• Morgan Hart

Our Sexual Legacy

As a society we have grossly altered the intended roots

Of femininity and masculinity – it’s been bent to high heels and suits.

We have shifted its core to the outer realm of existence,

Exteriors, wardrobes, snapshots – always increasing the distance.

My selfie doesn’t show anything but an outer layer,

I’m no less woman than Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

We scroll our devices analyzing squares of daily highlights,

Meanwhile ignoring the concepts of their individual civil rights.

What they are wearing, what they are portraying or their gym pic physique,

Has nothing to do with the God given identity that makes us unique.

Who are you at the core? What is your purpose? Who were you intended to be?

God has blessed us with feminine and masculine traits to use like marquees.

Not to be flashy, not to distort or sexualize or discredit,

Let’s not pick apart our perfected DNA by changing a filter edit.

No, this concept isn’t about the shell we’ve been given,

It’s about the day-to-day life we’ve been livin.

What’s our legacy to be as men and women of God?

Let’s get to the core, so at your funeral we can stand and applaud.

Strip away cultures ideas of pretty, suave and sleek,

If we can create a revival on femininity and masculinity – we’d need no crowd funding so to speak.

Just like the over-generalized concept of this Christmas season,

We have skewed the holiday’s purpose – it’s truly a treason.

Now represented as a pretty present, a tree, and some jolly red-suit,

What’s next, we get rid of the manger and Jesus arrives in spaceboots?

We’re all about convenience and getting to the point quick

I understand the fast pace, the elevator pitches, one-liners, watching time tick.

But does your lipstick or beard, job title, hobby or passion,

Design your God-given purpose, make-up, or kingdom ration?

Generalizations have been made on who we are,

It’s time we take a stand in the name of God to discredit the movie star.

Now don’t simplify my words, I support the activists and the actors who are real,

They are human-beings fighting the same battle that social media is trying to steal.

God doesn’t look at me and see a stay-at-home mom or someone career-oriented,

He doesn’t care if I’m wearing jewelry or have tattoos or if my house is bought or rented.

He cares that I’m not fragmented, that I’m not lost or broken,

He cares if I’m true to His calling, if my words align with what He has spoken.

The inflection of your voice, your height, your weight, your beauty marks or flaws,

God created us to be connected, not to let those outer things build or break walls.

In Genesis we read that as women we are nurturers by nature and a relational being,

We are affectionate, and find true intimacy freeing.

In Proverbs a woman’s character outshines any jewel she could ever wear,

This is a raw reminder in a world that cherishes diamonds instead of prayer.

Remember ladies, no matter if you are a mom or a wife or however you’ve been blessed,

God has made you a home – your heart not your house – to provide peace and rest.

Our differing nature from men isn’t intended to threaten, distort or confuse,

It’s meant to ignite their masculinity in the same way a circuit needs a fuse.

Men you are designed by God to be strong; an internal resilience to sustain,

Fortitude means courage and bravery – strength in whatever you reign.

View your God given kingdom as your family, your home and every realm of impact

Obeying who you are called to be – refrain from being side tracked.

Stand in truth and honor; we all must constantly act on these two principles.

There are demons out to distract and unlike God, we are not invincible.

We can continue on this path of defining people by their exterior,

Getting and giving superficial compliments that don’t build the interior.

Or we could go to the root of our very being to grasp the depth of His heart,

Who we are and how He created us to be set apart.

So tonight let’s pray for chains of cultural identity to be released and forever broken,

That we shield our eyes, minds and hearts from what the devil himself has spoken.

God we are crying out to be recognized as feminine and masculine beings not objects,

Don’t let us be warped by commercials, magazines and the social complex.

We refuse to take on identities that are not are own,

Let us run to you, when we feel like we are losing our backbone.

Forgive us for trying to emulate anything we are not,

For we know and are reminded today, that we are hand-made and not store bought.

Release any false concepts of who the world claims you to be,

You are a daughter and son of the most high God of all the earth and sea.

You are not defined by an image; a selfie-stick will never capture your inner being,

You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are all that He has always been guaranteeing.

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