give I permission to, to arrest or not rest depending on when I have to get something done. So Matthew six 33 is seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you and will claim that sucker all day long. Hallelujah. And all the verses leading up to it, Jesus is building this picture of how the Lord provides for everything else in creation. How much more so with you as my children will I do it for you?

Jesse Wood: So he’s sitting this giant contrast just to make us feel better, that it’s just him doing what he does and he’ll do it through other people. So we land there and we’re like, Holly, Lillian, just seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Seek first the kingdom. Seek first the righteousness of God is truly like him, but my favorite part is the next person. When we get the timeline, he says, and do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of its own. It almost seems like disconnected. You’ve got this whole massive buildup to just seek me and I’ll give you everything and then he lands on and doesn’t worry about tomorrow. So he’s saying I’m so good. I’ll give you everything. And then he gives us permission to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness today. Put all our effort into doing it today.

Jesse Wood: Don’t worry about how you’re going to do it tomorrow. Just do it today. What I love about that is it gives me the freedom to give whatever person is in front of me at the moment, all of my time, and me being a good son is dependent on my ability to seek first the kingdom in that environment, to to be the righteous as alert, to exemplify that, to be the right standing to, to, to help my siblings be free from the attack of the enemy, to be that play, that role for them, my family, myself at that moment and to do it the best that I can. Sometimes we’ll stop short at good enough because we want to have enough for the next thing. But when you’re just today, what if today is all I have? Can you lay down at night going every moment I was in, I gave it everything. And again, it’s not about perfection. It’s a connection. Sure. With the Holy Spirit, with the Lord, and with those people. God wants you to connect his, your siblings, his children to him. He who wins souls is wise. The Bible says, so if you’re being a wise person, we’ll do everything we can to help connect people to the Lord and we have such freedom to only worry about doing it. Well.

Tamra: Yeah, it’s so good. It reminds me, and obviously you know my some scenarios and going on in my life that I’m not fully open to sharing at this moment, but the concept of like today and like when you’re in rehab or you’re in remission or any of the things that you’re trying to get out of, it doesn’t matter what component they tell you to focus right on today, that you wake up that morning and you promise yourself in that day, I’m not going to blank, not going to do this thing, not going to come off track in this way. And I just think that that’s such a powerful tool because each day leads into tomorrow and it feeds into the next day of success and God knows that compiling ability of greatness. And so if today we’re seeking him first, if today were expected for all he has to give us, then tomorrow will worry about itself.

Tamra: Tomorrow it will come pound because we’ve just done something and he’s saying, well done. Good and faithful servant. Guess what your blessing is today. Well done. Guess what? Your blessing is today and he’s going to continue to give the God winks full circle of that, of, of just saying, I see you, I see you. I’m here for you. I’m here for you. Because as a mom and you know, as a dad, that’s all we want for our kids. And it doesn’t matter if you trip up today, if you give your absolute best and you mess up, God’s still going to say tomorrow, do it for today. Do it for today. And he’s there to walk you through and walk you hand in hand, pick you up. All of the things that we know about God, but are we truly living in that space, in that place of, of giving it all to him and, and doing so in a way that allows us, us to have the time and the energy and the space to actually recognize that we’re doing it.

Tamra: And I’m obviously fully incomprehension that people have to work. So we’re talking about the American dream. You have to make money to live nowadays. I get that, but it’s how are you doing it? And when you’re at your nine to five or whatever your hours of operation are, are you still making those connection points? Because you can still work through a computer and everyone connects with somebody on a given day. It doesn’t matter who you are. Maybe it’s the sign off on your email. Maybe it’s the text that comes through that you likely would ignore, but instead, you pour into for a couple of extra minutes, it’s not going to deter you that much that it’s going to ruin whatever you had planned otherwise. Yeah. so it, I think I admire the way that you are so able to just be present and not allow what just happened or what’s about to happen or what is actually even happening in the current moment, in another facet of your life.

Tamra: Affect that presence, which is God. Like he knows. Imagine all the other piles of that he’s dealing with on a given basis at a given minute and a given millisecond. Yet he loves us and cares for us so much that he’s willing to sit in this very second with us. Whether that’s every second is pain, whether that very second is dancing on the beach, whether that very second is balling your eyes out and feeling completely alone in the world. He is always able to be right there with each of his family, each of his sons and daughters. And it’s such a magnitude of thought to have all the grains of sand that he’s spending that time each of us individually. But that’s ever-present. That’s, that’s his abundance. That’s his all-natural ability. And it was done and created because it’s already within us. Like he exists. Right? His spirit is here already. So it’s not a matter of us striving in perfection to attain again from a master to serve and head perspective to attain that gift. It’s already given as he went to the cross for it. It was that big. So it’s such an incredible thing to constantly be thinking about and I love like what, what are the things that you do like practical on a given basis? They like to keep you like right here right now. Yeah, that’s, that’s an easy one. Okay.

Jesse Wood: Spending a lot of time with the Lord and I don’t mean doing things centered on him. I’m talking about just being with him. Yeah, there’s so there was so much. For those of you that don’t know me, I was working a nine to five job up until March of last year. I just quit it. I had some other side things going on, ministry opportunities, just traveling, things coming up that I knew I wasn’t going to have like paid time off for. Right. And I’m kind of looking at them and deciding.

Tamra: I didn’t either. I just decide that I just won’t have those. I can’t have those opportunities. Or could I believe that if these things are coming at me, not as, you know, thus sayeth the Lord, you must do? But invitations, am I willing to put myself in a position where I can receive as many, if not all of the invitations that come from the Lord and not be limited or bound by things that either I’ve set up or that he’s trying to take me from? Some things are great for a season and they are meant to be. Not everything’s a wrong choice. Oops. Shouldn’t have done that. But you realize that that growth in the Lord is unlimited. So where you are right now, you, this might be like the best life has ever been. I’m so happy for you. Guess what? God has even more for you.

Tamra: That’s what’s amazing because I got, I got to a point where I’m done playing games. I don’t want to be squeezing things in. How can I have a life that is just centered on you? But the only way you can even believe that this is possible and have this kind of conversation with the Lord is understanding and relating to him as a father. You know why? Because as a dad, I know looking at my daughter who’s five years old, I learned so much from her about the character of the Lord because I pride myself as a dad on making sure that when we’re together, all she’s thinking about is that second that we’re in. And meanwhile, I’m doing all the things to make sure that whatever she wants to do, we can do, whether it’s going to the park or go get a pizza or whatever.

Tamra: Now I’m not just spoiling her, you know? But you understand. But at that moment, I can be what she needs to be, whether it’s a father of tough love or a father of just fun or a father of provision. But see, and God has all these many attributes and he calls himself the I am. He’s whatever we need. He’s everything we need at any moment, every single moment. And when you understand that that’s the invitation, not just to be a servant, but to be a son. I decided that you know what, I, it’s, I, I don’t believe that God would go through all of this for us. Not just create everything then for us to screw it up, but then send Jesus took to reconcile and fix it all for us to just kind of be in this game of just doing some decent things and trying to when we can be cognizant and loving, but what if life truly could look like being a kid and not just any kind, but are you Royal kid?

Tamra: You know, there are posts about the Royal baby. I’m sure there’s a lot of worries that that kid will not have that the rest of the world do. And I think there’s not just the world, but the, the Christian world. We have so many worries that we don’t have to have if we would stop being a servant in the kingdom and just decide to live strictly in the identity of a Royal son. But you first have to believe that’s even possible. But you’re not going to get that first until the Lord himself begins to tell you, yeah, this is real. This is me. And did you know that you just being on my lap in my space, let me hold you is the best thing you’ll ever do for me? And I love running around with my daughter and watching her do the things on the playground and pick flowers and, and even do things to help me.

Tamra: But at the end of the day we spend time together every week at the end of our time. I’m very my love life, my primary love language is actually touching. It’s NARSAD sarcasm. I lied. It’s true. I’m still working on holding this. At the end of that time, if I haven’t had a time where I’ve just been able to hold her, something’s missing and it’s all well and good and I’ll do it all for her. But what I want as dad is just to have time, like just let me, love. Yes. And just, just it, she’ll be running around and my favorite thing is just a snatcher up and just kisses her. And she’s like let me go, let me go. And I’ll say I’m locked and you have to give me a kiss to unlock me. And I think there are measures of things that God wants to unlock in our life if we’ll just come to him first if we’ll be intimate first.

Tamra: And it builds that trust. And that’s the third level of sonship actually. So we have teknon, which is we relate to the Lord as our father and we’re intimate with him. But that third place is a FiOS. That’s the word that the Lord used when Jesus was baptized. When the Holy Spirit came on him, and the Lord said, this is my son whom I love. He said in the Jewish culture, it was a practice that when a son now knew enough of the family business was entrusted by the father. It was a level of, in our words, in our world, it would be like giving someone power of attorney where if you sign it, it’s as good as father signing it. If you can see the will, the state, you can run everything, whether dad is alive or dead. If you talked to my kid, this kid, if you talk to him, it’s as good as talking to me.

Tamra: So at that moment, the Lord was telling the world, when you see Jesus, you see me, he’s speaking. He speaks on behalf of me. Wow. And that’s what he told the disciples. That’s what he preached. No one who sees me sees the father and he became the mediator. Right? So, but when Jesus died and CRE in Rose again, it created a covenant now, not between man and God, but between him and God, so that we have no chance of screwing it up. It made it so that we could now have a fully restored father-son connection. And we’ll take that. We’ll beat the devil with one verse, allowing the Lord to be are our master are lured. But we miss this father element that takes us so much farther into actually being a servant to being a Royal son. And at that point, Jesus could do ministry because he now was given all power and all authority at the kingdom of heaven.

Tamra: And the good news is the word says that we have that. But there’s a measure that comes through in trusting through relationship. And God is so good that like the particle son running back, you’re instantly restored. You never lose your identity. You think you do. The devil tells you have, but you’ve come back in. The Lord is a waving. Yep. Yeah. And I don’t, and then always be not going to scold you, but he’s going to have a party. Why? Because the Lord has amnesia when it comes to sin. What we understand, his mercies are new every day. It casts your sins into the sea of forgetfulness. Every, every moment. All he sees is how much he loves you. And he sees you. He sees himself in you every second. What you did the second before wrong or right is, I mean, if it’s wrong, it’s gone.

Tamra: It’s gone. It’s completely gone. It’s never been about work. It’s just been about communion. And so this is, this is my, this is my journey. I decided to live strictly in the identity of a son first believing in faith that it’s there and then set me up into a position where I couldn’t get out of it. Now that was scary. That was scary because when you’re like, okay, my provision only comes from the Lord, but he provides through people. But he, he says he is our provider. So the Lord is everyone’s father, but not all of us give him the room to operate in every piece of his identity in our life. And I decided to allow the Lord to operate in the identity of a father in my life, which was good because it gave me a lot of freedom to not have to do a lot of things that I was doing for myself.

Tamra: But you’re not doing the Lord or anybody else any favors when you’re eating your time up, which is limited with things that he wants to do for you so that you can be him to everyone else. So I realized what I need to do with that time is be with him and be him. Cause now I’m not doing all the work. So I went to work doing that essentially to be able to make the transition. The Lord said you have to give me the respect you would give a boss. So when I say move, you don’t argue. You say, okay, how fast, which direction, you know, and then don’t question it. You want a paycheck. Right. But the good news is that’s not how God operates, but it just, it, you know, the Holy Spirit will meet us where we are and he’ll help us. You know, you get your toes in the water and you slowly get deeper. But our American dream mindset is all it’s, it’s honestly exaltation and idolization it’s the idolatry of self is you can do it. You don’t need anybody right now I sound like a Nike commercial. This is not a paid advertisement for Nike by the way. And I’m also not slamming Mikey Nike

Jesse Wood: That you were saying like be you, be unique, be yourself. All of the things that you see via every scroll on Instagram, it’s the same component because there we understand what they’re saying, but they’re missing. And I say they, the mass majority is what mass vast majority of saying mass, majority vast majority of what people are saying, they’re, they’re lacking the component that self-identity isn’t identified by ourselves. It’s the self-identity from God.

Tamra: Yeah. Yeah. So when you get that you can be comfortable in it. And then I began to kind of push the buttons of people around me who weren’t in similar levels of, of, of a belief that living, that kind of faith is crazy. Okay. Okay. It is, yeah. Don’t get me wrong. It is, yes. It’s, yes, yes. It’s crazy. But it’s only crazy when it doesn’t [inaudible]

Jesse Wood: Yeah. Like Noah. Yeah. So it was crazy. Yeah. Until it, so it worked. We just watched it was a Bruce almighty. No, what’s the one, the movie that they just recently did? From the guy from the office, Steven corral. Anyway, we watched it with the kids and the kids were just like laughing hysterically. And I’m like, this actually happened. And they’re like, what do you mean? And I’m like, well maybe not in today’s day and age, but like this actually happened. And it was incredible to see the shock and of not only, it wasn’t just the shock of the people, it was the shock also. No one knew. He was like, this is happening, but his family and everyone were just along for the ride. They didn’t hear from him directly. It is interesting. So it’s that space of trusting. Like how do you trust so much that you say arms uptime is your time, which it is because he gifted it to us, to begin with? It’s just that, that frame of mind and consistent.

Tamra: And I want to pause on and make sure we’re being practical with their audience. Cause you asked me what’s some practical things that I do. I’ve talked to a lot of, of what the Lord was, was bringing me into and I, and I had to get there too, to say that when you put yourself in that situation, the only way I could tell myself that I’m not crazy. Yeah. After everybody saying, are you sure? Are you sure you’re crazy? Now luckily with my Christian family, they ask questions like, well, what is the Lord telling you? Yeah, because that’s the most important thing, your connection with the Lord. And so I found myself with a lot of free time and what I didn’t understand is that the world of clocking in and clocking out, it’s all you get according to what you do and it makes sense.

Tamra: That makes 100% sense. The problem with living life as a son in the kingdom of God is that’s not how it works. And it’ll mess you up. Understanding that like this little Royal son that was just born it right now, he already is co-owner and co Arab everything. Yup. Is the ruling anything? No, he’s just getting taken care of. You know, he’s, you know, he’s doing what babies do, but he already has ownership. But at this moment, of infancy, he would not survive without dependency on his mother of that sustenance and the father that loved that relationship. So I realized I just boom, got birthright into the kingdom operation. Deciding, all right, Lord, I’m leaving the world system and I want to be completely in the kingdom system. And so getting birth into that, immediately I realized that I will not survive without a complete and total and utter dependence.

Tamra: And it’s basically eaten, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. It’s, it’s feeding on the word of the Lord. It’s feeding, both written and both heard, perceived, just being with him, hearing that moment of, of exercise. But it really messed me up in the beginning. Spending most of my time not really doing anything, especially when you’re worried about where your provisions are going to come from. But slowly but surely one thing happens and then another, and then another one day you’re living on just literally, I don’t even know how I’m going to make it today, but every day it works. And then you’ll get like a surplus and then it’ll whittle down. And then you get to this point where faith really is just trust. It’s trust in God. That’s all it is. If we’re complete strangers and I say, Hey, do you trust me? What are you going to say?

Tamra: To me it is, but I’m a Royal kid and I have the best father. He never fails. His name is the provider. You know, I once had a, somebody asked me, I’m very loving and concerned and in a, in a healthy way for me, you know, knowing that I’m a single dad and obviously I still have bills to pay. Then, the question was do you think that it’s biblical not to provide for your family?

Tamra: And I looked at this person and I said, well, your question’s not biblical because it’s not my job to provide.

Jesse Wood: Wow.

Tamra: Right. Yeah. Right, right. God is a provider. If the Lord asks me to do something that reaps a harvest of provision,

Tamra: Yes, but Lord, let me only take assignments from you. I know the provision will come out of that. Sure. I do things that get money back, but I’m not occupying the role of provider and the crazy mindset to take yourself out of that responsibility. I’m just doing what he’s asking me to do. And as Jesus said, I only do what I see the father doing. I only say when I hear the father saying he’s, I’m only doing that which God is asking me to do. And when I’m not doing those things, I’m with him. And it’s, it’s a life that’s simple. And what’s wonderful about that is that kingdom, that now that you’re living in a kingdom mindset; you now operate under the physics and laws of the kingdom of God and not of man. Where, so you get paid $10 an hour. Yeah. You work 10 hours, how much do you get paid? $100 makes sense. And then taxes come out and you’re like, Oh yeah, I forgot I’m in this world of taxation. But the kingdom is a world of multiplication. Yes. Come on and do it. Just in the last couple of years, months, some of my first invitations to operate in the ministry and training in ministry out of this season of just spending so much time with the Lord. Yeah.

Tamra: I received more than a 10 times multiplication of what I had sown into those same ministries. It does not make sense, but in the kingdom, it’s like I’m still, I’m still a baby. And kingdom operation because the Bible is about a hundred times multiplication and God’s like we’re just getting started, but I’m already had left the American dream. That system and I’m in the kingdom system and people say favor is not fair. Do you know? Well it’s really true. But I love living in favor because I can spend a hundred hours loving on people and not get a dime out of it and spend 30 minutes with one person and get a ridiculous amount of provision. It makes zero sense and I do way less worrying than everyone else. I am so sure

Jesse Wood: Crazy because that’s what everyone is based on. Even now they’re already worrying, worrying to strip that component away from even one single life. One single. Like here we are the American dream. But I think it’s on a grander scale than that.

Jesse Wood: That in and of itself is a God-given gift, to have that space in our actual brain to not worry. What do you replace it with? Love, trust, abundance. Like, again, a provision like that is what, how he wants us to operate. And that somebody said the other day, you know, they talk about the sneaky Jesus and his abilities to, to come in and fan angle situations because he’s so good. He’s that good. But at the very same time, the devil trying and all his mind, I don’t think that the devil is a strong as we are. I have physically and mentally seen in my own life. I think the problem is, is that the devil has a really big bandwagon right now and I think so many people are on that train that it create catapults that worry into this massive like reasoning of life.

Like that is how people are operating because they’re worried about money. I should be worried about money because they have a Lexus that has, or Alexa. So, Tesla, that’s doors lift up. Why are they worried? Oh, I should be worried because I don’t have enough. I don’t have anything to compare to that. But that’s where that whole like a trap, it’s literally the devil’s trap and he’s getting not smarter, but people are giving him their keys.

Tamra: Yeah. Yeah. I was already thinking of that this morning. It’s not that the devil has so much power, is that we give him so much power. We give him so much room. And you are your trusted citizen, the problem is so much of scripture that we know is activated

Tamra: The kingdom lifestyle. Yeah, and activated when you relate to the Lord as a father, Philippians four-six says, be anxious for nothing, but in all things through prayer and supplication, make your requests known to the Lord. And then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ. The problem is if you give everything you have to someone that you don’t trust, you’re still going to be worried. And so if you don’t trust the Lord and you’re like, yep, given it to God but you don’t have faith, so true, built up with him, you’ll go right back to worrying. So true. And so you have to, the, the most difficult part was settling into faith. I’m sure it was cutting up every credit card, talking practical things. Okay. In America, we have so many backups to faith. We, you can live, you can go to church and serve the Lord, yet place a very tiny demand on God and still live a wonderful life in America. That’s our problem.

Tamra: We don’t need him short of salvation a lot of times. And even in dark things, you can find demonic powers and even say you need something that’s not natural. Here’s the devil, right? And if you can just manage to hold on to salvation, you can still make it and never really need anything more from the Lord. It’s sad. It’s so sad. So we have to, as Americans and Western culture, we have to make the choice. And that’s where I went into crazy town, you know, and my family and friends when I made the choice and even questions like, why can’t you just get a regular job? And having answers, like it’s not about what I can do. It’s about what the Lord wants me to do. Gosh, you can do so much. I can do. So I graduated a semester early from high school. Again, I mean regional genius IQ, a motivated when I, when I was fresh out of my divorce just to, just to combat the extra expenses and higher tax rate. I was working 80 hours a week on the clock and part of that ministry just to survive. Wow. And I hit this wall and I said, Lord

Tamra: I wasn’t even maintaining. I’m steadily sinking. And it took that to realize the American dream is not even working for me and I’m giving it everything I’ve got. Trust me. Some people are like, you know, you could try harder. You just need another Denzel Washington quote, like in your be good. I love Denzel. He’s amazing. He’s a, he’s a Christian. I love him. But I was giving it all. I got Tamra, I was in church serving in management for two corporate companies, working full time and doing extra things to help empower and delegate. We’re not talking about just trying to make it. I went a whole year and I had to quit because my, I hit a physical, like a mental breakdown. I couldn’t even, you would think I’d been drinking all day with my inability to make words happen. Wow. I was, people say their burnout. Like I, I’m mental, I didn’t want to quit, but my body hit a wall. And I said, Lord, I repent from everything that I’ve put in my life that has taken the places.

Tamra: This place to operating in the kingdom as your kid and just doing all that you have for me. Can you do it? Can you do it? Started there. And so I had this year of working 80 hours a week and then that got upgraded to just the 40 hours a week and ministry a little bit more in ministry, more organized with a church, helping them with social media, having just enough and then thinking that I was going to sell insurance, quit my job to now like I’m going to build up some money. I mean, I got my license, everything and my first day I bought like $500 worth of leads and I get on the phone and everybody I’m talking to, I’m having a great time with, I’m loving on and we’re having a great conversation. We’re talking about history. I’m encouraging people. I didn’t sell any insurance. I even had, I haven’t had one lady who had been recently through a divorce, was just broken. She actually called me a couple of hours later. She’s like, I’m actually in the middle of something, but can I call you back later? Well sure. She called me back later and here I am encouraging her.

Jesse Wood: That’s amazing. I couldn’t show you enough. He’s like, this is going to be a funny joke. This is going to be really great. I’m going to give him 500 leads of opportunity to love and he’s going to take it. And he did. He took it every single time he picked up the phone. Maybe not intentionally, but then intentionally have the conversations arose. So then what? What was the break like the aha moment or the Oh crap moment? I chose to do the wrong thing.

Tamra: Yeah, that night it was awesome. I have a spiritual mother, her name is Laura. She’s so sweet and dear to me and me, she, she actually, we worked for the same company we had worked actually the, at another church years before and then we ended up working for the same company locally. We had reconnected and the Lord had really, again just, he’s always, God has always been good. I have like spiritual moms all over the place and so she, she messages me later that day like, hey, and how was your first day working for yourself? And something that the Lord had taught me and this is something that I do in, in, in life coaching is taking a peace inventory to be led by the Lord. We just talked about Philippians four, six through eight. So when something has been given to the Lord, he gives you peace in return and it guards you, it protects you.

Tamra: It keeps the worry away because you know, Nope, God’s got it. And I’m doing my part. I’m good to go. And so one thing that I teach is I don’t care whether it’s for God or not, nothing off the table. Write down every aspect of your life and put it before the Lord and say, Lord, I’m giving this to you. Is this really from you? I’m not asking if it’s effective, asking if you’re helping people, if it’s good, maybe it’s a brilliant idea. But Lord, is this what you want me to do? Is this from you and perceiving in your spiritual senses and this again, practically, let me give you a couple of scriptures first to help you understand that when you come to the Lord, the Bible says that you are a new creation. Okay? The oldest gone, all new things. All things are new and are from the Lord.

Tamra: So you are now, the Bible says that you are in Christ, Christ is in you, your one spirit with the Lord. You even have the mind of Christ. So when you come to the Lord all basically you have been installed with the ability to perceive the Holy Spirit, to perceive the voice of the Lord and you now just need it. Most people don’t need to learn how to hear the Lord. They already do. They need to learn to trust that what they’re hearing is from him. And I do a lot of prophetic activations and it always blows people away. Like, man, I always have these random thoughts. And it hits you in your, in kind of like your realm of, of in the same canvas as your creativity, as your imagination. And so when you are a child of God and you put a request for the Lord, immediately trust what now hits you in all senses, you could see something also just know something.

Tamra: Feel like you’re hearing something. Put those pieces together. And even if you’re still not sure, like, okay, Holy spirit, what does this mean? And you’ll feel like, Oh yeah, I’m crazy. That’s, that’s your carnal mind trying to get you to not operate into the mind, the past. So when you get into that space and you develop a practice in the diligence of being there, that’s how you begin to operate more fully in the prophetic and things like that because you trust yourself more. And then now you know what that feels like. It’s such a regular thing. If I say, Hey, you’re not, was that a voice? You’re already, that was a voice. I heard it and it was, hey, and now you’re, you’re responding because you trusted all the input. You just received your down. Just you’re not responding.

So when we as Christians, when you take everything that you’re receiving and trust that your gut instinct is what you believe it is, just responds now and you’ll get so far, you’ll go so far. And that’s where a lot of my growth in the last year has happened in the supernatural. Just God saying, it’s not about you being able to hear me. It’s you putting trust that I can speak to you, which is a whole other level because God never fails. He doesn’t tell he’s love and love never fails. So there you are, right. That even just as we learned, because you know you have like the right mind to the left mind thinkers.

Jesse Wood: Like I feel like when it’s not an audible sound, you know, for me it’s not, and some people it can be, maybe it has been once or twice, but it’s visual. It’s so visual. Like you literally give me pictures over and over and over again because I like to create, I like pictures, I like to see the canvas, I want to see, I want to see it or I want to hear it because I love music. But it’s so interesting that he will speak to you in a different way than he speaks to me because we learn differently and God knows us that well, that he’s willing to do it. So he knew when that whale breached that visual, it was going to be what spoke to me at that moment. He knew as you’re talking and we’re praying prior to about you know, breaking the yolk for people like the, I know the yolk is for the oxen and how it’s they go together, but to me, I’m seeing this egg and just the natural out. What happens when you pop the yolk and everything bleeds that yellow goes into and the whole color changes. So I was imagining that people listening to this podcast that their color was going to change, they were going to become vibrant with the light because while the light is white, we’ve got this beautiful fluorescent tanning light this year. We’re talking about like these people [inaudible] did you put sunscreen on?

Jesse Wood: But to see these people just become illuminated with like with God because he’s just going to break off the chains of what is being encapsulated. Like, I only know God like this, but as you’ve been talking this person like it’s just seeping out into them into every being and fiber of who they are to say, Oh, I’ve always been really good at my intuition. I’ve always had these gut feelings about people or things or situations for people to actually hear the way that you’re presenting it, to comprehend that it’s not the inner gut of themselves. It’s literally God’s.

Tamra: Yeah. I feel this too right now, even with, even with the Lord, we’re talking about doing a peace assessment, a peace inventory, and I know we get moving so much that sometimes if we don’t do something right at the moment, it’s it, we’re probably going to forget and it won’t happen. And there’s actually, there’s science too when you combine teaching with an action, it actually creates new wrinkles in the brain. So if you’re good with this, I’d actually like to take a moment and just listening to this while you’re listening to this, if you just want to close your eyes, talking about doing a piece assessment and take the aspects of your life and maybe start with what brings you the most stress. If you know that it’s not something that’s if it’s family-related or something like that, and you can kind of leave that off the table.

Tamra: But if it’s something like let’s, let’s go with your job, I really feel that because that’s something that the Lord pulled me out of. Or maybe aspects or certain contracts. Maybe. Maybe you’re just saying yes to everything because you have this fear of not having enough. Can you believe the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth? The word says that, and God is our provider. When you live in the kingdom, he will multiply your natural efforts and you will reap way more than what you so individually when you’re walking in obedience. And the Lord is just that good. He wants your life to be a testimony of how good he is to draw other people to him. And so just close your eyes for a moment and just think about something that has to do in the realm of financial provision for you, whether it’s your nine to five or whatever, and just clear your mind.

Tamra: Take a moment now. Don’t think about that. Earmark that now. Just imagine the face of Jesus, whoever it is you see him, it doesn’t matter. It’s just about the relationship. Knowing that he loves you. Just see him. You’re in this space with him and just know that he loves you and if you’re feeling initially maybe guilt or condemnation because maybe you haven’t talked to the Lord in a long time, maybe you’ve just been running, maybe you’re not going to church. Forget all the religious practice or things that you think that Jesus wants you to do and know that he is the most excited right now because you’re intentionally spending FaceTime with him. Well, FaceTime. You know people FaceTime the Lord. Facetime him right now in this moment and know that he is happier right now at this moment than he could ever be with you because he’s spending time with you.

Tamra: Just see him. Know that he loves you, wants to provide for you. He’s giving you the invitation to live strictly as his kid. It has favorite moments are when you’re just on his lap and now take that, that, that thing that you’re wondering, that job, then maybe the second job or the contracts or maybe there’s something else that you would like to do for a job. Maybe you’re, you’re, you’re praying for the right kind of job. You’re not sure. Just put something before the Lord and say, Lord, is this what you want me to do? And if it is, am I doing it entire the way that you want me to do it? Maybe there’s a room of delegation that needs to happen where you pull somebody else in to give you more time. I guarantee you that the things that God wants you to do will never consume so much of your time that you can’t actually spend time with him.

Tamra: So that’s a key indicator right there. If you say, honestly, because of work, I don’t have an hour to spend with the Lord every day. And some people say, just get five, 10 minutes. Know God loves you so much. What good parent would be good with less than an hour with their kids every day, right? So start there. If you have an, if you tell the Lord, I want to be able to give you an hour a day, he will make it happen. You just have to let him. And so if, if you tell them, Lord, want to be able to spend an hour a day, whether it’s just reading the word, listening to it, spending face to face time with him or listening to a Christian based book, just whatever. You know, you’ve got to spice up a relationship to keep the intimacy going. You go out to eat, you see each other, and you’ll read a book together.

Tamra: You go to the movies just to spend time just with the Lord. Just one hour. Lord, I want to do that with you. What can I get rid of? What can I say no to? Can you clear my agenda and let him speak to you right now? Holy Spirit, we just invite you to move into people’s homes, into their minds, into their office. We just remove the spirit of anxiety. We remove the American dream delusion that that prides itself on being busy and Lord even where we’re doing everything we need to do, but we can be more efficient. We can be more effective with our time. Holy spirit. Just speak wisdom right now into the hearts and minds of everybody who’s listening to this podcast. Now, if the Lord speaking to you, just stay there. Keep your eyes closed for the sake of the podcast.

Tamra: I do want to keep moving, but know that that’s a practical tool. Even if you couldn’t quite engage in that right now, know that this should be a regular practice. And when you get to a place where you can go through everything in your life and ask the Lord, is this from you? Is this relationship from you? Is this friendship from you? Because some relationships you’re meant to pour into and some, some friendships you need for you. But sometimes we want to try and get more of our needs out of a relationship than what should be. Maybe we’re just there to bless them and we end up getting messed up because we’re giving them too much room. And that’s okay. It’s completely okay that every relationship is equal on both sides. It’s completely okay. But know that that’s a practical thing. And when you start there and you know you’ve heard the Lord and now you say, yes, you can live at peace.

Tamra: This is where that piece comes from. And when somebody else, whether it’s, it’s now you get thoughts flooding back of nervousness because you’re like, well, I just said no, and that was a lot of money. Now I’m not sure how this, no. Allow the peace of God to protect you, protect that place. And when worry tries to come back, that’s when I would go right back to the face of the Lord. Because worry does not exist in his presence. It doesn’t. And it can’t. And I’ll be honest, it sounds super spiritual to say, yeah, I spent a lot of time with the Lord. Well, when you quit your job and you got nothing else to do, but worry, I had to spend time with him so I wouldn’t read just to make sure. And then I, you know, I’m walking in the prophetic. I’m prophesizing other people and I needed their confirmations.

Tamra: Not to boost me up there, but just to confirm that I do hear accurately from the Lord so I can trust what he’s saying. Me. Totally. 100 so often we’ll trust more of what the Lord tells us for someone else than what we’ll trust. He’s saying to us for us, and so when you allow that to happen, it’ll take you into this place where you can live in peace and intimacy. In our world, our life should revolve around intimacy. The word says, be still and know that I am gone. The word still is it. Stop it. See striving, stop moving. Which that’s the rat race because saying get out of there and know that I’m God. The problem is we’ll say that all day long, but that word no in the Hebrew is [inaudible], which is the same when the scripture talks about man and woman having children and Adam knew Eve it was you die.

Tamra: It’s not this. I read your biography level of knowledge. It’s we’re so intimate. I know you that the Hebrew had different words for those yet we have one, I know you but you, you know a stranger differently than you know, your spouse. You can even read a whole book biography on someone and still know them differently than you know, your spouse. Not to mention just a head knowledge has no ability to produce life. Yeah, it’s true. But intimacy, that’s good. Intimacy like the word expectancy Madeline who was on the podcast two weeks ago, Mylan Stallings, they’re pregnant. And I love that we say that they’re expecting that’s the true expectation when you’ve been so intimate with the Lord. You know, at any moment something’s it, life is going to just be birthed. I don’t know what it’s going to look like. We don’t know what that baby’s going to look like, but we know life is coming and there’s a due date. When you’re intimate with the Lord, it’s its daily life, his birth in you, around you, in other people and that you can expect.

Jesse Wood: Oh yeah, absolutely. But that’s so good. That’s really good. I feel like it is interesting cause our, our, we have similar like parallel stories when it comes to quitting our jobs completely. And I did that like three years ago, again, working probably 70, 80 hours similar, not in ministry at that point. That was before I came back to the Lord. But I, the first thing that I quote-unquote did after that was quit, stay home with my kiddos and Gary asking me like, what are your passions? And it was when I came face to face with, I don’t know who I am. I don’t even know what I’m passionate about. That self-identity walk. As God started to reveal himself to me and we started decluttering and minimizing what came to life was this concept of simplifying the heart. And that was my first business that has now evolved into a fit in faith.

Jesse Wood: But that whole concept was about getting rid of the rat race, getting rid of the American dream, how it positively affected my home, my relationship with my children, my relationship with my spouse, all of my friendships and where that love literally trickled into it was abundant because it was God immensely. But it took me a while to then give it back out because I was so void of it myself that like I needed to be selfish. And I loved that you said that earlier. Like you’re selfish with your time. I needed him to be selfish with the abundance of love that God gave me at that moment. So I just want to give people like the space to know that as God abundantly gives it is okay to abundantly receive and it is okay to sit and be still and rest with that and not feel that need to immediately go give it back out. And I think that that’s so often as an achiever and a striver and somebody who creates and wants to cultivate and make this and do this forever other people, while that love is really important to give out. It’s also okay to just sit.

Tamra: Yeah. The word says out of the abundance, the heart speaks and my five top five skills, one of them is achiever and if you’re an achiever type, this is what helped me make that shift was understanding that again, that the level of intimacy with the Lord will determine how much can be birthed the potential for birthing of life in you, through you, out of you, and also like these levels of Sun Chips. So the Lord, he speaks to me in these things like, all right, I need measurable goals. Okay. I can’t just be floating in meditation land, you know? Oh, I just, I just sit and spend time with the Lord. It’s, it’s for something. Jesus lived life for something. What did he do up until the age of 30 he was living a life for something? He was getting a foundation of both pieces of knowledge, head knowledge, cultural knowledge and intimacy with the Lord in that intimacy you can say that he earned responsibility.

Tamra: He got to the place where the Lord is like, yeah, now when you speak, that’s good. Heaven will back you up and hell will obey because you’re my son whom I love with whom you are my Cleo’s. I trust you with my estate, with the kingdom. And so when we’re talking about levels of sonship, it’s, it’s not just for self-graduation, it’s for the ability to bring the kingdom of God to earth to manifest it. The Bible talks about how the earth is groaning for the manifested sons of God. This is the invitation that we have not just to run around as servants while God is moving to but to move on his behalf. We’ve been given his spirit. The word says that we are the ambassadors of Christ as if God makes his appeal through us. And Ephesians three 20 says to him, who is able to do immeasurably beyond all we could ask, think or imagine.

Tamra: Now we stopped there because that sounds great. God can do anything. Yeah, but the problem is that leaves it all on him to do it. Ah, the rest of that verse says according to the power at work within us. Wow. So there’s a notebook that a friend of mine and the incredibly powerful minister gave me recently that sits on my coffee table and it says, be the change. And the thing is Jesus left so that we could keep being the change that he started. And so often God is so good and yes, he’s sovereign.

But when you say things like God is in control, you’re, you’re relieving yourself of the responsibility and the identity to operate on his behalf physically in this realm, the Lord is a spirit. He put his spirit in us. I can touch you. The Lord can touch you, but not physically as he can. Right? But it can happen so much easier and more freely. When the Lord, his spirit has my body to occupy in God’s ultimate control, he put us in control. All power, all authority. What you bind on earth is bound in heaven, loose on earth is loosed in heaven. He’s, he’s like, all right, here’s all the things now go. Yeah, we sit and servant land.

Tamra: And because God is so good, he will work all of the things to the good. But the problem even there, Romans eight 28 God works all things to the good of those who are called according to his purpose. Most oftentimes what we’re doing doesn’t qualify for that.

Tamra: This is probably going to offend some people, but that word called a means invited for his purpose. So when you just go run around all Willy nilly and go, Lord, fix it. Now with the right perspective, you can pull the good out of some, some bad stuff, but the good news is that’s just reactive. This verse has a whole proactive side on it where when what you do is out of the invitations that the Lord is giving you, that literally everywhere you go, things just fall into place to work well for you. I’m not talking about just God cleaning the mess, but so much favor. It’s like you’re just walking around and then now this and now you get this, and then that opportunity. It’s like that’s the fullness. That’s what being a Royal kid looks like when you walk into the room and everybody’s like, Oh my gosh, it’s this guy, and they’re just giving you things and adoring and adorning you and it’s not for you.

Tamra: And it’s just like, this is what it looks like to live as a son of God. So people look at me and go how and go, this is what the Lord has for us. All things work to the good of those who received the invitation and the Bible says that many are called, few are chosen. I mean they you’re invited. If you are chosen and the Lord is looking for, for sons and daughters that he can trust with the greatest measures that the world has yet to see if his glory of his anointed. When we see people like Catherine Coleman and Benny Hinn are just given this ability to just work amazing miracles. You may not agree with everything and maybe Jesus in his personality and perfection would do it differently. But what you’re looking at is a son and a daughter who through intimate relationship has been given relational authority.

Tamra: And it’s not just gifting now that’s anointed. That’s what that looks like. And so what I propose is that no matter where you are, whether everything you’re doing is for the Lord, there’s another level that intimacy he will want to give you and like well, well that, that that can be kind of tough. Well [inaudible] it’s kind of tough sometimes to think that God would give you so much power and authority, but it says he’s given it all. There’s nothing left in all. And one of my favorite scriptures that many commentaries don’t know what to do with. But when you look at it in this lens that you can get a place at relationally with the Lord, where he just says, what you say goes, cause you’re my kid and I’m giving you that Ouijas type of sonship. Now, excuse me. When an ISIN Safire fibbed about, you know, the money that they received with selling the things off or to benefit the church and Peter rebuked them and struck them dead.

Tamra: What we’re looking at is a human being with the supernatural power and authority of the Lord in operation. Ask yourself this. Do you think that Jesus would have struck them dead after dying on the cross for everybody beating sin and death? Do you think Jesus would have killed them? No. So how does this happen? And you almost want to go like, Lord, why did you let that happen? Well, we’re kids, but the Lord wants to give that to us and he’s trusting, right? Seeing that in that intimacy, his heart will always, ever be rubbing off on us and it will act in love. The commands are what love the Lord your God, but your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. Like, I wouldn’t want to be killed so I’m not going to kill anybody, right? It’s that simple. But we have Peter, the same knucklehead.

Tamra: Yeah. That grew up in the Jewish culture, which was all judgment. He witnesses the life of Jesus, still trying to get his act together. Jesus is literally carrying the cross and what does he do? He tries to cut a man’s head off. The guy Dodges and cuts the ear. What did Jesus do? I picked it up and fixed it. Yeah. Yeah, so you can, you can actually have a measure of the Lord’s power in authority and still not be perfect. Still mess it up. Now the good news is Jesus is there. Do you know he can fix some things now for an Annise since the fires so far, they were doing the work of the Lord? I’m sure they went to heaven, but their physical bodies were over at that point. Yeah, it was. It was cut short, but it’s, it’s all for the work of the Lord is for the advancement of the kingdom and not this kind of area.

Tamra: The Lord’s going to do it and we’re waiting. But when you realize that God has put invitations out to those who will sign up to be generals, who will lead the next massive movement who have a pure heart than the world has yet to see with more power and authority that is yet to have been given. Jesus said, John 1420 if you’re having a hard time swallowing this, that you will do greater things than I. Here’s my problem. Jesus said that 2000 years ago, how much have we seen technology just phones innovate in 20 years, right? If phones can innovate that much in 20 years, yet how many people have we seen operate like Jesus in 2000 years? I think we’ve missed it. We’ve missed something. Something along the way has been missed. Yet we have stories of saints who spent so much time with the Lord that just in prayers and adoring him would be floating in the trees.

Tamra: Stories like that, like God, is exploding with with with wanting to give his sons and daughters the same seal of approval that he gave Jesus and he’s just waiting. Yeah, he’s calling us all, but he’s only going to choose those ones that will say anything and everything for your kingdom and being a son operating in sun ship and that’s where my life is. That’s where it’s headed and where it will always hit, where it will always be, and I know that God’s not his love for me is and based on what I do, but I do what I do because the love that he gives me. Just this morning, I w I was, wasn’t doing anything spiritual. I was trying to get the [inaudible] lid on my coffee cup, which is hard when you haven’t had coffee. Like we need easier coffee machines. First of all, I need like a button, like you realize I have not had coffee and this is a science experiment happening.

Tamra: Keurig, I have a cure again, still some time to, it’s like it is innovation. Somebody innovate coffee dagger. Just another level. Please would be great on a timer that I don’t have to set a timer like go. Yeah, yeah. I see it gets to the Lord. Moving on. Somebody right now, plans, blueprints and the name of Jesus, but I’m just trying to get my lid on my coffee cup and watching a video of the actors who play Marvel superheroes. They’re reading tweets that people have written about them that are mean. So like they’re reading these mean tweets and it was, it was pretty entertaining to see kind of how they were. You have to have thick skin to be in such a public, but I’m watching that and I’m trying to get the [inaudible] lid on my coffee cup and it just get, I just got hit with a wave of gods.

Tamra: I started balling. Oh my God, I’m a grown man. I have a full beard if you have this lighting is doing wonders for this beard, but just got hit with a wave. So much so that like I ended up on my hands and knees on the ground and like it’s just really, it is hitting me wave and it’s not that my heart was breaking for a certain person or situation. If you can imagine if, if you took everything that hurts the heart of God and just get hit with it, you’re just broken. And I’m just weeping and I, and it just, it happens a lot where it’s just this continual sense of urgency of there’s so many hurting and so many broken. And as long as you sit in this comfortable place of the Lord is in control and he’s gonna do it, he already did. He sent Jesus not just to save you, but to cleanse you to the state where he could put his spirit in your left. So the spirit would come and his now waiting for you to just go, yeah, thank you, Lord. I receive it and now I’m moving in. It picks up the Baton that Jesus left. The Holy Spirit was that Baton passing. And we get it and we sit down or we run in the opposite direction or just running in circles, you know, no passing. But that’s where the love into play. That’s

Jesse Wood: Where like once you get that and it’s fulfilled and you, you become all trusting of the love that you’ve received, that is when the Baton can be passed. It’s just sad that it’s not if anything, it seems more like people hoard it and that’s also probably an indication of our culture. But there’s so many, you said like the problem is well or we can continue on as the whole genre of the problem is and keep going because there are, but there is the good news and I love that it always circles back to that because every problem has a solution. It’s already been fixed. So it’s, it’s just such a space, of resting in that trust.

So I love like all of you, you did have so many tangible examples on how to I’ll have to go back and listen to write them down on the list for people. Then, I don’t even know how far and we are, I know way longer than an hour, but thanks for all those who have stayed on. And hopefully, if you’ve jumped on at the end, you’ve got some incredible goodness of the Lord. I’m so grateful for you, Jesse. I wanna I don’t want to like cut off our conversation if you have anything else that you feel inspired to share.

Tamra: I just would like to create an invitation, for all of us. It’s not from me, it’s from the Lord. I just, I just want to throw it out there to create a distinguished moment where you remember in the USA you harken back to this thing, there’s something about even in the old Testament, whenever the Lord would do something that would build an altar and it was a moment that they could remember and that even later generations who’ve just heard the stories could know that yeah, that that’s it. Because the enemy will oftentimes try to steal, see that the Lord plants. But if you, when you put a massive pile of boulders over something that’s been put into the ground, it’s not going anywhere. You know, when you build an author, it’s not going anywhere. And so I just want to create an invitation because I have blazed a trail in faith that most people, even if they wanted to do it, the people around them wouldn’t even allow them.

Tamra: I mean it was tough. Even having family who really loves me because I’m, I’m pushing outside of kind of their comfort zone and even how they understand the Lord to be and to operate it, it became difficult. I almost had to have everybody mad at me until the next wave of the Lord’s provision or just validation came for them to go, okay, you’re in. You are crazy, but you are hearing from the Lord. Do you know what I mean? There was a moment there where there was some time between like if anything, you just have to trust me and I have to do it. I have to do it. Everything is telling me I have to do it. And so if you feel, if you feel the Holy Spirit tugging on you, maybe you had that moment where the Holy Spirit showed you that.

Tamra: Or some aspects and some elements of your life that you don’t have to do that he wants to provide for you in other ways. He’d be supernatural. Maybe there are relationships, things that you can let go. You’re feeling that invitation or maybe where you’re at is amazing and you’re just asking God, what’s next? What’s next? Hopefully, you’ve been able to see where you are in your journey as a son of God in the sun ship. Whether you’re in hallelujah, you’re, you’re saved and you’re doing great work for the kingdom, but you want to know what it looks like to be more intimate with the Lord, or maybe you’re even there and you’re believing for greater gifts. Paul says earnestly, he says, lust after the greater gifts you have permission to lust after the greater gifts because it’s those things that will enable you to harvest even more glory for the Lord.

Tamra: There was a moment when Paul and Barnabas were increased and they were working such amazing signs and miracles that in their cultural context in Greece, they assigned them the names of Zeus and Hermes. They’re like, surely the gods are walking among men, and I propose to you that that ought to be the level of our operation. A lot of people get in this space where you know, I don’t want to steal any glory from the Lord. First of all, if you think you have the ability to steal God’s glory, you already think way higher of yourself then than I do. But to do things that make the world go.

Jesse Wood: Whoa!

Tamra: What is that? And you go, it’s the Lord. That passage continues on that. Paul and Barnabas literally tore their clothes, which was a sign that they weren’t even high priests in their own culture because Jewish priests couldn’t tear there. So there, they’re doing everything they can to be humble and it said that, that they do all they could to keep them from making offerings to them. And now just take that picture and go, Lord I don’t know where my perversion is going to come from. Well, even those who worship other gods, you begin to steal things that were meant for the enemy. The fruit of the wicked. The Bible talks about how the fruit and things of the wicked will be given to the righteous. That Paul and barns are being provided for from people who are committing idolatry, getting provision. And they had, it was too much. That’s the invitation. That’s what we have so mattered where no matter where you are,

Tamra: I just want to create an invitation and a space for you to say yes to the Lord and again to have a moment where he can begin to speak to you and what I’d love to do Tim or if it’s okay if we can do our, if we can wrap up, you can say all your things and then I can end with that because I’d like for this to end at that moment where we just people off to the Lord. But that’s okay. I things all right. Well before, before we do that, I would like to honor you and you’re amazing. And I just see, we were talking a little bit earlier just about the number eight and just new beginning things to being established. And the Lord is always speaking to us. He is, and I love that moment that you had on the beach.

Tamra: And when you, when you were telling me a little bit ago about how the whale came up and, and had a spout that’s, it’s very, it’s something that’s very necessary for a whale to do. It’s a grabbing of air. It has come from the deep. It’s come out of things. It’s been on a journey. I don’t know how long they can stay underwater, but I know it’s a long time. So it’s like you got done some serious work and now coming up for air this moment. I see they’re now a being a time where you’re beginning to descend again and just deeper things of the Lord. So take this moment. I see even a week, two weeks of just kind of breathing, just breathing. Take it in because I see you going deep. I see you really going deep and the things around you, the beauty of life like that, those groups of dolphins that were accompanying that way, just having a tribe of people with you that just at the sight of them makes you smile.

Tamra: It’s like how amazing life is to just be with such a tribe of people that is like, yeah, this is awesome. And they even break the water for you. You saw the dolphins before you saw the whale. Like they go ahead of you. That’s also the Lord. He’s constantly moving. He’s all around. He’s doing all these things and just knowing that he’s always with you. He proceeds you and they caught your attention first. It’s the Lord around you, his spirit on you that catches people’s attention first. And then when they see you, they’re like, oh, that makes sense now. That makes sense now. And that is a, almost a once in a lifetime thing. Unless you’re like, I’m going on a whale writing thing to be out on a run. Yeah. That’d be walking on the beach and to see that, what are the odds?

Jesse Wood: Okay. But for people to encounter you and go, what are the odds to let that be? What leads people minds when you walk away? And they’re like, that was amazing to see that something that God has created at work in its natural habitat. But in a moment I’m colliding with a different habitat with air. Do you know what I mean? A whale on a beach, it’s not a good day, but, but, but at that moment had to come up for air. So your interaction, you interacting with people who haven’t yet learned how to walk on the water, who haven’t gone deep in the Lord, who haven’t decided to go all-in, in their dreams, but to still be on the beach, to be getting clothes and, and them seeing just the joy and the zest in which you live life. And you’d go, Hey, come on, let’s go.

Tamra: It’s amazing. Come fill the water. The festival. We had something in the water and you’re just telling people there’s something in the water, there’s something amazing. And when it being a new creature is like being a, an Atlanta and you know, you operate in such a world that everybody it. And when I’m, Oh, this is good. What’s his name? Aqua man. So he had to beat because he grew up out of his environment. He had to be taught that the water was actually his natural environment and he was born with the ability to not just survive but to thrive there. But somebody had to come along and, and unlock it and activate it. And then he was the best one the world has ever seen. Talk about the feeling behind the curve and then now releasing freedom for so many people. And so I just, I just think the Lord that you’ve gone from feeling like, man, I’ve wasted time.

Tamra: I’ve felt so behind in seasons and now to this place where you’re literally fighting and warring for in granting other people room to be free, to be free. And you’re like, I don’t even know how I got here. So I just blessed that on you. Thank you so much for having me. But, but you guys there in the audience, just just take this moment. Just close your eyes again. Just see Jesus. And again, this is what am I most invaluable practices. And what’s amazing is when you do this, the hardest part, in the beginning, is stealing your mind. It really is a practice allowing the worry and stuff to go cause know that when you’re in the Lord’s presence, he doesn’t want you to do anything else but to just be with him. So you have to give yourself permission to just only worry about him, to just love on him.

Tamra: Take, I love having, I call them Mary moments where you just sit at the feet of Jesus and everybody else’s running around. Hey, aren’t you supposed to be doing something? And you’re like, probably but, but this is the best thing to do. So just see him. Just have a Mary moment. Just stop and see the Lord and just tell him if it’s you, you want to walk into another level of sonship, you want to know what it means to live in the strictly in the identity as a child. Now, what identity the world says you can do or be whatever you’ve, you’ve thought you were a could be. You are a son. You are a loved Royal child of the King. And that’s not just words. It’s an actual identity in a way of living that the Lord has invited you into. So just choose now to just say yes and allow him to just love on you to take burdens.

Tamra: I just release burdens right now in the name of Jesus. I release the the the weights that so easily entangles and keep us from spending time with the Lord. I even, I cancel plans, I cancel trips, I cancel appointments, just things if you will get hungry for the Lord. And right now I just impart a fire, a Holy fire, Holy addiction of intimacy with the Lord. And not just a biographical reading, a devotion or a Bible, but an intimate experience that will breed life that you’ll even, you’ll be reading your Bible and you’ll have to stop to just stare at him and love on him and just adored him. Cause when you adore the Lord, you create a door for the Lord to expose himself to you, to manifest, to manifest his presence around you, in with you. So even I just impart supernatural encounters as you begin to behold him as you just look at him that you will experience.

Tamra: For those of you like me that have the language of the love language of touch, that you will have physical encounters, feelings, even now, just the hair raising up on your skin or even just, just a touch, like a hand on your shoulder or just the feeling like someone’s in the room with you. It is him. He’s always there. He’s always been there. He’s never left. You just allow him to love you. Trust the words that he’s telling you that I’ve, I’ve caught every tier even though there are holes in my hands. And even though there are holes in my feet, I never stumble when I’m carrying you. He’s always, always been there. He loves you so dearly, so just stay in that place. We love you. The Lord loves you and just stay there if you can.

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